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This is the 11th meeting of the Iowa Team, starting at 20:00 CDT and finishing at 21:31 CDT


Please type PRESENT when the meeting starts to indicate who is online and paying attention.

Active Attendees:

  • Iowan
  • Infl8ableSoulm8

  • AtomicSpark

  • F0o
  • jimerickson


When adding agenda items please "sign" them, place @SIG@ after each of your items.If you won't be in attendance, please describe your item and wishes in detail otherwise those items may not be effectively discussed.

  • Ubuntu 10.04 Release Party @AtomicSpark@

  • Meeting frequency @Iowan@


  • Discussed IRC channel topic posting time (20 20:20:02 2010)
  • f0o's new daughter
  • Mentioned reducing meeting frequency (no discussion)
  • Discussed Iowa City Lucid release party (Saturday, April 30 - no decision on where or what time)
  • Discussion about Pella
  • Gaming discussion

Any Other Business

Guide Lines

The meeting moderator will ensure key points are discussed. Key points from the Agenda will be noted by [TOPIC] Agenda item. When ideas are put forward to be considered they should be noted by [IDEA] Idea. The meeting moderator will indicate the final state of each topic by [ACTION] Action being taken. This should signify that the topic is discussed and the meeting is moving forward. The meeting moderator will use special tags to start and end the meeting and its recording. Please see MootBot for details on specific tags.


