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  • 16:01:31 <Daviey> #startmeeting

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    16:01:52 <Daviey> #topic Review ACTION points from previous meeting

    16:02:15 <Daviey> None

    16:02:22 <Daviey> Unless anyone has anything?

    16:02:36 <Daviey> #Oneiric Development

    16:02:43 <Daviey> #topic Oneiric Development

    16:03:02 <Daviey> So BETA 1 release this Thursday!

    16:03:03 <Daviey> eep

    16:03:10 <zul> time flies

    16:03:24 <jamespage> yikes!

    16:03:26 <Daviey> In general, we are looking pretty good.

    16:03:32 <Daviey> Smoke testing of the canddiates is appreciated 16:03:44 * Ursinha is testing

    16:03:46 <Daviey> Long view, issues being tracked for Oneiric . http://status.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ubuntu-server/release-bugs.html

    16:04:04 <Daviey> Some are milestoned with the ambition of being on b1.. good luck with that

    16:04:15 <Daviey> Any issues not present, please raise them as soon as possible and let me know about them.

    16:04:49 <Daviey> * Really * Please * If * a bug * needs * to * be * fixed * in Oneiric * for *server * please * tell me * if it *isn't on that * list *

    16:05:19 <Daviey> http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-oneiric/group/topic-oneiric-server-overview.html <-- needs to be kept up to date with WI's

    16:05:40 <Daviey> Incoming bug count seems to be slim, but useful.

    16:05:46 <Daviey> Anything from anyone else?

    16:05:53 <Ursinha> Daviey: bugs assigned to ubuntu-server and targeted to b1, is that ok?

    16:06:23 <Ursinha> bug 791607

    16:06:23 <Daviey> Ursinha: Ones already on the list?

    16:06:25 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 791607 in eucalyptus (Ubuntu Oneiric) "Oneiric Eucalyptus fails to start up" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/791607

    16:06:27 <Ursinha> yes

    16:06:43 <Ursinha> as you said "good luck with that", I wonder if that's true or can be moved

    16:06:45 <Daviey> Ursinha: That is a concern, upstream eucalyptus have started to be move involved.

    16:06:50 <Ursinha> right

    16:06:56 <Daviey> The milestone was realy set to show it's importance and keep it on peoples radar.

    16:07:02 <Daviey> But it will not be fixed for b1.

    16:07:13 <Daviey> Unless we are really lucky Smile :)

    16:07:24 <Ursinha> right then

    16:07:36 <Daviey> When B1 is pressed, i'll update all the milestones we care about for b2.

    16:07:44 <Daviey> Anything with anyone else?

    16:08:13 <Daviey> [TOPIC] Ubuntu Server Team Events

    16:08:35 <Daviey> (wish i knew what is up with meetingology )

    16:08:46 <Daviey> Any events people are attending soonish?

    16:08:56 <hallyn> plumber's next week

    16:09:29 <Daviey> Ah yes! Anyone going to Linux Plumbers.. do say hello to hallyn, and ask for 1:1 support for LXC issues.

    16:09:39 <Daviey> no other events?

    16:09:41 <zul> openstack conference and design summit coming up

    16:09:47 <Daviey> Week of Oct 3rd!

    16:09:53 <Daviey> Places still open.

    16:10:10 <Daviey> [TOPIC] Weekly Updates & Questions for the QA Team (hggdh)

    16:10:18 <Daviey> hggdh: Hello sir!

    16:11:15 <Daviey> I guess hggdh is afk.. will return to him in a bit.

    16:11:33 <Daviey> [TOPIC] Weekly Updates & Questions for the Kernel Team (smb)

    16:11:37 <smb> Most effort going into solving bug #832207 before oneiric release...

    16:11:37 <Daviey> smb: Hello!

    16:11:38 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 832207 in xen (Ubuntu) "HVM guest hangs on block io" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/832207

    16:12:10 <smb> There is a patch for xen to make that work (for pre 2.6.39 kernels at least)....

    16:12:33 <smb> unfortunately without any network because the emulated nic gets no interrupts either....

    16:12:50 <Daviey> :/

    16:12:53 <smb> which is fixed by another patch recently received for testing

    16:12:58 <smb> ...however....

    16:13:01 <Daviey> smb: Upstream xen are working on the issue with you?

