11:01   elkbuntu        while we wait to start.. the agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamMeeting
=== AdamBagnall [n=adam@cpc3-rdng4-0-0-cust150.winn.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
11:02   ajmitch hi
=== pirast [n=martin@p508B2258.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
11:02   jono    right should we start?
11:03   newz2000        hi
=== seele [i=seele@nayuki.caffeine.nu] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
11:03   jono    hi newz2000
11:03   nixternal       i take it you made it there newz2000 ;)
11:03   newz2000        just. :)
11:03   jono    everyone got the agenda up?
11:03   jono    ok, show of hands, who is here for the loco meeting?
=== newz2000 is here
=== JoeyStanford raises his hand.
11:03   Gnomonic        Aye
11:03   kjcole  Aye (or I)
11:03   nixternal       o/
11:04   elkbuntu        me me me me :)
11:04   AdamBagnall     o/
11:04   matt_good       yup
=== jono raises a finger sheepishly
11:04   jono    :P
11:04   jono    cool
11:04   nixternal       which finger?
11:04   jono    :P
=== dthacke1 (generally known as dthacker raises his hand)
11:04   nixternal       not the chicago wave is it?
11:04   elkbuntu        a CoC friendly one
11:04   looksaus        jono, manners!
11:04   jono    right, lots to get through
11:04   nixternal       haha
11:04   jono    firstly, docs
11:04   nixternal       well, isn't it the same as the backwards v?
11:04   jono    it was the docs day today, and not a huge amount got done
=== Plug
=== ajmitch is here for meeting, sort of
11:05   jono    any thoughts on why?
11:05   Plug    I perused the docs, found I really didn't have anything to add
=== dthacke1 agrees with Plug
11:05   elkbuntu        because it wasnt well enough known
11:05   jono    right
11:05   looksaus        err, I made quite an addition I think
11:05   jono    I suspect there was not enough knowledge of it
11:05   jono    which we could with improving
11:05   ajmitch this is the first I heard of it being a docs day
11:05   jono    maybe a fridge post will solve this issue
11:05   elkbuntu        yep
11:06   jono    also, I think everyone has something to contribute,  but many are not sure of what
11:06   jono    so I figured we could discuss the main docs
11:06   jono    I would say a critical one is the FAQ at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoFAQ
11:06   jono    I would love to turn this into the all seeing all dancing FAQ
11:06   jono    we also had a good start on the planet howto and the maps howto
11:06   elkbuntu        we dont know what you want to know, without that elusive mind-reading skill
11:07   jono    heh
11:07   Plug    FAQs need the questions to actually be asked
11:07   Plug    if there are questions, writing answers is relatively easy! :)
11:07   dthacke1        jono: do you have a list of unanswered questions?
11:07   JoeyStanford    I have a small bit to add to most of the material but have not found the time yet.  Given my week this week, I may not get to it until Mountain View.
=== yama [n=yama@ubuntu/member/yama] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
11:07   looksaus        if you have unanswered questions, they should go there too
11:07   jono    well, imagine the kind of stuff people ask, or stuff that people actually ask, and then update the FAQ
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=== LoudMouthMan [n=nik@82-68-164-22.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
11:08   jono    the FAQ is not just about the questions we actually get, but also about questions we may get
11:08   elkbuntu        maybe we need a 'questions list', where people can ask things
11:08   jono    so, yeah, no urgency, but everyone keep it in the back of your head, if everyone adds a few questions, we get one fat mother of a FAQ :)
11:08   LoudMouthMan    Evning all, sorry jono .. i was distracted with the AA page
11:08   jono    no worries
11:09   Plug    tbh, I actually think its quite comprehensive at the moment
11:09   jono    Plug, its getting good, but if anyone thinks something is missing, feel free to add it :)
=== john [n=john@pool-72-75-83-238.washdc.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
11:09   jono    I also added the Knowledge Base to the main LoCo site
11:09   JoeyStanford    fwiw, my own personal view was that I was going to add the items that came up when I started the CoLoCo.
11:09   jono    if anyone wants to write some docs and add it to the Knowledge Base, that would be great
11:10   jono    JoeyStanford, cool
=== glennji [n=glennji@host-84-9-237-242.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
11:10   jono    I think docs are pretty central to the project, and I am looking to add some additional docs when I get time
11:11   jono    any other thoughts re. docs?
11:11   jono    anything people want to see? or feel are missing?
11:11   looksaus        target audience docs
11:11   jono    looksaus, what do you mean?
11:11   looksaus        branding hints
11:12   JoeyStanford    It would be helpful to have the setup information along with tips to help new LoCo's start.  Information about event planning for existing LoCo's.  I'd also like to see a section about sponsorship...e.g. in our case System 76 is a corp sponsor.
