Open Week -- Ask Mark -- Mark Shuttleworth -- Thu, Oct 14

   1 [15:01] <jcastro> sabdfl: Welcome, please introduce yourself!
   2 [15:01] <jcastro> and then we'll begin!
   3 [15:02] <sabdfl> hi all!
   4 [15:02] <sabdfl> very glad to be here
   5 [15:02] <sabdfl> looking fwd to your questions
   6 [15:02] <jcastro> sabdfl: people are already wondering about
   7 [15:02] <sabdfl> congrats and thanks to everyone who helped build 10.10, it was a tight but very well-run cycle
   8 [15:02] <jcastro> if you want to kick it off talking about unity and utouch I think that would be a nice way to start things
   9 [15:02] <sabdfl> okdokey
  10 [15:03] <sabdfl> 2 years ago we had a flood of PC manufacturers wanting us to help them build their own OS's
  11 [15:03] <sabdfl> everyone wanted a Linux
  12 [15:03] <sabdfl> and they wanted them all to be different
  13 [15:03] <sabdfl> and they wanted them all to be built on the core of Ubuntu
  14 [15:03] <sabdfl> we did engage with some of them
  15 [15:03] <sabdfl> but we saw that world graudally fragmenting, and that path wasn't going to make linux a world class, strong competitor
  16 [15:03] <sabdfl> to the established proprietary platforms
  17 [15:04] <sabdfl> so we decided to put all of our own effort into a focused designed and engineered UI for netbooks
  18 [15:04] <sabdfl> that started with UNR
  19 [15:04] <sabdfl> which evolved (with a clean sheet at one point) into Unity
  20 [15:05] <sabdfl> it's come together quite well for 10.10, we didn't get it all done as we hoped and there are issues on certain hardware
  21 [15:05] <sabdfl> but feedback is generally that people love the design and direction
  22 [15:05] <sabdfl> want bugs fixed
  23 [15:05] <sabdfl> and want it to work on all the hardware possible
  24 [15:05] <sabdfl> so, that will be our focus in 11.04
  25 [15:05] <sabdfl> also
  26 [15:06] <sabdfl> we're starting to see a new generation of mouse, essentially, that brings touch to netbooks too
  27 [15:06] <sabdfl> there wasn't any great open source touch framework anywhere
  28 [15:06] <sabdfl> and we have a view on touch beyond basic touch, towards "gesture languages"
  29 [15:06] <sabdfl> which nobody else was really tackling
  30 [15:06] <sabdfl> so
  31 [15:06] <sabdfl> uTouch
  32 [15:06] <sabdfl> the beginnings of that are in 10.10
  33 [15:07] <sabdfl> it will evolve for 11.04, and it will get easier to integrate with normal apps
  34 [15:07] <sabdfl> so, you should be zooming and scrolling with touch in 11.04 all over the place
  35 [15:07] <sabdfl> we'll also integrate window management and touch
  36 [15:07] <sabdfl> which is pretty slick to see in action
  37 [15:07] <sabdfl> the video gives you a taste
  38 [15:07] <sabdfl> how's that for an intro?
  39 [15:07] <jcastro> Great, on with the questions
  40 [15:07] <ClassBot> autif1 asked: What is the future of my favorite OS with embedded devices? Specifically - the guru plug and the sheeva plug - these are ARM based computers.
  41 [15:08] <sabdfl> ARM is now a fully supported architecture in Ubuntu
  42 [15:08] <sabdfl> the ARM ecosystem is coming together in something called Linaro, and Canonical is very much part of that
  43 [15:08] <sabdfl> Linaro is a forum to get stuff done, not a consortium or a new distro
  44 [15:09] <sabdfl> it's where we can set a roadmap for a unified ARM kernel, and set the pace for the ARM toolchain
  45 [15:09] <sabdfl> in 10.10, for example, the whole of Ubuntu is built with GCC that includes patches from ARM
  46 [15:09] <sabdfl> that makes everyone's life a little better, but a little more complicated
  47 [15:09] <sabdfl> it helps get those patches upstream faster, because they've been exercised at Ubuntu-scale
  48 [15:09] <sabdfl> which is good
  49 [15:10] <sabdfl> so, you can count on ARM support in 11.04 and the foreseeable future
  50 [15:10] <sabdfl> next!
