Dev Week - Ubuntu Derivatives Team -- Luis de Bethencourt GuimerĂ¡ -- Tue, Feb 19

(02:06:02 PM) luisbg: ok...
(02:06:02 PM) thoreauputic: luisbg: hello :)
(02:06:07 PM) luisbg: let's start with Xubuntu
(02:06:14 PM) luisbg: janimo, presents us Xubuntu :)
(02:06:23 PM) janimo: huh :) ? it's a trap!
(02:06:28 PM) joejaxx: its a trap for me
(02:06:29 PM) joejaxx: lol
(02:06:31 PM) janimo: I was supposed to prezent kiwi :)
(02:06:44 PM) luisbg: ooops, mind glitch
(02:06:45 PM) janimo: no really, what should I talk about re Xubuntu?
(02:06:47 PM) ***pixelpapst is here for Kairos, which is still in its infancy, so not much to present from me
(02:06:49 PM) luisbg: I ment Kiwi
(02:07:00 PM) luisbg: LOL
(02:07:20 PM) janimo: OK, I can talk about Xubuntu too if there's interest it;s just that I wasn;t prepared for that, and I do not know what the audience knows abiut it aready
(02:07:30 PM) janimo: Ok so about Kiwi Linux, here it comes
(02:07:34 PM) luisbg: :) go ahead
(02:07:36 PM) joejaxx: :)
(02:07:47 PM) janimo: KiwiLinux is a derivative of the Ubuntu/GNOME 386 LiveCD. That is the only available release.
(02:08:02 PM) Grazieno: I present Linux Preview (brazil)
(02:08:03 PM) janimo: It was first released one year ago and its main purpose is providing an even easier experience for newbies than Ubuntu.
(02:08:04 PM) TuxCrafter: hello everybody is the new session startign
(02:08:09 PM) janimo: For now its target are Romanian and Hungarian users but English is also supported.
(02:08:09 PM) TuxCrafter: hi joejaxx
(02:08:27 PM) janimo: The even easier experience comes from preinstalling stuff that either does not fit, not polished enough
(02:08:27 PM) janimo:  or which is illegal in the US but fine in Romania (and most of the rest of the world for that matter).
(02:08:33 PM) janimo: So the codecs, some ADSL modem firmware, pppoeconf GUI and ndisgtk and a slightly different package selection.
(02:08:46 PM) janimo: The changes are kept at a minimum, both because we do not have many resources to spend and it would be pointless to diverge too much.
(02:08:48 PM) thoreauputic: janimo: with a name like Kiwi I expected New Zealand ;)
(02:09:06 PM) janimo: thoreauputic: yeah, most people do that, it was not the most fortunate choice of name :)
(02:09:12 PM) thoreauputic: :)
(02:09:15 PM) buks: janimo: that is what i thought to
(02:09:28 PM) janimo: well it can be used in NZ, it has English support
(02:09:28 PM) luisbg: let's present all the derivatives in the room
(02:09:35 PM) luisbg: before we start with questions
(02:09:46 PM) luisbg: janimo, let us know when the presentation is finished
(02:09:52 PM) janimo: ok a few more lines then
(02:09:57 PM) luisbg: sure
(02:10:03 PM) janimo: The same package archives are used and an extra one at and the release schedule closely follows Ubuntu's.
(02:10:10 PM) janimo: Two important features make this a very close derivative:
(02:10:16 PM) janimo: 1) Since the archives are the same and only a handful of packages modified slightly it is easy to switch back to Ubuntu or vice versa.
(02:10:21 PM) janimo: 2) Once installed the system is not very to what Ubuntu would lok like after 30-60 minutes of tweaking a base install and getting the missing stuff.
(02:10:36 PM) janimo: So it is an Ubuntu that has many of the bits commercial distros like Xandros and Linspire have (codecs & stuff) but also remaining plain Ubuntu. Also unlike Mint it does keep the changes at minimum.
(02:10:47 PM) janimo: It eases the first time experience for total newbies and for experienced users saves some time when installing on friends machines.
