(03:05:23 PM) heno: so today we'll focus on RC matters
(03:05:33 PM) heno: #startmeeting
(03:05:34 PM) davmor2: cool
(03:05:34 PM) MootBot: Meeting started at 21:05. The chair is heno.
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(03:05:41 PM) heno: agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Meetings
(03:06:20 PM) heno: I believe the RC *candidate* images are being rolled as we speak
(03:06:34 PM) heno: with OOo having finally built
(03:06:55 PM) davmor2: cool is this OO.o ubuntu5 or 4 still
(03:07:11 PM) heno: so now would be the time to start image validation testing
(03:07:35 PM) stgraber: davmor2: I have ubuntu5 installed here so I guess it's 5
(03:07:46 PM) pedro_: should be 5
(03:07:49 PM) heno: but that's agenda point #2
(03:07:49 PM) davmor2: stgraber: cool
(03:08:08 PM) cgregan: I've got an XP and Win2k machine lined up for ISO now
(03:08:13 PM) heno: [topic] Targeting bugs for testing with RC/Final
(03:08:14 PM) MootBot: New Topic:  Targeting bugs for testing with RC/Final
(03:08:50 PM) heno: we have a few items under RC on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/ISO/FixValidation
(03:08:58 PM) heno: but we should add more
(03:09:20 PM) davmor2: birmingham is still an issue for number 1
(03:09:21 PM) heno: what changes since the freeze should we test extra well?
(03:09:59 PM) heno: davmor2: as in poor usability?
(03:10:32 PM) davmor2: sorry thinking of the wrong thing
(03:11:22 PM) heno: ogasawara: any kernel changes that are generally testable? when was the last kernel upload actually?
(03:11:59 PM) ogasawara: heno:  it's harder to test some of the kernel bugs b/c they're hardware specific
(03:12:08 PM) heno: right
(03:12:42 PM) heno: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/hardy-changes/2008-April/thread.html should be a good place to find things to test
(03:12:52 PM) heno: It's rather a long list ...
(03:13:44 PM) davmor2: afk
(03:13:45 PM) pedro_: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+queue?queue_state=3 <- could be a good place to look at it too
(03:14:25 PM) bdmurray: and https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+bugs?field.searchtext=&orderby=-importance&search=Search&field.status%3Alist=FIXRELEASED&assignee_option=any&field.assignee=&field.bug_reporter=&field.bug_contact=&field.bug_commenter=&field.subscriber=&field.milestone%3Alist=829&field.component-empty-marker=1&field.status_upstream-empty-marker=1&field.omit_dupes.used=&field.omit_dupes=on&field.has_patch.used=&field.has_cve.used=&field.tag=&field.t
(03:15:22 PM) heno: finally a manageable list!
(03:15:55 PM) bdmurray: but an unmanageable url
(03:16:10 PM) ***liw votes for lzma compression for urls
(03:16:21 PM) heno: I see gvfs has been updated - any good test cases to stress test that?
(03:18:00 PM) heno: you have to click through to see when it was fixed though
(03:18:41 PM) heno: pedro_: can you look at these links a bit and fish out testable items?
(03:18:56 PM) pedro_: heno: ok will do it
(03:19:15 PM) heno: everyone: please add key changes that you are aware of that need testing to that list as well
(03:19:47 PM) heno: [topic] RC test coordination
(03:19:47 PM) MootBot: New Topic:  RC test coordination
(03:20:46 PM) heno: as the images turn up shortly I'll be tracking down testers from http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/subscriptions to test
(03:21:20 PM) heno: ogasawara, I might ask you to give me a hand as well
(03:21:33 PM) ogasawara: heno:  np, let me know
(03:21:52 PM) heno: we have been keeping a list of Canonical folks who have signed up for testing
(03:22:32 PM) heno: this coordination is of course on-going in #ubuntu-testing
(03:22:56 PM) ***liw intends to show up in the morning and start testing on anything that no-one else is
(03:22:57 PM) heno: [topic] RC and final bug watch
(03:22:57 PM) MootBot: New Topic:  RC and final bug watch
(03:23:39 PM) heno: bdmurray: do you have the pulse on bugs coming in via iso-testing?
(03:24:26 PM) heno: I think triage efforts this week should focus on looking at new bugs to spot release-critical breakage
(03:24:44 PM) bdmurray: heno: sounds good
(03:24:54 PM) heno: I take it bug days are on hold for a while
(03:25:38 PM) bdmurray: ogasawara and I have an idea for the 24th or 25th but yes on hold until then
(03:25:49 PM) heno: can we ask the usual bug day participants to help with testing and critical bug watch instead?
(03:26:13 PM) bdmurray: Yes, I was just thinking that and will do
(03:26:38 PM) heno: ok, what would be the theme on 24th/25th?
(03:27:20 PM) bdmurray: Looking at 2.6.17 (Edgy kernel bugs) since it goes EOL around then and we don't want them just closed
(03:27:26 PM) heno: we may have a few bugs in from final, but also clearing decks for intrepid I guess
(03:27:43 PM) heno: sounds good
(03:28:15 PM) ***heno looks at http://people.ubuntu.com/~bryce/Plots/
(03:28:31 PM) heno: about 426 open
(03:29:00 PM) bdmurray: open what?
