09:55   sistpoty        hi dholbach and somerville32
09:55   somerville32    hey : )
09:55   Adri2000        hi
09:56   ScottK  Hello.
09:56   lionel  hi
10:02   ajmitch well, agenda is fairly empty, noone's here
10:02   Toadstool       hi everybody
10:02   ajmitch hi
10:02   sistpoty        let's get started, shall we?
10:02   ajmitch oh good, sistpoty is awake ;)
10:03   sistpoty        hehe
10:03   sistpoty        (partly awake... got up before 10am, new record *g*)
=== ajmitch was awake sometime around 5am
10:03   Adri2000        10am, wow! :p
10:04   dholbach        ok
10:04   ajmitch dholbach!
10:04   dholbach        is the agenda new?
10:04   dholbach        hey ajmitch
10:04   ajmitch do we have anything to talk about?
10:04   dholbach        the charter's on there
10:04   sistpoty        erm.. that item was left over from the last agenda
10:04   ajmitch apart from the release, and gutsy
10:04   dholbach        https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Meetings
10:04   dholbach        ok
10:04   dholbach        I have only one small item:
10:04   ajmitch release freeze?
10:05   dholbach        the motu-uvf team needs to clean out all bugs and get things uploaded or rejected properly
10:05   dholbach        and we should do that RSN
10:05   ajmitch ok
10:05   dholbach        we have quite a bunch hanging in a limbo state
=== ajmitch waits for LP
10:05   dholbach        that's all I can see for now
10:06   ajmitch there don't seem to be that many on the assigned bugs page
10:06   dholbach        subscribed?
10:06   dholbach        the less the better
=== ajmitch has mainly been looking at the assigned bugs
10:06   ajmitch LP is slow enough as it is :)
10:07   dholbach        what else? is there any use having another universe hug day before release?
10:07   dholbach        nice to get LP cleaned up and patches submitted for either release or for SRUs, but will we have time for that?
10:07   ajmitch are we going to have a freeze in the last week?
10:07   ScottK  We could have a reject all the left over breezy bugs day next week!
10:08   sistpoty        erm... sorry, I'm a little slow today. I can't see any subscribed bugs of motu-uvf?
10:08   dholbach        ajmitch: i suppose so
10:08   ajmitch sistpoty: it could be LP failing again :) I just got proxy errors trying to view bugs
10:08   dholbach        ScottK: sounds good, but that's something we can clean up after release :)
10:09   sistpoty        ajmitch: maybe... it only tells me: "There are currently no open bugs." (with the +subscribedbugs page)
10:09   ScottK  OK.  I may get started ahead of time.
10:09   dholbach        sistpoty: ok, seems there are only ten
10:10   sistpoty        ah, k
10:10   ajmitch of those that are in limbo - sysv_rc_bootsplash, wxwidgets2.8, texmacs
10:10   dholbach        ajmitch, siretart, slomo, crimsun and I will take a look at them
10:11   dholbach        anything else we should discuss before release?
10:11   rmjb    any adjustments in the way MOTU work for gutsy?
10:11   ajmitch targetting the rc bugs list still?
10:11   sistpoty        we did have the idea of a harder freeze, with *all* uploads needing to be approved by motu-uvf... are we doing this right now actually?
10:11   ajmitch dholbach: make that 8 on the uvf list
10:12   dholbach        rmjb: that we'll discuss after release - atm we'll focus on the release
10:12   rmjb    dholbach: ok
10:12   ajmitch ok to reject wxwidgets2.8 uvfe?
10:12   dholbach        rmjb: but if you have suggestions, it'd be nice to hear about them - the mailing list might be good to discuss things there
10:12   dholbach        ajmitch: ok
10:12   dholbach        ajmitch: thanks
10:13   dholbach        sistpoty: atm, all uploads get reviewed and checked by the archive admins - dunno how they decide if they wave them through or not
10:13   siretart        hi folks - sorry for being late
10:13   sistpoty        huhu siretart
10:13   ajmitch it'd be best to clarify things with the archive admins then if they ask
10:13   dholbach        hey siretart
10:13   ajmitch hey siretart
10:13   dholbach        ajmitch: yeah
10:13   sistpoty        dholbach: so it's just regular uploading from the motu pov, right?
