Dev Week -- Introduction to MOTU - Iulian Udrea -- Mon, Sep 1

(02:01:10 PM) Iulian: It's my turn now...
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(02:01:36 PM) Iulian: Hello all and welcome to "Introduction to MOTU" session. My name is Iulian Udrea and I'm going to talk about MOTU obviously.
(02:02:00 PM) Iulian: I like to answer questions, so, if you have any, please do not hesitate to ask. Prefix your question with QUESTION: and ask it in #ubuntu-classroom-chat.
(02:02:15 PM) Iulian: OK, so... how many people we have here?
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(02:02:24 PM) Iulian: Raise your hand in #-chat so I can see it :)
(02:03:18 PM) Iulian: Wow, we have some.
(02:03:21 PM) Iulian: Awesome - let's get started!
(02:03:31 PM) Iulian: The acronym MOTU stands for Master(s) of the Universe.
(02:03:41 PM) Iulian: There are three types of Ubuntu Developers:
(02:04:15 PM) Iulian: 1. Universe contributors - they are collectively responsible for the maintenance of most of the packages in Ubuntu (the 'universe' and 'multiverse' components).
(02:04:40 PM) Iulian: For example: merge new versions from Debian, synchronize them with Debian, fix bugs etc.
(02:05:22 PM) Iulian: 2. MOTU - they are the brave souls who keep the Universe and Multiverse components of Ubuntu in shape.
(02:06:05 PM) Iulian: They are community members who spend their time adding, maintaining and supporting as much as possible the software found in Universe.
(02:06:11 PM) bokey: heh. wikipedia says MOTU => Mark of the Unicorn
(02:06:15 PM) ***bokey ducks
(02:06:21 PM) Iulian: (approximately 15000 packages).
(02:06:47 PM) Iulian: Hehe
(02:07:06 PM) Iulian: 3. Core developers - they are collectively responsible for the maintenance of packages in the 'main' and 'restricted' components.
(02:07:47 PM) Iulian: They have a strong working knowledge of Ubuntu project procedures, packaging concepts and techniques.
(02:07:57 PM) Iulian: Any questions so far?
(02:08:06 PM) ogzy: no :)
(02:08:57 PM) Iulian: Ok then, let's keep going.
(02:09:12 PM) zenkk: What's the difference between "maintaining most of the packages" in Universe and Multiverse, and "keeping the Universe and Multiverse components in shape"?
(02:09:30 PM) richspirit: date -u
(02:10:15 PM) Iulian: zenkk: I'm afraid there is no difference between maintaining and keeping the components in shape.
(02:10:28 PM) Iulian: zenkk: Questions in #ubuntu-classroom-chat please.
(02:11:14 PM) Iulian: zenkk: Maintaining means that we take care of packages.
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(02:11:45 PM) Iulian: <mok0> QUESTION: Can I post a wiki link?
(02:11:48 PM) Iulian: mok0: Yes, sure.
(02:12:15 PM) Iulian: <soulhacker> QUESTION: so if i want to add a package to ubuntu universe repository where do i fall 1 or 2?
(02:12:19 PM) mok0: Here is a nice overview of the various developer categories in Ubuntu:
(02:12:48 PM) Iulian: soulhacker: I'll explain later how can you get your new package in the archive.
(02:13:03 PM) Iulian: The MOTU are a group of developers who take responsibility for Ubuntu Universe which is the community-maintained part of Ubuntu.
(02:13:49 PM) Iulian: If you want to get involved with the MOTU I suggest you to start with the bitesize bugs which are located at
(02:14:02 PM) Iulian: The bugs which have the bitesize tag means that they are easy to fix.
(02:14:41 PM) Iulian: For example, a manual page for a particular package has a typo or the .desktop file has a field which is deprecated and so on.
(02:15:03 PM) Iulian: <soulhacker> QUESTION: please don't mide me being a idiot but then what does MOTU ACTUALLY do?
(02:15:12 PM) Iulian: soulhacker: I just said earlier. :)
(02:15:31 PM) Iulian: If you are tired fixing bitesize bugs come and join us, we are sure that we'll find something for you to work on.