(02:11:21 PM) janimo: Another goal is getting local people involved, who may contribute easier when perosnally knwing the devs (we have some contributors form the local LUG already)
(02:11:36 PM) janimo: as a first step toward becoming Ubuntu contributirs
(02:11:40 PM) thoreauputic: home page URL?
(02:11:41 PM) janimo: that's it in short
(02:11:45 PM) janimo:
(02:12:07 PM) luisbg: AstralJava, want to present Ubuntu Studio?
(02:12:14 PM) AstralJava: Sure thing.
(02:12:24 PM) luisbg: janimo, thanks! :)
(02:12:26 PM) AstralJava: Ubuntu Studio is a multimedia creation flavor of Ubuntu, aimed at people wishing to produce audio, video or graphics.
(02:12:34 PM) polopolo left the room (quit: "If you think nobody cares, try missing a few payments").
(02:12:38 PM) AstralJava: We have attempted to gather up the best open source applications and tie them together, so that users don't have to spend time tweaking their systems, but can concentrate on using it instead.
(02:12:51 PM) AstralJava: Highlighting some applications from each areas: Ardour2 & Audacity for professional audio recording, Gimp & Inkscape & Blender for high quality graphics editing, and Open Movie Editor & Kino for easy video creation.
(02:13:05 PM) pixelpapst: janimo, LP still lists as HP - you might wanna submit a ticket about that
(02:13:09 PM) AstralJava: For best possible resource utilization, we are shipping the real time kernel by default.
(02:13:24 PM) AstralJava: Ubuntu Studio has an active userbase on channel #ubuntustudio and on, but you can find lots of documentation and other support means at or
(02:13:25 PM) janimo: pixelpapst: yeah, thanks. Although that is redirected now to the new name
(02:13:41 PM) pixelpapst: k
(02:13:42 PM) AstralJava: To keep things short, that's it, let's talk more through questions.
(02:13:42 PM) luisbg: reminder:: questions will go after the presentations
(02:13:50 PM) luisbg: thanks AstralJava
(02:13:57 PM) TeTeT: AstralJava: is there a non linear video editor included that can load and save HD video?
(02:14:02 PM) luisbg: I believe Tm_T doesn't need to present Kubuntu
(02:14:07 PM) luisbg: he already did an hour a go :P
(02:14:22 PM) luisbg: thoreauputic, your turn!
(02:14:28 PM) Tm_T: luisbg: thanks :)
(02:14:34 PM) thoreauputic: INX is a small live CD designed to work without X ( "INX IS Not X")
(02:14:46 PM) thoreauputic: You can have a look at . Ihave set up a "slideshow" showing some of the apps and how the menus look at
(02:15:02 PM) thoreauputic: The idea is to give people an easy introduction to the command line, while simultaneously giving them a workable live distro that runs without X and showing some of the cool stuff you can do in tty1-6  / virtual terminal
(02:15:28 PM) thoreauputic: I also have written an installer script to install it to a hard drive, but it is fairly primitive - assumes a single hard drive, makes a swap and / partition only and so on...
(02:16:03 PM) luisbg: joejaxx, want to present fluxbuntu?
(02:16:09 PM) mode (+o Tm_T ) by ChanServ
(02:16:17 PM) joejaxx: sure
(02:16:19 PM) joejaxx: :)
(02:16:40 PM) joejaxx: Fluxbuntu is a LPAE-standard compliant, Ubuntu-based derivative.
(02:17:02 PM) joejaxx: It is targeted towards older pcs, mobile and embedded devices
(02:17:48 PM) joejaxx: We use the Ubuntu archive as a basis for the derivative while keeping an audited seed list which is different then Ubuntu
(02:18:26 PM) joejaxx: We include lightweight applications along with a lightweight desktop
(02:18:51 PM) joejaxx: To keep resource usage down to a minimum while giving the user a feeling of usability
(02:19:15 PM) joejaxx: The website is
(02:19:33 PM) ***joejaxx will leave the rest for the q&a session later :)
(02:19:42 PM) luisbg: any other derivatives pending for presentation?
(02:20:23 PM) luisbg: silence == NULL
(02:20:26 PM) joejaxx: :)
(02:20:29 PM) luisbg: OK...
