Open Week -- Helping LoCo Teams Help themselves - Laura Czajkowski -- Mon, Oct 11

   1 [16:01] <czajkowski> Aloha, Greetings from the Ubuntu LoCo Council, in case some of you are unfamiliar with us there are 6 of us elected by the CC for a 2 year term to help loco teams, approve and re approve teams and be there to mediate when necessary.   I'm here today to talk to you about how teams can help themselves and to possible give you some ideas on how to improve or if you are looking at settin
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   4 [16:01] <czajkowski> up a team what you could be doing to help the process along.
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   6 [16:01] <czajkowski> We idle in #ubuntu-locoteams and if you are looking for us you can say loco-council or loco council and that pings us.  Also by contacting us on email  loco-council<at>   We're elected to help people and come from various backgrounds and are active in our teams plus on other Ubuntu related teams.  So if you do need us just ask we want to help
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   8 [16:02] <czajkowski> So some helpful resources for teams, we do notice there are a lot of active teams out there but there are others who do need some guidelines and often just having a simple set of guidelines can help a team operate better/more smoothly.
   9 [16:02] <czajkowski>  We set up a Best Guidelines and Practices wiki, and it has been translated but we're always looking for more translations:
  10 [16:02] <czajkowski> These are only suggestions we'd encourage all teams to do but we also appreciate some teams do it differently, however we have found that these checklists DO WORK and those teams that follow them, are active and visible teams.
  11 [16:03] <czajkowski> does anyone have any questions so far?
  12 [16:03] <czajkowski> It's broken down into a monthly to do list
  13 [16:03] <czajkowski> and a cycle based list
  14 [16:03] <czajkowski> this will help teams get organised.  I am a firm believer in lists!
  15 [16:04] <czajkowski> you can make a list and then cross off or action people to help with areas and share out tasks, sharing our tasks is the best way for a team to happy and active. no point in taking it all on board!
  16 [16:05] <ClassBot> RibPreto-Brasil asked: what are LoCo teams?
  17 [16:06] <czajkowski> RibPreto-Brasil: A loco team is a group of ubuntu enthuastics
  18 [16:06] <czajkowski> who meet or talk on IRC mailing lists on Ubuntu related topics
  19 [16:07] <ClassBot> mhall119 asked: where can I find a LoCo team near me?
  20 [16:07] <czajkowski> we have this great facality called the Loco directory
  21 [16:08] <czajkowski> and here it lists all of the loco teams that we have at present
  22 [16:08] <czajkowski> it also lists their contact details
  23 [16:08] <czajkowski> events they are running
  24 [16:08] <czajkowski> and how to get in contact with them
  25 [16:08] <czajkowski> it's extremely useful!
  26 [16:08] <ClassBot> drcooper asked: Is there a minimum number of members necessary to set up a LoCo Team ?
  27 [16:08] <czajkowski> drcooper: nope there isn't
  28 [16:09] <czajkowski> the more the merrier!
  29 [16:10] <czajkowski> people getting together to work on Ubuntu is always encouraged!
  30 [16:10] <czajkowski> Did you know that twice a month the LoCo Council meet? We run a loco health check once a month which is more of an informal discussion session, we encourage people to add topics they'd like more information on, or would like other teams to discuss and we try and get some feed back.
  31 [16:10] <czajkowski> Anyone can add a topic to the health check we just ask you to please turn up for the meeting.  Next cycle if there is still interest in the session we could look at changing or rotating the meeting session ?
  32 [16:10] <czajkowski> the idea of these sessions is to get discssion happening, give feedback on items such as the guidelines and best practices
  33 [16:10] <czajkowski> or the Loco directory
  34 [16:11] <czajkowski> or how to get members more involved
  35 [16:11] <ClassBot> yantraShilpi asked: I'm assuming increasing LoCo activity is very important. Is there a compilation evangelization tools and ideas for increasing LoCo activity?
  36 [16:11] <czajkowski> yantraShilpi: Not as such
  37 [16:12] <czajkowski> we have a vast network, and you have the loco -contacts mailing list
  38 [16:12] <czajkowski> and #ubuntu-lococontacts channel
  39 [16:12] <czajkowski> and the microblogging #tag #locteams
  40 [16:12] <czajkowski> ways of communicating with other teams and getting people to give you feedback on discussion items
  41 [16:13] <ClassBot> drcooper asked: Could you brief us on the mandatory activities to be taken up by a LoCo team to qualify as an official one
  42 [16:13] <czajkowski> drcooper: good question, while there are no offical mandatory activities being active by having monthly meetings
  43 [16:14] <czajkowski> or getting disucssions happening on your mailing list or fourms
  44 [16:14] <czajkowski> if possible going to events or organaning your own events all count
  45 [16:14] <czajkowski> drcooper: having just 2 people doing this makes it a bit harder to approve having 10 people makes it easier
  46 [16:15] <czajkowski> sorry to clarify earlier the #tag is #locoteams
  47 [16:15] <czajkowski> The Council meets once a month for the approval and re approval of teams.  and
  48 [16:15] <czajkowski> If  you are going through one of these processes, you can ask us to have a look at your application prior to the event this makes it easier on all parties and we can give you some pointers if you are missing information.
