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[13:01:59] <beardygnome> i was wondering if it would help the docs review if the htmls were hosted somewhere?
[13:02:24] <cody-somerville> Hi
[13:02:26] <charlie-tca> hm, I don't think so, because that would add to the places they have to be updated.
[13:02:32] <charlie-tca> hey, cody-somerville
[13:02:39] <beardygnome> i'm planning to get them up on my website so I can review them over christmas when i'm not at home, so could make the url available
[13:03:19] <beardygnome> obviously i can't promise to always have the very latest versions, but i'll be updating them frequently
[13:03:49] <beardygnome> charlie-tca: ok, no worries
[13:04:12] <charlie-tca> It scares me, because people will start using that as "the docs" reference.
[13:04:41] <beardygnome> is it ok for me to have them hosted for review, or would you prefer me to have them on a usb stick?
[13:05:10] <charlie-tca> yes, you can do that. We just have to make sure we aren't sending people there when they need docs, I think.
[13:05:37] <charlie-tca> Okay?
[13:05:55] <beardygnome> I'll put them at an obscure url and make sure it doesn't get out.
[13:06:13] <charlie-tca> The meeting agenda is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings and will be in the minutes.
[13:06:16] <micahg> beardygnome: docs are public, you shouldn't have to worry about that
[13:06:30] <charlie-tca> micahg: they are pre-release docs, not for public
[13:06:50] <micahg> charlie-tca: yes, but they're hosted in a public repo on LP, right?
[13:06:53] <charlie-tca> part of the documentation review
[13:07:12] <charlie-tca> yes, but I would never tell someone to go there to read them
[13:07:54] <charlie-tca> If they are being posted to review for errors, they should not be public, since they are not complete
[13:08:00] <cody-somerville> micahg, I think the issue is that the LP repo is only the source whereas beardygnome is going to put up the generated docs for review. We wouldn't want google to pick up them up and start returning them in searches for Xubuntu docs :P
[13:08:51] <beardygnome> cody-somerville: that's a good point. i'll keep them offline and put them on an sd card / memory stick.
[13:08:53] <micahg> ok, next topic :-/
[13:08:58] <charlie-tca> thanks
[13:09:26] <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] Old business - all
[13:09:32] <beardygnome> anyways, i've got to leave now. have a good christmas everyone and i'll see you all on dec 30th.
[13:10:14] <charlie-tca> The only thing I show was put there as a reminder. We need to update xubuntu.org, and pleia2 was going to check into it.
[13:10:29] <charlie-tca> pleia2: are you here/
[13:10:32] <charlie-tca> ?
[13:10:39] <pleia2> yep, it's on my list, I'll follow-up with you this weekend
[13:10:54] <charlie-tca> Great! Thank you for that.
[13:11:14] <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] Team updates -
[13:11:23] <highvoltage> hey there charlie-tca
[13:11:31] <charlie-tca> Packaging & Development - mr_pouit
[13:11:31] <cody-somerville> pleia2, You'll want to poke me about that.
[13:11:55] <pleia2> cody-somerville: oh ok, email alright?
[13:11:55] <mr_pouit> Finished rebuilding all panel plugins against xfce4-panel 4.7.
[13:12:20] <cody-somerville> pleia2, Yup.
[13:12:21] <mr_pouit> I'm working on the exo-0.3 -> exo-1 port for a few programs
[13:12:26] <mr_pouit> (almost done)
[13:12:36] <charlie-tca> Great!
[13:13:15] <charlie-tca> We had a user in #xubuntu today that rebuilt places-plugin on his own system in natty and it worked
[13:13:42] <charlie-tca> Is there any hope for the weather bug?
[13:13:46] <mr_pouit> no, you can't mount anything
[13:14:03] <mr_pouit> because exo-mount/umount/eject binaries aren't there anymore
[13:14:07] <charlie-tca> ooops
[13:14:14] <mr_pouit> but yeah, the other plugin features will work ;)
[13:14:37] <charlie-tca> Anything else ?
[13:15:06] <mr_pouit> nope
[13:15:08] <micahg> doko fixed the powerpc FTBFS for libxfce4ui, so the powerpc stack should be buildable soon
[13:15:09] <charlie-tca> thank you, mr_pouit.
[13:15:16] <mr_pouit> charlie-tca: what's the issue with the weather plugin?
[13:15:23] <charlie-tca> micahg: Great! Are you going to try and follow it?
[13:15:33] <mr_pouit> micahg: ah cool
[13:15:35] <charlie-tca> mr_pouit: it doesn't work at all in natty, Xfce is aware of it
[13:15:43] <micahg> charlie-tca: yep, I'll try to make sure the deps get built over the weekend
[13:15:52] <charlie-tca> Thank you, micahg
[13:16:22] <charlie-tca> mr_pouit: I don't know all the stuff, but the Xfce devs are working that one.
