Dev Week -- Lubuntu Development -- phillw -- Fri, Jul 15th, 2011

   1 [19:01] <ClassBot> Slides for Lubuntu Development:
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   3 [19:01] <phillw> Hiyas everyone :)
   4 [19:02] <phillw> For those not using Learnid, I'll give a minute to grab the 8 slides from
   5 [19:03] <phillw> This presentation is a quick introduction to Lubuntu and the scope for any budding developers in the various areas.
   6 [19:05] <phillw> <Slide 2> A brief run down of what Lubuntu is and why Lubuntu is.
   7 [19:06] <phillw> <Slide 3> Lubuntu came into being to add the lxde to the familiy that is *ubuntu
   8 [19:06] <phillw> With 11.10 it is on track for full adoption
   9 [19:06] <phillw> [slide 4]
  10 [19:07] <phillw> [SLIDE 4]
  11 [19:08] <phillw> As stated, Lubuntu is an easy to use member of the family for those who's computers simply lack the resources to run the other members.
  12 [19:09] <phillw> [SLIDE 5]
  13 [19:10] <phillw> Even within Lubuntu there are more than one variant, all giving Lubuntu but going about it slightly differently
  14 [19:10] <phillw> The community builds are created in response to known issues and requests from the user base.
  15 [19:12] <phillw> The starting point for all sections of help is It pulls together links to both the docs area and to other parts of the project in one handy place.
  16 [19:13] <phillw> [SLIDE 6]
  17 [19:14] <phillw> The main change in 11.10 will be the adoption by Canonical. As we are still at the alpha stage of testing. To keep up to date head over to the Development area, and follow what is said on the Mailing Lists.
  18 [19:14] <phillw> The alpha 2 is running late, as this is the 1st one to follow the official build, things have proven to be a little more complicated for the Developers.
  19 [19:16] <phillw> [SLIDE 7] As with every project within the *buntu familiy there are lots of things to do. From Documentation, through art work, bug chasing / triaging / fixing. translation etc. etc. Pick an area (or areas) that interest you and come and jopin in.
  20 [19:18] <phillw> There are things to do both on Lubuntu and LXDE itself.
  21 [19:18] <phillw> [SLIDE 8]
  22 [19:19] <phillw> Apologies that our Head of Development (Julien) cannot be here, I will Attempt to answer or point you in the correct area. Whilst I am quite Familiar with Lubuntu, I am one the Docs team and am not a Developer!
  23 [19:24] <phillw> Oh, I've just had an update on the alpha 2 being late.... The problem is not in the build script, but in the state of oneiric repository itself. I'm on it.
  24 [19:25] <phillw> Which for those familiar with the Black Arts of building iso's I am sure means something :)
  25 [19:26] <phillw> !y
  26 [19:27] <ClassBot> coalwater-testin asked: ok i don't understand 1 thing, lubuntu is just ubuntu with the lxde desktop right? so i don't understand how there could be a separate lubuntu development
  27 [19:28] <phillw> There are certain things specific to Lubuntu, such as the use of LXTerminal etc. that are looked after seperately.
  28 [19:30] <phillw> A fuller list of the LX specific areas can be found at

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