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This is the 4th meeting of the Iowa Team, starting at 20:05 CST and finishing at 21:35 CST


Please type PRESENT when the meeting starts to indicate who is online and paying attention.

Active Attendees:


When adding agenda items please "sign" them, place @SIG@ after each of your items.If you won't be in attendance, please describe your item and wishes in detail otherwise those items may not be effectively discussed.

  • Global Jam locations @Iowan@ I will be late/absent.


  • Chat was almost entirely about where we're holding the Global Jam event(s).

Global Jam

  • Emergency IRC Chat scheduled for Tuesday, March 16th at 20:00 CST to hopefully get a location or two finalized. (Or at least discuss any newer conversations with the various schools...)

  • Gringochapin (Or maybe AtomicSpark) plans to contact Kirkwood CC in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids to see if we could meet there as a fallback.

  • Send the finalized plans out on the mailing list as soon as we can.
  • We might be able to do some sort of Translation Jam, depending on who attends.

Iowa City Region
  • Gringochapin is waiting on a reply from UIa's ACM organization about whether they'll officially host the event. If they host, the room is free. If they don't host, it will cost $150 for the day.
  • We have a few people that said they'd be willing to help contribute the money for the $150, but it'd be nice to have the room for free.
  • Tentative hold on the room for Sunday will stay until sometime next week.
  • Reserved time would probably start around noon on Sunday. Doubt we'll have many show up before then. It can run as long as there is demand for it.
  • Outside food/drinks are not allowed in the room. We'd either have to pay for catering, or buy and eat at the cafeteria.

Des Moines Region
  • A number of people would prefer to meet in Des Moines instead of Iowa City, due to driving distances.
  • KWierso still needs to contact Simpson College's Evening/Weekend program about using one of their metro campuses for a Des Moines/Ankeny Jam.
  • If we do host an event in Iowa City on Sunday, we should try for a Des Moines event on Saturday, to give as many people an opportunity to attend as possible. Simultaneous events would still be acceptable. (That's why we have IRC.)

Any Other Business

  • Should we try to acquire some old/cheap computers to use at the Jam for running Hardware Profiles and/or testing installation/upgrade?

Guide Lines

The meeting moderator will ensure key points are discussed. Key points from the Agenda will be noted by [TOPIC] Agenda item. When ideas are put forward to be considered they should be noted by [IDEA] Idea. The meeting moderator will indicate the final state of each topic by [ACTION] Action being taken. This should signify that the topic is discussed and the meeting is moving forward. The meeting moderator will use special tags to start and end the meeting and its recording. Please see MootBot for details on specific tags.


