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This is the 13th meeting of the Iowa Team, starting at 20:00 CDT and finishing at 22:09 CDT


Please type PRESENT when the meeting starts to indicate who is online and paying attention.

Active Attendees:

  • Iowan
  • f0o
  • paultag
  • AtomicSpark

  • Chazz
  • viyyer
  • DrDogwelder

  • godbyk
  • Amaranth


When adding agenda items please "sign" them, place @SIG@ after each of your items.If you won't be in attendance, please describe your item and wishes in detail otherwise those items may not be effectively discussed.

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Any Other Business

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The meeting moderator will ensure key points are discussed. Key points from the Agenda will be noted by [TOPIC] Agenda item. When ideas are put forward to be considered they should be noted by [IDEA] Idea. The meeting moderator will indicate the final state of each topic by [ACTION] Action being taken. This should signify that the topic is discussed and the meeting is moving forward. The meeting moderator will use special tags to start and end the meeting and its recording. Please see MootBot for details on specific tags.


**** BEGIN LOGGING AT Thu May 27 19:55:01 2010

May 27 20:00:01 <Iowan> Good evening all - time to start Iowa LoCo's  May meeting
May 27 20:00:05 <Iowan> Present
May 27 20:10:35 *       f0o (~chatzilla@173-28-62-125.client.mchsi.com) has joined #ubuntu-us-ia
May 27 20:11:24 <f0o>   wow i'm only 15 minutes late
May 27 20:12:30 <Iowan> Good evening - been (patiently) waiting!
May 27 20:12:43 *       Chazz (dabomb69@bb-183-006.omnitelcom.com) has joined #ubuntu-us-ia
May 27 20:12:56 <Iowan> BTW - it's only 12 after...
May 27 20:13:11 *       Chazz is now known as Guest98460
May 27 20:13:14 <f0o>   Iowan: thats still a record for me
May 27 20:13:42 <Iowan> I'd have been here until 9:00 waiting :)
May 27 20:13:47 *       Guest98460 is now known as evilchazz
May 27 20:13:48 *       evilchazz has quit (Changing host)
May 27 20:13:48 *       evilchazz (dabomb69@opennic/dabomb69) has joined #ubuntu-us-ia
May 27 20:14:02 <f0o>   chazz is evil
May 27 20:15:02 <Iowan> Agenda is open... what's new?
May 27 20:15:03 <f0o>   Iowan: 9 huh your swell man.. :)
May 27 20:15:19 <f0o>   im not sure i like 10.04
May 27 20:15:45 <Iowan> I hate to say it, but I (kinda) agree
May 27 20:16:22 <Iowan> I haven't had major issues - but this machine uses Hardy - my Lucid box doesn't get much use
May 27 20:17:00 <Iowan> Others have been having networking issues - especially wireless, and updates seem to be breaking things
May 27 20:17:31 <Iowan> f0o:  What don't you like?
May 27 20:17:38 <f0o>   totally buggy,
May 27 20:17:47 <Iowan> Totally?
May 27 20:18:44 <f0o>   Iowan: it runs like totall balls on my dell laptop
May 27 20:18:51 <Iowan> Seems like it was took until after Intrepid launched that Hardy got stable
May 27 20:19:14 <f0o>   im sure in 3 or 4 months it will even out
May 27 20:19:37 <f0o>   plus im  ui whore and i dont like the new look
May 27 20:19:37 <Iowan> I haven't been brave enough to upgrade my Jaunty laptop... yet
May 27 20:19:54 <f0o>   Iowan: i wouldnt upgrade it
May 27 20:20:28 <f0o>   i missed a few weeks did you guys have a release party
May 27 20:20:29 <Iowan> f0o:  Well, not yet - maybe after Meercat launches
May 27 20:21:03 <Iowan> Oops - delayed response... If there was a release party, I missed it - out of town
May 27 20:21:36 <f0o>   i haven't  tried the 10.04 server edition yet, has anyone ?
May 27 20:21:46 <f0o>   AtomicSpark:  will stop talking
May 27 20:22:07 <f0o>   AtomicSpark:  your so loud tonight
May 27 20:23:26 <Iowan> f0o: I haven't downloaded server yet - my CD is still Beta desktop
May 27 20:23:54 <Iowan> (from Global Jam)
May 27 20:24:53 <f0o>   i tried to order 10.04 cd and they denied me, i have had a cd of all lts editions mailed to me ;/
May 27 20:26:09 <Iowan> New philosophy... I'm hoping membership entitles me to one...
