Ubuntu Open Week - Final Questions and Feedback - Jorge Castro - Fri, May 1st, 2009

(05:59:11 PM) jcastro: ok, normally this would be the end of openweek
(05:59:24 PM) jcastro: but we have a forums session after this
(05:59:24 PM) jcastro: so over the next hour I'd like to take any feedback
(05:59:43 PM) jcastro: from people on how we can make Open Week better
(05:59:57 PM) jcastro: for this session please just give me your feedback right in this channel so we can log it
(06:00:18 PM) jcastro: How did you guys enjoy openweek?
(06:00:27 PM) somnoliento: jcastro: this was my first Open Week. I found it incredibely informative
(06:00:35 PM) jcastro: good!
(06:00:42 PM) zhurai: I thought it was quite informative as well
(06:01:04 PM) akgraner: jcastro, my 1st one too - talk about a wealth of info...
(06:01:13 PM) jcastro: how did you guys like the topics?
(06:01:18 PM) jcastro: too simple? too complicated?
(06:01:39 PM) zhurai: only problem is my timezone (GMT-8), makes it that this is held during when I'm at school
(06:02:03 PM) jcastro: yes, the time xone thing is always a trade off
(06:02:24 PM) jcastro: I would like to be able to have sessions for all time zones, but that depends on how many volunteers we can find
(06:02:27 PM) zhurai: which now my school's over so I'm moving again, and missing more of it :x
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(06:02:51 PM) KhaaL: i enjoyed it, though I'd like to see live video streams. that way topics will be better covered (hey, it takes less time to speak than to type).
(06:02:55 PM) jcastro: is there a particular area of ubuntu which you feel we could have covered better?
(06:03:10 PM) awkorama: enterprise client/server
(06:03:17 PM) jcastro: ok
(06:03:18 PM) DougieRichardson: jcastro: I'd like to thnak you for the time you've put in on this, the only thing that I saw that would have benefitted from improvement was magicfabs session where there was some unhelpful commenting, especially in the main channel
(06:03:24 PM) ninnnu: Seconding zhurai, though on my case these were a bit too late (UTC+2 +DST), but at least there's IRC-logs. The sessions has been interesting, anyway. :)
(06:03:27 PM) boredandblogging: jcastro: would weekends be better?
(06:03:28 PM) awkorama: that has not been covered at all (afaik)
(06:03:36 PM) Rafik: jcastro> It was great ! for some sessions, one hour was too short
(06:03:39 PM) nhandler: That is what I was thinking boredandblogging
(06:03:51 PM) somnoliento: awkorama: There were a couple of sessions on servers
(06:03:58 PM) jcastro: we tried a weekend once
(06:04:01 PM) ninnnu: Though the timezone-thing is something that is impossible to get done right so that it'd satisfies everyone, so...
(06:04:16 PM) boredandblogging: jcastro: right, forgot about that
(06:04:16 PM) nhandler: Not enough attendance jcastro ?
(06:04:25 PM) jcastro: the attendance wasn't good and getting people to volunteer a saturday was difficult
(06:04:50 PM) jcastro: though I suspect if we had interest that we might be able to do one
(06:05:06 PM) jcastro: (sorry if my answers are slow, ssh lag is killing me today)
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(06:05:35 PM) Sealbhach: Kernel talk is always abstruse to me, I find it difficult not to zone out.
(06:05:50 PM) jcastro: heh yeah
(06:06:00 PM) jcastro: but we try to have different levels of talks
(06:06:02 PM) somnoliento: The Women in Ubuntu panel was great
(06:06:03 PM) awkorama: somnoliento: not really, server team info, and screen session, but that didn't answer my questions at all
(06:06:05 PM) ninnnu: Suggestion: If there's a session that "needs" live attendance (like the screen-profiles one), ask them to have two sessions on different times?
(06:06:07 PM) jcastro: to appeal to different audiences
(06:06:24 PM) jcastro: ninnnu: ok, good idea
(06:06:34 PM) rufong: 1st time here, great info! representatives were great about answering questions. i agree with Rafik, some sessions having 2hrs would be awesome
(06:06:39 PM) jcastro: the screen-profiles session seemed to be a hit
(06:06:58 PM) jcastro: rufong: ok
(06:07:04 PM) shadowland: screen-profiles session was really good, yeah
(06:07:05 PM) charlie-tca: I thought it was great! Yet, I have wonder if there is a way to repeat the sessions at 12 hour intervals, for better time coverage in all zones?
(06:07:39 PM) toros: yeah, screen-profiles session was one of the best ever :)
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(06:07:57 PM) jcastro: yeah, it would be nice if we could have revolving classes throughout the timezones
(06:07:58 PM) shadowland: See, all you have to do is make Dustin wake up every 4 hours and give it again :)
(06:08:59 PM) jcastro: I think ausimage did a good job getting the logs up on the wiki really quickly!