11:12   jono    branding for?
11:12   looksaus        hints on which subgroups to focus on first
11:12   jono    JoeyStanford, this is all good stuff
11:12   Plug    A big unaddressed issue, to my mind, is "why to do it"
11:12   jono    Plug, another great point
11:12   Plug    what the group gets out of it, how it relates to other LUGs etc
11:12   newz2000        Plug: good question
11:12   jono    how about we have a page of things that need documenting?
11:13   jono    like a TODO of things that need going in the docs?
11:13   JoeyStanford    Plug, very good point. I think the answers to that one question will be the same in many cases but also very different for different areas.
11:13   dthacke1        I'd like to know what interaction to have with a huge regional group, like the 2 or 3 US ones
11:13   jono    dthacke1, another great point
11:13   jono    ok one sec
11:13   jono    right I will create https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamDocsToDo
=== Ju [n=Ju@cpe-76-168-15-151.socal.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
11:13   Ju      Hi all
11:14   jono    right could you folks add your ideas to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamDocsToDo
11:14   jono    we can use that as a source for things to document :)
11:15   jono    I think docs are part of the key to LoCo world domination :)
11:15   elkbuntu        lol, indeed
11:15   looksaus        jono, with target audience docs, I tried to say
11:15   JoeyStanford    A question that was raised our Edgy release party was Plug's: Why do we all like this LoCo concept.  I added some of our concept to the minutes: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ColoradoTeam/EdgyMeetingMinutes
11:15   jono    looksaus, right :)
11:15   looksaus        which groups to target primarily
11:15   looksaus        like :
11:15   jono    looksaus, sounds great, and important for the docs too :)
11:15   looksaus        technical users
11:15   looksaus        AND
11:15   kjcole  I know it's bad form to change page names, but perhaps the sort of restructuring of wiki pages into sub-page structure might be worth considering...
11:15   looksaus        so called 80% users
11:16   jono    JoeyStanford, Plug looksaus dthacke1 - ok are you guys ok to add topics to that page and we can then work on them?
11:16   john    I have been getting errors involving roxen3 and mysql.  This comes up with apt-get. I can find absolutely no explanation about this browser, roxen3. is this the place to get  help?
11:16   Plug    jono: sure
11:16   dthacke1        yes
11:16   LoudMouthMan    much as I love reading log files at a later date, should we be adding some syntax like [NOTE]  to things like https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamDocsToDo just to make searching this text at a later date easier. or [AGREED]  for some point..
11:16   Gnomonic        looksaus: What is a 80% user?
11:16   jono    john, nope, head to #ubuntu
11:16   jono    awesome
11:16   JoeyStanford    Jono, yes sir.  Might take until Sunday but it'll be done.
11:16   looksaus        Gnomonic, a user that does very casual things with his comp:
11:16   jono    awesome
11:16   jono    lets move to the next topic then :)
11:17   jono    working with other groups
11:17   LoudMouthMan    [topic]
11:17   Plug    (side note: the fact that ever change I make gets emailled to ajmitch/danielholbach/nixternal feel s abit offputting ;)
11:17   newz2000        Plug: they likely ignore the e-mails
11:17   ajmitch Plug: sorry :)
11:17   jono    Plug, :P
11:17   Plug    oh, I don't doubt that
11:17   jono    at LinuxWorld there was some discussion with ubuntu-uk with who LoudMouthMan is one of the core members, about how we can better work with LUGs and other user groups
11:17   jono    naturally we don't want LoCo teams to overthrow other groups, and we need to work with other groups effectively
=== doko_ [n=doko@dslb-088-073-093-229.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
11:18   Plug    A primary answer is 'Canonical $stuff distribution' (shipit, etc)
11:18   Plug    it gives the LUGs an instant reason to exist
11:18   jono    Plug, good point
11:18   looksaus        why would you want to do that?
11:18   Plug    erm, s/LUG/LoCo/
11:18   jono    well, we determined that LUGs are general support groups, and LoCo teams are really teams to help advocate and promote Ubuntu
11:18   dthacke1        We plan on doing more outreach than the current LUG, which only does monthly meetings
11:19   LoudMouthMan    Yes, president Popey is concerned that we dont splinter or fraction the LUG users, ive added it to the UKteam approval as Ensuring Ubuntu compliments and Enhances a Linux User group
11:19   Plug    but it also affirms a stereotype 'ubuntu is only popular cos canonical send it to people for free' :)
11:19   looksaus        jono, I see this _very_ differently
11:19   jono    looksaus, how so?