10:14   dholbach        atm, yes
10:14   sistpoty        ok
10:14   dholbach        not sure if it's going to change in the remaining 7 days
10:14   dholbach        I feel most of us have been quite conservative with their fixes
10:14   dholbach        ie small unmetdeps fixes, etc
10:14   sistpoty        not quite sure if it's worth the overhead... *shrug*
10:15   sistpoty        (to change policy now)
10:15   dholbach        yeah
10:15   dholbach        ok.... what else? anything we should definitely take care of for the release?
10:15   siretart        dholbach: I've asked Tollef about the idea we had regarding removing binary packages with broken deps. The idea got rejected, do you happen to know why?
10:16   dholbach        no no idea
10:16   sistpoty        let me check the logs... he stated a reason back when I asked him
10:16   ajmitch yay
10:16   ScottK  The sneaky solution would be a new source package that you know will FTBFS.
10:17   Lutin   ScottK: the former binary version would stay in the archive though
10:17   ScottK  Oh.  Nevermind then.
10:19   sistpoty        hm... can't find it in my logs :(... iirc the reasons were the overhead for archive admins (it would result in binary new packages) and that it would be quite surprising to have a sru package in binary new
=== ajmitch should have looked closer at texmacs awhile ago
10:20   siretart        hm. fair enough
10:21   ajmitch the RC bug in debian was only in the version in experimental
10:23   dholbach        ok
10:23   dholbach        anything else?
10:23   ajmitch short meeting, I like it
10:24   ajmitch next meeting date?
=== snille [n=snille@1-1-4-38a.apv.sth.bostream.se] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["If]
10:24   sistpoty        two weeks from now?
10:24   dholbach        2 weeks?
10:24   dholbach        sounds good to me
10:24   sistpoty        :)
10:25   ajmitch rotate time or not?
10:25   dholbach        next time :)
=== ajmitch won't be able to make it if it's at 0800UTC on the 26th
10:25   dholbach        it's not 8 utc atm
10:26   ajmitch no, but we talked about changing it by 12 hours each time to be fair to people like australians :)
10:26   dholbach        next time then :)
10:26   sistpoty        fine with me :)
10:26   ajmitch k
10:27   ajmitch which means 2 meetings from now, will be during UDS :)
10:27   ajmitch but dholbach_ won't mind that :)
10:27   sistpoty        hehe
10:27   dholbach_       but I can update https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTUMenuHeader again :)
10:28   dholbach_       looks like i missed some part of the conversation
10:28   ajmitch 08:26 < ajmitch> k
10:28   ajmitch 08:27 < ajmitch> which means 2 meetings from now, will be during UDS :)
10:28   sistpoty        the menu header is cool btw :)
10:28   dholbach        yeah
10:28   dholbach        ok good
10:28   dholbach        everybody happy?
10:28   dholbach        who mails fridge-devel@ and others?
=== ajmitch is overjoyed
10:29   sistpoty        does that mean that you volunteer ajmitch? *g*
10:29   dholbach        he's so happy, he can't stop himself :)
10:29   sistpoty        hehe
10:29   ajmitch who do I have to contact?
10:30   ajmitch motu list, fridge-devel, devel-announce?
10:30   dholbach        fridge-devel@ ubuntu-devel@ ubuntu-motu@
10:30   dholbach        yeah, or like that
10:31   ajmitch alright, will do
10:31   ajmitch thanks for showing up :)
10:31   dholbach        super
10:31   sistpoty        thanks everyone
10:31   dholbach        adjourned :)
=== ajmitch has his passport ready now
10:31   ajmitch since I had to find the number :)

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