  51 [15:10] <jcastro> !y
  52 [15:10] <ClassBot> Pendulum asked: Today is the 41st annual World Standards Day with this year's being focused on Accessibility standards. Are there plans to improve Ubuntu's accessibility and to bring things like the Ubuntu website in line with web accessibility standards?
  53 [15:10] <sabdfl> yes, accessibility is important, please file bugs where we let you down on that front
  54 [15:11] <sabdfl> for 11.04, a11y is one concentrated push for the Unity team, for example
  55 [15:11] <sabdfl> we need all the help we can get, though
  56 [15:11] <sabdfl> there's no commercial case for it, we do it because we think it's important
  57 [15:11] <sabdfl> commercial engagements related to it would help, and folks on the team who are interested can make a big, big difference
  58 [15:11] <sabdfl> next!
  59 [15:12] <ClassBot> IdleOne asked: Hey Mark! I wanted to ask about the Code of Conduct and when we will be seeing translated versions for the rest of the world to be able to read and sign in theyre own language?
  60 [15:12] <sabdfl> good question
  61 [15:12] <sabdfl> i don't know, but i'd like to hear flacoste's view, he leads the LP team
  62 [15:12] <sabdfl> i suspect the main issue is prioritisation of that in LP
  63 [15:12] <sabdfl> but LP is open source, so....
  64 [15:12] <sabdfl> also
  65 [15:13] <sabdfl> we should generalise that feature, so teams can have things like service level agreements and can ask people to commit to them
  66 [15:13] <sabdfl> next!
  67 [15:13] <ClassBot> nisshh asked: is anything further happening with 'Windicators'?
  68 [15:13] <sabdfl> it's in the queue
  69 [15:13] <sabdfl> just not a top priority, with everything else moving on
  70 [15:14] <sabdfl> i'd like to see it, but i'm not going to force it when i know we have other things to juggle
  71 [15:14] <sabdfl> we already have the AppIndicators protocol
  72 [15:14] <sabdfl> all we need is a variant of that to associate the indicator with a window
  73 [15:14] <sabdfl> and a plugin for (your favourite window manager) to agree to render the indicator
  74 [15:14] <sabdfl> next!
  75 [15:14] <ClassBot> ssj6akshat asked: Is Canonical profitable yet, or How much time more until it is?
  76 [15:15] <sabdfl> no, and some :-)
  77 [15:15] <sabdfl> it's important that Ubuntu have a strong commercial footing
  78 [15:15] <sabdfl> that gives people confidence in the future of the platform
  79 [15:15] <sabdfl> it helps build the base of investment in the distro
  80 [15:16] <sabdfl> and Canonical is a good partner to our community, I believe, so Canonical's health is good for the community too
  81 [15:16] <sabdfl> we chose to take on multiple things: servers, desktops, ARM
  82 [15:16] <sabdfl> which creates contention and slows down the march to profitability
  83 [15:16] <sabdfl> but it also makes Ubuntu more valuable as a cohesive platform
  84 [15:17] <sabdfl> and i'm still confident we will break through on each of those fronts
  85 [15:17] <sabdfl> next!
  86 [15:17] <ClassBot> mhall119 asked: What is Project Harmony?
