Ubuntu Open Week - Creating basic LoCo resources - AdiRoiban - Tue, Apr 28th, 2009

(01:01:38 PM) adiroiban: ok. Hi guys and girls and welcome to the next session
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(01:01:54 PM) adiroiban: My name is Adi Roiban and I am coordinating the Romanian LoCo team.
(01:01:54 PM) adiroiban: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AdiRoiban
(01:02:00 PM) A4Tech1: thanks sabdfl!
(01:02:30 PM) adiroiban: During the next minutes I will try to touch some of the aspect of creating some resources for your LoCo team.
(01:02:44 PM) adiroiban: First of all, let's make sure everyone know what is a LoCo Team.
(01:02:54 PM) A4Tech1: sabdfl: I hope when someone come to you at the summit :)
(01:03:08 PM) adiroiban: LoCo Team are Ubuntu Local Communities Team.  Their coverage can vary from a city local communities to country wide local communities.
(01:03:33 PM) adiroiban: Like I said above, this session is dedicate to LoCo team, but even if you are not the LoCo contact, or you are not yet a member of LoCo team, you should find a lot of useful information in this session.
(01:04:08 PM) adiroiban: Also if you are planning to start a new LoCo team this session should help you do the first steps.
(01:04:59 PM) adiroiban: if you don't know what I LoCo is, feel free to ask on the -chat channel
(01:05:45 PM) adiroiban: I will continue, assuming everyone knows what Ubuntu Local Communities are
(01:05:48 PM) Kangarooo:   Docs Day - Working on the Help Wiki - MatthewEast / Rocket2DMn  right now yes? :)
(01:06:18 PM) doctormo: no Kangarooo, 1 hour
(01:06:26 PM) Kangarooo: yes I know im shure many loco leaders/contact persons are her :)
(01:06:56 PM) Kangarooo: so now  Docs Day - Translating Documentation - MatthewEast / AdiRoiban  ?
(01:07:11 PM) adiroiban: Kangarooo: please use the chat channel
(01:07:19 PM) charlie-tca: Kangarooo: ask questions in #ubuntu-classroom-chat
(01:07:25 PM) adiroiban: and check https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek
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(01:07:41 PM) Kangarooo: yes I came here from that link
(01:07:49 PM) adiroiban: Second, let's see what do I (we) mean by LoCo resources.
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(01:08:26 PM) adiroiban: They consist of all kind of things that can you your LoCo do it's job or achieve a specific goal.
(01:08:39 PM) adiroiban: LoCo resources can consist of people, computers, printers, web presence, friends ... don't think only at material things like a server or a printer. As you will find out, friends are invaluable resources for your LoCo.
(01:09:01 PM) adiroiban: I will try to touch some of the main resources for your LoCo and after that I hope we will have time for running a questions and answers session.
(01:09:18 PM) adiroiban: Also if you are already running a LoCo team, feel free to share best practices with the rest of us :) We'll be very happy to hear from you and this session will have a part dedicate to this.
(01:09:44 PM) adiroiban: OK. So let's start. Number 1. People.
(01:09:48 PM) adiroiban: Any LoCo should start it's activity by finding people willing to help with various LoCo actions. People are one of the most hard to find resources and you should never stop looking after great people to join your LoCo.
(01:10:10 PM) adiroiban: When you are starting, or restarting a LoCo, don't be disappointed if nobody will answer to your first call.
(01:10:20 PM) adiroiban:  Try to keep the LoCo active, and people will join you on the road.
(01:10:30 PM) adiroiban: Even if you are only one or two persons try to fix some goals according to your capabilities.
(01:10:52 PM) adiroiban: Don't set the goals to high
(01:11:06 PM) adiroiban: and start with baby steps :)
(01:11:22 PM) adiroiban: Also be prepare to lead by examples, most people will be reluctant at first, but once they will see that things get moving you will gain their trust and will start helping the LoCo.
(01:12:24 PM) adiroiban: once your team gets some people you shoud start building a web presence
(01:12:43 PM) adiroiban: if at first nobody will join you
(01:13:08 PM) adiroiban: don't despair and start some activities
(01:13:18 PM) adiroiban: and start working at the web presence
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(01:13:53 PM) adiroiban: QUESTION: what is the purpose and duties of LoCo teams?
