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Meeting summary

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcCouncil/MeetingAgenda is the agenda (AlanBell, 18:06:01)

  • Review last meetings action items
    • ircc to move eir control channel to -ops-monitor if this will preserve existing ban timeouts - AlanBell (AlanBell, 18:06:14)

  • Open items in the IRCC tracker
  • Review Bugs related to the Ubuntu IRC Council
    • bug 788503 IRC Guidelines too #ubuntu centric - tsimpson (AlanBell, 18:08:18)

    • bug 884671 Ubuntu IRC operator recruitment is slow and ungainly - jussi (AlanBell, 18:10:06)

    • bug 892500 eir is still not fit for purpose in #ubuntu -ikonia (AlanBell, 18:11:45)

LINK: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-bots/ubuntu-bots/devel/changes not recently it seems (AlanBell, 18:16:38)

ACTION: AlanBell to call for helpers to implement eir-like functionality in ubottu (AlanBell, 18:17:13)

  • bug 913541 there are a number of people with Ubuntu IRC cloaks who have expired from the ubuntumembers group - AlanBell (AlanBell, 18:20:19)

  • bug 916247 devel wiki on ubottu.com needs some attention - AlanBell (AlanBell, 18:22:33)

  • Welcoming our new operators
  • IRCC meeting times

ACTION: meeting timeslots to be taken to the mailing list, 11:00UTC slot is in danger of being dropped (AlanBell, 18:42:33)

  • ubuntuuser.de - Fuchs toddy
  • Any Other Business

Meeting ended at 19:08:28 UTC.


  • the IRCC agrees not to object to the #ubuntuusers GRF
    • For: 3 Against: 0 Abstained: 0

Action items

  • AlanBell to call for helpers to implement eir-like functionality in ubottu

  • meeting timeslots to be taken to the mailing list, 11:00UTC slot is in danger of being dropped

People present (lines said)

  • AlanBell (107)

  • Fuchs (38)
  • pangolin (36)
  • meetingology (14)
  • LjL (12)
  • oCean (11)
  • Silverlion (11)
  • Pici (7)
  • Myrtti (6)
  • ubottu (6)
  • dax (4)
  • pleia2 (3)
  • christel (2)
  • MarkusH (2)
  • toddy (2)
  • Frickelpit (2)
  • k1l (2)
  • funkyHat (0)

Full Log

  • 18:01:45 <AlanBell> #startmeeting

    18:01:45 <meetingology> Meeting started Sun Jan 29 18:01:45 2012 UTC. The chair is AlanBell. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanBell/mootbot.

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    18:01:49 <k1l> hi

    18:01:50 <AlanBell> hi all

    18:02:06 <Silverlion> hey there

    18:02:07 <Frickelpit> huch, der k1l Smile :)

    18:02:11 <pangolin> o/

    18:02:49 <AlanBell> well hi everyone

    18:02:54 <oCean> o/

    18:03:00 <AlanBell> Pici: funkyHat: o/

    18:03:38 <LjL> hi

    18:03:40 <Silverlion> To all the german Lubuntu-Users in here #invite to #lubuntu-de-offtopic

    18:03:58 <AlanBell> we will get started soon and we won't exceed an hour this time, might end up deferring some items if we don't get through them

    18:04:52 <pangolin> Pici funkyHat wake up! 18:05:26 * Silverlion will follow the meeting but as i am complete newbie i will stand in the background

    18:05:35 <AlanBell> hmm, seems I am all on my lonesome for the moment

    18:05:46 <AlanBell> ah well, lets go anyhow

    18:06:01 <AlanBell> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcCouncil/MeetingAgenda is the agenda

    18:06:07 <AlanBell> #topic Review last meetings action items

    18:06:14 <AlanBell> #progress ircc to move eir control channel to -ops-monitor if this will preserve existing ban timeouts - AlanBell

    18:06:20 <AlanBell> this was done

    18:06:49 <AlanBell> eir is now reporting ban expiry in #ubuntu-ops-monitor and is functioning just as it ever was

    18:06:56 <pangolin> and is currently being ignored at a greater degree

    18:07:00 <AlanBell> we can talk more about eir later in the main topic

    18:07:34 <AlanBell> yes, it is a bit, if you have bans being nagged please deal with them one way or another

    18:07:47 <AlanBell> anyhow, this item was done.