[20:05] <gringochapin>  Hi all. Do we have someone to run the meeting?
        <KWierso>       Iowan said he'd be late/absent
[20:08] <gringochapin>  So, do we have enough people present to hold a meeting?
        <linuxuser21>   Present
        <Bynw>  present too sorta
[20:09] <KWierso>       PRESENT, for record-keeping purposes :)
        <godbyk>        What's happening? I'm present, I s'pose.
[20:10] <gringochapin>  Anyone wanna' volunteer to run the meeting, or should we just keep it informal? I'm fine with either.
[20:12] <KWierso>       I guess I can run it for now. No guarantee I won't get called away from the computer for prolonged periods of time, though.
        <gringochapin>  Sounds good. Go for it. And thanks.
        <linuxuser21>   Fine with me
[20:13] <gringochapin>  It's IRC, you're allowed to multitask.
        <KWierso>       Retroactively starting this meeting at 8:05
        So, uh, there's only one item officially on the agenda for tonight
        and the guy who added it isn't here (yet)
        Global Jam locations
[20:14] <gringochapin>  I've done some research on that, though don't know if anyone has as well.
        <jimerickson>   present
        <gringochapin>  I sent an email to the mailing list about what I found out.
        <KWierso>       If I read it right, it looks like the University of Iowa has a room available on sunday
[20:15] costs $150 no matter how long we're there
        <gringochapin>  That's correct. Is there any reason we shouldn't do it on that date. It's available all day.
        Correct, though if we can get the ACM to host, we can use it for free.
[20:16] <KWierso>       I don't have any money to contribute to the "pay UofI $150" fund
        it'll be a miracle if I have enough money for gas to make the trip over and back
[20:17] <gringochapin>  So that's really two questions: Is holding it on Sunday the 28th ok with everyone, and if the ACM doesn't come through for us, do we want to try and come up with the $150, or try and find another location?
[20:18] <KWierso>       I still need to contact the Simpson College evening/weekend program to see how much it'd cost to use one of their facilities in the DM area
        I'll try to remember to do that tomorrow
[20:19] I don't really have any objections to having it on sunday
        but then again, I probably can't make a trip to Iowa City
[20:20] <gringochapin>  Understandable. Does anyone else have anythoughts on the date or cost?
        <KWierso>       what would be involved in getting ACM to sponsor the meeting?
[20:21] <gringochapin>  I have sent them an email, they emailed me back early this week, I replied with further details, and I haven't heard from them sense.
[20:22] -->|    CedarRapids1 (~42d300a9@gateway/web/freenode/x-aimkoeejlquxntxt) has joined #ubuntu-us-ia
        <gringochapin>  I am willing to donate to getting the room, but I just don't know if it makes sense for such a small group, and I certainly can't carry it all.
[20:23] But they sounded very interested in their first email, so hopefully it's just a lack of time rather than a lack of interest.
        <jimerickson>   i can donate to getting a room but can't make the trip
[20:24] <KWierso>       Since we're running short on time, if I can get in touch with the Simpson people, and if it turns out to be cheaper than UofI (assuming ACM doesn't sponsor), should we try to schedule an emergency meeting earlier than next thursday to discuss?
        <gringochapin>  I think that's a good idea. We are running out of time on this.
[20:25] What would be sweet is holding them on different days, so those who can and want can go to both.
        |<--    CedarRapids1 has left freenode (Client Quit)
        <KWierso>       yeah
        if ACM can sponsor sunday's, and if Simpson can be got cheap for Saturday
        -->|    CedarRapids1 (~42d300a9@gateway/web/freenode/x-vkrvmmcvyuusxqzj) has joined #ubuntu-us-ia
[20:26] <gringochapin>  That would be awesome. so does anyone have any objections to my finalizing things with the ACM if they do agree to host?
        <KWierso>       if they host, I have no objections
[20:27] <gringochapin>  Oh yes, can we also try to decide how long and what start time?
        At least for the Sunday, because if the ACM gets back to me tomorrow, or whenever, I'm going to need to know that so they can reserve the room.
[20:28] <KWierso>       something like noon to 3?
        <gringochapin>  Though, end time isn't as important. We've got the room, so we can pretty much go until we're done, or until it gets really really late.
        <KWierso>       longer if turnout is amazing
        shorter if not
[20:29] I doubt too many people would show up earlier than noon on a sunday
