Review ACTION points from previous meeting

The discussion about "Review ACTION points from previous meeting" started at 16:03.

Yakkety Development

The discussion about "Yakkety Development" started at 16:03.

A small discussion about the open bugs, but all were considered covered. Also rharper pointed out that we had the first alpha builds.

Server & Cloud Bugs (caribou)

The discussion about "Server & Cloud Bugs (caribou)" started at 16:08.

caribou was not able attend this week.

Weekly Updates & Questions FROM the QA Team

The discussion about "Weekly Updates & Questions FROM the QA Team" started at 16:10.

We welcomed powersj, but obviously no updates on his first day.

Weekly Updates & Questions for the Kernel Team (smb, sforshee, arges)

The discussion about "Weekly Updates & Questions for the Kernel Team (smb, sforshee, arges)" started at 16:12.

Nothing to report.

Upcoming Call For Papers

The discussion about "Upcoming Call For Papers" started at 16:14.

Packaging of DPDK hopefully to go to a DPDK conference in October.

Ubuntu Server Team Events

The discussion about "Ubuntu Server Team Events" started at 16:15.

Nothing raised.

Open Discussion

The discussion about "Open Discussion" started at 16:15.

A bit of a discussion where to find information and where in IRC to ask for powersj, but surely worth for all.

Announce next meeting 12th of July, same time chaired by nacc then

The discussion about "Announce next meeting 12th of July, same time chaired by nacc then" started at 16:18.

nacc will be next chair, for real Smile :-)

Assigned merges/bugwork (rbasak)

The discussion about "Assigned merges/bugwork (rbasak)" started at 16:19.

Rbasak was busy in remote participating at debconf. Therefore he will ping and collect status one by one on #ubuntu-server over the week.

People present (lines said)

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  • powersj (9)
  • rharper (6)
  • rbasak (5)
  • meetingology (3)
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Full Log

  • 16:03 <cpaelzer> #startmeeting ubuntu-server-team

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    16:03 <meetingology>

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    16:03 <cpaelzer> #topic Review ACTION points from previous meeting

    16:03 <cpaelzer> checkign the log ...

    16:03 <cpaelzer> no old actions

    16:03 <cpaelzer> #topic Yakkety Development

    16:03 <cpaelzer> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YakketyYak/ReleaseSchedule

    16:03 <cpaelzer> has anyone recent updates on Y development?

    16:04 <rharper> the alphas were posted

    16:04 <cpaelzer> thanks rharper I didn't realizie that yet

    16:04 <cpaelzer> rharper: is there any useful link for the log to refer to?

    16:05 <rharper> #link http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-server/daily/current/

    16:05 <cpaelzer> ah so just the usual place, thanks a lot rharper

    16:05 <rharper> yeah

    16:05 <cpaelzer> #subtopic Release Bugs

    16:05 <cpaelzer> #link http://reqorts.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/rls-mgr/rls-y-tracking-bug-tasks.html#ubuntu-server

    16:05 <cpaelzer> #link http://reqorts.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/rls-mgr/rls-x-tracking-bug-tasks.html#ubuntu-server

    16:05 <cpaelzer> lets take a look together if anything important popped up whcih isn't taken care of yet

    16:07 <cpaelzer> most look like in progress

    16:07 <cpaelzer> and for some of the new ones I know that rbasak distributed them to us already

    16:07 <cpaelzer> so I think we are good here for the week

    16:07 <cpaelzer> any bug someone wants to highlight before we continue?

    16:08 <rharper> they all look covered to me too

    16:08 <cpaelzer> #topic Server & Cloud Bugs (caribou)

    16:08 <cpaelzer> caribou: up to you for updates

    16:09 <cpaelzer> I didn't see a o/ from him either so far, maybe he is unavailable

    16:09 <cpaelzer> anybody else a general Server & Cloud bug topic to throw in?