  49 [16:15] <czajkowski> If you are being re approved this is a standard process that will happen after about 2 years and you just have to go through the same process as before and show us you are still being active.
  50 [16:15] <czajkowski> Have details on your application
  51 [16:16] <czajkowski> name of team how many are in the team launchpad page irc page etc
  52 [16:16] <czajkowski> Have photos! and links to blog posts or mailing list annoucements
  53 [16:16] <czajkowski> tell us what you've done, don't expect us to go through your mailing list loking for  the information
  54 [16:17] <czajkowski> How can we tell if you're active?
  55 [16:17] <czajkowski> Things teams can do to show how active you are doing, TAKE PHOTOS ! I cannot stress how helpful this is to you and to the council to be able to see the event happened! It also is a great way to tell others about the work you are doing as a photo often can show or explain things better than words.
  56 [16:17] <czajkowski> BLOG! about the event once it's in the stages of being planned! Tell people about it! Tell people after the event happened! Let people know how it went!
  57 [16:17] <czajkowski> use the microtag #locoteams it shows up on the loco directory (LD) and also encourages others to try similar events
  58 [16:18] <czajkowski> TEAM REPORTS!!!! TELL the rest of the Ubuntu community about the work you are doing, an easy way to do this  and yes it is easy telling me it's not easy doesn't work :)
  59 [16:18] <czajkowski> a team reporting section under your team heading page, and each month get a person to create the main reporting month ie. OCTOBER and get them to add the basic content to it,
  60 [16:18] <czajkowski> ie. Team meeting, Ubuntu hour, activity on the mailing list etc and then get them to post it to the team mailing list and ask people to add content to it.  Team reports will be part of the approval and re approval application as of next cycle!
  61 [16:18] <czajkowski> Leading by example we do our own team reports!
  62 [16:19] <czajkowski> there are over 140 loco teams!
  63 [16:19] <czajkowski> as of last month only 28 did team reports :(
  64 [16:19] <czajkowski> we could spread the Ubuntu word so much more if teams told one another what they are doing
  65 [16:19] <czajkowski> it helps and encourages others to try similar activites
  66 [16:20] <czajkowski> Team issues:
  67 [16:20] <czajkowski> If a team is having a issue, try and resolve the matter internally or talk to the team leader or point of contact.  IF this fails do come talk to us.  We are a 3rd party and want to help, there is no shame in coming to us, nobody should be made to feel bad for coming to us either. We idle in a few team channels which we are working on helping.
  68 [16:20] <czajkowski> as I said earlier on we idle in #ubuntu-locoteams and if you say loco-council it pings us
  69 [16:21] <czajkowski> we can discuss things in there or we can discuss items privately
  70 [16:21] <czajkowski> if teams are having issues with domain names, Mailing lists trademarks issues if you come to us first we can help with those also
  71 [16:22] <ClassBot> xuacu asked: QUESTION: Could team reports be integrated in team pages of the LoCo Directory?
  72 [16:22] <czajkowski> xuacu: there has been a bug logged about this
  73 [16:22] <czajkowski> we have develoeprs who would like to see this happen also
  74 [16:22] <czajkowski> but at present it has not been worked on
  75 [16:22] <czajkowski> the LD Developers are always looking for help
  76 [16:23] <czajkowski>
  77 [16:23] <czajkowski> and welcome patches and volunteers to work on the project
  78 [16:23] <czajkowski> Any more questions ?
  79 [16:24] <czajkowski> There are numerous teams listed on
  80 [16:24] <czajkowski> if there is none near you or close by
  81 [16:25] <czajkowski> join #ubuntu-locoteams and chat with others
  82 [16:25] <czajkowski> or join a channel of a team near by or of the same language and meet others
  83 [16:26] <ClassBot> AlanBell asked: should loco teams be a legal entity with a bank account etc?
  84 [16:26] <czajkowski> hmmm
  85 [16:26] <czajkowski> so some teams depending on their location have had to do this
  86 [16:26] <czajkowski> but honestly, I don't see a need for it unless you are handing large sums of money
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  88 [16:27] <czajkowski> if you are going to selling t-shirts or items to raise funds for your team that's one thing
  89 [16:27] <czajkowski> but becoming a legal entitiy is a lot more work and not always needed imo
  90 [16:27] <ClassBot> michael_k asked: Sometimes we run very short of people. Any suggestion on operating on a skeleton crew?
  91 [16:28] <czajkowski> michael_k: ok, what I'd suggest here is spread some of the core items among the people
  92 [16:28] <czajkowski> have a team contact
  93 [16:28] <czajkowski> that's the main priority or someone who can relied upon to pass information from the loco contacts mailing list to your team so they are up to date
  94 [16:28] <czajkowski> that person can chair your meetings
  95 [16:29] <czajkowski> also when you have meetings, PLEASE PLEASE post the minutes of the meeting and outcomes to your mailing list or forum this helps get others interested and also for people who may not be able to make the meeting
  96 [16:29] <czajkowski> have someone if possible to do the team report each month that way it gets done
  97 [16:29] <czajkowski> I understand that some teams are small, mine is also but we share the tasks out
  98 [16:29] <czajkowski> we have a person over the mailing list
  99 [16:30] <czajkowski> the website
 100 [16:30] <czajkowski> and it works well
 101 [16:30] <ClassBot> Pernig asked: Where and who would be my first point of contact to get involved in an existing Loco team?