        <gringochapin>  I'm fine with starting at Noon, though I would prefer a start time of 3. But perhaps that would be too late.
        Either way, I'm flexible.
[20:30] <KWierso>       If I was to try to make it, it's a 3+ hour drive both ways. Starting at 3 would probably mean a very late night
        <gringochapin>  Good point. Noon it is then, unless anyone else has any thoughts.
[20:31] <KWierso>       Anyone else still here?
        <linuxuser21>   I am
[20:32] <Bynw>  I am
        <KWierso>       your thoughts?
[20:33] <jimerickson>   i am
        <linuxuser21>   Well, I can't make it to IC because that would be a long drive for me.
        <gringochapin>  Any thoughts on the venue or scheduling?
        <Bynw>  I cant make it to the jam (other commitments already)
[20:34] so i have no thoughts on the venue at all whatever works best for those who are able to make it
        <linuxuser21>   None for me either
        <jimerickson>   same here long drive. but would help with a donation.
        <KWierso>       gringochapin: what number did you give for an attendance estimate, so I can have a number for talking to Simpson tomorrow?
[20:35] -->|    CedarRapids1_ (~IceChat7@ has joined #ubuntu-us-ia
        |<--    CedarRapids1 has left freenode (Quit: Page closed)
        <gringochapin>  Thanks, though I would really like to avoid that. So far, we've had only a few people say for sure that they could make it, and it seems like a lot of money for just a few folks, though I'm sure I can bring in a few people from the community.
[20:36] When talking to the U, I just said max max 20 but probably more like 10 people.
        The room at the U holds 24.
        <KWierso>       alrighty
[20:37] so I'll try calling them tomorrow, see if they have any open rooms at either their ankeny or WDM campuses for Saturday (should I also ask for sunday?)
        would any of you people that couldn't make it to IC get to Des Moines that weekend?
[20:38] <gringochapin>  Yeah, if you can't get Sat, I think it makes sense to just get what you can.
        If they have to be held at the same time, then so be it. We'll stay connected via IRC.
[20:39] <jimerickson>   i could make it to DM
        <KWierso>       So hopefully gringochapin will get a response tomorrow or over the weekend
[20:40] should we schedule an emergency jam location chat for monday or tuesday night to discuss everything that's transpired?
        <gringochapin>  I can't do Monday, but Tues would be alright with me.
        |<--    viyyer has left freenode (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
[20:41] <KWierso>       still at 8PM/20:00CST
        <gringochapin>  Fine with me.
[20:42] Hopefully that works for Iowan.
        <KWierso>       So... any other jam location stuff we should talk about tonight?
        <gringochapin>  as well
[20:43] I don't have anything else. I think just getting the location pinned down will be the big portion of the battle. I think the rest will be easy in comparison.
        Oh, I just had a thought. I will contact Kirkwood in IC and Cedar Rapids to see if they have any rooms they could let us use.
        Just in case.
        <KWierso>       good plan
[20:45] Well, the Jam locations were the only thing added to the agenda for tonight... anything else to mention now?
[20:46] <gringochapin>  I've nothing.
[20:47] <CedarRapids1_> Would someone send to email list status of sites DM, IC, or CR when firm ?
        -->|    Iowan (~allen@ubuntu/member/Iowan) has joined #ubuntu-us-ia
        <KWierso>       hey it's iowan!
        <gringochapin>  Wow! He made it!
        <KWierso>       just in time for us to leave! >.>
        <Iowan> Present
[20:48] <KWierso>       cedarrapids1_, that shouldn't be too hard to do
        <gringochapin>  Yeah, I'm sure it will be all over the list.
        <KWierso>       hopefully we can talk to people tomorrow so we can discuss over email over the weekend
        <CedarRapids1_> Thanks
        <gringochapin>  Iowan: I can send you the log.
        |<--    CedarRapids1_ has left freenode (Quit: Download IceChat at www.icechat.net)
[20:49] <Iowan> It should end up in meeting notes
        <gringochapin>  Basically we just discussed the IC and DM locations. My email about the UIA location was summarized, and I still haven't heard from the ACM.
        <KWierso>       and I still need to talk to Simpson about a Des Moines or Ankeny location
        <Iowan> Sounded promising - expensive otherwise...
[20:50] <gringochapin>  We discussed and settled on Sunday at Noon being an ok time to hold it in IC. If we have one in DM, we will try to hold it on Saturday, so those who want can attend both.
