Revew ACTION points from the previous meeting

  • jib to review/approve server-lucid-more-mail-integration, done
  • smoser to push cloud dailies to ISO tracker asap, done
  • smoser to open bug for kernel team follow-up on ramdiskless kernels, done
  • zul, kirkland, mathiaz to sign up for sponsoring time on CodeReviews, zul done, kirkland and mathiaz not done.

Check blueprint status and progress for the week

  • server-lucid-canonical-application-support
    • 74% done
    • blocked on MIR team
  • server-lucid-eucalyptus-karmic-retrospective
    • 64% done on-track
    • blocker is the ML implementation
  • server-lucid-eucalyptus-merging-and-packaging
    • 61% done, looking good
    • blocker is getting eucalyptus working
  • server-lcuid-cloud-krd
    • 56% done
  • server-lucid-euca2tools
    • 50% done, on track
  • server-lucid-seeds
    • 47% done, on track
    • mathiaz working on the list of packages to promote/demote
    • zul is looking after the MIR
  • server-lucid-euca-remote-autoregister
    • 21% done, behind the curve on the burndown chart
    • in progress - hope to be able to commit some of the scripts this week
  • server-lucid-uec-testing
    • 12% done, on-track
    • hardware status is deffered
  • server-lucid-landscape-refresh
    • 0% done, not started yet
    • pending code drop and accounts setup.
  • not-started:
    • server-lucid-ec2-config
    • server-lucid-ec2-boothooks

Assigned and to be assigned bugs

Some team members are still assigned to more bugs than they should be actively working on, so this might need more review.

Kirkland brought up that he needs some help from the foundations/security to help with ecryptfs in ubuntu stuff.

ACTION: jib to talk to robbiew about ecryptfs in ubuntu

ScottK also mentioned that courier is in real need of attention to the number of users that we have using it.

Weekly Updates and Questions for the QA team

Soren was not available so this item was skipped.

Weekly updates and Questions for the Kernel team

Jjohansen mentioned that he started poking at the kernel configs for lucid.

Weekly SRU review

128612 was reviewed for an SRU update

ACTION: zul to look at it.

Conference attendance 2010

We're prepping an overview of what conferences people are attending to go anywhere please let jiboumans and randa know.

Open Discussions

Daviey asked for more contributions for the ubuntu-server-tips.

Agree on next meeting date and time

Next meeting will be on Tuesday, April 14th at 15:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.