(02:20:36 PM) pixelpapst: luisbg: i could say a few words
(02:20:42 PM) luisbg: pixelpapst, go ahead
(02:20:47 PM) pixelpapst: ok
(02:21:04 PM) pixelpapst: Kairos is a project i started ~3 years ago
(02:21:13 PM) pixelpapst: as a Debian Sarge deriv
(02:21:41 PM) pixelpapst: a kind of in-house distri tuned to the needs of multiple-users-per-workstation
(02:21:54 PM) joejaxx: :)
(02:22:05 PM) pixelpapst: over time, we pulled in a lot of backports, multimedia stuff etc.
(02:22:30 PM) thoreauputic: pixelpapst: URL ?
(02:22:33 PM) pixelpapst: to reduce the diff to upstream, we now choose a new upstream
(02:22:49 PM) pixelpapst:
(02:22:58 PM) thoreauputic: thanks
(02:23:00 PM) pixelpapst: although that site doesn't have much info yet
(02:23:17 PM) luisbg: OK... last but not least...
(02:23:21 PM) pixelpapst: we have most tickets internally until now
(02:23:43 PM) pixelpapst: but I want to open everything up, even if it takes a little while :)
(02:23:58 PM) pixelpapst: luisbg: sorry, go on
(02:24:02 PM) luisbg: the Ubuntu Derivatives Team
(02:24:23 PM) luisbg: the goal of the team is unite to first:
(02:24:37 PM) luisbg: help each other since we are all going to hit the same problems while derivating from Ubuntu
(02:25:04 PM) luisbg: second: find very common problems while deriving Ubuntu and lettting Ubuntu know about them as a whole group
(02:26:04 PM) luisbg: third: extend the power of Ubuntu by making even better derivatives (specially purposeful ones :P)
(02:26:20 PM) luisbg: that's the Ubuntu Derivatives Team in a nutshell
(02:26:46 PM) luisbg: join in #ubuntu-derivate, or the mailing list (in ubuntu mail server) any time if you want to join
(02:26:54 PM) luisbg: launchpad team and wiki also help a lot ;)
(02:27:04 PM) luisbg: and now... the dreadful Q&A
(02:27:18 PM) luisbg: <nosrednaekim> QUESTION: so Kiwi is like Mint?
(02:27:51 PM) luisbg: and try to say the nick of the representant of the specific derivative the question is about
(02:28:05 PM) luisbg: janimo, ^
(02:28:09 PM) janimo: yep
(02:28:21 PM) janimo: no, as I said it shares some of Mints goals
(02:28:30 PM) janimo: but tries to achieve the major ones with minimal work
(02:28:45 PM) janimo: most people want the out of the box multimedia experience
(02:28:55 PM) janimo: and what I do is have all those installed.
(02:29:19 PM) janimo: Mint has much more ambitions, it's a whoe distro+community in itslef
(02:29:38 PM) janimo: I try to remain 99% ubuntu (hence only a few packages are changed)
(02:29:45 PM) janimo: Kiwi artwork is similarly almost identical
(02:29:56 PM) janimo: so people using Ubuntu are familar with Kiwi and vice versa
(02:30:03 PM) nosrednaekim: janimo » ok, great. thanks.... think you'll have a kiwi instead of heron?;)
(02:30:05 PM) janimo: the mai reason for it was not creating a distro
(02:30:16 PM) luisbg: <amachu> QUESTION: GNewSense is a Ubuntu Derivative, obviously. But how does Ubuntu actually look at it?
(02:30:22 PM) janimo: that was a necessary means of getting even more nebiews to  free software
(02:30:46 PM) janimo: nosrednaekim: we'll keep almost everything as in Ubuntu including the heron :)
(02:31:28 PM) luisbg: <buks> QUESTION: so fluxbuntu is a lot like OpenGUE, but more focussed on hardware compatibility?