Apr 22 20:00:16 <Iowan> #startmeeting
Apr 22 20:00:34 <Iowan> Welcome to #11 in the series of Iowa LoCo meetings!
Apr 22 20:00:37 <Iowan> PRESENT
Apr 22 20:01:51 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       HEAR
Apr 22 20:04:16 <Iowan> While we wait for others - I just noticed that had AtomicSpark waited another 18 seconds to post the topic...
Apr 22 20:05:00 <Iowan> 20 20:20:20 2010
Apr 22 20:05:35 <AtomicSpark>   You're an odd one. :P
Apr 22 20:06:28 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       doesn't that mean it was posted at 20 20:20:02 2010?
Apr 22 20:06:33 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       close enough.
Apr 22 20:07:07 <Iowan> Yes - 18 seconds later would have been... ?
Apr 22 20:08:18 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       yeah, but 02 is just 20 backwards, unless you are doing math
Apr 22 20:08:23 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       or bitwise stuff
Apr 22 20:08:59 <Iowan> Still enough 2's and 0's to get cross-eyed.
Apr 22 20:09:22 <Iowan> (start of a great meeting, eh?)
Apr 22 20:09:35 *       F0o (~chatzilla@173-28-62-125.client.mchsi.com) has joined #ubuntu-us-ia
Apr 22 20:10:36 <Iowan> F0o: hit the keyboard a few times so we'll know you're here...
Apr 22 20:11:16 <F0o>   Iowan: funnny
Apr 22 20:11:36 <Iowan> Never know - mighta been a bot...
Apr 22 20:12:18 <F0o>   Iowan: i feel like a bot with the lack of sleep the baby has  been putting us thru
Apr 22 20:12:59 <Iowan> Amazing how that works... 9 months of waiting for THIS???
Apr 22 20:13:32 <F0o>   Iowan: no doubt i forgot what the newborn stage was like.. and i didnt miss it
Apr 22 20:13:55 <Iowan> I missed the announcement - when was birthday?
Apr 22 20:14:37 <F0o>   baby rebekah april 2nd 10 pounds 22 ounces
Apr 22 20:15:02 <F0o>   thats right 10 pounds ridiculous i know
Apr 22 20:15:10 <Iowan> hefty!
Apr 22 20:15:25 <F0o>   indeed
Apr 22 20:15:44 <Iowan> Good start on life...
Apr 22 20:16:52 <F0o>   ok enough of this baby biz.. what other action is happening you running 10.04 rc
Apr 22 20:17:34 <Iowan> F0o: I'll need to look - machine was updating a few minutes ago
Apr 22 20:17:48 <Iowan> This one still runs Hardy
Apr 22 20:18:42 <Iowan> AtomicSpark:  With that lead-in, you're first on the agenda
Apr 22 20:21:11 *       Iowan checks Lucid machine
Apr 22 20:22:15 <F0o>   im dl the rc throw it on a laptop see how it goes
Apr 22 20:23:10 <Iowan> Errors - that can't be good...
Apr 22 20:25:04 <F0o>   errors just from pushing updates
Apr 22 20:26:30 <Iowan> Probably gonna be a busy night for servers
Apr 22 20:27:21 <F0o>   no doubt
Apr 22 20:28:22 <Iowan> AtomicSpark: Feel free to jump right in with your agenda item...
Apr 22 20:29:09 <jimerickson>   sorry i'm late guys is the meeting still going on?
Apr 22 20:29:21 <Iowan> ... or we could move on to the second agenda item
Apr 22 20:29:28 <Iowan> welcome jimerickson !
Apr 22 20:29:37 <jimerickson>   hello!
Apr 22 20:29:48 <Iowan> (no htat's not the 2nd item - but welcome anyway!
Apr 22 20:30:43 <Iowan> With summer's busy schedule, should we consider reducing the frequency of meetings?
Apr 22 20:30:50 <Iowan> Is weekly to frequent?
Apr 22 20:31:01 <Iowan> to=too
Apr 22 20:31:18 <AtomicSpark>   Oh hi.
Apr 22 20:31:30 <AtomicSpark>   What was my agenda?
Apr 22 20:31:36 <Iowan> AtomicSpark: Good evening!!
Apr 22 20:31:43 <Iowan> release party
Apr 22 20:32:01 <AtomicSpark>   I agree, we should have one.
Apr 22 20:32:10 <AtomicSpark>   Mayhaps with food and beverages.
Apr 22 20:32:18 <AtomicSpark>   Somewhere downtown?
Apr 22 20:32:40 <Iowan> "where" could dictate the food choices
Apr 22 20:33:05 <AtomicSpark>   True.
Apr 22 20:33:11 <F0o>   or just beverage
Apr 22 20:34:02 <Iowan> I'd be game - it'd be good if DM group could have party, too... though I probably wouldn't be able to attend
Apr 22 20:34:24 <F0o>   whats the date for this dig
Apr 22 20:34:34 <Iowan> That was my ??, too
Apr 22 20:35:03 <AtomicSpark>   Next weekend?
Apr 22 20:35:39 <AtomicSpark>   Comes out on the 29th. I'm assuming the mirrors will be hammered till friday or saturday.
Apr 22 20:37:03 <F0o>   may 1
Apr 22 20:37:46 <Iowan> Yes you may... oh, sorry - that was a date.
Apr 22 20:38:01 <AtomicSpark>   Sure. We could screw around at the library if you insist on installing it (I've been running it for months now)
Apr 22 20:38:07 <AtomicSpark>   We could like... pass out CDs.
Apr 22 20:38:08 *       AtomicSpark shrugs
