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jun 22 20:03:43 <asac>  ok .... maybe lets get started.
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jun 22 20:03:57 <asac>  gnomefreak is not here, so lets push his topics back in case he appears late
jun 22 20:04:16 <fta>   where is the agenda ?
jun 22 20:04:18 <Jazzva>        Does that mean I go first? Ok...
jun 22 20:04:23 <Jazzva>        fta:
jun 22 20:04:24 <asac>  agenda
jun 22 20:04:27 <Tallken>       the meeting is open right? I'm here just for the curiosity
jun 22 20:04:38 <Jazzva>        Tallken: Sure...
jun 22 20:04:40 <asac>  thanks to Jazzva and gnomefreak that actually made this meeting become true ;)
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jun 22 20:04:44 <Tallken>       :)
jun 22 20:04:47 <asac>  s/that/who/
jun 22 20:05:04 <asac>  its been quite some time since the last meeting so ... here we go :)
jun 22 20:05:19 <Jazzva>        soren, first item is membership policy for the new team, mozilla-extensions-dev
jun 22 20:05:21 <asac>  Tallken: feel free to listen, contribute, cheer, whatever :)
jun 22 20:05:39 <Tallken>       ok :)
jun 22 20:05:42 <Jazzva>        Um... that's supposed to be "so", not "soren". autocomplete...
jun 22 20:06:12 <asac>  Jazzva: ok go ahead. maybe outline the options we have
jun 22 20:06:50 <Jazzva>        I have few suggestions. First is to auto-accept new team members with some sort of trial period (1, 3 months, ...), during which they need to prove their skills with some sort of development for the team (packaging extensions, fixing current bugs in mozilla extensions, ...)
jun 22 20:07:27 <Jazzva>        The second would be to ask new members to show some skills before being accepted in the team.
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jun 22 20:08:21 <asac>  personally, i prefer the first (open) option but would like to hear what others think?
jun 22 20:08:46 <Jazzva>        Personally, I am more for the second option, since we probably will use mozilla-extensions-dev branches in development, according to extensions' LargeScaleDevelopment (am I right?).
jun 22 20:08:49 <fta>   i prefer 2nd but it's less critical than for m-t
jun 22 20:08:53 <JenFraggle>    i think the first option sounds best
jun 22 20:09:01 <asac>  especially the current extension-dev members ;)
jun 22 20:09:36 *       RainCT is here
jun 22 20:09:37 <asac>  yes ... LargeScaleDevelopment is later on the agenda, but since it somehow interferes with this agenda point, let me explain what we plan to do
jun 22 20:09:43 <Volans>        in the first option after the trial period is needed a meeting for confirmation of the members
jun 22 20:09:44 <Volans>        ?
jun 22 20:10:09 <Nafallo>       second option is lots easier to manage, I'd say. people can always branch and ask for merges.
jun 22 20:10:14 <asac>  to better scale the extension package maintenance and help extension packagers we want to provide a few "automated" services
jun 22 20:10:37 <asac>  for instance: we will provide automatically tracked upstream branches
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jun 22 20:10:58 <asac>  and try to automagically upgrade the .ubuntu branches
jun 22 20:11:22 <asac>  the result of that auto upgrade will end up in a .staging branch which is supposed to reside in the ~mozilla-extension-dev team
jun 22 20:11:45 <asac>  so the only thing that extension contacts need to do is reviewing those .staging branches and resolving any eventual conflicts
jun 22 20:12:36 <asac>  so basically the only harm someone can do is breaking the .staging branches before they get released to the archive
jun 22 20:13:15 <asac>  for me that means that its an acceptable risk if it helps us to get more contributors by removing a barrier (e.g. entering the team)
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jun 22 20:14:00 <asac>  anyway. on the end both options are ok for me :)
jun 22 20:14:04 <Nafallo>       asac: people can branch those branches anonymously (http) without any risk at all surely :-)
jun 22 20:14:39 <Nafallo>       that also makes for needed reviews of the merges, since they have to ask for it :-)
jun 22 20:14:45 <Nafallo>       I lean towards option 2.
jun 22 20:14:58 <Jazzva>        Nafallo: Any m-e-d member can contribute to them, I suppose that's where the risk of breakage is... But what asac said sounds reasonable, too...
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jun 22 20:16:04 <Jazzva>        Maybe we can compromise. To try the first option for some period, and then if we don't get more contributors, then to fall back to the second option?
jun 22 20:16:05 <fta>   asac, if we auto accept (option 1), how do we get rid of people doing nothing ? (ie, those who just collect team memberships)
jun 22 20:16:09 <asac>  Nafallo: right. good point.
jun 22 20:16:18 <asac>  fta: the idea was to have a trial-period
jun 22 20:16:26 <asac>  like 3 month ... then looking if there is activity
jun 22 20:16:34 <fta>   even for opt1 ?
jun 22 20:16:43 <asac>  fta: only for opt1, Jazzva ?
jun 22 20:16:54 <asac>  e.g. auto admission == trial
jun 22 20:17:03 <Jazzva>        fta, asac: yes
jun 22 20:17:07 <asac>  e.g. merio-admission == no trial
jun 22 20:17:12 <asac>  merito :)
jun 22 20:17:30 <Volans>        Jazzva: for the risk you tell maybe setting a team policy (best practice) that a contact must push only branches of the extensions he is the contact can help^
jun 22 20:17:42 <Jazzva>        asac: Well, if we they contribute, I think they can be accepted to the team :)
jun 22 20:17:44 <asac>  i think the question is if extension-dev members can sign off packages that then get automatically uploaded
jun 22 20:17:58 <asac>  if there always is a review step by mozillateam members required, we can auto admit i guess
jun 22 20:18:22 <JenFraggle>    would a mentoring option work?  Part of the trial would be working with someone who can monitor their contributions?  not sure how many people to expect to join
jun 22 20:18:49 <asac>  JenFraggle: imo mentoring should be done in a non-dedicated fashion
jun 22 20:18:53 <Jazzva>        asac: Is that possible in LP?
jun 22 20:19:01 <asac>  the whole #ubuntu-mozillateam channel is aleays your mentor :)
jun 22 20:19:02 <Jazzva>        (for review thingy...)
jun 22 20:19:19 <Nafallo>       I think we are walking a thin line here... automatically accept people for packages that potentially gets auto-uploaded? there is a reason we have policys for getting upload rights in the first place. a reviewer can always miss things in branches.
jun 22 20:19:21 <asac>  Jazzva: there is a feature where users can review/vote for patches
jun 22 20:19:37 <asac>  we could say that "two positive" votes of m-e-d members would trigger upload
jun 22 20:19:46 <asac>  or one positive by m-t members
jun 22 20:19:58 <asac>  fta: you already saw that feature in action, didnt you?
jun 22 20:20:01 <Jazzva>        But what if those two positive votes are from new, auto-approved m-e-d members?
jun 22 20:20:03 <asac>  e.g. sign off merges
jun 22 20:20:08 <Jazzva>        The "one positive m-t" sounds good...
jun 22 20:20:21 <asac>  Jazzva: right. thats why i now lean a bit more to option 2 :)
jun 22 20:20:29 <rzr>   hi
jun 22 20:20:33 <Jazzva>        Hey, rzr...
jun 22 20:20:37 <asac>  even if we dont implement that right from the beginning, i would at least keep the option open
jun 22 20:20:41 <asac>  to do it :)
jun 22 20:21:10 <Nafallo>       how do other teams to this?
jun 22 20:21:21 <Jazzva>        Well, here's one more: Let's try option 1 for 3 months, with one-positive vote from m-t and see if that goes well. If it doesn't, we can go to option 2...
jun 22 20:21:22 <asac>  the other option would be to not couple the "review-power" with team membership at all, but maintain a list of valid reviewers
jun 22 20:21:27 <Nafallo>       surely there must be things like the desktop team that has contributors?
jun 22 20:21:29 <RainCT>        m-t?
jun 22 20:21:40 <Jazzva>        RainCT: ~mozillateam
jun 22 20:21:41 <asac>  Nafallo: they go over sponsorship unless you can upload to ubuntu on your own
jun 22 20:21:42 <fta>   asac, yes, the new voting system for branch merge requests
jun 22 20:21:53 <RainCT>        ah ok
jun 22 20:22:16 <fta>   asac, not sure it triggers an upload though
jun 22 20:22:17 <asac>  fta: you tink its better to couple voting powers with team membership or by maintaining a manual list of reviewers?
jun 22 20:22:31 <asac>  fta: sure it doesnt ... thats what we need to implement :)
jun 22 20:22:32 <Nafallo>       hmm. option 2 is basically sponsorship, but with branches rather than debdiffs...
jun 22 20:22:37 <asac>  (welll at least a merge to the release branch)
jun 22 20:22:45 <asac>  Nafallo: right
jun 22 20:23:06 *       Nafallo likes option 2 :-)
jun 22 20:23:22 <Jazzva>        Nafallo: Yes, for the beginning. Then we add that contributor to the team
jun 22 20:23:23 <asac>  ok ... so what are the requirements for joining if we have criterias?
jun 22 20:23:25 *       rzr thinks branches is better thatn debdiff
jun 22 20:23:32 *       asac assumes that we settle on option 2
jun 22 20:23:42 <Jazzva>        Anyone against option 2?
jun 22 20:24:06 <rzr>   3, 2, 1
jun 22 20:24:10 <Jazzva>        I suppose that we're for option 2...
jun 22 20:24:11 <fta>   asac, i'm not sure lp could restrict voting powers. I stand for option 2
jun 22 20:24:21 <rzr>   0 ; opt 2 is sold for 1000$
jun 22 20:24:26 <asac>  no objection. lets go for iut
jun 22 20:24:29 <Jazzva>        :)
jun 22 20:24:47 <asac>  ACTION: someone to draft m-e-d team requirements
jun 22 20:24:59 <asac>  for admission :)
jun 22 20:25:09 <Jazzva>        We might want them to package an extension ;). That would be the best :).
jun 22 20:25:13 <Jazzva>        as a criteria
jun 22 20:25:14 <asac>  ok ... what are the requirements?
jun 22 20:25:25 <asac>  no strict rules, but a vote during mozillateam meeting?
