Items we will be discussing:

  • Review ACTION points from previous meeting.
  • Review progress made on the specification listed on the Roadmap.

  • Open Discussion.
  • Agree on next meeting date and time.


Server FAQ

All the questions have been updated.

Jaunty Specs

dendrobates reported that he had been finalizing the schedule for UDS. There are still some slots available but blueprints should be register as soon as possible. dendrobates should be set as the approver and the spec should be proposed for UDS Jaunty. He added that he might send a tentative agenda today. A blog post would be welcome once the agenda is available.

Beers for Ubuntu Server members

Rick Clark (dendrobates - Technical Lead of the Ubuntu Server Team) announced that he would buy any server team member a beer if they found him at UDS. soren and kirkland made note of that while Koon started to cry. dholbach plugged his sponsoring work on server related packages and wondered if that made him a server team member. mathiaz reminded that subscribing to the ubuntu-server mailing list was enough to become a member of the ubuntu-server team on LP. dendrobates added that he got to choose the beer. There was some discussion about american beers and got to the point where kirkland suggested to rename the team to #beer-server team.

Integrated mail server stack

Scottk mentioned that he intended to work on automating postfix-amavisd-new-clamav-spamassassin setup. dendrobates asked whether ScottK could join the UDS sessions discussing the mail server stack. mathiaz suggested to write up a wiki page summarizing what could be done.

Get rid of old libdb versions

ScottK noted that there was some interface changes in DB 4.7. Patches may be available in Fedora. The target for jaunty is to transition to DB 4.6.

likewise-open SRU

Koon asked for help to verify an SRU of likewise-open to fix bug 230466. sommer offered to do the verification.

Agree on next meeting date and time

Next meeting will be on Tuesday, December 2nd at 16:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.


