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This is the 15th meeting of the Iowa Team, starting at 20:07 CST and finishing at 21:32 CST


Please type PRESENT when the meeting starts to indicate who is online and paying attention.

Active Attendees:

  • Iowan
  • hawkbill
  • rescadasys


When adding agenda items please "sign" them, place @SIG@ after each of your items.If you won't be in attendance, please describe your item and wishes in detail otherwise those items may not be effectively discussed.

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**** BEGIN LOGGING AT Thu Jul 29 20:06:16 2010

Jul 29 20:06:48 <Iowan> I'm late - time to start...
Jul 29 20:07:15 <Iowan> Welcome to July Iowa Loco meeting
Jul 29 20:07:16 <hawkbill>      present
Jul 29 20:07:27 <Iowan> Thanks! also present
Jul 29 20:08:01 <hawkbill>      I didn't look to see if there was an agenda
Jul 29 20:08:24 <Iowan> Maybe more later - hope everyone else didn't give up and leave
Jul 29 20:08:34 <Iowan> No agenda posted
Jul 29 20:08:58 <Iowan> Only item of interest would be another Global Jam upcoming
Jul 29 20:09:22 <hawkbill>      I haven't been live for quite a while but I was at the IC library this spring
Jul 29 20:09:57 <Iowan> Thn you're in the "famous photo"?
Jul 29 20:10:18 <hawkbill>      Yes, my netbook took the picture.
Jul 29 20:10:36 <Iowan> Wonderful - now I have a face to go with the name...
Jul 29 20:10:42 <hawkbill>      Is the global jam the weekend of August 28th?
Jul 29 20:11:15 <Iowan> I'm not absolutely sure - sometime later in August
Jul 29 20:11:47 <Iowan> I was gonna check email - but got tied up in Coralville 20 minutes ago
Jul 29 20:12:11 <hawkbill>      Since I talked to you last I passed the Ubuntu Certified Professional exams
Jul 29 20:12:18 <Iowan> WOW!!!
Jul 29 20:12:37 <Iowan> The more I use Ubuntu, the less I seem to know...
Jul 29 20:13:02 <hawkbill>      It was a really hard test and I still learn something new everyday
Jul 29 20:13:50 <hawkbill>      Have you done anything witih IPv6?
Jul 29 20:14:02 <Iowan> not yet
Jul 29 20:14:29 <Iowan> Guess I'm eventually gonna hafta learn, though
Jul 29 20:14:42 <hawkbill>      I can't get my MediaCom rep to answer me about what there plan for the transition will be
Jul 29 20:15:00 <hawkbill>      oops there should be their
Jul 29 20:15:28 <Iowan> I'm doing good (occasionally) to get the letters in the right order
Jul 29 20:16:25 <Iowan> So far, all I do with it is turn it off
Jul 29 20:17:07 <hawkbill>      Apache, postfix, ssh all started using IPv6 once I get my tunnel set up.  Configuring the gw6c daemon was a real pain but I finally figured it out
Jul 29 20:17:49 <hawkbill>      Most links I found were for how to disable it but it does seem faster than IPv4 even with the slower connection
Jul 29 20:18:31 <Iowan> Odd - most info in forums blame IPv6 for slow connections
Jul 29 20:18:54 <Iowan> IPv6 probably works better IF the network will handle it
Jul 29 20:19:36 <Iowan> A router that doesn't know what to do with it will choke for awhile before finally trying IPv4
Jul 29 20:20:07 <Iowan> or so it seems...
Jul 29 20:20:26 <hawkbill>      I think that they are probably posts that are becoming dated.  The connection is slower since it goes through a tunnel but the packet payload is bigger
Jul 29 20:21:10 <hawkbill>      I think it is using IPv6 in IPv4
Jul 29 20:21:44 <hawkbill>      Google and Facebook both have an IPv6 enabled website
Jul 29 20:22:17 <Iowan> Suppose it depends if ISP provides it - otherwise, bottleneck.
Jul 29 20:23:58 <Iowan> How's Lucid been working for you?
