05:00   Riddell hi all
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05:03   mvo     isn't it meeting time now?
05:04   iwj     I thought so.
05:04   pitti   yep, should
05:04   fschoep I think so.
05:04   seb128  yep
05:04   pitti   mdz?
05:04   iwj     mdz, sfllaw ?
05:04   sfllaw  iwj: Yup.
05:04   sfllaw  iwj: It is.
05:05   sfllaw  I suppose if mdz doesn't show up, we can hold this meeting ourselves.
05:05   sfllaw  And just send him the log.
05:05   Riddell I volunteer sfllaw to be our mdz
05:05   sfllaw  Oh great.
05:05   Keybuk  Riddell++
05:05   infinity        sfllaw: I suggest you chair the meeting and begin nowish.
05:05   BenC    pitti: I replied, the filename already gets passed
05:05   sfllaw  First mdz suckers me into sending out announcements...
05:05   sfllaw  Right.
05:05   iwj     sfllaw: You have a list of people ? :-)
05:05   sfllaw  Yeah.  Lemme look into this.
05:05   Riddell list is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DevelTeamMeeting20060810
05:05   sfllaw  Has anyone seen jono?
05:06   BenC_mdz        I'll do it
05:06   Keybuk  is jono expected at these?
05:06   sfllaw  I suppose not.  But I think he was invited specifically to this one.
05:06   seb128  he has not started yet, so I would say he's not
05:06   sfllaw  Ah.  He asked about it in some e-mails.
05:06   sfllaw  infinity: Ping
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05:06   Keybuk  I've text him just in case
05:07   sfllaw  Kamion: ping
05:07   Riddell Kamion's on holiday
05:07   Riddell infinity is here
05:07   infinity        sfllaw: Err, yes?  I just spoke to you. :)
05:07   sfllaw  fabbione: Ping.
05:07   rodarvus        is someone able to sms/phone mdz?
05:07   sfllaw  infinity: Sorry.
05:07   fschoep kwwii (Kenneth Wimer) is on a holiday as well I think
05:07   fabbione        sfllaw: i am on paternity leave
05:07   sfllaw  Is dholbach on holiday too?
05:07   fabbione        sfllaw: i have been for the last almost 2 weeks
05:07   sfllaw  fabbione: Oh yeah.  Go back to being a father.
05:07   fabbione        sfllaw: thanks :)
05:07   sfllaw  heno: Ping.
05:08   seb128  sfllaw: dholbach is on holidays since today
05:08   Riddell dholbach did depart saying he'd see us in Weisbiden
05:08   heno    sfllaw: pong
05:08   sfllaw  mvo: Ping.
05:08   mvo     hello sff
05:08   seb128  mvo should be around :)
05:08   mvo     hello sfllaw
05:08   doko    fabbione: don't play with your sun, it's your son :)
05:08   sfllaw  Any Mithrandir?
05:08   fabbione        doko: ..|.. ;)
05:08   mvo     have fun fabbione
05:08   fabbione        Mith is in honeymoon
05:08   Riddell he's honeymooning
05:08   pitti   sfllaw: Mithrandir is on honeymoon
05:08   sfllaw  Man, all these people enjoying summer.
05:09   fabbione        sfllaw: today sucks to be you
05:09   seb128  sfllaw: holidays until sprint
05:09   ogra    if that calendar in th ecompany tool would be usable, we'd know ;)
05:09   sfllaw  Let's begin, shall we?
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05:09   Riddell welcome jono
05:09   pitti   hi jono
05:09   jono    hi folks
05:09   sfllaw  jono: Hi.  I'd thought I'd invite you so you can see what we do.
05:09   Riddell we're about to begin
05:09   seb128  sfllaw: do you sometime look on your mails? people usually send a mail saying they are on holidays and when they come back ;)
05:09   jono    sounds good, I will need to dip in and out thought
05:09   sfllaw  seb128: It drops out of my brain because I see too many bugs.
05:09   sfllaw  My attention span is now very small.
05:10   sfllaw  So let's do this in boring order.
05:10   sfllaw  infinity, you start first.
05:10   infinity        Last week:
05:10   infinity        - Discussions with pitti about .ddeb support on the buildds
05:10   infinity        - Work on new LRM (which will be a 2-part upload, after discussion with BenC, he'll do half, and I'll get the other half in shortly after him)
=== mvo wonders how much attention span seb128 has left then
05:10   infinity        - Work on keeping the buildds limping along, with several measured and mass give-backs, and some by-hand bootstrapping of snags
05:10   infinity        - Violently mangle the livecd generation scripts and wrapper to allow building dapper livefses for Colin
05:10   infinity        - Start work and testing of the stacked filesystem infrastructure, almost complete, but rollout blocked on getting kernel support on the buildds
05:10   infinity        Next week:
=== seb128 hugs mvo
05:10   infinity        - Finish stacked filesystem work, and bug elmo again about kernel support
05:10   infinity        - Sort out the changes required for debian-maintainer-field, and roll out to the buildds
05:10   infinity        - Continue to mangle buildds and build failures, as per usual
05:10   infinity        - Watch for fallout from impending LRM changes
05:10   ogra    mvo, enough for hugging :)
05:10   infinity        - Work on .ddeb support, as specced with pitti last week
05:10   Riddell infinity: LRM?
