Ubuntu Open Week - Introduction to Brainstorm - JorgeCastro - Mon, Apr 27th, 2009

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(03:01:29 PM) jcastro: ok
(03:01:32 PM) jcastro: let's get started
(03:01:44 PM) jcastro: I'm going to be running this session on Ubuntu Brainstorm
(03:01:51 PM) jcastro: my name is Jorge Castro and I'm on the community team
(03:02:05 PM) jcastro:
(03:02:08 PM) jcastro: So what is brainstorm?
(03:02:22 PM) jcastro: So, at it's basic level it is a website where anyone can make an account
(03:02:37 PM) jcastro: and then submit ideas about things they would like to see in Ubuntu
(03:03:04 PM) jcastro: People then vote on ideas they like, and ideas they don't like
(03:03:10 PM) jcastro: after a while the good ideas tend to drift to the top
(03:03:24 PM) jcastro: and the not-so-good ideas (like mine), end up in the gutter. :)
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(03:03:40 PM) jcastro: every cycle I do a sum up of all the ideas in each category
(03:03:55 PM) jcastro: and then I do a presentation at UDS where I outline things like "Users want foo, and bar"
(03:04:25 PM) jcastro: in addition to that each category list is handed to whoever develops that feature or is responsible for that part of ubuntu
(03:04:38 PM) jcastro: so for example I would hand the list of screen-profiles ideas to kirkland
(03:04:50 PM) jcastro: and then he would go through them and see which ones he can implement (as an example)
(03:05:06 PM) jcastro: Have any of you ever filed ideas on brainstorm?
(03:05:18 PM) jcastro: or go to it on a regular basis, or participate in some way?
(03:05:54 PM) jcastro: *crickets*
(03:06:04 PM) JFo: I go there, but I am not able to contribute very much other than wishing I could retranslate the meanings of some of the posts
(03:06:07 PM) JFo: :)
(03:06:20 PM) JFo: some of them are difficult to understand
(03:06:30 PM) jcastro: aha
(03:06:32 PM) jcastro: so that brings up a good point
(03:06:42 PM) jcastro: if you want your idea to be popular you can do certain things
(03:07:01 PM) jcastro: first off, you want to make sure people can understand your question
(03:07:32 PM) jcastro: especially if english isn't your strongest language, you might want to ask someone to make sure your idea is readable so you're not asking everyone why their base belongs to us.
(03:07:43 PM) jcastro: another good tip is to make sure your idea is specific
(03:07:46 PM) jcastro: and not so general
(03:08:08 PM) jcastro: so for example a common idea that get's marked duplicate is "Ubuntu needs better hardware support"
(03:08:33 PM) jcastro: this ends up being a bad idea to put on the site because that's a common problem that everyone knows about and is working towards
(03:08:41 PM) JFo: how is it moderated jcastro?
(03:08:51 PM) jcastro: it's like saying "Humans should enjoy breathing". :)
(03:08:57 PM) jcastro: ok, so moderation
(03:09:10 PM) jcastro: there are a set of moderators who read the incoming queue
(03:09:15 PM) jcastro: and they +1 or -1 the idea
(03:09:23 PM) jcastro: most of the time it's a duplicate and they mark it as such
(03:09:32 PM) jcastro: in fact, we're also always looking for moderators
(03:09:39 PM) zepo: i discovered that website yesterday and browsed through the ideas, there were a lot of good suggestions on it. i tried to vote on a few but that required an account so i didnt
(03:09:55 PM) JFo: I'm interested in moderation jcastro
(03:10:04 PM) JFo: or rather becoming a moderator
(03:10:06 PM) jcastro: If you are interested in moderation please go here:
(03:10:10 PM) jcastro: and follow the directions
(03:10:10 PM) JFo: thank you
(03:10:23 PM) jcastro: <gregknicholson> QUESTION: I don't want yet another login to manage. Does Brainstorm work transparently with OpenID? Perhaps simple voting for ideas could also be done via OpenMicroBlogging?
(03:10:42 PM) jcastro: Currently we're working on having brainstorm accept openid's
(03:10:47 PM) jcastro: this is still a work in progress
(03:10:58 PM) jcastro: right now it uses QA accounts (the same account you would use to test ISOs)
(03:11:15 PM) jcastro: voting through microblogging would be real interesting I think
(03:11:52 PM) jcastro: <zaidka> FOLLOW UP TO gregknicholson QUESTION: Can we use launchpad login credentials?
(03:11:59 PM) jcastro: launchpad is an openid
(03:12:06 PM) jcastro: so once that works your launchpad account should work
(03:12:39 PM) jcastro: you can also follow along the latest ideas on
(03:12:54 PM) jcastro: ok, so more on how to make a good idea
(03:13:05 PM) jcastro: sometimes people don't know the difference between an idea and a bug
(03:13:18 PM) jcastro: usually a bug is a specific problem with a program
(03:13:51 PM) jcastro: for example: "My ATI driver is broken" is a specific bug
(03:13:56 PM) jcastro: you would file a bug about that
(03:14:11 PM) jcastro: however, something like "There needs to be a better way to install these stupid drivers" would be a good idea.