Jul 29 20:24:05 <hawkbill>      If you apt-get install gw6c it automatically sets up a tunnel with a server in Montreal as anonymous user and then firefox can get you to IPv6 enabled websites
Jul 29 20:24:57 <hawkbill>      I have had some issues on older video cards with a GPU lock that crashes the computer.  My newer equipment loves it.
Jul 29 20:25:24 <hawkbill>      The server version runs great even on some older machines
Jul 29 20:25:50 <Iowan> I've had some interesting problems on the machine I loaded @Jam - video-type, too
Jul 29 20:26:42 <hawkbill>      was it a problem with grub or the bios that had you jammed up at the Jam
Jul 29 20:27:20 <Iowan> I had two machines there - the problem was a funky bootloader
Jul 29 20:27:47 <Iowan> After I used an older "release", it loaded OK
Jul 29 20:28:26 <Iowan> Occasionally, out of the blue, I get flashing stripes that require machine reboot
Jul 29 20:28:58 <hawkbill>      I had one client where I just had it load an old kernel and it works very well and I have had that problem with the flashing stripes also
Jul 29 20:30:03 <hawkbill>      As near as I can tell by looking at the logs there is GPU (Graphical Processor Unit) that gets locked.  Is yours on a Nvidia card?
Jul 29 20:30:16 <Iowan> Kinda getting tired of hoping the problems will be fixed in "the next release"
Jul 29 20:30:29 <Iowan> Sometimes they are - but new, worse ones pop up
Jul 29 20:30:59 <hawkbill>      I have seen some people claim that the new Maverick kernel solves the problem
Jul 29 20:31:26 <Iowan> Um... I'm not exactly sure what's in this Dell 4500s
Jul 29 20:31:59 <hawkbill>      The one I have a problem with is a Dell 2400
Jul 29 20:32:01 <Iowan> Samba seems to get trickier w/ each release, wireless has been ongoing Lucid issue
Jul 29 20:32:46 <Iowan> This machine is a Dell 4100 - but runs Hardy...
Jul 29 20:33:39 <hawkbill>      Both of my laptops have an occasional connection problem where it just doesn't log onto the router but a reboot takes care of it.  I have never had it drop the connection.
Jul 29 20:34:12 <Iowan> I've seen threads where wireless drops out/reconnects every few seconds
Jul 29 20:34:28 <Iowan> Haven't seen any bulletproof solutions, though
Jul 29 20:34:41 <hawkbill>      I wonder if that is a Network Manager problem
Jul 29 20:35:18 <Iowan> ??? maybe... NM is still evolving, too
Jul 29 20:36:00 <hawkbill>      You could try a static configuration but then you would have to change it for anywhere else you would want to connect it to.
Jul 29 20:36:54 <Iowan> I haven't had any problems, but my Lucid box is primarily to check other problems
Jul 29 20:37:26 <Iowan> I've also seen DHCP server threads that refused to issue lease to Ubuntu (not just Lucid)
Jul 29 20:38:26 <Iowan> It's more "fun" to solve someone else's problem... mine just get frustrating...
Jul 29 20:38:28 <hawkbill>      I have had that problem on a sporting bar wireless server.
Jul 29 20:39:19 <hawkbill>      It could see the router but wouldn't make a connection
Jul 29 20:41:25 <Iowan> Not that it matters, but was that Lucid?
Jul 29 20:41:58 <Iowan> My laptop still runs Jaunty - aside from sound problem, again, it seems to work well
Jul 29 20:42:09 <hawkbill>      No it was an older release last fall sept. I think
Jul 29 20:42:27 <Iowan> I'm a li'l gunshy to try Lucid on it
Jul 29 20:42:38 <Iowan> Karmic?
Jul 29 20:43:20 <hawkbill>      Have you tried the live CD to see how it would handle it?
Jul 29 20:43:52 <Iowan> Laptop is 64-bit - I haven't downloaded the latest version, yet
Jul 29 20:44:16 <Iowan> I should use my membership to get a copy
Jul 29 20:44:58 <hawkbill>      I have a laptop that is 64-bit and it handles Lucid very well.  It does have a powerful graphics card.
