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[17:58]  * pedro_ waves
[17:58] <ara> :-)
[17:58] <ara> hey
[17:58] <pedro_> hi heno, ara
[17:58] <heno> hey ara, pedro_ :)
[17:58] <pedro_> ehhe
[17:59] <heno> bdmurray, sbeattie ping?
[17:59] <davmor2> evening everybody :)
[17:59] <bdmurray> Hello all
[18:00] <sbeattie> Hey
[18:00] <heno> I've pinged cgregan
[18:00] <heno> let's give him a minute
[18:02] <Flare183> There his is
[18:02] <pedro_> oops split
[18:02] <Flare183> pedro_: yeap
[18:02] <ara> oops
[18:02] <Flare183> he*
[18:02] <heno> ok, we can start
[18:02] <heno> #startmeeting
[18:03] <pedro_> no bot?
[18:03]  * davmor2 hit's bot with big hammer
[18:03] <heno> [TOPIC]: Outstanding items from last meeting.
[18:03] <heno> always a good agenda item - but we should also start keeping a list :)
[18:04]  * stgraber waves
[18:05] <Flare183> another netsplit
[18:05] <heno> "In a few minutes I'm going to be rebooting one of our main us hubs. This will mean some splitting, but things should come back together rather quickly. Thank you for your patience, and thank you for using freenode!" -- apparently
[18:05] <ogra> it was announced
[18:06] <heno> let's take 5 minutes to read the log from the last meeting in the meantime
[18:10] <davmor2> yay bot is back and everyone else too :)
[18:11] <heno> ok, cool
[18:11] <heno> let's try to continue
[18:11] <heno> #startmeeting
[18:12] <nickellery> @schedule Vancouver
[18:12] <ubottu> nickellery: Schedule for America/Vancouver: Current meeting: QA Team | 25 Jun 15:00: Platform Team | 26 Jun 03:00: MOTU School Session - Apport retraces | 26 Jun 06:00: Desktop Team | 01 Jul 08:00:  Server Team | 02 Jul 10:00: QA Team
[18:12] <heno> not quite :)
[18:12]  * pedro_ kicks the bot
[18:12] <heno> #startmeeting
[18:12] <heno> ...
[18:12] <stgraber> the meeting bot isn't here
[18:12] <heno> topic: Outstanding items from last meeting
[18:13] <heno> meh :(
[18:13] <heno> I don't see any major outstanding issues
[18:14] <davmor2> see pedro_ that's what happens when you kick the bot :)
[18:14] <heno> mgunes has posted in the forums about SRU testing
[18:14] <pedro_> davmor2: haha, see it works better than your hammer :-P
[18:14] <heno> topic: New starter Ara Pulido
[18:14] <heno> everyone welcome ara
[18:14] <davmor2> welcome Ara
[18:14]  * cgregan waves to Ara
[18:15] <pedro_> welcome ara!
[18:15]  * pedro_ hugs ara
[18:15] <heno> who will be working on desktop test automation
[18:15] <ara> thanks
[18:15] <stgraber> welcome ara
[18:15] <sbeattie> welcome ara! \o/
[18:16] <heno> I'm sure we'l see interesting testing projects evolving in the next few weeks and months
[18:16] <heno> We are focusing on LTSP scripting this time
[18:17] <ara> LDTP?
[18:17]  * ogra listens up
[18:17] <stgraber> s/LTSP/LDTP/ imho
[18:17] <heno> contributions are also very welcome once we have a few basics in place
[18:17] <ogra> :)
[18:17] <davmor2> I was beginning to wonder :)
[18:17] <stgraber> even if having more coders for LTSP would be interesting too :)
[18:17] <heno> ara, stgraber: just testing :)
[18:17] <ogra> yea :)
[18:17] <ara> haha
[18:18] <heno> btw, stgraber is our local LTSP expert along with ogra
[18:18] <heno> moving on
[18:18] <heno> topic: 8.04.1 status
[18:18] <heno> according to http://people.ubuntu.com/~sbeattie/sru_todo.html we are down to 21 targets now
[18:19] <heno> only one appears to be hw-specific, which is good
[18:19] <sbeattie> nss and nspr are actually false positives, I believe.
[18:19] <heno> ok
[18:19] <davmor2> heno: wubi is getting some love too so hopefully that should work better for .1
[18:19] <ara> when is the point release?
[18:20] <pedro_> middle of july?
[18:20] <heno> sbeattie: you want to give a 2-line update from your POV?
[18:20] <sbeattie> davmor2: yeah, thanks for Wubi testing!
[18:20] <heno> I think we are aiming for early July
[18:21] <davmor2> sbeattie: It's what I do :)
[18:21] <sbeattie> Summary: SRU validation seems to be going along pretty well, made good progress with SRU Bug Hud day yesterday.
[18:21] <sbeattie> Thanks to all who participated!
[18:21] <pedro_> ara: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IntrepidReleaseSchedule
[18:21] <heno> I don't think we have committed to a date, but before the sprint AFAIU
[18:21] <sbeattie> July 3rd was the last date I heard.