May 27 20:27:02 <f0o>   i was a little miffed, but someone has to pay to ship/burn all those so i guess i cant complain
May 27 20:27:45 <Iowan> Is there an option to buy from the website - or is that for bulk?
May 27 20:28:19 <Iowan> We're not yet official - otherwise the LoCo shoulda been able to get a handful
May 27 20:29:03 *       paultag (~tferenger@ubuntu/member/paultag) has joined #ubuntu-us-ia
May 27 20:29:22 <f0o>   Iowan: i think thats just bulk, i bet paultag would know good timing
May 27 20:29:28 <Iowan> paultag:  Evening!
May 27 20:29:29 <paultag>       heyya f0o
May 27 20:29:33 <paultag>       howdy Iowan :)
May 27 20:29:43 <f0o>   yo paultag
May 27 20:29:55 <paultag>       what can I do for you fine gentleman?
May 27 20:30:04 <f0o>   paultag:  i dont get a smiley face ?
May 27 20:30:07 <Iowan> Question on the floor about Official CD's
May 27 20:30:14 <paultag>       sure thing, what's up
May 27 20:30:43 <Iowan> f0o: Your question...
May 27 20:31:06 <f0o>   paultag: can a person buy a single cd of the latest release
May 27 20:31:15 <paultag>       Yup!
May 27 20:31:20 <paultag>       One sec
May 27 20:31:20 <f0o>   paultag: i got denied for my usual free lts cd i wanted
May 27 20:31:25 <paultag>       :(
May 27 20:31:38 <paultag>       Once you guys get approved I it's a 200 / 75 / 75 split ( Ubuntu / Kubuntu / Server ) for approved teams
May 27 20:31:42 <paultag>       but let me find you the link f0o
May 27 20:31:44 <f0o>   and i took marks name in vain
May 27 20:31:49 <Iowan> Any CD's for "unofficial" LoCo's?
May 27 20:32:12 <paultag>       Iowan, sadly, no :( -- YOU can get one each cycle ( Ubuntu member perc )
May 27 20:32:44 <Iowan> one of each? :)
May 27 20:32:46 <f0o>   bullocks
May 27 20:32:49 <paultag>       Iowan, not sure
May 27 20:32:56 <paultag>       Iowan, I get them for my loco and skim three :P
May 27 20:33:06 <paultag>       f0o, http://shop.canonical.com/index.php?cPath=17
May 27 20:33:30 <paultag>       they are fairly reasonable in price
May 27 20:33:37 <Iowan> f0o:  see if paultag  has any extras...
May 27 20:33:47 <f0o>   paultag: you need my address so i can skim one of your 3 :)
May 27 20:33:48 <paultag>       Humm, not a bad idea
May 27 20:34:05 <paultag>       f0o, Iowan, do all you guys meet up regularly?
May 27 20:34:23 <f0o>   define meet
May 27 20:34:30 <paultag>       hang out
May 27 20:34:36 <paultag>       whatever, nothing "official"
May 27 20:35:09 <Iowan> Well, there was the Jam... first/only in-person meeting to date
May 27 20:35:13 <paultag>       OK
May 27 20:35:20 <paultag>       Well, I can try and take some of my CDs from my reserve and donate them to the team I am mentoring ;)
May 27 20:35:44 <f0o>   paultag: theirs being a good mentor
May 27 20:35:45 <paultag>       and I could send you ( Iowan ) like 25 or so no problem
May 27 20:35:52 <paultag>       haha
May 27 20:37:02 <f0o>   i havent seen gringo in awhile has he been around
May 27 20:37:10 <Iowan>  That'd work - it's a bit short notice, but I'll be heading pst Des Moines this weekend
May 27 20:37:25 <paultag>       Iowan, I'm out of town, I can send them whenever you want in the next 6 months
May 27 20:38:20 <Iowan> Gringo was here for last meeting - I haven't seen much activity in between
May 27 20:40:08 <Iowan> paultag:  off to early start on holiday?
May 27 20:40:19 <f0o>   i want to know how we get these other chaps talking or are they all bots
May 27 20:40:48 <paultag>       Iowan, Hell yeah! -- I am also off back in Boston visiting them over my summer ( first summer break, ever! )
May 27 20:41:33 <Iowan> <jealous> a co-worker is headed to Chicago tomorrow for ballgame - I get to work...
