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This is the 19th meeting of the Iowa Team, starting at 20:00 CST and finishing at 21:11 CST


Please type PRESENT when the meeting starts to indicate who is online and paying attention.

Active Attendees:

  • AtomicSpark

  • gringochapin
  • Iowan
  • khamil8686


When adding agenda items please "sign" them, place @SIG@ after each of your items.If you won't be in attendance, please describe your item and wishes in detail otherwise those items may not be effectively discussed.


Any Other Business

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The meeting moderator will ensure key points are discussed. Key points from the Agenda will be noted by [TOPIC] Agenda item. When ideas are put forward to be considered they should be noted by [IDEA] Idea. The meeting moderator will indicate the final state of each topic by [ACTION] Action being taken. This should signify that the topic is discussed and the meeting is moving forward. The meeting moderator will use special tags to start and end the meeting and its recording. Please see MootBot for details on specific tags.


Jan 27 20:00:00 <Iowan> Starting time: PRESENT!
Jan 27 20:00:13 <khamil8686>    present!
Jan 27 20:00:26 <Iowan> Welcome to the january meeting of the Iowa Loco!
Jan 27 20:01:20 <khamil8686>    i was wondering if there was an iowa loco group and then someone sent me a message on ubuntuforums once i changed my location to say iowa :P
Jan 27 20:01:31 <Iowan> Officially two of us - although I see more in the wings...
Jan 27 20:02:05 <khamil8686>    i talked to atomicspark last night when i was figuring out how to use the irc client
Jan 27 20:02:06 <Iowan> I look around for Iowans - mighta been me ;)
Jan 27 20:02:41 <khamil8686>    maybe :P i dont remember what the name was but good timing with a meeting tonight!
Jan 27 20:03:40 <khamil8686>    what normally gets talked about in meetings?
Jan 27 20:03:51 <Iowan> Which IRC client did you decide on?
Jan 27 20:04:22 <Iowan> Lately, meetings have been just a social get-together
Jan 27 20:04:35 <khamil8686>    i use kubuntu so i just searched for kde irc clients and it said quassel was on my system already so i decided to give it a try instead of download the gnome ones and all their dependencies
Jan 27 20:05:05 <Iowan> Earlier, we were planning for global jam - that was awhile ago...
Jan 27 20:05:16 <khamil8686>    social get together is cool too :) whats global jam?
Jan 27 20:05:17 <Iowan> (almost a year???
Jan 27 20:06:10 <Iowan> Here's a page from the wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IowaTeam/Events
Jan 27 20:06:13 <gringochapin>  present.
Jan 27 20:06:21 <Iowan> 'bout time ;)
Jan 27 20:06:44 <Iowan> gringochapin:  how would you describe Global Jam??
Jan 27 20:07:20 <gringochapin>  You are refering to the event we had last year? Or just global jam in general?
Jan 27 20:07:59 <Iowan> In general... but also the one we had last year - khamil8686  was just asking about Global Jam.
Jan 27 20:09:08 <gringochapin>  Global Jam is where a bunch of folks from the Linux community get together, either in person, or virtually, or both, and fix bugs, test the up-coming release, help with translations, write documentation, or whatever they can to make Ubuntu better.
Jan 27 20:09:44 <khamil8686>    ok i see now :) im reading a bit on the global jam page on ubuntu wiki too
Jan 27 20:09:47 <Iowan> At ours, I had an install party on one of my machines
Jan 27 20:09:59 <gringochapin>  Last year, we got together in the IC public Library and just installed and tested the new release of Ubuntu... I think at that time, it was the beta of 10.04.
Jan 27 20:10:29 <gringochapin>  Unless I'm remembering my dates wrong.  It wasn't all just testing, however, we got to hangout a bit and get to know eachother.
Jan 27 20:10:35 <AtomicSpark>   Oh hi!
Jan 27 20:10:39 <AtomicSpark>   I remembered.
Jan 27 20:10:52 <Iowan> Welcome back!
Jan 27 20:11:03 <khamil8686>    ive heard of install parties, those sound pretty fun :) also would be nice to meet other linux users, i dont run into many
