April 13th 2007 Forum Council Meeting

The Forum Council had a very productive meeting today!

Here is what was covered:

1. The Hardware Team will be merged with the Beginners Team. Bodhi_Zazen and Lord Illidan will be Co-Leaders.

2. Guidlines for "sticky" threads were established.

3. Ubuntu-Geek discussed some of the recent changes in the forum layout and features.

  • Launchpad Profile links have been added as an option to Forum Members profile
  • When posting a new thread or a reply in the support areas of the forums users can link to a Launchpad bug. (several people were wondering when the launchpad team would reciprocate)

4. The FC approved an application process for 3rd party projects to request a forum. link

5. The FC agreed on an official stance on 3rd party installation scripts. link

Next Meeting to be held on May 18th @ 20:00 UTC on irc.freenode.net channel #ubuntu-meeting.

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