Dev Week -- Upstream Bug Linkages - Jorge Castro -- Mon, Sep 1

(01:01:59 PM) jcastro: Ok .... 30 seconds or so
(01:02:02 PM) ***daradib hugs the group
(01:02:09 PM) jcastro: let's have people compose themselves after the hug a thon. :D
(01:02:13 PM) dholbach: jcastro is the unstoppable Jorge Castro, member of the unstoppable Michigan team, enjoy the session with him and "Upstream Bug Linkages"!
(01:02:28 PM) jcastro: Hi Everyone: This session is Upstream Bug Linkages: I will paste in a prepared intro to save time, and then I'll take questions and explain things further if people need that.
(01:02:36 PM) jcastro: My name is Jorge Castro and I do external developer relations for Canonical Ltd. Basically this means I get to analyze how well we're working with upstreams and figure out ways to make that more efficient. Today I will concentrate on bug workflow, a topic near and dear to my heart. Heh.
(01:02:50 PM) jcastro: The first thing you need to understand about the relationship with an upstream project and Ubuntu is to figure out which parts of "Ubuntu" belong to which project. So for example, your browser isn't made by Ubuntu, it's made by Mozilla, your desktop isn't made by Ubuntu, it's made by GNOME, etc.
(01:03:01 PM) jcastro: Our users usually report bugs to our bug tracking system, Launchpad. Many times however, some of these bugs aren't Ubuntu-specific, they're actually a bug in the upstream project. So it is our duty to ensure that this bug get's filed upstream so that upstream developers can see it, and then fix it!
(01:03:14 PM) jcastro: This is why we have pages like this: which should help you look at bugs that need to be filed upstream, and how to file them.
(01:03:26 PM) jcastro: It's not enough to just file a bug in Ubuntu and upstream, they need to be /linked/ via the linking feature in Launchpad. Why? Well, if upstream fixes the bug, we need to have a way of tracking that so the fix gets to our users. All this linking and cross-project collaboration is for naught if the user doesn't get a fix!
(01:03:41 PM) jcastro: I can't reiterate that enough!
(01:03:48 PM) jcastro: We use a site called Harvest ( that tracks low-hanging fruit (get it?) - so when a linked bug is fixed upstream, Launchpad knows this and updates the status. Harvest can then find bugs that are fixed upstream, but NOT fixed in Ubuntu. That gives us a list of bugs that people can work on.
(01:04:05 PM) jcastro: Sometimes people just put a URL in a bug comment that says something like "here's the upstream bug" but they don't link it. Linking it is the key because that helps us track it, so you can help by just linking bugs where people forget to do it.
(01:04:19 PM) jcastro: So how do we know how well we're doing? We have a report that we're working on: This shows us how well we are linking things. The more green there's on this report, the better.
(01:04:25 PM) jcastro: Questions so far?
(01:05:40 PM) jcastro: ok, sorry, lots of speed! I will give people time to catch up
(01:06:25 PM) jcastro: the good news is that's the end of my prewritten part so from now on we're live!
(01:06:41 PM) jcastro: < qense> QUESTION: Isn't there a feature in Malone that adds unlinked, upstream bug reports that _are_ mentioned in  replies at Launchpad to the BugWatch?
(01:06:45 PM) jcastro: good question
(01:07:06 PM) jcastro: yes, there is a little box on the side that sucks up all the URLs on that page and makes them easy to get to
(01:07:17 PM) jcastro: the problem is that not all URLs are exactly the right upstream bugs
(01:07:27 PM) jcastro: people can be saying like "Is this related to bug foo?"
(01:07:40 PM) jcastro: Which is why we don't automatically link these bugs to upstream bug trackers
(01:07:51 PM) jcastro: it needs a human to click on the link, look at the bug report upstream
(01:08:00 PM) jcastro: and then determine if it's the same bug, and THEN make the link
(01:08:27 PM) jcastro: The way to see if something is properly linked is in the upstream task, which I will get to later in the session
(01:08:40 PM) jcastro:  < soulhacker> QUESTION:so harvest is supposed to tell about the buges fixed upstream but not reflected back to ubuntu
(01:08:43 PM) jcastro:                     but on site i dont see any such bugs?
(01:08:45 PM) jcastro: ok, let's find one!
