Review ACTION points from previous meeting

  • [ACTION] ScottMoser to look at getting Karmic images refreshed.

    • EricHammond did test runs on the recent karmic dailies.

Alpha2 milestone

  • Reviewed Status of work items targted to milestone
  • jib is working with IS on getting central hardware for testing. This
    • wont be done for alpha2. work item deferred.
  • [ACTION] Mathiaz to send out AWS Client lib RFC

  • [ACTION]: ttx to coordinate alpha ISO testing.

Alpha3 subcycle planning (jib)

Community Driven Blueprints (jib)


  • ivoks has made good progress on update server-lucid-cluster-stack
    • with beta quality packages available, and on rack for alpha3.
  • ivoks gave some thoughts on the red hat cluster suite in ubuntu .
    • ivoks suggested that pacemaker is what should be pushed for lucid, and said "i wouldn't mind demoting rhcs to universe, even though we don't get pacemaker in main"


  • items has been targeted to alpha3
  • stgraber expects to have new dahdi packages and MIR ready for alpha3
  • jmdault will update work itesm

Alpha3 blueprints that request community feedback


  • ttx described the papercuts nominatoin mechanism, the nominiation
    • mechanism chosen was 'project' as opposed to 'tag'
  • [ACTION] ttx for papercuts: discuss acceptance criteria,

    • project publicity plan
  • [ACTION] Mathiaz to publish papercuts & apport efforts in our

    • blog/community channels


  • zull will drive this item, and we'll talk about this next meeting.

Assigned and to-be-assigned bugs

Weekly Updates & Questions for the QA Team (soren)

  • We need help to get through the list of ISOs to test
  • [ACTION] mathias to publish request for iso testing in our

    • regular blog/community channels
  • soren pointed out that some of the test cases are slightly outdated
    • or not complete. We should get these updated. Please update as you go through.
  • soren is running automated tests of the default install, the bind9
    • test case, the lamp test caes, and the mail test case on i386 and amd64

Weekly Updates & Questions for the Kernel Team (jjohansen)

  • 494565 is on jjohansen's list for next week.

  • kernel was frozen on friday and most changes were in thursday
  • server-lucid-other-cloud-providers

    • is targetted for alpha3, there could be kernel issues running on rackspace's environment


  • jib added the perl modlues to the wiki, nijaba recomments tarzan for
    • PHP
  • perl/python/php packages will be targeted for alpha3. other
    • languages likely out unless esily packagable or community efforts

Weekly SRU review

Using bzr for package maintenance (zul)

  • DistributedDevelopment/Documentation

  • mathiaz responded to smoser's question, suggesting that after your
    • "done" with a single fix branch you can mark it merged in the launchpad UI. That will then have it not shown on your default list, but is possibly better than deleting it.
  • zul (and others) want to encourage people more to use bzr branches.

Open Discussion

  • mail-stack blueprint was formally re-assigned to ivoks (from ScotK).
    • ivoks suggests that all except debconf integration should be doable for alpha3. If it can't be handled there, it would need a
  • FeatureFreeze Exception.

Agree on next meeting date and time

Next meeting will be on Wednesday, Jan 20 14:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.