jun 22 20:25:44 <asac>  Jazzva: well. i guess that packaging an extension is a basic requirement for sure
jun 22 20:25:52 <Jazzva>        Hehe :)
jun 22 20:25:53 <Volans>        PROPOSAL: make a branch in the personal LP page with a funcional extension and the debian folder?
jun 22 20:25:57 <asac>  but i doubt that packaging an extension just once and then going away is not good enough
jun 22 20:26:08 <fta>   package an extension, or update an existing extension needing love
jun 22 20:26:09 <Nafallo>       work with the reviewer and he would then be the best to tell when the individual is considered ready?
jun 22 20:26:11 <Volans>        in this way mozillateam members can check the work
jun 22 20:26:30 <Jazzva>        asac: Sure... Maintaining it is also good :)
jun 22 20:27:07 <rzr>   1 package + 1 bug fix would be show that he's confortable with the process
jun 22 20:27:15 <Jazzva>        Nafallo: I think it would be good if more people could say that one is ready...
jun 22 20:27:16 <rzr>   + n bug fix
jun 22 20:27:38 <asac>  i really think updating extensions should get in the equation
jun 22 20:27:48 <asac>  otherwise we will end up with zillions of branches, that nobody updates :)
jun 22 20:28:03 <Nafallo>       asac: +1
jun 22 20:28:06 <Jazzva>        Nafallo: That would go in accordance with "whole #ubuntu-mozillateam is your mentor". That way more people get to meet a prospective developer
jun 22 20:28:10 <rzr>   +2
jun 22 20:28:13 <asac>  so maybe: at least 1. new extension, and 3 updates?
jun 22 20:28:23 <JenFraggle>    having less extensions but updated ones is better than lots of unloved extensions
jun 22 20:28:24 <Nafallo>       Jazzva: good point
jun 22 20:28:33 <Jazzva>        asac: +1 on that... with "maintaining extension" requirement
jun 22 20:28:48 <asac>  ok.
jun 22 20:29:10 <asac>  how about expiring anyway? e.g. if there is no activity for 6 month we should probably expire members too (with the option to join back whenever they want)
jun 22 20:29:21 <fta>   asac, maybe we should recommend newcomers to work in ~id/+junk/branchname instead of in the project tree, to avoid pollution.
jun 22 20:29:30 <Jazzva>        asac: Sounds good...
jun 22 20:29:32 <Volans>        IMHO there will be two different kind of members: those who help packaging extensions just for help the packaging process and those who package and mantein their own extension (extension developer). You can require that the first kind of members when package an extension have also to maintan the same extension
jun 22 20:29:34 <asac>  fta: good point
jun 22 20:29:47 <asac>  fta: can all submissions for merging be done in +junk?
jun 22 20:29:59 <fta>   asac, no idea
jun 22 20:30:08 *       ubuntu-laptop ( joined #ubuntu-meeting
jun 22 20:30:12 <fta>   worth a try
jun 22 20:30:15 <shirish>       hi all, I hate to say this but the documentation lacks at many a places, could something be done about that?
jun 22 20:30:30 <Jazzva>        asac, fta: Well, it can be copied to other branch, if it can't be merged from +junk, right?
jun 22 20:30:35 <ubuntu-laptop> i  need a few before i can talk
jun 22 20:30:39 <fta>   Jazzva, right
jun 22 20:30:54 <asac>  Volans: shirish we have an agenda item about that later :)
jun 22 20:30:55 <ubuntu-laptop> my connection is not working. only wireless is working it seems
jun 22 20:30:56 <shirish>       I dunno if this is time or perhaps at the end of the meet, asac, fta ?
jun 22 20:30:58 <Jazzva>        shirish: Doc? Wiki pages? That's also on agenda :)
jun 22 20:31:11 Име *   ubuntu-laptop је промењено у gnomefreak
jun 22 20:31:12 <shirish>       Jazzva: yup
jun 22 20:31:18 <shirish>       :)
jun 22 20:31:21 <asac>  Volans: right. i think extension authors (as in upstream) that want to maintain their package can be added to the team after they finished their own package
jun 22 20:31:21 <Jazzva>        Hey, gnomefreak. Welcome :)
jun 22 20:31:29 <fta>   shirish, add your idea in, we'll see
jun 22 20:31:31 <asac>  gnomefreak: \o/
jun 22 20:31:35 <gnomefreak>    hi Jazzva
jun 22 20:31:40 <gnomefreak>    hi asac
jun 22 20:31:48 <asac>  ok .... lets sign off the procedure:
jun 22 20:31:53 <gnomefreak>    im pissed and working on a conection atm
jun 22 20:31:55 <asac>  1 package + 3 updates
jun 22 20:32:03 <gnomefreak>    brb
jun 22 20:32:08 <asac>  after that regular contributions of not defined amount ;)
jun 22 20:32:27 <asac>  for upstream extension authors we have an exception that they just need to have finished their own extension package
jun 22 20:32:40 <asac>  is that high enough bar for joining m-e-d?
jun 22 20:33:05 <asac>  any objectsions?
jun 22 20:33:08 <Jazzva>        Fine by me.
jun 22 20:33:16 <fta>   asac, ok for "1 package + 3 updates", but coupled with resignation after 3 (6?) months of inactivity
jun 22 20:33:16 <Nafallo>       sounds shiny :-)
jun 22 20:33:19 <asac>  3
jun 22 20:33:23 <Volans>        sounds good
jun 22 20:33:31 <asac>  fta: i think 6 month of inactivity is ok
jun 22 20:33:31 <Jazzva>        3 updates of their packages, or any packages?
jun 22 20:33:43 <asac>  Jazzva: well ... doesnt really matter i'd say
jun 22 20:33:47 <Jazzva>        Cool :)
jun 22 20:33:48 <fta>   6 months is a full cycle, may be too much
jun 22 20:34:08 <asac>  fta: so you want to put more pressure on m-e-d members?
jun 22 20:34:09 <asac>  :)
jun 22 20:34:16 <Nafallo>       fta: and if the extension they are interested doesn't get updated for the period?
jun 22 20:34:20 <asac>  we could align the review with the release time.
jun 22 20:34:27 <fta>   i just want people to feel concerned
jun 22 20:34:29 <Jazzva>        I think 6 would be better. That way people are not under pressure of working :)
jun 22 20:34:44 <Nafallo>       would we need to tie this to a working extension for current firefox maybe? + track upstream
jun 22 20:34:44 <asac>  e.g. review 1 month before we release ... to give contributors an incentive to do their housekeeping :)
jun 22 20:34:46 <JenFraggle>    i say 6 rather than 3
jun 22 20:35:25 <asac>  fta: i'd say that 6 is ok if we dont really have dedicated maintainers ... e.g. everybody can work on any extension
jun 22 20:35:39 <asac>  with dedicated maintainers 6 would be too long
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jun 22 20:36:36 <asac>  ok have we reached a consent?
jun 22 20:36:50 <asac>  pointer: we have a bunch of other items on agenda :)
jun 22 20:36:54 <Jazzva>        I'm ok with this :)
jun 22 20:36:59 <fta>   i'm ok with 6 if there's nothing to do on the extension the user worked on. but if we detect new upstream versions, but no work from 3 months, i find that quite long..
jun 22 20:37:05 <gnomefreak>    can someone post results on the meeting agenda or email me the logs
jun 22 20:37:11 <fta>   -from+after
jun 22 20:37:33 <asac>  fta: right. i'd say we review before release and decide case-by-case ... with the 6 month rule-of-thumb
jun 22 20:37:34 <Jazzva>        gnomefreak: I can do it...
jun 22 20:37:41 <fta>   asac, ok
jun 22 20:37:49 <Nafallo>       asac: +1
jun 22 20:37:56 <gnomefreak>    Jazzva: thanks
jun 22 20:38:12 <asac>  anyone against having a rule-of-thumb of 6 month that can be changed by meeting decision?
jun 22 20:38:12 <Jazzva>        gnomefreak: No problem. Are you gonna stay for your agenda items?
jun 22 20:38:36 <asac>  gnomefreak: we are still on first item: "extension dev membership"
jun 22 20:38:41 <asac>  ok lets do it that way then for now
jun 22 20:38:43 <asac>  next item :)
jun 22 20:38:46 <gnomefreak>    i doubt it i need to get a working pc other than this laptop
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jun 22 20:39:01 <gnomefreak>    asac: 6 & 3????
jun 22 20:39:18 <Jazzva>        gnomefreak: If you can, we can do your agenda items now... or at the end of the meeting.
jun 22 20:39:39 <asac>  i'd say since gnomefreak is now here we go directly to his items (which are the first on the agenda)
jun 22 20:39:47 <Jazzva>        Sure...
jun 22 20:39:53 <asac>  TOPIC: Team Tags and Status changes
jun 22 20:40:10 <fta>   which is "We need a set of tags to keep and others to remove or combine in other tags also i would like feedback on what wikis to update since most are old. Feedback on these wikis would be great or some ideas and i will save everything as notes for a to do list and go from there "
jun 22 20:40:15 <gnomefreak>    ok with tags i was thinking of ones we need to remove or add
jun 22 20:40:44 <asac>  i think its agreed that the current bug procedures are too formal and we should come to something more simple
jun 22 20:40:58 <gnomefreak>    correct
jun 22 20:41:01 <Jazzva>        MT tags:
jun 22 20:41:08 <asac>  my vision is: keep it really simple and let most of the bug work be done by the bugsquad and bugcontrol (QA) team
jun 22 20:41:10 <Jazzva>        MT states:
jun 22 20:41:32 <gnomefreak>    i want bug triagers to use mt-confirm instead of marking confirmed
jun 22 20:41:38 <gnomefreak>    or other tags
jun 22 20:42:02 <gnomefreak>    im seeing alot of bugs being closed for no reason lately
jun 22 20:42:10 <asac>  in preparation of this meeting - based on discussion we had with bdmurray - i did setup
jun 22 20:42:44 <fta>   so far, we are really bad with mt-upstream and mt-postupstream :(
jun 22 20:42:51 <asac>  right
jun 22 20:43:23 <fta>   not sure the QA team wants to do that
jun 22 20:43:33 <asac>  fta: they want to help
jun 22 20:43:37 <asac>  (with support of mozillateam)
jun 22 20:43:45 <asac>  the upstream procedure is a topic on its own
jun 22 20:43:51 <asac>  based on UDS discussion i drafted
jun 22 20:44:16 <gnomefreak>    WE should push to upstream IMHO since we know what needs to be dpone
jun 22 20:44:18 <asac>  the current topic is ment to fix the horrible situation for bug triage _before_ bugs actually get forwarded
jun 22 20:44:41 <asac>  the handbook above tries to support the upstream triage, by introducing a "standard format" of bug summaries/descriptions
jun 22 20:45:03 <asac>  (look at requirements for confirmed on
jun 22 20:45:06 <Jazzva>        Well, TriagersHandbook looks good to me. It's quite simple - when it's confirmed, notify upstream :)
jun 22 20:45:20 <shirish>       shouldn't it be both bugs and patches in a way that is easier for upstream to work with
jun 22 20:45:46 <asac>  shirish: patches are a rare case i guess
jun 22 20:45:53 <asac>  how dont they fit in the triagers handbook?