[13:53] <zul> this is going to be a fun meeting
[13:53] <zul> stupid netsplits
[13:55] <jiboumans> zul: totally
[13:55] <jiboumans> * bob joined the room
[13:55] <jiboumans> <zul> And that's why I'll never wear a dress again!
[13:55] <zul> *shudder*
[13:56] <kirkland> o/
[13:57]  * jjohansen \o
[13:57] <jiboumans> \\o o//
[13:57] <jiboumans> \o/
[13:57] <zul> hey jjohansen
[13:58] <mathiaz> ~o~
[13:58] <jjohansen> heya zul
[13:58] <jiboumans> ttx, smoser around?
[13:58] <smoser> hola
[13:59] <ttx> o/
[13:59] <jiboumans> right, let's get started then
[13:59] <jiboumans> #startmeeting
[13:59] <MootBot> jiboumans, There is already a meeting in progress.
[13:59] <jiboumans> o.O
[13:59] <jiboumans> #endmeeting
[14:00] <jiboumans> o..k.. now what? :)
[14:00] <zul> right im going back to bed then ;)
[14:00] <ttx> jiboumans: now you do it without mootbot, methinks
[14:00]  * jjohansen wonders if it is still the kernel meeting from yesterday
[14:00] <jiboumans> so no #reallyreallyendmeeting then
[14:01] <jiboumans> moving along
[14:01] <jiboumans> [TOPIC] Scribe assignment
[14:01] <jiboumans> this week is zul's turn to do the minutes
[14:01] <zul> whee
[14:01] <jiboumans> next week is the next one in alphabetical order from the server team
[14:02] <jiboumans> [TOPIC] review action points from previous meetings
[14:02] <jiboumans> ACTION: jos to review/approve server-lucid-more-mail-integration
[14:02] <mathiaz> jiboumans: alphabetical on the first or last name?
[14:02] <ttx> on irc nicks
[14:02] <jiboumans> mathiaz: irc nick, and no changesies :)
[14:02] <jiboumans> Both myself and ttx have reviewed the spec from ScottK and approved it, so that one's done
[14:03] <jiboumans> ScottK++ for championing this
[14:03]  * ScottK looks up
[14:03] <ScottK> Anyone wants to help, let me know.
[14:03] <jiboumans> alright, next one:
[14:03] <jiboumans> ACTION: smoser to push cloud dailies to ISO tracker asap
[14:03] <ttx> was done as part of the alpha1 release process.
[14:04] <smoser> :)
[14:04] <jiboumans> smoser++ thanks
[14:04] <jiboumans> ACTION: smoser to open bug for kernel team follow-up on ramdiskless kernels
[14:04] <smoser> done, looking for bug
[14:05] <jiboumans> (that gives mathiaz and kirkland 2 minutes to rush to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/CodeReviews
[14:05] <jiboumans> and claim 'done')
[14:05] <kirkland> heh
[14:05] <smoser> bug 494565
[14:05] <jjohansen> thanks
[14:06] <jiboumans> jjohansen: bug report has everything you need in it?
[14:06] <mathiaz> jiboumans: not-done
[14:06] <mathiaz> jiboumans: I'll have a look at it later
[14:06] <jjohansen> jiboumans: I think so
[14:07] <jiboumans> excellent
[14:07] <jiboumans> moving on
[14:07] <kirkland> jiboumans: hmm, yeah, I haven't had a chance to do much code review
[14:07] <jiboumans> ACTION: zul, kirkland, mathiaz to sign up for sponsoring time on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/CodeReviews
[14:07] <zul> done
[14:07]  * jiboumans hits refresh one more time
[14:08] <jiboumans> [ACTION]: kirkland, mathiaz to sign up for sponsoring time on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/CodeReviews
[14:08] <jiboumans> please have it done by next meeting
[14:08] <kirkland> jiboumans: oh, you just want us to sign up for an hour at this time?
[14:08] <jiboumans> kirkland: a weekly hour. it was explained last meeting i believe, and the details are on that wiki link as well
[14:09] <kirkland> jiboumans: sorry, missed last meeting
[14:09]  * gnuyoga waves
[14:09] <jiboumans> kirkland: np, that's what the minutes are for ;)
[14:09] <jiboumans> kirkland, mathiaz: any confusion, ttx and dholbach can explain
[14:10] <jiboumans> ok, moving on
[14:10] <jiboumans> [TOPIC] Check blueprint status and progress for the week
[14:10] <kirkland> jiboumans: done
[14:10] <jiboumans> i'll copy a name of a blueprint to the chat. if you're hte assignee, please give us a quick 1 line update. 'all on track' is fine
[14:10] <jiboumans> server-lucid-canonical-application-support 74% done
[14:11] <jiboumans> (risks or blockers specifically highlighted please)