        <AtomicSpark>   gringochapin: Oh no, it's an all weekend deal. ;)
        <Iowan> That has merit, too!
[20:51] <KWierso>       you're providing the catering, then, right AtomicSpark?
        oh yeah
        <AtomicSpark>   I believe Iowan is bringing pizza.
        <Iowan> Yeah... Iowan's pizza delivery...
        <KWierso>       UofI doesn't allow external food, according to my memory of that mailing list message earlier this week
[20:52] <gringochapin>  AtomicSpark: Yeah it's all weekend, but we'll be lucky to find a venue for four hours or so.
        <Iowan> $300 worth of their pizza and the room is free?
        <gringochapin>  Correct. But the cafeteria is right there.
        Hahaha yeah, something like that. :)
[20:53] <AtomicSpark>   Kirkwood is open all friday!
        -->|    viyyer (~viyyer@ has joined #ubuntu-us-ia
        <gringochapin>  What do you mean by open?
        <KWierso>       weekday sounds difficult for attendance
        <AtomicSpark>   Not closed?
[20:54] <gringochapin>  Open as in we can use one of their rooms, or just open, as in holding classes?
        <AtomicSpark>   Well the latter obviously, not sure about the first.
[20:55] <gringochapin>  Gotcha.
        <KWierso>       so yeah
        <gringochapin>  Yeah, I was planning on calling them, just in case the ACM doesn't come through.
[20:56] <KWierso>       for those of you late to the party, we were thinking about having a quick meeting sometime before next thursday to talk about all of these communications
        since we're running out of time
        <AtomicSpark>   Does any of our members actually attend U of I?
        <gringochapin>  I do.
[20:57] <KWierso>       would next tuesday at 8 work for you guys?
        <AtomicSpark>   CR Kirkwood would be more roomy. Better in house food. IC Kirkwood has food across the street and probably will let us use a classroom. So we'd have a projector.
        <KWierso>       just a quick meeting, hopefully to finalize somethings
[20:58] gringochapin's tentative reservation ends before next thursday's meeting
        <gringochapin>  A projector is also available at the UI venue, but the food policy is definitly a consideration.
        <Iowan> I can probably be around Tuesday night
        <AtomicSpark>   I have spring break next week. Wait, is the Jam next weekend?
[20:59] <KWierso>       no
        <gringochapin>  I'll be there, as I mentioned previously.
        <KWierso>       26-28, I think
        <AtomicSpark>   Good. That's spring break. Schools are closedish. :P
        <gringochapin>  Yeah, 26-28.
[21:00] <KWierso>       my network connection's acting screwy, this still on?
        <AtomicSpark>   Yes
[21:01] <KWierso>       good, just that one site went down, apparently
        <AtomicSpark>   gringochapin: which day are you trying to get reserved at UI?
        <gringochapin>  The 28th was all they had. I have a tentative reservation on that room for the next few business days.
[21:02] That's a Sunday.
        <AtomicSpark>   Hmm. That could work. Kirkwood is definately closed on sunday. I dont even think we could have it there.
[21:05] <gringochapin>  I personally would have prefered Saturday, but I just got what was available.
[21:06] <KWierso>       yeah, if we can get a room with Simpson in DM, I'll try for the Saturday
[21:07] <gringochapin>  BTW, after we finish this crazy jam thing, I'd like us to consider doing something at the state fair, whether it be handing out CDs and/or giving demos of Ubuntu, or whetever.
[21:08] <linuxuser21>   I like that idea
[21:10] -->|    F0o (~chatzilla@173-28-62-125.client.mchsi.com) has joined #ubuntu-us-ia
        <gringochapin>  Can we count F0o as present? Afterall, I don't think we actually officially terminated the meeting. :)
[21:11] :)
        <Iowan> F0o: Later than I was - so whatever I volunteered for is now yours...
        <F0o>   gringochapin: lookin out for me preciate it
        Iowan: im guessing it involved buying pizza
        <Iowan> dunno - I just deliver...
[21:12] after I get the bolt out of my tire...
        <F0o>   lol
        Iowan: thought you werent going to be here
[21:13] <Iowan> I said "late or absent" ended up as "late"
        <gringochapin>  So, the only thing that was decided was that we will definitively reserve the room at the UI if the ACM agrees to host, and if so, the event will start Noon Sunday the 28th.
        <KWierso>       I believe so
        other than that, we're still just talking to other places
[21:14] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/IowaTeam/20100316
        for what it's worth
        <gringochapin>  Yep. And once we nail this down definitively, we're going to need to market like crazy, because it's going to be short notice.
