Summary of 2007 March 13th Meeting

The Forum Council had a very productive meeting today!

Here is what was covered:

  1. The Jail will not be viewable by Forum Members. Members will be able to see their own posts in the event a post is jailed. Matthew is going to revise the Current Forum Guidelines.
  2. The Council is searching for a new Team Leader for the Hardware team. The leader will be decided at the Next FC meeting.
  3. Ubuntu Forums will support an ISO testing team within the forums, and promote ISO testing.
  4. Ubuntu Forums staff hiring process will not change. Matthew will put pen to paper and write out the process and send it to the other FC members for approval.
  5. Ubuntu Forums will no longer honor a members request to delete their account. Members who add multiple accounts will be handled in the following manner. First duplicate account, the member will receive an infraction. Second duplicate account, the member will be banned.
  6. Ubuntu Forums will have a forum for Desktop-Effects. Finally a place for all those “Beryl broke my compooter” threads. Smile :)

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