Jul 29 20:44:59 <Iowan> or buy a $20 magazine...
Jul 29 20:45:10 <Iowan> MY laptop has an ATI
Jul 29 20:45:26 <hawkbill>      You can download and burn your own CD
Jul 29 20:45:52 <Iowan> I usually do, but haven't had time lately
Jul 29 20:46:26 <Iowan> Been living on forums - gotta be out of town this weekend
Jul 29 20:46:41 <hawkbill>      I have a CD from Linux Pro Magazine that has six versions of Lucid on a DVD that you can have
Jul 29 20:47:14 <Iowan> Tempting...
Jul 29 20:47:56 <hawkbill>      I will be in IC on Sunday, send me an email and I can drop it off for you.
Jul 29 20:48:33 <Iowan> What time - I have meeting in CR Sunday afternoon
Jul 29 20:48:46 <Iowan> I'll be in Central city until meeting time
Jul 29 20:49:29 <hawkbill>      I am flexible and will be there between 9 am to 9 pm
Jul 29 20:49:46 <Iowan> I shold be back in town by 4-ish
Jul 29 20:50:03 <Iowan> (my spelling isn't perfect, either...
Jul 29 20:50:09 <Iowan> )
Jul 29 20:50:53 <Iowan> What part of town will you be in?
Jul 29 20:51:19 <hawkbill>      email bill@jacobshelp.com with your contact information and I'll get in touch with you.  I have friends that live in North Liberty
Jul 29 20:52:14 <hawkbill>      As for the Global Jam, I can't do anything on August 28th but I could do something on Sunday the 29th
Jul 29 20:52:24 <Iowan> OK - sounds good. Wife will be in town, too. Might have to send her...
Jul 29 20:53:09 <Iowan> I'll try to email the list - we may need to have another special meeting - or so - between now and then
Jul 29 20:53:27 <Iowan> If no one else is interested, we could probably get Library again
Jul 29 20:53:36 <Iowan>  (or Panera...)
Jul 29 20:54:46 <hawkbill>      I don't have a place to host a meeting yet but I hope to within the next year.  I am teaching a couple of classes this fall at our local college but don't know the people there well enough to get a meeting room.
Jul 29 20:55:39 <hawkbill>      The Kirkwood site sounded interesting last time.
Jul 29 20:56:51 *       rescadasys (~brian@75-173-161-238.dvnp.qwest.net) has joined #ubuntu-us-ia
Jul 29 20:57:20 <Iowan> Yes, it just gets a li'l dicey on what kind of supervision is required - the college is ordinarily closed on the weekend
Jul 29 20:57:46 <Iowan> Another participant?
Jul 29 20:57:48 <hawkbill>      I think that the IC Library worked really well
Jul 29 20:58:40 <Iowan> I liked it - Coralville Library has free parking - biggest downfall of Iowa City
Jul 29 20:58:49 <hawkbill>      I'll ask my friends about the North Liberty Library also.
Jul 29 20:59:03 <Iowan> Never been there - but I'm game!
Jul 29 20:59:49 <hawkbill>      I'll ask them this weekend.  it would be nice to get the location settled earlier so that we could advertise a little more
Jul 29 21:01:03 <hawkbill>      Well, I've got to go.  It was nice chatting with you Iowan  talk to you soon
Jul 29 21:01:12 <Iowan> Sounds good! plans can change - but not if there aren't any...
Jul 29 21:01:27 <rescadasys>    darn, I missed it
Jul 29 21:01:48 *       hawkbill (4a54562e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has left #ubuntu-us-ia
Jul 29 21:01:49 <Iowan> Thanks for dropping by - I need to contact camp ranger shortly, too. Look for follow-up emails...
Jul 29 21:01:59 <Iowan> Not yet you haven't!
Jul 29 21:02:24 <rescadasys>    did many show up?
Jul 29 21:02:37 <Iowan> The "minutes" will be posted on wiki later... you make 3
Jul 29 21:03:02 <Iowan> sometimes we have another closer to 9:00
Jul 29 21:03:10 <rescadasys>    okay, looking forward to future ones
Jul 29 21:03:44 <Iowan> There may be some special sessions - if we plan to put on a Global Jam event this month