[18:21] <heno> right
[18:21] <sbeattie> Which is coming up fast.
[18:22] <heno> that's the target
[18:22] <pedro_> we have a different one on the QA Schedule btw
[18:22] <heno> we'll see how that goes
[18:22] <sbeattie> right.
[18:22] <heno> oh?
[18:22] <pedro_> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/IntrepidSchedule <- points to be July 10th
[18:22] <heno> As the QA team we should have a clear view on whether it's ready
[18:23] <davmor2> it ain't ready ;)
[18:23] <sbeattie> pedro_: ah, yeah, the alpha2 and 8.04.1 switching weeks with other has not been reflected there.
[18:23] <heno> and if we feel elements are not we should advocate a) a delay or b) they some updates are left out
[18:23] <davmor2> I think the 10th will be more realistic
[18:23] <bdmurray> cjwatson swapped alpha 2 and 8.04.1 on the 18th
[18:24] <bdmurray> I'll subscribe to main release schedule and update the QA team one as necessary
[18:24] <heno> it would of course be good if the process were not blocked on us at that point ;)
[18:24] <davmor2> I won't be here blame sbeattie ;)
[18:24] <heno> thanks sbeattie for the summary
[18:25] <heno> next
[18:25] <heno> topic: Evaluation and Future of Hug Days
[18:25] <heno> the activity seems to have slowed down a bit the past few weeks
[18:25] <sbeattie> summer lull?
[18:25] <pedro_> sbeattie: seems so
[18:26] <heno> which I think is mainly due to it being summer
[18:26] <heno> so I suggest we scale back to one day for now
[18:26] <heno> when should we aim to resume 2? just after the bug jam or Septemberish?
[18:27] <ara> bug jam?
[18:27] <bdmurray> I think after the global bug jam would be good
[18:27] <heno> Feature Freeze is Aug 28th
[18:28] <davmor2> After feature freeze is good less major changes
[18:28] <heno> ara: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GlobalBugJam
[18:28] <pedro_> yup that's a good date
[18:28] <ara> ta
[18:28] <heno> pedro_: which? bj or ff?
[18:28] <stgraber> after FF sounds good
[18:29] <pedro_> heno: after FF
[18:30] <heno> ok let's aim for after FF - with the option of picking it up after the BJ if there is a surge in interest
[18:30] <heno> any other topics today?
[18:30] <bdmurray> which day for the one a week bug day?
[18:30] <pedro_> not from me
[18:31] <heno> I would prefer Thursdays
[18:31] <ara> can anyone point me to the wiki page where bug days have their schedule?
[18:31] <heno> as I have a ton of meetings on tuesdays
[18:31] <heno> but I'm not fussed
[18:32] <pedro_> yeah i tend to be a bit swamped the first days of the week (lot of bugmail to read)
[18:32] <pedro_> Thursdays are also good for me
[18:32] <bdmurray> Thursday is fine with me
[18:32] <sbeattie> works for me.
[18:32] <heno> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay is the main bug day page, but it has no schedule
[18:33] <cgregan> Between 12 and 3 I am booked solid, but other than that
[18:33] <heno> it has tended to be every tues and thurs
[18:33] <cgregan> EST
[18:33] <davmor2> the wiki has been updated for mobile-builder
[18:33] <heno> it has the next day listed though
[18:34] <heno> but is out of date :)
[18:34] <pedro_> do you think it would be a good idea to start asking for help on setting up the hug day page at the bugsquad list or in the bugcontrol one?
[18:34] <pedro_> for having more participation from the community
[18:34] <heno> so a QA team meeting page type schedule would be good on that page
[18:35] <pedro_> otherwise some of them didn't even noticed that there's a hug day
[18:35] <ara> yes, that would be helpful
[18:35] <bdmurray> I've asked in the past, I think the last sprint, and no one was interested
[18:35] <heno> should we just ask a few individuals directly?
[18:35] <cgregan> davmor2: :-)
[18:36] <davmor2> cgregan: KVM build mean 1 line to build :)
[18:36] <pedro_> heno: yep that would work better, we have a few core members that we can ask for help
[18:36] <davmor2> add the ppa to the repos and then add the app:)
[18:37] <heno> pedro_: will you take an action to try that?
[18:37] <pedro_> heno: sure, i'll do it
[18:37] <heno> ok great
[18:37] <heno> any further topics?
[18:38] <bdmurray> I've been working on the wiki a fair bit and my .moin_aliases file is quite long now.  Would anyone be interested in sharing these somehow?
[18:38] <heno> bdmurray: what does that do exactly?
[18:39] <bdmurray> a moin_aliases file is just shortcuts to wiki pages
[18:39]  * heno should probably know having helped set up the Ubuntu wiki
[18:39] <sbeattie> that'd be useful.
[18:39] <bdmurray> so you can use editmoin debug-usplash
[18:39] <heno> ok
[18:39] <bdmurray> and it'll expand to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingUsplash
[18:39] <ara> that is helpful :-)
[18:40] <sbeattie> bdmurray: though perhaps you're the biggest/sole user of ~/.moin_aliases, apparentl7.