(01:14:20 PM) adiroiban: LoCo teams should help promove Ubuntu into your local comunity
(01:14:31 PM) adiroiban: you can do release parties,
(01:14:34 PM) adiroiban: install parties
(01:14:47 PM) adiroiban: make radio or tv shows
(01:14:55 PM) adiroiban: dedicated to Ubuntu and free software
(01:15:10 PM) adiroiban: there is not a specific set of actions of duties
(01:15:26 PM) adiroiban: each team is free to do what it consider is the best way they can help Ubuntu
(01:16:03 PM) adiroiban: ok. I will continue with information about creating a web presence for your team
(01:16:12 PM) adiroiban:  Building your LoCo web presence.
(01:16:17 PM) adiroiban: n many cases, creating a web presence should be the first thing to do for your LoCo.
(01:16:37 PM) adiroiban: You can chose a static or a dynamic website. On the Ubuntu Wiki you can find some template that can help you with building the website: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Templates
(01:16:53 PM) adiroiban: While creating your LoCo website , always check the legal part of using Ubuntu logo and trademark.
(01:17:14 PM) adiroiban: Don't forget to mention that your loco is not affiliated with Canonical.
(01:17:31 PM) adiroiban: Also, if you will create a logo for your LoCo, please check with the Canonical Trademark Policy.
(01:17:32 PM) adiroiban: http://www.ubuntu.com/aboutus/trademarkpolicy
(01:18:22 PM) adiroiban: Please consult the Trademark Policy and make sure you are not breaking are law :D
(01:19:05 PM) adiroiban: There were a lot of discussion about trademark and I will like to stress out this part
(01:19:18 PM) dohkogt: o/
(01:19:21 PM) adiroiban: If you chose to use drupal for building your website take a look at the Ubuntu LoCo Drupal Theme
(01:19:21 PM) adiroiban: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-drupal-theme .
(01:19:21 PM) adiroiban: There is also a dedicated channel #ubuntu-drupal
(01:19:34 PM) adiroiban: dohkogt: please use the -chat channel
(01:19:54 PM) adiroiban: The main goal for creating a loco website should be to create a web presence for your team.
(01:20:27 PM) adiroiban: Ubuntu and Canonical already have a strong web presence so dedicated huge sections of you website to Canonical and Ubuntu will not be of much help.
(01:20:45 PM) adiroiban: I'm not saying that you should not mention Ubuntu and Canonical, not at all, but try to focus on your LoCo.
(01:21:08 PM) adiroiban: Describe the team, create a webpage listing current  activities and goals, a page dedicated to past activites, a page listing past and current members.
(01:21:22 PM) adiroiban: The most important part of the website should be the one describing you other people can contact and interact with the team.
(01:21:50 PM) adiroiban: Don't forget to put some pictures from your past activities. People love them and a picture is worth thousand words :)
(01:22:15 PM) adiroiban: feel free to ask questions about the loco website and trademark and legalese stuff
(01:22:42 PM) adiroiban: zaidka: adiroiban, QUESTION: Maintaining a LoCo team sounds like it needs a lot of money. Does Ubuntu support that? If not, what's the benefit for the LoCo teams to financially support it?
(01:23:21 PM) adiroiban: You can see working in a LoCo team as a way to give back something to Ubuntu
(01:24:24 PM) adiroiban: The web presence should not cost a lot
(01:24:40 PM) adiroiban: you can ask for hosting from the Ubuntu Community
(01:25:07 PM) adiroiban: but I suggest to try finding a locol hosting company, willing to sponsor with the hosting of your website
(01:25:35 PM) adiroiban: akgraner: QUESTION:  While reviewing the trademark and other legal issues once a LoCo thinks they have all their ducks in a row is there a person who can look over it to make sure it's good to go before a LoCo goes live with a website?
(01:26:12 PM) adiroiban: You can ask the opinion of some Canonical stuff
(01:26:22 PM) adiroiban: but this is a time consuming job
(01:26:35 PM) adiroiban: try to compli with the policy according to your understanding
(01:26:45 PM) adiroiban: if something is not ok, someone will warn you
(01:27:02 PM) adiroiban: don't worry, you will not get into jail or receive a fine
(01:27:07 PM) adiroiban: or something like that
(01:28:25 PM) adiroiban: the website should be a static part of your loco activities
(01:28:43 PM) adiroiban: don't limit your loco action
(01:29:17 PM) adiroiban: the loco website should be a way to help your loco activities
(01:29:23 PM) adiroiban: not an activity by itself
(01:29:35 PM) adiroiban: Keeping people in touch should be a main concern while running the team.
