Open Week -- Introduction -- Jono Bacon -- Mon, May 3

EDT -5

(10:59:48 AM) dholbach: W E L C O M E   E V E R Y B O D Y   T O   A N O T H E R   U B U N T U   O P E N   W E E K !
(11:00:37 AM) dpm: yeah, welcome everyone to this 8th edition of the Ubuntu Open Week!
(11:00:52 AM) dholbach: Unfortunately Jono Bacon can't make it to the introduction of Ubuntu Open Week today because of an event he has to attend, but I'm sure he's with us and wants us to have a fantastic rocking Ubuntu Open Week!
(11:01:21 AM) dholbach: Instead, dpm, jcastro, akgraner and I will introduce this week to you! :)
(11:01:44 AM) dholbach: As a first step, please all join  #ubuntu-classroom-chat .
(11:02:06 AM) dpm: if you've got any questions, you can ask them there
(11:02:25 AM) dpm: and we'll try to answer them at the end of the session
(11:02:33 AM) dholbach: Yes, the way this works is that the general presentation will happen in #ubuntu-classroom and all discussion and questions go to #ubuntu-classroom-chat
(11:02:47 AM) dholbach: please make sure you prefix them with "QUESTION: " so they stand out
(11:03:01 AM) dholbach: ie:  QUESTION: What is jcastro's cat called?
(11:03:16 AM) jcastro: dholbach: my cat's name is miguel
(11:03:19 AM) dholbach: thanks jcastro
(11:03:31 AM) dholbach: as a second step, please take a note to tell all your friends about Ubuntu Open Week :)
(11:03:42 AM) dholbach: This is going to be awesome!
(11:04:10 AM) dpm: indeed, remember to blog, microblog and tell everyone who'd like to get involved in Ubuntu
(11:04:16 AM) dholbach: Shall we wait a couple of minutes to wait for stragglers and leave everybody a bit of time to tell their friends? :)
(11:04:24 AM) dholbach: Or shall we crack right on?
(11:05:20 AM) dpm: let's wait a couple of mins before get the ball rolling
(11:06:53 AM) dholbach: Ok... let's do a quick survey while we wait a bit: please all join #ubuntu-classroom-chat and tell us which City and Country you are connected from!
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(11:07:50 AM) dpm: we've got a very diverse community, from all over the world. We'd love to hear where you come from!
(11:10:02 AM) dpm: awesome, it seems that we've got representation from all over the globe indeed :)
(11:10:31 AM) dholbach: Very nice, it's fantastic to have you all here - and from all parts of the world!
(11:11:17 AM) dholbach: So let's talk a bit about Ubuntu Open Week… the main reason of the event is to get all you fantastic people together, have fun and enjoy session where we all learn much more about the Ubuntu project.
(11:12:07 AM) dholbach: The way in which this works from an organisation point of view is that each and every session on is one hour long, happens in #ubuntu-classroom and discussions/questions happen in #ubuntu-classroom-chat - so make sure you're always in both channels.
(11:12:22 AM) dholbach: One good way of doing that is
(11:12:49 AM) dholbach: If you find that you can't make a session, don't worry - we'll make logs available right after the sessions and they'll be linked from the timetable on
(11:12:59 AM) dholbach: So is the only page you need to bookmark :-)
(11:13:18 AM) dpm: These sessions should give you a good taste of the different aspects in which everyone can start contributing to Ubuntu, from day one. You'll see that there are many ways to contribute: advocacy, development, documentation, translations, bug triaging, testing...
(11:13:32 AM) jcastro: also you can send the logs to friends!
(11:14:24 AM) dholbach: I saw that we have a good participation from Spanish-speaking countries, so if you yourself "habla Español", be sure to check out - which will give you Spanish sessions live, in colour and dolby surround
(11:14:39 AM) dholbach: actually... it's all text, but it's in Spanish and will be fantastic too
(11:14:55 AM) dholbach: dpm: was "habla español" correct? :)
(11:15:13 AM) dpm: that sounded like native Spanish, dholbach
(11:15:27 AM) dholbach: ok, so maybe I should attend those sessions too :-)
(11:15:27 AM) dpm: I see your Spanish classes were worth their money
(11:15:35 AM) dholbach: erm, that was French ;-)
(11:15:42 AM) dholbach: nevermind :)
(11:15:48 AM) dpm: But I know you can speak a bit of Spanish too
(11:15:57 AM) jcastro: and don't forget, you can always run your own openweek sessions in your own language!