jun 22 20:46:03 <fta>   patches need to be attached to bugs, so it's covered
jun 22 20:46:07 <Jazzva>        shirish: We might not be able to produce patches if they're deep in the code. Maybe it would be better if upstream plays with it
jun 22 20:46:30 <Jazzva>        (at least, that's my opinion :))
jun 22 20:46:44 <asac>  even if we have a patch that fixes something, a bug still needs to be of the proper form as upstream certainly wants a good description on what get actually fixed
jun 22 20:47:03 <shirish>       true
jun 22 20:47:06 <asac>  ... so imo patches dont make the handbook unapplicable
jun 22 20:47:39 <asac>  do we want to add a hint about what to do with patches to that handbook?
jun 22 20:48:52 <Jazzva>        asac: It might be good
jun 22 20:48:58 <asac>  ok
jun 22 20:49:34 <asac>  ACTION: add how to upstream patches to the triagers handbook and how it fits in the general procedure :)
jun 22 20:49:45 <fta>   asac, what about when a user contributes a patch, then it's posted upstream but upstream wants changes. how will the initial user know ?
jun 22 20:49:59 <shirish>       it might also fit in with ubuntu-marketing to let other people know of ubuntu's contribution to packages.
jun 22 20:50:39 <asac>  fta: good question. i think one requirement is to CC the ubuntu@bugs.distro users on forwarded bugs upstrewam
jun 22 20:50:49 <asac>  we can tehn setup a mailing list that will get the traffic
jun 22 20:51:20 <asac>  so if there are questions we can react; bug the initial submitter; or look for someone who can work in what upstream has asked for
jun 22 20:51:30 <asac>  fta: is that good enough?
jun 22 20:51:33 <fta>   yes
jun 22 20:51:37 <JenFraggle>    i've got to go guys, sorry
jun 22 20:51:43 <asac>  Jazzva: cu. thanks!
jun 22 20:51:48 <Jazzva>        Ok, JenFraggle... See you :)
jun 22 20:52:00 <asac>  ok. i think the topic "bug states" is well covered as we are already improving the wiki
jun 22 20:52:18 *       JenFraggle left ("Ex-Chat")
jun 22 20:52:24 <asac>  and the general direction to tap more bugsquad and QA members for general triage is also consent i guess
jun 22 20:52:33 <Jazzva>        anyone have something to add, before we move on to the next topic?
jun 22 20:52:36 *       davmor2 ( joined #ubuntu-meeting
jun 22 20:52:59 <shirish>       wait
jun 22 20:53:02 <asac>  lets move ahead. if anyone gets more ideas we can also move it to mailing list
jun 22 20:53:06 <asac>  shirish: ?
jun 22 20:53:14 <shirish>       what about wikis that need to be updated
jun 22 20:53:28 <shirish>       wasn't that part of the 1st topic as well.
jun 22 20:53:30 <asac>  shirish: we are already working on new documents that finally will replace the current pages
jun 22 20:53:53 <Jazzva>        shirish: It's coming later ;)... It's MozillaTeam Wiki item.
jun 22 20:53:56 <shirish>       ok, a link to sneak-peak ?
jun 22 20:53:57 <asac>  is that what you are asking for?
jun 22 20:54:04 <asac>  shirish: i posted them above :)
jun 22 20:54:08 <Jazzva>        shirish: This was about bugs tags, states and triaging
jun 22 20:54:10 <asac>
jun 22 20:54:20 <shirish>       no no
jun 22 20:54:32 <asac>
jun 22 20:54:35 <shirish>       ok, what I meant if there is some finished work I could see of a wiki docuement
jun 22 20:54:50 <gnomefreak>    i need people to look for issues with them and let me know what needs to be worked out. we have too many wikis for me to go through and look on my own
jun 22 20:54:52 <asac>  shirish: dont understand what you mean?
jun 22 20:55:02 <asac>  ok, arte we on next topic now?
jun 22 20:55:04 <asac>  shirish: ?`
jun 22 20:55:12 <gnomefreak>    asac: that needs to be updated with UDS results
jun 22 20:55:15 <shirish>       asac: I meant how the new wiki is being structured or what things are being looked at
jun 22 20:55:20 <asac>  is your question about "Team Tags and Status changes " or "MozillaTeam Wiki "
jun 22 20:55:24 <asac>  ?
jun 22 20:55:35 <gnomefreak>    asac: mozilla wikis in general for topic 2
jun 22 20:55:46 <asac>  ok ... i am fine to move to that topic
jun 22 20:55:49 <gnomefreak>    read my post above
jun 22 20:55:53 <shirish>       "MozillaTeam Wiki:
jun 22 20:55:55 *       Volans left (Connection timed out)
jun 22 20:55:56 <asac>  Though next one would have been "Thunderbird Extension"
jun 22 20:56:11 <shirish>       asac: i can wait
jun 22 20:56:16 <gnomefreak>    asac: we can work out tags and status' more on ML or in #u-m-t
jun 22 20:56:19 <asac>  ok, lets push that back and go ahead with "MozillaTeam wiki"
jun 22 20:56:25 <asac>  gnomefreak: right
jun 22 20:56:27 <asac>  ok
jun 22 20:56:34 <asac>  TOPIC: "MozillaTeam wiki"
jun 22 20:56:42 <asac>  RATIONALE: We need to clean up the wikis for the MozillaTeam, for example taking a wiki that has conversations posted should be changed to a complete wiki, this will help users understand it more. All MozillaTeam's and ExtensionTeams's wikis should have CategoryMozillaTeam, CategoryBugSquad at the bottom of wiki page
jun 22 20:56:49 <gnomefreak>    asac: im not looking at agenda page
jun 22 20:57:11 <asac>  i think nobody will disagree that we should add the Category everywhere
jun 22 20:57:17 <asac>  anyone volunteers to do this work?
jun 22 20:57:38 <gnomefreak>    asac: thats about the jist of it, also need old wikis that freddy and alex were working on need to be updated also davids wikis
jun 22 20:57:41 <Jazzva>        If it's not important atm, I can help in a week or two...
jun 22 20:57:42 <gnomefreak>    asac: i will
jun 22 20:57:50 <asac>  e.g. every mozillateam page gets CategoryMozillaTeam and every MozillaTeam/Bugs/ page gets CategoryBugSquad as well?
jun 22 20:58:08 <gnomefreak>    asac: i need to get things worked out before hacking the hell out of them though
jun 22 20:58:13 <shirish>       can help with that.
jun 22 20:58:16 <gnomefreak>    asac: no
jun 22 20:58:21 <gnomefreak>    well maybe
jun 22 20:58:27 <asac>  shirish: great.
jun 22 20:58:30 <asac>  ok so
jun 22 20:58:36 <shirish>       there is one thing more which bites me though
jun 22 20:58:41 <asac>  ACTION: properly categorize MozillaTeam wiki pages
jun 22 20:59:00 <shirish>       many of the pages don't follow a particular structure
jun 22 20:59:00 <gnomefreak>    asac: you want to use cat.bugsquad and mozillateam  cats.?
jun 22 20:59:16 <gnomefreak>    shirish: thats why i have been working on them
jun 22 20:59:23 <shirish>       please note this is not just with the mozillateam but with all.
jun 22 20:59:27 <shirish>       gnomefreak: thanx
jun 22 20:59:28 <gnomefreak>    shirish: we had 2 people doing wikis and they left
jun 22 20:59:36 *       nand (n=nand@ubuntu/member/nand) joined #ubuntu-meeting
jun 22 20:59:40 <asac>  gnomefreak: al pages that belong to mozillateam get MT cat ... the Bugs/ pages get bugsquad category on top of that
jun 22 20:59:43 *       gnomefreak only concerned with our at this time
jun 22 20:59:52 <gnomefreak>    asac: ok
jun 22 21:00:02 <shirish>       it would be nice if we had a place for people to know what or how they are expected to write, some structure documentation is good.
jun 22 21:00:04 <asac>  shirish: want to become the official wiki lead for the mozillateam?
jun 22 21:00:05 <asac>  :)
jun 22 21:00:08 <gnomefreak>    ours need more work than bugsquad
jun 22 21:00:35 <shirish>       asac: thanx for the offer, but would decline, of course would help with whatever little I know or can do.
jun 22 21:00:59 <asac>  shirish: i ment: "take the lead on wiki cleanup" :)
jun 22 21:01:03 <shirish>       gnomefreak: perhaps we can collaborate on this
jun 22 21:01:08 <gnomefreak>    asac: i got the lead once i have a working connections the power outage burned up something
jun 22 21:01:19 <asac>  basically means: going through, looking if things still apply; if in doubt ask on ubuntu-mozillateam
jun 22 21:01:21 <gnomefreak>    shirish: yes that is fine :)
jun 22 21:01:24 <asac>  and remove outdated things
jun 22 21:01:29 <asac>  ok
jun 22 21:01:35 <shirish>       asac: right, that's not an issue
jun 22 21:01:55 <asac>  ACTION: gnomefreak and shirish work together on initial MozilaTeam wiki cleanup :)
jun 22 21:01:58 <gnomefreak>    biggest wikis are membership, bugs, states, tags
jun 22 21:02:11 <shirish>       asac: apart from that
jun 22 21:02:34 <shirish>       if we could have just some idea for a newbie who wants to put stuff on the wiki what goes where, how and what
jun 22 21:02:41 <gnomefreak>    asac: just need an outline of what tags you would like to keep. and what ones to dump so get with me on this once im on my desktop
jun 22 21:03:03 <gnomefreak>    shirish: wiki in general orformat of ours?