[16:01] <mathiaz> #startmeeting
[16:01] <MootBot> Meeting started at 10:01. The chair is mathiaz.
[16:01] <MootBot> Commands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]
[16:01] <mathiaz> welcome to another meeting of the Server Team!
[16:02] <mathiaz> Today's amazing and exciting agenda can be found online at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/Meeting
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[16:03] <mathiaz> Last week minutes: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/Server/20081118
[16:03] <mathiaz> [TOPIC] Server FAQ
[16:03] <MootBot> New Topic:  Server FAQ
[16:03] <mathiaz> most of the questions have been updated
[16:03] <mathiaz> there is only one left: the RAID question
[16:03] <mathiaz> kirkland: it's all yours :D
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[16:04] <kirkland> mathiaz: sweet, i've been saving the best for last
[16:04] <mathiaz> I've also added an item to the Roadmap to cover the ServerFaq update
[16:04] <mathiaz> kirkland: excellent!
[16:05] <mathiaz> [ACTION] kirkland to review the RAID related questions
[16:05] <MootBot> ACTION received:  kirkland to review the RAID related questions
[16:05] <kirkland> mathiaz: i'm editing it now :-)
[16:05] <mathiaz> [TOPIC] Jaunty specs
[16:05] <MootBot> New Topic:  Jaunty specs
[16:05] <mathiaz> dendrobates: what's the status on these?
[16:06] <dendrobates> mathiaz: going along well. but I have a request.
[16:06] <dendrobates> mathiaz: in the future, when creating a spec do not put the release in the name.  i.e  Hardy identity management.
[16:07] <dendrobates> Right now we have more specs than sessions, and I am trying to glob some of them together.
[16:07] <soren> dendrobates: I see your point if the spec in question gets deferred.
[16:07] <soren> However..
[16:07] <soren> If there's going to be more work put into a particular area, how should we name the next iteration?
[16:08] <soren> identity-management-plus-plus? :)
[16:08] <soren> ...or are you trying to solve a different problem, perhaps?
[16:08] <dendrobates> soren:  identity management is really too broad anyway.  We need more precise names.
[16:08] <soren> Point.
[16:09] <dendrobates> soren: I think that the current method of mapping specs to uds sessions is not working well.
[16:09] <mathiaz> dendrobates: is there more time to register blueprints?
[16:10] <mathiaz> dendrobates: or is the schedule for UDS already completed?
[16:10] <dendrobates> if you do so in the next 4 hours.
[16:10] <dendrobates> I am still creating umbrella specs so we can fit all the discussions in, so I will accept last minute additions.
[16:11] <mathiaz> dendrobates: ok.
[16:11] <mathiaz> A reminder: register a blueprint, set dendrobates as the approver and target the spec for jaunty
[16:12] <mathiaz> that way it will show up on the list of specs considered for the next UDS
[16:12] <mathiaz> if the ubuntu-server team is subsribed it's even better!
[16:12] <dendrobates> mathiaz: it also saves me time if you propose it for the Jaunty UDS as well.
[16:13] <nealmcb> dendrobates: is the list of specs currently proposed visible to us, or just you?
[16:13]  * nealmcb remembers that in the past it has not been visible to mere mortals
[16:14] <dendrobates> nealmcb: if your launchpad fu is good I'm sure they are available, but the way I see them is through the UDS planning page.
[16:14] <dendrobates> nealmcb: if I finish today , I can send out a tentative agenda.
[16:14] <kirkland> https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/sprints/uds-jaunty
[16:15] <kirkland> ^ all proposed for Jaunty, right now
[16:15] <kirkland> https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-server
[16:15] <dendrobates> kirkland: that does not mean they are scheduled though.
[16:15] <kirkland> ^ blueprints subscribing ubuntu-server
[16:15] <kirkland> dendrobates: understood, nealmcb asked for "list of specs currently proposed"
[16:16] <nealmcb> kirkland: excellent - they fixed my bug :)
[16:16] <kirkland> these are the two links i've been using as a were-mortal
[16:17] <kirkland> mere-mortal
[16:17] <kirkland> though, a were(wolf)-mortal does sound like fun
[16:17] <mathiaz> dendrobates: is there a publicly available version of the UDS schedule?
[16:18] <dendrobates> mathiaz: not that I know of, but we can put ours on the server blog when I finish.
[16:18] <nealmcb> dendrobates: that would be great
[16:19] <mathiaz> dendrobates: ok. Even if there may be some last minute changes, it would be great to have the schedule available soon
[16:19] <mathiaz> dendrobates: to make a blog post for example.
[16:19] <dendrobates> as usual, I will buy any server team member a beer if they find me at UDS.
[16:19] <dendrobates> mathiaz: Today for sure.
[16:20]  * soren makes  note of that
[16:20] <mathiaz> dendrobates: today? awesome!
[16:20]  * Koon cries.
[16:20]  * kirkland will take dendrobates up on that one :-)
[16:20] <mathiaz> dendrobates: is there a limit on the number of beers per members?
[16:21] <Koon> I'll also buy any server team member a beer if they can find me at UDS.
[16:21] <dendrobates> I meant community members, but I'll make an exception.
[16:21] <dholbach> I sponsored a bunch of packages of server team members - does that make me a server team member too? ;-)