(02:31:32 PM) luisbg: joejaxx, ^
(02:31:40 PM) Riddell: amachu: ubuntu works with GNewSense through gobuntu, which is intended as a base for GNewSense and other pure-free distros
(02:32:26 PM) luisbg: pixelpapst, make your comment
(02:32:32 PM) pixelpapst: ok
(02:32:46 PM) pixelpapst: i'm really interested in code sharing
(02:32:55 PM) joejaxx: i am not familiar enough with OpenGUE to comment unfortunately :\
(02:33:03 PM) pixelpapst: not so much came out of the HCT idea
(02:33:24 PM) luisbg: <pixelpapst> QUESTION: jamino: what do you use for your repository ? reprepro ? dak ?
(02:33:26 PM) pixelpapst: but dpkg upstream is discussion something similar at the moment
(02:33:27 PM) luisbg: janimo, ^
(02:33:37 PM) janimo: I use reprepro on my local bix
(02:33:42 PM) janimo: then rsync that to
(02:33:45 PM) pixelpapst: replacing source packages with git tarballs
(02:33:48 PM) janimo: pretty lame I guess :)
(02:33:54 PM) pixelpapst: i'll post a thread URL in a sec
(02:34:02 PM) luisbg: <buks> QUESTION: AstralJava: is Ubuntu studio KDE or Gnome based, and does it matter in a derivative?
(02:34:09 PM) janimo: I will consider a more mature repo with dput uploads in the future
(02:34:20 PM) pixelpapst: janimo: cool, like us :)
(02:34:25 PM) AstralJava: buks: It is Gnome-based, and it matters in creating a unified feel to all apps etc.
(02:34:30 PM) janimo: pixelpapst: :)
(02:34:41 PM) buks: AstralJava: Thanx
(02:34:50 PM) AstralJava: :)
(02:35:03 PM) luisbg: <buks> QUESTION: AstralJava: Does Ubuntu Studio have procedure docs which exaplains how to get certain tasks done which might involve using many of the apps. like to make a home dvd you need to do X Y Z, using apps A B C
(02:35:24 PM) pixelpapst: git source packages discussion: and
(02:35:47 PM) InsClusoe: For everyone interested in GNewSense, it's called Gobuntu after its 'ubuntufication'.  7.10 is currently available and for more info, check out
(02:36:16 PM) AstralJava: buks: Not at the moment, no, but feel free to browse through all current docs at and, and contribute if something's missing.
(02:36:25 PM) thoreauputic: InsClusoe: no, GnewSense is separate if I understand it correctly... ?
(02:36:38 PM) joejaxx: GNewSense is not the same thing
(02:36:42 PM) thoreauputic: right
(02:36:43 PM) joejaxx: it is separate :)
(02:37:07 PM) thoreauputic: Gnewsense is purer than pure ;)
(02:37:07 PM) luisbg: thoreauputic, can you explain more in detail?
(02:37:14 PM) luisbg: the differences
(02:37:48 PM) thoreauputic: luisbg: I'm not really involved in Gnewsense directly, but gnewsense is trying to be completely Free in the FSF sense
(02:38:00 PM) InsClusoe: 1.  Gnewsense is based on Ubuntu 6.06 (whereas Gobuntu is based on the latest version of Ubuntu). It is hoped that in the future the Gnewsense project will wish to base their derivative off Gobuntu or contribute directly to Gobuntu.
(02:38:02 PM) InsClusoe: 2.  Gnewsense uses a separate repository, while Gobuntu uses the main Ubuntu repository.
(02:38:13 PM) InsClusoe: Source of the above info:
(02:38:19 PM) luisbg: <eddyMul> QUESTION: is there a guide to making my own ubuntu-derivative? (just a live-cd w/ my set of packages)
(02:38:19 PM) joejaxx: Gnewsense also does audits
(02:38:21 PM) buks: AstralJava: thanx
(02:38:23 PM) pixelpapst: About Gobunut: this guy said it all: :-)
(02:38:36 PM) thoreauputic: ompaul ( Paul O'Malley is probably one of the people to ping about GnewSense
(02:38:48 PM) thoreauputic: and bbrazil
(02:38:49 PM) joejaxx: Yes there is a guide to customizing the livecd
(02:39:07 PM) joejaxx: LINK:
(02:39:12 PM) luisbg: <_MMA_> QUESTION: Will KiwiLinux contribute to Ubuntu package-wise? ie: will KiwiLinux fix bugs in Ubuntu to better KiwiLinux by proxy?