(06:09:02 PM) jcastro: so round of applause!
(06:09:09 PM) Sealbhach [] entered the room.
(06:09:16 PM) SiDi: Thanks everyone for this wonderful week ! Learnt a lot of things, it's been a pleasure.
(06:09:19 PM) jcastro: also thanks to charlie-tca for covering for me during my connection issues today!
(06:09:19 PM) ***rufong applauds
(06:09:35 PM) charlie-tca: No problem, I am just glad it all works.
(06:09:37 PM) ***SiDi offers an XFCE mouse to charlie-tca : ~O>
(06:10:08 PM) nhandler: Any feedback about the use of for session reminders?
(06:10:09 PM) ***charlie-tca accepts it, SiDi. thanks
(06:10:38 PM) jcastro: oh yeah, thanks to nhandler for scripting up the topic notices
(06:10:49 PM) nhandler: And thanks to greg-g for hosting it
(06:13:37 PM) shadowland: One bit of feedback:  emmajane's documentation sessions she mentioned videos that she'd prepared ahead of time and had a pastebin
(06:13:46 PM) shadowland: for reading ahead, which were both very handy
(06:16:53 PM) jcastro: how do you guys feel about the timing of the week?
(06:16:58 PM) jcastro: is right after release a good time?
(06:17:26 PM) nhandler: jcastro: I think the timing is perfect. I had a few days before the karmic repositories opened up to prepare my session
(06:17:27 PM) shadowland: yes
(06:17:33 PM) charlie-tca: I think it is right.
(06:17:37 PM) jcastro: heh, yeah, a nice bit of lull there
(06:17:39 PM) somnoliento: jcastro: perhaps a little more time after the release (one more week?)
(06:17:54 PM) jcastro: ok
(06:17:55 PM) nhandler: Any particular reason somnoliento ?
(06:18:22 PM) somnoliento: nhandler: well, I ended up upgrading *during* open week
(06:18:35 PM) sebsebseb: I have used Ubuntu since the second release (with Fedora Core 2 and 4 before it),  and Open Week has been since Edgy, and I didn't even know about it untill this one.  I think I read something on IRC maybe,  but it took  untill Tuesday after someone had told me that they asked Shuttleworth a question, before I knew it was going on.  As a result it needs advertising more!
(06:18:57 PM) nhandler: sebsebseb: Where should we advertise?
(06:19:07 PM) nhandler: It has been on the planet, irc, mailing lists,, etc
(06:19:11 PM) sebsebseb: The timeing is a little odd for the UK  since UTC/GMT is normalley our timezone, but not now, when it is the summer and we are using BST.
(06:19:31 PM) zhurai: what's BST?
(06:19:36 PM) sebsebseb: nhandler: frontpage of the website?
(06:19:47 PM) sebsebseb: zhurai: British Summer Time
(06:19:51 PM) Sealbhach: Blogging gets the word out best I think, it's get's picked up in Google news search for "ubuntu"
(06:19:51 PM) zhurai: ah ._.
(06:20:39 PM) nhandler: sebsebseb: Blogs such as the Fridge are more appropriate for news such as Open Week than the ubuntu front page
(06:20:53 PM) nhandler: Especially since the front page is being used to advertise jaunty right now ;)
(06:20:59 PM) shadowland: Yeah, I think I only saw one post from DougieRichardson on the planet before things started.
(06:21:11 PM) TurtlePie: LPIC-1 certification
(06:21:34 PM) nhandler: shadowland: There were others. I know jcastro had one that got echoed on the Fridge
(06:22:07 PM) jcastro: sebsebseb: ok so better marketing overall, good point
(06:22:13 PM) sebsebseb: nhandler: Well I didn't even know about that stuff untill ths open week, I get my Liniux news from  and maybe if they are doing articles.  If I was more of a geek I would read Slashdot as well :d
(06:22:28 PM) akgraner: jcastro, I like how the tone of the sessions were great for the beginner without making me feel silly for not knowing something...and if something needed to be explained 3 different ways they took they time to do so...
(06:23:01 PM) sebsebseb: nhandler: I have however been behind with Linux news, so maybe it got mentioned on a site I would have used
(06:23:21 PM) jcastro: akgraner: heh, that's on purpose. :)
(06:23:58 PM) charlie-tca: Even the prep was announced on the devel mailing list, maybe something through the weekly news letter, too.
(06:24:14 PM) jcastro: I liked how we didn't really need to moderate the channels
(06:24:20 PM) sebsebseb: charlie-tca: not on the mailing lists maybe I will join
(06:24:29 PM) jcastro: other than the occasional lost person I think people were well behaved
(06:24:32 PM) jcastro: that's pretty rare for sessions over 300 people!