Jan 27 20:11:58 <gringochapin>  khamil8686: Yeah, I tend to meet a few more than usual due to my attending the University of Iowa and being involved with the Computer Science dept.
Jan 27 20:12:20 <gringochapin>  khamil8686: But I know what you mean. We seem pretty few and far between sometimes.
Jan 27 20:12:53 <AtomicSpark>   Iowan: We need to get the ball rolling on the release party for 11.04.
Jan 27 20:12:55 <gringochapin>  AtomicSpark: Hola. Bien venido!
Jan 27 20:13:23 <gringochapin>  Do we have a location yet?
Jan 27 20:13:26 <khamil8686>    are the highlighted messages private messages? newbieish question :)
Jan 27 20:13:42 <gringochapin>  Sorry, It's been a loooong time since I've attended one of these.
Jan 27 20:14:09 <AtomicSpark>   gringochapin: I assume eastern iowa will meet in IC. Rest of the people can meet in Des Moines or something. Depending on who's interested and how many, etc.
Jan 27 20:14:14 <Iowan> I'm using X-chat - it highlights messages containing my name
Jan 27 20:14:25 <AtomicSpark>   Iowan: Also, we need to get project ideas and LOCO direction.
Jan 27 20:14:31 <khamil8686>    i used to goto isu for computer science but didnt last :(
Jan 27 20:14:47 <AtomicSpark>   You need to set /hilight or whatever for your nick if you want to be highlighted in mid sentance. :P
Jan 27 20:14:59 <gringochapin>  khamil8686: If you're talking about the messages I sent you, no they're not private. They're probably just highlighted because I used your name with a : after it. They're highlighted because your client is letting you know that "This one is for you."
Jan 27 20:15:36 <khamil8686>    ok :P that makes sense now, i just didnt know if people could see the highlighted messages lol
Jan 27 20:16:01 *       AtomicSpark brbs
Jan 27 20:16:44 <gringochapin>  Also, what is the purpose of the release party? Is it more to socialize or more to do stuff on computers. Asking because I'm wondering if we need some place with computers or just some place to party?
Jan 27 20:17:00 <khamil8686>    i used to live in cedar rapids and knew a bunch of people in IC but never lived there, lived all over iowa otherwise :)
Jan 27 20:18:29 <gringochapin>  khamil8686: Where do you live now? Are you closer to IC or DM?
Jan 27 20:18:42 <khamil8686>    i live in dm now
Jan 27 20:18:58 <khamil8686>    went from dm > cr > burlington > ames > dm
Jan 27 20:19:07 <gringochapin>  khamil8686: Awe cool, so you'd be attending the DM party then?
Jan 27 20:19:27 <khamil8686>    i didnt know about a dm party yet? whens that and what is it?
Jan 27 20:19:31 <gringochapin>  khamil8686: IC is about as big  a city as we can handle.
Jan 27 20:19:41 <khamil8686>    yet. not ? :P
Jan 27 20:20:28 <gringochapin>  khamil8686: Well, that's what we might be planning tonight... or at least starting to plan. It's a release party, to basically either celebrate or stay up waiting for or something the new version of Ubuntu when it comes out.
Jan 27 20:21:49 <khamil8686>    hehe cool :) yea id most likely come, just depends on if i can get a ride there and back when it happens, i wont be able to drive myself till august :(
Jan 27 20:23:11 <khamil8686>    oh yea, not cuz im going to turn 16, i turn 25 then and dr will clear me to drive then
Jan 27 20:23:36 <gringochapin>  It will be sometime in April, probably closer to the end of the month.
Jan 27 20:24:05 <khamil8686>    does it normally come out on the 20th or 29th? i cent remember
Jan 27 20:24:14 <khamil8686>    cant*
Jan 27 20:24:25 <gringochapin>  khamil8686: It depends.
Jan 27 20:24:32 <Iowan> I can never remember...
Jan 27 20:25:01 <khamil8686>    hehe well either way i can see if i can get a ride :)
Jan 27 20:26:12 <khamil8686>    so would we bring our comps and then install when it gets uploaded to servers?
Jan 27 20:27:24 <Iowan> Officially, I suppose... if you have the release candidate installed, it's only an update from the official
Jan 27 20:28:43 <khamil8686>    my first ubuntu install was intrepid and since then every release im amazed at the steps they take to make it easier to use