    18:07:53 <pangolin> Smile :)

    18:07:54 <AlanBell> #topic Open items in the IRCC tracker

    18:08:00 <AlanBell> there are none

    18:08:10 <AlanBell> #topic Review Bugs related to the Ubuntu IRC Council

    18:08:18 <AlanBell> #subtopic bug 788503 IRC Guidelines too #ubuntu centric - tsimpson

    18:08:19 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 788503 in ubuntu-community "IRC Guidelines too #ubuntu centric" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/788503

    18:08:44 <AlanBell> not much progress to report on this one, I believe we have a draft of some new guidelines, I have not reviewed it in detail yet

    18:09:10 <AlanBell> anyone got anything else to say about this one?

    18:09:12 <pangolin> there is an etherpad draft, yes. i don't have the link

    18:09:38 <pangolin> last time I looked I think all it really needed was some clean up.

    18:09:58 <AlanBell> ok, hopefully we will get time to do that and have something to report at the next meeting

    18:10:06 <AlanBell> #subtopic bug 884671 Ubuntu IRC operator recruitment is slow and ungainly - jussi

    18:10:08 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 884671 in ubuntu-community "Ubuntu IRC operator recruitment is slow and ungainly" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/884671

    18:10:24 <AlanBell> well we have been doing some recruitment \o/

    18:10:49 <pangolin> Welcome new members of the ops team!

    18:10:56 <AlanBell> yes, welcome all

    18:11:30 <AlanBell> lets move on from this bug, I think we can review it again later and see how we are doing

    18:11:45 <AlanBell> #subtopic bug 892500 eir is still not fit for purpose in #ubuntu -ikonia

    18:11:46 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 892500 in ubuntu-community "eir is still not fit for purpose in #ubuntu" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/892500

    18:12:25 <AlanBell> so on this one we have moved the eir control channel out of -ops-team to make way for some new eir-like functionality from ubottu and/or floodbots

    18:12:42 <LjL> From what I've gathered lately, most people seem to be happy with the idea of ubottu handling this instead of eir, but I think there is still a lot of implementation work to be done.

    18:12:54 <pangolin> is there work being done on ubottu?

    18:12:56 <AlanBell> indeed

    18:13:12 <LjL> I think ubottu would be a better candidate (even though the FloodBots already have ops and ubottu doesn't), because it runs the bantracker.

    18:13:25 <pangolin> I would much prefer we have one bot that can handle this

    18:13:35 <pangolin> ubottu would be my choice as well

    18:13:35 <ubottu> pangolin: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent Smile :)

    18:13:37 <AlanBell> I would like to get some names for people wanting to work on this and some actions happening by the next meeting

    18:13:39 <pangolin> we know Smile :)

    18:14:09 <LjL> AlanBell: I *think* someone is experimenting with ubottu, because I've noticed some, erm, notices from it that weren't there in the past...?

    18:14:39 <LjL> #ubuntu-bots-team is pretty silent lately, if there's work, it's being done quietly...

    18:15:17 <pangolin> AlanBell: perhaps ask on the irc mailing list for some volunteers to help with ubottu? unless there are security issues that need to be considered

    18:15:36 <AlanBell> ok, I can find out if someone has been doing stuff on ubottu

    18:16:38 <AlanBell> http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-bots/ubuntu-bots/devel/changes not recently it seems

    18:16:56 <AlanBell> ok, good suggestion pangolin, I will mail the list

    18:17:13 <AlanBell> #action AlanBell to call for helpers to implement eir-like functionality in ubottu

    18:17:13 * meetingology AlanBell to call for helpers to implement eir-like functionality in ubottu

    18:17:16 <pangolin> AlanBell: i think the only thing would be bantracker access

    18:17:32 <pangolin> but probably can be worked out

    18:17:52 <AlanBell> yeah, we discussed that before, bantracker isn't a massive security worry

    18:17:54 <LjL> AlanBell: on ubottu.com, some eir-related files were updated recently

    18:18:18 <AlanBell> eir related files??