 102 [16:31] <czajkowski> Pernig: I'd go first to and find the team closest to me, so in this example I'll pick my team
 103 [16:31] <czajkowski> I can see here their channel is #ubuntu-ie their wiki page and who their team contact is
 104 [16:31] <czajkowski> I can either mail them asking for information or join their channel
 105 [16:31] <czajkowski> any more questions ?
 106 [16:32] <ClassBot> brousch asked: Our LoCo events are much larger than typical LUG meetings in the area. How can I help the LUGs without making it seem like Ubuntu is trying to take over the LUG?
 107 [16:32] <czajkowski> brousch: yup I see that happens a lot.
 108 [16:32] <czajkowski> what I'd suggest is inviting them to an event
 109 [16:33] <czajkowski> perhaps if you hold an Ubuntu hour
 110 [16:33] <czajkowski> extend an invitation to them
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 112 [16:34] <czajkowski> also ask them if they are having an event can you join
 113 [16:34] <czajkowski> it works both ways
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 115 [16:35] <czajkowski> also on the LD you can see where global events are located
 116 [16:35] <czajkowski> which is great if you are travelling and want to stop by and visit
 117 [16:36] <czajkowski> Any more thoughts/questions ?
 118 [16:37] <ClassBot> brousch asked: How can a LoCo get more shwag from Canonical?
 119 [16:37] <czajkowski> well  APPROVED Teams will now get a once off gift from CAnonical
 120 [16:37] <czajkowski> a banner and a table cloth with Ubuntu branding on them
 121 [16:37] <czajkowski> there are also conference packs for teams and items in them vary if you are an approved or unapproved teams
 122 [16:39] <czajkowski>
 123 [16:42] <czajkowski> I'd also suggest hanging out in #ubuntu-locoteams  it's a useful channel
 124 [16:43] <czajkowski> and a great way to meet other Ubuntu members from teams
 125 [16:43] <czajkowski> bounce ideas off one another and see what teams are doing
 126 [16:45] <czajkowski> Any other comments?
 127 [16:45] <czajkowski> I know a lot of teams are working really hard with their activites
 128 [16:45] <czajkowski> and doing a great job
 129 [16:45] <czajkowski> but we're here to help and ask for advice, so if you've not run an event before just ask
 130 [16:46] <czajkowski> If there are no other comments or questions I guess we can finish up ?
 131 [16:47] <czajkowski> ok thanks folks
 132 [16:47] <czajkowski> hope this has helped
 133 [16:48] <ClassBot> X-Man89 asked: Is there any guides on running Ubuntu Hour events?
 134 [16:48] <czajkowski> xuacu:
 135 [16:48] <czajkowski> not really
 136 [16:48] <czajkowski> just pick a venue
 137 [16:48] <czajkowski> date
 138 [16:48] <czajkowski> time
 139 [16:48] <czajkowski> stick to it!
 140 [16:48] <czajkowski> and meet up and chat
 141 [16:49] <czajkowski> what we've found has worked is picking a topic sometimes and discussing it
 142 [16:49] <czajkowski> so in the past I've shown the LD and asked folks to try it and then they submitted bugs :) so it worked
 143 [16:50] <ClassBot> BigWhale asked: Sorry, I just arrived and if this was already answered I apologize. Recently I started to coordinate the effort for Slovenian LoCo. I noticed that somebody was already doing that before me and their request was rejected at that point. Is there anyone who could help with some basic guidelines about what else it is to be done before we apply for another review. I'd hate to be rejected and would need to wait for two more years
 144 [16:50] <czajkowski> BigWhale: well that sounds like 2 people are doing a smilar job
 145 [16:50] <czajkowski> what I'd suggest is talking to them and seeing how far their efforts have gotten them and possibly team up and help
 146 [16:51] <ClassBot> There are 10 minutes remaining in the current session.
 147 [16:51] <czajkowski> and if you have any issues come talk to myself and the others itnet7 popey leogg and paultag on irc
 148 [16:51] <czajkowski> BigWhale: does that help ?
 149 [16:52] <czajkowski> BigWhale: any issues come talk to us and we'll talk and help.
 150 [16:53] <czajkowski> documenting your work for approval helps grately!
 151 [16:53] <czajkowski> keeping a copy of blog post
 152 [16:53] <czajkowski> or links to media should be included in your application
 153 [16:54] <czajkowski> Ok that's me done for today, I'm back again tomorrow if you want to know how to get more involved in the Ubuntu community from being a user :)
 154 [16:54] <czajkowski> Thanks folks
 155 [16:55] <ClassBot> There are 5 minutes remaining in the current session.
 156 [16:57] <Riddell> ** Kubuntu talk in 5 minutes
 157 [16:58] <czajkowski> hmmm

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