=== mvo hugs ogra
05:10   infinity        *cough*
05:11   infinity        Riddell: linux-restricted-modules, sorry.  I'm a TLA whore.
05:11   iwj     infinity: What's a .ddeb ?
05:11   infinity        (Three Letter Acronym)
=== ogra hugs mvo and seb128
05:11   pitti   iwj: detached debug symbols
05:11   ogra    iwj, debugging deb
05:11   iwj     Oh, right, those things.
05:11   pitti   iwj: to be named .ddeb to get a different namespace
05:11   Keybuk  infinity: s/Acryonym/Abbreviation/
05:11   sfllaw  infinity: Are the buildds going to give us long-term trouble?  Could they hold up the release?
05:11   Keybuk  neither LRM or TLA are acronyms </pedant> :p
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05:12   infinity        sfllaw: The buildds always give us trouble, that's why I have a job. :P
05:12   infinity        sfllaw: But they never seem to stop us from releasing, no.
05:12   sfllaw  Anyone else have questions?
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05:12   sfllaw  OK.
05:12   sfllaw  BenC?
05:12   Riddell thanks for the mass give backs infinity
05:12   Keybuk  sfllaw: Soyuz automatically breaks whenever we have anything critical happening
05:12   imbrandon       heh
05:13   Riddell BenC asked to be delayed i think
05:13   sfllaw  I must have missed that.
05:14   sfllaw  Kamion?
05:14   Riddell holiday
05:14   sfllaw  fschoep?
05:14   rodarvus        sfllaw, you seem to have a very little attention span today :)
05:14   fschoep Ongoing:
05:14   fschoep * ubuntu-art-login-manager, ubuntu-art-login-splash, ubuntu-art-usplash, ubuntu-art-wallpaper: cull proposals, choose direction
05:14   fschoep * art-polish-human-gtk-theme: identify areas for improvement, now with community backing till 10th of August
05:14   fschoep * ubuntu-art-complete-highcontrast-icons, : find and document icons which need work
05:14   fschoep * ubuntu-art-cd-dvd-artwork: communication with Jane / Kenneth on improving media package artwork
05:14   fschoep * starting up / assisting sound engineering
05:14   fschoep To-do:
05:14   fschoep * finish submission of GTK theme tweaks, start coding good ideas
05:14   fschoep * approve artwork production directions, then kick off production phase for community artwork
05:14   fschoep * update the Human icon priority list with the contents of the PDF to-do list
05:15   fschoep It was quite a slow week regarding artwork, but it's getting more interesting now.
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05:15   Riddell I think fschoep's report should include screenshots :)
05:15   sfllaw  That's mean.
05:15   ogra    asciiart !!!
05:15   cbx33   Riddell, and sound bytes :p
05:15   pitti   in ascii art? :)
05:15   fschoep Riddell: I had some last time, this time it's kinda hard to do :)
05:15   cbx33   I'll start drawing ascii waveforms :p
05:16   iwj     fschoep: Did you know that firefox-themes-ubuntu doesn't work with ff 2.0 beta ?
05:16   fschoep iwj: yes
05:16   ogra    iwj, btw, you didnt answer my ff theme question
05:16   iwj     ogra: Which one ?
05:16   ogra    iwj, cant we just replace the icons with different ones and keep the names ? would ff pick them up ?
05:17   ogra    s/names/names and paths/
05:17   iwj     ogra: I don't think that's a very good idea.  It would make the ff package build-depend on the artwork.
05:17   ogra    nd make the packages conflict
05:17   fschoep ogra: iwj: maybe discuss this via e-mail?
05:17   ogra    yep
05:17   fschoep CC me and I'll shine my light over it
05:17   sfllaw  Thanks.  Any other questions?
05:17   fschoep I wasn't aware of any active problems right now, so I'm interested.
05:17   ogra    thats why i answered ... to the one on -devel ... just wanted to draw some attention :)
05:18   sfllaw  OK.
05:18   sfllaw  heno?
05:18   heno    Done:
05:18   heno    * Attended the OATS project launch in London. Blog entry here: http://blog.omma.net/?p=7
05:18   heno    * Further work on SOK (now called onBoard). A basic scanning feature and better layout customisation implemented.
05:18   heno    * Testing Orca/gnome-speech on Edgy. There are some problems with various applications still.
05:18   heno    Todo:
05:18   heno    * Write a script for performing some AT setup tasks. Could possibly be a GUI as well. I can do the Glade work but I'll need help with the python (or whatever) back-end.
05:18   heno    * livecd-access - no change - are there any gfxboot/LiveCD people who are not on holiday?
05:19   fschoep heno: do you still need work on those keyboard layouts?
05:20   heno    fschoep: We have a fair number now, but I'm sure the design and colour choices could be better :)
05:20   fschoep heno: OK, shall we e-mail on that to get you something beautiful then ?