(02:39:48 PM) joejaxx: eddyMul: i hope that link helps you :)
(02:39:55 PM) janimo: sure we contribute anything that is appropriate
(02:39:57 PM) InsClusoe: Gobuntu says that all content that comes with the distro will obey FSF's rules.
(02:40:31 PM) janimo: mostly bugs found while testing developing that are related to Ubuntu (one was last year when swap was not activated on the liveCD)
(02:40:34 PM) luisbg: QUESTION: joejaxx, what's the difference between fluxbuntu and Xubuntu?
(02:40:45 PM) joejaxx: luisbg: lol
(02:40:50 PM) joejaxx: its a trap!
(02:40:55 PM) joejaxx: ok but seriously
(02:40:56 PM) janimo: if the user knows the bug is generic Ubuntu ist's recommended to file against ubuntu
(02:41:09 PM) pixelpapst: I don't think there is much difference in vision any more between gobuntu and gnewsense
(02:41:24 PM) janimo: for nonenglish speakers we have the kiwi bugsection in LP but it is not really used
(02:41:28 PM) janimo: newbies use forums mostly
(02:41:51 PM) luisbg: <eddyMul> QUESTION: follow-up: (maybe dumb): can you give me pointers about costumizing the pre-seed? (in case I ran out of blank CDs, but network bandwidth is abundant...)
(02:41:56 PM) joejaxx: one of the main differences between fluxbuntu and xubuntu i guess i would say would be the way we form the distro
(02:42:13 PM) TuxCrafter: joejaxx: and a lot more
(02:42:15 PM) thoreauputic: pixelpapst: it appears from the Gnewsense mailing list that a lot of effort is being put into auditing licenses fro Freedom
(02:42:17 PM) TuxCrafter: vision mission
(02:42:18 PM) janimo: joejaxx: also the choise of packages is a major difference
(02:42:20 PM) joejaxx: with fluxbuntu we do application benchmarking and have a audit process
(02:42:31 PM) joejaxx: janimo: yeah
(02:42:35 PM) joejaxx: and package choice
(02:42:42 PM) pixelpapst: thoreauputic: cool. we can all benefit from that
(02:42:49 PM) joejaxx: we are also not using the same base
(02:42:50 PM) thoreauputic: pixelpapst: indeed :)
(02:43:14 PM) joejaxx: eddyMul: there are a list of preseeds i do not have the url handy but i can find it and give it to you :)
(02:44:08 PM) luisbg: <nosrednaekim> THANKS: to joejaxx for making such a fast distro.... saved many old laptops :)
(02:44:26 PM) joejaxx: we are also always finding ways to improve fluxbuntu resource wise for example i patched Xorg so that we could have KDrive but that did not make it in for hardy
(02:44:40 PM) joejaxx: nosrednaekim: :)
(02:45:05 PM) thoreauputic: joejaxx: yes, fluxbuntu is a nice effort! ( I have it here on a different partition)
(02:45:13 PM) luisbg: <TuxCrafter> QUESTION: i want to do a debootstrap and then install my list of packages and apply my list of patches and run my list of scripts and make ubuntu a ubuntu spin of this that is installable with via the usb network alternate installer
(02:45:35 PM) luisbg: anybody brave enough to reply to that? :P
(02:45:40 PM) thoreauputic: heh
(02:46:17 PM) tsmithe: luisbg, well you seem to have it pretty much figured out...