01/13/10 09:00:02 <jiboumans>   #startmeeting
01/13/10 09:00:03 <MootBot>     Meeting started at 08:00. The chair is jiboumans.
01/13/10 09:00:03 <MootBot>     Commands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]
01/13/10 09:00:13 <jiboumans>   today's scribe is smoser
01/13/10 09:00:16 <ttx> mathiaz, smoser: around ?
01/13/10 09:00:29 <sommer>      o//
01/13/10 09:00:29 <mathiaz>      /o\
01/13/10 09:00:36 <smoser>      hi
01/13/10 09:00:40 <jiboumans>   [TOPIC] last weeks action points
01/13/10 09:00:41 <MootBot>     New Topic:  last weeks action points
01/13/10 09:00:51 -->   Italian_Plumber (n=dshere@h128.96.82.166.static.ip.windstream.net) has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01/13/10 09:00:52 <jiboumans>   i'll take the ones that belong to a blueprint when we discuss those
01/13/10 09:01:00 <--   lamont has quit ("Coyote finally caught me")
01/13/10 09:01:14 <jiboumans>   ACTION: SorenHansen to solicit packages that lend them selves well to nightly builds
01/13/10 09:01:17 <jiboumans>   soren: ^
01/13/10 09:01:32 <soren>       jiboumans: Hm... I don't remember /how/ I did it, but I did get some feedback.
01/13/10 09:01:35 <soren>       :)
01/13/10 09:01:42 <jiboumans>   soren++
01/13/10 09:01:45 <jiboumans>   please shae :)
01/13/10 09:01:46 <jiboumans>   *share
01/13/10 09:02:05 <soren>       The only extra ones I got were:
01/13/10 09:02:08 -->   SWAT (n=swat@ubuntu/member/swat) has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01/13/10 09:02:24 -->   lamont (n=lamont@mix.mmjgroup.com) has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01/13/10 09:02:24 <soren>       python2.6 and atlas.
01/13/10 09:02:49 <soren>       I'll get those added to the nighly builds shortly.
01/13/10 09:02:54 <soren>       Like now
01/13/10 09:03:00 <jiboumans>   you agree there's mileage in those?
01/13/10 09:03:41 <soren>       If they run a test suite during build, I don't see any harm in detecting if they start failing.
01/13/10 09:04:02 <jiboumans>   fair enough
01/13/10 09:04:02 <soren>       I still haven't gotten round to the reporting part of things.
01/13/10 09:04:11 <jiboumans>   that's the interesting bit though :)
01/13/10 09:04:11 <soren>       I get an e-mail when stuff fails to build, but that's about as far as it gets.
01/13/10 09:04:17 <soren>       Quite :)
01/13/10 09:04:25 -->   RainCT (n=RainCT@ubuntu/member/pdpc.student.rainct) has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01/13/10 09:04:29 <jiboumans>   you still have a bit of time to wrap that up though
01/13/10 09:04:33 <jiboumans>   please let us know how you progress ;)
01/13/10 09:04:35 <jiboumans>   moving on
01/13/10 09:04:39 <soren>       mathiaz suggested using a team ppa and interested parties can join the team and thus get the build failure e-mails as well.
01/13/10 09:04:47 <soren>       I'll set that up.
01/13/10 09:05:03 <jiboumans>   soren: good step. i'd also love to see an overview/bugs coming out of that (maybe a nice to have though)
01/13/10 09:05:19 <soren>       jiboumans: Noted.
01/13/10 09:05:22 -->   jsalisbury (n=chatzill@ has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01/13/10 09:05:38 <jiboumans>   ACTION: ScottMoser to investigate publishing new AMIs
01/13/10 09:05:40 <jiboumans>   smoser: ^
01/13/10 09:06:10 <smoser>      no movement on that.  eric tested the us-west-1 nightly some and his results were favorable.
01/13/10 09:06:30 <jiboumans>   ok, push that action to next meeting then
01/13/10 09:06:35 <jiboumans>   alpha2's more important at this point
01/13/10 09:06:51 -->   huats (n=chris@ubuntu/member/huats) has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01/13/10 09:06:56 <smoser>      but i've not done anything myself. long term, this falls into RefreshPolicy and QA and such are involved. 
01/13/10 09:07:02 <jiboumans>   agreed
01/13/10 09:07:02 <--   huats has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01/13/10 09:07:10 <jiboumans>   we'll pick it up after this milestone
01/13/10 09:07:19 <jiboumans>   the remainign action points are related to blueprints
01/13/10 09:07:33 <jiboumans>   we'll get to those in the alpha3 section
01/13/10 09:07:43 <--   Italian_Plumber (n=dshere@h128.96.82.166.static.ip.windstream.net) has left #ubuntu-meeting
01/13/10 09:07:43 <jiboumans>   ttx: your turn for the alpha2 deliverables
01/13/10 09:07:50 <ttx> right
01/13/10 09:07:53 <jiboumans>   [TOPIC] Alpha2 milestone (ttx)
01/13/10 09:07:54 <MootBot>     New Topic:  Alpha2 milestone (ttx)
01/13/10 09:08:06 <ttx> So Alpha2 milestone will be released tomorrow
01/13/10 09:08:21 <ttx> There are a few work items still targeted to that milestone
01/13/10 09:08:42 <ttx> I want to make sure they are still on track, or we shoudl defer them
01/13/10 09:09:02 <ttx> mathiaz:
01/13/10 09:09:24 <ttx> hm
01/13/10 09:09:47 <ttx> jib: retrospective/Establish access to central hardware when available
01/13/10 09:10:05 <ttx> smoser: boothooks / cleanup and package new development
01/13/10 09:10:06 <jiboumans>   ttx: got word from IS today. hardware is in but not setup yet. ETA early next week, so it won't be done for alpha2 milestone
01/13/10 09:10:19 <ttx> zul: Write MIR and update package for main requirement for ctdb
01/13/10 09:10:33 <ttx> jiboumans: ok, will defer
01/13/10 09:10:34 <zul> ttx: triaged waiting to hear back from lool
01/13/10 09:10:42 <jiboumans>   ttx: making the blueprint change now
01/13/10 09:10:50 <ttx> zul: still hoping to complete by tomorrow :) ?
01/13/10 09:11:07 <--   Lure has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
01/13/10 09:11:08 <zul> if i can find lool today
01/13/10 09:11:12 <smoser>      loking
01/13/10 09:11:16 <ttx> mathiaz; you have two from aws-client-libs
01/13/10 09:11:16 <smoser>      looking even
01/13/10 09:11:33 <mathiaz>     ttx: well - they've been added today
01/13/10 09:11:45 <mathiaz>     ttx: wasn't that supposed to be for alpha3?
01/13/10 09:11:46 <ttx> right, the spec isn't for alpha2 anyway
01/13/10 09:11:56 <smoser>      i moved my "package stuff" to 'DONE' (as its in now).
01/13/10 09:12:06 <jiboumans>   ttx: ACTION Mathiaz to send out AWS Client lib RFC (that's what that relates to)
01/13/10 09:12:09 <ttx> jiboumans: ok for me to move to alpha3, even if we want it very soon ?
01/13/10 09:12:20 <jiboumans>   ttx: move which one?
01/13/10 09:12:28 <mathiaz>     jiboumans: nijaba sent an email about it
01/13/10 09:12:29 <ttx> the aws ones
01/13/10 09:12:45 <nijaba>      mathiaz: only for the part I was aksed to chekc: php
01/13/10 09:12:46 <mathiaz>     https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/server-lucid-aws-client-libraries
01/13/10 09:13:02 <jiboumans>   i'd like the rfc email to go out ASAP
