Open Week -- Ubuntu Women -- Amber Graner -- Thu, May 6

   1 [19:00] <akgraner> Hi all!
   2 [19:00] <akgraner> [slide 1]
   3 [19:00] <akgraner> Hi everyone!   I'm Amber Graner or akgraner on IRC.
   4 [19:01] <ClassBot> Slides for Ubuntu Women: http://frylock.redvoodoo.org/~akgraner/Ubuntu_Women_Session_Open_Week_Lucid.pdf
   5 [19:01] <akgraner> I'll be using slides today - so if you want to follow along please do :-)
   6 [19:02] <akgraner> just to make sure slide one is up
   7 [19:02] <akgraner> [slide 1]
   8 [19:02] <akgraner> this is my 1st open week session I am leading
   9 [19:02] <akgraner> so please be patient with me :-)
  10 [19:02] <akgraner> so who am I?
  11 [19:02] <akgraner> Currently I am the Ubuntu Women Project Leader.
  12 [19:02] <akgraner> However I also wear a couple other hats in the Ubuntu Community as well  - I recently became the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter – Editor-in-Chief and I am active on NC LoCo Team, and helper to jcastro and crew for open week.
  13 [19:03] <akgraner> I have a blog called You-In-Ubuntu on www.ubuntu-user.com and contribute to the new Ubuntu User Magazine as well
  14 [19:03] <akgraner> That's probably more information than anyone really wanted to know about me :-D
  15 [19:03] <akgraner> So lets get started -
  16 [19:03] <akgraner> [slide 2]
  17 [19:03] <akgraner> oday  I want to talk and share with you a few aspects of the Ubuntu Women Project.
  18 [19:03] <akgraner> This talk is about the following:
  19 [19:03] <akgraner> What is the Ubuntu Women Project?
  20 [19:03] <akgraner> Current initiatives
  21 [19:03] <akgraner> Why Participation is important
  22 [19:03] <akgraner> Review Lucid (10.04) Goals
  23 [19:03] <akgraner> Preview Meerkat (10.10) Goals
  24 [19:03] <akgraner> How you can help!
  25 [19:03] <akgraner> And once we get through this and if there is time we'll have some  Q & A
  26 [19:04] <akgraner> (please let me know if I am going to fast to slow etc)
  27 [19:04] <akgraner> [slide 3]
  28 [19:05] <akgraner> I also wanted to state up front what this talk is NOT –
  29 [19:05] <akgraner> A debate on if women/chix/girlz groups are needed
  30 [19:05] <akgraner> (they are, enough said)
  31 [19:05] <akgraner> A debate on Feminism
  32 [19:05] <akgraner> (there is nothing to debate – we believe equality is a good thing)
  33 [19:05] <akgraner> A debate on Sexism (what it is or if it exists)
  34 [19:05] <akgraner> (It still exists!)
  35 [19:06] <akgraner> while there are places to discuss those things it's not the focus of today's session
  36 [19:06] <akgraner> [slide 4]
  37 [19:07] <akgraner> so what is the Ubuntu Women Project
  38 [19:07] <akgraner> Melissa Draper (elky) make a great business card that sums up “elevator pitch” style what Ubuntu Women is all about.
  39 [19:07] <akgraner> Encouraging Women to use and contribute to Ubuntu
  40 [19:07] <akgraner> But how the how is what we we talk about a little later in the session
  41 [19:07] <akgraner> [slide 5]
  42 [19:08] <akgraner> I highlighted UWP as I often refer to the project with either UW or UWP. So if I do that today you will know what I am referring to.
  43 [19:09] <akgraner> Just a little history about the project  - The project was founded in 2006 by Vid Ayer, then others quickly joined.  In 2007 Elizabeth Krumbach (pleia2) was instrumental in getting all the pieces and parts (mailing list, forums, irc, and website) joined together for one collaborative Ubuntu Women Project working together under shared common goals.