(11:16:25 AM) dholbach: dpm, jcastro: so what should people watch out for this week?
(11:16:37 AM) jcastro: well ...
(11:16:44 AM) jcastro: we have Ask Mark on wednesday
(11:16:47 AM) jcastro: which is always popular
(11:17:14 AM) jcastro: aspiring ubuntu developers should check out the sessions on Friday
(11:17:24 AM) jcastro: and since we're so close to an LTS release
(11:17:31 AM) jcastro: we've asked teams to do a bunch of Q+A sessions
(11:17:40 AM) jcastro: so Kernel, server, wine, and desktop Q+A sessions
(11:17:51 AM) jcastro: where you can just ask questions about things you've always wondered
(11:18:01 AM) jcastro: instead of sitting through a boring lecture. :D
(11:18:05 AM) dpm: I would highlight just everything! We've got plenty of sessions, very diverse, all run by the same people who make Ubuntu possible
(11:18:21 AM) dholbach: those Q+A sessions are a fantastic way to get to know the team, the people and how they work without being overwhelmed with loads and loads of crazy details
(11:18:44 AM) jcastro: there is a patch review session tomorrow that will be good. If you know how to code but don't know much about how to make a distro it's a great place to get started
(11:18:56 AM) dholbach: Do we have any first questions about how Ubuntu Open Week is run?
(11:19:49 AM) dpm: dholbach, akgraner, jcastro, for those who don't know us, and might be wondering who these people are, shall we do a quick intro about ourselves?
(11:20:00 AM) dholbach: dpm: good idea
(11:20:02 AM) jcastro: sure
(11:20:24 AM) jcastro: I'm Jorge Castro, I live in Royal Oak, MI and I do external developer relations @ Canonical Ltd.
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(11:21:15 AM) dholbach: I'm Daniel Holbach, work for this funny Englishman ( and try to make Developing Ubuntu even more fun than it already is. I'm glad to work with all the great people who hang out in #ubuntu-community-team :)
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(11:21:28 AM) dpm: My name is David Planella, and I'm the Ubuntu Translations Coordinator @ Canonical. My job is to ensure translation teams keep rocking as they usually do, so that Ubuntu is available in everyone's language
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(11:22:32 AM) akgraner: I'm Amber Graner and I live in Western North Carolina just ourside of Asheville, and write about the Ubuntu Community and help with various things in the Community.  I am currently the Ubuntu Women Leader and Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Editor in Chief
(11:22:50 AM) dholbach: I just thought akgraner might be busy organising ALL of the Ubuntu community while we do petty introductions
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(11:23:08 AM) ***dpm hugs akgraner
(11:23:26 AM) ***dholbach hugs akgraner, dpm and jcastro
(11:23:27 AM) dholbach: awesome
(11:23:47 AM) jcastro: maybe we should do a bit of Q+A
(11:23:49 AM) dholbach: that's probably the first thing you learn in the Ubuntu community: hugging is an essential part :)
(11:23:50 AM) jcastro: about openweek
(11:23:58 AM) jcastro: and maybe some general questions about 10.04?
(11:25:22 AM) dholbach: <humphreybc48> QUESTION: Ubuntu All Stars! What's happening with this? I'm keen for a jam at UDS.
(11:25:39 AM) dholbach: humphreybc48 brings up an important topic: parties, but also UDS. :)
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(11:26:41 AM) dholbach: UDS stands for Ubuntu Developer Summit - will happen next week near Brussels, Belgium and this will be the place where a lot of us will come together and discuss the specifics of what 10.10 will look like
(11:26:48 AM) dholbach: jcastro surely knows a bit more
(11:27:05 AM) jcastro: I will have a session on Friday
(11:27:13 AM) jcastro: on how you can participate in the UDS remotely
(11:27:15 AM) dholbach: ooooh!