Jan 27 20:29:10 <AtomicSpark>   For I have a quesadilla.
Jan 27 20:30:15 <khamil8686>    i usually clean install every release instead of keeping the long term releases, i never keep stuff on my computer thats important and needs saved, thats what my 16gb usb stick is for :P that and fixing peoples comps
Jan 27 20:30:30 <khamil8686>    well, i guess its 8gb now, i lost the 16gb :(
Jan 27 20:31:02 <Iowan> I have several versions going - Hardy on this one, Jaunty on a laptop, Maverick on another...
Jan 27 20:31:28 <AtomicSpark>   You silly Linux users. :)
Jan 27 20:32:32 <khamil8686>    yay for linux! :) i installed dd-wrt on my router, thats my other comp with linux, my moms computer is looking to be my next linux project, it runs windows ME still lol
Jan 27 20:32:46 <AtomicSpark>   Tomato :(
Jan 27 20:32:55 <AtomicSpark>   My firmware doesn't violate gpl.
Jan 27 20:33:08 <khamil8686>    ive heard about tomato but whats the differences?
Jan 27 20:33:19 <AtomicSpark>   Tomato is pretty.
Jan 27 20:33:35 <khamil8686>    i installed dd-wrt when i used to pirate software so i could download faster, which ended up getting me a letter from my isp
Jan 27 20:33:54 <AtomicSpark>   Does pretty ajax graphs. Logging. I have never used dd-wrt. It probably has the same features.
Jan 27 20:34:54 <khamil8686>    i saw graphs in the administration tab of the gui but not sure if it was ajax or not, all the pages were .asp
Jan 27 20:35:04 <AtomicSpark>   The only thing it lacks is VPN (which is fine, the hardware can't handle it) and IPv6.
Jan 27 20:35:32 <khamil8686>    and they werent pretty at all :P just standard :) dd-wrt can do VPN, my moms work laptop connects thru a vpn
Jan 27 20:36:33 <AtomicSpark>   Wonderful.
Jan 27 20:36:33 <khamil8686>    your router hardware cant handle vpn? do vpns require more cpu power or anything?
Jan 27 20:36:40 <AtomicSpark>   Yes. CPU.
Jan 27 20:37:04 <AtomicSpark>   My netgear router that I had before would constantly overheat or whatever and lock up.
Jan 27 20:37:11 <AtomicSpark>   Which was funny because it was market as a VPN router :\
Jan 27 20:37:48 <khamil8686>    false advertising! :P
Jan 27 20:37:59 <AtomicSpark>   It's netgear. :\
Jan 27 20:38:24 <khamil8686>    is netgear a good brand or a cheaper brand?
Jan 27 20:38:31 <gringochapin>  Also running dd-wrt. Love it. Makes my good router into a great router.
Jan 27 20:38:41 <AtomicSpark>   Cheaper.
Jan 27 20:38:53 <gringochapin>  Sorry to duck out early. Things are busy here. Putting kids to bed.
Jan 27 20:39:06 <AtomicSpark>   Always fun.
Jan 27 20:39:09 <Iowan> Thanks for input!!!
Jan 27 20:39:19 <gringochapin>  I'll see everything, as I'll read the log when they're asleep (FINALLY!)
Jan 27 20:39:27 <khamil8686>    c-ya later gringo :)
Jan 27 20:39:28 <gringochapin>  But probably won't be back until after 9.
Jan 27 20:40:02 <gringochapin>  Bye.
Jan 27 20:40:08 <AtomicSpark>   Goodbye :(
Jan 27 20:40:25 <Iowan> Later! :)
Jan 27 20:40:28 <AtomicSpark>   Iowan: Did you notice a handful of memberships expired yesterday?
Jan 27 20:40:50 <Iowan> Didn't notice - I did see a couple of renewals recently
Jan 27 20:41:51 <AtomicSpark>   Happens.
Jan 27 20:43:25 <Iowan> We need more events/activities... and I'm not sure I'm still in a position to forward the cause... :(
Jan 27 20:43:58 <khamil8686>    what kind of stuff would we do?
Jan 27 20:44:24 <AtomicSpark>   Hang out, discuss life, etc.
Jan 27 20:44:32 <AtomicSpark>   Play games... on Linux!
Jan 27 20:44:34 *       AtomicSpark gasps
Jan 27 20:45:00 <khamil8686>    hehe i havent looked too much into linux games, what good ones are out there?
Jan 27 20:46:26 <Iowan> I'm not an avid gamer - just play Sudoku, Freecell, and some of the others that come pre-installed
Jan 27 20:46:35 <AtomicSpark>   Old people :(
Jan 27 20:46:46 <Iowan> You'll get there...
Jan 27 20:46:53 <khamil8686>    lol did you just call us old? :P
Jan 27 20:47:08 <Iowan> Not us - just me...
Jan 27 20:48:08 <khamil8686>    lol ok :) i was going to say im 24, not that old quite yet!