(01:09:11 PM) jcastro:
(01:09:15 PM) jcastro: so here's an example
(01:09:29 PM) jcastro: the ones resolved-upstream is what you're looking for
(01:09:39 PM) jcastro: note how harvest also tracks patches from upstream as well
(01:10:03 PM) jcastro: < laga> QUESTION: i saw some talk about a feature in launchpad that merges bug reports with upstream (ie LP is now  much better integrated with BTS like trac). can you explain how that works?
(01:10:29 PM) jcastro: there is a beta plugin for bugzilla and trac that let's them sync comments between the bug in launchpad and upstream.
(01:10:43 PM) dholbach left the room (quit: "Ex-Chat").
(01:10:49 PM) jcastro: I think that's what you mean because I am unaware of something that merges bugs together
(01:11:04 PM) jcastro: < kevjava> QUESTION: In the case of the Debian package of some GNOME project, would upstream include both the Debian  bugtracker and the GNOME one?  Could there be multiple trackers to link to?
(01:11:21 PM) jcastro: yes, in fact, many times you will find a bug reported in launchpad, upstream, AND debian bug trackers
(01:11:24 PM) jcastro: you can link all of those up
(01:11:33 PM) jcastro: let me find an example
(01:12:15 PM) jcastro: or not, that will take me some time, I will find one later.
(01:12:44 PM) jcastro: < qense> QUESTION: A question about the policy of adding upstream watches. Should you add all watches of a bug you can  find, even if it's a bug report in e.g. Fedora that doens't make it easier to fix the bug for us since it's  upstream?
(01:12:49 PM) jcastro: If I find it, I link it.
(01:13:09 PM) jcastro: because sometimes there might be discussions in the bug for another distro that might be useful for ubuntu and/or upstream
(01:13:20 PM) jcastro: I always err on the side of adding too much information. :D
(01:13:43 PM) jcastro: Plus it's a benefit for upstreams when they see a launchpad bug and it's linked to other places, it's less work for them to track down other distros, etc.
(01:14:02 PM) jcastro: < stefanlsd> QUESTION: If the bug is fixed upstream and its linked. Does it automatically close the LP bug that  describes the link?
(01:14:06 PM) jcastro: Someone just answered this:
(01:14:15 PM) jcastro: < slytherin> stefanlsd: No. LP bugs are automatically closed only when an entry of the form LP: #xxxxxx is found in  Ubuntu changelog when a package is uploaded.
(01:14:42 PM) jcastro: Any other questions so far? Keep 'em coming!
(01:15:14 PM) jcastro: Ok, so now the nitty gritty. :D
(01:15:25 PM) jcastro:
(01:15:40 PM) jcastro: This is the page I use to dig around and see how we're doing with linkages
(01:16:05 PM) jcastro: We purposely haven't been advertising it because it's not done, and we're still figuring out exactly what information is useful here
(01:16:17 PM) jcastro: but, this will give you an idea of how we're doing as a project.
(01:16:23 PM) cormil: join #ubuntu-classroom-chat
(01:16:38 PM) jcastro: Ok, so this is a list of the "top 100" packages in ubuntu
(01:16:42 PM) jcastro: sorted by open bugs.
(01:16:51 PM) jcastro: so, top100 buggiest. :D
(01:17:08 PM) jcastro: If you look at the list, it's basically the core, important pieces of Ubuntu itself
(01:17:23 PM) jcastro: Though this report concentrates on the top100, remember there are some 20,000 packages overall
(01:17:36 PM) jcastro: So even linking bugs in smaller packages is useful!
(01:17:58 PM) jcastro: For this example let's look at the nautilus component
(01:18:04 PM) jcastro: 9th one down.
(01:18:19 PM) jcastro: it has 396 open(!) bugs
(01:18:26 PM) jcastro: under the open column
(01:18:51 PM) jcastro: 311 of those have been marked as upstream with an upstream task. Of those, 309 have links.
(01:18:55 PM) jcastro: So that's pretty good.
(01:19:24 PM) jcastro: When you look at Firefox-3.0, it has 96 upstream tasks, but only 64 have watches.
(01:19:36 PM) jcastro: So what you can do is click on the Delta, which is 32.
(01:19:49 PM) jcastro: This will give you a list of bugs that you can look at to possibly link to upstream bugs
(01:20:18 PM) jcastro: this is how you find easy bugs
(01:20:23 PM) jcastro: for example, look at this one:
(01:20:25 PM) jcastro:
(01:20:27 PM) ubot5: Launchpad bug 175152 in kdebase "konqueror misinterprets mailto: link with #" [Low,Confirmed]
(01:20:47 PM) jcastro: So, this was determined to be a bug upstream
(01:21:02 PM) jcastro: the missing part here is someone needs to either a)find it upstream kde's bug tracker and link it.
