Dev Week -- Project Lightning Talks -- lots of people! -- Fri, Mar 4th, 2011

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   2 [20:01] <nigelb> ok, hello again!
   3 [20:02] <nigelb> This time we're having somethign special for Ubuntu Developer Week
   4 [20:02] <nigelb> We're going to close with project lightning talks
   5 [20:02] <nigelb> We have a few people going to come on and talk about their project for about 5 minutes
   6 [20:02] <nigelb> They will tell you all about it and how you can help them with the project
   7 [20:03] <nigelb> First up is stgraber!
   8 [20:03]  * stgraber waves
   9 [20:03] <nigelb> He'll talk to you abour arkrose
  10 [20:03] <nigelb> All yours stgraber :)
  11 [20:03] <stgraber> Hey everyone !
  12 [20:03] <stgraber> So I just wanted to quickly introduce you to a pet project of mine called arkose
  13 [20:03] <stgraber> Arkose's goal is to do sandboxing of desktop applications
  14 [20:04] <stgraber> with it you can easily start any binary in a sandbox and choose what kind of acces it has
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  16 [20:04] <stgraber> this includes, forcing it to use an overlay file system (aufs), block network access or block the possibility to access the X server
  17 [20:04] <stgraber> the project itself can be found at
  18 [20:05] <stgraber> I also blogged about it here:
  19 [20:05] <stgraber> it's in the archive for natty
  20 [20:05] <stgraber> and is included by default in Edubuntu
  21 [20:05] <stgraber> it's made of 3 different packages
  22 [20:05] <stgraber>  - arkose (command line tool)
  23 [20:05] <stgraber>  - arkose-gui (similar to the Run dialog in gnome except it starts everything in a container)
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  25 [20:05] <stgraber>  - arkose-nautilis (lets you start any binary in a sandbox)
  26 [20:06] <stgraber> the sandboxing itself is done using some new flags of the clone() command, similar to what lxc ( does (except lxc does it for a full system)
  27 [20:06] <ClassBot> chadadavis asked: Can you restrict what libraries and what versions it has access too?
  28 [20:07] <stgraber> by default it just uses an aufs overlay so it has the exact same packages as your system, though you can call dpkg in the sandbox to install/remove/upgrade/downgrade packages
  29 [20:08] <stgraber> it's ideal when you want to run some untrusted binary (game or similar)
  30 [20:08] <stgraber> ok, I guess I'm done ;) next !
  31 [20:09] <UndiFineD> :)
  32 [20:09] <nigelb> w00t w00t
  33 [20:09] <nigelb> thanks stgraber
  34 [20:09] <nigelb> Next we have UndiFineD!
  35 [20:09] <nigelb> Stage's yours UndiFineD :)
  36 [20:09] <UndiFineD> Hello everyone,
  37 [20:09] <UndiFineD> I welcome you all for this short introduction to SpeechControl.
  38 [20:09] <UndiFineD> If you have questions, please wait a while, I will be brief, thank you.
  39 [20:09] <UndiFineD> This project started in November 2010 with a vision from I am Keimpe de Jong, better known as and her partner. We have 4 girls with either a form of AD(H)D, Dyslexia or poor sight.
  40 [20:09] <UndiFineD> SpeechControl is an accessibility project. It aims to make controlling your computer easier. In the distant future we hope to reach Star Trek like capabilities.
  41 [20:10] <UndiFineD> How it began ...
  42 [20:10] <UndiFineD> We began by writing capable people in this area, explaining hajour her vision and asked if they would be willing to contribute to it. Then we asked to be placed under the accessibility team and ubuntu beginners team flags.
  43 [20:10] <UndiFineD> Ubuntu Accessibility
  44 [20:10] <UndiFineD> Ubuntu Beginners Team
  45 [20:10] <UndiFineD> And the roundup of currently capable developers with an interest amazed us. We are grateful for all our team members that help us and we welcome new ones with open arms.
  46 [20:10] <UndiFineD> Key features:
  47 [20:10] <UndiFineD> Speech recognition: Using the available tools at our disposal, SpeechControl will be able to comprehend your spoken word.
  48 [20:10] <UndiFineD> Preconfigured Command Execution: knowing what to do what you ordered it to.
  49 [20:10] <UndiFineD> Virtual Assistant: Repetitive task guidance improve for faster and smoother process execution.
  50 [20:10] <UndiFineD> Speech Synthesis: More commonly known at TTS (Text-To-Speech), the voice that communicates with the end-user will be as natural and inviting as technology permits.
  51 [20:11] <UndiFineD> So how is this done ?