  44 [19:09] <akgraner> since 2007 there have been many more outstanding team members  and contributors
  45 [19:10] <akgraner> [slide 6]
  46 [19:10] <akgraner> The most important and key word here is  - TEAM.
  47 [19:10] <akgraner>  Teams are known by their devotion to teamwork rather than individual achievement and the Ubuntu Women Project has a talented, skilled, resourceful, knowledgeable team supporting it that is just amazingly awesome!
  48 [19:11] <akgraner> While no one is doubting how powerful a statement  the words foster, contributors,  involvement, mentoring, inspiration, projects, boost visibility, women, all, Ubuntu, invite,help, exciting, social, and  rewarding are – none of the stuff the Project does would be possible without the dedicated efforts of the TEAM
  49 [19:11] <akgraner> [slide 7]
  50 [19:11] <akgraner> The question now in my mind is how does the Project Accomplish those things listed above.
  51 [19:11] <akgraner> Let's take a look at some of the ways-
  52 [19:11] <akgraner> [slide 8]
  53 [19:12] <akgraner> we do so with the following
  54 [19:12] <akgraner> Current Initiatives include
  55 [19:12] <akgraner> 1st Annual Ubuntu Women International Women's Day Competition
  56 [19:12] <akgraner> 1st Annual Ubuntu Women World Play Day Competition
  57 [19:12] <akgraner> We are finding great sponsors for these competitions, believe in the merit and worth of the Ubuntu Women Project as much as the team members themselves.
  58 [19:13] <akgraner> Also we try to involve the whole community in the competitions by asking the whole community to take part in voting and not only that but, we ask Jono Bacon, our Ubuntu Community Manager to take part as well.  By doing this we are illustrating that we are and will continue to find ways to encourage women by encouraging and relying upon inclusive community participation.
  59 [19:13] <akgraner> Through these competitions the Ubuntu Women Project  helps increase the visibility of women and girls who use and contribute to Ubuntu.
  60 [19:13] <akgraner> Remember the focus in on encouraging women to use and contribute to Ubuntu by mentoring, retaining, inspiring, as well as increasing the visibility of women in the Ubuntu Community through an inclusive, inviting, rewarding, social, and exciting team
  61 [19:14] <akgraner> [slide 9]
  62 [19:15] <akgraner> So the UW International Women's Day Competition was new this year to the team and we were able to celebrate and see how many women in the Ubuntu Community discovered Ubuntu in the “How I discovered Ubuntu” story submissions.
  63 [19:15] <akgraner> All the stories were great – and illustrate that each of us (female/male) discover things in very different ways.
  64 [19:15] <akgraner> If you haven't had a chance to read those stories yet, take a moment and go to: http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Events/Competitions/InternationalWomensDay/HowIDiscoveredUbuntu?action=show&redirect=InternationalWomensDay/HowIDiscoveredUbuntu
  65 [19:16] <akgraner> And many thanks again to all those sent in stories, voted, and those who later read them and are encouraged by them.  Remember this WILL be an annual event :-)
  66 [19:16] <akgraner> [slide 10]
  67 [19:17] <akgraner> 1st Annual Ubuntu Women World Play Day Competition
  68 [19:17] <akgraner> Haven't heard of this yet then visit: http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Events/Competitions/WorldPlayDay
  69 [19:17] <akgraner> (as I make of note to advertise these better if you haven't heard of it yet)
  70 [19:17] <akgraner> Basically  -
  71 [19:17] <akgraner> "We would love to have a collection of examples of young girls (toddlers through to 12 years old) playing with -- and loving, and being encouraged to pursue -- Ubuntu. This would allow parents of girls to demonstrate that it really is ok to be intrigued by the shiny screens, blinking lights, tappity-tap of keyboards, and faint whirs of computer fans."
  72 [19:18] <akgraner> This competition is currently underway.  Do you know of a girl ages 2-12 that uses Ubuntu?