  87 [15:17] <sabdfl> Harmony is an effort to simplify the forest of contribution agreements into a few, well thought through trees
  88 [15:18] <sabdfl> at the moment, there are literally hundreds of contribution agreements (also called copyright assignment agreements, because amongst other things, that's usually what they involve)
  89 [15:18] <sabdfl> i believe contribution agreements are really important to stimulating a healthy ecosystem of corporate involvement in the long tail of open source
  90 [15:19] <sabdfl> they are not important for the linux kernel, which will always be cool and sexy and in many cases mission critical for so many companies and individuals you will always have a flood of contribution
  91 [15:19] <sabdfl> but they are important for many of the things we want to be there, in quality and to "just work"
  92 [15:19] <sabdfl> i worry that this is badly understood by the broader community
  93 [15:20] <sabdfl> there are some myths about open source
  94 [15:20] <sabdfl> most of the work is done by folks who have a genuine commercial interest in seeing it done
  95 [15:20] <sabdfl> in many cases, that interest is tangential to the ownership of the code
  96 [15:20] <sabdfl> but in many cases, it's not
  97 [15:21] <sabdfl> for example, compare Qt and Gtk
  98 [15:21] <sabdfl> Qt has a contribution agreement, Gtk doesn't
  99 [15:21] <sabdfl> for a while, back in the bubble, Sun, Red Hat, Ximian and many other companies threw money at Gtk
 100 [15:21] <sabdfl> it grew and improved very quickly
 101 [15:21] <sabdfl> then they lost interest, and it has stagnated
 102 [15:21] <sabdfl> Qt was owned by Trolltech
 103 [15:22] <sabdfl> it was open source (GPL) but because of the contribution agreement they had many options
 104 [15:22] <sabdfl> including proprietary licensing, which is just fine with me alongside the GPL
 105 [15:22] <sabdfl> and later, because they owned Qt completely, they were an attractive acquisition for Nokia
 106 [15:22] <sabdfl> all in all, the Qt ecosystem benefitted
 107 [15:22] <sabdfl> and the Gtk ecosystem hasn't
 108 [15:22] <sabdfl> so
 109 [15:23] <sabdfl> one of the problems with contribution agreements is that they never had a strong lead
 110 [15:23] <sabdfl> GPL, CC both had clear leadership
 111 [15:23] <sabdfl> and become widely adopted
 112 [15:23] <sabdfl> we've gathered the legal counsel of lots of the top open source companies
 113 [15:23] <sabdfl> we've looked at hundreds of contribution agreements
 114 [15:23] <sabdfl> most, the vast majority, of them look very similar
 115 [15:24] <sabdfl> they talk about copyright, patents, and code
 116 [15:24] <sabdfl> but because they were all written by different lawyers who "just wanted something that works for them", they aren't general
 117 [15:24] <sabdfl> Harmony should produce one, or two, general contribution agreements
 118 [15:24] <sabdfl> perhaps with options, like some of the main open content / code licenses
 119 [15:25] <sabdfl> that way, when you get to a project, if they have a "standard" agreement, you know quickly whether it's OK for you or not
 120 [15:25] <sabdfl> i don't actually think anybody who has found a bug in X and made a patch has said "oh, I'm not going to contribute it because I believe in the GPL and they are under the MIT license"
 121 [15:25] <sabdfl> and similarly, i think contribution is the right thing to do when you participate in a project that requests it
 122 [15:26] <sabdfl> there are some exceptions, in the case of things like plugins which could be whole works in their own right
 123 [15:26] <sabdfl> but if you're making a patch to someone else's codebase, and they own the whole right to that codebase
 124 [15:26] <sabdfl> the generous, and imo right thing to do is to contribute the patch in a way which does not change their rights, or yours
 125 [15:26] <sabdfl> which is under a contribution agreement
 126 [15:26] <sabdfl> we've signed many of them, we have a policy that we always do
 127 [15:27] <sabdfl> only exception ever was a weird, nasty agreement by some company i'd never heard of that said something impossible
 128 [15:27] <sabdfl> which we declined, and i think they fixed
 129 [15:27] <sabdfl> so that's Harmony
 130 [15:27] <sabdfl> next!