[21:15] Next year, let's start in January. :)
        <KWierso>       My old prof at Simpson said he would be interested in promoting the Jam with his students
        just need a time/place
[21:16] <gringochapin>  Sweet. My Computer Security and Oporating Systems prof said the same.
        Oh yeah, does anyone here use PGP and wanna' do an informal signing?
[21:17] At the event?
        <KWierso>       linuxuser21, you still here? did you make it to that "How to Run a Translation Jam" session?
        <gringochapin>  Or am I the only crypto-nerd? :)
        <AtomicSpark>   Well I probably have the backing of kirkwood's "computer club"
        <linuxuser21>   No, it ended up being a really late night and I didn
        't wake up in time
[21:18] <F0o>   gringochapin: i think your the only crypto at this point
        <gringochapin>  AtomicSpark: Will they host us? Can you find out if they can get us a room there?
        F0O: Sounds like it. :) Ah well.
        <KWierso>       I doubt we would be doing translations anyway. I'm barely mediocre with Spanish
        <linuxuser21>   I'm becoming quite good with German though.
[21:19] <gringochapin>  KWierso: I can bring my wife along. She is fluent. She was born and raised in Guatemala. :)
        <linuxuser21>   Still not the greatest though
        <AtomicSpark>   gringochapin: i'll contact the it department head tomorrow.
[21:20] <KWierso>       here's the translation session log: http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/2010/03/05/%23ubuntu-locoteams.html
        <gringochapin>  AtomicSpark: Great! Then I won't bother, as I was planning on calling them, but it sounds like you would have more contacts there than I.
[21:24] <KWierso>       so... we pretty much done for now?
[21:25] <gringochapin>  I was reading about other Linux groups the other day, and the sorts of things they do, and one of them is taking old surplus computers and computer parts, putting them together, installing Linux and some good software, and giving them away to poor kids who don't own a 'puter.
        That would be awesome if we could get into doing that, though it would be a lot of work, so I think we would need to be a little bigger than we are to pull it off. Still, that would be awesome.
[21:26] <KWierso>       we could try putting out feelers with our various schools to see what they do with old computers when they upgrade
        <gringochapin>  I'm done. I'm just chatting to no one/everyone.
[21:27] Yeah, because building the computers isn't the big deal, it's tech support that I'm worried about. Typically, they talk to the teachers to find out who the smart kids are, and they generally give them to kids in the higher elementary grades or older, so they can usually figure stuff out on their own, but it still might become an issue.
[21:28] And I don't think it would be hard to get machines donated. I know companies that throw out old computers all the time. They're old, but not that old, and still perfectly fine to put Linux on.
        <Iowan> There is a forum with GREAT tech support - but you gotta be able to get there.
[21:29] <gringochapin>  Exactly.
        Some groups have even managed to get some of the local ISPs to donate free internet.
        Great for PR anyway.
[21:30] <Iowan> I'm hoping Lucid solves some (most... all?) of Karmics woes - but I think htat with every release
        <KWierso>       if/when we do get a spot at UIa, maybe we could get some old computers to try installing Lucid on
        generate some hardware profiles
[21:31] <Iowan> I have some - RAM is biggest limitation
        <KWierso>       because unless I win $$$ and can buy a laptop, I'm not particularly inclined to drag my desktop all the way down to Iowa City or Des Moines
        <gringochapin>  For sure. I've got an old machine sitting by my desk. All it needs is a new hard drive. I think it's a 1.6GHZ single core, 2GB or maybe only 1 of RAM.
        But we should be able to get a HW profile off it no prob.
[21:32] Minus the HD of course.
        <Iowan> Mine ore 128-256 M... one laptop has 32M (not planning Ubuntu for that one)
[21:33] <KWierso>       did we ever officially end the meeting?
[21:34] <Iowan> not to my knowledge - who's running tonight's meeting?
        <KWierso>       I started it
        <Iowan> Then you can end it ;)
        <KWierso>       okay
[21:35] any new business?
        going once....
        going twice....
        <Iowan> SOLD... uh...
        <KWierso>       100 pizzas, bought by Iowan for delivery to the Jam!
        Meeting offically closed :)

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