(04:07:24 PM) geser: let's see how else is here for a MOTU meeting
(04:07:34 PM) ***persia is present
(04:09:26 PM) ***norsetto ponders who the chairperson is
(04:09:46 PM) persia: I'll chair, if nobody else wants it.
(04:10:16 PM) geser: norsetto: let's see first if there are people attending the meeting
(04:10:35 PM) juliux: hi geser
(04:10:36 PM) norsetto: geser: do we need a quorum?
(04:11:11 PM) geser: norsetto: no, but without people attending a meeting is useless
(04:11:12 PM) juliux left the room (quit: "Verlassend").
(04:11:13 PM) geser: Hi juliux
(04:11:32 PM) ScottK: Hello.
(04:11:39 PM) geser: Hi ScottK
(04:11:47 PM) norsetto: geser: then, yes, we need it
(04:12:24 PM) persia: norsetto: It's more a matter of the topics of discussion. For the fixed topics, it's usually safe to agree even without many people.
(04:13:47 PM) geser: is the agenda uptodate?
(04:14:06 PM) geser: the page still lists sep 21st as date
(04:14:35 PM) persia: I think the agenda is from the last meeting. ScottK: is there more PPA discussion needed?
(04:14:49 PM) ScottK: No. I don't think so.
(04:14:58 PM) ScottK: That does sound like from the last meeting.
(04:15:01 PM) ***persia updates the agenda
(04:16:00 PM) ScottK: One PPA issue that I will mention since people are here is that currently if an orig.tar.gz has been uploaded to a PPA, Soyuz will think it has it already, not fetch it, and then fail to find it for a sync.
(04:16:28 PM) ScottK: So if a version has been in a PPA, syncs don't work out so well at the moment.
(04:17:05 PM) ***pochu has experienced that :(
(04:17:16 PM) pochu: btw hello everybody :)
(04:17:31 PM) persia: ScottK: Surely that's a bug.
(04:17:37 PM) ScottK: persia: It is.
(04:17:57 PM) ScottK: But we've probably got it with us until after the Gutsy release, so FYI.
(04:19:03 PM) geser: ScottK: does this also affect new revisions or only new upstream versions?
(04:19:20 PM) ScottK: geser: I think it's just new upstream versions.
(04:19:36 PM) ScottK: If soyuz actually has the orig.tar.gz available it's fine.
(04:19:55 PM) geser: is a workaround known? in case one needs to sync a new version
(04:20:41 PM) ScottK: pitti has a script he's handed out to make the correct .changes package and upload it. It's on one of his web pages.
(04:21:10 PM) ScottK: geser: It's the same one I used (when I shouldn't have) when I stepped on your websvn sync request.
(04:22:17 PM) persia: OK. Welcome to the MOTU Meeting for 5th October 2007. The Agenda is available from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Meetings.
(04:23:03 PM) persia: Any volunteers to take / publish minutes?
(04:23:50 PM) ***pochu can, although his english isn't good...
(04:24:05 PM) persia: Thanks pochu
(04:24:31 PM) persia: OK. First up: other business. Anyone have anything they'd like to add to the agenda now?
(04:25:05 PM) ScottK: persia: I can whine and complain for a while if that would be helpful?
(04:25:20 PM) norsetto: hehehe
(04:25:46 PM) persia: ScottK: If you like, but given the attendance, the mailing lists might be a better forum :)
(04:25:49 PM) pochu: ScottK: that would mean more work for me on the minutes? no then! ;-)
(04:25:58 PM) norsetto: there is something we recently discussed with dholbach
(04:26:07 PM) norsetto: about the mentoring program
(04:26:25 PM) persia: norsetto: could you summarise it?
(04:26:38 PM) norsetto: sure, we would like to make the point of the situation
(04:27:07 PM) norsetto: how it is going, ways to improve, what we want to do in the future
(04:27:30 PM) norsetto: we would like to have a dedicated meeting to it, so I thought its a good idea to mention it here
(04:27:49 PM) norsetto: in case any of you is interested
(04:28:21 PM) persia: norsetto: That would probably benefit from some advertisement. Perhaps it could be added to the agenda for next time?
(04:28:55 PM) norsetto: persia: if it helps, sure
(04:29:46 PM) persia: norsetto: if there's no time pressure, it's best to put things on in advance so that interested people can be sure to make it.
(04:29:58 PM) persia: Anyone else have any other items?
(04:30:00 PM) pochu: I'm wondering whether it's still interesting to make a meeting every 2 weeks. Maybe they should be every 3 weeks or once a month, since the agenda is usually a bit empty... WDYT?
