18:55   cody-somerville \o/
18:56   sommer  hello
18:56   meborc  hi
18:56   vinze   Hi
18:57   cody-somerville Heya jm1 :)
18:57   keescook        (ubuntu security team meeting: please join #ubuntu-hardened -- we've had a room conflict)
18:57   cody-somerville Heya jgamio, vinze, TheSheep, etc. etc. :)
18:57   vinze   Hey cody-somerville :)
18:57   vinze   I've managed to make it :)
18:57   jgamio  hi cody-somerville
* cody-somerville cheers.
18:58   jgamio  hi everybody
18:58   bobi    hi
18:58   tomplast        Hello
18:58   cody-somerville It looks like we've gotten a good turn out
18:58   jm1     hi cody-somerville
18:58   solar_george    hi
18:59   jono_   hi all! :)
* vorian waves
=== jono_ is now known as jono
18:59   tomplast        Hello Jono
18:59   jono    hi vorian tomplast :)
* heno waves
19:00   keescook        (ubuntu security team meeting: please join #ubuntu-hardened -- we've had a room conflict)
19:00   vinze   keescook, perhaps that'd be useful in the topic?
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19:00   highvoltage     hello jono
19:01   keescook        vinze: ubotu controls that.
19:01   jono    hey highvoltage
19:01   vinze   O ok
19:02   jono    right
19:02   jono    is everyone here?
19:02   tomplast        #define everyone ?
19:02   tomplast        ;)
19:02   cody-somerville Jim isn't here.
19:02   zoredache       everyone = people who matter
19:02   jono    anyone  who wants to be involved in the xubuntu meeting :)
19:03   meborc  i'm here ;)
19:03   tomplast        Then at least I'm here :)
19:03   tomplast        And you ;)
19:03   vinze   cody-somerville, Jim did plan to be there didn't he?
19:03   vorian  /me waves again :)
19:03   cody-somerville Yup. He said he might be a few minutes late though, IIRC.
19:04   vinze   O OK
19:04   jono    ok, lets wait a few mins and then begin
* cody-somerville notes that he is at work and will have to leave for 15 minutes in an hour to go home. :)
* meborc makes food for everyone
19:04   cody-somerville \o/
19:04   cody-somerville Speak of the devil :)
19:04   jono    ok, all set?
19:05   jono    anyone else who should be here?
19:05   highvoltage     we could probably do some warm-up talk. who had enough time to properly think about the questions that cody-somerville asked?
19:05   j1mc    hi all.  i have 1 hour.  :)
19:05   jono    I have an hour too
19:05   jono    ok....
19:05   vinze   Hi j1mc
19:05   highvoltage     I found some of them a bit tough, but thought of it when I had a few gaps here and there :)
19:05   jono    for those who don't know me, I am Jono Bacon, I am the Ubuntu Community Manager
19:05   jono    and I generally try to help the community tick along as smoothly as possible
19:05   jono    while listening to very loud metal :)
19:06   cody-somerville :)
19:06   heno    highvoltage: are these questions on a mailing list? Got URL?
19:06   vinze   Hehe
19:06   jono    cody-somerville came to me to raise a few of these problems in the community
19:06   vinze   heno, on the mailinglist
19:06   highvoltage     heno: yes, just a sec and I'll get you a link
19:06   jono    and the aim of this meeting is to raise the key issues and begin the road to solving them
19:06   heno    thx
19:06   highvoltage     heno: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/xubuntu-devel/2008-March/005242.html
19:06   highvoltage     everybody who hasn't read it yet, please do so before we get going.
19:06   jono    lets keep this meeting as cordial and happy as possible - it is about fixing problems, and we *can* fix these things
* cody-somerville nods.
19:07   jono    so cody-somerville,
19:07   jono    could you summarise the key issues in a few short sentances?
* cody-somerville nods.
19:09   cody-somerville I believe the root issue for Xubuntu right now is that it lacks definition. There is no mission statement, no core objectives, no strategy, and no structure. This has resulted in a number of conflicts and has ultimately lead to several key contributors deciding that it isn't worth their time anymore.
19:09   vinze   Agreed
19:09   jono    right
19:10   jono    so this is something we should absolutely do - produce a mission statement, and a strategy for what you want to achieve with Xubuntu
19:10   jono    something that key contributors agree to
* cody-somerville nods.
19:10   _MMA_   Are those people even known?