Apr 22 20:38:24 <AtomicSpark>   I'm open to many ideas.
Apr 22 20:38:37 *       AtomicSpark wonders off for a min
Apr 22 20:40:06 <Iowan> food/beverage selection @library isn't great...
Apr 22 20:40:33 <Iowan> CD's will end up as coasters @watering holes, though
Apr 22 20:40:56 <F0o>   i guess it depends on what where doing , are we just getting together or installing it and what not
Apr 22 20:42:25 <F0o>   hey where is gringo
Apr 22 20:42:35 <Iowan> I'll probably update my machine (unless that error goes critical) rather than fresh install
Apr 22 20:43:24 <AtomicSpark>   I vote for saturday for I have a date with freddy on friday.
Apr 22 20:44:43 <Iowan> I have Scout camp work day next Saturday, but will be available later in the day
Apr 22 20:46:04 <F0o>   for merely selfish reasons i vote earlier the better since im driving an hour and half
Apr 22 20:47:41 <AtomicSpark>   hour and a half?!
Apr 22 20:47:52 <Iowan> DM?
Apr 22 20:48:06 <F0o>   pella
Apr 22 20:49:27 <AtomicSpark>   F0o: hows the radiation up there? :P
Apr 22 20:51:38 <Iowan> Wow - time flies when the conversation is lively...
Apr 22 20:52:07 <Iowan> AtomicSpark: Any favorite place in mind?
Apr 22 20:52:09 <F0o>   AtomicSpark: radiation thats news too  me, sounds like you know sumin i dont, do share
Apr 22 20:52:22 <AtomicSpark>   F0o: isn't that were the power planet is?
Apr 22 20:52:38 <AtomicSpark>   Or is pella the tulips place.
Apr 22 20:52:50 <Iowan> tulips and windows?
Apr 22 20:52:56 <F0o>   AtomicSpark: tulip 75th year
Apr 22 20:53:00 <F0o>   and vermeer
Apr 22 20:53:03 <AtomicSpark>   windmills?
Apr 22 20:53:18 <F0o>   windmills and wooden shoes
Apr 22 20:53:34 <AtomicSpark>   Oh. It's in Palo.
Apr 22 20:53:34 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       pella == netherlands sans amsterdam
Apr 22 20:53:36 <AtomicSpark>   Close enough.
Apr 22 20:54:07 <F0o>   Infl8ableSoulm8: thats about right
Apr 22 20:55:26 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       btw, any linux gamers amongst us?
Apr 22 20:55:45 <Iowan> not yet...
Apr 22 20:55:51 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=steam_linux_script&num=1
Apr 22 20:56:36 <F0o>   its about time i use to run css thru wine
Apr 22 20:56:44 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       If Valve released steam for linux, it would be a huge ++
Apr 22 20:56:57 <F0o>   Infl8ableSoulm8: agree
Apr 22 20:56:57 <AtomicSpark>   Infl8ableSoulm8: I saw that. :)
Apr 22 20:57:22 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       I run a bunch of source engine game servers.
Apr 22 20:57:36 <AtomicSpark>   I ran Garry's Mod...
Apr 22 20:57:44 <AtomicSpark>   ...
Apr 22 20:58:03 <F0o>   i never like garys, does anyone still play css
Apr 22 20:58:22 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       there are still a bunch of people who cheat at CSS
Apr 22 20:58:33 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       I'm not sure anyone actually *plays* it
Apr 22 20:58:36 <F0o>   Infl8ableSoulm8: thats all been the case
Apr 22 20:59:09 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       we're getting ready to put up a CSS server, ourselves.
Apr 22 20:59:20 <F0o>   in iowa
Apr 22 20:59:30 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       but we've got to get permissions locked down ont he server first.
Apr 22 20:59:39 <F0o>   rotating maps or what
Apr 22 20:59:50 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       well, the box our clan runs is in chicago
Apr 22 21:00:00 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       yeah
Apr 22 21:00:00 <F0o>   which clan is that
Apr 22 21:00:11 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       probably dust2, office... the popular ones.
Apr 22 21:00:17 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       Brothers of Chaos
Apr 22 21:00:27 <F0o>   sweet
Apr 22 21:00:41 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       we are primarily TF2, though
Apr 22 21:00:57 <F0o>   tf2 i dont know what that is
Apr 22 21:01:06 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       but we put up a DODS server and have been having fun with it, and we have a few L4D2 servers
Apr 22 21:01:12 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       Team Fortress 2
Apr 22 21:01:17 <F0o>   ah thats right
Apr 22 21:01:32 <AtomicSpark>   I run a single tf2 server.
Apr 22 21:01:38 <F0o>   you guys rent the server or what
Apr 22 21:01:46 <AtomicSpark>   Mine is free.