(03:14:31 PM) jcastro: we have jockey that does that for you by the way, but hopefully you get the idea
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(03:15:11 PM) jcastro: so trying to make your idea specific and not general  would be a good idea
(03:15:28 PM) jcastro: we try our best to communicate ideas from users to other projects as well
(03:15:30 PM) jcastro: so for example if you have ideas about the rhythmbox music player
(03:15:42 PM) jcastro: we let you search through brainstorm on ideas just specific to that
(03:15:58 PM) jcastro: we also let you see which ideas are being implemented here:
(03:16:01 PM) jcastro:
(03:16:20 PM) jcastro: so at least once per cycle we try to go through the ideas and mark them accordingly
(03:16:30 PM) jcastro: but there are so many ideas that this doesn't scale
(03:16:48 PM) jcastro: which is why depend on moderators who know more about ubuntu to mark ideas appropriately
(03:17:30 PM) jcastro: with almost 15,000 ideas and 1.8 million votes, you can see why we need to "crowdsource" the sorting of ideas
(03:17:34 PM) jcastro: any questions so far?
(03:18:30 PM) jcastro: anyone?
(03:18:35 PM) jcastro: bueller?
(03:18:46 PM) jcastro: everyone must have left to go play with screen profiles.
(03:19:05 PM) jcastro: ok let me talk about ideatorrent for a bit
(03:19:09 PM) jcastro:
(03:19:18 PM) jcastro: ideatorrent is the open code that brainstorm is built on
(03:20:04 PM) jcastro: It was primarily developed by Nicholas Deschildre for brainstorm, but is open source so you are encouraged to take it and use it for your needs.
(03:20:30 PM) jcastro: <somnoliento> QUESTION: Honestly, how much weight do developers put in these ideas? what's their recepction like at UDS?
(03:20:36 PM) jcastro: More than people think we do. :)
(03:20:55 PM) jcastro: To be honest, a great deal of the ideas are things that end up on the roadmap anyway
(03:21:26 PM) jcastro: If you were to ask any ubuntu users what their top 10 gripes are, you'd probably get a similar list. :)
(03:22:03 PM) jcastro: we do however go through the ideas and try to at the minimum at least answer the person even if we end up not implementing it
(03:22:30 PM) jcastro: some ideas will forever be in progress, things like hardware support, suspend/resume, wifi, etc, will always be worked on
(03:23:52 PM) jcastro: Well, if you're interested in participating, check out this post:
(03:23:53 PM) JFo: jcastro, is it possible to break those ideas down into ideas for specific releases?
(03:24:04 PM) JFo: for instance the suspend/resume...
(03:24:07 PM) jcastro: we started tagging them, but could use more help
(03:24:16 PM) JFo: well, I have my request in
(03:24:17 PM) JFo: :)
(03:24:26 PM) jcastro: <FiveAcres> QUESTION:  When I followed brainstorm, it seemed a lot of suggestions revolved around propriety codecs and file formats.  Does this effect how the suggestions are evaluated?
(03:24:38 PM) jcastro: Well that depends
(03:25:15 PM) jcastro: The ideas are suggestions, so if it conflicts with how Ubuntu is made right now it probably won't be implemented
(03:25:47 PM) jcastro: so we ship proprietary drivers in restricted, but for example you won't see adobe reader by default due to votes on brainstorm
(03:26:05 PM) jcastro: <gQuigs> QUESTION: should I be using any specific tags on my ideas
(03:26:24 PM) jcastro: We don't really enforce a set of tags, I follow what other people and they make sense
(03:26:40 PM) jcastro: so things like "multimedia" or "jaunty" or whatever
(03:26:56 PM) jcastro: as it turns out geeks are pretty good at organizing things, even in a freeform manner
(03:27:35 PM) jcastro: to go back to FiveAcres question, we do use it to acknowledge demand for things
(03:27:54 PM) jcastro: <zaidka> QUESTION: Say I have an idea and i implement it on my own, do I submit it on brainstorm or submit the patch directly to launchpad?
(03:27:57 PM) jcastro: good question
(03:28:07 PM) jcastro: there is a field in brainstorm for you to link ideas to bugs
(03:28:28 PM) jcastro: so you can link the idea, but you want to have your code in launchpad instead so someone sees it
(03:28:51 PM) jcastro: also, feel free to take an idea in brainstorm and just start your own project
(03:29:25 PM) jcastro: there's nothing to stop you from implementing any of these ideas and launching your own project
(03:30:22 PM) jcastro: any other questions about brainstorm?
(03:31:49 PM) jcastro: well, I encourage you to use brainstorm and consider using it, or helping contribute!

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