 131 [15:27] <ClassBot> ssj6akshat asked: What do you think about OMG! Ubuntu! ?
 132 [15:27] <sabdfl> rocks
 133 [15:27] <sabdfl> next!
 134 [15:28] <ClassBot> ean5533 asked: Hardware issues aside, has the response to Unity been mostly positive? Would you choose another direction if you could go back in time?
 135 [15:28] <sabdfl> it's been flattered, critiqued and emulated, in equal measure ;-)
 136 [15:28] <sabdfl> all are important, i think
 137 [15:28] <sabdfl> the flattery is nice - people like that it's clean, the pieces fit well together, layout and space are considered
 138 [15:29] <sabdfl> the critique is a very good guide to where we need to direct effort
 139 [15:29] <sabdfl> performance on GL
 140 [15:29] <sabdfl> fallbaks where the hardware or drivers are not sufficient
 141 [15:29] <sabdfl> the design decisions we made around file access need careful testing and iteration
 142 [15:30] <sabdfl> and the emulation, well, that's the sincerest form of flattery
 143 [15:30] <sabdfl> and perhaps it's the only way we could realistically have helped those projects which embrace our ideas, after they work
 144 [15:30] <sabdfl> because sometimes you just can't convince folsk any other way than to Just Do It
 145 [15:30] <sabdfl> next!
 146 [15:30] <ClassBot> sebsebseb asked: Will 11.04 be using Gnome 3's  Gnome Shell by default in the desktop version?
 147 [15:31] <sabdfl> we deferred Gnome3 adoption from Maverick, and with retrospect and hindsight i'm very glad we did
 148 [15:31] <sabdfl> we're reviewing the status now in prep for UDS
 149 [15:32] <sabdfl> testing with users and chatting with developers
 150 [15:32] <sabdfl> we need to settle the question before the end of UDS
 151 [15:32] <sabdfl> next!
 152 [15:32] <ClassBot> sebsebseb asked: Favourite Ubuntu release before 10.04 and why?
 153 [15:33] <sabdfl> Dapper Drake. It set our course for LTS's and being a whole platform.
 154 [15:33] <sabdfl> next!
 155 [15:33] <ClassBot> mobster asked: Why Kubuntu is getting less love?? For example no software center and ubuntu one?
 156 [15:33] <sabdfl> because it would cost farmore than i can justify
 157 [15:34] <sabdfl> i do love the kubuntu community, and spend what some would consider an unreasonable amount on doing certain things twice
 158 [15:34] <sabdfl> there is no philanthropic benefit to having TWO free desktops out there
 159 [15:34] <sabdfl> that won't help more folks embrace free software
 160 [15:34] <sabdfl> neither is there much commercial benefit in having two free desktops
 161 [15:35] <sabdfl> so, ask yourself, on what basis do you feel that we're letting you down?
 162 [15:35] <sabdfl> on what basis do you feel you have a right to expect something else?
 163 [15:36] <sabdfl> i admire KDE and Kubuntu, I enjoy using KDE occasionally and hanging out on #kubuntu-devel
 164 [15:36] <sabdfl> and i like the people, except occasionally the odd super-self-interested muppet who expects me to singlehandedly make his wet dreams of technology kfuturism come true
 165 [15:36] <sabdfl> and that's that
 166 [15:36] <sabdfl> next!
 167 [15:36] <ClassBot> danyR asked: About the new ubuntu iconset, any updates? I've read somewhere that some inicial sketeches were supposed to be launched, is it still planned to 11.04?
 168 [15:37] <sabdfl> i don't think we will achieve it for 11.04, no
 169 [15:37] <sabdfl> it's a big program
 170 [15:37] <sabdfl> and we haven't yet started
 171 [15:37] <sabdfl> but i know, if we don't start for 11.10 we won't finish by 12.04
 172 [15:37] <sabdfl> and i really want it done by 12.04 LTS
 173 [15:37] <sabdfl> next!
