[18:02] <heno> #startmeeting
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[18:02] <heno> Beta is out, thanks to everyone who helped with that!
[18:03] <heno> [TOPI] Bug fallout from Beta
[18:03] <heno> dumb bot :/
[18:04] <heno> [TOPIC] Bug fallout from Beta
[18:04] <MootBot> New Topic:  Bug fallout from Beta
[18:04] <cody-somerville> heno, you mistyped TOPIC :P
[18:04] <heno> we need an AI bot thatis resiliant to speling erorrs
[18:04]  * cody-somerville nods.
[18:05] <heno> I just wanted to hear what the bug impact from beta has been
[18:05] <heno> esp on the kernel which is scheduled to freeze next thursday
[18:05] <heno> ogasawara: btw, how was the bug day yesterday?
[18:06] <ogasawara> heno: was excellent.  good participation and a lot of bugs got looked at
[18:07] <heno> ogasawara: are we forming a clear list of things that really should be looked at for intrepid?
[18:07] <stgraber> hey there
[18:07] <heno> hey stgraber
[18:08] <ogasawara> heno: yes, most of those get put on my weekly bug list and I also raise bugs on the kernel team call
[18:08] <heno> ogasawara: ok, let me know if there are some I should lobby for
[18:08] <ogasawara> heno: being that kernel freeze is almost upon us, we really need to get as many fixes in asap
[18:08] <stgraber> heno: I won't be in front of my lappy for the whole meeting, I'd just like to add a topic to the agenda: Having the testcases list updated ASAP
[18:09] <heno> we should also raise them on Friday's release meeting
[18:09] <stgraber> heno: I updated a bit the /Cases page with the list of testcases I plan to add and those I need more information to add/update
[18:10] <ogasawara> heno:  I've also started dropping patches for bugs directly to the kernel team ml and they're getting good response (ie getting applied)
[18:11] <heno> cgregan: are you still responsible for the MID/mobile cases?
[18:11] <heno> looks like they need more info
[18:12] <cgregan> heno: Not really
[18:12] <heno> davmor2: could you try making a mythubuntu alternate case?
[18:12] <sbeattie> persia was the one who added them to the page to be added
[18:12] <cgregan> I will advise people on updating, but that is about it
[18:12] <davmor2> heno: np's
[18:13] <heno> davmor2: can you work with persia on adding some MID/mobile cases too?
[18:13] <cgregan> heno: What info, other than the fact that UME is now a netbook release, do they need?
[18:14] <davmor2> heno: this is the new version correct?
[18:14] <persia> Really, the only thing we wanted was the base install cases to start.  The functional cases are not needed at this point.
[18:14] <heno> sbeattie, bdmurray: can you work together again on preparing for the release meeting? that went well last time
[18:14] <sbeattie> heno: sure.
[18:14] <davmor2> persia: when you on-line tomorrow?
[18:15] <bdmurray> heno: yep
[18:15] <heno> davmor2: it sounds like just adapting the desktop install cases should be fine
[18:15] <heno> thanks sbeattie, bdmurray
[18:15] <persia> davmor2, Probably something like 2:00 - 16:00 UTC, but maybe later.
[18:16] <heno> ok, that should cover the tracker changes
[18:16] <heno> [TOPIC] Regression bug triage
[18:16] <MootBot> New Topic:  Regression bug triage
[18:17] <davmor2> heno, persia: Okay I'll get the info off you tomorrow and build that up
[18:17] <heno> a topic for a few weeks, since we started this tracking
[18:17] <persia> davmor2, OK.  Earlier in your morning is probably better.
[18:17] <heno> how is that looking now?
[18:17] <davmor2> persia: np's
[18:17] <heno> thanks davmor2, persia
[18:18] <bdmurray> we are making some progress but there are still a lot out there
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[18:19] <heno> right. not surprising as it's our first go at this and we started quite late in the cycle
[18:20] <bdmurray> I've personally started milestoning some bugs for later that should be looked at for Jaunty
[18:20] <heno> speaking of such bugs; cr3: could you test and give feedback on bug 271370 please
[18:21] <ubottu> Launchpad bug 271370 in linux "Dell Dimension 9200 stalls when rebooting after installing 20080917" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/271370
[18:22] <sbeattie> bdmurray: what criteria are you using to decide that?
[18:22] <bdmurray> sbeattie: a bug that isn't really important enough to get resolved for Intrepid but should still be fixed - so usually low or wishlist importance ones
[18:22] <heno> sbeattie: you were planning on splitting the list up by importance or release, any news on that?
[18:23] <heno> (not always so easy to pin to a release of course)
[18:23] <sbeattie> heno: sorry, I haven't gotten to that yet; I'll make it a priority.