Jul 29 21:04:39 <rescadasys>    No problem, I am just glad to see some membership
Jul 29 21:04:51 <Iowan> I've been busy lately - otherwise, I'd like to hold informal meeting weekly... but I struggle to get this one announced monthly
Jul 29 21:04:58 <rescadasys>    In bettendorf
Jul 29 21:06:44 <Iowan> What's new in Bettendorf?
Jul 29 21:07:59 <rescadasys>    Crazy LUG stuff
Jul 29 21:08:12 <rescadasys>    Lots of issues here
Jul 29 21:10:24 <rescadasys>    Do you attend the University there?
Jul 29 21:10:52 <Iowan> No, I work for a living
Jul 29 21:11:06 <rescadasys>    Admin?
Jul 29 21:11:12 <Iowan> Not associated with Univ - I 'm automotive manufacturing
Jul 29 21:11:51 <Iowan> Among other things - we make instrument panels and door panels for corvette
Jul 29 21:12:17 <rescadasys>    Nice
Jul 29 21:12:31 <Iowan> Closest I'll ever get to one...
Jul 29 21:12:51 <Iowan> How do you spend your week
Jul 29 21:13:04 <rescadasys>    5 kids here ...know what you mean
Jul 29 21:14:10 <rescadasys>    Sales Engineer - Industrial Automation the long title lets me play
Jul 29 21:14:59 <Iowan> Hmmm - sounds kinda similar - I do automation (just not sales)
Jul 29 21:15:24 <Iowan> I claim to be a robot jockey
Jul 29 21:17:21 <rescadasys>    Jack of all trades, master at nothing
Jul 29 21:17:29 <rescadasys>    me by the way
Jul 29 21:17:36 <Iowan> :)
Jul 29 21:17:57 <Iowan> Are you on our mailing list?
Jul 29 21:18:12 <rescadasys>    ABB?
Jul 29 21:18:27 <rescadasys>    I am on the mailing list as Brian Dietz
Jul 29 21:18:38 <Iowan> I program ABB's, yes (and Fanuc's)
Jul 29 21:19:13 <rescadasys>    Many robots at the facility?
Jul 29 21:19:18 <Iowan> GREAT - I suspect there will be more emails about setting up Glogal Jam.
Jul 29 21:20:14 <Iowan> I generally don't mess with painters, but we have about 14 of them and about 20 others
Jul 29 21:20:54 <Iowan> maybe 25 others
Jul 29 21:20:58 <rescadasys>    I actually am pretty new to the Global Jam thing and do not really understand it vs. a Bug Jam
Jul 29 21:21:23 <rescadasys>    I will check it out on the wiki
Jul 29 21:21:32 <Iowan> Global kinda encompasses whatever specialty you want - install, translation, but, etc
Jul 29 21:22:19 <Iowan> (but=bug)
Jul 29 21:22:46 <Iowan> Last time, ours was more of an install jam.
Jul 29 21:24:16 <Iowan> Years ago, I attended Iowa City LUG meetings - they eventually merged with Cedar Rapids - and kinda dissolved
Jul 29 21:24:53 <Iowan> Been running solo since then - don't remember why I tried Ubuntu.
Jul 29 21:25:20 <Iowan> Maybe the $70 computer from Univ Surplus that was finally enough to run modern distro
Jul 29 21:26:56 <rescadasys>    I started with Open SUSE 10.1 in 2004 and had problems with installation, moved to Ubuntu shrtly after and never looked at anything else
Jul 29 21:27:40 <Iowan> I haven't seriously considered another distro... but Lucid certainly hs rough edges
Jul 29 21:28:23 <rescadasys>    I am extremely happy with it with about 8 computers in the household...no Windows, plenty of that for my bob
Jul 29 21:29:08 <rescadasys>    Really Lucid, by far the best for me
Jul 29 21:30:33 <Iowan> Well, I hate to slam the door, but I need to pack for a weekend at Scout camp.
Jul 29 21:31:32 <Iowan> I'll look for you here - maybe in-person sometime.
Jul 29 21:31:34 <rescadasys>    My wife has been calling me, have a good night. I will spread the word about your LoCo
Jul 29 21:31:40 <rescadasys>    Thanks
Jul 29 21:31:52 <Iowan> Thanks to you, too. Good evening
Jul 29 21:31:56 *       rescadasys has quit (Quit: Ex-Chat)
**** ENDING LOGGING AT Thu Jul 29 21:32:10 2010

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