  52 [20:11] <UndiFineD> After some research we found Simon to currently be the best capable open source software capable in controlling a computer.
  53 [20:11] <UndiFineD> Simon is / was not in the Debian repositories, due to licensing issues. We believe that is cleared up by now and Debian can take on Simon, as it uses the same license type as SSH.
  54 [20:11] <UndiFineD> So what is left to be done ?
  55 [20:11] <UndiFineD> Well there are several disabilities, and we wish to make it good for everyone. In order to do that we need to:
  56 [20:11] <UndiFineD> extend Simon (API work),
  57 [20:11] <UndiFineD> talk to all the system busses (dbus, at-spi2, ...),
  58 [20:12] <UndiFineD> analyse Speech-to-text and make some context (Wintermute),
  59 [20:12] <UndiFineD> execute commands based upon input given,
  60 [20:12] <UndiFineD> help to reduce repeating work,
  61 [20:12] <UndiFineD> communicate back to the user (via Text-to-Speech).
  62 [20:12] <UndiFineD> Blueprints:
  63 [20:12] <UndiFineD> A lot of blueprints need work, we would love to gather all your input and make things better.
  64 [20:12] <UndiFineD> Request come in for simple but related tasks, like remind a user to take their medicine, or read out an e-book.
  65 [20:13] <UndiFineD> Besides this, it bothered us we could not properly have an accessible meeting. So there is work being done on a Speech capable chatcliënt plugin.
  66 [20:13] <UndiFineD> The possibilities are open and endless, and would make using your computer so much easier. To prevent a wild bloom of small projects, our team currently focuses on specifying blueprints and defining the path to take. Our initial goal is a proof of concept and optimize later on.
  67 [20:13] <UndiFineD> Progress:
  68 [20:13] <UndiFineD> In a few months good work has been done;
  69 [20:13] <UndiFineD> the team is slowly growing and could use extra help writing specifications. After that we will develop all the libraries and applications.
  70 [20:13] <UndiFineD> If you would like to learn more feel free to come and visit us on #SpeechControl read more about us
  71 [20:13] <UndiFineD> on our team is located here:
  72 [20:14] <UndiFineD> I would like to thank everyone in our team, for the great work they have done so far.
  73 [20:14] <UndiFineD> If you have questions feel free to ask them now, but for the sake of the sessions I recommend longer talks to be held in #SpeechControl.
  74 [20:14] <nigelb> Thanks UndiFineD for the wonderful talk
  75 [20:14] <nigelb> That was loaded with information
  76 [20:15] <nigelb> Next up, we have AlanBell.  He's going to talk about a bot he's written
  77 [20:15] <AlanBell> yay
  78 [20:15] <AlanBell> Ubuntu project communication happens in meetings, lots of them
  79 [20:15] <AlanBell> mostly in the #ubuntu-meeting channel and there is a bot in there which kinda records meetings a bit
  80 [20:15] <AlanBell> however normally someone ends up writing up a summary minutes and emailing it out or adding to the wiki
  81 [20:15] <AlanBell> taking minutes is a dull and menial task, and rather an undignified thing to expect a human to do
  82 [20:16] <AlanBell> I believe that the post-meeting procedure should be copy-paste-done
  83 [20:16] <AlanBell> the bot should make nicely formatted minutes
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  85 [20:16] <AlanBell> so, I wrote a little extension to the existing mootbot
  86 [20:16] <AlanBell> which is available in some channels as mootbot-UK
  87 [20:17] <AlanBell> and then I rewrote the thing based on a debian fork which is a python supybot bot
  88 [20:17] <AlanBell> which is here now
  89 [20:17] <AlanBell> #startmeeting
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  94 [20:17] <AlanBell> do feel free to talk here, the channel has been unmuted
  95 [20:18] <maco> do the mootbot versus mootbot-uk changes include en_US versus en_GB?
  96 [20:18] <AlanBell> #topic do the mootbot versus mootbot-uk changes include en_US versus en_GB
  97 [20:18] <meetingology> TOPIC: do the mootbot versus mootbot-uk changes include en_US versus en_GB
  98 [20:18] <AlanBell> interesting question maco, there has been some translation activity done on mootbot, I think there is a hebrew port of it now
  99 [20:19] <AlanBell> I don't think I mentioned programmes or colours in the messages it says anywhere
 100 [20:19] <AlanBell> you can do funky stuff with this like multiple chairs
 101 [20:19] <AlanBell> #chair maco
 102 [20:19] <meetingology> Current chairs: AlanBell maco
 103 [20:19] <AlanBell> you can use [topic] syntax or #topic it doesn't matter
 104 [20:20] <maco> should make use of that in meetings where the chair has to leave before discussion eneds
 105 [20:20] <AlanBell> yup
 106 [20:20] <AlanBell> there is an awesome new feature in votes too
 107 [20:20] <nigelb> oh, I like the chair functionality
 108 [20:20] <AlanBell> #voters AlanBell maco nigelb
 109 [20:20] <meetingology> Current voters: AlanBell maco nigelb
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 111 [20:20] <nigelb> that helps a lot for the council meetings
 112 [20:20] <AlanBell> #vote this house declares cake to be the food of the gods
 113 [20:20] <meetingology> Please vote on: this house declares cake to be the food of the gods
 114 [20:20] <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)
 115 [20:20] <AlanBell> +1
 116 [20:20] <meetingology> +1 received from AlanBell
 117 [20:20] <nigelb> -1 chocolate!
