Started logging meeting in #ubuntu-meeting
[13:02:23] * micahg forgot the meeting was in here :-/
[13:02:40] <charlie-tca> heh, and I did send a reminder, too
[13:03:09] <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] Agenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings
[13:03:23] <cody-somerville> Hi
[13:03:24] <charlie-tca> I don't plan on copying all of it right now
[13:03:31] <charlie-tca> hello, cody-somerville
[13:03:43] <charlie-tca> I see Book_em_Dano too, back there
[13:03:51] <Book_em_Dano> wassup
[13:04:02] <beardygnome> hi guys, sorry i'm a bit late
[13:04:15] <charlie-tca> For those who don't know it yet, Book_em_Dano is working on updating the documentation for Xubunt!
[13:04:39] <Book_em_Dano> trying to do the best I can
[13:04:49] <charlie-tca> Hello, beardygnome. You're right on time
[13:05:03] <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] Old business
[13:05:24] <charlie-tca> I did email the developer of LightDM, and got a nice response.
[13:05:53] <charlie-tca> He believes it should be ready in time for Natty release, but we have no dates yet on when we can actually try it
[13:06:17] <charlie-tca> One note on that, it worked when GDM failed the last 24 hours
[13:06:39] <charlie-tca> any questions on LightDM?
[13:07:17] <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] Team updates - Team Leads
[13:07:39] <knome> (hey all! i'm not really actively here, but trying to follow)
[13:07:42] <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] Packaging & Development - mr_pouit
[13:07:46] <charlie-tca> Go ahead, sir
[13:07:55] <mr_pouit> eh, ok
[13:08:09] <mr_pouit> so, the usual link: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Roadmap/Specifications/Natty/Xfce4.8
[13:08:16] <mr_pouit> and for 4.8, the progress this week:
[13:08:21] <mr_pouit> * legacy: Uploaded thunar-vfs 1.1.1.
[13:08:21] <mr_pouit> * core: Uploaded remaining packages from 4.8~pre1, and all packages from 4.8~pre2.
[13:08:24] <mr_pouit> * panel-plugins: ~25 rebuilt, ~17 to go.
[13:09:08] <mr_pouit> dailies are still broken because all panel plugins are not rebuilt yet.
[13:09:24] <mr_pouit> No other breaking news. :P
[13:09:27] <charlie-tca> w00t! gaining rapidly on Natty...
[13:09:46] <micahg> mr_pouit: would it help if I grabbed a few of those panel plugins and rebuilt this weekend?
[13:10:01] <charlie-tca> GDM was fixed today by the Ubuntu team. logins are working again for Natty
[13:10:30] <mr_pouit> micahg: yep, sure (although I said incorrectly "rebuild", because the remaining ones need more work)
[13:10:53] <micahg> oh, hmm
[13:11:17] <charlie-tca> Any questions for on Packaging and Development ?
[13:11:25] <charlie-tca> micahg: don't let that stop you!
[13:11:34] <charlie-tca> you can do it
[13:11:49] <micahg> mr_pouit: can I just grab and fix then? Do I need to coordinate w/Debian?
[13:12:06] <micahg> I guess we can chat about this after the meeting
[13:12:33] <mr_pouit> micahg: yep, let's discuss about that after, so the meeting doesn't last too long :p
[13:12:52] <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] Bug Triage & Testing
[13:13:51] <charlie-tca> We are going to invalidate a bunch of bugs with Xfce4.7/8 coming in. Since almost all of the panel code was re-written, those bugs will that still exist will need to be filed as new bugs
[13:15:10] <charlie-tca> Stack traces will need to be supplied, and in natty, apport will not work for us, last I heard. Which is okay, since we usually have to run gdb backtraces anyway
[13:16:02] <mr_pouit> mmh, apport won't work?
[13:16:10] <charlie-tca> I still do not have any powerpc testers. I did send out an email to the users mailing list asking for some.
[13:16:39] <charlie-tca> correct, mr_pouit. it's up in the air right now as to whether or not we will be able to use it
[13:16:49] <micahg> charlie-tca: just a note that bugs should be checked as to whether or not they are SRUable before invalidating
[13:16:53] <charlie-tca> It has been ported to gtk3
[13:17:19] <micahg> charlie-tca: I think the decision was not to port major infrastructure to gtk3
[13:17:24] <charlie-tca> micahg: they will be, but most of xfce4.7 will not be backported due to the dependencies
[13:17:34] <charlie-tca> apport already been done
[13:17:59] <micahg> charlie-tca: no, I understand that, but we should be careful to make sure that any bug that's SRU worthy not be closed as the other releases are still supported
[13:18:16] <charlie-tca> we will check that as part of the process.