  73 [19:18] <akgraner> Have they submitted a photo?  If so thanks!  If not there are only a few days left to get them submitted.
  74 [19:18] <akgraner> All entries must be submitted no later than 2359UTC 14th May 2010  Good Luck!
  75 [19:18] <akgraner> Remember those great sponsors I was talking about a minute ago – Many thanks have to go to  Canonical, Linux Pro, Ubuntu Use, private contributors, and most especially ZaReason for their generous netbook and USB necklace which by the way will go to the community choice winner of the competition.
  76 [19:19] <akgraner> Ubuntu User I meant
  77 [19:19] <akgraner> Again  - community participation  - ZaReason is an Ubuntu based Business and we want to help promote those businesses as well.
  78 [19:19] <akgraner> [slide 11]
  79 [19:20] <akgraner> this slide is all about some of our printable resources
  80 [19:20] <akgraner> We also have many talent team members who contribute unselfishly to out resources page.
  81 [19:20] <akgraner> s/out/our
  82 [19:20] <akgraner> It is always helpful when giving talks, conferences, fest etc to have material about a project you can share with others.   This is some of those resources.
  83 [19:21] <akgraner> I never thought I would be the “poster child” for a women's group  - but someone (elky) thought it was a good idea.
  84 [19:21] <akgraner> Here are some other folks who helped with these resources:
  85 [19:21] <akgraner> Original Logo by: Troy Sobotka
  86 [19:21] <akgraner> Ubuntu Women Project Poster and
  87 [19:21] <akgraner> Business Cards by: Melissa Draper
  88 [19:21] <akgraner> Ubuntu Women Project Flier by:
  89 [19:21] <akgraner> Elizabeth Krumbach and Nuhaa All Bakry
  90 [19:22] <akgraner> and as you can see it is a collaborative effort on the part of many - which is fantastic
  91 [19:23] <akgraner> We are always looking for more new and creative resources to help get the word out about the project. - Got an idea lets hear it.
  92 [19:23] <akgraner> At then end of this session there will be a list of ways to get in touch with the team.
  93 [19:23] <akgraner> [slide 12]
  94 [19:24] <akgraner> The translation efforts have taken off like wildfire but we still need some more help in translating our wiki pages.
  95 [19:25] <akgraner> currently there are
  96 [19:25] <akgraner> 39 Languages
  97 [19:25] <akgraner> Ubuntu Women Project Wiki PagesTranslations have started in
  98 [19:25] <akgraner> 4 Languages to date: Brazilian Portuguese, French, Italian, Spanish
  99 [19:25] <akgraner> the Goal
 100 [19:25] <akgraner> That all women in the Ubuntu Community have access and opportunity to read, use, and contribute to the Ubuntu Women Project Wikis and do so in their own language
 101 [19:26] <akgraner> For more information on UW translation needs please see: http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/PagesNeedingTranslated
 102 [19:26] <akgraner> [slide 13]
 103 [19:26] <akgraner> Mentoring
 104 [19:26] <akgraner> The Ubuntu-Women Mentors program allows new Ubuntu contributors to work together with experienced developers, translators, documentation writers, testers, and other skilled contributors.
 105 [19:27] <akgraner> GOAL
 106 [19:27] <akgraner> to encourage women and newcomers in Ubuntu to increase participation and contribute to tasks where they have no experience and are willing to learn.
 107 [19:27] <akgraner> (notice we are not exclusive on who we mentor  - we are inclusive and as such open to all)
 108 [19:28] <akgraner> We are Building on the Motto of:
 109 [19:28] <akgraner> Each-One-Teach-One
 110 [19:28] <akgraner> As you will see in just a few slides we are re-vamping and re-organizing this program  - but our end goals remail the same.  Are you currently a mentor in the Ubuntu or FOSS communities?  Are you and ubuntu women team member looking for a mentor if so let us know.
 111 [19:28] <akgraner> #ubuntu-women-project on IRC.