05:20   heno    see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Accessibility/Projects/SOK/layouts
05:21   heno    yes please :)
05:21   fschoep OK, noted.
05:22   sfllaw  Thanks.
05:22   sfllaw  iwj?
05:22   iwj     automated-testing-deployment: Snapshot resumption works.  Just need to glue it into autopkgtest now.  Currently on hold due to firefox 2 beta merge.
05:22   iwj     xen-edgy: No significant change since last week.  Chuck has included some shell script patches from me to improve virtual machine resumption time.
05:22   iwj     package-dependency-field-breaks: No activity this week.
05:22   iwj     suggest-packages-for-filetypes: Not started.
05:22   iwj     firefox 2.0 beta merge: Ug.  Currently testing/bugfixing.  There seems to be an incompatibility with the themes.  And other problems.
05:23   fschoep iwj: I think I can help you majorly with the themes.
05:23   iwj     fschoep: Right.  When I get it working apart from that I'll get back to you.
05:23   fschoep iwj: OK, thanks.
05:23   heno    me again: when does the gfxboot stuff freeze? How worried should I be about those changes not being implemented yet?
05:23   iwj     I'll upload it anyway and that way we can fix what's there.
05:24   iwj     fschoep: Thanks for the offer of help, though, I expect to need it.
05:24   fschoep iwj: No problem, I got you into the theme things to begin with, so I'd better help you out.
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05:24   iwj     :-)
05:24   fschoep heno: is gfxboot about GRUB artwork?
=== rodarvus_ sighs
05:25   rodarvus_       if someone said anything to me, please repeat - I lost my connection :/
05:25   heno    fschoep: no, about a large-icon menu in gfxboot
05:25   heno    with sounds
05:25   sfllaw  iwj: Do we expect Firefox to ship by September?  And if not, is the beta Good Enough?
05:25   Riddell gfxboot is used for the CDs
05:25   pitti   rodarvus: nothing directly to you so far
05:25   fschoep heno: OK, just checking, since it's not on my radar I'm afraid.
05:25   iwj     sfllaw: I have no idea.  Mozilla expect it to ship by then but I wouldn't trust them.
05:25   rodarvus        pitti, thanks
05:26   iwj     mdz tells me the request for the 2.0 beta comes from Mark and realistically we don't have a plan B once we put the 2.0 in edgy.
05:26   sfllaw  Ugh.
05:26   ogra    fschoep, it was a usplash ripoff in deapper ... might be we'll do the same in edgy
05:26   sfllaw  QA hat on: I don't like the sound of that.
05:26   heno    perhaps I should just mail -devel with the current status and questions
05:26   ogra    fun :)
05:26   ogra    its edgy, isnt it :)
05:26   sfllaw  Anyway, no more questions.
05:26   iwj     sfllaw: If you want the decision changed you have about a day.
05:26   sfllaw  iwj: Nope.  I'll deal with it when it hits the fan.
05:26   iwj     If nothing horrid happens I'll probably upload, committing us, tomorrow.
05:26   fschoep ogra: I see, it's just never gotten onto the work list for the artwork team
05:26   iwj     OK.
05:27   sfllaw  You can still browse the web, right?
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05:27   iwj     At the moment just barely :-).
05:27   rodarvus        in a desperate situation firefox could be reversed to 1.5, couldn't it?
05:27   rodarvus        (at least I can't see why not)
05:27   pitti   iwj: 1.5+2.0beta+reverted-to-1.5-1, we had this exercise already :)
05:27   iwj     rodarvus: In theory but it would be a real PITA.
05:27   ogra    heh
05:27   iwj     pitti: Quite :-/.
05:27   sfllaw  Riddell?
05:27   Riddell hi, I have an update from kwwii
05:27   Riddell 1) worked on window deco graphics (buttons and colors)
05:27   Riddell 2) worked more on the wallpaper ideas used in knot2 (matching the colors
05:27   Riddell used in the window deco, etc.), and creating variants of those.
05:27   Riddell 3) hacking HTML/CSS and making images for the KDE app start pages still,
05:27   Riddell trying to find some community help on this
05:27   Riddell 4) finishing up BZR-NG GUI icons (summer of code project)
05:28   Riddell we have a nice new purple feel to kubuntu now thanks to kwwii
05:28   Riddell and from me:
05:28   Riddell done:
05:28   Riddell     kubuntu-laptop-buttons: working fully for me, further testing needed (thanks to Lure)
05:28   Riddell     kubuntu-power-management: new HAL frontend written, working fully for me, further testing needed (thanks to sebas)
05:28   Riddell     kubuntu-system-settings-usability: new layout implemented, some tweaks needed (thanks to Sime)
05:28   seb128  iwj: does 2.0 will break apps using gecko?
05:28   Riddell     also dapper point release testing
05:28   Riddell     soc: working with abattoir on kubuntu oem-installer
05:28   Riddell blocked:
05:28   Riddell     ruby1.8
05:28   Riddell     backports
05:28   Riddell todo:
05:28   Riddell     kubuntu-accessibility (get kdeaccessibilty into main)
05:28   iwj     seb128: very probably.
