Meeting summary

  • Review ACTION points from previous meeting
  • Oneiric Development

LINK: http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-oneiric/group/topic-oneiric-server-overview.html (Daviey, 16:03:09)

  • Ubuntu Server Team Events
  • Weekly Updates & Questions for the QA Team (hggdh)

  • Weekly Updates & Questions for the Kernel Team (smb)

  • Weekly Updates & Questions regarding Ubuntu ARM Server (NCommander)

  • Weekly Updates & Questions from the Ubuntu Community

  • Weekly Updates & Questions from the Ubuntu Community

  • Weekly Updates & Questions for the QA Team (hggdh)

https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/Oneiric/OpenStackTestPlan (jamespage, 16:23:55)

  • Open Discussion
  • Announce next meeting date and time

Meeting ended at 16:30:39 UTC.


Action items

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People present (lines said)

  • jamespage (38)
  • Daviey (23)
  • hggdh (10)
  • meetingology (7)
  • hallyn (6)
  • RoAkSoAx (4)

  • adam_g (3)
  • m_3 (3)
  • ubottu (2)
  • Ursinha (1)

Full Log

 16:00:22 <jamespage> #startmeeting

 16:00:22 <meetingology> Meeting started Tue Sep 13 16:00:22 2011 UTC.  The chair is jamespage. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanBell/mootbot.

 16:00:22 <meetingology> 

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 16:00:39 <jamespage> #topic Review ACTION points from previous meeting

 16:00:52 <jamespage> no action point from last meeting

 16:01:06 <jamespage> #topic Oneiric Development

 16:01:20 <Daviey> Hey.

 16:01:27 <Daviey> http://status.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ubuntu-server/release-bugs.html

 16:01:40 <jamespage> #chair Daviey

 16:01:40 <meetingology> Current chairs: Daviey jamespage

 16:01:50 <Daviey> is looking quite good, but also not making much progress.  Not seeing too much new stuff appearing, or some of the older stuff going away

 16:02:34 <Daviey> So we really need to look at what needs to be targeted.

 16:02:34 <Daviey> We didn't get as many bug reports from beta 2 as we might have hoped.

 16:02:43 <Daviey> This could mean it's already really, really stable

 16:02:46 <Daviey> (beta 1 rather)

 16:03:09 <Daviey> So please look over bugs, and see candidates for Oneiric

 16:03:09 <Daviey> http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-oneiric/group/topic-oneiric-server-overview.html

 16:03:42 <Daviey> The main conerns i have regarding features are probably regarding arm at this stage.

 16:03:45 <hallyn> Daviey: can I mark bug 827831 wontfix?

 16:03:47 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 827831 in qemu-kvm (Ubuntu Oneiric) "[FFE] Upgrade qemu-kvm for oneiric to version 0.15 from upstream" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/827831

 16:04:01 <Daviey> It's not clear what how that is looking.

 16:04:07 <hallyn> Daviey: and can you target the qemu-kvm-spice one?

 16:04:11 <Daviey> hallyn: And take pleasure in doing so.

 16:05:00 <Daviey> hallyn: spice-gtk ?

 16:05:54 <hallyn> no, qemu-kvm-spice merge

 16:06:11 <Daviey> hallyn: bug num?

 16:06:21 <hallyn> (finding)

 16:06:29 <hallyn> 828789

 16:07:28 <Daviey> bug 828789

 16:07:29 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 828789 in qemu-kvm (Ubuntu) "[FFE] please enable spice support" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/828789

 16:08:12 <Daviey> hallyn: thanks

 16:08:19 <hallyn> thank YOU

 16:08:25 <Daviey> Ursinha: thanks for joining us. :)

 16:08:42 <Ursinha> Daviey, autojoin failed, sorry

 16:09:15 <Daviey> anything else for devel?

 16:10:04 <jamespage> Daviey: does not appear so - shall we move on?

 16:10:44 <jamespage> #topic Ubuntu Server Team Events

 16:11:00 <Daviey> Openstack Developers Summit and Conference is soon

 16:11:04 <jamespage> So anyone want to raise awareness of events that members of the server team are attending?

 16:11:16 <Daviey> Oct 3rd ->

 16:12:38 <jamespage> any other events that folk are attending?

 16:12:41 <m_3> Strata, mediawiki hackathon, hadoopworld to show off ensemble

 16:12:52 <Daviey> m_3: where is that?