jun 22 21:03:07 <asac>  shirish: we can offer to help users to find the right place in #ubuntu-mozillateam or on mailing list
jun 22 21:03:22 <shirish>       gnomefreak: ?
jun 22 21:03:22 <asac>  i think its hard to write a proper documentation that covers enough cases to be really useful
jun 22 21:03:38 <shirish>       right. Lemme explain what I mean
jun 22 21:03:46 <gnomefreak>    shirish: if we could have just some idea for a newbie who  wants to put stuff on the wiki what goes where, how  and what
jun 22 21:04:15 <shirish>       lots of wiki pages which are there are disconnected to the projects from where they came from or what's happening there.
jun 22 21:04:34 <shirish>       gnomefreak: I meant ur answer "wiki in general orformat of ours?"
jun 22 21:04:38 <asac>  shirish: thts why we want to add the categories
jun 22 21:04:46 <asac>  shirish:
jun 22 21:04:56 <asac>  those are all pages that claim themselves that they belong to mozillateam
jun 22 21:05:03 <asac>  you basically add that to the bottom of the page
jun 22 21:05:09 <shirish>       asac: I know that
jun 22 21:05:12 <asac>  ah :)
jun 22 21:05:14 *       davmor3 ( joined #ubuntu-meeting
jun 22 21:05:15 <gnomefreak>    be right back erin is having connection issues as well :(
jun 22 21:05:27 <shirish>       what I meant was more precise let me take an example to explain what I mean
jun 22 21:05:47 <shirish>       now let's say w.u.c/wiki/Webkit
jun 22 21:06:14 <shirish>       now while Webkit gives a surmise of what it is, it doesn't give any link to or any blogs or anything of the developer who's developing upstream
jun 22 21:06:22 *       davmor2 left (Connection reset by peer)
jun 22 21:06:37 <Jazzva>        shirish: There's a link at the end of the page :)
jun 22 21:06:39 <shirish>       now while Webkit wiki page gives a surmise of what it is, it doesn't give any link to or any blogs or anything of the developer who's developing upstream
jun 22 21:06:53 <asac>  ok
jun 22 21:07:09 <asac>  shirish: i think such quality standards should be enforced outside the mozillateam
jun 22 21:07:19 <asac>  we can only come up with policies that are mozillateam specific
jun 22 21:07:22 <shirish>       right but there could be many more so it makes for people interesting for the project.
jun 22 21:07:28 <asac>  e.g. if you make a firefox extension page, do this, that and whatever :)
jun 22 21:07:57 <asac>  shirish: i think the right group to enforce and draft such general policies would be the Documentation Team
jun 22 21:07:57 <Jazzva>        asac: +1 on that
jun 22 21:08:07 <shirish>       ok cool
jun 22 21:08:26 *       Admiral_Chicago left (Remote closed the connection)
jun 22 21:08:31 <asac>  shirish: could you look which pages of the MOzillaTeam might fall into a category that could benefit from such general procedures?
jun 22 21:09:06 <shirish>       asac: not at the top of my mind, but yes for sure.
jun 22 21:09:12 <asac>  good
jun 22 21:09:19 <asac>  ok. i think thats it for wiki cleanup topic for now?
jun 22 21:09:20 <asac>  gnomefreak: ?
jun 22 21:10:07 <asac>  as it fits to this discussion, I'd suggest to move to "Extensions related wiki pages "
jun 22 21:10:13 <asac>  TOPIC: Extensions related wiki pages
jun 22 21:10:14 <fta>   he said something about connection issues
jun 22 21:10:14 <asac>  Jazzva: ?
jun 22 21:10:32 *       davmor3 ( left #ubuntu-meeting
jun 22 21:10:38 <Jazzva>        Right :)
jun 22 21:10:40 <asac>  fta: ok. lets discuss this with him outside the meeting and followup on mailing list
jun 22 21:11:22 <fta>   k
jun 22 21:11:33 <asac>  Jazzva: what do you suggest regarding extension pages?
jun 22 21:12:12 <Jazzva>        I was thinking of setting up extensions' related wiki pages under MozillaTeam/Extensions/, so they're not mixed with the general MozillaTeam pages. For example. Current MozillaTeam/Firefox3Extensions/Packaging would be MozillaTeam/Extensions/Packaging, and MozillaTeam/Firefox3Extensions could be ... dunno, MozillaTeam/Extensions/List
jun 22 21:12:55 <asac>  Jazzva: so you want to remove "Firefox" from the context?
jun 22 21:12:58 <gnomefreak>    we should do that but in sense of a firefox one a tbird one ect... as main pages
jun 22 21:12:59 <asac>  e.g. remove it from wiki name
jun 22 21:13:05 <asac>  gnomefreak: +
jun 22 21:13:11 <Jazzva>        That would also apply to the rest of the pages that are related to extensions' stuff. I don't think there will be many pages to go to the MozillaTeam/Extensions/, on the other hand
jun 22 21:13:23 <gnomefreak>    this way we dont have ff and tb messed in one page
jun 22 21:13:34 <Jazzva>        asac: gnomefreak's idea is good
jun 22 21:13:39 <gnomefreak>    Jazzva: just keep our heading and add to that
jun 22 21:13:55 <asac>  so MozillaTeam/Extensions/Packaging (e.g. for general mozilla extension packaging)
jun 22 21:13:59 <Nafallo>       ehrm. so s/3//g ? :-)
jun 22 21:14:07 <asac>  and MOzillaTeam/Extensions/Firefox/List (for firefox 3 extension list) ?
jun 22 21:14:07 <gnomefreak>    leave MozillaTeam/firefox/extensions band so on
jun 22 21:14:14 <Nafallo>       ah
jun 22 21:14:30 <Jazzva>        Yep, something like that...
jun 22 21:14:34 <gnomefreak>    asac: replace list with the autual pages
jun 22 21:14:42 <asac>  gnomefreak: one page per extensions?
jun 22 21:14:42 <gnomefreak>    actual
jun 22 21:14:43 <asac>  hmm
jun 22 21:14:45 <Volan1>        and for other mozilla programs? (seamonley, ecc..)
jun 22 21:14:46 <asac>  i like the table
jun 22 21:14:48 <Jazzva>        Thought, we need to know what to do with extensions which both work in FF and TB
jun 22 21:14:57 <gnomefreak>    asac: no one page per firefox extensions
jun 22 21:15:05 <asac>  Volan1: what kind of information would be on a Seamonkey page?
jun 22 21:15:11 <fta>   drop firefox, it's also valid for thunderbird, seamonkey, prism, flock, songbird, and who knows what
jun 22 21:15:26 <gnomefreak>    no not all are for the same
jun 22 21:15:33 <asac>  fta: for the Packaging page i concur
jun 22 21:15:34 <Jazzva>        I'm with asac on this, there are not many info for an actual page, and it already fits in the table layout.
jun 22 21:15:37 <asac>  but also for the List page?
jun 22 21:15:42 <Volan1>        asac: I mean for extension list... the extensions that work only for FFor for example for FF and Flock and SeaMonkey
jun 22 21:15:55 <gnomefreak>    seamonkey extensions may not work with ff i have seena  few of these
jun 22 21:16:15 <asac>  Volan1: ok. i think that info could be added to the table
jun 22 21:16:20 <gnomefreak>    songbird ones wont work with ff
jun 22 21:16:33 <Volan1>        package instruction unified and separeted list can be a solution?
jun 22 21:16:43 <gnomefreak>    so instead of bunching them on one page make separate pages
jun 22 21:16:44 <asac>  ok. so i think the initial suggestion by jazzva is the one that is best maintainable
jun 22 21:16:50 <asac>  e.g. drop firefox from the page name completely
jun 22 21:17:11 <asac>  and have an attribute in the table that declares which applications are supported
jun 22 21:17:12 <Jazzva>        Maybe we don't need special table for every program. Many extensions work in more than one program. So, it would be easier to track them, if we add a new "works with programs" column
jun 22 21:17:15 <asac>  e.g. a new colum
jun 22 21:17:22 <gnomefreak>    yes and use ff if the page is a ff related page
jun 22 21:17:24 <asac>  Jazzva: ack. thats what i mean
jun 22 21:17:42 <asac>  so MozillaTeam/Extensions == the grand unified table page
jun 22 21:17:55 <asac>  and MOzillaTeam/Extensions/Packaging == packaging instructions
jun 22 21:17:59 <Jazzva>        That's another part of the item :)..
jun 22 21:18:03 <gnomefreak>    maybe instead of that why not use a separate heading
jun 22 21:18:21 <asac>  gnomefreak: example?
jun 22 21:18:24 <Jazzva>        Should we keep MT/Extensions as the homepage with pointers to the other sections, and leave the list apart from that, or to just add the list there?
jun 22 21:18:42 Име *   rzr је промењено у rZr
jun 22 21:18:43 <asac>  Jazzva: what other information would we have there?
jun 22 21:18:47 <gnomefreak>    heading Thunderbird extensions under it add the same tables that are there
jun 22 21:19:02 *       rZr left (Remote closed the connection)
jun 22 21:19:06 <asac>  Jazzva: maybe link to packaging, largescalemaintenance, list
jun 22 21:19:11 <gnomefreak>    like we did with dont work header and such
jun 22 21:19:28 <asac>  Jazzva: ok, i think we have enough to move the list out of that page
jun 22 21:19:29 <Jazzva>        asac: That's good. Now that I think of it, only few pointers are needed :)
jun 22 21:19:42 <asac>  Jazzva: well. there might be more in future
jun 22 21:19:46 <Jazzva>        Right...
jun 22 21:20:02 <asac>  there might be various variants, like backports procedure, SRU procedure
jun 22 21:20:03 <asac>  and so on
jun 22 21:20:05 <Jazzva>        soren, we can go for MT/Ext/List...