[16:21]  * ScottK regrets he won't be there this time.
[16:21] <dendrobates> dholbach: of course!
[16:21] <dholbach> yoohoo!
[16:21]  * dholbach hugs y'all
[16:21]  * mathiaz reminds that being a member of the ubuntu-server team only requires to be subscribed to the ubuntu-server mailing list
[16:22]  * dholbach uses the opportunity to plug http://people.ubuntu.com/~dholbach/sponsoring/
[16:22] <kirkland> Koon: :-P
[16:22] <kirkland> Koon: ScottK: bummer, dudes!
[16:23] <nealmcb> Koon: lol
[16:24] <Koon> nealmcb: I only play when I can't lose.
[16:24] <nxvl> Koon: you will buy me a beer?
[16:24] <nxvl> dendrobates: you too?
[16:24] <zul> Koon: you are skipping out because you need to buy me a beer
[16:24] <mathiaz> ok - is there anything else related to Jaunty specs and UDS?
[16:24] <Koon> nxvl: if you can find me at UDS next month, yes :)
[16:24]  * nealmcb plans to "find koon" via google at uds
[16:24] <nxvl> Koon: remember i do know you
[16:25] <dendrobates> nxvl: Koon will be in France, so it will be hard to collect.
[16:25] <nxvl> :(
[16:25] <dendrobates> the kicker is I get the choose the beer.
[16:26] <zul> dendrobates: so the watered down american beer?
[16:26] <ScottK> Careful.  He's from St. Louis.
[16:26] <nxvl> i'm from peru, i can play that game
[16:26] <nxvl> :D
[16:26] <dendrobates> mmmm, Busch beer.
[16:26] <nxvl> we drink weird stuff
[16:26]  * ScottK has been to Peru and can attest to that.
[16:26]  * Daviey remembers nxvl bottle of yuk
[16:26] <kirkland> :-D
[16:27] <nxvl> Daviey: plz! that was pisco, that's normal
[16:27] <nxvl> Daviey: you don't want to try to weird stuff
[16:27] <Daviey> :)
[16:27] <kirkland> -> the #beer-server team
[16:27]  * ScottK brought back Pisco when he was there.  
[16:27] <nealmcb> I see ebox on the server team spec list (from boston), but haven't yet spotted something for gui server admin on the jaunty list - is there something related to that already?
[16:27] <ScottK> I understand it's not exported any more or something.
[16:28]  * Koon cheers mathiaz, who desperately tries to keep the meeting on topic :)
[16:28] <RoAkSoAx> nxvl: give them "7 raices" or "rompe calzon" :P lol
[16:28] <ScottK> What topic are we on?  I came in late.
[16:28] <mathiaz> ok - let's move on as we drifting from the current subject
[16:28] <nxvl> RoAkSoAx: plz! aguarras!
[16:28] <mathiaz> The topic is Jaunty specs and UDS
[16:29] <ScottK> I intend to work on automating postfix-amavisd-new-clamav-spamassassin setup.
[16:29] <mathiaz> nealmcb: dendrobates anything related to server gui?
[16:29] <nealmcb> a good set of server gui links is at http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/68/
[16:29] <ScottK> As we discussed before.
[16:29] <ScottK> I can write a spec for that if you want?
[16:29] <nealmcb> but it all still needs updating I'm sure, given augeas progress
[16:30] <dendrobates> mathiaz: yes there will be a discussion of the configuration framework to be used by any =mgt front end.
[16:31] <mathiaz> ScottK: is this the spec using fai as the way to setup the system?
[16:31] <dendrobates> ScottK: will you be able to join in remotely?  We plan on discussing an integrated mail stack.
[16:31]  * nealmcb notices non-gui spec also :)  https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/oem-config/+spec/oem-config-server/
[16:31] <ScottK> mathiaz: No.  That spec is still there (I updated it slightly), but it's more work than I can do in my free time.
[16:31] <nealmcb> though that is for desktops not servers
[16:32] <dendrobates> nealmcb:  that is more of a first boot thing
[16:32] <ScottK> mathiaz: It'll be building on the config scripts I did for Postfix in Intrepid.
[16:32] <mathiaz> nealmcb: well - that's the point of the spec: to get a server version of oem-config
[16:32] <ScottK> dendrobates: Possibly.  TZ diff isn't too bad.
[16:32] <lamont> hrm.. yet more sessions I'll want to join remotely...
[16:33] <mathiaz> ScottK: ok. If you could write up a spec that would be helpful
[16:33] <mathiaz> ScottK: with a least a list of things that could be done on the mail server stack.
[16:33] <ScottK> dendrobates: If you can schduled during east coast working hours, I can likely make it.
[16:34] <dendrobates> ScottK: I'll do my best
[16:34] <ScottK> Groceries have arrived, so I need to run off for a bit.
[16:34] <mathiaz> allright - anything else for Jaunty specs and UDS?
[16:35] <kirkland> mathiaz: interrupting ...  i have updated the RAID sections of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ServerFaq
[16:35] <mathiaz> kirkland: great - thanks!
[16:35] <nealmcb> dendrobates, mathiaz - I'll be curious to see what backend oem-config uses to do the config itself
[16:35] <mathiaz> let's move on
[16:36] <mathiaz> nealmcb: It uses the same infrastructure as the installer IIRC
[16:36] <mathiaz> [TOPIC] Update ServerGuide for Jaunty
[16:36] <MootBot> New Topic:  Update ServerGuide for Jaunty
[16:36] <mathiaz> sommer: ^^?
[16:37] <sommer> not sure there's much more news from last time
[16:37] <mathiaz> sommer: right - the wiki page has a list of points to work on
[16:37] <sommer> started working on kerberos + ldap, but other than that
[16:37] <mathiaz> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyServerGuide
[16:38] <mathiaz> sommer: did you think about the reasons for splitting the server guide into its own source package?