[18:23] <heno> ok, thanks
[18:24] <heno> sbeattie: np - I know other random things have landed with you as well
[18:25] <heno> [TOPIC] Upgrade testing in VMs
[18:25] <MootBot> New Topic:  Upgrade testing in VMs
[18:25] <heno> I've prepared some kvm images that can be used for upgrade testing
[18:25] <heno> I'll upload them somewhere soon
[18:26] <bdmurray> heno: hardy kvms?
[18:26] <heno> does anyone want to take charge or runing and reporting from those?
[18:26] <_persia> For upgrade testing, is a piuparts run across main not scheduled already?
[18:26] <heno> bdmurray: yes, ubuntu, kubuntu 32 and 64 bit
[18:26] <davmor2> heno: I can start running upgrades on hw tomorrow
[18:27] <heno> _persia: I'll ask liw if he can do a run - it didn't find much last cycle actually
[18:27] <davmor2> heno: I can through a smoke test upgard
[18:27] <davmor2> upgrade page together
[18:27] <davmor2> even
[18:27] <heno> 'real' upgrade tests often find a few issues though
[18:28] <heno> esp with lots of packages installed
[18:28] <persia> heno, Understood, I'm just thinking both types are useful, so we don't miss a corner case.
[18:28] <heno> davmor2: that's great, thanks - do you have flashable hardy images?
[18:28] <heno> persia: agreed
[18:29] <davmor2> heno: I've got partimages of hardy on both my test boxes
[18:29] <heno> cool
[18:29] <cr3> heno: I haven't had time to test the workaround of reboot=b provided by ogasawara, but I could do that as part of my testing this afternoon
[18:30] <davmor2> heno: I'll only be running in the morning though :)
[18:30] <heno> cr3: that's great thanks. the kernel freezes next week, so we have limited time to get such fixes in
[18:31] <heno> davmor2: have you tried using the Virgin package mirror? that may have better speed
[18:32] <heno> (we have the same ISP which does some strange bw capping in the afternoon)
[18:33] <sbeattie> hrm, is there a tool that lets one mirror only a part of the archive?
[18:33] <heno> schwuk: if I get those kvm images to you can you extend them a bit and run them?
[18:34] <heno> sbeattie: probably ask cjwatson, mvo or liw
[18:34] <cr3> sbeattie: what part do you mean?
[18:34] <heno> that's it from me. any other business?
[18:35] <cr3> heno: I'd like to propose extending wireless testing which is weak at best in my lab :(
[18:35] <sbeattie> cr3: a consistent subset of packages+dependencies, so that I don't have to try to mirror the entire archive but still have a locally useful cache.
[18:35] <schwuk> heno: sure
[18:35] <cr3> sbeattie: apt-cacher?
[18:35] <davmor2> cr3: what do you propose?
[18:36] <heno> cr3: as in better coverage in the lab or in the community?
[18:36] <heno> do we have any suitable tools for wireless stress testing?
[18:36] <cr3> davmor2: some decent access point capable of supporting A/B/G, WEP/WPA, TKIP/CCK/etc. all at the same time. then, writing automated tests either using wpa-supplicant or using ara's suite for network manager testing
[18:37] <heno> we already get 'my wireless is broken' reports :)
[18:37] <cr3> heno: if written properly, this could certainly benefit the community
[18:37] <heno> ara: have you looked at nm testing yet?
[18:37] <cr3> heno: what we have is "can you connect to a wireless network" :(
[18:37] <ara> heno: nop
[18:38] <ara> I agree, there are too many hw x cases between ethernet hw and ap hw...
[18:38] <cr3> ara: something to do when you visit :)
[18:38] <ara> cr3: cool :)
[18:38] <heno> sounds like a plan
[18:38] <davmor2> cr3: I can switch mine about and test manually for now and get wifi in for jaunty
[18:38] <cr3> heno: I'll move this forward in parallel with other stuff
[18:39] <cr3> davmor2: for my use case, I can't afford to switch mine about like that :(
[18:40] <heno> cr3: can you draw up a table of modes to test against so davmor2 can test manually in the short term?
[18:40] <davmor2> cr3: most of my machine are wired so it's not so much of an issue for me :)
[18:41] <cr3> heno: sure, I'll be drawing up such a table for myself anyways, so I could glagly share it
[18:42] <davmor2> cr3: ping me with the link dude
[18:42] <heno> cr3: thanks. somewhere on https://testcases.qa.ubuntu.com/ would be good
[18:42] <heno> ok, let's wrap it up - anything else?
[18:43] <heno> #endmeeting
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