Ubuntu Open Week - Launchpad Soyuz Overview - CelsoProvidelo - Fri, May 1st, 2009

(11:01:10 AM) cprov: Hi everyone, we are here to talk about Soyuz, a Launchpad subsystem.
(11:01:40 AM) cprov: feel free to send your question in #ubuntu-classroom-chat anytime.
(11:02:30 AM) cprov: In this session I want to give a overview about the Soyuz and which roles it plays in the Launchpad ecosystems
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(11:03:10 AM) cprov: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CelsoProvidelo/SoyuzInfrastructureOverview has a diagram of the soyuz moving parts.
(11:03:56 AM) cprov: Basically Soyuz = upload processing + building + package publication.
(11:04:23 AM) cprov: oh, we already have a question:
(11:04:34 AM) cprov: Odd_Bloke: QUESTION: Which part is Soyuz again?  And is it named after Chinese food?
(11:04:38 AM) cprov: funny, huh?
(11:05:13 AM) cprov: Soyuz is named after the soviet space-programme/rocket -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soyuz_programme
(11:06:20 AM) cprov: back to the main subject, Soyuz is the background infrastructure for the Ubuntu package management system and the Launchpad PPAs
(11:07:52 AM) cprov: I thought we were going to have more questions.
(11:09:21 AM) cprov: jcastro: Question: Can you talk about some of the new features that we can look forward to in soyuz?
(11:10:01 AM) cprov: jcastro: good one! we are looking forward to have proper integration with Launchpad Codehosting very soon.
(11:10:36 AM) cprov: jcastro: cprov: so we can build packages rigfht from hosted code on lp?
(11:10:41 AM) cprov: exactly
(11:11:23 AM) cprov: user will be able to branch and build source packages very easily.
(11:12:35 AM) cprov: no painfully huge tarball uploads anymore, just one click and a branch will be materialized as a source package in Ubuntu or your PPA.
(11:12:55 AM) cprov: genii: QUESTION: Whats the policy on inclusion of binary blobs, proprietary bits, etc
(11:14:29 AM) cprov: genii: it depends on the license, nothing forbids you to upload a binary blob with a source package and distribute it in your PPA, but if it violates the upstream license the PPA will be deactivated as soon as someone complains.
(11:14:48 AM) cprov: tsimpson: QUESTION: why invent soyuz, wasn't there anything else that does what you want?
(11:15:28 AM) cprov: tsimpson: no, there wasn't anything that could be easily integrated with Launchpad off-the-shelve.
(11:16:45 AM) cprov: tsimpson: however it seems unfair to not mention that a lot of the knowledge encoded in Soyuz parts comes from the Debian experience, as many other systems over there.
(11:17:11 AM) cprov: jtholmes: QUESTION: who is allow to perform the builds, devs, ordinary users...?
(11:18:05 AM) cprov: jtholmes: right now, every ubuntu developer (launchpad users with permission to upload to ubuntu) OR every Launchpad user with a PPA (who has signed the Ubuntu Code of Conduct).
(11:18:38 AM) cprov: jtholmes: PPA make it available to almost everyone.
(11:18:49 AM) cprov: genii: QUESTION: Will Soyuz be included when LP is open-sourced soon?
(11:18:55 AM) cprov: good one, too.
(11:19:49 AM) cprov: genii: unfortunately, Soyuz won't be included in the initial release.
(11:20:55 AM) cprov: tsimpson: QUESTION: can we get some more builders for PPAs? please :)
(11:21:40 AM) cprov: tsimpson: yes, soon about 18 builders will be returned to their normal operation, building PPA sources.
(11:22:23 AM) cprov: tsimpson: they are helping to serve jaunty, atm.
(11:22:37 AM) cprov: Odd_Bloke: QUESTION: Will Soyuz be included in any later releases of LP code?  And is it being kept proprietary because it can't easily be relicensed, or because Canonical depends on it for revenue?
(11:23:48 AM) cprov: Odd_Bloke: I can't guarantee, since this decision involves a lot of other interests inside the company, but I can tell that we are working hard to have a concrete and realistic plan to release Soyuz code.
(11:25:40 AM) cprov: from the development perspective it would be great to release Soyuz code, we are looking forward to allow the community to actively work with it.