May 27 20:41:42 <paultag>       that's kickass
May 27 20:41:45 <paultag>       I love chi-town
May 27 20:41:48 <paultag>       not working. That sucks
May 27 20:42:05 <Iowan> Pays bills, though - 
May 27 20:42:15 <paultag>       aye
May 27 20:42:29 <f0o>   im working monday
May 27 20:42:42 <paultag>       aww dude, why f0o?
May 27 20:42:48 <Iowan> 'Ya know that Chicago is a native american phrase for "powerful odor"?
May 27 20:43:05 <paultag>       Ha!
May 27 20:43:18 <f0o>   paultag: domain migration and exchange upgrade
May 27 20:43:29 <f0o>   Iowan: like a good odor ?
May 27 20:43:30 <paultag>       Ahhh
May 27 20:43:32 <paultag>       good day to do it f0o
May 27 20:43:43 <Iowan> f0o:  Well, I guess you made me feel better - at least I (think) have that off
May 27 20:44:03 <f0o>   paultag: so the client thinks, i think beer and bbq is a better idea
May 27 20:44:12 <f0o>   Iowan: anything to make you feel better
May 27 20:44:40 <paultag>       not going to lie, I'm about do get drunk as hell with my dad and slam on some ribs that I'll inevitably cook up f0o
May 27 20:44:46 <Iowan> Thanks - beer/bbq sounds good, too!
May 27 20:45:39 <f0o>   technically i only have to be onsite for an hours or so and i can do the rest remotely, maybe thing ill start hitting the beers
May 27 20:46:12 <paultag>       nice :)
May 27 20:47:16 <f0o>   when do the awn toolbar turn into such a piece of shit
May 27 20:48:19 <paultag>       ha!
May 27 20:48:23 <paultag>       try docky f0o
May 27 20:48:53 <f0o>   the repos have a newer version and it sucks
May 27 20:49:05 <f0o>   paultag: you strike me as more of a cli guy
May 27 20:49:38 <paultag>       f0o, sure am :)
May 27 20:49:54 <paultag>       f0o, but the way I see it, is I want my interface to look sexy has hell so I can work on the terminal in style
May 27 20:50:06 <paultag>       I don't care much about options, I'll take care of those in the shell
May 27 20:51:04 <f0o>   paultag: nice.. so you dont change the theme style with emerald or use conky or compiz
May 27 20:52:31 <paultag>       f0o, nah, just compiz. I like docky, but if I want system stats chances are I can't see my wallpaper, and I can just type a command in the terminal that is currently fullscreened :)
May 27 20:53:27 <AtomicSpark>   I was here, I swear
May 27 20:53:45 <f0o>   im using cairo dock now, can you drag things to docky dock
May 27 20:53:58 <f0o>   AtomicSpark: lies i was talking to you earlier :)
May 27 20:53:59 <paultag>       cairo ruled back in the day, same with kiba-dock
May 27 20:54:07 <AtomicSpark>   docky is what you should use
May 27 20:54:29 <paultag>       AtomicSpark, we've gone over this :)
May 27 20:54:48 <f0o>   AtomicSpark: you can't come in whenver you want like an hour late..... oh wait thats usually me
May 27 20:54:56 <paultag>       AtomicSpark, read the scrollback, I expressed my love for docky before
May 27 20:54:56 <AtomicSpark>   So I'll be in Hawaii starting sunday for 10 days. Then in Cali for a few days (maybe hit up the CA team).
May 27 20:55:05 <AtomicSpark>   Docky is nice. So is DBO. I annoy him.
May 27 20:55:11 <f0o>   AtomicSpark: dick
May 27 20:55:26 <f0o>   AtomicSpark: come in late and throw that on us,
May 27 20:55:46 <AtomicSpark>   :)
May 27 20:56:05 <f0o>   can you drag apps to docky
May 27 20:56:29 <f0o>   AtomicSpark: do you have room in your suitcase for me
May 27 20:59:29 <f0o>   i dont get running buntu on a mac, whats the point ?
May 27 21:00:30 <paultag>       f0o, sexy hardware + sexy OS :)\
May 27 21:00:38 <paultag>       tr -d "\"
May 27 21:00:48 <AtomicSpark>   Define sexy hardware.
May 27 21:00:52 <AtomicSpark>   I do not roll white and shiny.