jun 22 21:20:13 <asac>  Jazzva: yes
jun 22 21:20:14 <Jazzva>        autocomplete again, sorry...
jun 22 21:20:35 <fta>   lol
jun 22 21:20:50 *       Jazzva turns autocomplete off ...
jun 22 21:21:01 <asac>  anyone voluteers to do the renaming of the extension pages
jun 22 21:21:03 <Nafallo>       finally :-)
jun 22 21:21:05 <asac>  like discussed?
jun 22 21:21:14 <Jazzva>        asac: I'll take care of it...
jun 22 21:21:28 <asac>  Jazzva: maybe you should glue your finger to not hit "tab" whenver you start an IRC line :)
jun 22 21:21:44 <Jazzva>        asac: it autocompletes with "," after first word :)
jun 22 21:21:46 <Volan1>        lol
jun 22 21:22:06 <Nafallo>       autoautocompletion :-P
jun 22 21:22:13 <Jazzva>        I don't know why I turned that on in the first place... stupid thing ... :sighs:
jun 22 21:22:21 <asac>  ACTION: jazzva to reorganize extension wiki pages :)
jun 22 21:22:41 <Jazzva>        Anyway, anyone have something to add?
jun 22 21:22:50 <Jazzva>        Or can we move to the next topic :)...
jun 22 21:22:50 <asac>  if so, lets go for mailing list :)
jun 22 21:23:02 <asac>  TOPIC: Thunderbird extensions
jun 22 21:23:13 <Volan1>        Jazzva: use icons in the copatible program column ;)
jun 22 21:23:14 <asac>  i think that topic is not really a topic as everybody concurs that we should have that
jun 22 21:23:23 <gnomefreak>    are we getting them?
jun 22 21:23:29 <Jazzva>        Volan1, good idea :)...
jun 22 21:23:29 <asac>  we already discussed that the information which applications are supported to into a column of the extensions table
jun 22 21:23:34 <gnomefreak>    this was talked about at UDS i thought
jun 22 21:23:49 Име *   Volan1 је промењено у Volans
jun 22 21:23:53 <asac>  personally, I'd say we should not start to maintain tbird extensions manually (like we did for ffox3 extensions atm)
jun 22 21:24:04 <shirish>       I have a query but don't know if this is time or the place for the same?
jun 22 21:24:07 <gnomefreak>    asac: wait for tb3?
jun 22 21:24:09 <asac>  but wait till we have the intiial prototype of LargeScaleMaintainence in place
jun 22 21:24:23 <asac>  gnomefreak: no. just wait for our support infrastructure to be available
jun 22 21:24:25 <Jazzva>        I think it's just a little change to the default XPI.TEMPLATE to get TB extensions to work. If we want, we can setup XPI.TEMPLATE.TB, too...
jun 22 21:24:33 <asac>  shirish: we will have "other business" at the end
jun 22 21:24:39 <shirish>       ok cool
jun 22 21:24:44 <Nafallo>       ububird? :-)
jun 22 21:24:47 <asac>  Jazzva: we can think about it :)
jun 22 21:24:57 <Jazzva>        Nafallo, lol :)
jun 22 21:25:09 <asac>  Jazzva: but i think we can adapt the documentation as required, e.g. once someone starts a tbird extension
jun 22 21:25:16 <gnomefreak>    asac: that would than make tbird ext. not to share a page with others since we are gonna have 2 different proceedure pages, a how to build
jun 22 21:25:31 <Jazzva>        asac, imagezoom is a TB extension too, and I'm maintaining it ;)
jun 22 21:25:48 <asac>  gnomefreak: i dont think that the procedures are different enough to justify a separate page
jun 22 21:25:59 <fta>   i agree
jun 22 21:26:05 <asac>  yeah. so imagezoom already supports thunderbird
jun 22 21:26:17 <gnomefreak>    in other words keep build instrucions/help pages separate if they are not the same
jun 22 21:26:26 <asac>  Jazzva: but you already know how to do it :) ... so you probably dont rely on the docs ;)
jun 22 21:26:26 <Jazzva>        (that is, if I included that patch... I think I did, if not I have to :))
jun 22 21:26:33 <gnomefreak>    as in it uses a separate XPI template
jun 22 21:26:43 <asac>  gnomefreak: if they are different enough
jun 22 21:26:50 <Jazzva>        (nope, it's gonna be sorted in next upload)
jun 22 21:26:54 <gnomefreak>    ick patching extesions?
jun 22 21:26:56 <asac>  gnomefreak: in our case we can better add a few example lines in the template rules:
jun 22 21:27:03 <gnomefreak>    asac: true
jun 22 21:27:33 <asac>  ok. so the only action i see is to improve the XPI.TEMPLATE to also cover thunderbird
jun 22 21:27:36 <asac>  is that right?
jun 22 21:27:51 <asac>  and once there is demand add a section about thunderbird to the Packaging page
jun 22 21:27:52 <Jazzva>        Yep. And document that on Packaging wiki page
jun 22 21:28:08 <gnomefreak>    since they dont use a patch system at all and are relativly nothing to hem why patch it instead add fixes to upstream builds and make a diff for upstream to add
jun 22 21:28:11 <asac>  ok, i volunteer to do that :)
jun 22 21:28:16 <Nafallo>       no ububird? :-(
jun 22 21:28:31 <asac>  ACTION: asac to add thunderbird examples to XPI.TEMPLATE and document that on Packaging page :)
jun 22 21:28:40 <asac>  Nafallo: thats not on the agenda (yet) :)
jun 22 21:28:48 <asac>  ok lets see
jun 22 21:28:49 <Nafallo>       hehe :-)
jun 22 21:28:55 <asac>  anything else to add for thunderbird extensions?
jun 22 21:29:05 <Volans>        sorry for my ignorance but now an extension compatible both with FF and TB necessite 2 different source packages?
jun 22 21:29:19 <asac>  Volans: no. thats not always true
jun 22 21:29:25 <gnomefreak>    Nafallo: good idea as long as its not added to suggestions since apt now installs suggestions
jun 22 21:29:30 <asac>  Volans: there are extensions like imagezoom that work in tbird + ffox
jun 22 21:30:08 <asac>  the intersection of thunderbird vs. firefox extensions should be quite small though ... more probably exist for seamonkey vs. firefox
jun 22 21:30:09 <fta>   adblock+ works almost everywhere
jun 22 21:30:10 *       Nafallo stabs apt
jun 22 21:30:10 <Jazzva>        Volans, and it will depend on firefox | firefox-3.0 | firefox-2 | thunderbird... that way dependencies are sorted out. If user has TB, it will install
jun 22 21:30:24 <gnomefreak>    asac:  as i understand there are char. limits that is liked in packaging ext. we should really raise them
jun 22 21:30:34 *       shirish loved apt
jun 22 21:30:34 <Jazzva>        the extensions, and will not complain if no FF package is present
jun 22 21:30:36 *       ubottu променио је тему у: Calendar: | Logs: | 23 Jun 12:00 UTC: Bugs for Hugs Day | 24 Jun 11:00 UTC: Asia and Oceania Ubuntu Membership Approval Board | 24 Jun 15:00 UTC:  Server Team | 24 Jun 18:00 UTC: LoCo Council | 25 Jun 17:00 UTC: QA Team | 25 Jun 22:00 UTC: Platform Team
jun 22 21:30:46 <Volans>        Jazzva and asac thankd for the clarification
jun 22 21:30:51 <Jazzva>        np :)
jun 22 21:30:52 <asac>  ok
jun 22 21:31:09 <asac>  gnomefreak: can we discuss that in #ubuntu-mozillateam later?
jun 22 21:31:20 <asac>  otherwise lets move on ...
jun 22 21:31:28 <asac>  TOPIC: Meetings
jun 22 21:31:34 <gnomefreak>    asac: sure that was just a comment. it may not be today unless i get pcs wprking
jun 22 21:31:36 <fta>   asac, maybe we can rely on mozilla-devscripts to install the links to the various extensions dirs, instead of have to that in each ext
jun 22 21:31:40 <asac>  SUMMARY: We should have a meeting at least once a month or whatever we can decide on. This will help in membership approval as well as keeping everyone updated and keeping our support docs up to date. Once a month is just a suggestion.
jun 22 21:31:50 <asac>  fta: we already do that
jun 22 21:32:03 <gnomefreak>    asac: atleast once a month and always a week or 2 after UDS
jun 22 21:32:04 <asac>  fta: we could try to introduce more automation
jun 22 21:32:30 <asac>  gnomefreak: you think its realistic to have monthly meetings?
jun 22 21:32:34 <asac>  a month is quite short.
jun 22 21:32:39 *       gnomefreak trying to think of best times to meet about current devel ect
jun 22 21:32:44 <asac>  I'd be happy to do that, but someone needs to organize them :)
jun 22 21:32:47 <gnomefreak>    asac: im thinking about it atm
jun 22 21:33:04 <gnomefreak>    asac: maybe when we reach a certain amount of agenda points?
jun 22 21:33:07 <asac>  if we have monthly meetings then i dont think we need special meeting after UDS
jun 22 21:33:21 <Jazzva>        brb
jun 22 21:33:23 <gnomefreak>    asac: thats why im thinking about it
jun 22 21:33:23 <asac>  gnomefreak: well. imo we should try to get a regular meeting in place
jun 22 21:33:31 <Volans>        proposal: once a month if there is something in the agenda...
jun 22 21:33:47 <gnomefreak>    maybe every 6 weeks
jun 22 21:33:53 <Nafallo>       gnomefreak: +1
jun 22 21:33:55 <asac>  yeah, problem is that people are always lazy to add agenda items
jun 22 21:33:59 <asac>  even though there are things to discuss
jun 22 21:34:06 <asac>  so Id like to get a regular schedule
jun 22 21:34:06 <gnomefreak>    that will give us enough time to get what this meeting needs done
jun 22 21:34:10 <asac>  6 weeks sounds reasonable
jun 22 21:34:13 <asac>  anyone disagrees?
jun 22 21:34:20 <Volans>        +1
jun 22 21:34:23 <shirish>       +1 on that
jun 22 21:34:27 <asac>  who volunteers to prepare the schedule for the next half year or so?