19:11   _MMA_   "key contributors"
19:11   cody-somerville Thats an excellent question.
19:11   jono    _MMA_: maybe not, but regular contributors may be
19:11   jono    I am not talking about importance
19:11   jono    I am talking about who does the work
19:11   bobi    is the decision of the key contributors definitive?
19:11   vinze   jono, beyond packagers I assume?
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
19:11   _MMA_   jono: Sure. In Ubuntu Studio we have those people on a list.
19:12   j1mc    with xubuntu we seem to have a small handful of people who do the packaging / seed work, and a few others who contribute in non-technical areas
19:12   jono    I think we need to approach this by first producing an approx strategy
19:12   j1mc    the conflict was on the technical side
19:12   jono    and then people going in and refining
* cody-somerville nods.
19:12   jono    I think it would be advisable for one person to drive these changes where possible
19:12   \sh     hi guys...sorry for being late...just got home
19:12   jono    is this some people would be happy cody-somerville doing - and would you be interested in doing this cody-somerville?
19:13   jono    it is not about just cody-somerville's view, but him fairly taking in feedback and adjusting the strategy
19:13   j1mc    i would be happy with cody drafting the strategy.  i think he has a good take on what xubuntu is about and could be about
19:13   vinze   I'm all for cody-somerville
* _MMA_ gives a +1 for Cody as he has been the most active and visible head of Xubuntu for a while.
19:14   jono    from my experience of cody, I would support him to do this too
19:14   jono    anyone else?
19:14   meborc  support on my side
19:14   highvoltage     well, cody has certainly taken initiative in getting things back on track again, by getting this meeting together and addressing the issues. no one else has. I think xubuntu needs cody-somerville to get things into shape a bit.
19:14   charlie-tca     I would support cody
19:14   highvoltage     so I support him too.
19:14   vinze   Btw, cody-somerville, are Lionel and/or Jerome here?
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19:14   mr_pouit        +1 for cody too
19:14   jono    cody-somerville: would you be happy to do this work?
19:14   vinze   Ah
19:14   vinze   :)
19:15   cody-somerville I'd be happy to. :)
19:15   jono    excellent
19:15   jono    so this is a great first step - someone to help drive this process
19:15   jono    I can also work with cody-somerville to assist him on getting a good strategy document together
* cody-somerville nods.
19:16   cody-somerville I'd appreciate that.
19:16   jono    they key thing is that when this strategy document is in place, that the project can work to it - it will need broad acceptance
19:16   vinze   I think that should be no problem if community input is gathered
19:16   _MMA_   So then it's official, Cody is the lead on Xubuntu? I ask so there is a clear record.
19:16   meborc  ok
19:17   jono    ok, question for everyone now - please state one sentence aboiut what you feel the purpose of Xubuntu is - if someone else says what you think +1 them
19:17   jono    _MMA_: no, he is producing a strategy document, not neccessarly a lead
19:17   vinze   Producing a user-friendly desktop system, allowing for advanced configuration options without getting bloated
19:17   highvoltage     jono: could I provide a short reasoning for it?
19:17   jono    highvoltage: one sentance please
19:17   meborc  xubuntu is a LIGHTWEIGHT OS using xfce as a DE and lightweight applications
19:17   jono    we don't have a lot of time in this meeting
19:18   solar_george    +1 <vinze>
19:18   bobi    +1 vinze
19:18   tomplast        +1 vinze
19:18   highvoltage     "Xfce Distribution built on Ubuntu core values with usability as main focus."
19:18   charlie-tca     A desktop system for the older, slower systems that are not capable of running most GNOME and KDE
19:18   tomplast        ...and "a low memory footprint"i hope...
19:18   meborc  +1 charlie-tca
19:18   _MMA_   jono: I feel this needs to be established in this meeting. Otherwise, you get a continuation of the last cycle.
19:18   vorian  +1 highvoltage
19:19   jono    _MMA_: just give me some time
19:19   Odd-rationale   Xubuntu should aim to be a light and fast OS that uses xfce desktop and xfce/gtk apps as defaults as much as possible.
19:19   meborc  i believe the main fight was in either including or excluding some gnome applications... this should also be somehow said in the statement!
19:19   j1mc    +1 Odd-rationale
19:19   _MMA_   +1 highvoltage (even if it means GNOME apps)
19:20   mr_pouit        +1 Odd-rationale
19:20   meborc  +1 Odd-rationale
19:20   highvoltage     _MMA_: yes, that is one of the things I would've like to explain ;)
19:20   vinze   meborc, that should follow from the purpose
19:20   jono    anyone else?