Apr 22 21:01:53 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       yeah, we have a dedicated box provided by nuclearfallout
Apr 22 21:02:04 <AtomicSpark>   For we advertise for them or something. :P
Apr 22 21:02:10 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       and I have one of the left 4 dead 2 servers on my linux box in des moines.
Apr 22 21:02:36 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       well, provided in that we pay for it
Apr 22 21:02:45 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       not sponsored or anything :D
Apr 22 21:02:48 <F0o>   what do you do for bandwith
Apr 22 21:03:14 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       my server is hosted at the Iowa Network Services datacenter downtown
Apr 22 21:03:25 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       by Internet Solver
Apr 22 21:04:00 <F0o>   sweet
Apr 22 21:04:31 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       the BoC box is in an InterNAP datacenter in Chicago.
Apr 22 21:04:53 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       or at least, it's on InterNAP bandwdth
Apr 22 21:05:22 <F0o>   are you running wn7 with steam
Apr 22 21:05:36 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       yeah, 7 ultimate 64
Apr 22 21:05:46 <F0o>   steam works ok on it
Apr 22 21:06:50 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       yeah... never really had any problems with steam
Apr 22 21:06:53 <AtomicSpark>   F0o: Yes.
Apr 22 21:07:06 <F0o>   cool
Apr 22 21:07:16 <AtomicSpark>   Although my Windows install kind of pooped on me. I'll have to reinstall. This I do not enjoy.
Apr 22 21:07:19 <AtomicSpark>   For it takes forever.
Apr 22 21:07:38 <F0o>   i hate to dedicate a box to windows just for gaming
Apr 22 21:07:38 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       I'm even running the new beta client that they are going to release along with their release of steam on mac osx
Apr 22 21:09:02 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       well, my gaming box is my interface to the world, I guess, and it is solely win7
Apr 22 21:09:19 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       but most of the time I'm sshed into my server downtown
Apr 22 21:09:29 <AtomicSpark>   F0o: There is a job offering that interests me in pella but pella is :(
Apr 22 21:09:33 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       like, my irc client is irssi in screen
Apr 22 21:10:08 <F0o>   the unix admin at pella corp
Apr 22 21:10:25 <F0o>   AtomicSpark: is that the one
Apr 22 21:13:04 <AtomicSpark>   F0o: Yes. :P
Apr 22 21:14:00 <F0o>   you dont want it cause you dont like pella
Apr 22 21:14:51 <F0o>   a friend of mine is a head hunter looking to fill that job i could get you in
Apr 22 21:15:08 <AtomicSpark>   Well it would be a big change. Moving out and into a new city.
Apr 22 21:15:29 <F0o>   its hardly a city, only 10k people live in pella
Apr 22 21:15:37 <AtomicSpark>   Haha.
Apr 22 21:15:55 <AtomicSpark>   I mean, it's a good fit for me. I might have to make their website less ugly too. :P
Apr 22 21:16:01 <AtomicSpark>   How far is pella from des moins?
Apr 22 21:16:07 <F0o>   hour
Apr 22 21:16:20 <AtomicSpark>   Ugh.
Apr 22 21:16:26 <F0o>   lotta good house for sell just make the move
Apr 22 21:16:48 <F0o>   are you a unix admin now
Apr 22 21:17:29 <AtomicSpark>   I was a network admin at a furniture company for four years.
Apr 22 21:17:43 <F0o>   what do you do now
Apr 22 21:17:44 <AtomicSpark>   It was a small company so I pretty much ended up being the office manager lol.
Apr 22 21:17:51 <AtomicSpark>   I'm currently unemployed. Just a student.
Apr 22 21:18:03 <AtomicSpark>   Have a networking degree and security cert. Working on computer information systems now.
Apr 22 21:18:14 <AtomicSpark>   Probably will work on certs this summer.
Apr 22 21:18:26 <F0o>   cissp?
Apr 22 21:19:04 <AtomicSpark>   I've taken the cisco classes. I dont have the cert though.
Apr 22 21:19:54 <F0o>   i hate networking shit / you know route/switch
Apr 22 21:22:43 <F0o>   AtomicSpark: how the hell do you make rent and what not being a student
Apr 22 21:24:26 <AtomicSpark>   Networking is cakewalk
Apr 22 21:24:30 <AtomicSpark>   I live with the mom :P
Apr 22 21:25:43 <AtomicSpark>   Riverside casino is hiering again lol
Apr 22 21:31:11 <Iowan> 9:30 - time to close
Apr 22 21:31:16 <Iowan> #endmeeting

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