 118 [20:20] <Quintasan> +1
 119 [20:20] <nigelb> -1
 120 [20:20] <meetingology> -1 received from nigelb
 121 [20:21] <AlanBell> nigelb: you just found a bug!
 122 [20:21] <nigelb> I did!
 123 [20:21] <AlanBell> someone else try to vote please
 124 [20:21] <Quintasan> +1
 125 [20:21] <nigelb> he isn't a voter
 126 [20:21] <mhall119> -0
 127 [20:21] <AlanBell> oh Quintasan sucks to be you, your vote doesn't count!
 128 [20:21] <maco> neat!
 129 [20:21] <Quintasan> :<
 130 [20:21] <AlanBell> #endvote
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 133 [20:21] <meetingology> Deadlock
 134 [20:21]  * maco will need to remember that for RMB meetings
 135 [20:21] <nigelb> but do we use it in -meeting yet?
 136 [20:22] <AlanBell> so this is a supybot plugin, the idea is that it could be incorporated into the regular channel bots which run on the same framework
 137 [20:22] <AlanBell> so every channel just grows meeting facilities
 138 [20:22] <nigelb> w00t, that rocks
 139 [20:22] <AlanBell> and it could replace the bot in -meeting
 140 [20:22] <mhall119> when will it integrate with loco-directory meetings?
 141 [20:22] <AlanBell> I need some help
 142 [20:22] <AlanBell> mhall119: patches welcome!
 143 [20:22] <mhall119> :)
 144 [20:22] <AlanBell> and yes, I need to get back into hacking it further
 145 [20:22] <nigelb> there ya go, so if anyone wants to help AlanBell, help integrate it with LD \o/
 146 [20:23]  * mhall119 recommends nigelb 
 147 [20:23] <AlanBell> code is here
 148 [20:23] <nigelb> I knew you'd do that.  I'll probably take a look ;)
 149 [20:23] <AlanBell> and I am quite approachable, come poke me if you want to have a play with it
 150 [20:23] <AlanBell> #endmeeting
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 152 [20:23] <meetingology> Minutes:
 153 [20:24] <nigelb> and there is the log feature which I loove!
 154 [20:24] <AlanBell> thanks for your time everyone, the minutes of this meeting are at
 155 [20:24] <Quintasan> cool
 156 [20:25] <AlanBell> post meeting procedure completed!
 157 [20:25] <nigelb> That was fun playing with the bot AlanBell
 158 [20:26] <nigelb> Thank you for it.
 159 [20:26] <nigelb> Next up is mhall119! He's going to talk about XDG Launcher \o/
 160 [20:26] <nigelb> All yours mhall119 :)
 161 [20:26] <mhall119> yay!
 162 [20:27] <mhall119> XDG Launcher is very simple, you give is a menu path, and it gives you a panel full of launchers from that menu
 163 [20:27] <mhall119> you can see it running against /Games here:
 164 [20:27] <mhall119> as far as panels go, it's about as simple as they come, there's no transparency, no auto-hide, no gradients
 165 [20:28] <mhall119> xdg-launcher was developed for the Qimo linux desktop (which I also made)
 166 [20:28] <mhall119>
 167 [20:28] <mhall119> as you can see from it's screenshots, it has has a very similar bottom panel!.aspx
 168 [20:29] <mhall119> but previously, that panel was static, if you added a new game, you had to manually add it to the panel
 169 [20:29] <mhall119> that's why I made xdg-launcher, so that when someone adds a game through software center, and that game adds a menu entry, it'll automatically show up in the bottom panel
 170 [20:29] <mhall119> xdg-launcher is hosted on launchpad:
 171 [20:30] <mhall119> and will be part of the Qimo 3.0 release sometime in May
 172 [20:30] <ClassBot> nigelb asked: What language is it written in?