01/13/10 09:13:06 <jiboumans>   mathiaz, ttx: ^
01/13/10 09:13:10 <mathiaz>     jiboumans: ok
01/13/10 09:13:16 <ttx> ok, keeping them in, then
01/13/10 09:13:20 <ttx> mathiaz: sounds doable ?
01/13/10 09:13:26 <mathiaz>     ttx: yes
01/13/10 09:13:27 <--   The_Toxic_Mite has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01/13/10 09:13:29 <jiboumans>   the decision can go to next meeting
01/13/10 09:13:33 <ttx> moving on to alpha2 bugs
01/13/10 09:13:35 -->   huats (n=chris@ubuntu/member/huats) has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01/13/10 09:13:53 <ttx> the most important one was in fact already fixed
01/13/10 09:13:59 <ttx> (the ec2-init one)
01/13/10 09:14:06 <ttx> just didn't autoclose on upload
01/13/10 09:14:16 *     jjohansen fades in (sorry I am late)
01/13/10 09:14:19 <ttx> that leaves the MIRs...
01/13/10 09:14:28 -->   Lure (n=quassel@ubuntu/member/lure) has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01/13/10 09:14:31 <ttx> And the samba one (bug 462169)
01/13/10 09:14:34 <ubottu>      Launchpad bug 462169 in samba "nmbd dies on startup when network interfaces are not up yet" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/462169
01/13/10 09:15:18 <ttx> zul: the pastedeploy MIR bug should be targeted for alpha3 now
01/13/10 09:15:18 <zul> i have to update the MIR ones
01/13/10 09:15:26 <zul> ttx: okies
01/13/10 09:15:27 <jiboumans>   ttx: the samba one has added: "This bug was fixed in the package samba - 2:3.4.0-3ubuntu5.3"
01/13/10 09:15:46 <ttx> taht's the karmic SRU, we want it fixed in lucid as well
01/13/10 09:15:56 *     ttx doublechecks
01/13/10 09:16:11 <jiboumans>   ttx: you're correct. lucid is set to 'in progress'
01/13/10 09:16:20 <zul> i can do that as well
01/13/10 09:16:43 <ttx> samba bug -> <slangasek> ttx: oh, I have that listed under foundations ;)  Yes, I'll have that fixed beginning of next week
01/13/10 09:16:51 <ttx> that is.. yesterday
01/13/10 09:16:58 <ttx> slangasek: defer to alpha3 ?
01/13/10 09:17:20 <zul> the proper fix is to have an upstart job imho
01/13/10 09:17:28 <ttx> last topic is ISO testing
01/13/10 09:17:36 <ttx> we ahve candidates in, please test them
01/13/10 09:17:52 *     soren is doing a bunch of that.
01/13/10 09:18:02 <ttx> i'll be doing the UEC ones
01/13/10 09:18:04 <soren>       If anyone tries an LVM install on real hardware, please let me know the results.
01/13/10 09:18:05 <jiboumans>   [NOTE] ISO testing candidates are in. please test them!
01/13/10 09:18:29 <ttx> and I hope to have time to do the UEC cloud images as well
01/13/10 09:18:41 <ttx> make sure the rest is covered
01/13/10 09:18:51 <ttx> afaict no respin is planned now
01/13/10 09:18:56 <ttx> unless something bad happens
01/13/10 09:19:13 <jiboumans>   [ACTION] ttx coordinate ISO testing efforts
01/13/10 09:19:14 <MootBot>     ACTION received:  ttx coordinate ISO testing efforts
01/13/10 09:19:17 <jiboumans>   ttx: well volunteered, thanks
01/13/10 09:19:27 <ttx> yaya
01/13/10 09:19:30 <ttx> yay
01/13/10 09:19:51 <ttx> jiboumans: alpha2 done, you're on for alpha3
01/13/10 09:19:56 <jiboumans>   [TOPIC] Alpha3 subcycle planning (jib)
01/13/10 09:19:56 <MootBot>     New Topic:  Alpha3 subcycle planning (jib)
01/13/10 09:20:07 <jiboumans>   We're trying to get our alpha3 roadmap in order by the end of the week
01/13/10 09:20:31 <jiboumans>   as you know, we've only planned until alpha2 so far, and we're now filling in the remaining work for alpha3
01/13/10 09:21:06 <jiboumans>   for that we're collecting feedback as we go. We've made a preliminary pass from the server team, which is reflected in launchpad: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/~jib/+specs?role=approver
01/13/10 09:21:22 <jiboumans>   preliminary workitems can be seen here: http://macaroni.ubuntu.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-server-lucid-alpha-3.html
01/13/10 09:21:56 <jiboumans>   any feedback or opinions you have are welcome on the mailinglist :)
01/13/10 09:22:08 <jiboumans>   i'd like to quickly focus on the community driven blueprints:
01/13/10 09:22:28 <jiboumans>   [TOPIC] server-lucid-cluster-stack
01/13/10 09:22:29 <MootBot>     New Topic:  server-lucid-cluster-stack
01/13/10 09:22:34 <jiboumans>   ivoks: ^
01/13/10 09:22:40 <jiboumans>   ACTION ivoks to update server-lucid-cluster-stack with lucid (and alpha3) goals
01/13/10 09:22:41 <ivoks>       well, we have a good progress there
01/13/10 09:22:46 <ivoks>       beta quality packages are there
01/13/10 09:22:52 <ivoks>       blueprint was updated
01/13/10 09:22:56 <jiboumans>   ivoks++
01/13/10 09:22:58 <ivoks>       and we are in the testhing phase
01/13/10 09:23:01 <ivoks>       testing
01/13/10 09:23:04 <jiboumans>   saw your mails on the list; looks like very good stuff
01/13/10 09:23:08 *     ttx hugs his favorite croatian
01/13/10 09:23:13 <ivoks>       :)
01/13/10 09:23:34 <jiboumans>   ... i read that as crustacean...
01/13/10 09:23:57 <ivoks>       so, this should be ready for alpha3
01/13/10 09:24:05 <nijaba>      \o/
01/13/10 09:24:05 <jiboumans>   ivoks: we're particularly interested in your experience of redhat cluster suite vs pacemaker & co
01/13/10 09:24:19 <jiboumans>   ivoks: when do you think you could tell us a bit more about that?
01/13/10 09:24:22 <ivoks>       jiboumans: atm pacemaker looks very very nice
01/13/10 09:24:36 <ivoks>       well, we had a discussion about it at uds
01/13/10 09:24:52 <ivoks>       pacemaker is only one part of future, yet unnamed, cluster stack
01/13/10 09:25:06 <ivoks>       there's also cluster-glue, cluster-agents, etc...
01/13/10 09:25:25 <ivoks>       basicaly, everybody is working on common cluster stack (all distros and some vendors)
01/13/10 09:25:47 <ivoks>       will that kill rhcs... i doubt it, but it should be better at some point
01/13/10 09:26:08 <ivoks>       problem with rhcs in ubuntu now is that very few people use it nad even less know how it works
01/13/10 09:26:16 <ivoks>       pacemaker is much easier to setup
01/13/10 09:26:38 <jiboumans>   ivoks: i think you're aware of the promotion/demotion discusion around redhat cluster, so I'm sure mathiaz and zul are very interested in the input you can provide there
01/13/10 09:26:44 <ttx> ivoks: could you explain what the different components do ?
01/13/10 09:27:09 <ivoks>       i could copy paste :)
01/13/10 09:27:14 <ivoks>       http://www.linux-ha.org/wiki/Cluster_Glue
01/13/10 09:27:17 <MootBot>     LINK received:  http://www.linux-ha.org/wiki/Cluster_Glue
01/13/10 09:27:35 <ttx> "Glue is everything that is not the cluster messaging layer (Heartbeat), nor the cluster resource manager (Pacemaker), nor a Resource Agent. "