19:20   charlie-tca     +1 _MMA_
19:20   jono    I am trying to amalgomate much of the key themes into a single mission here
19:21   vinze   I think that might become a big problem
19:21   meborc  vinze, yes, but if the purpose is a wide "political" talk, then anyone can misinterpret it
19:21   vinze   Two goals are quite conflicting
19:21   jono    would people agree with this:
19:21   jono    To produce an easy to use distirbution, based on Ubuntu, using Xfce as the graphical desktop, with a focus on integration, usability and performance, with a particular focus of running on lower powered computers. The integration in Xubuntu is at a configuration level, a toolkit level, and matching the underlying technology beneath the desktop in Ubuntu.
19:21   vinze   Hmm, true
19:21   vinze   No
19:21   j1mc    to me, the key issues are to decide on which side of the user-handholding of gnome and the lightness of gtk-only / xfce apps.
19:21   vinze   I don't think this would be a solution
19:21   bobi    i would see performance as the main of the three goals
19:21   jono    vinze: which bit?
19:21   _MMA_   And this conflict is why I believe there needs to be a clear lead who can say "THIS is what we're doing".
19:22   meborc  i agree with j1mc
19:22   jono    _MMA_: please...wait
19:22   j1mc    _MMA_: agreed
19:22   jono    _MMA_: we will get there
19:22   antares79       jono, i think a term like "lower-powered computer" is a little too vague these days.. just my 2¢
19:22   Odd-rationale   j1mc: I agree
19:22   _MMA_   SUre
19:22   charlie-tca     _MMA_ agreed
19:22   jono    ok, in the sentance I posted above, what is good and what is bad?
19:22   Seveas  antares79, $¢ or €¢?
19:22   vinze   jono, when you say "focus on integration, usability and performance", then you will still be having the discussions on whether to include heavier but user-friendly applications or not
19:22   vinze   Because usability and performance can conflict
19:23   Seveas  (oops, sorry, thought I was in -offtopic -- I'll be quiet)
19:23   jono    vinze: I agree - this is not about specifics, but general goals
19:23   bobi    jono: good is to set the focus on performance, usability and integration
19:23   vinze   Ah, then I think we can all agree on that
19:23   jono    ok
19:23   highvoltage     jono: I think you missed the ubuntu values part. not sure if that was intentional :)
19:23   jono    so do we all agree that the sentence I posted is a general goal
19:23   highvoltage     bobi++
19:23   vinze   +1 for highvoltage
19:23   posingaspopular im worried about that performance bit jono
19:23   solar_george    jono yes
19:24   tomplast        Do we have to say "focus of running on lower powered computers" isn't "focus on making an effective and memory conservative system" better *-).
19:24   bobi    jono: yes, but we need to priorize priority, usability and integration
19:24   bobi    because they can conflict
19:24   j1mc    jono: i think that the "integration in Xubuntu is at a configuration level" requires some clarification, but i like the empahis on lower-powered computers.
19:24   jono    ok everyone, hold up
19:24   highvoltage     tomplast: indeed. and lots of people run Xubuntu on high-end computers too.
19:24   bobi    sorry, ment performance
19:24   jono    let me read
19:24   vinze   bobi, <jono> this is not about specifics, but general goals
19:25   jono    To produce an easy to use distribution, based on Ubuntu, using Xfce as the graphical desktop, with a focus on integration, usability and performance, with a particular focus on low memory footprint. The integration in Xubuntu is at a configuration level, a toolkit level, and matching the underlying technology beneath the desktop in Ubuntu. Xubuntu will be built and developed as part of the wider Ubuntu community, based around the
19:25   jono    ideals and values of Ubuntu.
19:25   jono    how about that?
19:25   bobi    sounds good
19:25   tomplast        Sound good to me as well :)
19:25   vinze   Same here
19:25   meborc  +1 :)
19:25   solar_george    +1
19:25   charlie-tca     +1
19:25   j1mc    jono: still don't understand the "the integration in Xubuntu is at a ..." but maybe i just don't get it because i'm not uber-technical.
19:26   j1mc    what is "the integration?"