[14:11] <jiboumans> for those reading along at home, the overview of all our blueprints & progess for alpha2 is found here: http://piware.de/workitems/server/lucid-alpha2/report.html
[14:12] <zul> waiting for the MIR team to get back to me
[14:12] <jiboumans> are we blocked until then?
[14:12] <zul> yeah
[14:12] <jiboumans> do we have an eta from them?
[14:12] <zul> im going to being poking people today
[14:12] <zul> no eta yet
[14:13] <jiboumans> can you please follow up on that? somewhere this week seems reasonable iirc
[14:13] <zul> of course
[14:13] <jiboumans> thanks
[14:13] <jiboumans> next one: server-lucid-eucalyptus-karmic-retrospective 64% done
[14:13] <jiboumans> ttx: ^
[14:13] <ttx> on track - blocker is the ML implementation
[14:14] <kirkland> jiboumans: ttx: code published, which was part of that one! :-)
[14:14] <ttx> yay
[14:14] <jiboumans> i've bumped the prio on that and IS is working on it. ACTION on me to follow up some more
[14:14] <jiboumans> kirkland++ ttx++ nice
[14:14] <jiboumans> next one: server-lucid-eucalyptus-merging-and-packaging 61% done
[14:14] <ttx> eucalyptus++
[14:14] <kirkland> jiboumans: looking good
[14:15] <kirkland> jiboumans: blocker now is getting eucalyptus working
[14:15] <kirkland> jiboumans: unstable toolchain introduced some breakage
[14:15] <kirkland> jiboumans: gotta love java fun
[14:15] <jiboumans> kirkland: always fun; we're on top of this with the euca guys right?
[14:15] <kirkland> "java -- write once, run ... away screaming"
[14:15] <ttx> lol
[14:15] <kirkland> jiboumans: yeah, we're on it, private emails right now, until the ML gets setup ... kinda clunky
[14:16] <ttx> "write once, never package"
[14:16] <jiboumans> i'm glad at least some language has a worse rep here than perl...
[14:16] <jiboumans> ok, moving on
[14:16] <jiboumans> smoser: server-lucid-cloud-krd 56% done
[14:16]  * kirkland loves perl :-)
[14:16] <smoser> on track. really good except for opened bug mentioned above
[14:16] <ttx> everybody loves perl.
[14:16] <smoser> silly perl
[14:16] <jiboumans> heh, ok excellent
[14:16] <jiboumans> (on both accounts ;)
[14:17] <jiboumans> server-lucid-euca2ools 50% done
[14:17] <jjohansen> and that is inprogress.  Hopefully will have something to play with by next week
[14:17] <jiboumans> jjohansen++ and thanks to the kernel team for picking this stuff up quickly
[14:17] <smoser> jiboumans, i'll respond for euca2ools. i think "on track".
[14:18] <kirkland> jiboumans: i plan on picking up euca2ools in January
[14:18] <jiboumans> smoser: we have a decision to make still on 2 work items at the bottom of hte spec
[14:18] <kirkland> jiboumans: as i'm working on euca-packaging, which is currently rated at a higher priority
[14:18] <kirkland> jiboumans: i suggest those for discussion items during tomorrow's call
[14:19] <jiboumans> kirkland: the 2 open items are on our plate to decide on
[14:19] <jiboumans> no longer related to eucalyptus. we can either implement them in eucatools ourselves, or in xc2
[14:19] <kirkland> jiboumans: okay
[14:19] <jiboumans> smoser: i take it you need a bit longer to make that call?
[14:19] <kirkland> jiboumans: gotcha; should we discuss here?  now?  later?
[14:20] <smoser> jiboumans, neither of those is a real big deal. one way or another xc2 will be getting 'region' through. and same with "environment varialble consistency" (which i have to look at that bug some on)
[14:20] <jiboumans> smoser: ok, no rush in getting it sorted today. thanks for the update
[14:20] <smoser> so if euca2ools says "no absolutely not" to region (which i think is silly), i dont care all that much
[14:20] <smoser> s/think is silly/think would be short-sited/
[14:20] <jiboumans> smoser: as dicussed; they're happy to take the patch, but we'll have to write it
[14:21] <jiboumans> so that call's on our plate
[14:21] <jiboumans> moving on. mathiaz: server-lucid-seeds 47% done
[14:22] <mathiaz> on track
[14:22] <mathiaz> zul: is looking after MRI
[14:22] <jiboumans> zul: MRI's on track as well?
[14:22] <zul> MIR were done yesterday