01/13/10 09:27:38 <ttx> makes sense
01/13/10 09:27:41 <ivoks>       Cluster Glue is a set of libraries, tools and utilities suitable for the Heartbeat/Pacemaker cluster stack. In essence, Glue is everything that is not the cluster messaging layer (Heartbeat), nor the cluster resource manager (Pacemaker), nor a Resource Agent.
01/13/10 09:28:04 <ivoks>       so, idea is that future rhcs and future (let's call it) pacemaker cluster
01/13/10 09:28:13 <ivoks>       share common libraries and agents
01/13/10 09:28:38 <ttx> ivoks: that's future development, not part of your current spec iiuc
01/13/10 09:28:53 <ivoks>       our spec is 'follow what's going on'
01/13/10 09:29:03 <ttx> that's not a spec, that's an interest
01/13/10 09:29:07 <ttx> :P
01/13/10 09:29:11 <ivoks>       and if you ask me now what we should push for next 5 years in lucid, that would be pacemaker
01/13/10 09:29:26 <mathiaz>     ivoks: will the pacemaker-based stack be feature equivalent to rhcs in the lucid timeframe?
01/13/10 09:30:01 <ivoks>       hard to say cause they don't share the same philosophy
01/13/10 09:30:13 <--   gnomefreak has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01/13/10 09:30:18 <ivoks>       for example, rhcs belives in quorum disks, while pacemaker doesn't
01/13/10 09:30:33 <ivoks>       there's also GFS2, which isn't yet supported in pacemaker
01/13/10 09:30:49 <soren>       ivoks: What does it support instead?
01/13/10 09:30:51 <soren>       ocfs?
01/13/10 09:30:51 <ivoks>       but ocfs2 is
01/13/10 09:30:54 <soren>       Ok.
01/13/10 09:31:30 -->   jamie (n=jamie@5ac8845f.bb.sky.com) has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01/13/10 09:31:30 <ivoks>       i wouldn't mind demoting rhcs to universe, even though we don't get pacemaker in main
01/13/10 09:31:53 <--   JamieBennett (n=JamieBen@Maemo/community/contributor/JamieBennett) has left #ubuntu-meeting
01/13/10 09:31:57 <jiboumans>   ivoks: thanks for the summary. please share your ongoing experiences with us :)
01/13/10 09:32:14 <ivoks>       sure
01/13/10 09:32:23 <jiboumans>   [TOPIC] server-lucid-contextualization
01/13/10 09:32:24 <MootBot>     New Topic:  server-lucid-contextualization
01/13/10 09:32:46 <jiboumans>   stgraber: just to confirm you're in good shape for the alpha3 related parts
01/13/10 09:33:37 <jiboumans>   stgraber appears idle. hopefully this will show up in his scrollback :)
01/13/10 09:33:41 <jiboumans>   [TOPIC] server-lucid-asterisk-integration
01/13/10 09:33:43 <MootBot>     New Topic:  server-lucid-asterisk-integration
01/13/10 09:33:56 <jiboumans>   ACTION: jmdault to update server-lucid-asterisk-integration blueprint with alpha3 & post-alpha3 workitems and change syntax to match Pitti's workitems WorkItemsHowto
01/13/10 09:34:15 <jiboumans>   Daviey, dyfet if you're around; just a quick check you're in good shape for alpha3
01/13/10 09:34:27 <stgraber>    sorry, wasn't looking at IRC
01/13/10 09:34:52 <stgraber>    jiboumans: I requested a sync for LXC this week, the new package is in Debian (for the userspace tool)
01/13/10 09:34:57 <--   Lure has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01/13/10 09:35:35 -->   gnomefreak (n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak) has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01/13/10 09:35:39 -->   jmdault (n=jmdault@smtpin.revolutionlinux.com) has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01/13/10 09:35:47 <jiboumans>   stgraber: we've targeted this spec today for alpha3 as the work items affect feature freeze
01/13/10 09:35:47 <stgraber>    jiboumans: I also contacted LXC upstream about a few small issues in current LXC and I now have a few good contacts with upstream
01/13/10 09:35:47 -->   mjeanson (n=mjeanson@smtpin.revolutionlinux.com) has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01/13/10 09:35:49 <dyfet>       there is new dahdi packages ready
01/13/10 09:35:56 <jmdault>     o/
01/13/10 09:36:29 <stgraber>    jiboumans: yep, I expect to have the MIR written and approved by then (for the userspace tool)
01/13/10 09:36:40 <jiboumans>   stgraber++ excellent, thanks for the update
01/13/10 09:36:48 <jiboumans>   ok, asterisk once again :)
01/13/10 09:36:49 <jiboumans>   ACTION: jmdault to update server-lucid-asterisk-integration blueprint with alpha3 & post-alpha3 workitems and change syntax to match Pitti's workitems WorkItemsHowto
01/13/10 09:36:49 <jiboumans>   Daviey, dyfet if you're around; just a quick check you're in good shape for alp
01/13/10 09:36:55 <stgraber>    jiboumans: I'm also waiting for libcap support in libvirt, I think it's either soren or jdstrand who have that bullet point assigned to them
01/13/10 09:37:06 <dyfet>       I will defer to jmdault
01/13/10 09:37:08 <soren>       Me, probably.
01/13/10 09:37:12 <jiboumans>   stgraber: they do, it's targeted for alpha3 for soren
01/13/10 09:37:16 <jdstrand>    my bullet is for the merge
01/13/10 09:37:30 <jdstrand>    Debian is still fiddling with 0.7.5
01/13/10 09:37:37 <jmdault>     dyfet: thx
01/13/10 09:37:41 <jdstrand>    (plus I haven't had time to do it yet)
01/13/10 09:37:52 ---   jamie is now known as JamieBennett
01/13/10 09:38:01 <jmdault>     dyfet: we'll need lots of testing
01/13/10 09:38:17 -->   Lure (n=quassel@ubuntu/member/lure) has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01/13/10 09:39:20 <jiboumans>   jmdault: it looks like all work items should be targeted for alpha3, except perhaps: Further testing pre-release: TODO
01/13/10 09:39:59 <jiboumans>   jmdault: i'd appreciate it if you could update the blueprint to match the WorkItemsHowto as per the action point. would that be ok?
01/13/10 09:40:01 -->   erichammond (n=erichamm@ubuntu/member/erichammond) has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01/13/10 09:40:24 <jmdault>     jiboumans: yes, I'm doing that today
01/13/10 09:40:40 <jiboumans>   jmdault: excellent. could you also confirm you're confident for the alpha3 deliverables?
01/13/10 09:40:42 -->   tremolux (n=glasker@pool-71-174-55-121.bstnma.fios.verizon.net) has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01/13/10 09:41:12 <jmdault>     jiboumans: yes, very confident, all the dahdi build problems have been resolved
01/13/10 09:41:20 <jiboumans>   jmdault++ dyfet++ daviey++
01/13/10 09:41:26 <jmdault>     jiboumans: so  I'm 99% confident
01/13/10 09:41:34 <jiboumans>   excellent. thanks all for your update
01/13/10 09:41:48 <jiboumans>   next topic:
01/13/10 09:42:04 <jiboumans>   [TOPIC] Alpha3 blueprints that request community feedback
01/13/10 09:42:05 <MootBot>     New Topic:  Alpha3 blueprints that request community feedback
