Dev Week -- Q&A about test automation -- gema -- Thu, Aug 30th, 2012

   1 [16:30] <gema> ok, so I wanted to have time to talk about testing and automation in a more generic way
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   3 [16:31] <gema> not just utah, but discuss options that people have when considering automating testing for their applications/packages
   4 [16:31] <gema> do you guys have any question that needs addressing?
   5 [16:32] <gema> or want to know anything about how we are running all the automated tests you see in jenkins?
   6 [16:34] <ClassBot> marcosb asked: say frameworks for automatized test for Linux.
   7 [16:35] <gema> ok, marcosb, let's see
   8 [16:35] <gema> I have already spoken about UTAH
   9 [16:35] <gema> we have also in the ubuntu world autopilot
  10 [16:36] <gema> you can use Xpresser
  11 [16:36] <gema> you can even use checkbox for some existing test cases and certification
  12 [16:37] <gema> marcosb: do you have any particular need to address so that I can give you a better answer?
  13 [16:38] <gema> please, feel free to ask questions in this channel directly
  14 [16:38] <gema> since this is more of a round table kind of session
  15 [16:38] <gema> it makes sense
  16 [16:38] <gema> no need to prefix with QUESTION:
  17 [16:39] <chilicuil> sure gema, is nicolas skeggs part of your team?, or we have several testing teams here?
  18 [16:39] <gema> chilicuil: nicholas skaggs is the QA Community coordinator
  19 [16:39] <gema> so basically my team work focussed on automation and we also do manual testing during milestones
  20 [16:40] <gema> which is what nicholas is coordinating
  21 [16:40] <gema> so we work directly with nicholas in things that are open initiatives
  22 [16:40] <gema> and just work in canonical creating test cases that nicholas and you guys can use to drive your testing later
  23 [16:40] <gema> we do both things
  24 [16:40] <gema> nick is not in our team but we talk on daily basis and collaborate
  25 [16:41] <ClassBot> marcosb asked: No just interested about possibilites :)
  26 [16:42] <gema> marcosb: ack
  27 [16:42] <gema> chilicuil: do you collaborate on the ubuntu QA team?
  28 [16:42] <chilicuil> gema: not yet
  29 [16:43] <gema> chilicuil: we'll be happy to have you onboard whenever you want :)
  30 [16:43] <chilicuil> I was just wondering why I've heart about UTAH in the mails nicolas send almost every day =)
  31 [16:43] <chilicuil> I've not*
  32 [16:43] <gema> chilicuil: because utah is in the process of being created, we are not fully in production yet
  33 [16:43] <gema> so nicholas cannot still use our runlists
  34 [16:44] <gema> but believe me he is asking me on regular basis :)
  35 [16:44] <chilicuil> that answer my question, I hope to join u soon
  36 [16:44] <gema> excellent
  37 [16:44] <gema> any other questions / concerns?
  38 [16:46] <gema> well, we have still some minutes to go, so let me know if you guys have anything
  39 [16:46] <wan26> i was wondering what timezone the schedule for classes is in, i looked at the link provided here.
  40 [16:47] <wan26> for future reference
  41 [16:47] <TheLordOfTime> wan26:  the schedule is in UTC i think
  42 [16:47] <TheLordOfTime> (GMT +- 0)
  43 [16:47] <gema> yes, that confused me too
  44 [16:47] <TheLordOfTime> "Events shown in time zone: GMT (no daylight saving)"
  45 [16:47] <wan26> Thank you :)
  46 [16:49] <gema> so if you guys want to have a look at results of our automated testing, feel free to look at jenkins
  47 [16:50] <gema> https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/
  48 [16:50] <gema> we are working on a different view for results, but for now jenkins does the job
  49 [16:50] <ClassBot> There are 10 minutes remaining in the current session.
  50 [16:51] <gema> and if you want to collaborate with QA for Ubuntu, you can start on the wiki of the QA Team
  51 [16:51] <gema> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/
  52 [16:52] <gema> so if you guys do not have any more questions on QA, make sure you stay tuned for the next session, which is about WebApps
  53 [16:52] <gema> in under 10 minutes
  54 [16:53] <chilicuil> thanks a lot gema, I feel me a little bit lost with jenkins so I think I'll check it out before joining the team
  55 [16:53] <JoseeAntonioR> we'll also be having a Developers Roundtable, where you'll be able to ask questions, share your experiences, and bring ideas about development :)
  56 [16:54] <gema> chilicuil: no worries about jenkins
  57 [16:54] <gema> chilicuil: to be able to help you only need to know how to install ubuntu and have some machine or VM to do it
  58 [16:54] <gema> jenkins is automated testing, it is what my team and others in Canonical do
  59 [16:54] <gema> but people from the community can also help by testing images
  60 [16:54] <gema> during milestones
  61 [16:55] <gema> http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/
  62 [16:55] <gema> have a look here ^
  63 [16:55] <gema> no need to understand jenkins for that :)
  64 [16:55] <ClassBot> There are 5 minutes remaining in the current session.
  65 [16:56] <chilicuil> I'll do gema, I just though I need to make sense of the results jenkins gave
  66 [16:56] <gema> and if you wanted to know, say.. how quantal's image today is doing, you'd go here:
  67 [16:56] <gema> https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Quantal/view/ISO%20Testing%20Dashboard/
  68 [16:56] <gema> and you see what image is being tested in the description
  69 [16:56] <gema> and if it is sort of good or not
  70 [16:56] <gema> it is just an indication that it is worth installing
  71 [16:56] <gema> and doing further testing
  72 [16:56] <gema> on it
  73 [16:56] <wan26> Is this to gather as much data as possible for compatibility? Looks interesting
  74 [16:57] <gema> wan26: we are not doing compatibility testing yet
  75 [16:57] <gema> we still have to cover the basis of functional!
  76 [16:57] <chilicuil> got it, so if I see an image with lots of failures is it good to test?, in order to file bugs for example?
  77 [16:57] <gema> chilicuil: the other way around
  78 [16:57] <gema> when the automated testing is all red
  79 [16:57] <wan26> aha I see
  80 [16:57] <gema> it is not worth for you to try
  81 [16:57] <gema> because it will probably not work
  82 [16:57] <gema> you are welcome to, but you may encounter problems
  83 [16:58] <gema> when things are green in the automated world
  84 [16:58] <gema> then it is worth for people with brains to try and install
  85 [16:58] <gema> because that finds problems
  86 [16:58] <chilicuil> I'll stick with the iso.qa.ubuntu.com pagen then =)
  87 [16:58] <gema> that the robot cannot find
  88 [16:58] <gema> chilicuil: good choice :)
  89 [16:58] <gema> we are wrapping up this session guys, we are in #ubuntu-testing if you want to continue this conversation
  90 [16:59] <gema> or ask anything in the future
  91 [16:59] <gema> a pleasure talking to you!
  92 [16:59] <chilicuil> have a nice day gema, thanks for sharing UTAH with us
  93 [17:00] <wan26> thanks
  94 [17:00] <gema> thank you for listening :)

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