[13:18:39] <micahg> charlie-tca: also, re: apport, they might be reversing that soon
[13:18:56] <charlie-tca> That's why I said "up in the air" at this point.
[13:19:19] <charlie-tca> anything else on bugs and testing?
[13:19:47] <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] Website & Marketing
[13:20:22] <charlie-tca> ochosi has done a lot of work on greybird and faenza-xfce icons
[13:21:12] <charlie-tca> Please take a look at them if you have time, and give some feedback.
[13:21:19] <charlie-tca> [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Artwork/Natty
[13:21:32] <charlie-tca> has the how to do it information at this time
[13:21:54] <charlie-tca> I am running Natty with greybird and the faenza-xfce icons, and it great!
[13:22:25] <charlie-tca> the wallpaper specs are at
[13:22:31] <charlie-tca> [LINK} https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Specs/0007_Xubuntu_Natty_Wallpaper
[13:22:44] <pleia2> I said a while back that I'd try to touch base with current website folks to get that rolling, but I never made time for that, apologies
[13:23:16] <charlie-tca> pleia2: ???
[13:23:59] <pleia2> charlie-tca: xubuntu.org is still using our old logo and everything, I had offered to try to get the site changed but haven't yet
[13:24:15] <charlie-tca> Oh! Thank you very much
[13:25:00] <charlie-tca> For those wanting to find the logo and icons, they are now on
[13:25:05] <charlie-tca> [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Artwork
[13:25:26] <charlie-tca> so you don't have to dig for them. knome did a great job sprucing them up, too
[13:26:20] <charlie-tca> artwork - the team wants to know if March 17 is a good cutoff date for submissions. The freeze is March 24
[13:27:42] <charlie-tca> Will that give us enough time to select wallpaper, have it fixed as we want, and get in into packaging?
[13:28:24] <beardygnome> who will be making the selection?
[13:28:39] <charlie-tca> That's a good question.
[13:29:20] <charlie-tca> I would hope those who are contributing to Xubuntu. We can vote in the meeting here.
[13:29:50] <beardygnome> then maybe we need a little longer?
[13:30:41] <charlie-tca> Okay, anyone have an idea how long we need here?
[13:31:30] <beardygnome> march 17 and 24 are both thursdays, so we would need a separate meeting to vote on the submissions
[13:31:37] <charlie-tca> We will have a meeting on the 10th and 17th with this schedule
[13:32:15] <charlie-tca> or, we can do the voting through the mailing list...
[13:32:36] <beardygnome> how about we set the cuttoff at march 14 or 15, then vote on march 17?
[13:32:41] <beardygnome> at the meeting
[13:33:08] <charlie-tca> I like that idea.
[13:33:19] <charlie-tca> Anyone else?
[13:33:22] <mr_pouit> +1
[13:33:37] <beardygnome> that gives the contributor almost a week to fix it before the freeze, if it needs fixing
[13:34:05] <charlie-tca> [VOTE] wallpaper should be ready by March 14, so we can vote on the choice on March 17. Please vote
[13:34:19] <charlie-tca> +1
[13:34:23] <beardygnome> +1
[13:34:27] <micahg> who has a vote?
[13:34:38] <charlie-tca> All in attendance
[13:34:42] <micahg> +1
[13:34:44] <mr_pouit> +1
[13:35:31] <charlie-tca> Any other votes? closing soon
[13:35:45] <charlie-tca> [ENDVOTE]
[13:36:15] <charlie-tca> With 4 votes, I will notify the artwork group that we need to set the date March 14 to close submissions
[13:36:31] <charlie-tca> Any other discussion on Artwork?
[13:36:49] <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] Documentation
[13:37:06] <charlie-tca> I will let Book_em_Dano update us on this one, please
[13:37:21] <cody-somerville> :-)
[13:37:41] * charlie-tca struggled with it long enough in the dark, now
[13:37:48] <Book_em_Dano> Well, I've been making updates to the Natty branch and most of those changes can be applied to maverick
[13:38:26] <Book_em_Dano> I'm also reviewing the docs for lucid so that updated docs are available for updates soon
[13:38:43] <charlie-tca> Great! Are we really going to be up-to-date for Natty, then?