[18:40] <heno> should we set up a bzr branch?
[18:40] <davmor2> bdmurray: I didn't get chance to play with any images in the end :(
[18:40] <bdmurray> It seems silly for one file but the best idea at the same time
[18:41] <sbeattie> well, should we have a bzr branch for generally useful qa things?
[18:41] <sbeattie> (not sure what else should go in that yet)
[18:41] <bdmurray> leann and I set one up for canonical specific things, however a general bugsquad one might be good too
[18:42] <heno> that could include the vim bug day script too
[18:42] <bdmurray> Throwing in the bugs mailing list scripts might be good too
[18:42] <davmor2> sbeattie: it could include the script for dl-ing the isos
[18:42] <davmor2> too
[18:42] <heno> and greasemonkey scripts perhaps
[18:42] <sbeattie> davmor2: excellent suggestion!
[18:42] <ara> cool, that would save a lot of time to new starters ;-)
[18:42] <heno> oh, lots of good ideas :)
[18:42] <bdmurray> the greasemonkey scripts are a separate project, which I really think is best
[18:43] <bdmurray> As thought might want to be used by other launchpad projects
[18:43] <heno> bdmurray: can you organise this?
[18:43] <ara> i can imagine myself trying to do something and after a couple of hours someone saying "but we already have a script for that"
[18:43] <ara> :D
[18:43] <bdmurray> heno: sure
[18:43] <davmor2> ara: we did say just ask ;)
[18:43] <heno> perhaps we should also set up an ubuntu-qa LP team again so devs can find us
[18:44] <sbeattie> Oh, as an aside, I should mention laserjock/Jordan Mantha and I have set up an sru-tools project: https://launchpad.net/sru-tools
[18:44] <heno> I was in a motu sru meeting where several people claimed that Ubuntu QA did not exist because we were not in LP :)
[18:44] <sbeattie> heno: agreed, or rename canonical-qa LP team
[18:45] <heno> sbeattie: canonical-qa has a separate function
[18:45] <heno> relating to bugs escalated from support etc
[18:45] <davmor2> heno: there you go the second tier to iso testers :)
[18:45] <sbeattie> heno: Oh! Makes sense. And now I understand the bugs I get being subscribed to that team. :-)
[18:46] <bdmurray> lol
[18:46] <heno> should we make it hierarchical or just an umbrella team?
[18:46] <pedro_> haha
[18:46] <heno> heh
[18:46] <pedro_> an umbrella is ok
[18:46] <heno> so people in bug control and testing are members - bugsquad too?
[18:47] <pedro_> yup, they're part of the ubuntu-qa ;-)
[18:47] <bdmurray> Hrm, bug control would be every developer then
[18:47] <heno> hm, so perhaps only bugsquad?
[18:47] <ara> i am not in any of those teams yet
[18:47] <bdmurray> heno: what is the point of the team again?
[18:48] <heno> bdmurray: to raise our visibility as a QA team in he dev community and host common tools like that bzr branch
[18:49] <persia> I'd suggest including bugcontrol won't hurt.  It might be nice if more developers were reminded that they are also QA.
[18:49] <davmor2> ara: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Isoscript
[18:49] <davmor2> for the dl script :)
[18:50] <ara> :-) thanks davmor2
[18:51] <sbeattie> Perhaps related, are there other things we should be doing to raise our visibility and encourage more community participation?
[18:51] <heno> will this cause lots of spam if people start assigning/subscribing bugs to ubuntu-qa?
[18:51] <heno> which will happen
[18:51] <persia> Only if there isn't also an ubuntu-qa mailing list.
[18:52] <heno> which we don't really want to flood with bugmail
[18:52] <persia> For Ubuntu Universe Sponsors we created a mailing list, with optional subscription.  Those members who like bugmail subscribe, and those that consider it spam don't.
[18:52] <persia> Could be ubuntu-qa-bugs...
[18:52] <bdmurray> persia: is than an lp mailing list or not?
[18:53] <persia> bdmurray: For UUS, it's an ubuntuwire list (UUS predates LP MLs)
[18:53] <heno> though that makes it seem like we _want_ people assigning/subscribing bugs to ubuntu-qa :)
[18:53] <heno> and we haven't defined the purpose of that yet
[18:54] <persia> It will happen anyway (currently happens for MOTU), but can be discouraged.  Active people will learn, and the rest will go away.
[18:55] <heno> cgregan: you've set up a bunch of LP teams recently; could you look into possible structures for this and their implications?
[18:55] <heno> then we can consider a few options at the next meeting (and whether we need this at all)
[18:56] <cgregan> heno: sure
[18:56] <heno> thanks
[18:56] <persia> I think it has PR value, even if it's essentially useless for coordination.
[18:56] <heno> could well be
[18:56] <heno> #endmeeting
[18:56] <heno> thanks everyone
[18:57] <pedro_> thanks!
[18:57] <sbeattie> thanks!
[18:57] <ara> thanks!
[18:57] <davmor2> thanks back :)
[18:57] <stgraber> thanks!

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