    18:18:33 <pangolin> eir and ubottu do some chatting

    18:18:45 <AlanBell> ok

    18:18:46 <pangolin> something may have been changed in those files

    18:18:49 <LjL> AlanBell: yes, I don't know whether it's what pangolin says, or a replacement for eir in the work.

    18:18:59 <LjL> AlanBell: I can have a look, I have read access on it.

    18:20:07 <AlanBell> ok, well lets figure out who wants to work on this and arrange a separate workshop on it

    18:20:16 <AlanBell> moving on

    18:20:19 <AlanBell> #subtopic bug 913541 there are a number of people with Ubuntu IRC cloaks who have expired from the ubuntumembers group - AlanBell

    18:20:20 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 913541 in ubuntu-community "there are a number of people with Ubuntu IRC cloaks who have expired from the ubuntumembers group" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/913541

    18:20:29 <AlanBell> there were 19, there are now 15 I think

    18:21:15 <AlanBell> I spoke to those on the list who I could find online, I think one was not using an ubuntu cloak, another went for an unaffiliated cloak and the other two renewed their Ubuntu membership

    18:21:15 <pangolin> those people are being contacted and cloaks removed if they chose not to renew?

    18:21:29 <pangolin> cool

    18:21:56 <AlanBell> one of them had let their MOTU membership expire intentionally and was transferred into the irc members group as a slighly unusual renewal

    18:22:21 <AlanBell> we will go through the rest of the list and update next meeting

    18:22:33 <AlanBell> #subtopic bug 916247 devel wiki on ubottu.com needs some attention - AlanBell

    18:22:34 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 916247 in ubuntu-community "devel wiki on ubottu.com needs some attention" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/916247

    18:22:36 <Silverlion> Question regarding cloak i have Wink ;)

    18:22:52 <pangolin> ask! Smile :)

    18:23:09 <Silverlion> do i need an ubuntu cloak ... my friends from SII gave me one...

    18:23:28 <AlanBell> we only have cloaks for Ubuntu members, I will explain that a bit later, your current one is fine Silverlion

    18:23:40 <Silverlion> AlanBell: copy that

    18:24:04 <AlanBell> ok, so this bug, the wiki was full of spam, this has now been cleaned up \o/

    18:24:11 <AlanBell> and registration turned off so it won't happen again

    18:24:38 <AlanBell> we should still port the content to wiki.ubuntu.com, but that is a bit of a pain going from mediawiki to moin syntax

    18:25:13 <AlanBell> ok, that concludes the bug list

    18:25:23 <AlanBell> #topic Welcoming our new operators

    18:25:35 <AlanBell> yay, welcome to the new operators \o/ 18:25:57 * Silverlion puts some six-packs of beer into the middle of the room

    18:26:13 <Silverlion> is kinda tradition to bring something into a new "job" 18:26:59 * pangolin is looking forward to working with the new folks

    18:27:16 <AlanBell> Benny Hult, Chris Druif, Jared Norris, Jens Leineweber, Mohana Kumar, Phill Whiteside, stlsaint, Unit 193 are the new operators we are welcoming to the core ops team

    18:27:31 * Silverlion listens to Jens Wink ;)

    18:28:44 <AlanBell> they have mostly all been invited to the -ops channel where they are voiced and the -ops-team channel, there are a couple who have been offline for the weekend and I haven't seen yet

    18:29:52 <oCean> offline? Surprised :o

    18:30:07 <oCean> Smile :)

    18:30:13 <Silverlion> an operator isn't supposed to have offline time, is he?