19:26   jgamio  jono: i like change the easy with light
19:26   j1mc    in plain english
19:26   highvoltage     I agree too, is it necessary to say "easy to use" and "usibility" though? (I realise their a bit different, but I think it's the usability part that's actualy important)
19:26   Odd-rationale   when you say "with a focus on integration, usability and performance" is it in that order?
19:26   jono    j1mc: it basically means - xubuntu will be integrated and feel like a unit with configuration, the gui toolkit
19:26   vinze   Odd-rationale, <jono> this is not about specifics, but general goals
19:27   Odd-rationale   ok
19:27   j1mc    jono: ok. thank.
19:27   bobi    just a short general question: is there a place for new, unexperienced developers to help with xubuntu?
19:27   cody-somerville For Xubuntu, I'd personally like Xubuntu be a powerful, useful desktop that is smart, concise, and usable.
19:27   jono    ok
19:27   vinze   bobi, I'd say a post to the xubuntu-devel mailinglist would be good to get you started
19:27   posingaspopular bobi: yes, and it depends on where you want to start
19:27   jono    so would everyone agree that my sentence is a good general goal
19:27   vinze   bobi, and there's always xubuntu.org/devel
19:27   jono    does anything scream out as wrong?
19:27   vinze   Yup
19:27   vinze   No
19:27   bobi    jono: yes
19:27   antares79       jono, should this statement help to resolve conflicts between "integration and usability" (ie. feature-rich gnome apps) and "low memory footprint" (ie. gtk-only apps)?
19:28   antares79       if not, then +1 ;-)
19:28   jono    we are getting into specifics too much people
19:28   cody-somerville jono, My only concern is making the primary emphasis a light memory footprint.
19:28   jono    I want _general_ concensus on _general_ goals
19:28   _MMA_   jono: To me, it doesnt settle to core conflict that has been going on over this dev cycle.
19:28   cody-somerville I think Xubuntu should be useful before light.
19:28   antares79       alright, then +1
19:28   vinze   So nothing is emphasized yet
19:28   Odd-rationale   jono: Generally, good.
19:28   jono    _MMA_: listen...I am going to get to this
19:28   meborc  if general goal is for low memory, then i'm for it
19:28   jono    _MMA_: this is an iterative process
19:28   meborc  :)
19:28   _MMA_   jono: See my PM.
19:29   meborc  jono, sorry, this is a very painful topic for many of us
19:29   vinze   Xubuntu has a few goals, there has been a conflict on which has the highest priority, but atm we're just defining those goals, right?
* cody-somerville notes that almost half of the meeting is up for most people.
19:29   highvoltage     jono: to be honest, it's difficult to get general consensus when it affects big specific things that are important to many people, such as the gnome libs inclusion issue.
19:30   jono    all I am looking for before we discuss any specifics of leadership, or specific libraries or gnome inclusion, is a general viewpoint on what we are trying to achieve
19:30   jono    it seems that me in a nutshell you folks want to produce a sleek, usable distro with a focus on performance
* j1mc nods
19:30   Odd-rationale   jono: Correct. That is what I want.
19:30   cody-somerville IMHO, I don't think we have the expertise to have a focus on performance.
19:31   cody-somerville Although, I think we could certainly strive to be light weight.
19:31   solar_george    sounds about right
19:31   _MMA_   jono: What Xubuntu is trying to achieve is really up to the people involved.
19:31   jono    right - I am just looking for a general agreement on what the  high level goals are
19:31   \sh     jono: I think xubuntu has the very same problem as Kubuntu has, which is integration with the core part of ubuntu...so I think to get Xubuntu on track, you should focus on core OS integration level (hal, dbus et all)
19:31   jono    \sh: indeed this is _general_ goals
* meborc has to leave :( but i'm screaming on my way - MAKE XUBUNTU LIGHT AGAIN :) have a nice evening all...
19:32   jono    please folks, we will get to specifics, but before we can we need to understand what is the general goal of Xubuntu
19:32   jono    it seems that "To produce an easy to use distribution, based on Ubuntu, using Xfce as the graphical desktop, with a focus on integration, usability and performance, with a particular focus on low memory footprint. The integration in Xubuntu is at a configuration level, a toolkit level, and matching the underlying technology beneath the desktop in Ubuntu. Xubuntu will be built and developed as part of the wider Ubuntu community, ba
19:32   jono    sed around the ideals and values of Ubuntu." seems to cater for most general goals
19:32   highvoltage     jono: well, it seems that in _general_, people do actually agree with that general goal
19:32   jono    how those thngs are implemented is another discussion naturally
* j1mc nods
19:33   vinze   OK, so I think we all agree on that?