(04:30:55 PM) pochu: Or maybe we should give a beer to everybody which attends the meetings... although then ScottK would always be drunk :)
(04:31:06 PM) pkern: Hah.
(04:31:51 PM) ScottK: pochu: If it was Scotch, sure.
(04:31:52 PM) bddebian: w00t, I'll show up more often! :-)
(04:32:10 PM) ScottK: pochu: Be sure to get that in the minutes.
(04:32:15 PM) pochu: wow, it seems to work :-)
(04:32:27 PM) ***norsetto goes and fetch a bottle of ebradour
(04:33:17 PM) ScottK: I think we should stay with every two weeks. It's a little slow now just before release, but once we start on Hardy stuff I think there will be more to argue about <<<< discuss.
(04:35:09 PM) geser: I think too we should stay at two weeks, I doubt that 4 weeks will get more topics to the agenda and more attendees
(04:35:31 PM) norsetto: an hour every two weeks seems very reasonable to me, mind you that with the rotating timetable you would not be able to attend them all
(04:36:52 PM) persia: Based on discussion, let's stick with two weeks for now.
(04:37:38 PM) persia: Any other other business?
(04:37:44 PM) pochu: Sure, sounds ok. But don't forget the free beer if you come to the meetings!
(04:38:00 PM) geser: +1 :)
(04:39:22 PM) pkern: I guess we should discuss the details with dholbach ;)
(04:39:30 PM) persia: Next on our agenda: agree on date & time of next meeting.
(04:40:33 PM) persia: Given the previous discussion, 19th October is the candidate date. What time?
(04:42:09 PM) geser: +/- 8h?
(04:42:17 PM) persia: geser: Sounds good.
(04:42:35 PM) persia: Please vote for preferences between 04:00 and 12:00
(04:42:46 PM) norsetto: 12:00
(04:43:06 PM) geser: 12:00
(04:43:32 PM) pochu: 12:00
(04:43:47 PM) ScottK: 12:00 (this is UTC, right?)
(04:43:53 PM) persia: ScottK: Yes.
(04:43:57 PM) persia: Anyone for 04:00?
(04:44:21 PM) ScottK: persia: Of course those who would prefer that likely aren't here today.
(04:44:55 PM) geser: TheMuso mail about meeting times didn't get many answers
(04:45:05 PM) norsetto: scottK: can't we propose a time and ask in the list to confirm it (or otherwise)?
(04:45:16 PM) ScottK: Sure.
(04:45:21 PM) ScottK: Just saying.
(04:45:35 PM) norsetto: scottk: quite truly too
(04:46:02 PM) persia: OK. Next meeting with be 19th October, 12:00 UTC unless there is dissension after posting to the mailing list. Any volunteers to make the announcement?
(04:46:23 PM) pochu: I can do it with the minutes.
(04:46:41 PM) persia: pochu: Thanks.
(04:47:14 PM) persia: Next agenda item: Next REVU day. As this is for Hardy, I think it's safe to skip.
(04:47:21 PM) ScottK: Agreed.
(04:47:38 PM) persia: Next agenda item: next Q&A session time. Any volunteers to run one?
(04:47:45 PM) ScottK: How's the UUS queue looking these days?
(04:47:53 PM) ScottK: persia: I volunteer dholbach.
(04:47:56 PM) norsetto: reasonable
(04:48:01 PM) pochu: lol
(04:48:41 PM) ScottK: He's the one that wanted to keep them going. Looking at the logs of the last one there didn't seem to be much except a new Canonical guy looking for a rubber stamp.
(04:48:47 PM) persia: ScottK: Great. You'll be in charge of recruiting him, and getting an annoucement to the mailing list?
(04:49:01 PM) ScottK: persia: No. If it's up to me, I'd just cancel the whole thing.
(04:49:09 PM) ScottK: Just have pochu put it in the minutes.
(04:49:17 PM) ScottK: We'll get told if we were wrong.
(04:49:31 PM) ScottK: He didn't want to do it next time, he should have come to the meeting.
(04:49:53 PM) persia: OK. If there's no volunteer to run the session, let's not schedule one, and ask for volunteers to announce any ad-hoc session to the mailing list.
(04:50:19 PM) ScottK: I'm perfectly fine with that.
(04:50:27 PM) ScottK: My vote was to do away with them.
(04:51:03 PM) persia: Anyone have any final items for discussion?
(04:53:02 PM) persia: Thank you all for coming to the meeting.

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