[14:22] <mathiaz> while I'm working on the list of packages to promote/demote
[14:22] <jiboumans> zul++ faster than a speeding bullet
[14:22] <jiboumans> mathiaz: welcome back ;)
[14:22] <jiboumans> ok, next one. ttx: server-lucid-euca-remote-autoregister 21%
[14:23] <jiboumans> that one's behind the curve on the burndown chart right now
[14:23] <ttx> in progress -- hope to be able to commit some of the scripts this week
[14:23] <ttx> it conflicts with 1.6.2 merging
[14:24] <jiboumans> resource wise?
[14:24] <ttx> i.e. difficult to commit new things until 1.6.2
[14:24] <ttx> lands
[14:24] <ttx> s/lands/works
[14:24] <kirkland> ttx: hmm, you can commit against 1.6.2 now
[14:24] <jiboumans> understood; are we under any pressure to meet our goal here for alpha2 yet?
[14:24] <ttx> kirkland: rigth, but not test
[14:24] <kirkland> ttx: i've pushed that to ~ubuntu-core-dev/eucalyptus/ubuntu
[14:24] <kirkland> ttx: right, it is hard to test, i grant that
[14:25] <ttx> it's also a resource problem. the time spent debugging 1.6.2 is not spent writing that stuff
[14:25] <mathiaz> kirkland: is UEC supposed to work in alpha-1?
[14:25] <ttx> i.e. I planned to land most of it today, but didn't
[14:25] <kirkland> jiboumans: really, the pressure right now, IMHO, is having a running eucalyptus -- a lot of other work items are dependent on that
[14:25] <ttx> mathiaz: it works
[14:25] <kirkland> mathiaz: it's eucalyptus 1.6.1 in alpha1 -- it worked for me
[14:25] <kirkland> mathiaz: the big changes come in 1.6.2
[14:25] <ttx> and it still works.
[14:26] <jiboumans> kirkland: let me rephrase: given the time left, with a working eucalyptus at the end of the week, can we still make all the work items by alpha2
[14:26] <ttx> jiboumans: yes
[14:26] <kirkland> jiboumans: yes
[14:26] <jiboumans> ok, awesome
[14:26] <jiboumans> moving on. mathiaz: server-lucid-uec-testing 12% done
[14:26] <mathiaz> jiboumans: on-track
[14:26] <mathiaz> jiboumans: working on this for now.
[14:27] <mathiaz> The hardware status is defered IIUC
[14:27] <jiboumans> mathiaz: you're getting in touch with the montreal guys, right?
[14:27] <mathiaz> jiboumans: yes
[14:28] <mathiaz> jiboumans: I'll threaten them with poutine bombing if they don't comply with my wishes
[14:28] <jiboumans> mathiaz: excellent. ttx verified that the multiple-network setup won't land in eucalyptus still around alpha2, so it's ok not to plan for those tests by alpha2, but for right after
[14:28] <zul> mathiaz: ick
[14:28] <jiboumans> mathiaz: please cc: me on that ;)
[14:28] <jiboumans> alright, moving on. zul: server-lucid-landscape-refresh 0% done
[14:28] <zul> starting tomorrow
[14:28] <jiboumans> i know this is pending a landscape drop.
[14:28] <mathiaz> jiboumans: ok - so I'll focus on single network only until alpha2
[14:29] <jiboumans> zul: we got the code drop from them, and accounts are setup?
[14:29] <zul> jiboumans: no code drops, accounts are setup though
[14:29] <jiboumans> zul: code drop for tomorrow confirmed though?
[14:29] <zul> jiboumans: confirming with the landscape guys now
[14:30] <jiboumans> thanks
[14:30] <mathiaz> zul: there is a pending sru for landscape in interpid as well
[14:30] <mathiaz> zul: are you also following that one?
[14:30] <zul> mathiaz: ill take a look
[14:30] <mathiaz> zul: I'd ask free about it
[14:30] <zul> mathiaz: will do
[14:30] <jiboumans> zul: please flag if code drop does'nt happen this week
[14:31] <jiboumans> ok, and to wrap up: not discussing the following specs, as they are not planned to be started  yet:
[14:31] <jiboumans> server-lucid-ec2-config not started
[14:31] <jiboumans> server-lucid-ec2-boothooks not started
[14:31] <smoser> jiboumans, i will make significant progress on those charts for boothooks today
[14:31] <jiboumans> smoser: that'd be most excellent
[14:31] <smoser> for config, i guess that i'm getting some help from zul or mathiaz i welcome either.
[14:32] <jiboumans> smoser: mathiaz will take care of kicking off ec2-config
[14:32] <smoser> ok.