19:33   jono    so it seems the key themes are: usability, performance, integration, community processes
19:33   jono    agreed?
19:33   Odd-rationale   I agree with that goal statement.
19:33   vinze   +1
19:33   jono    ok cool
19:33   highvoltage     +1
19:33   _MMA_   +1
19:33   bobi    +1
19:33   solar_george    +1
19:33   tomplast        +1
19:33   cody-somerville I think that statement is a good start, +1
19:33   j1mc    +1
19:33   posingaspopular +1
19:33   jgamio  +1
19:34   jono    now what I think we need to do is to use that statement as a general mission statement for the project
19:34   jono    we can now begin discuss exactly how this is implemented
19:34   jono    now, I want to focus on what _MMA_ discussed
19:34   jono    leadership
19:34   jono    there seems to be a lot of faith in cody-somerville
19:34   jono    do you all feel there should be a leader, and if so, would it be cody-somerville?
19:35   bobi    yes
19:35   vinze   I think currently Lionel is project lead, right?
19:35   jono    (you don't have to say if you would want to be a leader, yet)
19:35   cody-somerville vinze, Lionel has stopped contributing to Xubuntu for the time being
19:35   vinze   Ow, OK, thanks cody-somerville
19:36   jono    I personally feel cody-somerville is demonstrated good leadership skills from what I have seen
19:36   highvoltage     afaik, cody-somerville seems to be the only person who has made himself available to do it, and he seems capable to me.
19:36   jono    what does everyone else think?
19:36   _MMA_   I have watched Cody really step up. He is active in the Ubuntu development channels and looks to really want Xubuntu to shine again.
19:36   vinze   Agreed
19:36   j1mc    i get the feeling that, if we have a leader, that they will likely have the final say on some technical matters, and that everyone might not agree with their perspective, but that is part of having a leader.  i just think it's important to mention that.
19:36   Odd-rationale   +1 cody-somerville
19:36   tomplast        Has Lionel said anything about this?
19:36   bobi    +1 cody
19:36   j1mc    mr_pouit: ?
19:36   vinze   On the other hand, I think we should involve Lionel in this
19:36   j1mc    comments?
19:36   vinze   And mr_pouit
19:36   solar_george    +1 cody-somerville
19:36   cody-somerville vinze, mr_pouit is Lionel :)
19:36   vinze   Ehm, wait
19:36   vinze   Yeah
19:36   _MMA_   I have had many talks with Cody and also looks to be able to devote the time needed.
19:36   vinze   Sorry, Jerome I meant >.<
19:36   mr_pouit        j1mc: I'm still ok with cody ;)
19:36   vinze   (What's his nick?)
19:37   smarter jeromeg
19:37   jono    ok, next question:
19:37   vinze   Thanks smarter
19:37   j1mc    +1 for cody... :)  (had to get that in there)
19:37   cody-somerville :) thanks.
19:37   jono    would you all be happy for cody-somerville to lead the project, based upon the general goal we agreed earlier?
19:37   posingaspopular +1 cody
19:37   vinze   Yes
19:37   Odd-rationale   aye
19:37   jgamio  +1
19:37   j1mc    Yes
19:37   _MMA_   +1 Cody
19:37   vorian  +1
19:37   highvoltage     +1
19:37   solar_george    +1 cody-somerville
19:38   bobi    +1
19:38   jono    next question:
19:38   jono    do you think that Xubuntu would REALLY KICK ARSE with cody-somerville leading and based on that general goal earlier? :)
19:38   highvoltage     jono: for the record, Xubuntu already really kicks arse ;)
19:38   jm1     +1
19:38   highvoltage     (but yes, it would)
19:39   Odd-rationale   +
19:39   Odd-rationale   1
19:39   tomplast        +1 from what I have seen so far
19:39   bobi    :) +1
19:39   vinze   +1 for highvoltage's comment :)
19:39   vinze   But yeah
19:39   jono    cody-somerville: would you be interested in leading the Xubuntu project?
19:39   cody-somerville Yes, sir! :)
19:39   vinze   \0/
19:40   jono    in which case we have made three important steps forward here:
19:40   jono    1) picked a leader
19:40   jono    2) agreed on a general mission statement of goals
19:40   jono    3) agreed that cody-somerville will develop a strategy based on that mission statement
19:41   Odd-rationale   now for specifics?