(11:25:54 AM) cprov: Odd_Bloke: QUESTION: Is support for building Debian packages on the cards?
(11:26:36 AM) cprov: Odd_Bloke: yes, we are effectively planning to have Debian-PPAs very soon after the Launchpad code release.
(11:27:18 AM) cprov: debian-PPA = sources published and build in an native debian environment.
(11:27:32 AM) cprov: james_w: QUESTION: is there a plan to help with having the same source in different releases without having to upload multiple times with just a changelog tweak?
(11:27:55 AM) cprov: james_w: yes, that's actually supported in the debian changelog format
(11:28:43 AM) cprov: james_w: and there is a bug filled in Launchpad 3.0 release, which means that it should be done by July.
(11:29:28 AM) cprov: james_w: we have to work on rebuild index support in Launchpad, so the same source can generate *different* binary versions when building in different suites.
(11:29:54 AM) cprov: james_w: but it's feasible and should be in place very soon.
(11:30:48 AM) cprov: james_w: so it will be done by rebuilding with a different binary version, rather than copying the binaries forward?
(11:31:07 AM) cprov: yes, the source will be rebuilt in each target suite
(11:32:00 AM) cprov: james_w: copying is already supported (internally, not in the UI) but it's not what multi-target uploads are suppose to do, right ?
(11:32:55 AM) cprov: james_w: QUESTION: that sounds excellent, thanks. Will the same mechanism make it possible for us to do no-change rebuilds in Ubuntu without a sourceful upload?
(11:33:24 AM) cprov: james_w: yes, well observed, the rebuild-infrastructure will be used for no-change rebuilds as well
(11:34:17 AM) cprov: no-change rebuilds = a subset of source have to be rebuilt within a suite in order to take advantage a new common build-dependency.
(11:36:34 AM) cprov: ah, together with all this infrastructure changes we are putting together a group of changes in the Launchpad UI to make it easier for user to search and navigate on Ubuntu packages
(11:37:58 AM) cprov: Martin Albisete, LP UI guy, has put a lot of effort planning richer pages (including a lot more information and apt-url links) for ubuntu packages.
(11:38:36 AM) cprov: those changes will start to land soon in edge.lp.net, so stay tuned.
(11:42:47 AM) cprov: I got quiet again ... I've asked how many people are using the Soyuz bits in the LP API and no one answered. I guess it means we need some more advertising/documentation on that.
(11:45:31 AM) cprov: It's worth noting that Debian sources are being imported by Launchpad for a long time already and it's synced 2x a day (soon going to follow 4x a day), https://edge.launchpad.net/debian
(11:45:40 AM) cprov: and APIs also work for them.
(11:46:15 AM) cprov: There is probably some use for that, even if you are not directly involved with the ubuntu community.
(11:49:03 AM) cprov: We are approaching the end of the session, feel free to ask more question directly to me, use the Launchpad 'contact this user' feature at https://edge.launchpad.net/~cprov :)
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(11:51:37 AM) cprov: That's pretty much it. It was a pleasure to talk about Soyuz again and It is good to hear that the interest in having its code released as FOSS still high.
(11:52:16 AM) cprov: it will certainly count in the paths we are choosing ...
(11:52:35 AM) cprov: oh, last-minute question
(11:52:37 AM) cprov:  james_w: QUESTION: how's progress going on giving us a "Sync this!" button for Ubuntu to pull in changes from Debian? I understand that is being worked towards as well.
(11:53:19 AM) cprov: james_w: good point! yes, that's one of the things that are in our pipeline for 3.0
(11:54:02 AM) cprov: james_w: I admit it's getting hard to find a place for it in the middle of all the other features going on, but I believe it will make it.
(11:54:45 AM) cprov: browse to a debian source, and if you have upload permissions to ubuntu there will be a 'Sync it!' button
(11:55:25 AM) jcastro: 5 minute warning!
(11:55:56 AM) cprov: click on it, choose ubuntu and then the source will be copied to ubuntu with a re-constructed changelog, which will include all the pertinent changes occurred in debian that are being synced to ubuntu.
(11:56:52 AM) cprov: That's it for Soyuz. Thanks everyone for their patience and all the great questions!

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