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16:05   heno    [TOPIC] UDS activity report - I (heno) should write a summary of the QA sessions at UDS (but I wasn't there) Could those who were please send me 2-3 lines on the main results in QA from UDS?
16:05   MootBot New Topic:  UDS activity report - I (heno) should write a summary of the QA sessions at UDS (but I wasn't there) Could those who were please send me 2-3 lines on the main results in QA from UDS?
16:06   heno    just a few comments here in the meeting would be good even so I can scrape those together
16:06   heno    I've been trying to pull this out of the air, but failing :/
16:06   bdmurray        I've been quite impressed with how "TEST CASE:" in the description is taking off
16:07   heno    oh, excellent!
16:08   heno    https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Specs says the most important stuff really
16:08   heno    (now updated with short descriptions)
16:08   heno    pedro_, ogasawara: any major take-away points from UDS?
16:09   heno    besides the value of meeting everyone
16:09   ogasawara       heno: for me just the feedback on the specs was the most important as well as networking with some of the non-canonical folks
16:09   pedro_  well i do like a lot the graphs i'm really impressive with new ones :-)
16:10   heno    ok. btw, this is intended for a post-UDS write-up to the community
16:10   heno    agreed, much more clear
16:10   heno    ok, thanks, I'll work from that
16:11   heno    [TOPIC] Status of https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/gutsy/+nominations
16:11   MootBot New Topic:  Status of https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/gutsy/+nominations
16:11   bdmurray        heno: I wrote mdz some bullet points for the UDS closing blurb and will forward them to you
16:11   heno    I promised an update on this
16:12   heno    bdmurray: excellent, just what I need
16:12   heno    The nominated bugs for Gutsy are 290 now, down from 340 when I first looked at this
16:12   heno    so a bit slow going still
16:13   heno    ogasawara: Is it correct that I should basically close all 2.6.22 bugs as wontfix at this point?
16:13   stgraber        hello
16:13   bdmurray        I might be able to whip up a query that could help with the milestoned ones
16:13   heno    (using a copy of your stock response)
16:13   ogasawara       heno: pretty much unless they are security or major show stoppers
16:13   heno    hello stgraber!
16:13   pedro_  hey stephane!
16:14   heno    ogasawara: ok, I've been too soft I guess
16:14   bdmurray        I think with the 2.6.22 it would be best to ask them to test with Alpha 1 when it comes out
16:14   heno    I'll add for them to email ogasawara with any complaints ;)
16:14   ogasawara       :)
16:15   heno    bdmurray: agree, though that is still 2.6.22 though right? or do we have .23 or .24 now?
16:15   heno    ogasawara: ^
16:15   heno    what is the current hardy kernel?
16:15   ogasawara       2.6.22
16:15   ogasawara       I think, just a sec
16:15   bdmurray        There is a 2.6.24 package now though
16:15   bdmurray        with 0 bugs!
16:16   pedro_  I'm using 2.6.22-14-generic on hardy
16:16   heno    and possibly 4 users
16:16   bdmurray        and 0 packages
16:16   heno    ah
16:16   heno    perhaps ask people to test when .24 is being distributed
16:16   heno    and file against it
16:17   ogasawara       yup, I've tagged them hardy-kernel-candidate
16:17   heno    ogasawara: are you proceeding with that on the remaining Gutsy bugs?
16:17   ogasawara       heno: yes
16:18   heno    ok, cool
16:18   heno    [TOPIC] Specs approved for Hardy: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Specs
16:18   MootBot New Topic:  Specs approved for Hardy: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Specs
16:18   heno    all the specs on that page are now approved
16:19   heno    how should we track their progress within the team? Make it a regular topic in these meetings?
16:20   stgraber        Yes, maybe having a spec status topic every 2 meetings
16:20   ogasawara       sounds find with me
16:20   ogasawara       s/find/fine
16:20   pedro_  stgraber: +1
16:21   bdmurray        +1
16:21   heno    right. We also have a clash with the platform team for this meeting time+location every two weeks
16:22   heno    that again raises the case for changing meeting times every 2 meetings
16:22   heno    so that more people can attend
16:22   heno    I'd propose a later meeting time every two weeks
16:23   heno    attendance can be optional for those in awkward tz, like liw
16:23   pedro_  how much later? a couple of hours?
16:23   heno    right, stgraber you wanted 1800 or 1900?