May 27 21:01:02 <AtomicSpark>   I like dark and matte.
May 27 21:01:09 <paultag>       that's too bad
May 27 21:01:25 <paultag>       and that's not the hardware I speak of
May 27 21:01:30 <paultag>       the aluminum cases, hot damn
May 27 21:01:34 <paultag>       I love the mesh
May 27 21:01:52 <f0o>   the screen is sexy i'll give you that, however ole steve can take his 2500 price tag and shove it
May 27 21:02:25 <paultag>       aye
May 27 21:03:19 <AtomicSpark>   Did you QQ?
May 27 21:03:41 <f0o>   huh
May 27 21:04:50 <f0o>   paultag: are you running 10.04
May 27 21:04:59 <paultag>       f0o, yessir
May 27 21:05:06 <paultag>       f0o, both UNE and stock
May 27 21:05:18 <f0o>   whats your thoughts on it
May 27 21:05:36 <paultag>       f0o, I like both a whole lot. I think it was a near-perfect release
May 27 21:05:50 <paultag>       f0o, small issues with UNE, but I hacked around all the issues I had
May 27 21:06:10 <f0o>   paultag: meaning it opens a shell perfectly :)
May 27 21:06:26 <paultag>       f0o, sure does :)
May 27 21:06:37 <f0o>   paultag: what hardware
May 27 21:06:53 *       evilchazz is now known as Chazz
May 27 21:07:10 <paultag>       f0o, I handmade my desktop to be uber linux compatible, netbook is an HP Mini 110
May 27 21:07:19 <f0o>   Chazz: is no longer evil
May 27 21:07:28 *       Chazz is now a happy panda
May 27 21:07:47 <f0o>   Chazz: holy shit he speaks/well types :)
May 27 21:07:56 <Chazz> lol
May 27 21:07:59 *       Chazz waves at f0o 
May 27 21:08:00 <f0o>   paultag: no hardware issues huh
May 27 21:08:43 <f0o>   Chazz: ok your not a bot im crossing you off the might be a bot list
May 27 21:08:45 <paultag>       f0o, nope, I have it fully working. Bluetooth, WiFi, Screen ( duh ), Webcam, Mic, and Audio
May 27 21:09:06 <Chazz> xD f0o, I might just be a really smart one!
May 27 21:09:10 <paultag>       f0o, 1.6 GhZ, 1 GB RAM ( for comparison )
May 27 21:09:48 <f0o>   Chazz: what version you running
May 27 21:09:58 <f0o>   paultag: is that the netbook
May 27 21:10:17 <Iowan> Forums are crawling with "worked before, broke after upgrade to 10.04" - expecially wireless!
May 27 21:10:31 <paultag>       f0o, yeah, my desktop is a 2x Core 2 Duo ( 4 cores ) at 3.37, 8 GB RAM, 768 MB Graphics Card RAM, overclocked
May 27 21:10:37 *       Chazz is ChazzBot, running on Ubuntu 1.004 :D
May 27 21:10:39 <Chazz> erm
May 27 21:10:41 <Chazz> 10.04*
May 27 21:10:54 <Iowan> Hmmm - a bot that typos...
May 27 21:11:41 <paultag>       must be wicked smart
May 27 21:11:43 <f0o>   Chazz:  bot hows it treating you
May 27 21:11:53 <Chazz> f0o, ponies?
May 27 21:12:18 <Iowan> sneaky smart...
May 27 21:12:58 <f0o>   paultag: thats a hell of a system for terminal use, you better of some uber sexy ui going on
May 27 21:13:22 <paultag>       f0o, hell yeah. It also does builds for the other work I do ( and research for my University )
May 27 21:13:22 <f0o>   Chazz: its good to hear you talking bot or not :0
May 27 21:13:37 <Chazz> f0o, haha, ty. :P
May 27 21:14:11 <f0o>   who else can we rope into talking tonight
May 27 21:14:25 <f0o>   viyyer: are you out there
May 27 21:14:56 <f0o>   AtomicSpark: whats with the rode trip work play what
May 27 21:17:42 <f0o>   Chazz: tell us more about you, not sure we have meet before
May 27 21:23:15 <Chazz> f0o, I'm chazz. A boring 14yr old Ubuntu geek from Charles City, Iowa. :P
May 27 21:23:19 <Chazz> And you?