    18:30:14 <Silverlion> Big Grin :)

    18:30:18 <AlanBell> there is an induction process that somewhat exists and we are adapting a bit, basically this runs to the precise release date

    18:30:28 <AlanBell> oCean: does not compute!

    18:31:33 <AlanBell> during the induction we are intending to run a handful of classes in the #ubuntu-classroom channel covering things like setting various types of bans, mediating with problem users, how the various bots work

    18:32:08 <oCean> AlanBell: the new induction process starting from april?

    18:32:13 <AlanBell> some of this will be useful as the #lubuntu channel grows

    18:32:17 <AlanBell> oCean: ending then

    18:32:39 <oCean> oh, I got it

    18:32:41 <AlanBell> starting now, it is a 3 month thing, which as it starts now, takes us nicely up to the release

    18:32:47 <oCean> yes, ok

    18:33:25 <AlanBell> anyhow, the main point of it is to give us a timeframe in which to run these classes

    18:33:55 <AlanBell> if this is a successful way to do induction I think I could see us doing it as a regular thing in line with the release cycle

    18:34:08 <pleia2> it's nice to see such a process in place, as the project grows a lot of folks are put into positions of greater responsibility and some have felt they lack training

    18:34:49 <Myrtti> I'm currently doing induction for freenode staffship, perhaps we could snatch some ideas and practises from there?

    18:34:59 <AlanBell> so do another intake at the end of July across all our channels for the 12.10 release for example

    18:34:59 <pangolin> o/ is all this going to be on the final? I just want to know what to study.

    18:35:13 <oCean> hehe

    18:35:35 <Myrtti> AlanBell: do we have a draft document or something for this, perhaps I could pitch in some ideas?

    18:35:38 <AlanBell> anyhow, we are looking for volunteers to do various classes, please step forward 18:35:53 * Myrtti has already volunteered for irssi 101

    18:35:56 <AlanBell> Myrtti: yes, we have some draft ideas, not in great detail

    18:36:24 <LjL> AlanBell: I could run some of them I guess. Not about any specific client like Myrtti (I use Konversation, not very widespread), but about the more generic stuff.

    18:36:30 <AlanBell> anyhow, you will be hearing more from us this week about that

    18:36:37 <AlanBell> LjL: I have you down for the bots one Smile :)

    18:37:11 <LjL> Smile :)

    18:37:27 <AlanBell> any more questions about #lubuntu and the new operators?

    18:38:08 <AlanBell> ok, moving on then

    18:38:14 <AlanBell> #topic IRCC meeting times

    18:38:30 <AlanBell> we want to have the meetings when people can get to them

    18:38:44 <LjL> So apparently not at 18:00? :P

    18:38:50 <AlanBell> the last meeting was the 11:00UTC saturday meeting and I had a lot of comments about it being inconvenient

    18:39:09 <pangolin> This meeting time is great IMO the one that happens at 11:00 UTC blows chunks for me

    18:39:10 <AlanBell> I emailed the list and asked if anyone wanted to speak up for that timeslot and had no reply

    18:39:43 <AlanBell> elky: you were on holiday so might have missed that

    18:40:46 <AlanBell> I kind of need the other IRCC members here to make any decisions on that, but I think we are agreed that the 11:00 UTC slot is mostly inconvenient and should be changed

    18:40:59 <Myrtti> doodle / etc it?

    18:41:38 <AlanBell> I will discuss with the rest of the IRCC and we will put it to the mailing list, if there are several options then a doodle poll

    18:42:33 <AlanBell> #action meeting timeslots to be taken to the mailing list, 11:00UTC slot is in danger of being dropped 18:42:33 * meetingology meeting timeslots to be taken to the mailing list, 11:00UTC slot is in danger of being dropped

    18:43:01 <AlanBell> #topic ubuntuuser.de - Fuchs toddy

    18:43:15 <AlanBell> hi Fuchs, toddy and co o/

    18:43:18 <toddy> o/

    18:43:21 <MarkusH> o/

    18:43:21 <Frickelpit> hi

    18:43:31 <Fuchs> hello Smile :)

    18:43:47 <AlanBell> so the background to this is that there has been a request to set up #ubuntusers namespace on freenode

    18:44:05 <AlanBell> and this would be managed by part of the -de locoteam right?