(06:24:37 PM) charlie-tca: I never saw it in the announcement mailing list, even
(06:24:43 PM) Sealbhach: Yes, nice egalitarian, community feeling about the whole week.
(06:24:50 PM) akgraner: jcastro, I've been telling everyone how great these IRC sessions are, and how much stuff gets accomplished in an hour....amazing...
(06:24:59 PM) jcastro: yep
(06:25:00 PM) nhandler: jcastro: Another marketing idea would be a stickied thread on the forums
(06:25:15 PM) charlie-tca: Behavior was great! and we got real good attendance.
(06:25:28 PM) barcc: session about new features are good (encrypted home, screen profiles, Whats new in 9.04)
(06:25:28 PM) jcastro: ok, so about half way through this next cycle we'll have Developer WEek, which is the same format, but for more advanced topics
(06:25:35 PM) jcastro: nhandler: there is one already
(06:25:36 PM) shadowland left the room (quit: " - Chat comfortably. Anywhere.").
(06:25:40 PM) charlie-tca: but both prep and final announcements need to be more widespread.
(06:25:58 PM) jcastro: good point
(06:26:00 PM) akgraner: maybe someone mentioned this but can people who have specific questions before the sessions can we post them to the wiki?
(06:26:20 PM) jcastro: yeah, the problem with that
(06:26:25 PM) jcastro: is that the questions pile up
(06:26:26 PM) nhandler: jcastro: Where? I didn't see it
(06:26:28 PM) zhurai: as I was going to say before I had to go home...  I feel it's a VERY good thing that you guys log these things in the wiki, so that is a pretty good plus (especially since I can't go to all of them :|)
(06:26:30 PM) akgraner: ahh ok
(06:26:37 PM) jcastro: and it ends up being a person reciting stuff instead of it being so real time
(06:26:51 PM) charlie-tca: Yes, that is what I think, too. Too many questions in advance could kill the session.
(06:26:52 PM) akgraner: understood...
(06:27:02 PM) jcastro: nhandler: community cafe
(06:27:17 PM) sebsebseb: Another marketing  idea not just for Open Week, but Ubuntu as a whole, would be  TV adverts, if  Canonical ever made enough money!   I hope so one day,  Microsoft used to advertise Windows and such quite a bit on TV in the 90's.
(06:27:30 PM) jcastro: sebsebseb: heh, some day
(06:27:36 PM) nhandler: jcastro: Ah, I was thinking more of a global sticky.
(06:27:47 PM) jcastro: that might be a better idea
(06:29:34 PM) Sealbhach: No good marketing Ubuntu on TV unless it's preinstalled and certain to work OK
(06:29:52 PM) sebsebseb: Sealbhach: pre installed OEM deals are also good of course
(06:29:53 PM) jcastro: any other feedback?
(06:29:58 PM) SiDi: Yeh, might be a damocles sword for people who run into hardware trouble
(06:30:14 PM) somnoliento: I think, for marketing, nothing beats word of mouth... you just go out there and comment what a great idea the OW is, and what a great asset this kind of things are for the community and the distro
(06:30:17 PM) nhandler: jcastro: Maybe have each day cover a different range of hours
(06:30:18 PM) jcastro: nice, dude brings up damocles sword. First time I've seen that
(06:30:41 PM) jcastro: nhandler: yeah I have alot of ways we can think about a more time-zone friendly thing for people all over the world
(06:31:19 PM) jcastro: oh, of course, one thing people always forget
(06:31:20 PM) jcastro: is that -classroom is always available for stuff
(06:31:20 PM) jcastro: so there's nothing stopping anyone from firing up improm
(06:31:20 PM) jcastro: tu sessions all the time
(06:31:24 PM) hggdh: even better (but more stressful) two weeks, each with different range (and, probaby, different presenters)
(06:31:27 PM) rufong: jcastro:was anyone asked to represent edubuntu?
(06:31:44 PM) nhandler: jcastro: dtchen had an impromptu session the other day
(06:32:22 PM) nhandler: It also might be useful setting up an IRC bot that is in here and #ubuntu-classroom-chat. The session leader could then type something like !question to have a question from -chat posted in here.
(06:32:34 PM) sebsebseb: rufong:
(06:32:41 PM) sebsebseb: rufong: Intrepid did it
(06:34:20 PM) rufong: sebsebseb: i c
(06:34:36 PM) jcastro: nhandler: good idea
(06:34:41 PM) somnoliento left the room (quit: "Ex-Chat").
(06:36:01 PM) jcastro: ok well, just one more session and then we can call it a wrape
(06:36:11 PM) jcastro: as always if you have more feedback, maile me at
(06:36:41 PM) jcastro: bodhi_zazen: you're up at the top of the hour!

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