jun 22 21:34:28 <gnomefreak>    EVERYONE  add points to agenda as you think of them please
jun 22 21:34:38 <asac>  and get that on the fridge and wiki?
jun 22 21:34:42 <gnomefreak>    this way its not thrown together like this time
jun 22 21:34:50 <asac>  at best the same person would send multiple reminders as well :)
jun 22 21:35:05 <gnomefreak>    asac: set it on wiki and i will get it on  fridge 2 weeks before meeting
jun 22 21:35:09 <Volans>        asac: what permission are needed to set meetings?
jun 22 21:35:12 <asac>  like 2 weeks in advance "early" notice to mailing list .... 1 week and a day before meeting to mailing list and all team members :)
jun 22 21:35:17 <gnomefreak>    asac: i can do that as normal
jun 22 21:35:17 <Jazzva>        _1
jun 22 21:35:20 <Jazzva>        +1
jun 22 21:35:23 <asac>  Volans: none. you need to fridge admins to add them
jun 22 21:35:30 <asac>  i never did that ;)
jun 22 21:35:44 <gnomefreak>    i had one ready to send to planet but sister came down and i forgot
jun 22 21:35:47 <asac>  gnomefreak is probably the best candidate; anyone wants to be his backup?
jun 22 21:35:48 <Nafallo>       topic here as well I guess. or is that automagic?
jun 22 21:35:49 <Volans>        if nobody can I can help for that
jun 22 21:36:00 <asac>  Nafallo: thats the meeting bot
jun 22 21:36:12 <asac>  Nafallo: depends on what you got added to the fridge calendar
jun 22 21:36:15 <Nafallo>       shiny :-)
jun 22 21:36:15 *       gnomefreak has a few people i talk with regularly from fridge dev tema
jun 22 21:36:20 <asac>  Volans: ok thanks
jun 22 21:36:41 <gnomefreak>    asac:  was the bot fixed to post minutes?
jun 22 21:36:50 <asac>  ACTION: gnomefreak and Volans to create meeting schedule for next 6 month and take care of getting those meeting on fridge and sending preannouncements :)
jun 22 21:37:00 <asac>  gnomefreak: no the bot is gone today :(
jun 22 21:37:09 <asac>  gnomefreak: i wanted to use the MootBot, but it disappeared
jun 22 21:37:11 *       gnomefreak wonders if its worth looking into
jun 22 21:37:18 <asac>  gnomefreak: we should
jun 22 21:37:23 <gnomefreak>    asac: it didnt post minutes anyway
jun 22 21:37:37 <asac>  gnomefreak: yes, but TOPCIS and ACTIONS
jun 22 21:37:39 <asac>  and so on
jun 22 21:37:40 <asac>  not tha bad
jun 22 21:37:44 <asac>  and logs afaik
jun 22 21:37:51 *       ecubuntu ( joined #ubuntu-meeting
jun 22 21:38:03 <gnomefreak>    we need a place to post them and than i will talk with the admins of it to see if we can add plugins on where to post them
jun 22 21:38:29 <asac>  gnomefreak: ok. mayber suggest your findings on mailing list once you have options :)
jun 22 21:38:40 <gnomefreak>    asac: ok that works
jun 22 21:38:43 <asac>  ok
jun 22 21:38:46 <asac>  lets move on :)
jun 22 21:38:51 <asac>  TOPIC: Large scale Extensions - Next steps
jun 22 21:38:59 <gnomefreak>    whos is htat?
jun 22 21:39:01 <gnomefreak>    that?
jun 22 21:39:06 <Nafallo>       asac
jun 22 21:39:14 <asac>  i think there is not much to say exept that its not yet ready and that we will keep you updated on mozillateam mailing list
jun 22 21:39:28 <asac>  maybe a reminder to subscribe to that list if you havent done so yet
jun 22 21:39:28 <gnomefreak>    asac: what is it?
jun 22 21:39:31 <asac>  its really low traffic
jun 22 21:39:34 <gnomefreak>    what list?
jun 22 21:39:39 *       gnomefreak so lost
jun 22 21:39:48 <asac>  gnomefreak: mt list
jun 22 21:39:57 <asac>  gnomefreak:
jun 22 21:40:17 <asac>  i talked a bit about this in the beginning of this meeting
jun 22 21:40:22 <asac>  gnomefreak: maybe read the log of this channel
jun 22 21:40:24 <Nafallo>       baah. low traffic is what they all say in the beginning, then you have to change MUA to keep up :-P
jun 22 21:40:33 <asac>  Nafallo: look at the stats
jun 22 21:40:42 <asac>  its like 15 mails a month or so
jun 22 21:40:43 <gnomefreak>    ah ok
jun 22 21:40:59 <Jazzva>        asac, 15 mails/month is a lot of traffic afaics ;)
jun 22 21:41:03 <gnomefreak>    Nafallo: pretty much 1 topic every couple of months
jun 22 21:41:04 <asac>
jun 22 21:41:14 <asac>  Jazzva: you must be kidding
jun 22 21:41:26 <asac>  Jazzva: a lot in terms of MT mailing list :)
jun 22 21:41:35 <asac>
jun 22 21:41:38 <asac>  thats june so far
jun 22 21:41:45 <asac>  quite active
jun 22 21:41:46 <asac>  month
jun 22 21:41:47 <asac>
jun 22 21:41:52 <Jazzva>        Oh, my... didn't notice :)
jun 22 21:41:57 <asac>  may was more silent :)
jun 22 21:42:53 <gnomefreak>    asac: ok work needs to be done on that wiki
jun 22 21:42:55 <gnomefreak>    ?
jun 22 21:43:05 <gnomefreak>    before its ready for wide spread?
jun 22 21:43:14 <asac>  gnomefreak: you mean largescale maintenance?
jun 22 21:43:14 *       bashohIII ( joined #ubuntu-meeting
jun 22 21:43:20 <asac>  it needs to be updated while we implement it
jun 22 21:43:25 <asac>  its not ment to be wide spread
jun 22 21:43:30 *       Zic left ("GNU/Linux The dynamic duo")
jun 22 21:43:35 <gnomefreak>    asac: yes that would e it
jun 22 21:43:36 <gnomefreak>    be
jun 22 21:43:57 <asac>  gnomefreak: i think that document is not ment for consumption by extension maintainers
jun 22 21:44:01 <gnomefreak>    widespread as in people using it to help with our extensions
jun 22 21:44:15 <asac>  its more ment to outline the details of what needs to be done from a technical pov
jun 22 21:44:16 <gnomefreak>    what is it for than?
jun 22 21:44:18 <shirish>       gnomefreak: thanx, for I haven't been able to understand much of it. +1 on cleaning up LargeScaleMaintainance Wiki
jun 22 21:44:24 <gnomefreak>    ah ok
jun 22 21:44:30 <asac>  once its working we will have to udpate the Packaging page to reflect the new workflow
jun 22 21:44:43 <gnomefreak>    ok i see what you are doijng now
jun 22 21:44:45 <asac>  shirish: its not ment for consumption by package maintainers
jun 22 21:44:45 <gnomefreak>    thanks
jun 22 21:45:06 <asac>  shirish: the packaging page will have the high-level view onto the semi-automatic workflow
jun 22 21:45:23 <gnomefreak>    shirish: its a behind the seans for outlines until posted to the packaging ect... pages
jun 22 21:45:52 <asac>  s/seans/scenes/ :)
jun 22 21:46:01 <gnomefreak>    yeah that thanks brain fart
jun 22 21:46:18 <asac>  so to summarize this agenda item:
jun 22 21:46:54 <gnomefreak>    oh asac if i find out that network manager is causing my issues im gonna fly to where you are with my pcs and tell you to fix :(
jun 22 21:47:01 <asac>  next steps are: finish the largescalemaintenance infrastrcuture
jun 22 21:47:07 <shirish>       couldn't that be worked with having some nice illustration perhaps? Would make sense to some more people perhaps?
jun 22 21:47:11 <asac>  then document high-level view of workflow in Packaging
jun 22 21:47:31 <asac>  shirish: the high-level view?
jun 22 21:47:32 <gnomefreak>    \sh: for what?
jun 22 21:47:36 <gnomefreak>    damn
jun 22 21:47:40 <gnomefreak>    shirish: ^^^
jun 22 21:47:43 <asac>  shirish: i think having illustratinos would be helpful :)
jun 22 21:47:54 <asac>  to illustrate the workflow
jun 22 21:47:58 <asac>  but someone has to do that ;)
jun 22 21:48:38 *       gnomefreak can help someone once they decide what they want
jun 22 21:48:55 <gnomefreak>    but i will not take lead on that
jun 22 21:49:09 <gnomefreak>    too much to do with wikis as is
jun 22 21:49:18 <asac>  gnomefreak: shirish: lets defer the Packaging documetnation details until we are doing them :)
jun 22 21:49:30 <gnomefreak>    asac: +1
jun 22 21:49:30 <asac>  ok, i think we have two items left on agenda :)
jun 22 21:49:36 <Jazzva>        I can help with picking out the packaging related details from LargeScaleMaintenance and copying them to Packaging :)
jun 22 21:49:40 <Jazzva>        Yay :)
jun 22 21:49:44 <asac>  TOPIC: Extension Team Marketing
jun 22 21:49:51 <asac>  is anyone here who likes to blog?
jun 22 21:49:52 <asac>  :)
jun 22 21:49:57 <gnomefreak>    oh crap thats gonna be fun
jun 22 21:50:07 <gnomefreak>    asac: i blog more than most
jun 22 21:50:24 <Jazzva>        asac, from time to time... When I get an idea ;)
jun 22 21:50:26 <asac>  wat i have in mind is to post monthly reports on the extension packaging process
jun 22 21:50:26 *       nxvl (n=nxvl@ubuntu/member/nxvl) joined #ubuntu-meeting
jun 22 21:50:29 <gnomefreak>    if someone writes an outline of what they want i can edit and post
jun 22 21:50:30 <asac>  what
jun 22 21:50:40 <asac>  for that we have to find someone who publishes them
jun 22 21:50:40 <gnomefreak>    asac: monthly?
jun 22 21:50:59 <asac>  and more importantly we need to decide on what metrics to include in that report
jun 22 21:51:00 <gnomefreak>    my blog is connected to ubuntu planet
jun 22 21:51:01 <Jazzva>        Well, would be good if blog has Planet Ubuntu access...
