App Developer Week -- Getting Your App in the Distro: the Application Review Process -- wendar -- Thu, Apr 14th, 2011

   1 [20:02] <dpm> Thanks a lot mterry for a great session, and let's clear the floor for allison_, Ubuntu's Technical Architect, who's going to tell us how to get your applications into Ubuntu
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   3 [20:03] <dpm> allison_, all yours!
   4 [20:05] <dpm> (let's wait for a sec while we sort out some IRC issues)
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   7 [20:06] <wendar> Hi all.
   8 [20:06] <wendar> mterry has given an excellent session on Quickly. This session is a "next step".
   9 [20:07] <wendar> Once you have an application packaged, there are a few ways to get it into Ubuntu.
  10 [20:07] <wendar> I'll be going over one of those ways, through the Application Review Board.
  11 [20:08] <wendar> The basic idea is to make it very quick and easy to get lightweight applications into Ubuntu.
  12 [20:09] <wendar> You can submit them today, and have them available to download in a couple of weeks, instead of waiting for the next release of Ubuntu.
  13 [20:11] <wendar> The first step is to submit a ticket to the review board.
  14 [20:12] <wendar> They need a few essential details for the proposal.
  15 [20:12] <wendar> Some are obvious: the name of the project, your name, and how to contact you.
  16 [20:13] <wendar> We also ask for you to have already set up your project in a PPA.
  17 [20:13] <wendar> That can catch a lot of common errors, so it's as helpful for you as it is for the reviewers.
  18 [20:14] <wendar> One thing that submitters often miss is a description of the project and what it does.
  19 [20:15] <wendar> You've probably been working on your app for months, but it's brand-new to the reviewers, so it's helpful to guide them to understanding what's wonderful about the app.
  20 [20:17] <wendar> It's worth taking a look at the submission guide, it has a good example of what to include in the proposal.
  21 [20:17] <wendar>
  22 [20:18] <wendar> The next step is the initial review. One of the reviewers will volunteer as "shepherd" for your proposal.
  23 [20:19] <wendar> Your shepherd will read through your code and the packaging, and may offer suggestions on improvements, or help you find more details on the requirements for apps.
  24 [20:21] <wendar> You and the sheperd may repeat a few rounds of changes and releasing a new version into your PPA.
  25 [20:23] <wendar> In some cases the shepherd may recommend that your app is too big, too complex, or too important for the Application Review Board process and will ask you to take it to the full revue process for inclusion in Ubuntu's universe repository.
  26 [20:24] <wendar> In most cases, you and the shepherd will work together and bring your app to a point where it's ready for a final review.
  27 [20:25] <wendar> In the final review, the shepherd will recommend your app in one of the App Review Board meetings.
  28 [20:25] <wendar> These happen every two weeks on the #ubuntu-meeting channel.
  29 [20:26] <wendar> You can find the next meeting listed on
  30 [20:26] <wendar> or on the Ubuntu Fridge calendar.
  31 [20:27] <wendar> The board will vote on your app, and accept it for inclusion, recommend changes, or (in very rare cases) reject it.
  32 [20:28] <wendar> If they ask for changes, you'll just work with your shepherd to get those made, and bring the app back in the next meeting.
  33 [20:29] <wendar> Once your app is accepted, there's a little bit of work needed to set up screenshots for the app.
  34 [20:30] <wendar> This is a bit of a hassle right now, but soon there will be a web form to submit your screenshots.
  35 [20:31] <wendar> After the screenshots are set up, the review board will launch your app in the extras repository.
  36 [20:33] <wendar> Extras is turned on for everyone in Maverick and Natty, so your app will be immediately available in the Software Center, and other package management tools.
  37 [20:35] <wendar> That's pretty much it. We've tried to make the process quite simple.
  38 [20:35] <wendar> Are there any questions?
  39 [20:35] <wendar> Or, any steps you'd like to go through in more detail?
  40 [20:37] <ClassBot> titeuf_87 asked: the apps for purchase in the software center, are they submitted this way too?
  41 [20:38] <wendar> At the moment, apps for purchase are handled manually.
  42 [20:38] <wendar> They will soon have a web interface for submissions.
  43 [20:39] <wendar> The same web interface that App Review Board apps will use for screenshots.
  44 [20:39] <wendar> We'll try that out for a bit, and if it looks good, will start using that same web interface for all the App Review Board apps.
  45 [20:42] <ClassBot> dpm asked: who can review an app? Only those who are Review Board members?
  46 [20:43] <wendar> The proposals are all in a public queue, so anyone can review them.
  47 [20:43] <wendar> It's very welcome to have people trying out the apps and commenting on the tickets while they're under review.
  48 [20:44] <wendar> Only the Review Board members vote in the final review, but in our vote we'll consider all the feedback we get.
  49 [20:44] <wendar> Reviewing and trying out other developer's apps is a great way to build up experience for your own apps.
  50 [20:45] <wendar> Any more questions?
  51 [20:50] <ClassBot> dpm asked: if I'm an app developer and I want to go through the App Review Process, where should I first start? What's the place where I find the documentation?
  52 [20:51] <ClassBot> There are 10 minutes remaining in the current session.
  53 [20:53] <wendar> We've got a wiki page to help walk developers through the steps.
  54 [20:54] <wendar>
  55 [20:54] <wendar> You can always go back there for more information.
  56 [20:54] <wendar> A few tips to send you on your way:
  57 [20:54] <wendar> The basic idea for this process is that it's a good fit for lightweight applications.
  58 [20:55] <wendar> Games, small single-purpose apps.
  59 [20:55] <wendar> If you're writing a large or complext application, it's probably not right for this process.
  60 [20:56] <ClassBot> There are 5 minutes remaining in the current session.
  61 [20:56] <wendar> Libraries to be used by other applications also don't fit here.
  62 [20:56] <wendar> But, for anything that doesn't fit in the App Review process, there's always the usual process.
  63 [20:57] <wendar> And, the advantage of the usual process is that once you get into universe, your package will be updated and maintained by MOTU.
  64 [20:58] <wendar> That's all, thanks everybody!
  65 [21:00] <dpm> Great, thanks a lot wendar for this clear overview on the App Review process. There is now no excuse for getting your applications into Ubuntu!

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