11:19   looksaus        as lugs cater to a technical group
11:19   looksaus        geeks and nerds
11:19   newz2000        ah
11:19   looksaus        and there is a group that is absolutely not like this
11:19   Plug    our (national) LoCo covers the area of many LUGs
11:19   jono    looksaus, so your team caters for non-geeks?
11:19   LoudMouthMan    but a lug is not exlcusively one specific catering subset..
=== dthacke1 does agree with looksaus
11:20   JoeyStanford    I've documented our answer to this question on the CoLoCo page:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ColoradoTeam
11:20   looksaus        yes
11:20   looksaus        lugs are _not_ end user support
11:20   Plug    looksaus: some are
11:20   looksaus        if you want to break outside the geek public
11:20   jono    looksaus, ok thats cool, there is nothing wrong with being different, we just need to be sure we don't tread on toes
11:20   looksaus        you _don't_ go to a lug
11:20   elkbuntu        the function of LUGs is as varied as the function of LoCos
11:20   jono    elkbuntu, exactly
11:20   jono    looksaus, LUGs are very varied, many do support many don't
11:20   jono    when I toured the UK LUGs earlier this year they were hugely different
11:21   LoudMouthMan    ooh neat .. we used Enhance as well. thats great.. Enhance is a feature!
11:21   looksaus        my point is that you need to break loose
11:21   looksaus        from the technical people who gather in a lug
11:21   jono    now, LoudMouthMan made some great notes about working with other groups from the ubuntu-uk meeting
11:21   yama    there are fears in some LUGs that Ubuntu is trying to take over. This should be avoided
11:21   kjcole  Our LoCo "leans towards" Ubuntu, but try to throw in a good word for other distros every once in a while.  Our focus is on reaching the non-geeky, particularly in K-12 schools, libraries, and small community groups.
11:21   jono    I would love to see some of those notes in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoWorkingWithOtherGroups
11:21   jono    LoudMouthMan, are you ok to merge some of that in, maybe with the help of popey ?
11:21   elkbuntu        yama, crap, they're on to us...!
11:21   nixternal       Plug: just on your side note, the reason we get those emails, and i look at everyone, is to assist with the admin of the wiki, so if someone defaces a page, i can see it right away, or others, and fix it
11:21   Plug    I liken the LoCo here to a virtual collection of the Ubuntu promoting focused users from all the national LUG
11:21   Plug    s
11:21   JoeyStanford    These are all good comments.  We've been thru this as part of the justification to setup the CoLoCo....so I refer everyone back to our team page.
11:22   jono    yama, yeah, we need to be careful of that
11:22   Plug    each LUG has a bunch of people who dont care about Ubuntu, and a bunch that are only ever going to be users
11:22   Plug    (which is fine)
11:22   jono    JoeyStanford, cool, so you have some good thoughts on this subject?
11:22   JoeyStanford    I have *LOTS* of thoughts.
=== JoeyStanford smiles.
11:22   jono    JoeyStanford, good good :)
11:22   LoudMouthMan    a better thought might be this : the other distros will mobilise their own communities.. this concerns LUGS more. however LUGS ar the assimilationof all distros into one common interest. hence Ubuntu LOCO teams can set the prescendence for working with them.
11:22   jono    JoeyStanford, if you can contribute to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoWorkingWithOtherGroups as well, that would be great
11:22   JoeyStanford    This was the primary topic ...the primary deciding aspect of setting up Colorado.  We explored it in depdth.
11:23   JoeyStanford    in depth even.
11:23   Plug    I generalise that 'LUGs are meatspace'
11:23   LoudMouthMan    and I spotted that comment Jono.. i was hopping other team members would edit for me.. namely (president)Pope
11:23   jono    it seems most loco teams are interested in advocacy and promotion too - less about support and less about physical meetings
11:23   Plug    our LoCo can't do that, and probably shouldn't.
11:23   looksaus        Plug, meatspace?