16:24   stgraber        1900 is better, 1800 is ok
16:24   heno    pedro_: does 1900 work for you?
16:25   pedro_  heno: sure i don't have any problem with it :-)
16:25   heno    ok, cool. I'll email liw about this (he's at a debian QA summit this week)
* dholbach hugs the QA Mafia - you guys deserve it. :-)
* heno hugs dholbach :)
16:26   dholbach        :-)
16:26   heno    ogasawara, bdmurray: you ok with 1900?
16:27   ogasawara       heno: yup, works for me
16:27   bdmurray        heno: no problems where
16:27   heno    [AGREED] every other meeting, starting next week will be st 1900 UTC
16:27   MootBot AGREED received:  every other meeting, starting next week will be st 1900 UTC
16:27   bdmurray        . . . I am?
16:28   heno    watch out for glitches in the matrix
16:28   heno    [TOPIC] Alpha 1 ISO testing - There is no freeze this time, but the key images should get a basic sanity test (basically check that they boot)
16:28   MootBot New Topic:  Alpha 1 ISO testing - There is no freeze this time, but the key images should get a basic sanity test (basically check that they boot)
16:28   bdmurray        deja vu
16:28   heno    all over again
16:28   stgraber        btw, fridge should be updated (that way I'll have them added to my evolution, ical rocks)
16:29   heno    the fridge has a poor memory
16:29   heno    as do I, which makes for a poor combination
16:29   heno    any volunteers to make sure the fridge is updated with this?
16:30   heno    it remembers 4 weeks at a time or something
16:31   pedro_  we need to contact corey?
16:31   heno    ok, I'll email the editors and see if that's improved
16:31   pedro_  ah ok
16:31   heno    the editors address I think
16:32   heno    ok, alpha 1 testing
16:33   heno    just pinged slangasek to get his view on what sort of testing level we want for this
16:33   heno    and when it's estimated due
16:33   heno    mhz: greetings!
16:34   stgraber        ok, I'm renamming some milestones on the tracker and will add the Hardy Alpha 1 one just after that
16:34   mhz     hey heno!
16:34   heno    stgraber: great thanks
16:35   heno    I'll ask steve when I catch him and post to the QA list
16:35   stgraber        as we'll now use Alpha and no funny names, it'll be : Hardy Alpha X and I'm renamming Gutsy's to Gutsy Tribe X
16:35   heno    bug again, we'll just do some light testing of this one
16:35   heno    and hour or so of work from each of us on Friday/Monday should do
16:36   heno    any other topics?
16:37   bdmurray        I wanted to mention a tip I rediscoverd
16:37   stgraber        I had a phone call with nand (Nicolas) and we decided that we'll try to have a working improved QA-Poll and QA-Tracker for early 2008
* nand waves
16:37   heno    stgraber, nand: sounds good
16:38   heno    bdmurray: go ahead
16:38   stgraber        currently all the work is done in a devel branch, that's lot of work for re-organizing everything and there will be a lot of things that will be broken for some time there
16:38   heno    right
16:38   bdmurray        So I've stopped assigning bugs to myself that are Incomplete but then it becomes more challenging to find bugs that are Incomplete and 4 weeks old  and without a response
16:39   bdmurray        Unless you have a specific package to query on then you can do something like 'bugnumbers -p linux-source-2.6.22 --status Incomplete --lc="u:brian-murray&d:2007-10-26"
16:40   heno    where --lc is 'last comment' I take it
16:40   bdmurray        heno: that is correct
16:41   bdmurray        This could be handy 4 weeks after today with n-m bugs
16:42   heno    indeed, but with no package?
16:42   heno    the problem becomes churn time I guess
16:43   bdmurray        The janitor should do this automatically someday . . .
16:43   heno    bdmurray: have you filed a wishlist bug for that?
16:43   bdmurray        In regards to "no package" if you mean bugs without a package there are ways around it
16:44   heno    no, I mean when you don't want to specify a pkg
16:45   heno    ok, I think we are done
16:45   bdmurray        I haven't tried it yet but "-l https://bugs.launchpad.net/~brian-murray/+commentedbugs" instead of -p should work
16:46   bdmurray        heno: what is the status of qa.ubuntu.com?
16:46   heno    bdmurray: in limbo (as always). I'll go to London on Tuesday and try to corner the IS team :)
16:47   heno    we are just waiting for a dedicated server
16:47   heno    #endmeeting
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