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This is the 3rd meeting of the Iowa Team, starting at 20:00 CST and finishing at 21:14 CST


Please type PRESENT when the meeting starts to indicate who is online and paying attention.

Active Attendees:

  • Iowan
  • KWierso
  • linuxuser21
  • jimerickson
  • gringochapin
  • F0o
  • AtomicSpark


When adding agenda items please "sign" them, place @SIG@ after each of your items.If you won't be in attendance, please describe your item and wishes in detail otherwise those items may not be effectively discussed.

  • Insert agenda items here


  • Agenda is empty (as you can see from above), so no set topics for the chat. GlobalJam discussion is likely.

Global Jam

  • Check the ubuntu-locoteam's chatlog for information about setting up a GlobalJam event.

  • linuxuser21 is going to try to make it to Friday's "How to Run a Translation Jam" meeting in IRC @ 10 AM Central Time.
  • Saturday and Wednesday have general Jam chat sessions, if you can attend.
  • Still need to decide what we're doing for the Jam. This depends heavily on where/if we find a location for the Jam.
  • Need to query the mailing list to see who is willing to actually meet somewhere for the Jam, and where they can meet. (7 people in Launchpad group still haven't published their locations. Is anyone in the mailing list not in Launchpad?)

Iowa City Region
  • AtomicSpark is working on finding an Iowa City/Cedar Rapids Jam location. (KCC, library, mall, _?)

  • gringochapin is going to try to contact UofIA Computer Science department to see if they have any location ideas.

Des Moines Region
  • KWierso is going to contact Simpson College's Computer Science department head to see if we could use either their West Des Moines or Ankeny campuses for a DM-area Jam.

Any Other Business

Guide Lines

The meeting moderator will ensure key points are discussed. Key points from the Agenda will be noted by [TOPIC] Agenda item. When ideas are put forward to be considered they should be noted by [IDEA] Idea. The meeting moderator will indicate the final state of each topic by [ACTION] Action being taken. This should signify that the topic is discussed and the meeting is moving forward. The meeting moderator will use special tags to start and end the meeting and its recording. Please see MootBot for details on specific tags.