11:23   jono    LoudMouthMan, ok, lets persuade him :)
11:23   Plug    looksaus: "the real world"
11:23   Plug    where people are made of meat, not 1s and 0s :P
11:23   looksaus        heh
11:23   jono    :)
11:23   LoudMouthMan    well i was going to ask him directly thursday if it had stayed empty .. hes got the best fix on a LUGmaster concern here
11:24   jono    LoudMouthMan, I think he can offer some sane and realistic guidence for that page :)
11:24   jono    I think that the issue of group relations is something we *all* need to take care with - we don't want to make LUGs feel like we are overtaking them
11:24   looksaus        if you want end users with little skills to help each other, you will need one distro for them to center around
11:25   jono    it seems most LoCo teams though have a definitive and different direction to a LUG
11:25   Plug    "LUGs are dying"
11:25   elkbuntu        jono, Plug is probably equally qualified for it, given his experience
11:25   LoudMouthMan    jono  : i agree
11:25   jono    elkbuntu, awesome
11:25   Plug    you need far less handholding to install Linux these days
11:25   jono    Plug, would you be happy to add content to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoWorkingWithOtherGroups
11:25   Plug    sure, looking now
11:25   jono    Plug, not much to look at :P
11:25   LoudMouthMan    Plug your not wrong .. they are dying but I dont feel thats a justification
11:26   jono    awesome, just some things for us to think about
11:26   elkbuntu        no reason why we cannot help change that
11:26   looksaus        if you want to break outside a technical public
11:26   LoudMouthMan    I know Dobbo and I spoke about it 3yrs ago thats why we started BCF and FSB meetings.
11:26   looksaus        you want to stay away from most lugs...
11:26   Plug    I was just saying that you need to expect some animosity from the 'old school' :)
11:26   looksaus        you want to attract a different kind of people
11:26   JoeyStanford    In Colorado, those LUG statements do not apply as greatly. LUGs are a backbone, albeit not as strong as they once were.
11:26   jono    looksaus, we don't want to just break outside a technical public, but whatever your views, we are computer fans and so are they, so there are issues there
11:27   nixternal       see, what I have been doing with the local LUGs, is just providing information/insite into the Ubuntu community..nothing more and nothing less. when i goto a LUG meeting, it is all about Linux, unless an Ubuntu topic comes up..
11:27   LoudMouthMan    theres a phrase I see on IRC quite a lot when talking about bringing new of fresh people into Ubuntu.
11:27   looksaus        ah, k, sorry to have misunderstood
11:27   jono    looksaus, we want to target non users, I am just saying we don't want to inflame negative relations with other groups :)
11:27   jono    looksaus, :)
11:27   JoeyStanford    Nixternal: Same here.
11:27   LoudMouthMan    people say " I dont care " when refering to those below a set technical standard or understanding
11:27   nixternal       i provide them with CDs when they ask..a LUG is for Linux in general, and some tend to get annoyed when you bring reteric into their community
11:27   jono    I recommend we get that page filled out, and then we can schedule a meeting about this wide and interesting subject
11:27   LoudMouthMan    I think it fits the Coc to start showing that Care is a feature.
11:28   jono    everyone ok to move on?
11:28   elkbuntu        yep
11:28   jono    or any other comments?
11:28   nixternal       although Plug probably would have the best LUG insite, seeing as he is from the home of the larget LUG i believe
11:28   looksaus        well, I can say that lugs out here are absolutely not negative towards us
11:28   Plug    We're not that large! :P
11:28   LoudMouthMan    possibly we approach the other Distro guys ... Jon Fautley, Ted Heager ( others ? ) and discuss LUG energising.
11:28   looksaus        au contraire
11:28   LoudMouthMan    great so .. Plug can you start the content for us please?
11:28   JoeyStanford    The primary separation between LUGs and LoCo's is Ubuntu in my mind.  LUGs do Linux and related.  LoCo's do Ubuntu.  We tend to have more distro specific information, translated, and with that comes a greater ability to perform outreach, training, and even support.
11:29   nixternal       Plug: there is a guy I know that is moving there in a couple of months, and one of his reasons was the LUG ;)
11:29   Plug    it seems that any group with one or two driving people with passion, will succeed
11:29   jono    evidently there are lots of thoughts here, and scope for future discussion
11:29   Plug    The trick is finding those people
11:29   nixternal       that there is jono
11:29   jono    I think what is important is that we have some solid guidance on that page for LoCos who are unsure of how to move forward
11:29   LoudMouthMan    if only there was a pdcast that could talk about LUG energising ?
11:29   jono    nixternal, awww shucks :)
11:30   LoudMouthMan    nevermind... next !
11:30   jono    LoudMouthMan, shut your face :P
11:30   elkbuntu        lol
=== glennji giggles at loudmouthman's sarcasm
11:30   jono    so, we ready to rock onto the next topic?
11:30   looksaus        yup...
11:30   newz2000        [TOPIC]
11:30   dthacke1        next!
11:30   elkbuntu        i think so
11:30   LoudMouthMan    thanks newz
=== jono hugs LoudMouthMan in a manly "did you see the bears game" way
11:30   jono    right, education
=== LoudMouthMan raises....... an eyebrow
11:30   elkbuntu        get a room you two
11:31   newz2000        [TOPIC]
11:31   LoudMouthMan    ooh good my other favourite topic.
11:31   nixternal       wooohoooo DA BEARS!!!