(01:21:16 PM) jcastro: or b) file it in upstream KDE and then make a link.
(01:21:28 PM) laga: QUESTION: what is that supposed to mean - "When you look at Firefox-3.0, it has 96 upstream tasks, but only 64 have watches.". do we have 96 bugs marked as upstream, but there's no corresponding link to the upstream BTS?
(01:21:34 PM) laga: gah.
(01:21:42 PM) jcastro: heh no worries, I'll get to it
(01:21:45 PM) jcastro: < daradib> QUESTION: How would upstream be notified of Launchpad links?
(01:21:51 PM) jcastro: ok, this is an important question
(01:22:35 PM) jcastro: Usually, if you find a bug upstream and you link it, you should leave a comment in the upstream bug to let them know.
(01:23:05 PM) jcastro: If you follow along some of the really high-bugcount triagers you'll see their comments all over bugzillas
(01:23:28 PM) jcastro: for example when I see a bug in gnome I usually see a comment from seb128 or pedro letting them know where the bug is in launchpad.
(01:23:32 PM) jcastro: This is a Good Thing(tm)
(01:23:46 PM) jcastro:  < qense> QUESTION: What information should you include in the upstream report? When does just pointing them at the LP
(01:23:50 PM) jcastro:                bug report is sufficent?
(01:23:54 PM) jcastro: This depends
(01:24:15 PM) jcastro: I usually don't know enough about something to make a positive technical contribution - so I concentrate on linking the bugs
(01:24:35 PM) jcastro: this helps link developers together so that someone who does know the details can helkp move the bug forward
(01:24:53 PM) jcastro: < nasam> QUESTION: I often find a bug in a gnome program. Each time I wonder: should I report it on LP, on Gnomes  bugzilla or on both (and ofc link them)?
(01:24:58 PM) jcastro: another awesome question
(01:25:03 PM) jcastro: this depends I think
(01:25:22 PM) jcastro: Ususally if I know it's 100% an upstream bug, like a feature request, you can just put it in the  upstream bugzilla
(01:25:32 PM) jcastro: But ... I always check launchpad bugs also
(01:25:44 PM) jcastro: because lots of times people have the same idea or ran into the same bug
(01:25:52 PM) jcastro: and if I create it upstream I make the link
(01:26:16 PM) jcastro: If you are unsure, make it in launchpad and someone more experienced will make the link
(01:26:22 PM) jcastro: if you are sure, then just put it upstream
(01:26:44 PM) jcastro: < tuxmaniac> QUESTION: Sometime bugs are made "Fix released" upstream once they are in VCS (but not released). And if  we had to wait for upstream release then we could miss our dev cycle. In such cases is it advisable to  pick up the upstream patch and apply it on an exisiting version in Ubuntu?
(01:27:34 PM) jcastro: tuxmaniac: this seems like a better question for a MOTU (next session), or the "How Do I fix an Ubuntu bug?" session
(01:27:40 PM) jcastro: since I don't know the answer. :D
(01:27:59 PM) jcastro: < Rocket2DMn> QUESTION: Are functionality bugs typically ones that should be filed upstream?
(01:28:11 PM) jcastro: yep, but like I said, it doesn't hurt to search in launchpad too and make a link
(01:28:23 PM) jcastro: since usually when I think of something someone already has filed it. :D
(01:28:37 PM) jcastro: < laga> QUESTION: what is that supposed to mean - "When you look at Firefox-3.0, it has 96 upstream tasks, but only 64  have watches.". do we have 96 bugs marked as upstream, but there's no corresponding link to the upstream BTS?
(01:28:42 PM) jcastro: correct
(01:28:59 PM) jcastro: that means that 96 bugs have been marked as upstream, but no one has taken the time to link them to an upstream bug.
(01:29:13 PM) jcastro: Please note that for a lot of these, it means going to an upstream tracker
(01:29:17 PM) jcastro: filing a bug
(01:29:19 PM) jcastro: and linking it
(01:29:26 PM) jcastro: this is time consuming, vs. normal bug work
(01:29:40 PM) jcastro: If you had to create a login for every upstream bugzilla
(01:29:46 PM) jcastro: and then file bugs on each one
(01:29:55 PM) jcastro: each with a different way of doing things ... you would go mad.