[19:57:08] <KWierso> so... uh
[19:57:16] <KWierso> hi
[19:57:22] <linuxuser21> hello
[19:59:57] <Iowan> Time to begin: who else is PRESENT?
[20:00:05] <KWierso> PRESENT
[20:00:13] <linuxuser21> present
[20:00:56] <Iowan> Others?
[20:02:25] <Iowan> OK... Agenda is "officially" empty today - I suspect Global Jam will be a topic, though
[20:03:13] <Iowan> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam/Events
[20:03:39] <Iowan> If we want to commit - I've listed a page where we can do so.
[20:04:12] <Iowan> We can list more than one site - if we intend to have them
[20:04:29] <Iowan> The "jam type" is also an option
[20:05:56] <KWierso> well, my car's finally in the shop, so if the DM ReLoCo gets going, I could probably make it to some events for the global jam
[20:06:17] <Iowan> I'm not familiar enough with Des Moines to know where a Jam might take place
[20:06:32] <Iowan> Library, Starbucks, Panera?
[20:06:43] <KWierso> not really sure, either
[20:07:10] <KWierso> I just know IC is a bit too much of a drive for me to be making
[20:07:14] <Iowan> For that matter, I'm not sure if we have a confirmed Iowa City/Cedar Rapids location
[20:07:35] <jimerickson> sorry i am late
[20:07:58] <Iowan> Late is still acceptable... :)
[20:08:50] <KWierso> Late beats absent
[20:09:14] <Iowan> A couple of us attended the training session - I have log if I can find some place to post it
[20:09:23] <Iowan> if there is no "official" source
[20:09:39] <KWierso> the ubuntu-locoteams has daily chatlogs posted somewhere
[20:10:38] <KWierso> http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/2010/02/26/%23ubuntu-locoteams.html
[20:11:35] <Iowan> There's another training session Saturday (mar 6) and another one the 10th
[20:12:11] <KWierso> are those more general meetings, or are those the more specific ones?
[20:13:00] <Iowan> They are the "how to run a jam" sessions
[20:13:05] <Iowan> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam?action=show&redirect=GlobalJam
[20:13:09] -->| gringochapin (~chatzilla@97-127-159-9.cdrr.qwest.net) has joined #ubuntu-us-ia
[20:13:11] <Iowan> Here is the calendar
[20:13:27] <gringochapin> present
[20:13:53] <Iowan> gringochapin:  welcome!
[20:14:20] <KWierso> we should probably decide what kind of jam we're going to do
[20:14:37] <Iowan> Yep - or jams...
[20:14:57] <gringochapin> Iowan: What are the options? Sorry, kinda' new to this.
[20:15:39] <KWierso> according to the calendar, we missed a "how to run a packaging jam" meeting today
[20:15:50] <KWierso> tomorrow is a "how to run a translation" meeting
[20:16:12] <Iowan>  gringochapin Bugs Testing Translations Docs Other
[20:16:46] <linuxuser21> KWierso: what time is  that?
[20:17:04] <KWierso> tomorrow's meeting is at 1400 UTC
[20:17:13] <KWierso> I think that's 10AM Central
[20:17:18] <KWierso> if my math is right
[20:17:22] -->| F0o (~chatzilla@173-28-62-125.client.mchsi.com) has joined #ubuntu-us-ia
[20:17:35] <linuxuser21> Okay.  I'll try to make it to that
[20:17:58] <F0o> im only 15 minutes late thats amazing
[20:18:05] <gringochapin> I thought that 1400 UTC would be 0800 Central.  I think we're -6
[20:18:08] <KWierso> F0o: bravo
[20:18:37] <F0o> KWierso: thank you thank you
[20:19:00] <Iowan> 9:00 according to the time and date.com
[20:19:36] <Iowan> Oops - that's the Wed session
[20:19:42] <F0o> lol
[20:19:52] <KWierso> well then, be there from 8 to noon, and you should be safe
[20:20:03] <linuxuser21> lol okay
[20:20:22] <gringochapin> As far as I know, to convert from UTC to local, you -6, unless DST is in effect, in which case it's -5.
[20:21:15] <KWierso> I think the Doc jam would be pretty easy to set up
[20:21:33] <KWierso> shouldn't be too hard, even if we do only have a real-life meeting in IC
[20:22:11] <Iowan> 1500Z is 9:00 Chicago... Bugs, Docs, testing  all sound possible
[20:22:27] <Iowan> Partly depends on site and time allocations
[20:23:09] <KWierso> if we can grab a decent library or campus computer lab, we could do testing pretty easily
[20:23:24] <KWierso> (download a liveCD and do the hardware submissions from all of the computers at the location)
[20:24:23] <Iowan> I have a box I've been itching to upgrade...
[20:24:47] <F0o> i got a couple of laptops we can take rides on
[20:25:21] <Iowan> Mine won't handle anything that modern - small RAM
[20:25:59] <AtomicSpark> Yes I've been here watching you (and testing Lucid changes).