jun 22 21:51:06 <asac>  my initial suggestion would be:
jun 22 21:51:08 <Jazzva>        gnomefreak, yay :)
jun 22 21:51:12 <asac>  1. extensions updated this month
jun 22 21:51:18 <asac>  2. new extensions suggested this month
jun 22 21:51:28 <asac>  3. new extensions released this month
jun 22 21:51:43 <asac>  4. extensions that need to be updated (here a list to the extensions that have a new upstream version)
jun 22 21:51:48 <gnomefreak>    Jazzva: can you outline a page or a set of notes on the suggestions from asac
jun 22 21:52:05 <Jazzva>        gnomefreak, ok. I will tell you when I'm done :)
jun 22 21:52:13 <gnomefreak>    thanks
jun 22 21:52:16 <asac>  5. total extensions maintained by m-e-d
jun 22 21:52:17 <Jazzva>        np :)
jun 22 21:52:22 <asac>  any other metrics?
jun 22 21:52:23 <Volans>        asac: for me +1, very complete stats
jun 22 21:52:38 <gnomefreak>    Jazzva: im gonna need a few days atleast to fix PCs and hav e abirthday to myself
jun 22 21:52:49 <Jazzva>        6. don't hesitate to join the team and help out ;)
jun 22 21:52:54 <asac>  we could also include a "medal of honour"  :)
jun 22 21:53:07 <asac>  for the m-e-d member that updated most packages :)
jun 22 21:53:07 <Nafallo>       asac: sounds like UWN material :-)
jun 22 21:53:09 <gnomefreak>    asac: that looks good  and add section for Jazzva idea
jun 22 21:53:23 <gnomefreak>    Jazzva: do we have a wiki on joining the team?
jun 22 21:53:32 <asac>  Jazzva: yeah. we should include a link to our team and some nice docs in the report
jun 22 21:53:50 <Nafallo>       at least part of that
jun 22 21:53:51 <Jazzva>        gnomefreak, no, we formed the requirements on this meeting, and it will be turned into a wiki page
jun 22 21:53:55 <asac>  Nafallo: yeah. UWN could definitly republish it
jun 22 21:54:00 <gnomefreak>    who can script for greasemonkey? offtopic i know
jun 22 21:54:09 <gnomefreak>    Jazzva: thanks :)
jun 22 21:54:23 <asac>  ACTION: write scritps that gather stats for 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
jun 22 21:54:25 <asac>  fta: ?
jun 22 21:54:38 <asac>  i guess your script is already prepared  for some of those :)
jun 22 21:54:44 <asac>  (e.g. extensions that need updated=
jun 22 21:54:46 <Volans>        asac: written in what languages?
jun 22 21:54:56 <asac>  Volans: for now i wouldnt pitch too high :)
jun 22 21:55:07 <Nafallo>       Volans: ASM ;-)
jun 22 21:55:16 <Volans>        thanks Nafallo
jun 22 21:55:16 <asac>  Volans: english ... and if there are volunters feel free to translate and publish in other forums
jun 22 21:55:26 <fta>   asac, yes, but that will change. it was a quick hack in shell.
jun 22 21:55:47 <fta>   yet, it was enough to impress Jazzva ;)
jun 22 21:55:48 <gnomefreak>    asac: scripts for what?
jun 22 21:55:51 <Volans>        asac: sorry, I meant "script language" ;)
jun 22 21:55:57 <asac>  we could also use the launchpad blog
jun 22 21:55:58 <shirish>       guys, what is the mozillateam's take on other browsers? Are they part of mozillateam or not?
jun 22 21:55:59 <Jazzva>        fta, the output was cool :P
jun 22 21:55:59 <gnomefreak>    your points dont need scripts do they?
jun 22 21:56:02 <asac>  e.g. m-e-d team blog
jun 22 21:56:18 <Jazzva>        fta, and the script looked impressive :). I'm no good at scripting... :)
jun 22 21:56:19 <asac>  ACTION: gnomefreak to blog about stats
jun 22 21:56:23 <gnomefreak>    shirish: depends on what ones you mean
jun 22 21:56:26 <asac>  ACTION: figure out if we can blog on launchpad :)
jun 22 21:56:33 <fta>   gnomefreak, no, but a script to gather those stats for you would definitely help
jun 22 21:56:35 <Volans>        for the maketing side of the stats the e-m-d start page should have an introduction that explain what the team do, hoiw to join, etc...
jun 22 21:56:36 <gnomefreak>    asac: atm no you cant
jun 22 21:56:43 <Jazzva>        asac, I think we can blog on LP.
jun 22 21:56:47 <gnomefreak>    fta: right
jun 22 21:56:54 <gnomefreak>    Jazzva: i havent found a way
jun 22 21:57:10 <gnomefreak>    we can talk to #lp about that
jun 22 21:57:16 <asac>  Volans: so maybe add a MozillaExtensionDevTeam page?
jun 22 21:57:17 <gnomefreak>    they are helpful
jun 22 21:57:18 <Jazzva>        gnomefreak, I'll take a look. I read an announcement for that feature
jun 22 21:57:24 <shirish>       gnomefreak: say all the browsers which are mentioned therein www-browser package
jun 22 21:57:42 <gnomefreak>    Jazzva: thanks i only saw mailing list from lp updated lately
jun 22 21:58:10 <fta>   asac, ok for this ACTION. anyway, it will come with the rest
jun 22 21:58:17 <gnomefreak>    shirish: no we cant as desktop team has thier own that they maintain i think epiphany is released by gnome anyway
jun 22 21:58:28 <asac>  fta: right. but some hackish stats so we can start thigs month would be great :)
jun 22 21:58:47 <shirish>       gnomefreak: thanx
jun 22 21:58:51 <gnomefreak>    we need to find out what vrowsers and who maintains them atm but dont get hopes up
jun 22 21:58:55 <Volans>        asac: also yes, or /MozillaTeam/Extension/Team page
jun 22 21:58:57 <asac>  ACTION: target initial m-e-d report for end of July (or if we are good June)
jun 22 21:59:05 <gnomefreak>    shirish: can you make a list and push talk to mailing list
jun 22 21:59:12 <asac>  Volans: ++
jun 22 21:59:29 <shirish>       gnomefreak: sure +1 say tomorrow or day after, but can definitely do that
jun 22 21:59:30 <Volans>        or DevTeam
jun 22 21:59:52 <asac>  ACTION: someone to create a /MozillaTeam/Extensions/Team page that includes a) short intro, b) requirements to join (as discussed)
jun 22 21:59:55 <gnomefreak>    shirish: i wont get to see it until as late as thurs\day
jun 22 22:00:02 <fta>   asac, ok
jun 22 22:00:22 <asac>  ... and links to the most important resources (e.g. Packaging, etc.)
jun 22 22:00:34 <asac>  ok anything else to add to this item?
jun 22 22:00:52 <gnomefreak>    moday i work on connection tuesday is birthday so im off and  wednesday i take grandmother to hospital for tests
jun 22 22:01:12 <Volans>        maybe we can use gobby for write those wikis all togheter
jun 22 22:01:24 <gnomefreak>    we should really add links to the other pages on the joining team pages
jun 22 22:01:33 <asac>  Volans: not sure. gobby is useful if you write while discussing
jun 22 22:01:42 <asac>  Volans: for that we would need to organize wiki sessions ;)
jun 22 22:01:51 <asac>  for me it works to just use editmoin :)
jun 22 22:02:00 <gnomefreak>    +1 asac
jun 22 22:02:03 <Volans>        ok
jun 22 22:02:09 <gnomefreak>    i wget the page and edit it alot
jun 22 22:02:24 <gnomefreak>    that way i dont lock the wiki up
jun 22 22:02:26 <asac>  yes, editmoin works quite well here ... maybe test that package
jun 22 22:02:31 <asac>  lets move on :)
jun 22 22:02:36 <asac>  (2h already)
jun 22 22:02:42 <gnomefreak>    last item?
jun 22 22:02:50 <asac>  i see two topics left: 1. Proposed members for Ubuntu-MozillaTeam
jun 22 22:02:55 <asac>  2. Otherw Business :)
jun 22 22:03:04 <gnomefreak>    go to l2 first
jun 22 22:03:06 <Volans>        I can help for those pages but not for texts (due to my not so good english ;))
jun 22 22:03:08 <gnomefreak>    i want smoke
jun 22 22:03:15 <asac>  gnomefreak: i think there are a lot of people waiting for an accept/decline.
jun 22 22:03:24 <asac>  TOPIC: Proposed members for Ubuntu-MozillaTeam
jun 22 22:03:40 <gnomefreak>    asac: we need to remove them if they dont answer the post we give them
jun 22 22:03:50 <asac>  we have one candidate for this meeting
jun 22 22:03:53 <gnomefreak>    but how long to give them to reply?
jun 22 22:03:54 <asac>  Stephen Lau
jun 22 22:03:54 <asac>  steveA[A[A[A[A
jun 22 22:03:57 <asac>  steveups
jun 22 22:04:09 <gnomefreak>    is he here?
jun 22 22:04:12 <asac>  i think he is flock upstream
jun 22 22:04:23 <gnomefreak>    we dont have flock yet
jun 22 22:04:30 <gnomefreak>    are we adding it to intrepid?
jun 22 22:04:34 <asac>  in general i would be fine to add upstreams to mozillateam if they maintain their own packaging branch
jun 22 22:04:37 <fta>   (i hope so)
jun 22 22:04:40 <asac>  but i think he didnt do that yet
jun 22 22:04:43 <gnomefreak>    asac: agreed
jun 22 22:04:49 <Jazzva>        asac: +1
jun 22 22:05:11 <gnomefreak>    upstream should be accepted
jun 22 22:05:19 <asac>  ok, so decline his application asking him to actively contribute to packaging for some time
jun 22 22:05:32 <asac>  he could help fta with packaging flock for instance
jun 22 22:05:41 <gnomefreak>    asac: lets  find out how upstream he is
jun 22 22:05:45 <asac>  fta: do you want to carry that message to him?