    18:44:16 <Fuchs> AlanBell: I can give a short introduction if you like

    18:44:26 <AlanBell> please do

    18:44:31 <Fuchs> (disclaimer: I am speaking as both a member of the #ubuntu-de operators and part of the ubuntuusers team)

    18:44:38 <Fuchs> (however, I am not speaking as a freenode staffer)

    18:44:55 <Fuchs> great. Okay, for the german speaking parts, there are two different teams, which are both part of the LoCo

    18:45:01 <dax> (If you need someone to speak as a freenode staffer about this, hi)

    18:45:12 <Fuchs> there is the team which manages #ubuntu-de, similar to other ubuntu support channels

    18:45:31 <Fuchs> then there is the ubuntuusers.de portal, which is a portal consisting of a forum, a wiki, a news feed and a planet

    18:45:51 <Fuchs> historically both have been managed by different teams, which, however, work together

    18:46:10 <Fuchs> now a grf-f has been filed by the ubuntuusers team, so that we can manage #ubuntuusers, which does not really fall in the ubuntu namespace,

    18:46:35 <Fuchs> plus which is not managed by the #ubuntu-de operators. This channel has been in place for quite a long time, and is where users can contact ubuntuusers team members regarding the portal

    18:47:06 <Fuchs> We had contact with several people, including nhandler and dholbach, and most things are clear. However, there are some questions open, so we brought a bunch of people today to clear things up

    18:47:10 <AlanBell> do you get many english language users arriving in the channel?

    18:47:21 <Fuchs> we have MarkusH, toddy, Frickelpit and me from ubuntuusers.de, and k1l and me from #ubuntu-de

    18:47:30 <Fuchs> AlanBell: maybe one user per two months or so, max

    18:47:58 <AlanBell> ok, and I trust they are helpfully redirected to a more appropriate channel

    18:48:04 <Pici> uhh.. My clock said the meeting starts in 15 minutes... my apologies.

    18:48:12 <Fuchs> The ubuntuusers.de portal is officially part of the german Ubuntu e.V., there is no commercial company behind us (and we are not afiliated with the ubuntu user magazine, two misinformations that were around)

    18:48:17 <Fuchs> AlanBell: of course

    18:48:29 <AlanBell> hi Pici

    18:48:35 <Fuchs> so what we basically need is that one of you gives the okay to freenode staff, so that they can proceed the grf-f

    18:49:05 <pangolin> Why not name the channel #ubuntu-de-portal or something similar so that it stays in the namespace?

    18:49:16 <Fuchs> and then the ubuntuusers team will manage the #ubuntuusers channel, including cloaks to show people which team a team member is in. This helps a lot, since we have different teams on very different stuff (news suggestions, moderation stuff, tech stuff regarding the servers etc.)

    18:49:56 <Fuchs> pangolin: because the team behind #ubuntu-de is a different one. Both are part of the LoCo, but it's different people. Ubuntuusers is a rather big thing (biggest german portal), so having the same team managing this would add quite some workload

    18:50:17 <Fuchs> pangolin: also it has been like that for quite some time now, and most users are adapted to it. Also most links on wikis and other documentation is.

    18:50:20 <AlanBell> ok, we passed on this request to the LoCo Council and the Community Council too, there was a suggestion from the LoCo council that it should be in the #ubuntu-de-* area too

    18:50:30 <Pici> To me this sounds rather obvious then. The IRC channels should reflect the organizational differences.

    18:50:33 <pangolin> Fuchs: sounds reasonable.