 112 [19:28] <akgraner> s/and/an
 113 [19:29] <akgraner> [slide 14]
 114 [19:29] <akgraner> This slide is just a illustration of how participation spiked various reasons after UDS-L and that spike in energy, participation, excitement is what helps the team accomplish the goals of the project.
 115 [19:30] <akgraner> [slide 15]
 116 [19:30] <akgraner> This slide shows the rise in people joining our launchpad team which is currently how we track registered team members,  the spikes also line up with participation.
 117 [19:31] <akgraner> [slide 16]
 118 [19:32] <akgraner> UDS-L was the 1st UDS where the Ubuntu Women Project had a series of sessions dedicated to the success and effectiveness of the Project in the Ubuntu Community
 119 [19:32] <akgraner> Since it was founded in 2006 participation and growth have continued
 120 [19:33] <akgraner> and in 2009 - serious planning for each cycle started to take shape
 121 [19:34] <akgraner> with roadmaps, blueprints, and recognition in the great FOSS communities
 122 [19:34] <ClassBot> maco asked: what is the slide 14 a graph of? It says "number of attendees", but what is meant by attendees? Attendees to what?
 123 [19:35] <akgraner> ahh - sorry - the attendees are people who attended the Ubuntu Women Project IRC Meetings
 124 [19:35] <akgraner> the monthly Team meetings
 125 [19:35] <akgraner> (thanks for the question I'll fix the slide :-D )
 126 [19:36] <akgraner> So what were those goals for the Lucid cycle?
 127 [19:37] <akgraner> We had 3 Initial Goals which came out of UDS-L
 128 [19:37] <akgraner> 1. Clarify the purpose of the #ubuntu-women channel
 129 [19:37] <akgraner> 2. Create a safe (for lack of better word at the time of planning) space IRC channel
 130 [19:37] <akgraner> 3. Appoint a leader of the Ubuntu Women team, complete with codified expectations around the role
 131 [19:38] <akgraner> and as a team we accomplished all of these goals during the Lucid cycle
 132 [19:39] <akgraner> For more information on the UDS_L Goals please go to: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Roadmaps/Lucid/UbuntuWomen
 133 [19:40] <akgraner> With UDS-M taking place next week  - we are looking forward to those goals
 134 [19:40] <akgraner> [slide 17]
 135 [19:41] <akgraner> Project Goals For Maverick:
 136 [19:41] <akgraner> While I will list all of our ambitions the are only a few that will go on the blueprint
 137 [19:41] <akgraner> the next one being one of them
 138 [19:41] <akgraner> Elections
 139 [19:41] <akgraner> Ubuntu Women Team to Elect New Leaders
 140 [19:42] <akgraner> Community
 141 [19:42] <akgraner> Enrollment
 142 [19:42] <akgraner> Online Team Activity
 143 [19:42] <akgraner> Community Activity/Event
 144 [19:42] <akgraner>  
 145 [19:42] <akgraner> Mentoring Program
 146 [19:42] <akgraner> For Community  - we are going to focus on the mentoring program
 147 [19:42] <akgraner> and if we accomplish this community goal we can add the others as needed
 148 [19:43] <akgraner> Marketing and Resources
 149 [19:43] <akgraner> This area is where most of our goals for the Maverick cycle will come from
 150 [19:43] <akgraner> Re-design Ubuntu-Women.com website
 151 [19:43] <akgraner>  
 152 [19:43] <akgraner> Re-design Ubuntu Women Logo
 153 [19:43] <akgraner> Ubuntu-women clothing
 154 [19:43] <akgraner> Presentation at UDS -M -Ubuntu membership stats
 155 [19:44] <akgraner> Ubuntu-Women Clothing is the only item under Marketing and resources that will not be listed on the Blueprint
 156 [19:44] <akgraner> (however if someone wants to design a few things then go for it :-D)
 157 [19:45] <akgraner> [slide 18]
 158 [19:45] <akgraner> How Can you help?