19:41   j1mc    i just want to reiterate that, part of having a leader is that we may not always agree with cody's gnome/non-gnome app choices, but that we need to make sure that we're respectful of each other in the decision-making processes, and that we still work together as a community.
19:41   cody-somerville Well said j1mc
19:41   _MMA_   j1mc: +1
19:41   Odd-rationale   j1mc: +1
19:42   jono    I believe the next step is for cody-somerville to develop an initial strategy based on his experience of the project, and then we can use that as a basis for the next meeting
19:42   jono    we need something to work from to move forward effectively
19:42   jono    so I recommend cody-somerville works on this document and then presents it to the community for comment and we schedule another meeting
* cody-somerville nods.
19:42   posingaspopular when would the next meeting be?
19:43   jono    posingaspopular: whenever cody-somerville has the document completed
19:43   jono    I recommend in a week or so
19:43   vinze   I think you can track xubuntu-devel for that
19:43   posingaspopular i certainly dont want to rush cody-somerville
19:43   vinze   (Perhaps a notice on xubuntu.org?)
19:43   jono    I think cody-somerville is likely to be well aware of the key themes and concerns
19:43   jono    and his strategy should seek to satisfy the general goals we agreed earlier
19:43   jono    is everyone in favour of this step forward?
19:44   highvoltage     well, maybe there should be some kind of draft in about a week or so, and then there could be a request for comments.
19:44   cody-somerville +1
19:44   vinze   +1
19:44   highvoltage     +1
19:44   jono    highvoltage:yep
19:44   tomplast        +1
19:44   Odd-rationale   +1
19:44   bobi    +1
19:44   j1mc    +1
19:44   solar_george    +1
19:44   jm1     +1
19:44   jono    great stuff
19:44   vinze   Thanks jono
19:44   jono    I think we made some good progress here folks :)
19:44   _MMA_   I'd also like to see some of this CC'e to the devel-discuss ML.
19:44   jono    I will help cody-somerville flesh something definitive out, and then lets meet again when the document is complete
19:45   bobi    at least, it's a very good first step
19:45   jono    I would recommend posting the meeting log
19:45   jono    thanks everyone for your participation
19:45   Odd-rationale   Thanks, jono.
19:45   jono    :)
19:45   Odd-rationale   Good luck, cody-somerville
19:45   cody-somerville Thank you everyone for your kind words
* vinze thanks jono and our newly-apponted leader cody-somerville :)
19:45   cody-somerville I appreciate your faith and I look forward to working with all of you
19:45   bobi    congratulations cody-somerville ;)
19:45   j1mc    :)
19:45   vinze   Congrats cody-somerville :)
19:45   jono    :)
19:45   cody-somerville And a big thanks to jono for coming out to help us
19:45   highvoltage     and thanks cody-somerville
19:45   vorian  best of luck cody-somerville :)
19:45   solar_george    all hail cody-somerville
* _MMA_ wonders if Cody is old enough to get a pint in Prague? :P
19:45   jono    cody-somerville: your welcome :)
19:46   posingaspopular congrats cody-somerville
19:46   highvoltage     and thanks to jono too. this might have been a very long meeting without him :)
19:46   posingaspopular thanks jono
19:46   tomplast        Congrats cody-somerville
19:46   cody-somerville _MMA_, I'm sure we'll share a few ;]
19:46   jono    no worries folks :)
19:46   _MMA_   ;)
19:46   vinze   highvoltage, we're no easy crows, eh? ;-)
19:46   charlie-tca_    good luck cody-somerville
19:46   vinze   s/crows/crowd
19:46   tomplast        you will need it :E. I vote for only KDE-apps in Xubuntu ;)
19:46   cody-somerville I welcome everyone over to #xubuntu-devel for further chit chatting and brainstorming :)
19:46   vinze   +1 for tomplast :P
19:46   cody-somerville <g>
19:46   highvoltage     vinze: heh, yes.
19:47   jono    later all
19:47   jono    :)
19:47   vinze   Bye jono
19:47   tomplast        bye Jono, bring some bacon next time ;)
19:47   cody-somerville I can write up a meeting summary and post it/send it out/etc. if nobody else absolutely wants to :)
19:47   bobi    bye jono, thanks
* highvoltage hits the end-of-meeting-gong
19:47   highvoltage     *gong*

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