jun 22 22:05:56 <asac>  gnomefreak: he is flock (or songbird)
jun 22 22:05:58 <asac>  fta: ?
jun 22 22:06:05 <gnomefreak>    example what he does and last fix he produced
jun 22 22:06:16 <Jazzva>        asac, Songbird... that's what his wiki page says
jun 22 22:06:29 <gnomefreak>    as in is he workoing the front or is he bug working....
jun 22 22:06:38 <asac>  ah ok
jun 22 22:06:48 <asac>  fta: do you want to mentor stevel?
jun 22 22:06:57 <Jazzva>        asac, actually Songbird Developer Advocate... dunno what that actually means :)
jun 22 22:07:01 <fta>   he helped me once, to triage some error messages from Songbird, but that hardly qualified for membership imho
jun 22 22:07:07 <gnomefreak>    songbird devs we need badly. for example the license issue with songbird been worked out?
jun 22 22:07:26 <gnomefreak>    fta: agreed
jun 22 22:07:31 <asac>  fta: ok. i think we should explain to him that he needs to contribute as ~mozillateam only makes sense if he needs write access to branches
jun 22 22:07:59 <asac>  fta: and that we would be willing to help him get started on packaging if he still is interested :)
jun 22 22:08:00 <gnomefreak>    asac: sounds good but i would love to not run him off if possible
jun 22 22:08:08 <fta>   asac, i agree
jun 22 22:08:12 <asac>  fta: nevertheless, he can just stay in channel and contribute without being member
jun 22 22:08:25 <asac>  at some point we could setup a team: "mozillateam-supporters" :)
jun 22 22:08:31 <gnomefreak>    atleast as upstream contact
jun 22 22:08:34 <asac>  or mozillateam-community ;)
jun 22 22:09:03 <gnomefreak>    atleast as upstream contact)
jun 22 22:09:05 <asac>  where everyone who feels the need to be affiliated with Mozillateam can join without requiring active packaging work
jun 22 22:09:07 <gnomefreak>    ;)
jun 22 22:09:21 <shirish>       +1 on that ;)
jun 22 22:09:29 <gnomefreak>    and we move them as we see fit
jun 22 22:09:34 <asac>  gnomefreak: right
jun 22 22:09:38 <gnomefreak>    move up to kmain team
jun 22 22:09:41 <gnomefreak>    -k
jun 22 22:09:56 <Nafallo>       asac: he can branch and poke for merge is he needs write access :-)
jun 22 22:10:00 <gnomefreak>    lets get us fixed first
jun 22 22:10:21 <asac>  ACTION: setup mozillateam-community team and add applicants that do not need branch access or havent otherwise contributed considerably to mozillateam
jun 22 22:10:21 <gnomefreak>    we have alot of work to do as it is trying to reconfig our team
jun 22 22:10:37 <asac>  mozillateam itself as well as m-e-d should be part of tha team Id say
jun 22 22:10:44 <gnomefreak>    yes
jun 22 22:10:48 <fta>   +1
jun 22 22:10:52 <asac>  gnomefreak: we dont need to reconfig our team
jun 22 22:10:56 <Jazzva>        +1 on the idea, it's nice :)
jun 22 22:11:12 <gnomefreak>    before that can happen we need to fix our membership pages to have a process
jun 22 22:11:28 <asac>  ok great :)
jun 22 22:11:32 <gnomefreak>    other wise we have nothing for that team
jun 22 22:11:39 <asac>  i think we are through this lengthy, but fruitful agenda :)
jun 22 22:11:52 <asac>  next topic would be "Other Business" :)
jun 22 22:11:53 <gnomefreak>    who can work on the membership pages for e-d and mt
jun 22 22:11:58 <Jazzva>        Other business? :)
jun 22 22:12:03 <Jazzva>        asac, oh, right :)
jun 22 22:12:12 <gnomefreak>    asac: we need to break that down to topics for next meeting
jun 22 22:12:15 <shirish>       I'm all out of stuff
jun 22 22:12:18 <gnomefreak>    i think that is there as a guide
jun 22 22:12:21 <asac>  gnomefreak: i think we already have an action for the m-e-d page
jun 22 22:12:24 <shirish>       so will see u all l8ter guys
jun 22 22:12:27 <asac>  gnomefreak: the mozillateam page can stay the same
jun 22 22:12:32 <asac>  shirish: thanks!
jun 22 22:12:45 <shirish>       bye all :)
jun 22 22:12:47 <Jazzva>        Have fun, shirish :)
jun 22 22:12:48 *       shirish (n=shirish@ left са #ubuntu-meeting ("Leaving.")
jun 22 22:12:58 <gnomefreak>    asac: ok than i will remove david version 2 from it and clean it up (i havent looked at it in awhile)
jun 22 22:13:02 <asac>  gnomefreak: we can add the info that applicants that dont qualify for mozillateam will be automatically redirected to mozillateam-community
jun 22 22:13:09 <gnomefreak>    ok
jun 22 22:13:13 <gnomefreak>    i like it
jun 22 22:13:27 <asac>  ACTION: asac to document redirection procedure to mozillateam-community on mozillateam membership page
jun 22 22:13:32 <asac>  TOPIC: other business
jun 22 22:13:33 <asac>  anything?
jun 22 22:13:37 <gnomefreak>    should we have a LP mailing list for the communtiy team?
jun 22 22:13:46 <asac>  gnomefreak: for now mozillateam should be enough
jun 22 22:13:52 <gnomefreak>    ok
jun 22 22:14:00 <asac>  i have one thing for other businesses: minutes ;)
jun 22 22:14:15 <asac>  can someone please safe the log of this channel in case ubuntulog failed?
jun 22 22:14:25 <Jazzva>        asac, gnomefreak: Maybe we could have a separate LP list and to post announcements like "New FF is in the archive"?
jun 22 22:14:26 <asac>  s/safe/save/
jun 22 22:14:38 <asac>  Jazzva: we could also use LP blog for that
jun 22 22:14:39 *       Tallken left ("Ex-Chat")
jun 22 22:14:43 <Jazzva>        asac, I do the auto-logging ;)
jun 22 22:14:49 <asac>  Jazzva: good
jun 22 22:15:07 <fta>   me too
jun 22 22:15:09 <asac>  so given that we get a complete log from this meeting, is there anyone who can write up minutes from this meeting?
jun 22 22:15:10 <Jazzva>        asac, gnomefreak: As for the blog, I took a quick look through mail archive, haven't found that announcement...
jun 22 22:15:17 <gnomefreak>    Jazzva: we need to see if we can blog on LP first i would think instead of list for the moment
jun 22 22:15:18 <asac>  its mostly just pasting TOPICS + ACTIONS
jun 22 22:15:33 <gnomefreak>    Jazzva: see  #launchpad tomorrow :)
jun 22 22:15:36 <asac>  and maybe take a brief look if there are actions we didnt mark as ACTIONS :)
jun 22 22:16:00 <Jazzva>        asac, if no one wants to, I'll do it...
jun 22 22:16:20 <Jazzva>        gnomefreak, k
jun 22 22:16:23 <gnomefreak>    are we done with meeting?
jun 22 22:16:31 <asac>  gnomefreak: almost :)
jun 22 22:16:35 <asac>  just need a minutes drafter.
jun 22 22:16:38 *       gnomefreak needs to figure this crap out 
jun 22 22:16:52 <asac>  Jazzva: would be great. but just a brief notes thing
jun 22 22:16:57 <asac>  for details just attach the log
jun 22 22:16:59 <Jazzva>        asac, cool :)
jun 22 22:17:05 <gnomefreak>    be back in a few
jun 22 22:17:21 <asac>  we can blog(announce)
jun 22 22:17:23 <asac>
jun 22 22:17:28 <asac>  its per-team, but per projet
jun 22 22:17:43 <asac>  so most likely the drafter of announcements must be driver for that project
jun 22 22:17:46 <asac>  or something
jun 22 22:17:49 <fta>   "Sorry, you don't have permission to access this page. "
jun 22 22:17:53 <Jazzva>        The same...
jun 22 22:18:01 <asac>  fta: ok good. can you test on xulrunner project?
jun 22 22:18:20 <asac>  fta: try now please
jun 22 22:18:23 <asac>  i made mozillateam the driver
jun 22 22:18:34 <asac>  Jazzva: ^^
jun 22 22:18:35 <fta>   same
jun 22 22:18:44 <Jazzva>        nada...
jun 22 22:19:04 <asac>  ok let me flip the maintainer then
jun 22 22:19:14 <asac>  Jazzva: fta: better?
jun 22 22:19:27 <Jazzva>        works now
jun 22 22:19:43 <asac>  good. so apparently only the maintainer can post blog entries for the project
jun 22 22:19:46 <asac>  fine
jun 22 22:19:56 <asac>  i think firefox-extensions news could go through that project for now
jun 22 22:20:01 <Jazzva>        Would be good if we could have that function for teams :).
jun 22 22:20:05 <asac>  and aggregated on our blogs (e.g. mine, gnomefreaks)
jun 22 22:20:08 <asac>  Jazzva: right
jun 22 22:20:29 <Jazzva>        Is it possible to be added? Just to know if it's ok to post a bug report :)
jun 22 22:20:42 <asac>  Jazzva: well ... why not
jun 22 22:20:47 *       ace_suares ( joined #ubuntu-meeting
jun 22 22:20:49 <asac>  Jazzva: open a bug and subscribe me to it
jun 22 22:20:53 <asac>  and let me know :)
jun 22 22:20:55 <Jazzva>        Sure
jun 22 22:20:56 <asac>  so i can confirm this request
jun 22 22:21:17 <asac>  "e.g. Please support Team announcements"
jun 22 22:21:25 <asac>  ok any other business?
jun 22 22:21:44 <asac>  3
jun 22 22:21:47 <asac>  2
jun 22 22:21:51 <asac>  1
jun 22 22:22:03 <asac>  thanks for the last 2.5 hours ;)
jun 22 22:22:13 <asac>  was nice to have a meeting again!
jun 22 22:22:20 <Jazzva>        Yep... good job :D
jun 22 22:22:48 *       sybille_ ( left #ubuntu-meeting
jun 22 22:22:59 <asac>  if there are open points you felt not be properly dealt with, go ahead and mail mailing list :)


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