[16:38] <mathiaz> sommer: or should we just defer that topic to the UDS session?
[16:38] <sommer> mathiaz: ya, and I don't think it'll have that many advantages at this point
[16:38] <sommer> mathiaz: sure we can mull it over more at UDS
[16:38] <mathiaz> sommer: ok - great.
[16:39] <sommer> also haven't received any feed back from the doc team on the subject, so it's probably not a big deal either way
[16:39] <mathiaz> That's all for last week minutes
[16:39] <mathiaz> Anything else to add wrt to last week meeting?
[16:41] <mathiaz> nope - let's move on to the next topic
[16:41] <mathiaz> [TOPIC] Merges
[16:41] <MootBot> New Topic:  Merges
[16:41] <mathiaz> how are we doing on the merging front?
[16:42]  * kirkland did a few this weekend, adding init scripts along the way
[16:43] <kirkland> and filing bugs with Debian for the diffs
[16:43]  * kirkland notes that the Debian email responder is *much* faster now
[16:43] <kirkland> and it's slightly less painful to file bugs with patches back upstream with Debian
[16:44] <ScottK> The reportbug we have in Intrepid supports attaching the patch with the original submission now.
[16:44] <mathiaz> ok - I'll keep the list of 'easy-merges' up-to-date.
[16:44] <ScottK> That saves a step.
[16:45] <mathiaz> ok - let's move on
[16:45]  * soren mumbles about submittodebian from ubuntu-dev-tools
[16:45] <kirkland> ScottK: right; i usually like to add the debian bug number in the merge changelog
[16:45] <kirkland> ScottK: that used to mean waiting some ungodly long time for the Debian BTS to get around to responding
[16:45] <kirkland> ScottK: now, that's more like 3 minutes or so
[16:46] <kirkland> which makes it just "a long time", and not "an ungodly long time"  :-)
[16:47] <mathiaz> [TOPIC] Open discussion
[16:47] <MootBot> New Topic:  Open discussion
[16:47] <mathiaz> anything to add?
[16:47] <mathiaz> ivoks: ^^ ?
[16:47] <ivoks> heh
[16:47] <ScottK> mathiaz: I do have something on libdb transitions.
[16:47] <ivoks> i'm back, that's all i can say :)
[16:48] <ScottK> mathiaz: Looking at the patch in Bug #301169 it appears to me there are some interface changes in DB 4.7
[16:48] <ubottu> Launchpad bug 301169 in gramps "Include patch to allow gramps to work with BerkeleyDB 4.7 (dup-of: 301170)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/301169
[16:48] <ubottu> Launchpad bug 301170 in gramps "Include patch to allow gramps to work with BerkeleyDB 4.7" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/301170
[16:48] <Koon> For those with a likewise-open setup, I need help in testing the hardy SRU (bug 230466), currently in -proposed
[16:48] <ubottu> Launchpad bug 230466 in likewise-open "Likewise uninstall, Lock login to system" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/230466
[16:48] <Koon> I tested it but would welcome someone else validating it, and it's been lingering for quite some time
[16:49] <ScottK> Fortunately it looks like at least in some cases Fedora has patches so we can get them from there.  Fedora patches are usually very good.
[16:49] <sommer> Koon: I can try an take a look at that this evening
[16:50] <Koon> Thanks somer ! also MOTUs could sponsor the tomcat5.5 hardy SRU (bug 179447), it's also been acked for quite some time
[16:50] <ubottu> Launchpad bug 179447 in tomcat5.5 "Installation of tomcat5.5 fails if openjdk-6 or a JRE is installed" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/179447
[16:50] <Koon> sommer, I mean
[16:50] <mathiaz> ScottK: are the instructions on the Roadmap still accurate?
[16:51] <mathiaz> ScottK: Note: To do the migration make sure its not using transactions: grep for transaction in the source code - if transactions aren't used, update the build-dep/depends. Otherwise, existing data have to be migrated to a new structure.
[16:52] <ScottK> mathiaz: For transition to 4.6, yes.  For 4.7 it appears more complicated.
[16:52] <ScottK> mathiaz: Getting everything to 4.6 would be a big victory.
[16:52] <mathiaz> ScottK: ok.
[16:53] <mathiaz> Anything else to add?
[16:53] <ScottK> No.  Just wanted to make sure whoever is working that was aware.
[16:54] <ScottK> mathiaz: On a new topic, in Intrepid we got roadblocked on tasksel and too many options.
[16:54] <ScottK> Is there a plan to deal with that for Jaunty?
[16:55] <ScottK> Part of the mail server stack question is how many options can we reasonably provide.
[16:55] <mathiaz> ScottK: there is a session about the server installer
[16:55] <ScottK> mathiaz: OK.  I probably won't participate, I'd just like a U/I that allows more choices so we can offer different mail server configs.
[16:56] <mathiaz> ScottK: sure - at least we'll have a specific use case to discuss during the session
[16:56] <mathiaz> let's move on as there is another meeting coming up
[16:57] <ScottK> OK.
[16:57] <mathiaz> [TOPIC] Agree on next meeting date and time.
[16:57] <MootBot> New Topic:  Agree on next meeting date and time.
[16:57] <mathiaz> next week, same place, same time?
[16:57] <kirkland> oui!
[16:57] <sommer> sure
[16:57] <Koon> ok
[16:59] <mathiaz> ok - great then
[16:59] <mathiaz> see ya all next week, here.
[16:59] <mathiaz> happy merging !
[16:59] <mathiaz> #endmeeting
[16:59] <MootBot> Meeting finished at 10:59.

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