01/13/10 09:42:06 <jiboumans>   ttx?
01/13/10 09:42:15 <jiboumans>   [TOPIC] server-lucid-papercuts (ttx)
01/13/10 09:42:16 <MootBot>     New Topic:  server-lucid-papercuts (ttx)
01/13/10 09:42:32 <ttx> yes, so I sent an email about that project to the ubuntu-server ml
01/13/10 09:42:32 <jiboumans>   also: ACTION: ThierryCarrez to send background mail on papercuts project for next weeks discussion
01/13/10 09:42:43 <ttx> "The idea is to spend time during this less-featureful development cycle
01/13/10 09:42:44 <ttx> to fix server usability issues that make Ubuntu Server less
01/13/10 09:42:44 <ttx> sysadmin-friendly."
01/13/10 09:43:13 <ttx> This is a global effort, so I'd like to discuss part of the design during the alpha3 period
01/13/10 09:43:21 <ttx> get community's advice on it
01/13/10 09:43:30 <ttx> Today I want to discuss the nomination mechanism
01/13/10 09:43:41 <ttx> Two options were mentioned in the mail
01/13/10 09:43:47 <ttx> LP project approach:
01/13/10 09:43:47 <ttx> * Nominate by marking Also affects project
01/13/10 09:43:47 <ttx> * Accept by marking bug Confirmed for the project
01/13/10 09:43:47 <ttx> * Reject by marking bug Invalid for the project
01/13/10 09:43:48 <ttx> * Find bugs by looking at project bugs
01/13/10 09:43:50 <ttx> * Fix-release in both Ubuntu and project
01/13/10 09:43:53 <ttx> LP tag approach:
01/13/10 09:43:54 <ttx> * Nominate by tagging server-papercut-proposed
01/13/10 09:43:56 <ttx> * Accept by tagging server-papercut
01/13/10 09:43:58 <ttx> * Reject by marking server-papercut-refused
01/13/10 09:44:00 <ttx> * Find bugs by searching for tags
01/13/10 09:44:02 <ttx> * Fix-release in Ubuntu
01/13/10 09:44:04 <ttx> which one should we pursue ?
01/13/10 09:44:16 <ttx> I tend to prefer the tag approach, but we had someone in the ML preferring the project approach
01/13/10 09:44:31 <ttx> tag is more integrated
01/13/10 09:44:37 <jiboumans>   ttx, do we have an answer to this: "I do not see anywhere (like I said, I may be missing out on a feature) the
01/13/10 09:44:38 <jiboumans>   ability to "subscribe" to tags."
01/13/10 09:44:38 <zul> project aproach
01/13/10 09:45:08 <ttx> jiboumans: nothing already built in LP that I know of
01/13/10 09:45:24 <ttx> i.e. if you don't add some home-made glue
01/13/10 09:45:34 <ttx> I agree that increases the barrier of entry
01/13/10 09:45:38 <--   niko has quit ("Reconnecting")
01/13/10 09:45:45 <ttx> so Lp project, everyone agrees ?
01/13/10 09:45:51 <jiboumans>   ttx: my vote is on transparency. if all things are not equal i vote project
01/13/10 09:45:54 <zul> i think the project aproach increases visibility
01/13/10 09:46:00 -->   niko (i=niko@freenode/staff/ubuntu.member.niko) has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01/13/10 09:46:11 <--   niko has quit (Client Quit)
01/13/10 09:46:14 <ttx> the price to pay is /some/ redundancy
01/13/10 09:46:25 <ttx> I'm surprised mathiaz doesn't vote for tag :)
01/13/10 09:46:36 -->   niko (i=niko@freenode/staff/ubuntu.member.niko) has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01/13/10 09:46:41 <mathiaz>     ttx: works for me
01/13/10 09:46:51 <ttx> ok, then project it is
01/13/10 09:46:54 -->   starcraft-ntbk (n=quassel@76-10-141-201.dsl.teksavvy.com) has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01/13/10 09:46:58 <ttx> jiboumans: action me on creating that one
01/13/10 09:47:08 <jiboumans>   [ACTION] ttx to create project approach for papercuts
01/13/10 09:47:09 <MootBot>     ACTION received:  ttx to create project approach for papercuts
01/13/10 09:47:14 <erichammond> "subscribe to tag" would also be very helpful for the ec2-images tag.  When that got switched from a project to a tag, I sort of lost visibility.
01/13/10 09:47:17 <jiboumans>   ttx: what's the next step for papercuts?
01/13/10 09:47:30 <ttx> discuss acceptance criteria, project publicity plan
01/13/10 09:47:33 <ttx> that's for next week
01/13/10 09:47:41 <ttx> I'll post a followup on the ML
01/13/10 09:47:50 <ttx> action me on that as well
01/13/10 09:48:01 <jiboumans>   [ACTION] ttx for papercuts: discuss acceptance criteria, project publicity plan
01/13/10 09:48:02 <MootBot>     ACTION received:  ttx for papercuts: discuss acceptance criteria, project publicity plan
01/13/10 09:48:06 <jiboumans>   well volunteered
01/13/10 09:48:12 <jiboumans>   [TOPIC] server-lucid-apport-hooks (ttx)
01/13/10 09:48:13 <MootBot>     New Topic:  server-lucid-apport-hooks (ttx)
01/13/10 09:48:32 <ttx> This is also a shared effort, we want to add apport hooks to as many packages as we can
01/13/10 09:48:44 <ttx> and follow up on the meeting on progress regularly
01/13/10 09:49:00 <ttx> zul will lead that effort
01/13/10 09:49:12 <zul> yay!
01/13/10 09:49:19 <ttx> anyone is interested in participating in this ?
01/13/10 09:49:58 <jiboumans>   [ACTION] Mathiaz to publish papercuts & apport efforts in our blog/community channels
01/13/10 09:49:59 <MootBot>     ACTION received:  Mathiaz to publish papercuts & apport efforts in our blog/community channels
01/13/10 09:50:11 <ttx> zul: you should come up with a open-ended list of candidates based on the number of bugs
01/13/10 09:50:20 <ttx> and we'll have a point at next week meeting about it
01/13/10 09:50:27 <ttx> see if there are any takers
01/13/10 09:50:42 <zul> ttx: we did that in the spec
01/13/10 09:50:45 <ttx> jiboumans: anything else on that subject ?
01/13/10 09:50:53 <ttx> zul: I think there should be more candidates
01/13/10 09:50:57 <jiboumans>   ttx: don't think so. right now it's about awareness and exposure
01/13/10 09:50:59 <zul> ttx: ok
01/13/10 09:51:04 <jiboumans>   [TOPIC] Assigned and to-be-assigned bugs: http://qa.ubuntu.com/reports/team-assigned/canonical-server-assigned-bug-tasks.html (ttx)
01/13/10 09:51:05 <MootBot>     New Topic:  Assigned and to-be-assigned bugs: http://qa.ubuntu.com/reports/team-assigned/canonical-server-assigned-bug-tasks.html (ttx)
01/13/10 09:51:11 <ttx> hah
01/13/10 09:51:27 <ttx> checking the list
01/13/10 09:51:35 <ttx> woo groovy new look
01/13/10 09:52:00 <ttx> nothing assigned to team, still too much in kirkland and zulcss list
01/13/10 09:52:25 <ttx> anything blocking someone to report ?
01/13/10 09:52:36 <ttx> this list isn't useful until it's trimmed down
01/13/10 09:52:46 <--   huats has quit (Remote closed the connection)
01/13/10 09:52:56 -->   huats (n=chris@ubuntu/member/huats) has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01/13/10 09:52:59 <zul> im actually going to find some time this week to do some of it
01/13/10 09:53:01 <--   davidm_ has quit ("Leaving")
01/13/10 09:53:02 <jiboumans>   ttx: let's pick this up internally and do a triage round once alpha2 is out the door