05:28   Riddell     kubuntu-hwdb
05:28   iwj     I haven't got that far.
05:29   iwj     yet
05:29   seb128  iwj: do you have public packages I could play with before you break GNOME by uploading? :)
05:29   ogra    time for xulrunner :)
=== ogra hides
05:29   iwj     seb128: Not yet but I can give you a sneak preview if you want.
05:29   sfllaw  Riddell: Can anyone help with your blocked items?
05:29   iwj     ATM they're too broken to give to you, really, but some time tomorrow and I could delay the actual upload until Monday ?
05:29   Riddell sfllaw: dunno, I don't think we have any ruby experts with a powerpc
05:29   mvo     iwj: I would be interessted as well
05:30   iwj     mvo: OK, I'll post to ubuntu-devel :-).
05:30   Riddell sfllaw: and Kamion said he had a plan for backports, but presumably it's ultimately a soyuz team issue
05:30   seb128  iwj: no hurry but you start having packages ready to use that would be nice, so I can prepare GNOME updates that need to be uploaded when the new firefox is uploaded
05:30   iwj     seb128: Right, quite so.
05:30   mvo     thanks iwj
05:30   seb128  thank you
05:30   seb128  s/you start/when you start/
05:30   sfllaw  Riddell: OK.  Give us a shout if the situation changes for that.
05:31   sfllaw  Any more questions?
05:31   iwj     seb128: I don't plan to have two uploads unless I can help it, so I'm going to try to fix all of the showstoppers now and leave anything else to fester until shortly before release.
05:31   seb128  ok
05:31   sfllaw  Right.
05:31   sfllaw  pitti?
05:32   pitti   Done:
05:32   pitti   * auto-unmount-notifications: First implementation uploaded, announced, waiting for test results
05:32   pitti   * automated-problem-reports:
05:32   pitti      - discussed update-notifier fixes with mvo, everything should be fixed in the very latest uplaod
05:32   pitti      - discussed KDE frontend with Riddell (not for edgy, KDE's crash handler is deemed good enough)
05:32   pitti      - discussed required kernel changes with BenC, next kernel will bring full backtrace and core dump love
05:32   pitti      - polished UI, core dump shrinking, fixed some bugs, adapted to new (future) kernel behaviour
05:32   pitti      - started writing a tool to produce symbolic stacktraces from a crash report and ddebs
05:32   pitti   * pkg-create-dbgsym: discussion with infinity about cowboying .ddebs to a public inofficial place; we agreed to the process and structure, needs implementation on buildds and on rookery now
05:32   pitti   * dapper point release CD testing
05:32   pitti   * security update: libwmf (quiet week, *happy*)
05:32   pitti   * thoughts about new sponsoring process, wrote tool, created teams, announced to u-devel for testing; seems to work pretty well
05:32   pitti   * misc: various bug fixes (pmount, hal, langpacks), locales updates
05:32   pitti   Todo:
05:32   pitti   * automated-problem-reports: new kernel should be uploaded RSN; test with new kernel, make final adoptions to apport, coordinate required bug-buddy/gnome changes with seb128, stick into ubuntu-desktop, announce for testing
05:32   pitti   * security updates
05:33   pitti   * catch up with bug triage
05:33   pitti   [end]  sorry, long vehicle
05:34   sfllaw  pitti: Do you need help with CD testing?
05:34   sfllaw  I think some people in #ubuntu-bugs might be interested.
05:34   pitti   sfllaw: too late, dapper point release is out :)
05:34   sfllaw  As well as the Laptop Testing team.
05:34   sfllaw  Well then.
05:34   sfllaw  Never mind.
05:35   sfllaw  Any other questions?
=== pitti hugs the people who helped him with apport stuff
=== seb128 hugs pitti
05:35   sfllaw  doko?
05:36   doko    - this week
05:36   doko      - openoffice.org 2.0.3: decided against 2.0.3 for dapper-updates, two regressions in -calc with auto filters. started 2.0.4 builds for edgy.
05:36   doko      - edgy-toolchain: benchmarking the biarch compiler and a biarch-disabled compiler (checking for compile time regressions after a discussion with Maxim), sparc and powerpc still needed.
05:36   doko      - FC backport of classpath-0.92 to gcj-4.1; uploaded; shiny new things, including new gcjwebplugin
05:36   doko      - python2.5: update to beta3 (final release delayed to Sept 12).
05:36   doko      - fastjar security updates (partly done)
05:36   doko    - next week
05:36   doko      - looking at gcc build failures on powerpc
05:36   doko      - openoffice.org: upload of 2.0.4 milestone
05:36   doko      - catch up / update status on all specs before the sprint
05:37   pitti   doko: oh, nice to know that you are doing fastjar
05:37   pitti   doko: the directory traversal?
05:37   doko    yes
05:38   sfllaw  Questions?
05:38   sfllaw  Thanks.
05:38   sfllaw  mvo?