(03:29:12 PM) heno: open 2.6.17 bugs
(03:29:18 PM) bdmurray: right, duh
(03:30:10 PM) bdmurray: we should be able to script some states but the "New" ones require real eyeballs
(03:30:17 PM) heno: I wonder how many have later 'linux' tasks as well. those would be the easiest to 'close' (the task)
(03:30:49 PM) bdmurray: Right, that's on my list of things to look at
(03:31:13 PM) heno: great
(03:31:36 PM) heno: [topic] Next meeting day/time - the scheduled meeting falls right in the release crunch
(03:31:36 PM) MootBot: New Topic:  Next meeting day/time - the scheduled meeting falls right in the release crunch
(03:32:46 PM) heno: we should have a Final Release QA staus meeting, but the day before might be better
(03:33:07 PM) heno: there isn't much more we can do on the Wednesday
(03:33:29 PM) heno: nor is it out, so we cannot really take stock either
(03:33:49 PM) liw: I'm fine with a meeting on Tuesday
(03:34:00 PM) heno: any views on moving the meeting to Tuesday same time?
(03:34:07 PM) stgraber: fine for me
(03:34:10 PM) ogasawara: fine with me
(03:34:14 PM) ***jcastro nods
(03:34:21 PM) pedro_: yep it's ok for me too
(03:34:35 PM) heno: ok, we'll do that then
(03:35:20 PM) heno: hey jcastro. did you want to ask about https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek/Prep here?
(03:35:37 PM) jcastro: heno: yep
(03:35:49 PM) heno: I see you asked me about it
(03:35:52 PM) jcastro: I have plenty of slots open for sessions, so if anyone is interested please let me know
(03:35:58 PM) jcastro: and I can schedule you for a time slot
(03:36:00 PM) liw: I already have a session!
(03:36:08 PM) bdmurray: liw: just one?
(03:36:48 PM) liw: I guess I could do another, if anyone wants to hear me rant heavily about software freedom and meatball recipes
(03:36:49 PM) heno: cgregan: introduction to mobile testing?
(03:37:28 PM) liw: cgregan, I encourage you to do that session, it is good for you (and fun)
(03:37:53 PM) heno: 'good for you' doesn't sound pleasant :)
(03:38:13 PM) ***liw won't be doing a session on motivational speaking, then
(03:38:18 PM) jcastro: heh
(03:39:16 PM) heno: cgregan seems to have stepped out, but I'm sure he'll agree ;) davmor2, perhaps you'll help out with that session as well?
(03:39:42 PM) heno: it often works well to have two teachers in a tutorial
(03:39:44 PM) jcastro: I can pencil it in under "planned" and then track them down for a specific time if you want.
(03:40:06 PM) heno: jcastro: yep, fine
(03:40:07 PM) bdmurray: I'd been thinking an SRU verification how to session would be interesting
(03:40:35 PM) bdmurray: However, I'm pretty swamped
(03:41:19 PM) heno: we are hiring a full time SRU QA person (see Ubuntu employment page)
(03:41:28 PM) cgregan: works for me
(03:41:48 PM) heno: but I doubt that person will have started by then
(03:41:56 PM) bdmurray: heno: I'd didn't think they be prepared to give a class in 2 weeks.
(03:42:21 PM) heno: we could use the session for a candidate shoot-out though ;)
(03:42:37 PM) jcastro: "QA SRU Deathmatch"
(03:42:41 PM) pedro_: haha
(03:42:51 PM) bdmurray: I thought the class might help generate interest in performing verification for any Hardy updates
(03:43:01 PM) cgregan: heno: my connection is slow for some reason
(03:43:06 PM) heno: I did that with GSoC applicants on the mailing list -- it worked very well :)
(03:43:36 PM) pedro_: who is doing Universe SRU verifications?
(03:44:09 PM) bdmurray: dktrkranz does some
(03:44:11 PM) pedro_: we can ask them in case they want to do the session since we already have a few
(03:44:13 PM) cgregan: please send info on the sessions...I would be glad to help
(03:44:13 PM) heno: is there a specific team?
(03:44:27 PM) jcastro: cgregan: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek/Prep
(03:44:36 PM) pedro_: i think they'd need more help doing it
(03:44:37 PM) jcastro: cgregan: just pick an empty time slot and I'll write you in
(03:44:43 PM) heno: ok, any other topics today?
(03:44:51 PM) cgregan: Mobile intro?
(03:45:16 PM) bdmurray: 'making the mobile device you've always wanted'
(03:45:25 PM) heno: Mobile QA intro?
(03:45:35 PM) cgregan: heno: yes
(03:45:43 PM) heno: there is a general mobile intro session already
(03:45:43 PM) jcastro: note that aoliveira already has a "An introduction and Q+A" for UME.
(03:45:50 PM) heno: by Adilson
(03:46:03 PM) cgregan: excellent
(03:46:57 PM) heno: if there is nothing else, let's get back to testing images ...
(03:47:46 PM) heno: ah, this just in https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2008-April/000419.html
(03:48:23 PM) heno: but I think candidate image testing starts nowish
(03:49:05 PM) davmor2: back
(03:49:24 PM) heno: #endmeeting
(03:49:24 PM) MootBot: Meeting finished at 21:49.

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