 174 [15:37] <ClassBot> ssj6akshat asked: What motivated you to invest in making free software and debian user friendly?
 175 [15:37] <sabdfl> hmm
 176 [15:38] <sabdfl> "because the possibility was out there"
 177 [15:38] <sabdfl> you know the answer to the question, "why do you climb dangerously high mountains"?
 178 [15:38] <sabdfl> "because they are there"
 179 [15:38] <sabdfl> life is something we get to use up, once and once only
 180 [15:38] <sabdfl> we should do the boldest, scariest, most important thing with our lives that we can dream
 181 [15:39] <sabdfl> i felt free software could be all the things we want ubuntu to be: easy to use, free of charge, sustainable, beautiful
 182 [15:39] <sabdfl> but nobody else seemed to be interested in getting it there
 183 [15:39] <sabdfl> and it wasn't going to happen by itself
 184 [15:39] <sabdfl> it needed a community that was single-minded about THOSE specific goals
 185 [15:39] <sabdfl> not the things that people seemed to care about
 186 [15:40] <sabdfl> nothing wrong with the kernel community, or the X community, or the other distro communities
 187 [15:40] <sabdfl> i just didn't see anybody who was caring about usability, people, beauty, quality on the desktop
 188 [15:40] <sabdfl> if you think something is possible
 189 [15:40] <sabdfl> and good
 190 [15:40] <sabdfl> and you have the time and resources
 191 [15:40] <sabdfl> and nothing more important to do
 192 [15:40] <sabdfl> then you should do it
 193 [15:41] <sabdfl> and thousands of people seem to agree, becuase they help build it
 194 [15:41] <sabdfl> next!
 195 [15:41] <ClassBot> bilalakhtar asked: Gnome Shell uses a system of notification that is somewhat similar to notify-osd. When Ubuntu would begin using gnome-shell, would you like notify-osd to be used or the notification system of gnome-shell?
 196 [15:41] <sabdfl> notify-osd
 197 [15:41] <sabdfl> we designed and built it in good faith
 198 [15:41] <sabdfl> it's compatible with the standards
 199 [15:41] <sabdfl> we did it long before anybody else seemed to care about reinventing notifications
 200 [15:42] <sabdfl> we expressed a willingness to collaborate around API's when suddenly they did
 201 [15:42] <sabdfl> now we have good code that works, with lots of apps that use it
 202 [15:42] <sabdfl> we'll stick to it
 203 [15:42] <sabdfl> next!
 204 [15:42] <ClassBot> highvoltage asked: Why did Canonical ditch the LPI, and will there be any discounts for the new training for long-time Ubuntu contributors (or ubuntu members)? Currently the server training is more than £1000, which is a bit steep for an individual for an online course.
 205 [15:43] <sabdfl> highvoltage: there was little demand for individuals getting their own certification
 206 [15:43] <sabdfl> and more for something specific to ubuntu that companies could be confident would help their sysadmin teams be productive in an environment where ubuntu was being deployed
 207 [15:43] <sabdfl> i'd like to change the forces of gravity and economics
 208 === Mossyfunk|AFK is now known as Mossyfunk|Sleep
 209 [15:43] <sabdfl> occasionally, we tweak their noses
 210 [15:43] <sabdfl> but in due course they reassert themselves ;-)
 211 [15:44] <sabdfl> next!
 212 [15:44] <ClassBot> SergioMeneses asked: Is there an strategy from Canonical to increase local commercial presence in emerging economies (and not via partners)?