(01:30:07 PM) jcastro: So what I do instead is pick a "pet project" off this list
(01:30:09 PM) jcastro: and help out with it
(01:30:33 PM) jcastro: I usually try not to touch gnome bugs because seb128 and pedro keep the gnome stuff in really awesome shape
(01:30:43 PM) jcastro: I instead try to go for the ones that are not green, since they need help
(01:30:49 PM) jcastro: you can do this as part of your 5-a-day!
(01:31:09 PM) jcastro:  < techno_freak> QUESTION: What if I find a big in a program, and also find a bug being reported for the same upstream.
(01:31:12 PM) jcastro:                       should I still file a bug in LP and link it to the upstream bug?
(01:31:15 PM) jcastro: that doesn't hurt.
(01:31:39 PM) jcastro: if someone else finds the bug they'll file it on launchpad and someone will have to link it later anyway, so if you want to preempt that then go ahead!
(01:31:54 PM) jcastro:  < tuxmaniac> QUESTIOn: Can you link to upstream bug reports if that project isnt registered in LP. I am still unable
(01:31:57 PM) jcastro:                    to do it. may be I am missing something. But if it is true, is it in LP roadmap?
(01:32:03 PM) jcastro: this is unfortunately a bug
(01:32:21 PM) jcastro: you can't just link to an upstream bug tracker unless the product is registered in lp.
(01:32:34 PM) jcastro: For the top100 it's not an issue since many of those are in there
(01:32:44 PM) jcastro: but for little projects it can be annoying.
(01:32:53 PM) jcastro: I'll ask someone on the lp team about it.
(01:33:10 PM) jcastro: < qense> QUESTION: What's the function of an Upstream Contact?
(01:33:40 PM) jcastro: an upstream contact is someone that wants to take ownership of a product and act as the person taking care of bugs in launchpad and forwarding them upstream
(01:33:49 PM) jcastro:  < soulhacker> not be a buzzkill here but this isnt exactly as "glorifying" as fixing a  actual bug
(01:33:54 PM) jcastro: right
(01:33:55 PM) jcastro: it isn't
(01:34:05 PM) jcastro: Look at it this way
(01:34:14 PM) jcastro: we've got a bunch of users that find bugs
(01:34:28 PM) jcastro: and on the other side you have upstreams which need information to fix their bugs
(01:34:36 PM) jcastro: linking bugs acts as a "bridge"
(01:35:06 PM) jcastro: So even if I'm not fixing bugs themselves, making sure that bugs that our users report get to the right people still helps.
(01:35:19 PM) jcastro: Especially when you consider the millions of users we have. :D
(01:35:37 PM) jcastro: What you DON'T want is like the discussion I had with someone at GUADEC
(01:35:43 PM) jcastro: when I was talking to them about this same thing
(01:35:55 PM) jcastro: and he went into launchpad and found a bunch of bugs for his software he didn't know about
(01:36:05 PM) jcastro: That is an instance of FAIL on our part.
(01:36:21 PM) jcastro: But had someone been linking bugs and filing them upstream, he would have found them earlier
(01:36:30 PM) jcastro: (by the way he was able to fix 3 right then and there)
(01:36:38 PM) jcastro: so it does work when we're all Doing the Right Thing(tm)
(01:37:11 PM) jcastro: < balachmar> QUESTION: How do I link the bugs if I found a bugreport in the corresponding bug tracker?
(01:37:16 PM) jcastro:
(01:37:22 PM) jcastro: this is the page.
(01:37:39 PM) jcastro: note that that also talks about how to link the bug to other distros.
(01:37:53 PM) jcastro: As a rule, I always, always look for the bug in debian as well.
(01:38:06 PM) jcastro: Debian is special because it's our "upstream" for a good deal of the distribution
(01:38:20 PM) jcastro: so ensuring we have good linkages with Debian is crucial.
(01:38:31 PM) jcastro: If a bug has a link to upstream AND debian I consider it ideal. :D
(01:38:52 PM) jcastro: < daradib> QUESTION: Launchpad does not import bug status/importance from Savannah (Launchpad bug 191623 and bug  191624). Should they still be linked?
