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This is the 6th meeting of the Iowa Team, starting at 20:00 CDT and finishing at xx:xx CDT


Please type PRESENT when the meeting starts to indicate who is online and paying attention.

Active Attendees:

  • jimerickson
  • paultag
  • viyyer
  • Iowan


When adding agenda items please "sign" them, place @SIG@ after each of your items.If you won't be in attendance, please describe your item and wishes in detail otherwise those items may not be effectively discussed.

  • Des Moines site seems to have fallen through. Still no response from Simpson's conferences director. @KWierso@ (I probably won't make it to the meeting tonight. Lemme know if you-all still want me to continue trying to reach Simpson.)


  • Global Jam discussion again. No additional information. Keep an eye on communications channels - wiki, mailing list, IRC, subforum for details or extra-special meeting schedules. Sorry to hear about Des Moines site - guess that gives us something to shoot for next time.

Any Other Business

Guide Lines

The meeting moderator will ensure key points are discussed. Key points from the Agenda will be noted by [TOPIC] Agenda item. When ideas are put forward to be considered they should be noted by [IDEA] Idea. The meeting moderator will indicate the final state of each topic by [ACTION] Action being taken. This should signify that the topic is discussed and the meeting is moving forward. The meeting moderator will use special tags to start and end the meeting and its recording. Please see MootBot for details on specific tags.


Mar 18 20:10:44 <jimerickson>   present
Mar 18 20:10:54 <paultag>       Hola. Just for a few :)
Mar 18 20:11:02 <Iowan> That makes two of us - may be short meeting
Mar 18 20:11:09 <Iowan> Three!
Mar 18 20:11:12 <paultag>       \o/ :)
Mar 18 20:11:55 <Iowan> paultag:  It's been awhile...
Mar 18 20:12:12 <paultag>       Iowan, Tell me about it :P
Mar 18 20:12:30 <paultag>       Iowan, long story, but I'm here a lot more these days
Mar 18 20:12:59 <Iowan> ALWAYS good to hear (see?) from you
Mar 18 20:13:11 <paultag>       :)
Mar 18 20:13:40 <paultag>       Let's do this thing :)
Mar 18 20:14:56 <Iowan> Yup - just checking to make sure the time specified CDT...
Mar 18 20:15:31 <Iowan> There was a meeting Tuesday - perhaps that got mistaken for the weekly meeting...
Mar 18 20:26:15 <Iowan> Nothing officially on the agenda - but I suspect there are some Global Jam details that still need ironed out.
Mar 18 20:31:08 *       viyyer (~viyyer@thames.mum.edu) has joined #ubuntu-us-ia
Mar 18 20:31:14 <viyyer>        PRESENT
Mar 18 20:31:17 <viyyer>        :)
Mar 18 20:31:27 <Iowan> That makes 4!
Mar 18 20:32:07 <viyyer>        Iowan, iowateam now has only one venue or the Des Moines venue confirmed too ?
Mar 18 20:32:45 <Iowan> viyyer:  Sitll at IC only - DM still under negotiation... no news since Tuesday
Mar 18 20:33:08 <Iowan> Sitll = still
Mar 18 20:33:35 <Iowan> I'm still hoping, though...
Mar 18 20:33:38 <viyyer>        Iowan, works. I have lined up my ride to IC on saturday .
Mar 18 20:35:10 <viyyer>        Iowan, did I miss anything else ?
Mar 18 20:35:39 <Iowan> viyyer:  I'd mention the To-do page,  but I see you were the last to edithttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/IowaTeam/ToDo

Mar 18 20:37:14 <Iowan> Typing is awful tonight - I disconnected myself https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IowaTeam/ToDo
Mar 18 20:37:48 <viyyer>        Iowan, hehe,, I was wondering what was happening
Mar 18 20:38:25 <viyyer>        Iowan, hope you are not using Emacs OS :D
Mar 18 20:38:27 <Iowan> Gonna make some interesting logs for later on
Mar 18 20:40:27 <viyyer>        where's gringochapin ?
Mar 18 20:40:53 <Iowan> I see Office Depot has 4-port switches on sale - I may see if anyone has 8-ports... we could probably use 1-2 for Jam
Mar 18 20:41:15 <viyyer>        Iowan, have a wifi router ?
Mar 18 20:41:52 <Iowan> I have an old one(B)... but Library also has wireless
Mar 18 20:42:58 <viyyer>        oh good. anyone has a ubuntu offline repos ? my network connection here sucks. so can sync a repos
Mar 18 20:43:12 <viyyer>        I mean a apt repository
Mar 18 20:44:10 <Iowan> I don't...
Mar 18 20:45:15 <viyyer>        k
Mar 18 20:45:28 <Iowan> "Someone" was planning to get CD burned from Friday's (26th) release
Mar 18 20:46:01 *       CedarRapids1 has quit (Quit: When the chips are down, well, the buffalo is empty)
Mar 18 20:48:09 <viyyer>        cool .  I will try and the daily live for 25 or 26th depending on the network availability :)
Mar 18 20:51:09 <Iowan> I may see if I can pull something down, too... I suspect download sites will be very busy
Mar 18 20:53:17 <viyyer>        cool
Mar 18 20:58:57 <Iowan> Thanks to all for attending - even if not one of our most productive meetings.
Mar 18 20:59:33 <Iowan> I'll drat my feet (keyboard?) for a few minutes - in case latecomers arrive
Mar 18 20:59:38 <Iowan> drag...
Mar 18 21:01:12 <Iowan> Keep an eye on the mailing list, this channel, or even the subforum to see if another meeting gets scheduled before next Thursday's regular event
Mar 18 21:02:06 <Iowan> Otherwise, I guess we're done... 

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