    16:13:08 <smb> Daviey, yep

    16:13:36 <smb> this triggers an issue with ipxe... so the boot hangs on the bios

    16:13:49 <hggdh> Daviey: OTP on a conflicting meeting, will be available shortly

    16:13:56 <Daviey> hggdh: ok, thans.

    16:14:01 <smb> I am able to boot by forcefully not taking any boot proms

    16:14:26 <smb> And Stefano said, that upstream ipxe seems to work for him as well... not tested locallly though

    16:14:27 <Daviey> smb: Think it's likely to be fixed by B2?

    16:14:51 <smb> That only leaves me with pv spinlocks hanging the boot of all 3.0 kernels in hvm mode...

    16:15:03 <smb> Daviey, Maybe... :-/

    16:15:27 <smb> Unfortunately every step seems to be into a new issue so far...

    16:15:32 <Daviey> smb: thanks! Just out of interest, is this on the xen devel mailing list?

    16:15:42 <Daviey> smb: Sounds like fun!

    16:15:54 <smb> Daviey, No, doing some direct mails with Stefano from Citrix

    16:16:05 <Daviey> ah ok, thanks

    16:16:11 <smb> Daviey, Endless source of joy Smile :)

    16:16:16 <Daviey> heh

    16:16:21 <Daviey> smb: bug 790712?

    16:16:23 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 790712 in linux (Ubuntu Oneiric) "20110531 i386 server ISO: order 5 allocation failure during install" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/790712

    16:16:28 <Daviey> jamespage: Thanks for joining us Smile :)

    16:16:44 <smb> Daviey, Ignored to the best of my abilities so far

    16:16:52 <Daviey> smb: I don't think it's been checked if that is on the B1 candidates.

    16:17:16 <utlemming> smb: do you have the bug on splinlooks?

    16:17:21 <Daviey> hggdh: Are you able to confirm that is still valid on B1 candidates?

    16:17:49 <smb> utlemming, Not yet... I am pretty bad with opening those

    16:17:58 <hggdh> Daviey: I have not seen it again

    16:18:40 <smb> Daviey, hggdh I thought that I read somethign somewhere which I thought it might be related but completely blanked it now... Sad :(

    16:18:44 <Daviey> hggdh: That is good, right? Smile :)

    16:19:03 <smb> Oh... actually remember

    16:19:04 <hggdh> Daviey: not really -- we bypassed it by allocating more memory to the VMs

    16:19:10 <Daviey> smb / hggdh: if you see, or get reminded of it again.. lets poke more. Smile :)

    16:19:19 <Daviey> hggdh: Seems like a valid work around. Smile :)

    16:19:25 <hggdh> heh

    16:19:28 <smb> I think there was something wrong with compressed swap ...

    16:19:43 <hggdh> smb: please go ahead, I am interested Smile :-)

    16:20:11 <apw> smb, yes there is something very wrong with compressed swap, i am trying to get it sorted in casper

    16:20:24 <Daviey> hallyn: bug 827798 is still minor, right?

    16:20:25 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 827798 in lxc (Ubuntu) "LXC works without warning regardless if cgroup namespaces are properly available" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/827798

    16:20:40 <hallyn> Daviey: yes

    16:20:46 <Daviey> good stuff

    16:20:51 <Daviey> Anything else for kernel?

    16:20:58 <smb> apw, Though that means its not fixed yet... which would amke it unrelated to the breakage not happenign anymore.

    16:21:15 <hallyn> Daviey: let's retarget 827798 and i'll patch it after freeze is over

    16:21:24 <Daviey> Do people /really/ used compressed swap?

    16:21:27 <smb> Anyway... No nothing more from me...

    16:21:36 <Daviey> hallyn: good cookies.

    16:21:49 <smb> Daviey, I think its used by the installer to allow smallish RAM installs

    16:22:00 <Daviey> smb: BTW, the care we have for powerpc flavour is sub-zero Smile :)

    16:22:15 <Daviey> smb: Ah! But only for squashfs?

    16:22:31 * smb does not care much even before... Smile :)

    16:22:51 <Daviey> Thanks smb for the update.. appreciate it!

    16:22:52 <smb> Daviey, It could be completely not relevant for server install

    16:23:21 <Daviey> [TOPIC] Weekly Updates & Questions for the QA Team (hggdh)

    16:23:25 <Daviey> hggdh: Hello sir!

