Dev Week -- Getting help to start with Ubuntu Development - The developer advisory team and beyond -- coolbhavi -- Wed, Aug 29th, 2012

   1 [16:03] <coolbhavi> Alright then
   2 [16:03] <coolbhavi> Hello all! I am Bhavani Shankar a 25 year old ubuntu MOTU developer and I’ll be taking a session today on the new initiative we launched in the previous cycle called the developer advisory team in short DAT :)
   3 [16:04] <coolbhavi> In this session I am going to to show you how we can help you to get involved in ubuntu development if you are interested :)
   4 [16:04] <coolbhavi> so lets get started
   5 [16:04] <coolbhavi> :)
   6 [16:04] <coolbhavi> == Why are we; the DAT here? ==
   7 [16:05] <coolbhavi> The developer advisory team is a bunch of people who make ubuntu development more social in general with an aim to reach out to contributors of varied kinds (with emphasis on new contributors and help them to get around the ubuntu development world)
   8 [16:05] <coolbhavi> == Our general process ==
   9 [16:06] <coolbhavi> Our process consists of mainly 4 parts:
  10 [16:06] <coolbhavi> First part is we reach out to interested people by email (by spotting them through various ways for instance, spotting them via the number of uploads they have done this cycle or anyone who expresses interest in ubuntu development and have got their first upload into ubuntu and so on).
  11 [16:07] <coolbhavi> (PS: Chances are that if you are a new/experienced contributor, you might have got an email from the DAT too :) )
  12 [16:07] <coolbhavi> Second part is where we interview interested candidates about their experience of development in the Ubuntu world and about their aim as to what they wish to achieve in ubuntu development through questionnaires in the email.
  13 [16:07] <coolbhavi> Third part is where we provide pointers ( _not to be confused with one on one mentoring_ ) and track the progress using our own internal trackers.
  14 [16:08] <coolbhavi> (Ok lets slow down a bit if m fast)
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  16 [16:09] <coolbhavi> Last part is once the candidate feels he is ready after some contributions we will help setup his application for interview with the developer membership board (DMB)
  17 [16:09] <coolbhavi> Any questions are welcome before I move ahead
  18 [16:10] <coolbhavi> to the next stage :)
  19 [16:11] <ClassBot> nja asked: What benifits do you get for being on the DMB?
  20 [16:11] <coolbhavi> nja, I'm afraid I might not be the right person to ask as I donot serve on the DMB
  21 [16:12] <ClassBot> NickE asked: so your main mission is to help people go from beginners / casual contributors to formally-recognised ubuntu devs?
  22 [16:13] <coolbhavi> NickE, exactly thats our mission for people who are interested to contribute to ubuntu development
  23 [16:13] <ClassBot> BebopSteve asked: Do you or do you plan on having a website with information and various references to help those new to the scene?
  24 [16:14] <coolbhavi> BebopSteve, I'll be covering it in later part of the session :)
  25 [16:14] <coolbhavi> ok lets move on then :)
  26 [16:16] <coolbhavi> ok next question which might crop up in your mind is I'm interested so how can I start
  27 [16:16] <coolbhavi> ?
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  29 [16:17] <coolbhavi> our answer would be simple if you are interested we are there to help you out :)
  30 [16:18] <coolbhavi> moving on :)
  31 [16:18] <coolbhavi> == Do you personally mentor me in any way? ==
  32 [16:19] <coolbhavi> Unfortunately, the answer is “no”. We only provide pointers (for instance in the form of weblinks or introducing you to the team which you might be interested in contributing in (Like the desktop team, the security team, etc)
  33 [16:19] <coolbhavi> (In case you get stuck in your ubuntu development related adventure you can always get in touch with the Ubuntu MOTU devs on #ubuntu-motu on or
  34 [16:19] <ClassBot> FlowRiser asked: What is my skillset isn't that advanced or wide ?
  35 [16:20] <coolbhavi> FlowRiser, you need not have to worry not everyone will start as hardcore programmers/coders :)
  36 [16:21] <coolbhavi> == Can you provide me any pointers now to get started into ubuntu development? ==
  37 [16:21] <coolbhavi> Getting started is pretty straightforward. You can have a look at the packaging guide for a start and to get involved one can have a look at the bug fixing initiatives for a start
  38 [16:21] <ClassBot> NickE asked: Can you remind me what "MOTU" stands for?
  39 [16:23] <coolbhavi> NickE, MOTU stands for Masters of the Universe the team which takes care of universe and multiverse component in ubuntu
  40 [16:23] <ClassBot> skizobass asked: is necessary some certification for make part of the community?
  41 [16:24] <coolbhavi> skizobass, not required :) as I said earlier only interest is required :)
  42 [16:25] <coolbhavi> ok moving on :)
  43 [16:25] <coolbhavi> == What sort of people we reach out for? ==
  44 [16:25] <coolbhavi> We reach out to new contributors and to experienced contributors who do not yet have upload rights to the ubuntu archives alike, also to people who have gone inactive to see if there’s anything we can do for them.