 213 [15:44] <sabdfl> yes
 214 [15:44] <sabdfl> we have an office in Shanghai
 215 [15:44] <sabdfl> we have employees in India and Brazil
 216 [15:44] <sabdfl> and South Africa is starting to embrace Ubuntu for education (highvoltage must have had something to do with that ;-))
 217 [15:44] <sabdfl> and i believe in that mission
 218 [15:45] <sabdfl> but we can't be everywhere, doing everything
 219 [15:45] <sabdfl> partners are very important to us
 220 [15:45] <sabdfl> and where we have the right partner, we are often more effective than we could reasonably expect to be doing everything ourselves
 221 [15:45] <sabdfl> next!
 222 [15:45] <ClassBot> helger asked: What do you think about services like Flattr? Have you considered integrating something like that into the Ubuntu Software Center?
 223 [15:45] <sabdfl> they are very cool, and yes
 224 [15:45] <sabdfl> next!
 225 [15:46] <ClassBot> alecu asked: is there a plan for process isolation for apps installed from untrusted sources (ie, universe, propietary stuff from the software center)? iOS and sugar from the olpc already have something like this.
 226 [15:46] <sabdfl> alecu: using, say, something like AppArmor?
 227 [15:46] <sabdfl> i like the idea!
 228 [15:46] <sabdfl> you should chat with the right folks at UDS about that, if you can come
 229 [15:46] <sabdfl> or raise it on #ubuntu-devel
 230 [15:46] <sabdfl> cc mdz ;-)
 231 [15:47] <sabdfl> next!
 232 [15:47] <sabdfl> can't be
 233 [15:47] <ClassBot> mistrynitesh asked: what are the plans for India?
 234 [15:47] <sabdfl> have we ...
 235 [15:47] <sabdfl> ok
 236 [15:47] <sabdfl> We got the new Rupee symbol in the 10.10 ttf-ubuntu-font-family package
 237 [15:47] <jcastro> (sorry, question mix up)
 238 [15:48] <sabdfl> first OS in the world to support it natively
 239 [15:48] <sabdfl> high-five to sladen and DM for that
 240 [15:48] <sabdfl> I think India has the potential to harness FLOSS in a very potent way
 241 [15:48] <sabdfl> there is little legacy dependency
 242 [15:48] <sabdfl> there is a substantial talent base
 243 [15:48] <sabdfl> the only thing that is required is very directed government policy
 244 [15:49] <sabdfl> that, however, is challenging in India
 245 [15:49] <sabdfl> countries like Brazil might well do better: they too have been experimenting with FLOSS
 246 [15:49] <sabdfl> and can more likely translate that thinking into concrete policy that encourages business, universities, schools and government organisations to use FLOSS
 247 [15:50] <sabdfl> so, it's a race to see who is smarter and more organised about this
 248 [15:50] <sabdfl> next!
 249 [15:50] <ClassBot> danyR asked: What's the plan with indicator-network and indicator-datetime? Is natty going to be the first linux distro ever to ship without a notification area?
 250 [15:50] <sabdfl> without a legacy systray, i hope so
 251 [15:51] <sabdfl> we are building a new GNOME UI for connection-manager, the Intel-Nokia replacement for NetworkManager
 252 [15:51] <ClassBot> There are 10 minutes remaining in the current session.
 253 [15:51] <sabdfl> we'll have to see, in the final analysis, how it pans out
 254 [15:51] <sabdfl> but connman has many advantages in design and testability
 255 [15:51] <sabdfl> NM has more road behind it
 256 [15:51] <sabdfl> i use the connman bits, and they work well for me
 257 [15:51] <sabdfl> with some exceptions
 258 [15:51] <sabdfl> ad-hoc networks
 259 [15:52] <sabdfl> and i haven't had much success with 3G though i believe it works for some
 260 [15:52] <sabdfl> Google is using a derivative in ChromeOS
 261 [15:52] <sabdfl> so, i think it will be solid
 262 [15:52] <sabdfl> and i really like the design work MPT did on the indicator and settings, though it's taking time to implement
 263 [15:52] <sabdfl> next!