(11:27:19 AM) jcastro: yes
(11:27:25 AM) jcastro: we have microphones and IRC channels set up
(11:27:45 AM) jcastro: and you can listen in on the sessions and participate in IRC, and in each room we have a big projector showing the IRC channel
(11:28:01 AM) jcastro: so it's just like this except we talk back to you over the icecast stream
(11:28:05 AM) jcastro: (it will be cool)
(11:28:25 AM) ClassBot: X3MBoy asked: What happen with the fontface of the new ubuntu look? Is it already realeased?
(11:28:36 AM) dpm: jcastro, I've heard you've got a session on how to participate remotely, haven't you?
(11:29:18 AM) jcastro: X3MBoy: it's not finished yet unfortunately
(11:29:22 AM) dholbach: regarding ubuntu allstars: it will happen, so please join and start the discussion of your favourite songs if you're going to be there and know how to jam! :)
(11:29:50 AM) ClassBot: humphreybc48 asked: Why does still have the old Ubuntu logo?
(11:30:38 AM) jcastro: humphreybc48: the new look (like the font) is also not finished
(11:30:52 AM) jcastro: I know the web team is working really hard to convert all ubuntu pages to the new look and feel
(11:31:11 AM) ClassBot: mhall119|lernid asked: Will UDS-M have video streams in addition to audio?  I felt like I missed a lot last cycle by not being able to see
(11:31:53 AM) jcastro: We usually have videos
(11:31:58 AM) jcastro: of the plenaries at least.
(11:32:12 AM) jcastro: I am not sure we will do videos of the sessions this time, but we'll have interviews, etc.
(11:32:20 AM) dholbach: nice
(11:32:46 AM) akgraner: we have daily interviews planned
(11:32:56 AM) dpm: there you go
(11:33:12 AM) ClassBot: ubuntoogle asked: Can we attend the developer summit  online too?
(11:33:19 AM) akgraner: and I'm going to see if I can't stream some of them but it's a work in progress
(11:33:39 AM) jcastro: ubuntoogle:
(11:33:52 AM) jcastro: that page has all the info you need to participate at UDS.
(11:33:52 AM) ClassBot: sirmacik asked: Is the open week going to be organised more frequently or only after new release or less?
(11:34:04 AM) dholbach: ubuntoogle: and on Friday 18 UTC jcastro will give a session about "How to participate remotely at an Ubuntu Developer Summit" too
(11:34:15 AM) dholbach: ubuntoogle: so you should be all covered :)
(11:34:50 AM) dholbach: sirmacik: organising an Ubuntu Open Week is more effort than you can imagine, maybe you should talk to jcastro and akgraner about joining their team :)
(11:35:02 AM) dholbach: sirmacik: in addition to that we have Ubuntu Developer Week once a cycle too
(11:35:14 AM) akgraner: sirmacik, currently it is after each release, with added weeks throughout each cycle, Ubuntu Developer Week, Ubuntu User Days, Ubuntu Opportunistic Developer Week as well
(11:35:20 AM) dholbach: plus sessions in
(11:35:52 AM) ClassBot: takelifeeasy asked: Is there an agenda to each open week section or just a Q&A?
(11:36:44 AM) dholbach: takelifeeasy: all sessions have a healthy part of Q&A - it's important to us that our presenters don't just dump a lenthy script on their audience but that everybody gets a fair chance to ask their questions and find out what's important to them
(11:37:09 AM) dholbach: takelifeeasy: the sessions that are marked Q+A will have a very large amount of time dedicated for that, but all the others will have an agenda
(11:37:52 AM) ClassBot: humphreybc48 asked: Will there be ample opportunity to taste the local culture/beer?
(11:38:10 AM) dpm: re: the previous question. yes, the important thing is to get a right balance of overview of each topic with a conversation with nes and interested contributors
(11:38:19 AM) dholbach: humphreybc48: man, you make UDS and the Ubuntu community look like there's nothing but parties and drinks :)
(11:38:45 AM) dpm: After a hard days work there'll be plenty of time to party and get to know interesting people :)
(11:38:51 AM) dholbach: humphreybc48: but I think it's safe to assume that some of the quite diverse offering of Belgian beer will be available at UDS
(11:40:12 AM) ClassBot: A-R-R asked: Whats happening with the mobile version of ubuntu? (or I heard wrong and there isn't any?)