(01:29:53 PM) adiroiban: You should consider both online and offline communication.
(01:29:53 PM) adiroiban: Online communication could help you if the community is a covering a wide geographic area.
(01:30:15 PM) adiroiban: I will start with the online communication channels
(01:30:32 PM) adiroiban: as they are one of the easiest to obtain
(01:30:51 PM) adiroiban: tradition communication channels include mailing lists and IRC channels
(01:31:15 PM) adiroiban: https://lists.ubuntu.com/
(01:31:25 PM) adiroiban: here you can see a list of other loco mailing list
(01:31:35 PM) adiroiban: and info about how to get your list
(01:32:18 PM) adiroiban: for the irc channel, try starting a channel named #ubuntu-CC (country/city code)
(01:32:51 PM) adiroiban: "moder" communication channels include twiter and blogs
(01:33:25 PM) jonnor:  /j #ubuntu-no
(01:34:02 PM) adiroiban: also there is a good idea to hang in your country ubuntu channel
(01:34:11 PM) adiroiban: rather than the global #ubuntu
(01:35:07 PM) adiroiban: also consider using identi.ca and join the ubuntu channel from identi.ca :)
(01:35:56 PM) adiroiban: even if online communication is easy to achive
(01:36:15 PM) adiroiban: you and your loco should try to create mean for offline meetings and communitions
(01:36:37 PM) adiroiban: for example meet in a town
(01:36:42 PM) adiroiban: at a conference
(01:36:46 PM) adiroiban: of other events
(01:37:16 PM) adiroiban: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAtConferences
(01:37:46 PM) adiroiban: if you plan to do an event at a confernce, don't forget about the above webpage
(01:38:23 PM) adiroiban: also your LoCo can request a special CD pack from here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoGettingCds
(01:38:35 PM) adiroiban: In case you are running a city or small area community , then creating offline meeting will be a lot easier.
(01:38:55 PM) adiroiban: Othere wise I suggest to "hijack" other event for creating loco meetings
(01:39:25 PM) adiroiban: Like I said, conferences or lan parties should be great events for meeting people
(01:39:30 PM) adiroiban: and exchanging ideas
(01:40:06 PM) adiroiban: If your team grows big you can consider creating a dedicated planet for member of your loco team or your local community.
(01:40:17 PM) adiroiban: Here  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Templates you can find an Ubuntu template for PlanetPlanet.
(01:40:59 PM) adiroiban: on the same https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Templates you will find some thems for forums or discussion board
(01:41:02 PM) adiroiban: boards
(01:41:43 PM) adiroiban: last but not least , friends are one of the most valuable resource for you and your team
(01:41:57 PM) adiroiban: There is not to much I can share with you regarding this, but don't forget that friend are invaluable resources for you and for your LoCo :)
(01:42:15 PM) adiroiban: For example a local radio dj can help you with some advertising for your Ubuntu Release Party. A friend at the local copy/print shop can help you with some posters/stickers... etc
(01:42:45 PM) adiroiban: OK. Like you could read above, I tried to share with you some of the best practices I gather while running the Romanian LoCo team.
(01:43:08 PM) adiroiban: rrnwexec: QUESTION: What would you consider "best practices" for marketing a LoCo?
(01:43:38 PM) adiroiban: Try to make your LoCo team useful for your community
(01:43:54 PM) adiroiban: for example create a useful support forum
(01:44:10 PM) adiroiban: then everyone will talk about it
(01:44:19 PM) adiroiban: and will know it is runned by the LoCo team
(01:44:38 PM) adiroiban: also be part of all major free software events in your area
(01:45:01 PM) adiroiban: this will help your loco being know in the area
(01:45:38 PM) adiroiban: but in my opinion the best "marketing" strategy for your LoCo is by doing useful things for your community
(01:46:34 PM) adiroiban: for example the Romanial Loco has translated a big part of the Ubuntu and GNOMe documentation and Ubuntu Training Course
(01:46:49 PM) adiroiban: and people start using those materials in schools
(01:47:03 PM) adiroiban: in this way, young people find about our loco team
(01:47:25 PM) adiroiban:  rrnwexec: QUESTION: Any thoughts about how best to harmonize/partner with local Linux User Groups who aren't necessarily interested in Ubuntu, but are interested in GNU/Linux and freedom?