[14:32] <jiboumans> another reminder: Work item to burndown chart syntax got updated, please check your blueprints: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WorkItemsHowto#Subcycle%20tracking
[14:32] <jiboumans> anything more on blue prints?
[14:33] <jiboumans> alright, next topic
[14:33] <jiboumans> [TOPIC] Assigned and to-be-assigned bugs: http://qa.ubuntu.com/reports/team-assigned/canonical-server-assigned-bug-tasks.html
[14:33] <jiboumans> ttx, the floor is yours
[14:33]  * ttx hugs the 3 machines he just received for euca testing
[14:33] <ttx> \o/
[14:33] <jiboumans> ttx++ dell++
[14:34] <ttx> Nothing assigned to team needing reassignment
[14:34] <ttx> zul, kirkland: does the list reflect accurately things that you intend to work on in a near future, or is there still some noise ?
[14:35] <kirkland> ttx: let me check
[14:36] <ttx> everyone: do you need to report blocing issues on any of those bugs ?
[14:36] <zul> ttx: yeah the samba dhcp lease is more of a dhcp problem
[14:36] <kirkland> ttx: there's some noise
[14:36] <ttx> blocking
[14:36] <kirkland> ttx: i'll make sure that list is accurate
[14:36] <ttx> kirkland: cool, that will help us in reviewing it, thx
[14:36] <ScottK> In Universe, courier is still in real need of attention.  It has a fair userbase and I still don't have time to look at it.
[14:36] <kirkland> ttx: i could probably use some help with ecryptfs-in-ubuntu stuff, since it sounds like i'm not officially working on that any more
[14:36] <Daviey> ScottK: What issues?
[14:37] <kirkland> ttx: perhaps we need some help from the security and/or foundations team identifying an owner
[14:37] <ttx> kirkland: yes, we do
[14:37] <kirkland> ttx: can you and/or jiboumans help with that?
[14:38] <ScottK> Daviey: From the bug reports there still seem to be problems with installability.  It needs a good bug triage to start.
[14:38] <ttx> jiboumans: you take care of that ?
[14:38] <jiboumans> ttx: i was about to volunteer you :) who'd be a good person to contact for this?
[14:38] <ttx> jiboumans: robbiew
[14:39] <mathiaz> jiboumans: or kees
[14:39] <kirkland> jiboumans: we'd need to negotiate this with robbie
[14:39] <jiboumans> kirkland: are we in a need to do this before the end of the year?
[14:39] <kirkland> jiboumans: not urgently
[14:39] <kirkland> jiboumans: but definitely within the Lucid cycle
[14:39] <jiboumans> ok, then [ACTION] jib
[14:39] <kirkland> jiboumans: basically, if I'm not fixing ecryptfs bugs in Ubuntu, no one is
[14:40] <kirkland> jiboumans: in each previous cycle, I had at least a little bit of dedicated time to doing so
[14:40] <kirkland> jiboumans: it's a 10-20% job
[14:40] <kirkland> jiboumans: half-day per week is probably sufficient
[14:41] <jiboumans> kirkland: understood. zul please action me accordingly
[14:41] <jiboumans> due somewhere in january
[14:41] <zul> okie dokie
[14:41] <ttx> ok, nothing else on the buglist ?
[14:42] <ttx> jiboumans: next on the agenda ?
[14:42] <jiboumans> [TOPIC] Weekly Updates & Questions for the QA Team (soren)
[14:42] <jiboumans> soren is off making snow angels though, so no update from him
[14:42] <jiboumans> [TOPIC] Weekly Updates & Questions for the Kernel Team (jjohansen)
[14:42] <zul> heh
[14:43] <jjohansen> well not much progress, I took a few days off last week
[14:43] <jiboumans> jjohansen: snow angels?
[14:43] <jjohansen> I started poking at the configs
[14:43] <jjohansen> snow angels?  didn't get any snow in Portland
[14:44] <jjohansen> though it was unusually cold
[14:44] <jjohansen> I don't think the kernel team has any question atm
[14:44] <jiboumans> jjohansen: great, thanks
[14:44] <jiboumans> any questions from us for the kernel team?
[14:45] <zul> not from me
[14:45] <jiboumans> alright, next topic
[14:45] <jiboumans> [TOPIC] Weekly SRU review (mathiaz)
[14:45] <mathiaz> there is one bug nominated for dapper:
[14:45] <mathiaz> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/samba/+bug/128612
[14:45] <mathiaz> zul: seems that you've commented on it lately
[14:46] <ubott2> Ubuntu bug 128612 in samba "Segfault in Samba installing a printer on a client" [Undecided,Fix released]
[14:46] <zul> gah that fell off my list