05:38   mvo     Did:
05:38   mvo     * 3rd party software work (pandasoft)
05:38   mvo     * apt:
05:38   mvo       - ddtp support added to python-apt, synaptic, pending inclusion into lp-production
05:38   mvo       - ddtp synces with debian and improved the tools
05:38   mvo       - added --{no-}install-recommends and implemented
05:38   mvo         install-new-recommends-on-upgrade logic, uploaded, install-recommends by default not yet enabled by default (announcement pending)
05:38   mvo       - implmented/tested a 90% complete sha256 (apt-get source and .dsc file support missing) branch (md5 replaced as standard hash)
05:38   mvo     * command-not-found-magic initial version uploaded (in NEW)
05:38   mvo     * update-notifier improvments to notify about crash-reports
05:38   mvo     * misc (python-vte, system-tools-backends, gdebi, gksu,libgksu, language-selector, update-manager)
05:38   mvo     Blocked:
05:38   mvo     * review of the "AlwaysEnableUniverseMultiverse" spec
05:38   mvo     Will do:
05:39   mvo     * merge ddtp into apt, python-apt, synaptic (if it enters launchpad this week)
05:39   mvo     * announce that "recommends" will be installed shortly by default
05:39   mvo     * start with the cdrom-based dist-upgrade support
05:39   mvo     * look into what aptitudes needs to natively work with the new apt auto-remove
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05:39   sfllaw  The recommends behaviour for apt-get?
05:39   Keybuk  mvo: aptitude is VERY slow for me since the upgrade ... is that known bug?
05:39   Keybuk  it can sit for up to an hour in "blah blah package states"
05:39   Keybuk  (upgrade to edgy)
05:39   mvo     Keybuk: it was reported, but I have not yet investigated it
05:39   Riddell mvo: what is software-properties?
05:39   rodarvus        mvo, I wonder if apt-get can somehow force update of dpkg  before an upgrade from dapper to edgy
05:40   mvo     Keybuk: bug 51893
05:40   Ubugtu  Malone bug 51893 in aptitude "aptitude pegs cpu for extended period of time on startup" [Untriaged,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/51893
05:40   Riddell looking at AlwaysEnableUniverseMultiverse
05:40   mvo     Riddell: the sources.list editor in gtk
05:40   rodarvus        (necessary for new Breaks: field)
05:40   seb128  mvo: would have be nice to announce "install Recommends by default" some time before implementing it to let time to fix packages abusing from Recommends atm ...
05:40   mvo     rodarvus: no, but the dist-upgrade tool can do this - and we need to put it into the release notes
05:40   Riddell mvo: right
05:40   rodarvus        mvo, right
05:40   mvo     seb128: it is implemented :) its just not enabled yet
05:40   rodarvus        this is quite important, then
05:41   mvo     rodarvus: yes
05:41   mvo     indeed
05:41   seb128  mvo: yeah, what I said, would have been nice to announce it before implementing :p
05:41   seb128  mvo: we need a "clean Recommends usage" spec ;)
05:41   rodarvus        users might end up with a broken X if they upgrade from dapper to edgy and don't have the 'xorg' metapackage (and newer dpkg is not installed yet)
05:41   mvo     seb128: yeah!
05:42   mvo     rodarvus: ok
05:42   Riddell mvo: install recommends is an apt thing?  (rather than a synaptic thing?)
05:42   iwj     rodarvus: Breaks> There's a bug against the dist upgrade tool about that.
05:42   mvo     Riddell: sure, almost all work I do currently is apt :)
05:43   rodarvus        iwj, nice
05:43   mvo     Riddell: it will automatically picked up by the frontends
05:43   Riddell mvo: cool, that'll be fun
05:43   mvo     Riddell: its a config option - but it is going to be fun :)
05:43   sfllaw  It'll just be like the good old days and dselect!
05:44   sfllaw  Anyway.
05:44   seb128  some people still use dselect :p
05:44   sfllaw  Let's move on, shall we?
=== mvo would like to point to his DselectToUniverse spec
05:44   sfllaw  ogra?
05:45   ogra    * this-week:
05:45   ogra    - point release testing etc.
05:45   ogra    - thinclient-local-devices, running smoothly over here, waits for ltspfs{,d} main inclusion (took most of this week)
05:45   ogra    - student-control-panel-completion some bugfixes
05:45   ogra    - re-assigned all ltsp specs from rodrigo back to me, he'll work fulltime on olpc soon
05:45   ogra    * next-week:
05:45   ogra    - finish thinclient-local-devices
05:45   ogra    - more serious work on student-control-panel-completion
05:45   ogra    - checking which bits from my (unused) dapper code fit for ltsp-dhcpd-autogeneration
05:45   ogra    * specs:
05:45   ogra    - ltsp-dhcpd-autogeneration (started/suspended, resume planned before knot-3 to have it in there for testing)
05:45   ogra    - student-control-panel-completion: (waiting for approval, started)
05:45   ogra    - ltsp-daily-image-tarballs: (in progress, scripts and tarballs available at http://people.ubuntu.com/~ogra/ltsp-tarballs/)
05:45   ogra    - ltsp-convergence: (no progress, hack-meeting planned for sept. 14th-19th, in michigan)
05:45   ogra    - ltsp-netboot-enhancement: (no progress, reviewed some debian patches for that)
05:45   ogra    - thinclient-local-devices (good progress (nearly done in fact, waiting for bits to move to main) scripts in review by sbalneav)
05:46   ogra    - fully-automatic-swap-server (no idea about progress, reassigned, need to talk to rodrigo)
05:46   ogra    - ltsp-login-and-session-handling (no progress yet, reassigned to me)
05:46   ogra    - edubuntu-xfce-desktop (no progress yet, reassigned)
05:47   sfllaw  Questions?