11:31   jono    many of you will have seen Richard Weiderman's post to loco-contacts about education
11:31   jono    a bit of background
11:31   LoudMouthMan    um no .. but lets assume i did .. man I must join more mail lists
11:31   jono    Richard works for Canonical as Education Manager and he is keen to reach out to loco teams to help our teams get some success with education
11:32   jono    the idea is that those teams who are interested in education would be great having an education lead
11:32   jono    that is, a person who is happy to coordinate the education efforts of the team
11:32   jono    this gives richard a point of contact for helping the team
11:32   LoudMouthMan    ahh okay .. so my notes to post about sending these spare Edubuntu CDs to local Mps and Nursery Franchise owners would be useful ? I had a cover letter and all set out.
11:32   Plug    I reposted your missive to our list and had two people say "I'd like to help, what do I do", and really didn't have much more I could tell them other than "read the wiki page & sign up".
11:32   jono    our Colorado friends kicked it off
11:32   jono    sure
11:32   nixternal       yes, and I have been working on local educational contacts, and it is nice as there is an Educucational/School admin in the Chicago group, so he is making it easier for me...it seems there may be some great interest in Open Source in the school systems around here
11:32   jono    those who want to figure out some edu contacts, add them to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamEducation
11:33   jono    nixternal, awesome! :)
11:33   dthacke1        NebraskaTeam is starting with local schools.  Those will be our first presentations, when we get contacts made.
11:33   jono    this is great
11:34   jono    one thing I would like to work on in the future is for each team to have certain contacts (in addition to the normal main contact), and education contact is a great idea
11:34   jono    it will make it easier for interested parties to talk to each other
11:34   jono    also, Richard has his foot in the Edubuntu camp, so we have some great opportunities there too
=== dthacke1 notes that this is why we need more than three team members....
11:34   LoudMouthMan    issues will arise as to how Education is handled as a govt department for each loco team so it will be useful to spot where common ground exists in creating awareness.
11:34   jono    so if you could all talk to your groups to figure out an edu contact, that would be great
11:35   kjcole  The DC LoCo has Edubuntu labs in four local high schools, and five affordable housing project labs (which are often used by the younger kids).
11:35   jono    dthacke1, heh
11:35   jono    kjcole, wow, send me a fridge article about that with photos and I will get it posted :)
11:35   nixternal       DC LoCo guys, I might be out in your area soon visiting my daughter, if I find time, I would like to maybe get together and see how you all are rocking it out there
11:36   dthacke1        kjcole, are you done with that HOWTO yet ;)
11:36   jono    heh
=== nixternal misses DC so much
=== jono slaps dthacke1 :P
11:36   nixternal       lol
11:36   JoeyStanford    In CoLoCo's case, I gave the Edu person a title (Team Lead) and requested two, a primary and a backup, because we all know people get busy. :-)
11:36   newz2000        do you mean the "howto: world domination"?
11:37   jono    this is an important point
11:37   jono    if anyone has any success stories, do let me know so we can promote them on the fridge
11:37   kjcole  jono Will try to send you something.  For the moment you can poke around on our not-so-well maintained page: http://dc.ubuntu-us.org/
11:37   jono    we need the world to know our LoCo teams kick ass
11:37   JoeyStanford    I also used the incentive.... "Being the LoCo Team Lead for Education is a great addition to your wiki page to help you become a full Ubuntu Member"
11:37   jono    kjcole, cool
11:37   jono    JoeyStanford, :)
11:37   jono    so yeah, if everyone could look at arranging an edu contact that would be cool
11:38   LoudMouthMan    jono .. what do we do to promot Fridge stories to local media , for instance in the uk informing linux user & dev chappies!
11:38   looksaus        jono, what exactly is expected from an edu contact?
11:38   jono    again, it would be cool to dedicate a loco meeting to education sometime, so we can have a good full discussion
11:38   nixternal       jono: you don't want peoples names and numbers up there im guessing?
11:38   Gnomonic        Sorry, gotta leave, will read the logs tomorrow. Good night (or whatever applies to your timezone)
=== Gnomonic [n=gnomonic@cpe.atm2-0-101334.0x50a67d26.bynxx14.customer.tele.dk] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
11:38   nixternal       at least those contacts might not want their info up there
11:38   jono    LoudMouthMan, what do you mean?
11:38   looksaus        actively working towards the education sector?
11:38   jono    looksaus, the aim is to work with the sector to help ubuntu get used
11:38   nixternal       unless of course it is already public
11:38   jono    and often advocacy with schools and colleges
11:38   looksaus        ok, maybe it would be useful to give some examples there
11:39   looksaus        testimonials
11:39   JoeyStanford    LoudMouthMan, Excellent Question.