[20:27:10] <Iowan> Watching is good - I forgot tu turn on logging - hope you did...
[20:27:38] <AtomicSpark> Unless you're very fluent in another language or english isn't your primary language, you probably shouldn't be doing translations.
[20:27:43] <Iowan> AtomicSpark:  Do we have confirmed site for IC?
[20:27:50] <AtomicSpark> The real language and what you learned in school is very different.
[20:28:38] <AtomicSpark> Iowan: Working on it. I need to know how many people might show up. If it's very few, no reason to get a glass room. Hit up a libary or something.
[20:28:40] <linuxuser21> I
[20:28:57] <linuxuser21> I am getting kind of good with German...
[20:29:08] <F0o> AtomicSpark:  i want a glass room
[20:29:17] <AtomicSpark> Class room.
[20:29:22] <Iowan> No stones...
[20:29:32] <F0o> AtomicSpark: oh thats no as fun
[20:30:30] <KWierso> or showering
[20:32:42] <KWierso> I've gotta go AFK for a bit. 
[20:32:43] <Iowan> How long do we want to jam - or is that room-dependent?
[20:33:02] <AtomicSpark> Depends on where we jam!
[20:33:13] <Iowan> Kinda what I thought
[20:33:15] <F0o> whats the location
[20:33:46] <Iowan> Shall we take a roll call for attendees and sites?
[20:33:54] <F0o> present
[20:33:55] <AtomicSpark> Yes.
[20:34:14] <Iowan> I'll attend in Iowa City (Cedar Rapids if necessary)
[20:34:49] <F0o> what are the potential dates
[20:35:01] <Iowan> 26th - 28th March 2010
[20:36:28] <gringochapin> I'm more in favor of either the 26th or 27th.  Most in favor of 27.
[20:36:43] <gringochapin> Also, Iowa city or Cedar Rapids for me as well.
[20:36:55] <AtomicSpark> Well that's two people!
[20:37:00] <F0o> iowa city works for me the wifey and i will be down there having a baby around that time
[20:37:14] <AtomicSpark> Do what now?
[20:37:37] <F0o> AtomicSpark: i vote iowa city
[20:37:58] <gringochapin> f0o: congradts!  I can just imagine: "Good luck with having the baby wifey, I'm going to a Ubuntu Jam!"
[20:38:02] <Iowan> Do they have internet access in maternity ward?
[20:38:17] <F0o> gringochapin: i can do both
[20:38:37] <F0o> Iowan:  they do i checked hell we can have the jam at the hospital,
[20:38:39] <AtomicSpark> UIHC has acceptible internet.
[20:39:19] <AtomicSpark> It's behind a proxy, they block things.
[20:39:48] <Iowan> Acceptable maybe - accessible maybe not...
[20:40:25] <Iowan> Where else - Kcc, Library?
[20:40:27] <AtomicSpark> It can be slowboat. Not good for upgrades.
[20:40:28] <F0o> they dont block the public wireless, but anyhow thats not a good spot
[20:40:35] <gringochapin> Their proxy isn't that bad.  I've used it and they don't seem to block SSH, or anything of note.  I think I even tried BitTorrent, just to see if it would work.
[20:40:42] <AtomicSpark> Kirkwood would be fine on the weekends.
[20:40:59] <gringochapin> But agreed, that the hospital isn't the best place to hold the jam.
[20:41:30] <F0o> where is kirkwood
[20:41:57] <AtomicSpark> Cedar Rapids by the airport or Iowa City next to the Sycamore Mall
[20:42:52] <F0o> im assuming ic or cedar rapids is closest for most everyone
[20:43:12] <gringochapin> It's too bad we live in an apartment, we could just have it here. :)
[20:43:18] <AtomicSpark> Sadly that isn't true. There are a few in DSM and some scattered far away.
[20:43:25] <gringochapin> Not really an option though if there are going to be more than 5 people there. :)
[20:43:48] <Iowan> We won't all fit my living room
[20:44:15] <F0o> so how many people are actually commited 5 of us
[20:44:49] <Iowan> IF we could find a site - who would prefer a DM location?
[20:45:02] <AtomicSpark> I see 4.
[20:45:05] <Iowan> BTW - it's not an either/or
[20:45:57] <F0o> im up in the air with the baby thing so im not tied to a location, i know thats not helpful
[20:46:14] <Iowan> We can post a query to the mailing list... but we're running out of time.
[20:46:30] <Iowan> I'd like one location nailed down - IC/CR is more likely
[20:46:42] <AtomicSpark> The problem with Kirkwood is food and time. We'd have to have a teacher present. :\
[20:47:07] <F0o> AtomicSpark: ya that seems kinda weak
[20:47:12] <Iowan> ICPL probably won't bee too keen on food either
[20:47:19] <F0o> someone said library is that an option
[20:47:21] <AtomicSpark> I'll stop by the coralville library sometime. See what is up.
[20:47:33] <AtomicSpark> I haven't been to the ICPL in years either.
[20:47:57] <Iowan> DOH - my mindset has been on ICPL - Coralville has NICE meeting rooms downstairs!