01/13/10 09:53:03 <ttx> jiboumans: action zul/kirkland in trimming their list ?
01/13/10 09:53:09 <ttx> ok
01/13/10 09:53:11 <ttx> next
01/13/10 09:53:24 <jiboumans>   [TOPIC] Weekly Updates & Questions for the QA Team (soren)
01/13/10 09:53:25 <MootBot>     New Topic:  Weekly Updates & Questions for the QA Team (soren)
01/13/10 09:53:40 <soren>       o/
01/13/10 09:54:02 <soren>       So, this is alpha week.
01/13/10 09:54:08 <ttx> alpha2, even
01/13/10 09:54:13 <soren>       We need all the help we can get to get through the ever growing list of ISO test cases.
01/13/10 09:54:23 <soren>       ttx: The best sort of alpha!
01/13/10 09:54:51 <jiboumans>   [ACTION] mathias to publish request for iso testing in our regular blog/community channels
01/13/10 09:54:53 <MootBot>     ACTION received:  mathias to publish request for iso testing in our regular blog/community channels
01/13/10 09:54:57 <soren>       Some of them are already covered, but please take a few hours out of your schedule to do some of the ones that noone apparantly wants to do :)
01/13/10 09:54:59 <mathiaz>     http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/ <- list of ISO test cases
01/13/10 09:55:00 <MootBot>     LINK received:  http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/ <- list of ISO test cases
01/13/10 09:55:15 <soren>       I've noticed that many of the test cases are slightly outdated.
01/13/10 09:55:41 <soren>       The list of steps are not complete, so we need to get them to actually correspond to the steps you need to take during an install.
01/13/10 09:55:44 -->   davidm (n=davidm@pool-96-226-220-240.dllstx.fios.verizon.net) has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01/13/10 09:55:45 <ttx> soren: i've updated some UEC ones recently
01/13/10 09:55:53 <ttx> soren: to reflect current state/names
01/13/10 09:55:56 <soren>       If people could do that while they go through the installs, that would be very helpful.
01/13/10 09:56:16 <jiboumans>   ttx: part of the coordinate ISO tests for you?
01/13/10 09:56:24 <soren>       As I mentioned earlier, if someone does an LVM install, please ping me on IRC with the results.
01/13/10 09:56:33 <ttx> part of the "running tests"
01/13/10 09:56:35 <soren>       I'm having some troubles with those, you see.
01/13/10 09:56:47 <jiboumans>   ttx: sure; just making sure we have decent coverage
01/13/10 09:56:50 -->   amachu_ (n=amachu@ has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01/13/10 09:57:22 <jiboumans>   soren: any other updates from the QA team?
01/13/10 09:57:34 <soren>       I'm currently running automated tests of the default install, the bind9 test case, the lamp test case, and the mail test case. On i386 and amd64.
01/13/10 09:57:49 <mathiaz>     soren: how have you automated the tests?
01/13/10 09:57:51 <soren>       I'll be doing that every day from now until release so that we know very quickly if there are regressions.
01/13/10 09:57:52 <mathiaz>     soren: via checkbox?
01/13/10 09:58:02 <soren>       mathiaz: Nope, it's currently using autotest.
01/13/10 09:58:11 <mathiaz>     soren: how does the reporting works?
01/13/10 09:58:12 -->   ev (n=evan@ubuntu/member/evand) has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01/13/10 09:58:29 <soren>       mathiaz: It spits out a report in the end. I just need to put it somewhere.
01/13/10 09:58:48 <--   Lure has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01/13/10 09:58:53 <soren>       mathiaz: Today is the first time I'm running it where everything seems to be working, so I haven't attacked the reporting part yet, really.
01/13/10 09:58:53 <mathiaz>     soren: ok - who's responsible for checking the report and filing bugs if things break?
01/13/10 09:59:06 <soren>       mathiaz: That would be me, since it's currently running on a machine in my office :)
01/13/10 09:59:55 <mathiaz>     soren: I'd suggest to check with c3 - and try to get the test included in the tests he runs
01/13/10 10:00:07 <mathiaz>     soren: that way it's all part of the QA regression tests that he does
01/13/10 10:00:11 <soren>       mathiaz: That's the goal.
01/13/10 10:00:28 <soren>       mathiaz: I've just not gotten that far yet.
01/13/10 10:00:28 <mathiaz>     soren: glad to hear that !
01/13/10 10:00:44 <jiboumans>   soren: any other updates from the QA team?
01/13/10 10:01:15 <soren>       jiboumans: Not much. We've got a round of interview for the server QA position this week, so that spot might be filled soon. We're hoping :)
01/13/10 10:01:25 <soren>       Apart from that, I don't have anytihng.
01/13/10 10:01:43 <jiboumans>   soren++ thanks for the update. any questions for QA?
01/13/10 10:01:48 <ttx> nope
01/13/10 10:02:06 -->   Lure (n=quassel@ubuntu/member/lure) has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01/13/10 10:02:14 <jiboumans>   ok, great. next topic
01/13/10 10:02:20 <jiboumans>   [TOPIC] Weekly Updates & Questions for the Kernel Team (jjohansen)
01/13/10 10:02:21 <MootBot>     New Topic:  Weekly Updates & Questions for the Kernel Team (jjohansen)
01/13/10 10:02:29 <jiboumans>   Bug 494565 is the first on the list :)
01/13/10 10:02:30 <ubottu>      Launchpad bug 494565 in linux "support ramdiskless boot for relavant kvm drive interfaces in -virtual" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/494565
01/13/10 10:02:49 <jjohansen>   jiboumans: right, its top of my list for next week
01/13/10 10:03:13 <jiboumans>   jjohansen: great. as you know we have a blueprint depending on it
01/13/10 10:03:24 <jiboumans>   jjohansen: any updates from the kernel team for this week?
01/13/10 10:03:35 <jjohansen>   yeah I would like to get it nailed down next week
01/13/10 10:04:13 <jjohansen>   not that I can think of, we froze the kernel on friday and most changes were in thursday
01/13/10 10:04:35 <jiboumans>   jjohansen: as a heads up, we've targeted this spec for alpha3: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/server-lucid-other-cloud-providers
01/13/10 10:04:46 <mathiaz>     jjohansen: I ran into a pci hotplug error
01/13/10 10:05:02 -->   brianchidester_ (n=brianchi@nat/canonical/x-aqhxcbxobntoijwk) has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01/13/10 10:05:03 <jiboumans>   relevant for you are any kernel issues that may be coming up to run on rackspace's environment
01/13/10 10:05:04 <jjohansen>   mathiaz: thanks
01/13/10 10:05:05 <mathiaz>     jjohansen: when doing some ebs testing on UEC
01/13/10 10:05:13 <mathiaz>     jjohansen: have you seen the bug?
01/13/10 10:05:24 <jjohansen>   no
01/13/10 10:05:38 <mathiaz>     jjohansen: bug 506698