11:39   LoudMouthMan    well im off topic a little here .. but id like to ensure that a regular press cycle occurs to maintain press and media awareness of Ubuntu and Locoteam activities.
11:39   jono    nixternal, sure, we don't want to show private details, but stats are good where possible
11:39   looksaus        a richer "job description" if you want
11:39   jono    looksaus, good idea, I think some case studies would be useful there
11:39   LoudMouthMan    so if we use the fridge to post excellent news then we should drop a copy to the media some how
11:39   jono    LoudMouthMan, exactly
11:39   jono    LoudMouthMan, this is part of my aim to get regular stories
11:39   JoeyStanford    Jono, we need LMM's topic as a todo.  How to release press releases to local media.
11:39   jono    maintaining a cycle needs people though
11:40   jono    JoeyStanford, yes, could you add it?
11:40   JoeyStanford    Free advertising you know :-)
11:40   jono    it may be good to have an agenda item in the future about publicising your events too
11:40   JoeyStanford    rgr
11:40   jono    rgr?
11:40   LoudMouthMan    sure .. but I was thinking about it . i'll keep on top of asking people for news and stories and puting them to the fridge .. well for UKteam at least
11:40   nixternal       rgr == roger == 10-4
11:40   glennji "Roger"?
11:40   nixternal       ;)
11:40   jono    LoudMouthMan, cool
11:41   jono    maybe each loco could have a press contact?
11:41   jono    someone to flow out press info and act as a contact for journalists?
11:41   jono    nixternal, ahh!
11:41   elkbuntu        i think thats sort of the general contact's job
11:41   elkbuntu        other teams may disagree
11:41   looksaus        elkbuntu, agree
11:41   jono    elkbuntu, possibly, but some lead contacts may not want to be press contact
11:42   LoudMouthMan    well let them have the choice .. some roles fill naturually .
11:42   jono    this sounds like a mailing list discussion to get ideas
11:42   jono    sure
11:42   dthacke1        I'd do it as gc, until the job got too big, the split a press contact
11:42   jono    not everyone will want these roles
11:42   elkbuntu        fair enough
11:42   jono    ok
11:42   jono    move on?
11:43   looksaus        maybe it's not as much about the roles, but about defining what someone with that responsibility is to do
11:43   JoeyStanford    (page updated)
11:43   LoudMouthMan    im happy to talk ... ( yeah yeah ) but id look to some one with media experience ( jono , know anyone ? ) to motivate.. but anyway
11:43   LoudMouthMan    [TOPIC]
11:43   jono    JoeyStanford, thanks :)
11:43   newz2000        :D
=== LoudMouthMan considers it all a learning experience.
11:43   jono    looksaus, and its looking at what people are good at
11:43   jono    LoudMouthMan, indeed
11:43   jono    ok further ideas
11:44   jono    I think we need to think of events and campaigns for the LoCo community as a whole
11:44   jono    elkbuntu had the idea of a recruitment drive
11:44   jono    which I think is a great idea
11:44   elkbuntu        yeah, and that should get some questions asked, for sure
11:44   Plug    Advertised where?
11:44   elkbuntu        for the faqs
11:44   newz2000        Plug: Ubuntu forums?
11:44   elkbuntu        Plug, blogs and fridge woudl help ;)
11:44   LoudMouthMan    okay well ive mentioned for the UK we have children in need coming up , so engaging with defined charaties Locally and Internatinally will be useful
=== elkbuntu erases the winkey before someone notices
11:45   looksaus        elkbuntu, curiuous about this recruitment drive
11:45   looksaus        idea
11:45   jono    yeah
11:45   LoudMouthMan    id like to see if we cant get a sponsored install/hack fest day . for Children In Need.
11:45   jono    is anyone aware of an events ideas wiki page?
11:45   Plug    Right, I wondered if you meant "outside of that"
11:45   jono    ok lets first talk about recruitment
11:45   Plug    we're about to launch a NZ-package-wallpaper-contest with three goals
11:45   elkbuntu        looksaus, we spend a day pimpin locos, guiding people to the locos for their areas they may not have thought existed, etc
11:46   LoudMouthMan    things that drag TV Cameras out to watch things occur that are positive is useful
11:46   Plug    1. get a wallpaper package 2. get certified 3. get people to know the LoCo exists, and get involved with it
11:46   LoudMouthMan    man that was vague!
11:46   JoeyStanford    I'm still a firm believer that while having documentation readily available on the internet is GOOD, it may not be of any benefit to someone who doesn't speak English.  Having the LoCo's  help create non-English docs is a big deal methinks.