(02:46:22 PM) luisbg: <joejaxx> QUESTION: When is Fluxbuntu coming out ? :)
(02:46:31 PM) luisbg: and yes... he asked himself
(02:46:33 PM) luisbg: it is permitted :P
(02:46:35 PM) joejaxx: :P
(02:46:41 PM) luisbg: tsmithe, hey... haven't seen you around
(02:46:44 PM) thoreauputic: TuxCrafter: I made INX from a debootstrap chroot - but explaining how is a bit too long for IRC :)
(02:46:57 PM) joejaxx: thoreauputic: yeah that is an off classroom discussion :P
(02:47:02 PM) thoreauputic: :)
(02:47:07 PM) joejaxx: right now we have been publishing test releases
(02:47:09 PM) luisbg: <_MMA_> Really, anyone just looking to roll their own disk should look at
(02:47:12 PM) joejaxx: and getting testing in
(02:47:35 PM) TuxCrafter: thoreauputic: if i can have a list of website resources that would be great
(02:47:40 PM) joejaxx: We are not releasing anything for hardy but Fluxbuntu should be released hardy+1 and very polished
(02:47:43 PM) joejaxx: :)
(02:48:03 PM) thoreauputic: TuxCrafter: there is a wiki page about making Ubuntu derivatives IIRC
(02:48:14 PM) joejaxx: we are taking the time for hardy and hardy+1 development to really polish the distro
(02:48:25 PM) joejaxx: and fix things which users have provided us feedback with
(02:48:38 PM) luisbg: <TuxCrafter> QUESTION: you guys now the network alternate installer and that it give you an option list with all the ubuntu spins>? how can you get your spin in the list?
(02:49:06 PM) joejaxx: TuxCrafter: you would have to file a bug against tasksel but i do not know if it would be accepted
(02:49:06 PM) luisbg: TuxCrafter, that sounds mainstream and not derivative
(02:49:15 PM) joejaxx: yeah
(02:49:22 PM) ***luisbg wants more questions
(02:49:29 PM) luisbg: or should we start closing this?
(02:49:40 PM) joejaxx: we have 11 more minutes
(02:49:48 PM) joejaxx: we can take more questions if there are any :)
(02:50:09 PM) luisbg: if there are any
(02:50:12 PM) luisbg: now or never
(02:50:15 PM) joejaxx: well yeah :)
(02:50:25 PM) luisbg: <thoreauputic> QUESTION: Is anyone interested in fixing my bash scripts and helping with the INX installer ? *grin*
(02:50:29 PM) joejaxx: thoreauputic: i will :)
(02:50:36 PM) joejaxx: thoreauputic: just let me know
(02:50:36 PM) thoreauputic: joejaxx: cool :)
(02:50:39 PM) pixelpapst: something i'm investigating: DeBaBaRe tools
(02:50:39 PM) mirrado: <tuxCrafter> You should look at Debian make-live script
(02:50:50 PM) AstralJava: thoreauputic: Sure thing, I need practice with *sh scripting. :)
(02:50:58 PM) thoreauputic: thanks :)
(02:51:20 PM) pixelpapst: yeay, debian make-live kicks ass (although it was a bit tricky to use with sarge)
(02:51:22 PM) AstralJava: thoreauputic: Got a contact address/info handy?
(02:51:23 PM) luisbg: Ubuntu Studio needs people documenting... any help?
(02:51:48 PM) luisbg: <TuxCrafter> QUESTION: what do you guys do if you rebuild a package with different settings than in universe
(02:51:53 PM) mirrado: <TuxCrafter> I have a script on LP that makes part of that job, but on top of ubuntu live CD
(02:52:05 PM) joejaxx: oh
(02:52:10 PM) joejaxx: hmm
(02:52:13 PM) thoreauputic: AstralJava:  you can mail me at
(02:52:27 PM) joejaxx: that would be hard to do without having a repo and putting a priority on it
(02:52:30 PM) thoreauputic: anyone elese interested may do so too
(02:52:40 PM) joejaxx: otherwise you never know when upstream is going to do an update
(02:53:09 PM) pixelpapst: TuxCrafter: set e.g. DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS, dch, debuild, and push to repository
(02:53:09 PM) luisbg: <TuxCrafter> QUESTION: how can we better work together with other distributions like fedora and gentoo
(02:53:12 PM) luisbg: HARD one
(02:53:32 PM) luisbg: they have different packaging systems so that's complicated
(02:53:35 PM) joejaxx: well
(02:53:35 PM) nosrednaekim: I can aswer that.....