May 27 21:24:50 <f0o>   Chazz: i'm a boring married with children IT consultant
May 27 21:25:01 <f0o>   Chazz: what made you use linux as an os
May 27 21:25:11 <AtomicSpark>   f0o: family vacation
May 27 21:25:29 <f0o>   AtomicSpark: like an hour late :0
May 27 21:25:34 <viyyer>        f0o,
May 27 21:25:35 <viyyer>        yes
May 27 21:26:22 <f0o>   viyyer: are you a really smart bot like chazz
May 27 21:26:52 <Chazz> f0o, mostly due to windows failing so often. You?
May 27 21:26:58 <viyyer>        f0o, kinda yes .
May 27 21:27:17 <f0o>   Chazz: what about gaming
May 27 21:27:27 <Chazz> f0o, I, *never* game. lol
May 27 21:27:43 <viyyer>        Chazz, I have the same problem . my windows doesn't even have breeze blowing through it
May 27 21:28:01 <f0o>   viyyer: lol nice
May 27 21:28:40 <Chazz> viyyer, lol
May 27 21:28:41 <viyyer>        wassup with the meet .
May 27 21:28:52 <f0o>   ya iowan
May 27 21:28:53 <viyyer>        sorry for being late
May 27 21:29:06 <Iowan> Back again...
May 27 21:29:14 <f0o>   dont worry atomic was late sheezz
May 27 21:29:27 <Iowan> Meeting is still "open"
May 27 21:29:39 <viyyer>        I was so busy talking about different asian writing systems being similar to the indian writing systems.  I got carried away
May 27 21:30:19 <f0o>   viyyer: ? did i miss something
May 27 21:30:29 <viyyer>        BTW. the couple of places I installed lucid . people are really impressed. but then. they are not sure how it works.
May 27 21:31:06 <Iowan> viyyer:  Noticed any major malfunctions... netowrking?
May 27 21:31:20 <Iowan> Yeah, I still misspell network
May 27 21:31:43 <f0o>   Iowan: you missed paultag's its so awesome and i havent had any issues earlier
May 27 21:31:49 *       DrDogwelder (~drdogweld@wl69-216.lcom.net) has joined #ubuntu-us-ia
May 27 21:31:54 <paultag>       f0o, humm?
May 27 21:31:56 <paultag>       f0o, I'm always here
May 27 21:32:15 <Iowan> Another smart bot?
May 27 21:32:22 <viyyer>        Iowan, naah.. just that it works different.  people are lazy. maybe I should have a workshop.
May 27 21:32:22 <f0o>   paultag: i know mate i was filling iowan in
May 27 21:32:27 <f0o>   DrDogwelder: are you a bot
May 27 21:32:46 <DrDogwelder>   Nope
May 27 21:32:48 <paultag>       ah
May 27 21:32:52 <f0o>   paultag: i wasnt dogging you my brother
May 27 21:32:56 <Iowan> DrDogwelder:  (local joke)
May 27 21:32:58 <paultag>       f0o, :P
May 27 21:33:03 <f0o>   DrDogwelder: nor a smart bot
May 27 21:33:40 <DrDogwelder>   I've ben accused of being a bot, but never smart.
May 27 21:34:12 <viyyer>        DrDogwelder, what's about welding dogs? what kinhd of welding rods do you use?
May 27 21:34:14 <f0o>   DrDogwelder: ahh welcome aboard then friend
May 27 21:35:14 <DrDogwelder>   Ah.  Just a name.  Don't know a thing about welding.
May 27 21:35:34 <Iowan> What about doctoring - or dogs?
May 27 21:35:38 <viyyer>        DrDogwelder, I didn't know it was a comic character. :)
May 27 21:35:51 <viyyer>        http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Section_8_(comics)
May 27 21:36:08 <DrDogwelder>   I'm not a real doctor.  I just play one on the internet.
May 27 21:36:11 <viyyer>        A thin, silent man in a welder's mask who spot welds dead canines to evildoers. The question of how exactly one can weld a flesh and blood animal to a person is not answered by the series.
May 27 21:36:19 <DrDogwelder>   and I'm allergic to dogs.
May 27 21:36:50 <f0o>   DrDogwelder:  dont let them pick at your name their just being f0olish
May 27 21:37:37 <viyyer>        f0o, alright alright. I'll stop my research into dogwelding science
May 27 21:37:53 <Iowan> DrDogwelder:  I'd like to claim this is non-typical behavior, but...