11:46   jono    I think it makes sense to have a recruitment day, and this could involve day long meetings on our loco IRC channels, fridge and forums posts and IRC events such as getting to know each other sessions
11:46   dthacke1        is looking for other places to recruit besides the local LUG for reasons previously discussed
=== JoeyStanford appologizes for injecting an off topic comment.
11:46   jono    JoeyStanford, great idea - we could identify key docs and get them translated
11:47   newz2000        JoeyStanford: Good point, do you loco teams search google and others for key phrases to see where they go?
11:47   newz2000        (in your own language)
11:47   jono    well should we make a recruitment day our first event?
11:47   LoudMouthMan    JoeyStanford , in fact everyone .. whose heard of the BNI ?
11:47   elkbuntu        jono, second considering today was docs day :
11:47   jono    hehe
11:47   jono    elkbuntu, smartarse :P
11:47   JoeyStanford    Newz, in my case it's English but I'm also on a translation team so I have some experience working with non-English speaking folks :-)
11:48   elkbuntu        i'd rather be a smartarse than a dumbarse ;P
=== LoudMouthMan only speaks one langauge .. but he does it quite loudly
11:48   jono    elkbuntu, oi!
11:48   glennji LoudMouthMan, not me.
=== nixternal lets it be known that im both
11:48   jono    LoudMouthMan, :P
=== elkbuntu runs and hides behind someone
11:48   jono    so maybe we have a LoCo Open Day
11:48   JoeyStanford    newz, from my experience, you are correct.  Google or Clusty.
11:49   LoudMouthMan    okay well if were looking for other areas to promote and recruit then locate your local BNI Chapter ( Business Network international ) and see if you drop in for a breakfast.
11:49   jono    where each of the loco team IRC channels has events, maybe physical events where possible and other things
11:49   elkbuntu        jono, agreed, i would assume lots of useful documenting would be done on the day, and calling it 'recruitment drive' sounds way too ominous
11:49   JoeyStanford    newz, coupled with altavista babelfish ;-)
11:49   Plug    ...and get it Slashdotted...
11:49   AdamBagnall     and dugg
11:49   glennji jono, speaking as a "newbie" in the country AND ubuntu AND loco, I'd really like an Open Day.
11:49   LoudMouthMan    Plug, surely we need to be Dugg ?
11:49   looksaus        a nice recruitment activity I did in Belgium (well, the Dutch speaking 60%) was to use all my sources to find at least one person in every >50k inhabitants
11:49   elkbuntu        Plug, if you know someone/s who can arrange that, do so
11:49   Plug    pass, I don't do digg :P
11:49   jono    elkbuntu, ok, I think it would make sense to have a team of us working to get all LoCo's up and running with an Open Day
11:50   yama    "Recruitment drive? You mean Canonical is hiring???"
=== yama prpares his CV :p
11:50   Plug    yama: good point
11:50   newz2000        yama: www.ubuntu.com/employment
11:50   jono    I think just saying "lets do an Open Day" is not enough to get all LoCo teams involved
11:50   elkbuntu        jono, you know i'll be there
11:50   jono    elkbuntu, cool :)
11:50   Plug    "Whats in it for them"?
11:50   elkbuntu        this is going to take a few weeks of plotting
11:50   jono    right, well I will send out a mail about the open day
=== JoeyStanford pokes Jono to let him know he has a further comment on LoCo Support when there is a break.
11:50   jono    yes, luckily we can talk at the UDS
11:50   elkbuntu        yes, indeed
11:50   elkbuntu        who here will be at UDS?
11:51   jono    JoeyStanford, sorry?
11:51   JoeyStanford    jono: I have a topic change when you are ready
=== JoeyStanford will be at UDS.
11:51   jono    JoeyStanford, oh np, we will finish this up first
=== looksaus too
11:51   jono    awesome, should we have a open day meeting?
11:51   jono    we can organise it when we are there
11:51   ajmitch elkbuntu: you know I will be :)
11:52   elkbuntu        ajmitch, well yeah, i was hoping to find out things i didnt already know
11:52   elkbuntu        jono, yes, agreed
11:52   jono    cool, so people happy to make the open day our first major event?
11:53   elkbuntu        heck yes
11:53   JoeyStanford    Question for the Group: Has anyone developed a "what's in it for me?" list (besides the small bit my team did) for recruitment?
11:53   jono    JoeyStanford, no, and that should go in the docs where possible
11:53   elkbuntu        JoeyStanford, hmm? 'warm fuzzy feeling' doesnt cut it for some?
11:53   elkbuntu        ;)
=== JoeyStanford pokes the Elk.
