[17:00] <heno> #startmeeting
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[17:01] <heno> just want to run a quick meeting about the testing still ahead
[17:01] <heno> we are most likely getting new live and dvd images due to bug 287747
[17:01] <ubottu> Launchpad bug 287747 in ubiquity "Kernel image missing after reinstallation preserving /home" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/287747
[17:02] <heno> updated test case here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Cases/LiveCDInstall
[17:02] <heno> background spec: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbiquityPreserveHome
[17:02] <davmor2> hi
[17:02]  * cgregan waves
[17:03] <heno> the new images will of course need testing again on all other test cases as well
[17:03] <heno> so, again: help with image testing appreciated :)
[17:03] <stgraber> heno: pong
[17:04] <heno> anything else noteworthy show up in triage
[17:04] <heno> hi stgraber, just to let you know we are starting :)
[17:04] <schwuk> heno: when will we have the new images?
[17:05] <heno> schwuk: in about an hour
[17:05] <davmor2> heno: only the home page for FF is no right yet but should be shortly
[17:06] <heno> ok, that can be fixed server-side I guess
[17:07] <davmor2> heno: yeah they are waiting for release notes and the like before they can do anything :)
[17:07] <heno> existing hardy installs (or 8.10 beta-ish) will be helpful in testing 287747, so you might want to dig those out
[17:08] <heno> any other topics today?
[17:09] <davmor2> did anyone know about the preserve home feature?
[17:09] <heno> I did, though I had not tried it myself
[17:10] <bdmurray> I noticed that bug isn't tagged iso-testing I wonder how that happened
[17:10] <heno> it's not explicit in the installer - just happens when you chose not to format
[17:10] <bdmurray> Was it not reported at the iso tracker too?
[17:10] <ara> bdmurray: because maybe it was reported by someone not on the tracker
[17:11] <ara> bdmurray: just guessing
[17:11] <davmor2> bdmurray: no
[17:11] <heno> bdmurray: probably not - it wasn't a test case until after the fact
[17:11] <heno> (I just updated the wiki with that)
[17:11] <bdmurray> ah, they say 'use case' not 'test case'
[17:11] <davmor2> bdmurray: there is no test for it.  I didn't even know it existed
[17:12] <heno> for jaunty we should review all specs at some milestone, like alpha 2 to make sure anything new has a test case
[17:13] <heno> we were pretty good at that for hardy, less so for intrepid (clearly)
[17:14] <heno> ok, thanks everyone!
[17:14] <davmor2> short meeting :)
[17:15] <heno> #endmeeting
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