    16:10 <cpaelzer> the week around 4th of july is impressively silent Smile :-)

    16:10 <cpaelzer> #topic Weekly Updates & Questions FROM the QA Team

    16:10 <cpaelzer> you might have realized I changed the usual topic slightly as we now have powersj with us

    16:10 <powersj> Smile :) hey folks

    16:10 <rharper> cpaelzer: =)

    16:11 <powersj> first day, got email going finally, so I will be in contact shortly. Would like to get input from rharper or others around the CI system.

    16:11 <rharper> indeed

    16:11 <powersj> Access, what's there, etc.

    16:11 <powersj> If there are other documents or pointers please send away or let me know!

    16:11 <cpaelzer> reasonable - the overall QA Team will likely also share more of the overall QA strategy things

    16:12 <cpaelzer> powersj: so we should throw CI/QA stuff at you and you sort out what you jump on ?

    16:12 <cpaelzer> good

    16:12 <powersj> cpaelzer, sure. Jon left me with some guidance as well

    16:12 <cpaelzer> good

    16:12 <cpaelzer> in any case (throwing info or not) a big welcome to powersj

    16:12 <cpaelzer> WELCOME

    16:12 <cpaelzer> #topic Weekly Updates & Questions for the Kernel Team (smb, sforshee, arges)

    16:12 <powersj> thanks! glad to be here

    16:12 <smb> Nothing really as in updates. Are there questions?

    16:13 <cpaelzer> no updates means good news in that case

    16:14 <cpaelzer> semms like no questions, thanks smb!

    16:14 <cpaelzer> #topic Upcoming Call For Papers

    16:14 <cpaelzer> I was asked to talk about dpdk packaging on a dpdk conf, but that is already kind of assigned

    16:14 <cpaelzer> anything else regarding CFPs?

    16:15 <cpaelzer> ok

    16:15 <cpaelzer> #topic Ubuntu Server Team Events

    16:15 <cpaelzer> with jgrimm on vacation there won't be much new events planned, so lets go on

    16:15 <cpaelzer> #topic Open Discussion

    16:15 <cpaelzer> seeing how things went today I guess no - but anything?

    16:16 <powersj> #server best place to ask questions?

    16:16 <cpaelzer> powersj: if you are secretive #server on internal - if you expect anyone else could either benefit or help you #ubuntu-server is surely better

    16:17 <powersj> k thx

    16:17 <cpaelzer> powersj: also if it is rather generic (not server specific) about ubuntu development/packaging #ubuntu-devel is a good place

    16:17 <cpaelzer> powersj: I'd expect the QA people have an own channel as well - at least internally

    16:17 <cpaelzer> in any case starting on #server and being redirected will work for you until you geta feeling where to go with which question

    16:18 <powersj> alright thanks again

    16:18 <cpaelzer> #topic Announce next meeting 12th of July, same time chaired by nacc then

    16:19 <rbasak> powersj: #ubuntu-quality is the public Ubuntu QA channel.

    16:19 <cpaelzer> rbasak: thanks!

    16:19 <cpaelzer> rbasak: are you ready for the bgu talk ?

    16:19 <rbasak> I was called away before this meeting so wasn't able to prepare for bug updates, sorry. So I propose to do it on IRC over the next few days and not all together today. But if you have updates prepared, feel free to give me them now, and I'll log them and update later (I still haven't caught up from last week Sad :-(

    16:19 <cpaelzer> #topic Assigned merges/bugwork (rbasak)

    16:20 <cpaelzer> rbasak: I'll wait til you ping me to collect mine instead of flooding the channel like last week

    16:20 <cpaelzer> rbasak: give me a ping once you get to digest the log of last week

    16:20 <rbasak> OK, thanks!

    16:20 <cpaelzer> rbasak: same probably true for all others

    16:20 <rbasak> Yes, I'll ping around in #ubuntu-server.

    16:20 <rbasak> (probably tomorrow)

    16:20 <cpaelzer> nice

    16:21 <cpaelzer> with that a quick meeting this week, thank you all

    16:21 <cpaelzer> #endmeeting

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