  45 [16:26] <coolbhavi> == I am an existing contributor for “x” months and wish to apply for upload rights. Can you help? ==
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  47 [16:26] <coolbhavi> Definitely :) (but the general requirement of the DMB is minimum 6 months of sustained contributions to apply for upload rights). Also a good idea is to reach out to your sponsors and ask them to add comments to your application.
  48 [16:27] <coolbhavi> Any questions anyone please feel free to ask :)
  49 [16:28] <ClassBot> BebopSteve asked: What is the difference between contribute and upload?  Don't you have to upload to contribute?
  50 [16:30] <coolbhavi> BebopSteve, yes but until you get upload rights to the archive you contribute your changes to a bug for instance and a person who has access to the archive uploads the change on your behalf
  51 [16:31] <ClassBot> FlowRiser asked: What do you mean by sponsors ? We do this for free :D
  52 [16:33] <coolbhavi> FlowRiser, The process of uploading a change by someone who has archive access on behalf of you is called sponsoring a package in debian/ubuntu world and the devs who do that are called sponsors
  53 [16:33] <ClassBot> skizobass asked: Is necessary be a python developer? What other work do the contributors?
  54 [16:35] <coolbhavi> skizobass, its not absolutely mandatory but experience in python development helps you to work much quicker on your favourite python stuff in the ubuntu world :)
  55 [16:35] <ClassBot> FlowRiser asked: Is it possible to list domains of activity (apps, GUI, kernel,modules, etc ) we can contribute to, in order of difficulty or skillset requirment ?
  56 [16:36] <coolbhavi> FlowRiser, yes you can have a look at the TEAMS page or the MOTU page on the ubuntu wiki for a start on different teams and how to contribute
  57 [16:37] <ClassBot> NickE asked: So if you gain the trust of sponsors by doing good work, you eventually achieve the same status as them, yes?
  58 [16:37] <coolbhavi> NickE, yes :) you gain archive access and become a dev yourself :)
  59 [16:39] <ClassBot> TheLordOfTime asked: Are devs automatically sponsors, and vice versa?
  60 [16:40] <coolbhavi> TheLordOfTime, yes as they can upload your changes into the archive they can sponsor you and in debin/ubuntu world to sponsor something you need to have necessary upload rights
  61 [16:41] <coolbhavi> moving ahead then :)
  62 [16:41] <coolbhavi> == This sounds like an interesting initiative, how can I help out? ==
  63 [16:42] <coolbhavi> If you find this is an interesting initiative you can always help us to improve in the future with your feedback to us which is really valuable to us.
  64 [16:42] <coolbhavi> (Please find the feedback report of the last cycle here: )
  65 [16:43] <coolbhavi> == Alright! Who are the current members of the team and how to get in touch with them? ==
  66 [16:43] <coolbhavi> The team in its full might is shown here:
  67 [16:43] <coolbhavi> For any feedback/rants please feel free to get in touch with any team member :)
  68 [16:45] <coolbhavi> Thats it I am done then :) Since time is left over anyone can ask me questions if any regarding the same :)
  69 [16:47] <ClassBot> NickE asked: Do members of your team have special skills in particular areas or can you all help with anything?
  70 [16:48] <coolbhavi> NickE, yes some of our team members do have I believe but we can help you out with anything thats related to ubuntu development
  71 [16:48] <ClassBot> skizobass asked: If I write apps & games with Python… Where I can submit me?
  72 [16:50] <coolbhavi> skizobass, we have the Application review board for reviewing apps in ubuntu and you can submit your app there
  73 [16:50] <ClassBot> There are 10 minutes remaining in the current session.
  74 [16:51] <ClassBot> marcosb asked: the application review board is for all softwares or just softwares for ubuntu software center "pay area"?
  75 [16:52] <coolbhavi> marcosb, the ARB is for reviewing free apps there is a separate commercial team to review commercial apps
  76 [16:53] <ClassBot> stadtfeld asked: Do you only provide help to current contributers or to anyone who is willing to get started as well?
  77 [16:54] <coolbhavi> stadtfeld, we provide help for new and experienced contributors alike
  78 [16:54] <ClassBot> alucardni asked: can I apply for upload rights if I've been contributing to Debian?
  79 [16:55] <ClassBot> There are 5 minutes remaining in the current session.
  80 [16:56] <coolbhavi> alucardni, yes based on the impact it has got on ubuntu and you can apply for PPU I think to upload your packages
  81 [16:57] <coolbhavi> alright then thanks everyone for turning up!
  82 [16:58] <coolbhavi> you can catch me on facebook at or on google+ too
  83 [16:58] <coolbhavi> Until next time bye to all!

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