 159 [19:45] <akgraner> (Good question! - Glad you asked)
 160 [19:46] <akgraner> Help Translate Ubuntu Women Wiki Pages
 161 [19:46] <akgraner> Encourage Women in your LoCo Teams to get involved
 162 [19:46] <akgraner> Ask Ubuntu Women Team Members to speak about the project to your Team/Group/Project
 163 [19:47] <akgraner> Do you mentor in other areas of the Ubuntu Community – sign up become a mentor for the Ubuntu Women Project as well
 164 [19:47] <akgraner> Invite Ubuntu Women Team members to speak at conferences/fests/etc
 165 [19:47] <akgraner> (and not about the project specifically but about what they do for Open Source
 166 [19:47] <akgraner> Help with Competitions – Know about a Competition that would work well with the goals of the team – suggest it.
 167 [19:48] <akgraner> but that is just the tip of the iceberg - those are those things which at then end of this session you can go and do if you wanted :-)  (shameless hint there)
 168 [19:49] <akgraner> [slide 19]
 169 [19:49] <akgraner> Where you can find out more about the Ubuntu Women Project
 170 [19:50] <akgraner> we have a few resources/tools
 171 [19:50] <akgraner> Ubuntu Women Website - http://www.ubuntu-women.org/
 172 [19:50] <akgraner> Ubuntu Women IRC Channels on Freenode.net
 173 [19:50] <akgraner> #ubuntu-women and #ubuntu-women-project
 174 [19:50] <akgraner> Ubuntu Women Mailing List - https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/Ubuntu-Women
 175 [19:50] <akgraner> Ubuntu Women Forum
 176 [19:50] <akgraner> http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=76
 177 [19:50] <akgraner> as well as
 178 [19:50] <akgraner> Ubuntu Women Team in Launchpad
 179 [19:50] <akgraner> https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-women
 180 [19:51] <akgraner> are there any questions?
 181 [19:52] <akgraner> if not
 182 [19:52] <akgraner> [slide 19]
 183 [19:52] <akgraner> Thank You!
 184 [19:52] <akgraner> if you want to yak with me in future then I can be found
 185 [19:53] <akgraner> IRC nick – akgraner
 186 [19:53] <akgraner> Email: akgraner [ a t ] ubuntu [ d o t ] com
 187 [19:53] <akgraner> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AmberGraner
 188 [19:53] <akgraner> <johnc4510> akgraner: you seem to be very well organized. Maybe you could give us a little background on yourself that would give us some insight on how you do it.
 189 [19:54] <akgraner> I think I just don't know any better :-)
 190 [19:54] <akgraner> nah
 191 [19:54] <akgraner> I am a busy mom with 2 teenagers and a husband who's job has *always* caused him to travel for the last 18 years
 192 [19:55] <akgraner> and running an efficient household  - you have to be organizer  (though I fall short a lot but I try )
 193 [19:56] <akgraner> I try to plan my day looking forward  the night before
 194 [19:56] <akgraner> housework in the mornings - ubuntu stuff til the kids get home
 195 [19:57] <akgraner> I think the Army also had something to do with planning - there was a motto there  - poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine
 196 [19:57] <akgraner> so I try to plan
 197 [19:58] <akgraner> QUESTION: what can be done to bring and encourage women to Ubuntu/Linux
 198 [19:58] <akgraner> good question  - there is a lot that can be done - and there is no one way to do it
 199 [19:59] <akgraner> I would say act locally think globally - meaning look in your "backyard" and those folks and what is happening around you and what their interest are
 200 [19:59] <akgraner> but keep your eye on the bigger FOSS picture to see where people can get involved there as well
 201 [20:00] <akgraner> Thanks everybody
 202 [20:00] <akgraner> you all rock!
 203 [20:00] <akgraner> If I didn't answer you pop into #ubuntu-women-project
 204 [20:00] <akgraner> and ask away

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