 264 [15:52] <ClassBot> popey asked: We often see figures for how many Ubuntu installs there are, 8 million here, 12 million there. Can you give us definitive (near enough) figures and tell us how you arrive at them? This would help dispell some naysayers who claim we're making these numbers up.
 265 [15:53] <sabdfl> no, i have no definitive answer
 266 [15:53] <sabdfl> there are stats
 267 [15:53] <sabdfl> but we can make those say whatever we want
 268 [15:53] <sabdfl> we just don't do any meaningful tracking or registration
 269 [15:54] <sabdfl> anyway, what matters to me is that our users are delighted, whoever they are and however many there are
 270 [15:54] <sabdfl> i do believe we have more than either of those numbers
 271 [15:54] <sabdfl> but i don't think anybody knows for sure, except maybe google, and they haven't said
 272 [15:54] <sabdfl> next!
 273 [15:54] <ClassBot> TLE asked: Any plans on changing the one-cd strategy, to get room for more standard tools, like say a demon administration tool and a firewall?
 274 [15:54] <sabdfl> no
 275 [15:55] <sabdfl> it's a good discipline
 276 [15:55] <sabdfl> we need to get better at helping people find things like those tools of yours, after they install
 277 [15:55] <sabdfl> and forcing less on them up front
 278 [15:55] <sabdfl> next!
 279 [15:55] <ClassBot> BigWhale asked: So, we started brainstorming for Ubuntu event on Balkans in couple of years. What would it take to get you for a keynote speaker? :)
 280 [15:55] <sabdfl> i'm a pushover, except when i'm impossible
 281 [15:55] <sabdfl> so just ask!
 282 [15:56] <sabdfl> if it works, i'll come along
 283 [15:56] <ClassBot> There are 5 minutes remaining in the current session.
 284 [15:56] <sabdfl> but i bet you can get plenty of entertaining speakers without me
 285 [15:56] <sabdfl> there are much better speakers in the ubuntu community and commercial ecosystem
 286 [15:56] <sabdfl> i did enjoy a week in Croatia once
 287 [15:56] <sabdfl> be nice to be back in the area
 288 [15:56] <sabdfl> nexy!
 289 [15:56] <sabdfl> next, even ;-)
 290 [15:56] <jcastro> time for one more
 291 [15:56] <jcastro> waiting for a good one
 292 [15:56] <sabdfl> hard one
 293 [15:56] <ClassBot> danyR asked: I've been following Ubuntu for years. I've also been following the blogosphere for years. I can say, without doubts, that Maverick is the most successful release ever. What's next?
 294 [15:57] <sabdfl> Natty!
 295 [15:57] <sabdfl> next!
 296 [15:57] <jcastro> (Protip: See what's cooking here:
 297 [15:57] <ClassBot> doctormo asked: Do you consider Ubuntu to be a product of the UK?
 298 [15:57] <sabdfl> no
 299 [15:57] <sabdfl> Earth
 300 [15:57] <sabdfl> barely
 301 [15:57] <sabdfl> next!
 302 [15:57] <ClassBot> nigelb asked: What do we do at the end of exhausting a - z for naming? ;)
 303 [15:57] <jcastro> (this will be the last one)
 304 [15:58] <sabdfl> cyrillic, anybody?
 305 [15:58] <sabdfl> thanks all
 306 [15:58] <jcastro> thanks, Mark!
 307 [15:58] <sabdfl> great questions, appreciate the support of the team organising
 308 [15:58] <sabdfl> you all do a wonderful job with Open Week
 309 [15:58] <sabdfl> akgraner and many others, hugs
 310 [15:58] <sabdfl> cheerio
 311 [15:58] <jcastro> alright, I hope you guys are ready for xubuntu with charlie-tca
 312 [15:59] <charlie-tca> Thank you very much for that session, sabdfl. It is always great to be able to listen to you this way.
 313 [15:59] <jcastro> take 2 minutes, smoke if you got em!
 314 [15:59] <sabdfl> yw, have fun here :-)

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