    16:23:26 <hggdh> OK

    16:23:35 <hggdh> still on the phone, but just hearing now Wink ;-)

    16:23:51 <Daviey> hggdh: So.. QA for Beta 1.. how do we look?

    16:23:52 <hggdh> we need to get the ensemble and cobbler tests jotted down ASAP

    16:24:15 <hggdh> server tests are almost all done; we still need help on RAID1 and iSCSI

    16:24:18 <SpamapS> hggdh: I've got some scripts you can use as a guide.

    16:24:31 <Daviey> RoAkSoAx / adam_g: Do you have a spare cycle to assit hggdh in writing cobbler setup?

    16:24:37 <hggdh> SpamapS: perfect

    16:24:54 <Daviey> SpamapS: for ensemble only, right?

    16:25:09 <adam_g> Daviey: yeah, i can lend a hand.

    16:25:15 <SpamapS> hggdh: builds a chroot.. installs ensemble.. starts wp/mysql and curls for the title page.

    16:25:15 <Daviey> adam_g: rocking!

    16:25:26 <hggdh> also -- please add to http://pad.ubuntu.com/qa-server-o

    16:25:27 <SpamapS> hggdh: you just have to manually configure the ssh key and environments.yaml

    16:25:29 <Daviey> SpamapS: sounds like a good standaline.

    16:25:55 <Daviey> hggdh was going to work on also testing a minimal formail against cobbler for bare metal.

    16:25:58 <SpamapS> lp:~clint-fewbar/ensemble/jenkins-test-suite

    16:26:00 <RoAkSoAx> yeah and I'm still trying to figure out what's wrong in the uec0-plat test-rig as add-apt-repository does not work

    16:26:01 <SpamapS> misc/jenkins

    16:26:03 <RoAkSoAx> Smile :)

    16:26:06 <Daviey> s/fromail/formula

    16:26:32 <Daviey> SpamapS: Can you bombared hggdh with help in getting that online?

    16:26:36 <SpamapS> indeed

    16:26:39 <Daviey> \o/

    16:26:52 <hggdh> SpamapS: branching now

    16:26:54 <Daviey> Anything else for testing?

    16:27:02 <SpamapS> also on the RAID1 test .. I think somebody else should do it

    16:27:10 <SpamapS> I did a bunch of RAID1 iterating and some fixes this last 2 weeks..

    16:27:12 <Daviey> Ursinha / jamepage : anything?

    16:27:17 <SpamapS> better that somebody untainted by that do the tests.

    16:27:33 <Daviey> smoser / utlemming / jamespage : Test plan for cloud images testing?

    16:27:43 <jamespage> Daviey: I will be working on the openstack test topologies this week

    16:28:04 <Daviey> jamespage: Great! Can you try to put as much of that on the wiki as possible? Wink ;)

    16:28:22 <Daviey> I don't think deploying openstack via ensemble, via cobbler is a visable QA testing this milestone.

    16:28:29 <Daviey> but next, i think it will be vital

    16:28:29 <jamespage> right

    16:28:50 <adam_g> jamespage: sweet, if/when you branch those openstack formulas, they now live in principia proper

    16:28:56 <Daviey> Who is the contact this milestone for AWS testing of the images?

    16:29:03 <jamespage> it will just be a 'follow these steps' for this release - we can automate it later

    16:29:09 <Ursinha> no sir

    16:29:13 <Daviey> jamespage: sounds good to me!

    16:29:25 <Daviey> utlemming / smoser ?

    16:29:25 <smoser> utlemming kicked off (i believe) another images build. we will begin test when that comes out.

    16:29:38 <jamespage> Daviey: I run the tests - they should publish out to jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com

    16:29:44 <Daviey> Beta Freeze.. what is that for eh? Smile :)

    16:30:02 <smoser> i suppose i or utlemming need to get with jamespage to figure out if we can kick that off ourselves. or if we are still at his mercy to do so.

    16:30:13 <Daviey> utlemming: Is it safe to assume the latest that will drop on is B1 candidate?

    16:30:42 <jamespage> smoser: we should be able to figure it out - need to catchup with patrickmw

    16:30:43 <Daviey> smoser / jamespage / utlemming: Really, the jenkins testing should be more controled by QA.

    16:30:52 <Daviey> super

    16:31:01 <jamespage> Daviey: agreed - and its my problem as I've not completed the handover

    16:31:03 <Ursinha> +1

    16:31:15 <jamespage> sorry

    16:31:20 <smoser> that is all fine with me. i just need to push a button, or ask someone to push a button.