    18:50:47 <k1l> (as an ubuntu-de-op) im fine with that as long as the link for support to #ubuntu-de and for offtopic to #ubuntu-de-offtopic. we link to the wiki at ubuntuusers.de because its the best german linux wiki around

    18:51:09 <LjL> I think pangolin has a point. You're part of the DE community but separate at the same time; Ubuntu has always had just "member" cloaks, so wouldn't this turn into a way to disperse the cloaks and the namespace?

    18:51:18 <Fuchs> k1l: the link is set up like that in server error pages and wikis of ubuntuusers.de

    18:51:33 <Fuchs> LjL: not really, since it's two different things

    18:51:42 <AlanBell> I think it is clear that this is an existing situation, a well managed channel, and it is in the spirit of Ubuntu advocacy so tradmark use is fine

    18:51:48 <Fuchs> LjL: I don't think that other local communities have the same situation with such a big portal

    18:52:08 <pangolin> LjL: good point. I am not sure we want @ubuntuusers/member/ cloaks

    18:52:09 <AlanBell> Fuchs: who would get the cloaks and what would an example one be?

    18:52:26 <pangolin> it would cause confusion

    18:52:31 <Fuchs> AlanBell: team members, @ubuntuusers/serverteam/username I think

    18:52:44 <Fuchs> so it would not look like ubuntu member cloaks at all

    18:53:10 <pangolin> yeah, I'm not happy with that. it still has ubuntu in it and couple imply membership status to the uninformed

    18:53:17 <pangolin> could*

    18:53:18 <Fuchs> I am quite sure that moving to a different namespace and beginning to mix up the two, including cloaks, will cause a lot more confusion among german users, which are used to the current situation for some years now

    18:54:30 <Fuchs> so basically it would stay as is for the german ubuntu users, but the ubuntuusers team would have better possibilities of channel management

    18:54:45 <Pici> Am I the only one not happy telling an existing Ubuntu advocacy group how to run their own organization?

    18:54:53 <Fuchs> users would not be disturbed, #ubuntu-de Operators would not be disturbed and ubuntuusers people would be happy

    18:55:27 <pangolin> Pici: I don't mind the channel name being #ubuntuusers. I don't like the idea of a separate cloak with the word Ubuntu in it.

    18:55:53 <oCean> pangolin: I don't see why not, they're contributing to the project

    18:55:57 <AlanBell> I am fine with that cloak format I think

    18:56:10 <oCean> yes, I think it's a fine idea

    18:56:13 <pangolin> then they should apply for membership like the rest of us did to get our cloak

    18:56:29 <AlanBell> I suspect that most of the people getting that cloak would be well placed in terms of a significant and sustained contribution to get an Ubuntu member cloak

    18:56:41 <Fuchs> pangolin: it's not the same as a membership cloak. It is also used to distinguish teams a bit

    18:56:54 <Fuchs> AlanBell: probably, but it would add quite some administrative overhead

    18:56:57 <pangolin> Fuchs: we don't do that in Ubuntu

    18:57:09 <pangolin> we don't distinguish teams, we are all members

    18:57:34 <AlanBell> Fuchs: I wasn't suggesting linking them in some way, just that you are not planning on handing them out to any random person who asks

    18:57:35 <Fuchs> pangolin: it's for pragmatic reasons, when a user comes in the general team channel, he would have a better possibility to see which person he should contact

    18:57:54 * Pici agrees with AlanBell

    18:58:07 <Fuchs> pangolin: example: if a user wants to suggest a news article, he should contact one of our ikhaya (that's our news portal) members. Giving this suggestion to one of our server guys is just a detour Smile :)

    18:58:15 <Fuchs> AlanBell: definitely not

    18:58:25 <Fuchs> AlanBell: we have standards definied on how you can join one of the team

    18:58:32 <AlanBell> great

    18:58:33 <Pici> Then I'm fine with that.

    18:58:37 <Fuchs> AlanBell: and I am also not a big fan of handing them to every new member who just joined

    18:58:56 <oCean> good to hear there's a proper process in place.