11:53   jono    we could do with some art for things like that
11:53   Plug    solves "Get involved or fuck off"
11:53   elkbuntu        Plug, rofl
11:53   JoeyStanford    hehe.. Yeah it comes up a lot here.
11:54   jono    maybe some standard posters for "reasons to be cheerful" :)
11:54   JoeyStanford    Not just why Ubuntu but why a LoCo
11:54   JoeyStanford    I'll add it to the Todo list
11:54   jono    :)
11:54   elkbuntu        rock on, JoeyStanford :)
11:54   jono    nice work JoeyStanford :)
11:54   jono    ok, any other ideas to bring up right now?
11:55   JoeyStanford    me me me
11:55   newz2000        jono: I added two things to the agenda
11:55   newz2000        we can talk about them later if you like
11:55   jono    newz2000, my only concern is time, we are nearly out
11:55   jono    newz2000, as per the first item, I have been working on that
11:56   jono    newz2000, sorry for the delay, been swamped
11:56   jono    newz2000, and I got your mail for the second one too
11:56   jono    newz2000, there is a session at UDS about standardising resources
11:56   newz2000        no prob, its good to be able to say you're workign on it
11:56   jono    newz2000, can I suggest we keep those items for the next meeting?
11:56   newz2000        That is just fine for me.
11:57   jono    newz2000, awesome
11:57   jono    so, next item folks?
11:57   LoudMouthMan    yep
11:57   jono    Emil? are you here?
11:57   elkbuntu        what is his irc nick?
11:58   jono    no idea
=== dthacke1 .oO(crickets....)
11:58   jono    anyone know who Emil is?
11:58   elkbuntu        scouring for info now
11:58   newz2000        opi according to launchpad
11:59   jono    not here?
11:59   elkbuntu        -NickServ-           Last Seen: 5 hours 12 minutes 29 seconds ago
11:59   newz2000        opi :No such nick/channel
11:59   jono    just pinging
11:59   jono    erk
11:59   jono    ok, well we can't discuss that without him
11:59   jono    so we will defer that too
11:59   jono    just before we finish...
11:59   Plug    which makes it time for lunch :P
11:59   jono    if everyone could look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamsUDSMVSpecs
12:00   jono    these are the specs I have added for the UDS that are LoCo related
12:00   jono    I am still working on filling them out
12:00   jono    if anyone has any thoughts or comments, at them to the pages so we can cover them at the sessions
12:00   jono    I will be blogging about it soon to drum up interest in the issues
12:00   Plug    I've told ajmitch he must attend all of these. :P
12:00   jono    and final, final thing, how is this time for everyone for a meeting?
12:00   jono    Plug, :P
12:00   looksaus        jono, do you prefer additions as comments to these pages?
12:01   jono    looksaus, yes please
12:01   looksaus        ok
12:01   jono    I should outline that on the page really
12:01   LoudMouthMan    okay well i can see a few items in that which Popey would find interesting
12:01   dthacke1        jono, time is not bad.  
12:01   newz2000        jono: I'm here
12:01   jono    looksaus, well, they can be visible, but identify the comment with your name
12:01   newz2000        dthacke1: we're in the same timezone :)
12:01   looksaus        k
12:01   jono    we are still finding out feet with meeting times, so lets see what people think
12:02   jono    well, I think we are done folks
12:02   elkbuntu        :)
=== JoeyStanford definately likes this time. :-)
12:02   dthacke1        newz2000: hi neighbor, can I borrow a cup of Edgy CD's?
12:02   jono    you are doing an awesome job with our community, I am really proud of everyone :)
12:02   jono    lets keep kicking arse in new and different ways :)
12:02   LoudMouthMan    hmm better hire octopuses then .. they can kick arse 8 ways !
12:02   elkbuntu        we have you to thank though, jono.
12:02   JoeyStanford    +1
12:02   jono    I think if we continue to grow the project, get our docs written, we can do some awesome stuff :)
12:02   looksaus        +1
12:03   LoudMouthMan    but cheers Jono
12:03   jono    :)
12:03   kjcole  I'll try to remember to keep up with this (I got away from all the on-line stuff for a while)...  Later all
12:03   newz2000        dthacke1: just burned my first last night!
12:03   jono    nice one, thanks folks :)
=== MatthewV [n=MatthewV@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
=== JoeyStanford is now known as Rinchen
12:05   newz2000        dthacke1: where is the nebraska team based?
12:05   newz2000        (where in Nebraska that is)
12:05   Rinchen Good question, I can smell and Colorado and Nebraska shindig
12:05   dthacke1        Omaha for now,  I need more help, so I'm going to start recruiting out west.
12:05   jono    later all!

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