[14:46] <mathiaz> should we consider fixing it in a SRU for dapper?
[14:46] <smoser> is there a SRU review llist link ?
[14:46] <mathiaz> smoser: what do you mean exactly?
[14:47] <mathiaz> smoser: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/KnowledgeBase#Team%20policy has a list of lists to review
[14:47] <smoser> thats what i wanted then.
[14:47] <mathiaz> next list: http://qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ubuntu-server-team/fixedbugs.ubuntu-server.latest.html
[14:47] <mathiaz> any bugs worth SRUing that were fixed last week? ^^
[14:48] <Daviey> mathiaz: hmm, i'm not convinced that lp url is catching them all.
[14:48] <mathiaz> Daviey: yes - I know
[14:48] <jiboumans> smoser: link added to agenda
[14:49] <mathiaz> Daviey: I think I'll have to write custom scripts to make sure we get all nominated bugs
[14:49] <mathiaz> http://qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ubuntu-server-team/acceptedbugs.ubuntu-server.latest.html
[14:49] <MootBot> LINK received:  http://qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ubuntu-server-team/acceptedbugs.ubuntu-server.latest.html
[14:49] <mathiaz> ^^ list of accepted bugs
[14:49] <mathiaz> there is bug http://qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ubuntu-server-team/acceptedbugs.ubuntu-server.latest.html
[14:49] <Daviey> mathiaz: i'll be quiet now :)..
[14:49] <mathiaz> there is bug 114505
[14:49] <mathiaz> assigned to the ubuntu-server team
[14:50] <mathiaz> it should be assigned to some one rather than a team
[14:50] <mathiaz> and the list of reviews is empty
[14:51] <mathiaz> which means that either there isn't SRU done, or that bzr branches and reviews are not used enough
[14:51] <mathiaz> I also plan to update some of the scripts to put more information (like how long a bug has been assigned) with the goal to make sure things are moving in the pipeline
[14:52] <mathiaz> anything else to add on the SRU review?
[14:52] <ubottu> Launchpad bug 114505 in ntp "ntp brought up before network is ready; fails not resolve any ip or host names; ntp does not recover" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/114505
[14:52] <jiboumans> alright, moving on then
[14:53] <jiboumans> [TOPIC] Conference attendance 2010 (jib)
[14:53] <jiboumans> we're prepping an overview of what conferences people are attending in 2010. if you're planned to go anywhere
[14:53] <jiboumans> please let me & randa know
[14:53] <kirkland> jiboumans: are these requests for conferences that we can make?
[14:54] <Daviey> FOSDEM :)
[14:54] <ttx> jiboumans: planned to go to FOSDEM, got a main track slot there... but cancelled it due to conflict with sprint
[14:54] <jiboumans> kirkland: nope, confirmed attendances
[14:54] <jiboumans> i'm interested in requests too though, so send me both :)
[14:54] <zul> heh im planning to go to OLS but its not in ottawa
[14:54] <kirkland> jiboumans: k
[14:54] <kirkland> jiboumans: i'm going to linuxconf.au in January, but randa knows that already ( I think you do too? )
[14:55] <jiboumans> so ACTION for next week for you kids to send me and randa an overview of all that you've got planned for the next year
[14:55] <mathiaz> jiboumans: that's gonna be sooooo long
[14:55] <jiboumans> kirkland: one email wiht a list would be great, it'd make randa's life easier
[14:56] <kirkland> jiboumans: cheers
[14:56] <jiboumans> alright, last topic
[14:56] <jiboumans> [TOPIC] Open Discussion
[14:56] <jiboumans> anyone, anything?
[14:56] <alexm> jiboumans: does YAPC::EU count for last item? ;)
[14:57]  * ttx opens his Christmas presents
[14:57]  * zul is working on fcoe packaging today
[14:57] <Daviey> More Ubuntu tips needed for the tips project, urgently :)
[14:57] <jiboumans> Daviey: i believe you have a wiki page where tips can be contributed? want to share the url once more?
[14:58] <Daviey> jiboumans: It's now a case of raise a bug against the ubuntu-server-tips project on LP
[14:58] <Daviey> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/server-tips

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