05:47   Riddell how's the new office?
05:48   ogra    nice !
05:48   sfllaw  Yay!
05:48   ogra    i have a big window and loooots of space :)
05:48   ogra    20sqm
05:48   sfllaw  rodarvus?
05:48   rodarvus        Done:
05:48   rodarvus          * X.Org triaging, bug fixing
05:48   rodarvus          * Much Edubuntu administrativia (worth a few days of work)
05:48   rodarvus          * miscelaneous X.Org package upgrades
05:48   rodarvus        Todo:
05:48   rodarvus          * libdrm,mesa update for new i810 driver (pending approval by mdz)
05:48   rodarvus          * more X.org bug triaging, bug fixing
05:48   rodarvus          * More Edubuntu Administrativia
05:48   rodarvus          * Start OLPC Edubuntu effort (first Thailand Beta due Jan 1th 2007)
05:48   rodarvus        Issues:
05:48   rodarvus          * Due to OLPC, I won't be able to dedicate so much time to X.Org - help is *really* appreciated
05:48   rodarvus          * After talk with ogra and RichEd, we agreed ogra will take over my LTSP specs, so I can concentrate on OLPC (thanks ogra!)
05:49   ogra    welcome :)
05:49   rodarvus        :)
05:49   sfllaw  rodarvus: But, but, we didn't have time to work on X.org before you came onboard!
05:49   sfllaw  ;)
05:49   rodarvus        sfllaw, yeah, this is my biggest fear :)
05:49   ogra    dont worry, we'll take your OLPC work and you have time ;)
05:50   pitti   rodarvus: you have a big X chained to your legs now ;)
05:50   rodarvus        we are looking for an upstream X.Org developer to maintain X for Ubuntu, btw
05:50   Riddell rodarvus: what's the administrativia? (wondering how it compares to kubuntu administrativia)
05:50   Keybuk  rodarvus: what's KP doing these days? <g>
05:50   ogra    hehe
05:50   rodarvus        Riddell, not really comparable, I fear
05:50   ogra    Keybuk, want to switch us to 100% kdrive ?
05:50   rodarvus        mostly Canonical internal stuff
05:51   Keybuk  ogra: if it supports my Nvidia cards and SLI, sure <g>
05:51   ogra    hehe
05:51   Keybuk  it'll save infinity some repeated pain
05:51   ogra    kdrivexgl :)
05:51   rodarvus        Riddell, I can explain to you in privmsg if you want :) (not really the most appropriate place here)
05:51   Riddell rodarvus: sure
05:51   sfllaw  Keybuk: Keith made a press release a few days ago.
05:51   sfllaw  A press release!
05:52   ogra    with text ?
05:52   sfllaw  Hmm.
05:52   sfllaw  I think he's done.
05:52   sfllaw  :)
05:52   sfllaw  Keybuk?
05:52   Keybuk  Done:
05:52   Keybuk  - holiday, left me feeling very relaxed
05:52   Keybuk  - ReplacementInit: made some big advancements, this should be ready before distro sprint so slightly ahead of schedule!
05:52   Keybuk  To Do:
05:52   Keybuk  - more of the same, hopefully get a package put together for other people to test
05:52   Keybuk  - may write BootMessageLogging in my CST (it's needed for upstart anyway)
05:52   Riddell rodarvus needs to learn about screen
05:52   ogra    Riddell, xchat doesnt run in screen :)
05:53   pitti   Keybuk: CST?
05:53   ogra    (note the X in xchat)
05:53   pitti   another TLA *sigh*
05:53   Keybuk  pitti: Copious Spare Time
=== rodarvus_ [n=rodarvus@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
05:53   pitti   lol
05:53   Keybuk  ogra: oddly enough, that's why I wrote dircproxy
05:53   sfllaw  Keybuk: You'll have to give us a ReplacementInit demo during the sprint.
05:53   rodarvus_       ahn, the joys of packaging X - it just exploded my computer :)
05:53   sfllaw  It sounds like something edgy.
05:53   Keybuk  sfllaw: my current goal is that I'll casually mention that you've all been running it for a week by then <g>
05:54   ogra    Keybuk, make it a company policy that we all use it then ;)
05:54   Keybuk  oh, random Q
=== rodarvus_ is now known as rodarvus
05:54   pitti   policy? for my part, I'm looking forward to try it without any force :)
05:54   Keybuk  unsurprisingly, I haven't implemented it as specified
05:54   ogra    i was talking about dircproxy :P
05:54   sfllaw  Any other questions?