May 27 21:38:23 <DrDogwelder>   My nephew gave me the name years ago as an artists name (I'm no artist either).  I didn't know it was a comic character till a year or two ago.
May 27 21:38:24 <viyyer>        your nick is so untypical too :)
May 27 21:38:37 <f0o>   Iowan: come on.. im blaming the 4 monsters drinks i had
May 27 21:38:53 <f0o>   DrDogwelder: so we heard what you dont do.... tell me what you do do
May 27 21:39:27 <Iowan> f0o:  practice for weekend?
May 27 21:40:06 <DrDogwelder>   Looks like I fire up xchat and get heckled in #ubuntu-us-ia.
May 27 21:40:09 <f0o>   Iowan: actually i have been putting in 14 hr days this week and last week
May 27 21:40:13 <DrDogwelder>   Most fun I had all day.
May 27 21:40:46 <Iowan> DrDogwelder:  Musta been a heck of a day...
May 27 21:40:47 <f0o>   DrDogwelder: we only heckle friends
May 27 21:40:55 <DrDogwelder>   I've never seen any activity here before.
May 27 21:41:23 <viyyer>        DrDogwelder, happens when it is active :)
May 27 21:41:38 <f0o>   DrDogwelder: oh theirs activity here  usually atomicspark is talking all our ears off
May 27 21:42:17 <DrDogwelder>   Always had to go the the Tennessee channel to see any activity.
May 27 21:42:24 <viyyer>        I am waiting for transfer of 400GB of files across usb on mc.
May 27 21:42:26 <f0o>   who havent we heard from godbyk are out there
May 27 21:42:49 <f0o>   viyyer: 400gb of what
May 27 21:42:56 <godbyk>        What's up?
May 27 21:43:03 <f0o>   are you a bot
May 27 21:43:17 <DrDogwelder>   Probably 400gb of ones and zeros.
May 27 21:43:20 <DrDogwelder>   Just a guess.
May 27 21:43:20 <godbyk>        Is this a Turing test?
May 27 21:43:44 <f0o>   i dont know what turing is
May 27 21:44:03 <f0o>   im kinda the village idiot
May 27 21:44:08 <Iowan> f0o:  You're having good luck raising responses - wanna try for Amaranth ?
May 27 21:44:27 <godbyk>        f0o: See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turing_test and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alan_Turing
May 27 21:44:41 <f0o>   shhh not yet im working on godbyk dont tell him im trying to figure out if he is a bot
May 27 21:44:47 <Amaranth>      sorry, busy writing a javascript library to access google voice so I can make a palm pre app
May 27 21:45:13 <viyyer>        f0o, well right now 2300gb of video. looking at setting up a local video repository for the library here.
May 27 21:45:45 <viyyer>        godbyk, why do you think this is a turing test?
May 27 21:46:20 <Iowan> Wow - this is gonna take >2 pages on the meeting report
May 27 21:46:27 <godbyk>        f0o asked if I was a bot.  He's taking a rather direct approach, apparently.
May 27 21:46:30 *       viyyer tries to act like the emacs psychotherapist
May 27 21:47:47 <f0o>   Amaranth: java script champ me thinks
May 27 21:48:10 <f0o>   i think godbky thinks my question is ghey
May 27 21:48:32 <viyyer>        ghey??
May 27 21:49:09 <f0o>   yes
May 27 21:49:49 <viyyer>        interesting http://encyclopediadramatica.com/Ghey
May 27 21:51:55 <f0o>   viyyer: what kind of video repo, what material
May 27 21:52:25 <f0o>   viyyer: i like the dude on roller blades outfit in that link
May 27 21:52:44 <f0o>   DrDogwelder: what part of iowa you from
May 27 21:53:12 <Iowan> or Tennessee - or...
May 27 21:53:29 <f0o>   Iowan: everyone in the channel talked tonight.... thats a record
May 27 21:54:19 <paultag>       hell yeah!
May 27 21:54:26 <Iowan> f0o:  Yep - and it's all "official"... except for the "present" stuff...
May 27 21:55:00 <f0o>   Iowan: ya leave that out of the minutes good call
May 27 21:55:02 <DrDogwelder>   Southeaster Iowa.
May 27 21:55:15 <viyyer>        Iowan, present as in ?
May 27 21:55:23 <viyyer>        the stuff right now ?