[13:16:24] <mr_pouit> charlie-tca: ah yeah, invalid api key or something
[13:16:37] <mr_pouit> micahg: ok, I'll forward upstream
[13:16:49] <micahg> mr_pouit: cool, thanks
[13:17:21] <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] Bug Triage & Testing
[13:17:43] <charlie-tca> We had a quiet week. We do have a few users running Natty now.
[13:18:05] <charlie-tca> Mostly, the comments are that Xfce4.8pre is great.
[13:18:34] <charlie-tca> Anybody get stuck with the sudo bug yesterday or today?
[13:18:51] <charlie-tca> Good. Let's keep going then.
[13:19:10] <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] Website & Marketing
[13:19:13] <micahg> wait
[13:19:24] <charlie-tca> go ahead, micahg
[13:19:27] <micahg> I have something for triage, but related to 10.04.2
[13:19:33] <micahg> so I can go now or later
[13:19:55] <charlie-tca> May as well bring it in now
[13:20:25] <micahg> I would like to suggest any bugs that should be fixed for 10.04.2 be milestoned so that they can be worked on
[13:20:34] <micahg> if that's not already happening
[13:20:47] <micahg> xubuntu specific
[13:20:54] <charlie-tca> Very good point.
[13:21:44] <charlie-tca> I will review my bug lists this week and see what there is. I can't recall any high or critical ones other than docs,t hough
[13:22:50] <charlie-tca> As for the website, pleia2 and cody-somerville will get together and make it happen for Natty
[13:23:12] <charlie-tca> We need someone that can do marketing...
[13:24:13] <charlie-tca> If someone shows interest, guide them to #xubuntu-devel and let's try to get something going
[13:24:50] <charlie-tca> Anything else on website or marketing?
[13:25:23] <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] Artwork
[13:26:27] <charlie-tca> No new discussions on it. If you have tried out the greybird theme, please give feedback to ochosi in #xubuntu-devel or #shimmer
[13:26:34] <charlie-tca> I think it is a good theme, myself.
[13:27:09] <charlie-tca> but, I am biased. I can see everything in it!
[13:27:25] <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] Documentation
[13:27:58] <charlie-tca> I do not see the docs people today, but we need to review the Natty docs. I posted an email to xubuntu-devel for that.
[13:28:25] <charlie-tca> should I forward the procedures to Xubuntu users ML?
[13:29:09] <cody-somerville> hmmm
[13:29:13] <cody-somerville> Up to you
[13:29:18] <cody-somerville> not really intended for that though
[13:29:36] <charlie-tca> That's why I asked. My thinking goes wrong somedays.
[13:30:33] <charlie-tca> We do need to let Book_Em_Dano know we appreciate his efforts. Let's try to get more than one pair of eyes on that.
[13:30:47] <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] Announcements - Project Lead
[13:31:07] <charlie-tca> We no longer produce the PS3 images for Natty
[13:31:25] <charlie-tca> Thunderbird 3.1.7 is out.
[13:31:52] <charlie-tca> There is no meeting next week, 2010-12-23, because of the holidays
[13:32:10] <charlie-tca> anything else we should let everyone know?
[13:32:47] <charlie-tca> We will tackle the governance again next year...
[13:32:53] <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] Any Other Business - all/anyone
[13:33:08] <micahg> Add a topic for the next 2 months for 10.04.2
[13:33:40] <charlie-tca> I want to remind everyone that we do follow the IRC guidelines at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines in our channels.
[13:33:54] <charlie-tca> Got it, micahg. I will add it
[13:33:58] <micahg> I have an agenda item on the LTS meeting for Jan 3 to discuss the timeline
[13:34:01] <micahg> charlie-tca: thanks
[13:34:12] <micahg> charlie-tca: I can own that if you want
[13:34:17] <charlie-tca> Great!
[13:34:31] * micahg is afraid of what just happened
[13:34:34] <charlie-tca> [ACTION] micahg to follow up on the 10.04.2 update
[13:35:07] <micahg> I'm guessing we'll have about a month to get any updates in
[13:35:21] <charlie-tca> One thing I see happening is we are quick to tell users to google their issues. I do it too.
[13:35:30] <charlie-tca> By those guidelines, we google
[13:36:09] <charlie-tca> We give them all the help we can, including exact references to look at. I will stop telling them to google.
[13:36:29] <charlie-tca> anyone else have anything?
[13:36:56] <charlie-tca> Then we will see everybody in two weeks.
[13:37:03] <charlie-tca> Thanks for coming to the meeting.
[13:37:05] <pleia2> thanks charlie-tca
[13:37:11] <charlie-tca> #endmeeting
Meeting ended.

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