(01:38:53 PM) ubot5: Launchpad bug 191623 in malone "Launchpad should import statuses from Savannah bugs" [Undecided,Confirmed]
(01:39:04 PM) jcastro: In that case just leave it in the comments
(01:39:17 PM) jcastro: when support for the tracker gets fixed we can all go back and link them
(01:39:30 PM) jcastro:  < vish_> QUESTION: a PPA package providing the latest packages like for example telepathy, where do i file the bugs
(01:39:34 PM) jcastro:                for it LP or Bugzilla?
(01:39:38 PM) jcastro: aha, good question.
(01:40:00 PM) jcastro: This is something I think should be clear for PPAs.
(01:40:12 PM) jcastro: Ideally they would say "Please file bugs here"
(01:40:22 PM) jcastro: Some PPAs are daily snapshots or random crack.
(01:40:39 PM) jcastro: What you don't want to do is file bogus reports for a PPA upstream.
(01:40:53 PM) jcastro: So in this case, I would ask the person running the PPA
(01:41:26 PM) jcastro: I believe the telepathy-team just want them in lp and then they'll forward it up, but you should confirm that with them
(01:41:29 PM) jcastro: as an example ...
(01:41:46 PM) jcastro: This upstream project, banshee, released 1.0
(01:41:59 PM) jcastro: We formed a banshee-team and set up a PPA.
(01:42:09 PM) jcastro: One of the packagers started putting svn snapshots in there.
(01:42:14 PM) jcastro: and people reported bugs upstream.
(01:42:25 PM) jcastro: and upstream wasn't aware that anything but 1.0 was packaged
(01:42:40 PM) jcastro: so there was this mess of bugs that they thought were in 1.0 but were in svn instead.
(01:42:45 PM) jcastro: so what they do NOW is ...
(01:42:55 PM) jcastro: they release, when they do they ping the PPA team
(01:43:00 PM) jcastro: and then they roll out a PPA release
(01:43:07 PM) jcastro: it's just a simple manner of communication
(01:43:19 PM) jcastro: So be careful when filing bugs about PPAs
(01:43:40 PM) jcastro: They're totally awesome, but if you don't communicate things well your bugs can impede progress
(01:43:54 PM) jcastro:  < stefanlsd> QUESTION: If the bugwatch we set is actually invalid - do we remove the bugwatch we set, or wait for
(01:43:57 PM) jcastro:                    upstream to mark it invalid?
(01:44:00 PM) jcastro: no, this is a bug
(01:44:08 PM) jcastro: We have someone on it though
(01:44:12 PM) jcastro: because it's very annoying
(01:44:20 PM) jcastro: I suppose I should have said this at the beginning. :D
(01:44:31 PM) jcastro: Once you link something, there's no easy way to undo it
(01:44:38 PM) jcastro: so if you're not sure, don't link it. :D
(01:44:58 PM) jcastro: but I find that usually people who link a bug in the comments are decent enough
(01:45:07 PM) jcastro: so all you have to do is read both bugs and make a judgement call
(01:45:29 PM) jcastro: if it's too complicated (for example, I can't really do kernel bugs) then let someone else who knows do it.
(01:45:49 PM) jcastro: any more questions?
(01:46:31 PM) jcastro: QUESTION: qense: Does anyone here knows what's the status of importing statusses from SF?
(01:46:40 PM) jcastro: No idea. I will put that on a todo though
(01:47:04 PM) jcastro: Ok, so ...
(01:47:08 PM) jcastro: that very last column
(01:47:22 PM) jcastro: the triangle column (that is the symbol for delta)
(01:47:38 PM) jcastro: those are bugs with open upstream tasks, but no link
(01:48:07 PM) jcastro: also, another tip
(01:48:13 PM) jcastro: Most times, when I am looking for bugs
(01:48:20 PM) jcastro: there are a bunch of duplicates
(01:48:23 PM) jcastro: or one upstream, etc.
(01:48:47 PM) jcastro: Finding these can be challenging - but if you're good at searching through bug lists it's something you can do
(01:49:17 PM) jcastro: < balachmar> QUESTION: What status should a bug get when it is linked to the upstream bug tracker?
(01:49:32 PM) jcastro: I notice that it's usually confirmed or triaged already
(01:49:43 PM) jcastro: but if it's linked, it should be at a minimum confirmed
(01:49:50 PM) jcastro: Ah
(01:49:53 PM) jcastro: that reminds me
(01:50:01 PM) jcastro: Sometimes I see bugs marked as New
(01:50:04 PM) jcastro: with an upstream link
(01:50:11 PM) jcastro: and a bunch of activity upstream on the bug
(01:50:28 PM) jcastro: Don't let it anguish in New, confirm it!