Jan 27 20:49:08 <khamil8686>    i was big into games and things but alot changed in the last few years, started reading alot more and using stumble surf alot :P
Jan 27 20:49:09 <AtomicSpark>   I pictured Iowan as this self delusional teenager.
Jan 27 20:49:11 <AtomicSpark>   And then I met him.
Jan 27 20:49:14 <Iowan> I was about that age when I moved to Iowa - half a lifetime ago.
Jan 27 20:49:51 <Iowan> Curious - I pictured AtomicSpark  as crusty old Far* - then I met him... ;)
Jan 27 20:49:58 <khamil8686>    what age is everyone? lol
Jan 27 20:51:15 <Iowan> Well, if 24 is half a lifetime... then i'd be (at least) 48... (add some change...)
Jan 27 20:51:38 <AtomicSpark>   25.
Jan 27 20:52:21 <Iowan> So that makes me..er... "more experienced" than the two of you together
Jan 27 20:53:16 <khamil8686>    im almost 25 :) then ill be able to drive again (finally, thank god) i havent driven since 2007 and you can only play xbox or read so much until you have to go outside
Jan 27 20:53:58 <AtomicSpark>   I would make a joke, but this channel is logged :(
Jan 27 20:54:13 <khamil8686>    hence me getting frostbite 2 years ago, cold outside, bored, so i walked to hyvee :P
Jan 27 20:54:33 <khamil8686>    logged by who?
Jan 27 20:55:19 <Iowan> Well... me for one. It'll be in the meeting report when I get it transcribed (tell no secrets)...
Jan 27 20:55:43 <khamil8686>    http://stevenbenner.com/2010/07/the-5-types-of-programmers/ -- i have stumble surf open in the window next to irc :P
Jan 27 20:55:52 <Iowan> gringochapin: is probably logging it so he can read it later.
Jan 27 20:56:28 <khamil8686>    that makes sense :) i didnt know if certain irc channels went thru ubuntu or anything
Jan 27 20:56:53 <khamil8686>    have u guys heard of stumble surf?
Jan 27 20:57:23 <Iowan> khamil8686:  Not yet...
Jan 27 20:58:33 <khamil8686>    hehe :P its awesome, unless you have things on your to do list. i just set up a profile with likes and dislikes and it provides me with a button  that takes me to random websites based on my likes and dislikes
Jan 27 20:59:24 <khamil8686>    took me to a ubuntu forums post the other day telling me how i can halve my boot time (mileage may vary) my system boots 30sec faster now, 70 to 40sec
Jan 27 20:59:56 <Iowan> I tend to spend most of my time of ubuntuforums.
Jan 27 21:00:32 <khamil8686>    changing the value CONCURRENCY to shell in /etc/init.d/rc allows startup programs to run in different processor cores is what i read about it
Jan 27 21:00:54 <khamil8686>    thats another thing ive found is pretty fun, just going to todays posts and seeing what help i can offer people
Jan 27 21:01:21 <Iowan> I enjoy that - but my info is getting out of date...
Jan 27 21:01:35 <khamil8686>    profile info?
Jan 27 21:02:05 <Iowan> No, just Ubuntu info... problem workarounds, glitches, etc
Jan 27 21:02:34 <Iowan> Samba keeps evolving - I'm losing track... Same w/ Neetwork Manager
Jan 27 21:03:01 <Iowan> (My typing isn't improving, either...)
Jan 27 21:03:29 <khamil8686>    i used samba for a bit to try to print from my moms windows ME computer upstairs, i finally got it working but it would soak the page in ink :P
Jan 27 21:04:03 <khamil8686>    i keep telling her she should try ubuntu, maybe when we move later this year i can convince her to surrender her artifact :)
Jan 27 21:04:54 <Iowan> Consider a dual-boot. Both my laptops do - just cuz sometimes Windows is still necessary
Jan 27 21:05:39 <Iowan> Some folks run one or the other in a Virtual machine - I haven't got that far, yet
Jan 27 21:06:02 <khamil8686>    yes ive considered that too, im not sure if she has enough space on her harddrive on it or not
Jan 27 21:06:31 <khamil8686>    i run xp in virtualbox, i rarely use it tho, just use it to update my harmony remote
Jan 27 21:07:51 <khamil8686>    remotes set up by computers are fun :) i wonder where tech will be in 10-20years, especially with graphene under research
Jan 27 21:11:17 <Iowan> Well... at this break, I'll "end" the meeting (turn off the log). No need to run off, though!

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