01/13/10 10:05:39 <ubottu>      Launchpad bug 506698 in linux "Kernel WARNING: at /build/buildd/linux-2.6.32/arch/x86/include/asm/dma-mapping.h:154 ___free_dma_mem_cluster+0x102/0x110 [sym53c8xx]()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/506698
01/13/10 10:05:39 <jjohansen>   jiboumans: I am not aware of anything
01/13/10 10:06:04 <jiboumans>   jjohansen: we expect to discover them during alpha3 if they exist. hopefully non will surface ofcourse
01/13/10 10:06:31 <mathiaz>     jjohansen: when libvirt/kvm removes the device, the guest see this warning/error message
01/13/10 10:06:55 <jjohansen>   mathiaz: okay I'll have a look
01/13/10 10:07:00 <mathiaz>     jjohansen: thanks
01/13/10 10:07:07 <jiboumans>   any other questions for the kernel team?
01/13/10 10:07:35 -->   jono (n=jono@ubuntu/member/jono) has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01/13/10 10:07:36 <jiboumans>   ok, great
01/13/10 10:07:40 <jiboumans>   seems i missed a bit of discussion earlier though, my appologies. so:
01/13/10 10:07:45 <jiboumans>   [TOPIC] server-lucid-aws-client-libraries
01/13/10 10:07:46 <MootBot>     New Topic:  server-lucid-aws-client-libraries
01/13/10 10:07:54 <jiboumans>   we had some outstanding action points
01/13/10 10:08:02 <jiboumans>   ACTION jib to complete Perl list for AWS client libs
01/13/10 10:08:12 <jiboumans>   i've added the perl modlues to the wiki
01/13/10 10:08:27 <jiboumans>   in most cases we only have one choice, and at least 2 of them are only provided by amazon, meaning we have to investigate their license
01/13/10 10:08:37 <jiboumans>   mathiaz: let me know if you need more info on this
01/13/10 10:08:48 <jiboumans>   ACTION nijaba to complete PHP list for AWS client libs
01/13/10 10:09:03 <nijaba>      see http://nicolas.barcet.com/drupal/fr/php-ec2-libraries I would recommend packaging tarzan
01/13/10 10:09:05 <--   Pretto has quit ("Leaving")
01/13/10 10:09:38 <jiboumans>   mathiaz: ^
01/13/10 10:09:59 <mathiaz>     nijaba: could you add it to the wiki page?
01/13/10 10:10:08 <nijaba>      mathiaz: sure
01/13/10 10:10:22 <mathiaz>     nijaba: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AWSClientLibraries
01/13/10 10:10:26 -->   yofel_ (n=quassel@unaffiliated/yofel) has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01/13/10 10:10:36 <jiboumans>   nijaba: did you check for libraries for all the services? or is tarzan doing it all?
01/13/10 10:10:57 <nijaba>      jiboumans: there is not that many in total in PHP.
01/13/10 10:11:24 <jiboumans>   nijaba: i saw some by amazon, beyond just ec2 though
01/13/10 10:11:26 <nijaba>      jiboumans: zend and Tarzan cover most services
01/13/10 10:11:29 <erichammond> jiboumans: I'm pretty sure that Amazon released their SimpleDB package under the Apache 2 license.  They seemed somewhat supportive of adding it to CPAN, though it was difficult to find anybody in charge who could answer authoritatively.  It's been about a year since I pursued the issue with them.
01/13/10 10:11:58 <jiboumans>   erichammond: if you have a contact, i can facilitate from the perl side
01/13/10 10:12:05 <zul> nijaba: is it easy to package? ;)
01/13/10 10:12:42 <nijaba>      zul: I have not gone that far
01/13/10 10:13:15 <jiboumans>   ACTION Mathiaz to send out AWS Client lib RFC
01/13/10 10:13:53 <mathiaz>     jiboumans: you've already re-actioned me this one
01/13/10 10:14:12 <jiboumans>   i don't recall, but i'll trust you
01/13/10 10:14:23 <jiboumans>   as it stands, we have input for perl/python/php
01/13/10 10:14:44 <jiboumans>   barring easily packagable or community efforts for the other languages, i suggest we target only those 3 for alpha3
01/13/10 10:14:58 <ttx> jiboumans: ack
01/13/10 10:15:12 <jiboumans>   ok, moving on
01/13/10 10:15:14 <jiboumans>   [TOPIC] Weekly SRU review: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/KnowledgeBase#SRU%20weekly%20review (mathiaz)
01/13/10 10:15:15 <MootBot>     New Topic:  Weekly SRU review: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/KnowledgeBase#SRU%20weekly%20review (mathiaz)
01/13/10 10:15:45 <mathiaz>     jdstrand: is the security team working on bug 379329?
01/13/10 10:15:47 <ubottu>      Launchpad bug 379329 in openssh "CVE-2008-5161: OpenSSH CBC plaintext recovery" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/379329
01/13/10 10:15:57 <mathiaz>     that's the only bug being nominated for this week
01/13/10 10:16:05 <mathiaz>     http://qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ubuntu-server-team/fixedbugs.ubuntu-server.latest.html
01/13/10 10:16:06 <MootBot>     LINK received:  http://qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ubuntu-server-team/fixedbugs.ubuntu-server.latest.html
01/13/10 10:16:22 <mathiaz>     ^^ anything SRU worth in last week's fixed bugs?
01/13/10 10:16:53 -->   DavidLevin (n=dslevin@67-210-33-186.ul.warwick.net) has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01/13/10 10:17:07 <ttx> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/vsftpd/+bug/462749
01/13/10 10:17:12 <ubottu>      Launchpad bug 462749 in vsftpd "vsftpd-2.2.0 (currently in karmic) is affected by pasv_address regression" [Medium,Fix released]
01/13/10 10:17:22 <zul> i was just about to say that
01/13/10 10:17:56 <ttx> was wondering about bug 502071
01/13/10 10:17:58 <ubottu>      Launchpad bug 502071 in spamassassin "FH_DATE_PAST_20XX scores on all mails dated 2010 or later" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/502071
01/13/10 10:18:19 <mathiaz>     bug 462749 accepted for karmic
01/13/10 10:18:20 <ubottu>      Launchpad bug 462749 in vsftpd "vsftpd-2.2.0 (currently in karmic) is affected by pasv_address regression" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/462749
01/13/10 10:18:27 <ttx> SA srus were done already
01/13/10 10:18:32 <ttx> that's all for me
01/13/10 10:18:45 <mathiaz>     ttx: SA is all good - thanks to ScottK work
01/13/10 10:19:08 <mathiaz>     http://qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ubuntu-server-team/acceptedbugs.ubuntu-server.latest.html
01/13/10 10:19:09 <MootBot>     LINK received:  http://qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ubuntu-server-team/acceptedbugs.ubuntu-server.latest.html
01/13/10 10:19:19 <mathiaz>     ^^ make sure that things are moving on this front as well
01/13/10 10:19:43 <mathiaz>     That's all for the SRU review
01/13/10 10:19:48 <jiboumans>   thanks mathiaz
01/13/10 10:19:50 <jiboumans>   [TOPIC] Using bzr for package maintenance (zul)
01/13/10 10:19:52 <MootBot>     New Topic:  Using bzr for package maintenance (zul)
01/13/10 10:20:27 <zul> so i just want to get people to use bzr branches for server packages more often and want to know what people think, especially mathiaz