(01:47:29 PM) adiroiban: good question
(01:48:06 PM) adiroiban: you should first have a physical talk with the leaders of those communities
(01:48:30 PM) adiroiban: and exchange some idea about what you can do
(01:48:53 PM) adiroiban: It's not always easy as people are proud about their own community
(01:49:23 PM) adiroiban: so you should have a wise chat and explain them that a colloboration will help both communities
(01:50:06 PM) adiroiban: I think that for collaborating with other groups/lugs
(01:50:20 PM) adiroiban: you should first meet those people
(01:50:28 PM) adiroiban: as the online chat is so cold
(01:50:48 PM) adiroiban: other than that I don't know what to say
(01:51:07 PM) adiroiban: this is what I done in Romania
(01:51:28 PM) adiroiban: after meeting people from other communities we start working togheer
(01:51:41 PM) adiroiban: before that there were only flame wars :D
(01:51:57 PM) adiroiban: the collaboration should be bases on trust
(01:52:13 PM) adiroiban: so you must assure that your Loco is trusted by other communities
(01:52:18 PM) adiroiban: Is there anyone willing to share some best practices withing his/her LoCo team?
(01:52:50 PM) adiroiban: QUESTION: How proficient should I be before I consider starting a LoCo? Can a LoCo be a "learn as we go" project, or should it have at least one wildly skilled member?
(01:53:21 PM) adiroiban: you should learn as you go
(01:53:29 PM) adiroiban: we learn something new everyday
(01:53:47 PM) adiroiban: if you have a skilled member it will help a lot
(01:54:11 PM) adiroiban: but this does not mean that an unskiles person can do a great job and improve it's skils over time
(01:54:30 PM) adiroiban: if you don't have experience try to set some small goals
(01:54:39 PM) adiroiban: and ask for help from other teams
(01:54:54 PM) adiroiban: we have the #ubuntu-locoteams
(01:55:34 PM) adiroiban: and the mailing loco contact mailinglist
(01:55:40 PM) adiroiban: feel free to join and ask for help
(01:55:53 PM) adiroiban: as there are a lot of knowledgable persons there
(01:56:09 PM) adiroiban: rrnwexec: ADVICE: Best practice in Vancouver... treat all members equally. Don't get all hung up on organization and bureaucracy. The best ideas usually come from the new members.
(01:56:37 PM) adiroiban:  rrnwexec: ADVICE: Best practice in Vancouver... Constantly look for ways to keep long-time members energized. This helps prevent the attrition issue that has fallen on other Linux communities.
(01:56:59 PM) adiroiban: lukeen: QUESTION: how many people should a loco have? is there a minimum? whats average? what makes sense?
(01:57:03 PM) adiroiban: depending of your community
(01:57:10 PM) adiroiban: there are small or big communities
(01:57:21 PM) adiroiban: but don't judge a loco by it's number
(01:57:48 PM) adiroiban: jonnor: QUESTION: Communities usually centers around something. Apart from FOSS/Ubuntu, what does LoCos usually center around?
(01:58:00 PM) adiroiban: yes. People
(01:58:27 PM) adiroiban: like I said , the FOSS/Ubuntu should be a way to help people from your local community
(01:58:38 PM) adiroiban: this is what local communities are all about
(01:58:58 PM) adiroiban: it's like helping your neighbour
(01:59:22 PM) adiroiban: ok.
(01:59:34 PM) adiroiban: thank you very much for your presence and attention
(01:59:39 PM) koolhead17: ?
(01:59:59 PM) ***goshawk hugs adiroiban
(01:59:59 PM) adiroiban: I think we whould end this session
(02:00:16 PM) adiroiban: and let's prepare for the wonderful Ubuntu Doc Day
(02:00:21 PM) JPohlmann: adiroiban: Well done :)
(02:00:24 PM) adiroiban: which is about to start

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