May 27 21:55:38 <DrDogwelder>   Is there a meeting going on now?
May 27 21:55:47 <f0o>   hes editing out my comment earlier
May 27 21:56:04 <DrDogwelder>   Or was there one till I got here?
May 27 21:56:15 <Iowan> IF we were using the Logbot - we'd start w/ #startmeeting, end with #endmeeting
May 27 21:56:17 <f0o>   DrDogwelder: its open
May 27 21:56:35 <Iowan> and everyone would log in by stating PRESENT
May 27 21:56:41 <DrDogwelder>   I was just wondering if I missed it.
May 27 21:56:52 <Iowan> I think I can figure out who is actually here... everyone!
May 27 21:57:20 <f0o>   Iowan: u sure
May 27 21:57:30 <f0o>   dont count atomic :0
May 27 21:57:37 <Iowan> sure about? of course not!
May 27 21:57:50 <f0o>   DrDogwelder: we meet thursday nights
May 27 21:58:00 <DrDogwelder>   When does it start?
May 27 21:58:11 <f0o>   Iowan: you said you think you could figure out who is here
May 27 21:58:12 <Iowan> Officially the last Thurs of month for awhile @8:00
May 27 21:58:49 <Iowan> Ordinarily ends @9:00 - but when we're on a roll...
May 27 21:58:58 <DrDogwelder>   Cool!  I'll have to see if I can remember it next month.
May 27 21:59:30 <f0o>   DrDogwelder: get on the mailing list iowan will remind you
May 27 21:59:42 <Iowan> There's ... outtyped!
May 27 22:01:59 <Iowan> DrDogwelder: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IowaTeam
May 27 22:02:12 <DrDogwelder>   I haven't checked the loco page in a long time.  Didn't see that there was a list.
May 27 22:03:35 <DrDogwelder>   I guess I saw that there was a list.  I just didn't see that it's had activity.
May 27 22:03:37 <f0o>   godbyk: you there
May 27 22:03:50 <godbyk>        f0o: Occasionally.
May 27 22:04:08 <Iowan> DrDogwelder:  I try not to spam the list TOO often
May 27 22:04:14 <f0o>   godbyk: tell me about yourself friend
May 27 22:04:46 <godbyk>        Not too much to tell. I'm currently a PhD student at ISU studying human-computer interaction.
May 27 22:05:36 <paultag>       godbyk, oh shit!
May 27 22:05:55 <paultag>       godbyk, I'm doing research with human interfaces to my other research on swarms
May 27 22:06:05 <godbyk>        Cool.
May 27 22:06:07 <paultag>       godbyk, I've been looking for someone to snag some input from :D
May 27 22:06:13 <godbyk>        Uh oh! :)
May 27 22:06:14 <paultag>       ( no pun intended )
May 27 22:06:17 <paultag>       :P
May 27 22:06:34 <paultag>       godbyk, poke me if you have a few minutes sometime :)
May 27 22:06:42 <godbyk>        What're you doing with swarms? And where does the human interface come into play?
May 27 22:06:51 <godbyk>        You can ping me whenever.
May 27 22:06:55 <godbyk>        If I'm around, I'll respond.
May 27 22:07:21 <godbyk>        (I'm around more often than not, but I've started a new research project recently, so my schedule's a bit up in the air right now.)
May 27 22:07:23 <paultag>       godbyk, I do work in Decentralized Algorithms and Emergent Behavior -- lately I've been using swarms of swarms ( sounds absurd, I know ) and providing a human interface to the "top" level
May 27 22:07:29 <paultag>       aye :)
May 27 22:07:50 <paultag>       godbyk, and that top level will manage the swarm below it ( and one more time under that ) to finish an "end goal"
May 27 22:08:02 <godbyk>        I see.
May 27 22:08:13 <paultag>       godbyk, so the idea is to take a fuzzy interface "do something like this over here" and turn that into micromanagement
May 27 22:08:18 <godbyk>        So a hierarchical, multi-agent system?
May 27 22:08:58 <paultag>       godbyk, kinda, the layers are just around so we can understand it, in theory any level can do anything any other level can do, think of it like different types of ants ( worker ants, fighter ants )
May 27 22:09:16 <godbyk>        Is each microswarm aware of the overall goal?  Or is it fed a simpler goal by its manager swarm?  What's the benefit of the hierarchy (as opposed to just throwing a ton of agents at the original problem)?
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