    16:31:33 <Daviey> jamespage: Oh, don;t be

    16:32:02 <Daviey> I hate the fact that the output of jenkins needs to be manually put into the QA tracker.

    16:32:03 <jamespage> Smile :-)

    16:32:08 <jamespage> me to

    16:32:10 <Daviey> I think that could/should be automated.

    16:32:23 <hggdh> Daviey: you do not hate it as much as we that do it

    16:32:32 <Daviey> heh

    16:32:37 <Ursinha> did I hear automation?

    16:32:53 <SpamapS> we control the QA code base right?

    16:32:53 <Ursinha> is that too complex or we lack people to do so?

    16:33:04 <Daviey> hggdh / jamespage / Ursinha: you might be interested in the post-ami-to-tracker.py.. uses HTTP to 'automate'. .. not exactly an API

    16:33:05 <SpamapS> So we could just write an importer for jenkins data, could we not?

    16:33:10 <Daviey> but might have goodness that can be stolen.

    16:33:18 <Ursinha> Daviey: where is that?

    16:33:19 <Daviey> SpamapS: that is the hope Smile :)

    16:33:27 <Daviey> Ursinha: lp:ubuntu-archive-tools IIRC

    16:33:34 <Ursinha> cool, thanks Daviey Smile :)

    16:33:56 <Daviey> Maybe something that can be achieved for B2 Smile :)

    16:34:02 <jamespage> well maybe

    16:34:12 <Daviey> If someone is going to work on that.. make sure you make it known, to avoid duplication.

    16:34:23 <Daviey> Moving on?

    16:34:29 <smoser> if i had to chose between copying data once a alpha/beta and getting automated daily test

    16:34:34 <smoser> i'd chose fully automated daily test

    16:35:10 <Daviey> true

    16:35:17 <Daviey> [TOPIC] Weekly Updates & Questions regarding Ubuntu ARM Server (NCommander)

    16:35:17 <smoser> ie, if someone is going to work on something, i'd rather tham work on getting daily tests of our ec2 images than on syncing jenkins output to iso tracker

    16:35:43 <Ursinha> smoser: notes

    16:35:46 <Ursinha> noted*

    16:35:59 <Daviey> NCommander: around?

    16:36:11 <AlanBell> oops, I broke meetingology a bit Sad :(

    16:36:28 <Daviey> ogra_ .. seen NCommander ? Smile :)

    16:36:29 <AlanBell> I will go fix, and reprocess this meeting, carry on as if it was working . . .

    16:36:32 <Daviey> AlanBell: i noticed Smile :)

    16:36:54 <Daviey> Thankfully AlanBell's fail will be documented in the meeting logs for eternity.

    16:37:03 <Daviey> (i jest.)

    16:37:13 * AlanBell makes a note to edit the logs to make it look like Daviey's fault

    16:37:17 <Daviey> heh

    16:37:27 <ogra_> Daviey, he's somewhere on the road

    16:37:54 <Daviey> NCommander: When you read this.. it's starting to become an issue this slot?

    16:38:20 <Daviey> We really need more updates on the status of ARM server.. it's like a low powered black box.

    16:38:39 <Daviey> Thanks ogra_

    16:38:48 <Daviey> [TOPIC] Weekly Updates & Questions from the Ubuntu Community

    16:39:13 <Daviey> kim0|holiday: I assume you are on holiday? Smile :)

    16:39:23 <Daviey> Any news from the floor?

    16:39:39 <Daviey> [TOPIC] Open Discussion

    16:40:22 <zul> we have a new guy dont we?

    16:40:33 <Daviey> We do!

    16:40:42 <Daviey> rbasak: Hello sir!

    16:40:48 <rbasak> Hello! 16:40:51 * hallyn waves

    16:41:00 <Daviey> The latest addition to ~ubuntu-server team! 16:41:00 * jamespage waves as well

    16:41:14 <rbasak> Hi everyone!

    16:41:16 <adam_g> rbasak: o/ 16:41:29 * Daviey notes to get rbasak to introduce himself fully next meeting.

    16:41:48 <Daviey> [TOPIC] Announce next meeting date and time

    16:41:55 <Daviey> Same time, same place, next week?

    16:42:01 <Daviey> Good Stuff!

    16:42:04 <Daviey> #endmeeting

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