 173 [20:30] <mhall119> it's written in Python, and uses GTK and GMenu
 174 [20:30] <mhall119> it is as light weight and simple as I could make it
 175 [20:31] <mhall119> Qimo is also developed on launchpad:
 176 [20:31] <mhall119> that's it!
 177 [20:32] <mhall119> nigelb: next!
 178 [20:32] <nigelb> mhall119: you have a question!
 179 [20:32] <mhall119> xdg-launcher isn't in teh repos yet
 180 [20:33] <mhall119> in fact, it won't be in the repos at all under than name, as I was informed by a MOTU that the xdg- prefix implied that it comes from the XDG project
 181 [20:33] <mhall119> so future development on it will likely fall under the name qimo-launcher
 182 [20:33] <mhall119> in fact, there's already a branch by that name under the qimo LP project
 183 [20:34] <nigelb> thanks mhall119!
 184 [20:34] <nigelb> next up i jderose
 185 [20:34] <jderose> okay...
 186 [20:34] <jderose> dmedia == Distributed Media Library
 187 [20:34] <jderose> dmedia is the foundation of the Novacut distributed video editor, and the Novacut player
 188 [20:34] <jderose> But dmedia is an independent component designed to work with any app, for both content creation and content consumption
 189 [20:34] <jderose> A big goal is getting this important user data out of application-specific silos, into a common freedesktop service
 190 [20:35] <jderose> Early on I started talking to the Shotwell and PiTiVi developers... they will likely be some of the first dmedia enabled apps (along with the Novacut apps, of course)
 191 [20:35] <jderose> In a nutshell, dmedia is a simple distributed filesystem
 192 [20:35] <jderose> The metadata (small) for your *entire* library is stored in CouchDB and synced between *all* your devices
 193 [20:35] <jderose> dmedia uses desktopcouch (which is awesome, use it for all your apps!), so you get slick UbuntuOne sync, say:
 194 [20:35] <jderose> Tablet <=> UbuntuOne <=> Workstation
 195 [20:36] <jderose> However, the files (big) for your entire library certainly wont fit on a device with limited storage, like a phone
 196 [20:36] <jderose> Or similarly, the files generated by a pro TV or movie production probably wont fit on any single device, not even a big file server
 197 [20:36] <jderose> And this is where dmedia gets awesome... a given device can contain any arbitrary *subset* of the files (including no files at all)
 198 [20:36] <jderose> Files are loaded from peers or the cloud as needed
 199 [20:36] <jderose> Yet as the metadata is always available locally, you can still browse through a huge library as if all those files were actually there
 200 [20:36] <jderose> Each file has a document in CouchDB, which among other things tracks all the places the file is stored
 201 [20:36] <jderose> Your personal media files (photos, videos, etc) are treated specially, and dmedia will strive to maintain a configurable level of durability for all your personal files
 202 [20:36] <jderose> So dmedia knows when it should copy the new videos you shot from your laptop to your workstation, or upload them to the cloud
 203 [20:37] <jderose> And dmedia also knows when it can safely delete files on a given device to free up space for files currently needed
 204 [20:37] <jderose> This month's release (dmedia 0.5) will probably be the first that is complete enough to be useful to the end user... so it's an exciting time to join in on the development
 205 [20:37] <jderose> The dmedia backend is written in Python... currently 6,193 lines of code and docstrings, 6,719 lines of unit tests (I really like unit tests)
 206 [20:37] <jderose> And the UI is done with HTML5 and JavaScript, talking directly to CouchDB using XMLHttpRequest
 207 [20:37] <jderose> The project is coordinated on Launchpad -
 208 [20:37] <jderose> To learn more, please stop by #novacut on!
 209 [20:37] <jderose> questions?  :)
 210 [20:38] <jderose> (01:38:15 PM) nigelb: QUESTION: How can we help?
 211 [20:38] <ClassBot> nigelb asked: How can we help?
 212 [20:38] <jderose> oops :)
 213 [20:38] <nigelb> heh
 214 [20:39] <jderose> well, if your a Python dev, lots of fun stuff there.... and probably the most exciting stuff is for people who a fluent with HTML5/JavaScript...
 215 [20:39] <jderose> because that what the user sees :)
 216 [20:39] <jderose> and i think things are getting to the point where you can do really cool things without much work... ui stuff that is
 217 [20:40] <jderose> and if you know/like CouchDB... you'll fall in love with dmedia pretty quick, i think :)
 218 [20:40] <jderose> we do monthly releases, so your code will be in users hands quickly
 219 [20:41] <nigelb> ok, thanks jderose
 220 [20:41] <nigelb> Great to hear about dmedia
 221 [20:41] <nigelb> And thanks for making it here today :)
 222 [20:41] <nigelb> Next up yofel and Quintasan are back again!