    18:58:59 <Fuchs> good Smile :)

    18:59:30 <AlanBell> ok, maybe we should vote on this to confirm the decision

    18:59:37 <pangolin> Fuchs: I disagree, the user can ask and then be directed to the correct team/person. That user should not need to /whois to see where to get help. anyway i am against adding a cloak with the word ubuntu in it. if that does happen I am going to fight for an ubuntero cloak that was declined years ago by the ircc

    19:00:29 <dax> pangolin: as in ubuntu/ubuntero/*?

    19:00:33 <Myrtti> is there even a possible quorum?

    19:00:34 <pangolin> maybe @ubuntu/helper cloak

    19:00:38 <Fuchs> pangolin: it would just be an additional measure. I am unfortunately not aware of any history regarding ubuntero cloaks, but I think you should feel free to bring that up again if you want

    19:00:45 <AlanBell> Myrtti: yes, with pleia2

    19:00:49 <Myrtti> ah

    19:01:10 <AlanBell> #voters AlanBell Pici pleia2 funkyHat

    19:01:10 <meetingology> Current voters: AlanBell Pici funkyHat pleia2

    19:01:23 <pangolin> I know a few people in #ubuntu who might like to have a @ubuntu/helper cloak

    19:01:58 <Pici> We're not talking about adding additional levels to the Ubuntu cloak namespace. We're talking about ubuntuusers.

    19:02:20 <pangolin> yeah i am fine with the channel.

    19:03:20 <AlanBell> #vote the IRCC agrees not to object to the #ubuntuusers GRF

    19:03:20 <meetingology> Please vote on: the IRCC agrees not to object to the #ubuntuusers GRF

    19:03:20 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)

    19:03:27 <AlanBell> +1

    19:03:27 <meetingology> +1 received from AlanBell

    19:03:38 <pleia2> +1

    19:03:38 <meetingology> +1 received from pleia2

    19:03:49 <Pici> +1

    19:03:49 <meetingology> +1 received from Pici

    19:04:17 <AlanBell> not sure funkyHat is awake

    19:04:20 <AlanBell> #endvote

    19:04:20 <meetingology> Voting ended on: the IRCC agrees not to object to the #ubuntuusers GRF

    19:04:20 <meetingology> Votes for:3 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0

    19:04:20 <meetingology> Motion carried

    19:04:26 <toddy> thank you all. Smile :)

    19:04:26 <Fuchs> Thank you very much Smile :)

    19:04:37 <MarkusH> thank you very much

    19:04:47 <Fuchs> feel free to poke me if you need some further information or whatever Smile :)

    19:04:59 <dax> pleia2: I take it Ubuntu CC decided to delegate the decision to IRCC and isn't going to object in and of themselves?

    19:05:01 <AlanBell> ok, thanks Fuchs

    19:05:28 <pleia2> dax: IRC-based decisions arealways delegated to the IRCC, the CC only gets involved if it's escalated

    19:05:35 <dax> pleia2: thanks

    19:05:54 <christel> i must admit that i think it's pretty impressive that the ubuntu community is such that whilst the project's GRF would be entirely fine standing on it's own feet from a freenode pov, you have created an atmosphere in which people come and ask for your approval regardless

    19:05:55 <AlanBell> dax: the CC was notified, and we considered the trademark implications

    19:05:58 <christel> many ++'s!

    19:06:13 <oCean> Smile :)

    19:06:19 <AlanBell> ok, we have a bunch of items on the agenda that we have not got to yet, but we are out of time

    19:07:06 <AlanBell> I don't see any of them being urgent so I am intending to defer them to the next meeting in about 2 weeks, time to be discussed but probably not on Saturday morning

    19:07:35 <AlanBell> #topic Any Other Business

    19:07:44 <AlanBell> anyone got any other pressing matter to raise?

    19:08:25 <AlanBell> ok, thanks very much everyone

    19:08:28 <AlanBell> #endmeeting

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