01/13/10 10:20:49 <mathiaz>     zul: it's a good thing!
01/13/10 10:21:07 <ttx> bzr-branches++
01/13/10 10:21:09 <zul> i been using bzr branches more and I think it would be a good idea to get more poeple to use it more, maybe write some documentation on how we should use it
01/13/10 10:21:21 <ivoks>       yes, docs please
01/13/10 10:21:22 <ivoks>       :D
01/13/10 10:21:32 <mathiaz>     https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DistributedDevelopment/Documentation
01/13/10 10:21:42 <mathiaz>     ^^ this is what james_w has been writing up
01/13/10 10:21:53 <ttx> zul: are you missing something in particular ?
01/13/10 10:21:54 <mathiaz>     to cover working with package branches
01/13/10 10:22:05 <ttx> not enough people doing it ?
01/13/10 10:22:21 <zul> ttx: not enough people doing it and we might need some policy
01/13/10 10:22:35 <--   Lure has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01/13/10 10:22:41 <ttx> policy for waht ? Everything should be submitted in branches ?
01/13/10 10:22:44 <mathiaz>     one proposal was to push for using pkg branches in the SRU process
01/13/10 10:22:54 <mathiaz>     combined with the LP review process
01/13/10 10:23:14 <zul> yeah I been doing that when I have time for SRU
01/13/10 10:23:16 <smoser>      i've a question..
01/13/10 10:23:29 <smoser>      so when i push a branch as a fix for a bug, it gets magically attached.
01/13/10 10:23:39 <smoser>      but then once that bug is fixed, i often want to trash that branch
01/13/10 10:24:02 <smoser>      is there any negative effect of that ? ie, the branch i attach for the fix often includes just the single fix i want, to avoid confusion for anyone.
01/13/10 10:24:10 <--   mr_pouit has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
01/13/10 10:24:25 <mathiaz>     smoser: you can edit the status of the bzr branch in LP
01/13/10 10:24:29 <mathiaz>     smoser: and mark it merged
01/13/10 10:24:44 <mathiaz>     smoser: that way it won't show up in the default LP listings for branches
01/13/10 10:24:46 <smoser>      then it would cease to show up on my list . 
01/13/10 10:24:48 <ttx> mathiaz: it would still appear on the bug ?
01/13/10 10:24:50 <smoser>      ah. thats reasonable.
01/13/10 10:24:56 <mathiaz>     smoser: but LP still knows about it
01/13/10 10:24:59 <mathiaz>     ttx: I think so
01/13/10 10:25:00 <ttx> ok
01/13/10 10:25:19 <zul> thats it from me
01/13/10 10:25:36 <jiboumans>   any actions coming from this?
01/13/10 10:25:48 <ivoks>       pain
01/13/10 10:25:49 <ttx> zul: ok -- at this point it's difficult to ask patch submitters to replace their debdiff by a branch proposal
01/13/10 10:25:49 <ivoks>       :D
01/13/10 10:25:55 -->   Lure (n=quassel@ubuntu/member/lure) has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01/13/10 10:26:01 <ttx> so I don't think there is much to set in stone in a policy
01/13/10 10:26:07 <jiboumans>   ivoks: the good kind, surely
01/13/10 10:26:20 <--   yofel has quit (Read error: 101 (Network is unreachable))
01/13/10 10:26:20 <zul> ttx: true i just want to encourage people more to use bzr branches
01/13/10 10:26:47 -->   leoquant (n=leoquant@ubuntu/member/leoquant) has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01/13/10 10:27:03 <ttx> ok, I think that's done, then
01/13/10 10:27:10 <jiboumans>   [TOPIC] Open Discussion
01/13/10 10:27:12 <MootBot>     New Topic:  Open Discussion
01/13/10 10:27:30 <jiboumans>   please, not all at once ;)
01/13/10 10:27:44 <ivoks>       o/
01/13/10 10:28:01 <ivoks>       we haven't mentioned mail-stack blueprint
01/13/10 10:28:16 <ivoks>       ScottK is assigned, but i'll be working on it
01/13/10 10:28:39 <jiboumans>   ivoks: ok, we cleared the spec a few meetings ago, so we didn't have it on teh agenda
01/13/10 10:28:40 <ivoks>       so if someone has the power of chaning assignee, please do
01/13/10 10:28:46 <jiboumans>   happy to
01/13/10 10:29:00 <ivoks>       thanks
01/13/10 10:29:01 <jiboumans>   ivoks: well volunteered, done
01/13/10 10:29:20 -->   j_ack (n=j_ack@p57A42819.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01/13/10 10:29:26 <jiboumans>   ivoks: anything about the spec itself?
01/13/10 10:29:36 -->   mr_pouit (n=mrpouit@ubuntu/member/mrpouit) has joined #ubuntu-meeting
01/13/10 10:29:52 <ivoks>       all except debconf integration should be doable for alpha3
01/13/10 10:30:18 <jiboumans>   ttx, ivoks: debconf sounds like something that would have to be done for featurefreeze, no?
01/13/10 10:30:54 <mathiaz>     jiboumans: yes - I'd say so
01/13/10 10:31:00 <ttx> jiboumans: yes
01/13/10 10:31:09 <--   starcraft-ntbk has quit (Remote closed the connection)
01/13/10 10:31:14 <jiboumans>   alright, so what do we do with this item?
01/13/10 10:31:39 <ivoks>       we could convert it into: make packages ask questions
01/13/10 10:31:45 <mathiaz>     jiboumans: try to stick it into alpha3
01/13/10 10:31:56 <ttx> ivoks: that would still be a feature
01/13/10 10:31:58 <mathiaz>     jiboumans: if not - plan to ask for a FeatureFreeze Exception if it's important
01/13/10 10:32:13 <ivoks>       ttx: yes, but easily done
01/13/10 10:33:17 <ttx> well, those questions are pretty essential
01/13/10 10:33:36 <ivoks>       i don't think so
01/13/10 10:33:44 <ttx> "Debconf will be used to gather additional information to get to a fully functional system. "
01/13/10 10:33:51 <ivoks>       those are 'what kind of mail server do you want us to set up for you?'
01/13/10 10:34:26 <ivoks>       for example, do you want postgrey, rbl, etc
01/13/10 10:34:51 <ivoks>       we could assume that if someone installs postgrey-postfix that she wants it
01/13/10 10:35:12 <jiboumans>   ivoks, ttx: to summarize, if the debconf questions are essential for setting up the system, they need to be done for alpha3
01/13/10 10:35:19 <jiboumans>   if they're not, let's reflect that in the work items
01/13/10 10:35:20 <ivoks>       ok
01/13/10 10:35:30 <ttx> jiboumans: ack
01/13/10 10:35:43 <jiboumans>   if it's a bit of each, split the items; we can't guarantee an exception and it'd be a shame to miss the window
01/13/10 10:35:49 <jiboumans>   [TOPIC] Next meeting is next Wednesday from 14:00 UTC to 15:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting
01/13/10 10:35:50 <MootBot>     New Topic:  Next meeting is next Wednesday from 14:00 UTC to 15:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting
01/13/10 10:35:56 <jiboumans>   hopefully with a less crowded agenda
01/13/10 10:36:19 <ttx> hm
01/13/10 10:36:20 <jiboumans>   thanks all for your time, now let's get alpha2 out the door :)
01/13/10 10:36:30 <jiboumans>   #endmeeting

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