(11:41:40 AM) dpm: Ubuntu is innovating in many areas, and mobile is obviously one of them. Stay tuned for more :)
(11:41:54 AM) dholbach: A-R-R: if you have a look at you'll see what the Ubuntu Netbook Edition is all about
(11:42:13 AM) dpm: The Lucid version is just awesome
(11:42:16 AM) dholbach: I believe the team is hanging out in #ubuntu-mobile and they'll be happy to take your questions
(11:42:50 AM) dholbach: there'll be loads going on at UDS regarding ARM, Mobile and all the rest of it
(11:43:58 AM) dholbach: I personally just love how diverse Ubuntu Open Week is. When I first got interested in Open Source if you wanted to get involved, there was "check out cvs, start hacking" and nothing else
(11:44:23 AM) akgraner: dholbach, Open Week is what hooked me on learning more :-)
(11:44:41 AM) ClassBot: DrKenobi asked: can i use Lernid in Ubuntu Open Week in Spanish?
(11:45:00 AM) dholbach: Open Week should give you a great insight into translating, our LoCo community, all the different subprojects (Edubuntu, etc.), Getting Help, keeping your team energised, and ... hacking too :)
(11:45:50 AM) jcastro: we'll be adding some Kubuntu sessions as well
(11:45:55 AM) dholbach: Are there any more questions about Open Week? Particular sessions? Particular parts of the community? Come on, don't be shy! :)
(11:46:01 AM) jcastro: (Pro tip: check the schedule often)
(11:46:31 AM) dholbach: Thank God there's jcastro and his pro tips!
(11:47:20 AM) dholbach: You can ask dpm personal questions too, if you like.
(11:47:29 AM) dpm: DrKenobi, right now it is not possible to connect there with Lernid, but we can probably work on that
(11:47:38 AM) ***dpm hugs dholbach
(11:48:09 AM) ***dholbach hugs dpm back :)
(11:48:47 AM) jcastro: Any more questions?
(11:48:59 AM) ClassBot: quappa1 asked: What's "Proactive Security Demo" session on the 5th of May by Kees Cook?
(11:49:19 AM) dpm: You can find out more information about the sessions here:
(11:49:30 AM) dpm: as per the security session:
(11:49:31 AM) jcastro: the security demo should be cool
(11:49:37 AM) jcastro: it's the first time he's doing something like this
(11:50:04 AM) dpm: "See the kinds of proactive security in Lucid, and how it works. I'll be using an EC2 "screenbin" session to show off how Ubuntu is protected from many common (and uncommon) security vulnerabilities.
(11:50:04 AM) dpm: Includes password hashing, stack protection, catching buffer overflows, non-executable memory, NULL-pointer protection, memory randomization, AppArmor, and plenty more."
(11:50:43 AM) dpm: sounds interesting indeed!
(11:51:22 AM) jcastro: ANy other questions before we start the Ubuntu One Session?
(11:52:21 AM) dholbach: Maybe anything else regarding Ubuntu and its community you were wondering about?
(11:52:52 AM) dpm: or any aspects in which you think you could contribute and you'd like to ask how?
(11:54:32 AM) jcastro: dholbach: I guess we'll wait the 5 minutes for the next session
(11:54:36 AM) jcastro: smoke if you got em!
(11:54:41 AM) dholbach: OK, then let's take a 5 minute break until aquarius introduces us to Ubuntu One.
(11:55:03 AM) dholbach: Time for everybody to stock up on coffee, tea and snacks - whatever keeps you going. :-)
(11:55:12 AM) dholbach: Have a fantastic Open Week!
(11:55:15 AM) akgraner: Thanks dpm dholbach and jcastro you all rock!
(11:55:19 AM) dholbach: and thanks for coming!
(11:55:26 AM) dholbach: akgraner: you too! :)
(11:55:40 AM) dpm: Thank you everyone for listening, now let's have a rocking Ubuntu Open Week!

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