[13:39:09] <Book_em_Dano> I'm very confident that we will
[13:39:47] <charlie-tca> Thank you for doing that work! It will be really great to have that done
[13:39:53] <Book_em_Dano> I'd appreciate some extra eyes to look over the changes I've made
[13:40:00] <Book_em_Dano> whenever possible
[13:40:04] <charlie-tca> How do we do that?
[13:40:28] * charlie-tca looked in Natty, but of course, the changes are not there yet
[13:40:36] <Book_em_Dano> pull down the latest branch from bzr
[13:41:09] <charlie-tca> Okay, and do we let you know directly what we find?
[13:41:38] <Book_em_Dano> yeah just file a bug or send me an email
[13:42:24] <beardygnome> Book_em_Dano: I'm new to this, so is there somewhere that details how to "pull down the latest branch from bzr"?
[13:42:28] <charlie-tca> [ACTION] As many people as possible need to review the latest docs in bzr
[13:42:46] <Book_em_Dano> just a moment
[13:43:43] <Book_em_Dano> [LINK]https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/SystemDocumentation/Repository
[13:44:15] <Book_em_Dano> lp:xubuntu-docs is the lastest branch of the documentation
[13:44:40] <beardygnome> thanks Book_em_Dano
[13:44:42] <Book_em_Dano> any other ?'s
[13:44:59] <beardygnome> not about the docs, but where can i get a natty iso?
[13:45:28] <beardygnome> i'd like to get a vm running it
[13:45:36] <Book_em_Dano> [LINK] http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/
[13:46:03] <beardygnome> brilliant, thanks
[13:46:16] <charlie-tca> We do not have any daily iso right now, but the alpha1 image is good
[13:46:18] <charlie-tca> http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/11.04/alpha-1/
[13:46:41] <charlie-tca> Until we get the panel plugins updated, we won't get a new image
[13:46:55] <beardygnome> ok charlie-tca, thanks
[13:47:10] <Book_em_Dano> I guess that's all for docs now
[13:47:23] <charlie-tca> Thank you very much, Book_em_Dano. It's great to know we have you
[13:47:33] <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] PowerPC and PS3 ports for Natty
[13:48:10] <charlie-tca> My thought right now is to discontinue the PS3 port completely, since the manufacturer doesn't want the os changed anymore
[13:48:17] <charlie-tca> any comments on it?
[13:48:30] <mr_pouit> I agree
[13:48:40] <beardygnome> +1. was it very popular anyway?
[13:48:50] <charlie-tca> at different times it was
[13:49:34] <charlie-tca> As for the PowerPC port, unless we get testers for it, we will not be producing the release milestones, thus it will not release as 11.04
[13:50:09] <charlie-tca> I am willing to allow the dailies until next month, when we should discuss continuing this too.
[13:50:55] <charlie-tca> Any questions or comments on this?
[13:51:15] <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] Updates for Xubuntu 10.04.2
[13:51:51] <charlie-tca> Since we have many updates to 10.04 when it is installed, I want to publish the .2 image
[13:52:16] <charlie-tca> This will allow us to get the changes in and save those installing it some bandwidth.
[13:52:43] <charlie-tca> We know not all places have the fastest thing going, and unlimited downloads available.
[13:53:02] <beardygnome> that seems like a good idea
[13:53:09] <charlie-tca> Maybe we can even get the docs in it updated before the release?
[13:53:22] <charlie-tca> mr_pouit: do we need to SRU the documentation?
[13:54:26] <charlie-tca> cody-somerville: : do we need to SRU the documentation?
[13:54:54] <micahg> Major Mozilla updates are Firefox 3.6 has Out of process plugins for flash now and Thunderbird will be 3.1.x
[13:55:08] <cody-somerville> charlie-tca, Are people still working on 10.04 documentation?
[13:55:18] <charlie-tca> Book_em_Dano: is trying to update it
[13:55:41] <charlie-tca> It will be around for another 2 years +
[13:56:24] <cody-somerville> Is the 10.04 documentation translated?
[13:56:56] <charlie-tca> I don't believe so, since it is still 9.10 docs
[13:58:20] <Book_em_Dano> when is the cutoff date to allow updates to be available for 10.04.2?
[13:59:01] <micahg> Book_em_Dano: probably the beginning of February
[13:59:48] <charlie-tca> the release is scheduled for February 17, so probably February 10
[14:00:34] <micahg> charlie-tca: no, they should be in a week before so they can have proper verification before the images are made
[14:01:10] <charlie-tca> Yeah? So plan for the 1st of February?