(02:15:53 PM) Iulian: Also you might want to have a look at
(02:16:37 PM) Iulian: You don't need to know any programming language to get involved with the MOTUs but sometimes it may help you.
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(02:16:53 PM) Iulian: Take a look at this FAQ:
(02:17:05 PM) Iulian: It will answer you some questions.
(02:18:02 PM) Iulian: Let me quote some of them.
(02:18:24 PM) Iulian: Q: "Do I need to know a lot of programming languages to become a MOTU?"
(02:18:35 PM) Iulian: "Much more important than having a lot of progamming experience is:"
(02:18:49 PM) Iulian: # being a good team player
(02:18:49 PM) Iulian: # learning by reading documentation, trying things out and not being afraid to ask questions
(02:18:52 PM) Iulian: # being highly motivated
(02:19:01 PM) Iulian: # having a knack for trying to make things work
(02:19:04 PM) Iulian: # having some detective skills
(02:19:15 PM) Iulian: Much better now.
(02:19:54 PM) Iulian: If you get stuck at any point, we have a channel here on Freenode #ubuntu-motu and a ML Just come in and ask your question. We will be more than happy to answer all of your questions!
(02:20:51 PM) Iulian: We also have set up a Mentoring program, more details at as I don't have enough time to talk about.
(02:21:11 PM) Iulian: This program will help new contributors to get more involved in Ubuntu development.
(02:21:59 PM) Iulian: I'd also like to mention about the MOTU videos:
(02:22:14 PM) Iulian: These videos are excellent for new contributors and those who would like to join our beautiful world, the MOTU world.
(02:22:51 PM) Iulian: The difference between a MOTU and a Contributor is not so big as many of you think. MOTU have just the right to upload packages to the Ubuntu Universe archive.
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(02:23:27 PM) Iulian: <DreamThief> QUESTION: So if I get it right the first step to get in the orbit of the MOTUs is to start fixing small bugs?
(02:23:31 PM) Iulian: DreamThief: Exactly
(02:23:55 PM) DreamThief: thx ;)
(02:23:59 PM) Iulian: :)
(02:24:16 PM) Iulian: You don't need to be a Universe Contributor or a MOTU to have your new package or patch uploaded to the archive.
(02:25:01 PM) Iulian: For NEW packages we have REVU which is located at REVU is a review tool for MOTUs. It is a web based tool where people can upload their packages.
(02:25:23 PM) Iulian: <xander21c> Question: Is there any requirements for mentoring?
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(02:25:49 PM) Iulian: xander21c: No. Just write us an e-mail and we'll be more than happy to pick you up.
(02:26:13 PM) Iulian: <mruiz> QUESTION: Hi. How long is the period to become Universe contributor? In my case, I have worked before with the team (uploaded, merged and synced packages).
(02:26:56 PM) Iulian: mruiz: Well, I don't know how to answer your question. I think that you know better. If you contributed before, talk to your sponsors and tell them what they think.
(02:27:58 PM) Iulian: Ok, let's continue.
(02:28:11 PM) Iulian: I just said that for new packages we have REVU.
(02:28:13 PM) Iulian: It's something similar to what Debian has for new packages:
(02:29:37 PM) Iulian: <soulhacker> QUESTION:so i have found a bitesized bug i am intrested in how do i go about fixing it?
(02:30:43 PM) Iulian: soulhacker: dholbach gave a session earlier. You might want to read it. Anyway, if you get stuck, we have #ubuntu-motu.
(02:30:58 PM) Iulian: Just ask your question in that channel and I am sure that someone will answer it.
(02:31:09 PM) Iulian: <ogzy> QUESTION: what is the duty of the mentors, guiding a new volunteer on the MOTU road ?
(02:31:20 PM) Iulian: ogzy: Yup
(02:31:49 PM) Iulian: soulhacker: Does this answer your question?
(02:32:18 PM) Iulian: Ok then.
(02:32:47 PM) Iulian: You will need two advocates from two MOTUs in order for your new package to be uploaded to Universe. If everything is ok, the last reviewer (must be a MOTU) will upload your package to the archive.
(02:33:21 PM) Iulian: If you want to know more about REVU, I suggest you to have a look at
(02:34:02 PM) Iulian: soulhacker: Since we're in Feature Freeze, we don't allow new packages to be uploaded to the archive.