[20:48:09] <AtomicSpark> Yeah?
[20:48:11] <Iowan> and free parking!
[20:48:13] <gringochapin> The IC library is also usually quite busy on the weekends. That can be a good thing, unless you want a meeting room.
[20:48:22] <AtomicSpark> Like I said, the place seems pretty major from the outside.
[20:48:32] <gringochapin> Meeting rooms at the ICPL are booked a long time in advance.
[20:48:33] <F0o> thats sounding promising
[20:48:41] <AtomicSpark> Supposidly a cafe too.
[20:48:51] <AtomicSpark> There is always barns and nobile ;3
[20:49:09] <F0o> AtomicSpark: thats a good call
[20:49:11] <AtomicSpark> The Mall can be a last resort. They can't kick us out for lurking in there for 4 hours lol.
[20:49:16] <Iowan> Just outside Panera?
[20:49:53] <AtomicSpark> of course this means laptops only and we may not find power.
[20:50:15] <KWierso> which would not be the best option for an install/upgrade-fest
[20:50:20] <Iowan> Yeah - probably not the best...
[20:50:31] <KWierso> I'm back, by the way
[20:50:40] <F0o> KWierso: see that
[20:51:26] <F0o> ok so what are viable options i agree barns and panera are out do we agree
[20:51:35] <gringochapin> I'll ask a friend of mine if he has any ideas. He probably will.  He's well connected in this area.
[20:51:45] <KWierso> For city location, I'm a "maybe" for a DM spot, and "most probably not" for an IC/CR spot
[20:51:50] <gringochapin> f0o: agreed.
[20:52:02] <AtomicSpark> F0o: Only listed them as a last resort.
[20:52:11] <F0o> AtomicSpark: noted
[20:52:28] <Iowan> IF... Coralville has rooms available - with Inet, for extended perion...
[20:52:39] <Iowan> period
[20:53:00] <KWierso> could we get in touch with the UofIA's CS department, see if they have anything for you guys?
[20:53:27] <Iowan> I'm not sure who to contact...
[20:54:39] <gringochapin> Good idea. duh. I'm a CS major. I have some contacts there, one of my professors is a big Linux fan. I'll talk to him tomorrow about this.
[20:54:52] <AtomicSpark> I dont know anyone that is attending the U of I.
[20:54:59] <F0o> gringochapin: dude get on it :)
[20:55:07] <gringochapin> Will do.
[20:55:30] <linuxuser21> I'm a maybe for DM.  IC is just way to far for me.
[20:55:52] <F0o> so we have 2 maybe for dm
[20:56:21] <Iowan> Same challenge for DM - where to meet. I'd love to have two sites!
[20:56:42] <F0o> i dont think we have enough for dm area 2 maybes
[20:56:59] <Iowan> How many do we need?
[20:57:06] <KWierso> I could maybe talk with my old profs from Simpson about using their Ankeny/WDM campus
[20:57:11] <Iowan> I suspect there are more - just not here
[20:57:14] <F0o> i dont think 2 maybes cuts it :)
[20:57:22] <F0o> Iowan: maybe
[20:57:38] <KWierso> how big is the mailing list these days?
[20:57:57] <jimerickson> i am for dm ames is a long way from ic
[20:59:48] <Iowan> paraphrased - we have 20 members on Launchpad
[21:01:46] <KWierso> what page has the loco's map, again?
[21:02:17] <Iowan> https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-us-ia
[21:03:04] <AtomicSpark> Iowan: I dont see you on there Mr.
[21:03:28] <Iowan> I'm there... somewhere...I think...
[21:03:40] <KWierso> looks like two people around Ames, 3 around Ankeny/DM
[21:03:42] <AtomicSpark> You have to uncheck "hide my location"
[21:03:46] <AtomicSpark> Under your map placement
[21:04:26] <KWierso> according to the map, there are more people in the DM region than IC...
[21:05:25] <Iowan> AtomicSpark:  I'll try to get that fixed...
[21:05:26] <KWierso> linuxuser21, I see what you mean about you being too far from IC
[21:05:32] <AtomicSpark> Iowan: Wonderful.
[21:06:12] <KWierso> 12/20 members have positions shared on the map
[21:06:53] <linuxuser21> KWierso: yeah, it's about a 5 hour drive
[21:10:07] <Iowan> Frustrating... where is the location checkbox?
[21:10:45] <KWierso> https://launchpad.net/~USERNAME/+editlocation
[21:10:59] <KWierso> checkbox below the map/timezone
[21:12:19] <KWierso> It's after 9, if you wanna stop the official meeting
[21:12:23] <KWierso> I gotta go AFK again for a bit
[21:12:26] <KWierso> will be back later
[21:13:14] <Iowan> Anyway... anything else
[21:13:33] <Iowan> Thanks for location info - got it fixed?
[21:13:52] <Iowan> Officially going once...
[21:14:02] <Iowan> twice...
[21:14:17] <Iowan> Meeting closed at 21:15
[21:14:29] <Iowan> or :14

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