05:54   pitti   ah
05:54   Keybuk  should I update the spec?  or just accept it as a failure of intelligent design
05:55   pitti   Keybuk: I usually retroactively change specs for the matter of having an uptodate documentation
05:55   pitti   for small bits at least
05:55   ogra    Keybuk, the latter ... that gives us others more freedom to say .. but Keybuk did that as well ;)
05:55   Riddell Keybuk: I don't tend to touch specs after approvial, I add notes at the end
05:55   sfllaw  Keybuk: Or at least note where you deviated in a comment below.
05:55   sfllaw  Don't feel too bad.  Upfront design almost never works.
05:55   Keybuk  heh, you're telling me!
05:56   Keybuk  I've decided I really can't do it
05:56   Keybuk  this time, I had it all planned in little multi-hour chunks
05:56   Keybuk  and I just sat there not knowing what to do
05:56   Keybuk  so I threw it all in the bin, and just started coding without any plan
05:56   Keybuk  much easier <g>
=== imbrandon [n=brandon@ubuntu/member/pdpc.active.imbrandon] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
05:56   sfllaw  There are ways to do this sanely, but this is probably not the place to discuss it.
05:56   sfllaw  So, let's move on to seb128.
05:56   sfllaw  seb128?
05:57   seb128  This week:
05:57   seb128  - GNOME 2.15.91 for edgy
05:57   seb128  - backported some desktop fixes to dapper-updates
05:57   seb128  - war against desktop bugs: load and load of bugs triaged, but there is simply too many of them for the number of people working on it, we barely keep up with new and high priority bugs at the moment (not speaking of catching with the lag)
05:57   seb128  .
05:57   seb128  Next week:
05:57   seb128  - really catch up with mails and SoC lag
05:57   seb128  - keep triaging bugs, load and load of them still to work on
05:57   seb128  - backporting some other desktop fixes to dapper
05:57   sfllaw  Thanks for the bug triaging work.
05:57   seb128  np ;)
05:57   ogra    Keybuk, and usually *much* better results ... ;)
05:57   seb128  have you planned to give an hand on desktop bugs btw?
05:57   sfllaw  Yes.
05:57   seb128  we could use some extra hands for it :)
05:57   sfllaw  I'm going to spend some of my weekend on it too.
05:58   seb128  I don't ask for that much
05:58   sfllaw  That's OK.
05:58   seb128  some week time would be a good start ;)
05:58   sfllaw  Hey!
05:58   sfllaw  Any other questions?
05:58   sfllaw  All right.
05:58   sfllaw  sfllaw?
05:59   sfllaw  Oh wait, that's me.
=== sfllaw is going senile.
05:59   sfllaw  Done
05:59   sfllaw  * UbuntuMotuSchool session
05:59   sfllaw  * Bug triage
05:59   sfllaw  * Testing various specs
05:59   sfllaw  To do
05:59   sfllaw  * Aggressive bug triage
05:59   sfllaw  * Organizing next week's UbuntuBugDay
05:59   sfllaw  * Poke SoC student some more
05:59   rodarvus        sfllaw, I'd like to know if you could give us a hand triaging some X.Org bugs?
05:59   sfllaw  Any particular packages?
05:59   seb128  rodarvus: desktop asked first :p
05:59   sfllaw  A URL of a Malone query would be excellent.
05:59   rodarvus        starting with the unconfirmed bugs for 'xorg' would be a great start
05:59   rodarvus        seb128, oh :/
05:59   rodarvus        haha
06:00   sfllaw  I'll just switch over when I get bored.
06:00   sfllaw  Or my eyes glaze over.
06:00   sfllaw  Doing on bug triaging makes me attention span last about 60 seconds.
06:00   rodarvus        'xorg' is a meta-package, ideally it should have 0 bugs :)
06:00   rodarvus        so, overal a great place to start
=== SunWukong [n=stephan@pra13-2-82-235-212-185.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
06:00   seb128  GNOME is perfect, so it should have 0 bugs too :p
06:00   rodarvus        :)
06:00   pitti   *cough*
06:01   ogra    just delete them :)
06:01   pitti   seb128: apart from that icky terminal resizing bug :)
06:01   rodarvus        yeah, all wanna-be X bugs are actually kernel, gnome or kde bugs!
06:01   seb128  pitti: ah right, I'm not bothered about it because I don't use tabs ;)
06:01   imbrandon       rodarvus: no kde ones !!??!!
06:01   rodarvus        or something wrong on the users side
06:01   imbrandon       ;)
06:01   ogra    as long as they dont turn into ltsp bugs :)
06:01   sfllaw  Any general issues people want to bring up?
06:01   sfllaw  Is everyone booked for the summit?
06:01   Riddell I presume we won't have a Knot 2 without Kamion and Mithrandir?
06:02   ogra    unlikely
06:02   infinity        sfllaw: Are you ready to declare this one done, Mr. Chair?