(02:34:37 PM) Iulian: soulhacker: You can ask in #ubuntu-motu for someone to review your package.
(02:35:13 PM) Iulian: Also, if you have a fix for a bug in a package and would like to have your patch sponsored you need to file a bug in LP, attach your patch to the bug report and subscribe the right sponsors.
(02:35:36 PM) Iulian: For 'universe' ubuntu-universe-sponsors and for 'main' ubuntu-main-sponsors.
(02:36:19 PM) Iulian: You might want to have a look at because the whole process is described in that wiki page.
(02:37:09 PM) Iulian: So, if you want to become a MOTU you need to submit an application to the MOTU Council and you need positive advocacy from several MOTUs.
(02:37:54 PM) Iulian: The MOTU Council currently has 5 members (Daniel Holbach, Emmet Hikory, Michael Bienia, Richard Johnson and Soren Hansen).
(02:39:02 PM) Iulian: Now I will talk a little bit about MOTU Release since we are in Feature Freeze...
(02:39:19 PM) Iulian: But first what Feature Freeze (also known as FF) means?
(02:40:15 PM) Iulian: When Feature Freeze is active it means that we won't accept new features, packages, APIs and focus on fixing bugs in the development release (current Intrepid Ibex).
(02:41:16 PM) Iulian: MOTU Release is a team that takes care of approving and denying Feature Freeze exceptions for Universe and Multiverse.
(02:42:08 PM) Iulian: For example if the upstream of a package releases a more stable version (only bug fixes, no new features) you might get an exception.
(02:43:02 PM) Iulian: The process is briefly described here:
(02:43:28 PM) Iulian: <nxvl> QUESTION: Can any contributor at any time write an application for MOTUship?
(02:44:17 PM) Iulian: nxvl: Well, someone asked something similar to this one. It's up to him. If he thinks that he's ready for MOTUship, that's ok.
(02:45:46 PM) Iulian: nxvl: Well, I like to talk to my sponsors to see what they think, if I'm ready or now.
(02:46:18 PM) Iulian: Let's keep going.
(02:46:28 PM) Iulian: Let's say a few words about MOTU SRU too.
(02:47:20 PM) Iulian: s/now/not
(02:47:30 PM) Iulian: SRU stands for Stable Release Update which will only be issued in order to fix high impact bugs.
(02:48:05 PM) Iulian: For example: bugs with severe impact on a large portion of ubuntu users, bugs which cause loss of user data.
(02:48:34 PM) Iulian: Bugs which represent severe regressions from the previous release etc.
(02:49:52 PM) Iulian: A good example of a SRU bug is this one
(02:49:53 PM) ubot5: Launchpad bug 225935 in oxine "oxine is not installable in 8.04" [High,Fix released]
(02:50:08 PM) Iulian: Just to give you an idea on how a SRU is managed.
(02:51:11 PM) Iulian: We still have some more minutes. Do you have any questions, ideas, remarks?
(02:52:31 PM) Iulian: Ohh come on! Hit me with your questions!
(02:52:51 PM) Iulian: <ogzy> QUESTION: there are some MOTU meetings, what's that about?
(02:54:27 PM) Iulian: ogzy: In the meetings they discuss different things, issues they encountered.
(02:54:53 PM) Iulian: ogzy: Before the meeting they have some topics.
(02:55:59 PM) Iulian: <drubin> QUESTION:(Not sure if appropriate feel free to tell me) I would like to know why Evolution vs thunderbird as the standard mail client?
(02:56:33 PM) Iulian: drubin: I'm not sure how to ask that. Maybe because they are popular?
(02:58:14 PM) Iulian: Okay, we still have a couple of minutes.
(02:59:06 PM) Iulian: <techII> i think evolution is 'part' of gnome, thus why it is default
(02:59:17 PM) Iulian: It can be one of these reasons too.
(02:59:50 PM) Iulian: I think we are out of time.
(03:00:01 PM) Iulian: Thank you all for attending!
(03:00:37 PM) Iulian: And don't forget, join #ubuntu-motu if you still have questions. I'll be more than happy to answer all of them.

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