[14:01:16] <Book_em_Dano> I should be able to revise the docs for lucid by that time
[14:01:38] <charlie-tca> cody-somerville: ^ ^ ^
[14:01:44] <micahg> Feb 7 would probably be the last day to sanely get something in, but that's really last minute
[14:02:23] <charlie-tca> Okay
[14:02:34] <Book_em_Dano> alright
[14:02:39] <charlie-tca> Moving on, then, since we need to wrap up,
[14:03:05] <micahg> BTW, that date is uploaded, not verified :)
[14:03:05] <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] Governance
[14:03:36] <charlie-tca> micahg: can you find out for us?
[14:03:45] <micahg> charlie-tca: find out what?
[14:04:01] <charlie-tca> what the actual cutoff date is on getting things in for .2?
[14:04:35] <charlie-tca> Not necessarily today, but ...
[14:04:56] <micahg> charlie-tca: sure, but I would imagine CDs start spinning the Tuesday before release, so you want to have everything uploaded by the Monday before that to give 1 week in -proposed
[14:05:17] <charlie-tca> that makes sense.
[14:05:38] <micahg> that's why I said last sane date to upload is Feb 7
[14:06:25] <charlie-tca> As far as governance, nominations for Project Lead are due by Dec 15. Please send nominations in to the Community Council
[14:06:33] <charlie-tca> [LINK] https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/xubuntu-devel/2010-November/007614.html
[14:06:37] <micahg> charlie-tca: sorry, I will do that tomorrow
[14:06:41] <charlie-tca> Done
[14:07:22] <charlie-tca> I was nominated by j1mc for Project Lead, and will accept that nomination.
[14:07:42] <micahg> charlie-tca: oh, so I don't have to nominate?
[14:07:50] <charlie-tca> micahg: correct
[14:08:10] * micahg will thanks j1mc later :)
[14:08:16] <charlie-tca> :-)
[14:08:33] <charlie-tca> Any other comments/questions on governance3?
[14:09:00] <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] Any other business?
[14:09:07] <charlie-tca> Open floor
[14:09:26] <charlie-tca> going...
[14:09:34] <micahg> Thunderbird will be moving to 3.1.x very soon
[14:09:34] <charlie-tca> going....
[14:09:38] <micahg> in Lucid
[14:09:38] <charlie-tca> Yay!
[14:10:01] <charlie-tca> We need anyone that can to test the latest thunderbird, too, right?
[14:10:07] <micahg> so, if anyone wants to test, it's staged in the ubuntu-mozilla-security PPA
[14:10:31] <cody-somerville> Speaking of Project Governance
[14:10:31] <micahg> but that will probably get pushed out today or tomorrow
[14:10:33] <beardygnome> test it on lucid or test it full stop?
[14:10:47] <micahg> beardygnome: just lucid, we shipped maverick with it
[14:10:50] <jdstrand> micahg: please keep me posted on tbird testing. I am doing it myself as we speak
[14:11:07] <cody-somerville> I thought charlie-tca was affirmed as the project leader - not just as an interim - already. Am I mistaken?
[14:11:16] <beardygnome> micahg: ok, thanks
[14:11:25] <micahg> jdstrand: ok, no new news, release date is supposed to be today for 3.1.7
[14:11:27] <charlie-tca> I hadn't seen that.
[14:12:03] <charlie-tca> cody-somerville: we never got a vote setup, did we?
[14:12:39] * charlie-tca steps back so others can discuss this
[14:13:20] <cody-somerville> I'm pretty sure we affirmed you, charlie-tca, as the project leader in a community meeting.
[14:13:47] <cody-somerville> So unless its been three release cycles since then, which I don't think it has been, then I think you're good to go.
[14:14:01] <charlie-tca> hm, anyone else got anything on that one?
[14:14:37] <charlie-tca> It's been one cycle, but I did not think it was confirmed
[14:14:45] <beardygnome> i think you're doing a great job charlie-tca, i was going to vote for you anyway :-)
[14:14:48] <charlie-tca> thus the call for nominations
[14:15:42] <charlie-tca> I think we press on with the nominations and CC involvement now
[14:16:24] <charlie-tca> I really do appreciate the support, though.
[14:16:50] <charlie-tca> any more comments?
[14:17:29] <charlie-tca> We will meet again in one week, December 16, here, at 19:00 UTC
[14:17:37] <charlie-tca> #endmeeting
Meeting ended.

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