(01:50:55 PM) jcastro:  < Iulian> We usually set it to Triage. I mean, that's what I do.
(01:51:06 PM) jcastro: If you're on the bugsquad and have permissions to mark it Triaged then do that
(01:51:14 PM) jcastro: < daradib> QUESTION: Is there a way to have the Upstream Bug Report for only specified package(s)?
(01:51:21 PM) jcastro: Not yet, but it's in the cards
(01:51:35 PM) jcastro: Right now we're concentrating on this big overall view
(01:51:48 PM) jcastro: We are still tweaking the report
(01:52:03 PM) jcastro: there's a bunch of ubuntu-specific things on there where we are the upstream and shouldn't be on the report
(01:52:13 PM) jcastro: so once we remove those more upstreams will get on the list
(01:52:36 PM) jcastro:  < daradib> QUESTION: What should one do if you suspect there are two identical bugs on upstream bug tracker (i.e.
(01:52:39 PM) jcastro:                  duplicates of each other)? Should you just make a judgment call, link one of them, and add a bug comment on
(01:52:42 PM) jcastro:                  the upstream tracker about the other bug?
(01:52:43 PM) jcastro: ugh what is up with my paste today
(01:53:02 PM) jcastro: Ideally you want the duplicate to be marked as a duplicate upstream
(01:53:23 PM) jcastro: because it wouldn't make any sense to have that not done upstream
(01:53:28 PM) jcastro: so I usually mark it a dupe.
(01:53:42 PM) jcastro: if you don't have an account there you can just ask somebody or leave a comment there
(01:53:55 PM) jcastro: just use common sense for that, no one will yell at you for trying to do the right thing. :D
(01:54:24 PM) jcastro: ok
(01:54:28 PM) jcastro: so someone tried to link a bug
(01:54:30 PM) jcastro: let's look at it!
(01:54:35 PM) jcastro:
(01:54:37 PM) ubot5: Launchpad bug 219755 in firefox "Visiting the Extension Home Page replaces the saved session" [Medium,Confirmed]
(01:55:01 PM) jcastro:
(01:55:03 PM) ubot5: jcastro: Error: Could not parse XML returned by Mozilla: Unknown host.
(01:55:05 PM) jcastro: he linked to that bug
(01:55:12 PM) jcastro: so let's look at both and see if they're the same thing
(01:55:50 PM) jcastro: balachmar: that looks awesome to me!
(01:55:57 PM) jcastro: you don't need to leave a comment in the launchpad bug
(01:56:19 PM) jcastro: when someone sees the bug it's obvious it's linked.
(01:56:32 PM) jcastro: (remember, every comment you make is sent out via mail to people subscribed to the bug)
(01:56:52 PM) jcastro: So when I link I don't leave a comment.
(01:56:54 PM) jcastro: EXCEPT
(01:57:01 PM) jcastro: where you notice someone just pasting URLs
(01:57:14 PM) jcastro: in that case I leave a little comment with instructions on how to link the bug
(01:57:23 PM) jcastro: so that person knows that the feature exists and uses it
(01:57:42 PM) jcastro: our bugmaster bdmurray likes to say "when you have a chance to educate someone on how they file bugs, do it!"
(01:58:25 PM) mok0: Will bugs reported in LP automatically be forwarded to mozilla?
(01:58:38 PM) jcastro: No
(01:58:42 PM) jcastro: there is no automatic forwarding
(01:58:49 PM) jcastro: we purposely leave this to humans
(01:59:05 PM) jcastro: because your brain can filter out noise better than anything automatic
(01:59:17 PM) jcastro: Ok, looks like I am out of time
(01:59:21 PM) jcastro: thanks so much everyone for coming
(01:59:28 PM) jcastro: I hope you learned something!
(01:59:38 PM) chienchouchen: thank you
(01:59:42 PM) jcastro: And I hope you keep linking bugs upstream!
(01:59:52 PM) mazaalai: tnx
(02:00:04 PM) charlieb: thx, jcastro
(02:00:07 PM) jcastro: If you use the upstream report and have feedback, feel free to mail me, jorge AT ubuntu DOT com

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