 16:13:15 <m_3> Strata/NY... mediawiki/NewOrleans... Hadoopworld/NY

 16:14:00 <Daviey> bah. no good for me.

 16:14:05 <jamespage> m_3: are you attending all of those events?

 16:14:10 <m_3> yup

 16:15:20 <jamespage> just out of interest anyone attending javaone (1-6 Oct) or the Jenkins Conference just before it?

 16:15:59 <jamespage> hmm - guess not - moving on

 16:16:13 <jamespage> #topic Weekly Updates & Questions for the QA Team (hggdh)

 16:16:22 <jamespage> #chair hggdh

 16:16:22 <meetingology> Current chairs: Daviey hggdh jamespage

 16:16:31 <jamespage> just in case he wants to action anyone :-)

 16:16:41 <jamespage> hggdh: any updates from the QA team?

 16:17:57 <jamespage> hmm - looks like no hggdh ATM - we'll come back to him later if he appears

 16:18:04 <jamespage> #unchair hggdh

 16:18:04 <meetingology> Current chairs: Daviey jamespage

 16:18:08 <jamespage> #unchair Daviey

 16:18:08 <meetingology> Current chairs: jamespage

 16:18:17 <jamespage> #topic Weekly Updates & Questions for the Kernel Team (smb)

 16:18:31 <Daviey> (apologies, only half here - on the phone)

 16:19:05 <jamespage> hmm - no smb either

 16:19:17 <jamespage> #topic Weekly Updates & Questions regarding Ubuntu ARM Server (NCommander)

 16:19:42 <jamespage> NCommander: any updates from you re ARM server?

 16:20:29 <jamespage> guess not

 16:20:41 <jamespage> #topic Weekly Updates & Questions from the Ubuntu Community

 16:21:35 <jamespage> any updates from the community? hows the review of the server documentation set going?

 16:21:42 <hggdh> jamespage: hi, sorry, was on a competing call

 16:21:59 <jamespage> hggdh - np - we can backup to your topic now

 16:22:05 <jamespage> #topic Weekly Updates & Questions from the Ubuntu Community

 16:22:10 <jamespage> or even

 16:22:11 <hggdh> OK.

 16:22:16 <jamespage> #topic Weekly Updates & Questions for the QA Team (hggdh)

 16:22:42 <hggdh> We have the new opestack tests to be integrated into the QA cycle, as jamespage told me today

 16:22:46 <hggdh> I am looking at it

 16:23:10 <hggdh> RoAkSoAx: you were to give me a writeup of installing cobbler. Is it ready?

 16:23:43 <hggdh> we want to get it set on the lab, and make it as near as possible to a standard

 16:23:55 <jamespage> #info https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/Oneiric/OpenStackTestPlan

 16:24:04 <adam_g> hggdh: we're still fleshing out some bugs on the provisioning side, but its coming along

 16:24:35 <adam_g> there is currently an openstack installation there

 16:24:46 <hggdh> adam_g: nice, thank you. We had some tests on cobbler, but I really want to do it by the book (whenever the book gets to exist, it will conform, I mean)

 16:25:18 <adam_g> i should note, openstack hogging almost the enitre cluster, so if someone needs to use the cluster, please let me know and ill tear down

 16:25:21 <RoAkSoAx> hggdh: orchestra/ensemble

 16:25:24 <RoAkSoAx> hggdh: it is ready

 16:25:37 <RoAkSoAx> hggdh: i mean I have already made a write-up

 16:26:18 <hggdh> RoAkSoAx: cool! We need to figure out hardware requirements, but they will not be available in time for beta. Can we do it under KVM?

 16:26:42 <RoAkSoAx> hggdh: yeah, I'm also using smoser's cobbler-devenv for that

 16:27:15 <hggdh> apart from that, life is good. Please remember beta2 is approaching (like we would forget), and test coverage *is* a requirement ;-)

 16:27:17 <hggdh> ..

 16:28:07 <jamespage> great - thanks hggdh

 16:28:17 <jamespage> #topic Open Discussion

 16:28:35 <jamespage> open floor - anyone got anything else they would like to raise?

 16:29:57 <jamespage> #topic Announce next meeting date and time

 16:30:21 <jamespage> Tuesday 2011-09-20 at 1600 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting

 16:30:35 <jamespage> see you next week

 16:30:39 <jamespage> #endmeeting

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