06:02   rodarvus        I see there are a few of us which aren't booked yet (or haven't updated the wiki page)
06:02   infinity        Riddell: I wasn't planning on one.
06:02   ogra    Riddell, we *could* do it on our own though ... infinity is here
06:02   ogra    thats all we need ;)
06:02   sfllaw  If you haven't updated the wiki, please do so.
06:02   rodarvus        fuJNesp3
06:02   fschoep rodarvus: are you talking about the "confirmed" column?
06:02   sfllaw  That will make cvd happy.
06:02   ogra    rodarvus, thanks :)
06:02   rodarvus        oh
06:02   infinity        Riddell: It could be done, but there are enough weird breakages right now, it's probably best to roll one at the end of the sprint.
06:02   rodarvus        that was unexpected
06:03   sfllaw  Right.  I think this meeting's done.
06:03   infinity        rodarvus: And which machine is that password for?
06:03   ogra    rodarvus, file a GNOME bug ;) it shouldnt steal focus
06:03   Riddell thanks sfllaw
06:03   rodarvus        fschoep, yes, and some of us also haven't filled general information
06:03   infinity        rodarvus: And have you already changed it? :)
06:03   rodarvus        infinity, my laptop :)
06:03   sfllaw  Thanks all.
06:03   pitti   general issue: how does everyone feel about their SoC students?
06:03   sfllaw  60 minutes.
06:03   fschoep Should I update "confirmed" myself, then?
06:03   sfllaw  We did good.
06:03   sfllaw  :)
06:03   pitti   my SoC student is performing terribly :(
06:03   ogra    pitti, totally good
06:03   rodarvus        fschoep, yup
06:03   fschoep OK, will do.
06:03   sfllaw  pitti: So's mine.
06:04   seb128  pitti: my student it barely doing anything :/
06:04   ogra    pitti, sudo apt-get install willowng willowng-config :)
06:04   Riddell pitti: mostly below expectations
06:04   sfllaw  This is pretty typical of students, though.
06:04   sfllaw  :/
06:04   pitti   it doesn't seem to work very well in the majority of cases
06:04   seb128  nop
=== mvo nods
=== ogra is totlly happy about Amaranths work
06:04   pitti   it was even better last year
=== infinity [n=adconrad@loki.0c3.net] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
06:04   seb128  I've to admit I've not a lot of time to push him though
=== Chris__38 [n=chris__3@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
06:04   rodarvus        ogra, actually, I have two keyboards in front of me now
06:04   rodarvus        just typed in the wrong one
06:04   pitti   seb128: $6000 should be push enough, I had thought...
06:04   rodarvus        (while also looking at the wrong screen)
06:04   seb128  pitti: yeah me too
06:05   pitti   and I regularly stab mine, too
06:05   ogra    rodarvus, aww, i know how that feels (i have 5 here for the thin clients)
06:05   Keybuk  seb128: mine has vanished off the face of the earth entirely
06:05   rodarvus        :)
06:05   sfllaw  pitti: Money is actually a poor motivator.
06:05   ogra    did you guys tell our SoC leader ?
06:05   sfllaw  It's extrinsic, instead of intrinsic.
06:05   ogra    (doko)
06:05   fschoep sfllaw: interesting, is there more info on that subject?
06:06   pitti   sfllaw: right
06:06   Keybuk  ogra: no, because I suck more than my student
06:06   ogra    haha
=== vincent_ [n=vincent@abo-71-198-68.ang.modulonet.fr] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["Ex-Chat"]
06:06   sfllaw  fschoep: I'll dig up some links on psychology and organizational behaviour for you.
06:06   fschoep Great, I'd enjoy reading that.
=== Keybuk tells Jane to take away sfllaw's pay cheques
06:07   fschoep Thanks for being ehre everyone
=== ajmitch__ [n=ajmitch@port166-123.ubs.maxnet.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
06:07   rodarvus        thanks all
06:07   rodarvus        I'll brb
06:07   pitti   thanks everyone
06:08   sfllaw  Keybuk: Then I wouldn't be able to eat.
06:08   sfllaw  And would be sad.
=== pitti [n=pitti@ubuntu/member/pitti] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["Bye"]
=== pitti [n=pitti@ubuntu/member/pitti] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
06:08   seb128  sfllaw: I'm sure they can send you some food instead of money :p
=== rodarvus [n=rodarvus@ubuntu/member/rodarvus] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
06:09   sfllaw  seb128: If all my needs were met without money, I would totally work for those instead.
06:09   sfllaw  Food, books, a bit of travel, tons of free time.
06:09   sfllaw  I'd probably be happier too.
06:09   seb128  right ;)
06:09   sfllaw  Money's just convenient.
06:09   sfllaw  Currency was a pretty useful invention.
06:10   sfllaw  That way, Jane doesn't have to figure out what I want.
06:10   seb128  yeah
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06:48   mdz     argh
06:48   mdz     sfllaw: thanks for moderating
06:49   sfllaw  mdz: No worries.
06:49   mdz     I had the meeting marked for evening UTC
06:49   mdz     if that ever happens again, please call me

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