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This is the 12th meeting of the Iowa Team, starting at 20:00 CDT and finishing at 20:34 CDT


Please type PRESENT when the meeting starts to indicate who is online and paying attention.

Active Attendees:

  • Iowan
  • Chazz
  • Infl8ableSoulm8

  • gringochapin


When adding agenda items please "sign" them, place @SIG@ after each of your items.If you won't be in attendance, please describe your item and wishes in detail otherwise those items may not be effectively discussed.

  • Ubuntu 10.04 Release Party @AtomicSpark@

  • Meeting frequency @Iowan@


  • Next meeting will be May 27, 2010.

Any Other Business

Guide Lines

The meeting moderator will ensure key points are discussed. Key points from the Agenda will be noted by [TOPIC] Agenda item. When ideas are put forward to be considered they should be noted by [IDEA] Idea. The meeting moderator will indicate the final state of each topic by [ACTION] Action being taken. This should signify that the topic is discussed and the meeting is moving forward. The meeting moderator will use special tags to start and end the meeting and its recording. Please see MootBot for details on specific tags.


Apr 29 20:00:33 <Iowan> #startmeeting
Apr 29 20:00:48 <Iowan> Clocks are going off behind me - must be time to start
Apr 29 20:00:51 <Iowan> PRESENT
Apr 29 20:01:09 *       Chazz throws a present at Iowan
Apr 29 20:01:19 *       Iowan misses
Apr 29 20:01:32 <Chazz> D:
Apr 29 20:01:52 *       Chazz gently tosses a present at Iowan! :p
Apr 29 20:02:22 *       Iowan ducks after the first one missed
Apr 29 20:02:42 <Iowan> Anyone else?
Apr 29 20:03:06 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       I'm srta here.
Apr 29 20:03:11 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       with an 'o'
Apr 29 20:04:28 <Iowan> gringochapin joined a bit ago... or the machine did...
Apr 29 20:05:45 <Iowan> Off to the agenda, then.
Apr 29 20:05:45 <gringochapin>  I'm here. Just got distracted chatting in #hamradio
Apr 29 20:06:26 <Iowan> I should go there sometime - it's been years since my xmitter was warm.
Apr 29 20:07:07 <Iowan> Meeting frequency... is weekly good, or should we back off a bit?
Apr 29 20:07:27 <Chazz> I vote we meet only when we actually have something to meet about.
Apr 29 20:07:28 <Chazz> :P
Apr 29 20:08:14 <gringochapin>  I vote we meet monthly,, with an option to do so if we have something to talk about.  If we don't have meetings at least once a month, we risk dieing on the vine.
Apr 29 20:10:36 <Chazz> Maybe, meet once a month minimum, but possiblity of more if we actually have something to meet about?
Apr 29 20:10:39 <Iowan> This would be the "official, gets-reported" meeting - social hour still weekly?
Apr 29 20:10:55 <Chazz> There's a social hour?
Apr 29 20:11:00 <Iowan> Or does this get to be a burden, too?
Apr 29 20:11:29 <Iowan> Last week was particularly "social" :)
Apr 29 20:11:50 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       people should hang out in irc and blab constantly.
Apr 29 20:12:17 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       I will interject off-topic ramblings from time to time to get the blabbery started if need be.
Apr 29 20:12:18 <Iowan> Yes, but some of us are addicted to the forums...
Apr 29 20:12:46 <Chazz> Then, there's others...
Apr 29 20:12:52 <Chazz> Who forgot that the forums existed.
Apr 29 20:12:54 <Chazz> :p
Apr 29 20:12:59 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       oh, well, it would take me far too long to become remotely interested in the forums.
Apr 29 20:13:15 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       are there forums specificall for here?
Apr 29 20:13:22 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       or just general ubuntu forums?
Apr 29 20:13:27 <Iowan> There IS an Iowa forum
Apr 29 20:13:38 <Iowan> Not much there, though
Apr 29 20:14:04 <Iowan> Feel free to post thre...
Apr 29 20:14:10 <Iowan> there...
Apr 29 20:14:37 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       ahh...
Apr 29 20:14:49 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       well, I rarely have anything to say about ubuntu.
Apr 29 20:14:59 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       since it rarely gives me any trouble
Apr 29 20:15:56 <Iowan> If we reduce to monthly, which day/week is best?
Apr 29 20:16:29 <Chazz> Either the first or the last.
Apr 29 20:18:47 <gringochapin>  Today is the last... why not keep the pattern.
Apr 29 20:19:31 <Iowan> That would keep it away from my 3rd Thursday commitment
Apr 29 20:21:54 <Iowan> Differing opinions?
Apr 29 20:22:57 <Iowan> Going once...
Apr 29 20:24:56 <Iowan> Next meeting May 27 @8:00 pm
Apr 29 20:25:55 <gringochapin>  It's on the calendar.
Apr 29 20:26:02 <Iowan> AtomicSpark was working on the release party - Saturday, downtown somewhere
Apr 29 20:27:16 <Iowan> I don't see any recent email additions
Apr 29 20:28:45 <Iowan> Any other "business"?
Apr 29 20:30:03 <Iowan> There goes the clock again - perhaps we'll call it a short meeting tonight
Apr 29 20:30:18 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       So, who's bringing the women and booze for the DM release party?
Apr 29 20:30:42 <Iowan> Where are you bringing them and when?
Apr 29 20:31:15 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       we'll work that out quickly if we can actually come up with some women and booze, I'd imagine.
Apr 29 20:31:45 <Infl8ableSoulm8>       otherwie I doubt a DM party will happen.
Apr 29 20:32:56 <Iowan> Maybe for Manic Mudpuppy - or whatever the next release becomes
Apr 29 20:33:53 <Iowan> #endmeeting

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