 223 [20:41] <jderose> hehe.. .np... thank you everyone for listening in :)
 224 [20:41] <nigelb> Over to you guys :)
 225 [20:41] <Quintasan> Sup, it's me and yofel again
 226 [20:41]  * yofel waves
 227 [20:42] <Quintasan> So we are going to talk about Project Neon I mentioned in my Source Builds session, so yofel, what is Project Neon?
 228 [20:42] <yofel> Project Neon provides Daily Builds of the KDE trunk using the launchpad recipes that Quintasan presented earlier
 229 [20:43] <Quintasan> Yeah, so basically we grab KDE bleeding edge source code and compile it and put into a PPA so you can experience the awesomeness without compiling it yourslef
 230 [20:43] <Quintasan> yourself even
 231 [20:44] <Quintasan> Our technical home is ->
 232 [20:44] <Quintasan> If you want to know where to send the beer ->
 233 [20:44] <Quintasan> The magic used is available at ->
 234 [20:44] <Quintasan> and here are the results ->
 235 [20:44] <Quintasan> We support natty and maverick for now.
 236 [20:45] <Quintasan> Installing those packages will not break you KDE settings (if you have any) and can peacefully coexist with distro's default KDE version
 237 [20:45] <Quintasan> It can be used for testing, screencasting, bug fixing, development and so on
 238 [20:46] <Quintasan> We compiled it with ALL dependencies which we could get so users will get EVERY available feature to test (and probably break their computers ;)
 239 [20:48] <Quintasan> So, if you ever wanted to give latest KDE a test-drive and you didn't want to compile the whole stuff yourself you can use our packages
 240 [20:48] <Quintasan> Be sure to drop us a line at #project-neon how did it work
 241 [20:48] <Quintasan> It's still a work in progress as we are working on daily builds of Amarok
 242 [20:48] <ClassBot> gmargo2 asked: "peacefullyl coexist"... how do you do that?  A different KDM option?
 243 [20:48] <Quintasan> Yeah
 244 [20:49] <yofel> A different KDM option and we install our files in /opt/project-neon
 245 [20:49] <Quintasan> gmargo: We use an separate X session entry, separate envinronemnt config
 246 [20:49] <Quintasan> and ofc install stuff to other /opt/project-neon as yofel said
 247 [20:49] <ClassBot> monish005 asked: which development language?
 248 [20:50] <Quintasan> monish005: There is no language used, we use Launchpad Daily Builds feature to build the packages
 249 [20:50] <yofel> if anything we have a few bash utilities, other than that only debian packaging and the recipes
 250 [20:51] <ClassBot> There are 10 minutes remaining in the current session.
 251 [20:51] <Quintasan> So, I think we are done, questions and requests welcome at #project-neon
 252 [20:52] <nigelb> Thank you Quintasan and yofel!
 253 [20:52] <nigelb> Unfortunately, our last host kirkland couldn't make it
 254 [20:52] <yofel> when you want to use Project Neon visit our usage instructions on - thanks!
 255 [20:53] <nigelb> Dustin Kirkland was to talk about project bikeshed
 256 [20:53] <nigelb> I'll link you to the project
 257 [20:53] <nigelb>
 258 [20:53] <nigelb> The project is about a bunch of scripts which are helpful, but no one is sure which package they go into
 259 [20:54] <nigelb> The name of the project is inspired by the very famous color of the bikeshed mail thread
 260 [20:54] <nigelb> I'll leave you all to explore the package
 261 [20:54] <nigelb> And with that our project lighting talks come to an end
 262 [20:55] <nigelb> Thank you stgraber, UndiFineD, AlanBell, mhall119, jderose, yofel, and Quintasan for making this a grand success
 263 [20:55] <nigelb> We loved listening to your projects and lets all continue to build cool stuff :)
 264 [20:55] <UndiFineD> thanks for being a good host
 265 [20:55] <nigelb> :)
 266 [20:55] <Quintasan> \o/
 267 [20:56] <ClassBot> There are 5 minutes remaining in the current session.
 268 [20:56] <nigelb> and, this means... ANOTHER UBUNTU DEVELOPER WEEK HAS COME TO A CLOSE \O/
 269 [20:56] <jderose> thanks again nigelb, you're one rockin host :)
 270 === popey_ is now known as popey
 271 [20:56] <yofel> :D
 272 [20:56] <Quintasan> nigelb++
 273 [21:01] <ClassBot> Logs for this session will be available at
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 275 [21:02] <nigelb> and its over...

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