(02:53:39 PM) joejaxx: the thing is
(02:53:41 PM) luisbg: nosrednaekim, go ahead
(02:53:43 PM) joejaxx: ok
(02:54:08 PM) janimo: TuxCrafter: collaborating on speicifc issues would be more feasible than such generic and vague way
(02:54:30 PM) nosrednaekim: With kubuntu, we are working with other distros not on packaging so much as apps and how to properly configure/build/customize KDE4
(02:54:31 PM) janimo: for instance in the case of system=config-printer we collaborate with the fedora developer
(02:54:38 PM) nosrednaekim: or at least, we are trying to :)
(02:54:45 PM) joejaxx: TuxCrafter: they also look at LP believe it or not, this came up on -qa
(02:54:46 PM) AstralJava: thoreauputic: Just did. :)
(02:55:05 PM) nosrednaekim: so mostly we cooperate with appsand configuration, not packages
(02:55:05 PM) pixelpapst: QUESTION: do you guys keep disto-specific changes in version control ? if so, which VCS ?
(02:55:08 PM) thoreauputic: AstralJava: :))
(02:55:34 PM) joejaxx: All of fluxbuntu's changes are on launchpad (which of course is bzr :)  )
(02:55:36 PM) AstralJava: pixelpapst: Ubuntu Studio uses LP together with bzr heavily.
(02:55:41 PM) joejaxx: same
(02:56:14 PM) luisbg: last 5 minutes
(02:56:18 PM) pixelpapst: what about packages that are not in BZR in debianb and ubuntu ?
(02:56:41 PM) joejaxx: pixelpapst: we try to have them in there
(02:56:46 PM) pixelpapst: cool
(02:56:56 PM) joejaxx: ubuntu studio is in mainline ubuntu so that problem is not there much
(02:57:06 PM) luisbg: <thoreauputic> QUESTIONL INX is on Launchpad, but I have no idea about how to use it effectively - any help appreciated :)
(02:57:07 PM) joejaxx: but with fluxbuntu we try to keep everything in bzr
(02:57:07 PM) AstralJava: pixelpapst: Only some that are prohibited as of licence disagreements or other such problems, are kept away.
(02:57:12 PM) pixelpapst: joejaxx, AstralJava : could you each point me to an example branch ?
(02:57:21 PM) joejaxx: thoreauputic: i can also help in that area :)
(02:57:24 PM) joejaxx: pixelpapst: sure
(02:58:01 PM) luisbg: joejaxx is the man
(02:58:01 PM) thoreauputic: joejaxx: do you have an email address on launchpad I cn use to contact you, or something?
(02:58:11 PM) AstralJava: pixelpapst:
(02:58:12 PM) joejaxx: pixelpapst: for example all of fluxbuntu's artwork is here
(02:58:24 PM) joejaxx: thoreauputic: jjacksoniv AT fluxbuntu DOT org
(02:58:35 PM) thoreauputic: joejaxx: thanks again :)
(02:58:40 PM) luisbg: <TuxCrafter> QUESTION: how do you guys feel about packages that have far more dependency's as the debian counterparts?
(02:58:41 PM) joejaxx: thoreauputic: you are most welcome
(02:58:49 PM) pixelpapst: cool, will have a look around, thanks guys
(02:58:56 PM) joejaxx: TuxCrafter: with fluxbuntu this has become an issue
(02:59:20 PM) TuxCrafter: i wanted to install ubuntu-minimal and openoffice came alonge
(02:59:22 PM) joejaxx: TuxCrafter: we are going to try and fix this in mainline ubuntu and/or create meta packages to replace the ones that pull excessive depends
(02:59:52 PM) joejaxx: alright
(02:59:52 PM) janimo: ok kiwilinux orl fixed in LP, thanks to the one noticing it
(02:59:56 PM) janimo: url
(03:00:00 PM) joejaxx: janimo: :)
(03:00:04 PM) TuxCrafter: joejaxx: so do a per package based investicion
(03:00:24 PM) joejaxx: TuxCrafter: yeah
(03:00:32 PM) dholbach: thanks everybody for an AWESOME session about Derivatives
(03:00:39 PM) joejaxx: ;)
(03:00:45 PM) AstralJava: Cheers.  :)
(03:00:46 PM) joejaxx: right on time :D
(03:00:47 PM) dholbach: you guys ROCK :)
(03:00:49 PM) janimo: bye all, thanks
(03:00:50 PM) luisbg: thanks everybody for joining and helping in the session! :)

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