Open Week -- Getting involved via the Beginners Team -- Jessica Ledbetter -- Tue, May 3

   1 [16:58] <jledbetter> xdatap, Thank you. I'll give people a couple of more minutes till I begin. :)
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   4 [17:02] <jledbetter> First, thank you everyone for joining me today!
   5 [17:03] <jledbetter> I'm Jessica, a member of the Ubuntu Beginners Team, as well as a few other projects in Ubuntu.
   6 [17:03] <jledbetter> If you'd like to know more about me, here's my wiki page:
   7 [17:04] <jledbetter> Today, I'm going to go over what the Ubuntu Beginners Team is, how it helps others, how you can help others through it, and also about its focus groups.
   8 [17:04] <jledbetter> Feel free to ask questions at anytime by typing in #ubuntu-classroom-chat QUESTION: question.
   9 [17:05] <jledbetter> For example:
  10 [17:05] <jledbetter> QUESTION: Which animal is better: Meerkat or Narwhal?
  11 [17:06] <jledbetter> ===What is the Beginners Team?===
  12 [17:06] <jledbetter> The Ubuntu Beginners Team exists to enhance the initial experience of new Ubuntu users and to guide existing Ubuntu users into becoming part of the global Ubuntu community.
  13 [17:07] <jledbetter> So, whether you are a non-technical user or a power user, the Ubuntu community has a place where you can contribute and make a difference in Ubuntu.
  14 [17:08] <jledbetter> ===How to help===
  15 [17:09] <jledbetter> People looking for help have many options, and the one that the beginners team focuses on is #ubuntu-beginners
  16 [17:10] <jledbetter> Example questions: (none about the animal kingdom that I've seen so far)
  17 [17:10] <jledbetter> Hi, I'm on Ubuntu 10.10 and my ethernet adapter is not working (the same one i'm using with windows now). It shows up in 'lshw -C network' as disabled. Any ideas?
  18 [17:10] <jledbetter> Is it common practice to encrypt the home directory? it that what most users do?
  19 [17:11] <jledbetter> How do i stop Ubuntu from sleeping?
  20 [17:11] <jledbetter> So, pretty varied.
  21 [17:11] <ClassBot> sebsebseb asked: Why is #ubuntu-beginners not known about by most people who go to #ubuntu wanting help?
  22 [17:12] <jledbetter> Interesting question. As MrChrisDruif said, it's probably due to promotion. We're hoping that by doing this we'll get the word out more :)
  23 [17:14] <jledbetter> We also have channels that focus on certain areas of Ubuntu like #ubuntu-beginners-dev where we get questions like "could you recommend me some project or something to get more soggy about Ubuntu development?"
  24 [17:15] <jledbetter> And that channel is where you'll find me answering questions more often then #ubuntu-beginners :)
  25 [17:16] <jledbetter> We also have team members that focus on user support on the forums: and
  26 [17:17] <ClassBot> sebsebseb asked: Well I didn't know about the beginners dev channel.  Also doesn't the forums have a beginners channel or something, but not run by the same team?
  27 [17:18] <jledbetter> And that's why we're here to spread the word. My area is development, but there are those that love writing wikis and answering all those hard questions like wifi cards not working on a certain laptop.
  28 [17:19] <jledbetter> Yes, there are forums as well. And teams that we connect with like BugControl. There are different types of development that one can go into but #ubuntu-beginners-dev is great for generic "I wanna develop for Ubuntu" and we try to guide the person in the right direction/projects.
  29 [17:21] <ClassBot> sebsebseb asked: Probably a bit off topic, but what kind of development do you do?
  30 [17:22] <jledbetter> A bit but if this will help people see what we can offer: I'm a web developer. I have years of Java experience but have recently started Python/Django work -- and love it. :)
  31 [17:23] <jledbetter> So, basically, if you have these questions (or more), please ask us.
  32 [17:23] <jledbetter> If we don't know, we'll try to point you in the right direction.
  33 [17:24] <jledbetter> Again, the channel is #ubuntu-beginners. If you need help using IRC here is some help:
  34 [17:25] <jledbetter> If you would like to help answer some of these questions (and more), please join the channels and/or join the team!
  35 [17:25] <jledbetter> From ubuntu-classroom-chat: duanedesign: a bit of ancient Beginners Team history. The team was actually started by a group of Ubuntu Community Forum Staff and users who answered questions in the 'Absolute Beginners' section of the forums
  36 [17:26] <jledbetter> Now, you may be asking yourself, "How do I become a member of this amazing team?"
  37 [17:27] <jledbetter> ===How to join===
  38 [17:27] <jledbetter> Those that are interested in joining the team go through a multi-step process.
  39 [17:28] <jledbetter> The first is to post one's name on the "seeking a master" (or a guide) list:
  40 [17:29] <jledbetter> This way, someone from the team can help the person through the rest of the steps like setting up a wiki page and signing the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.
  41 [17:30] <jledbetter> The general purpose of the process is to make sure the person understands the team structure, gets set up on the various Ubuntu-related sites like Launchpad and a wiki page, and finds his or her groups to focus on.
  42 [17:31] <jledbetter> There is also a "mentorship" program where mentors who are more specialized in an area of Ubuntu can guide the person through that.
  43 [17:32] <jledbetter> For example, we have mentors in Bugs, Documentation, Accessibility, Testing, and Support.
  44 [17:32] <jledbetter> More information on that is available here:
  45 [17:33] <jledbetter> If you would like to find out more about the membership process visit this link:
  46 [17:34] <jledbetter> Plus there are a few beginners team members that are in -chat: duanedesign, MrChrisDruif, and UndiFineD :)
  47 [17:35] <jledbetter> There are many benefits to membership including getting to know a bunch of great people, helping out new users, and also growing/building up accomplishments.
  48 [17:37] <jledbetter> As mentioned before, we have various focus groups like user support, documentation, bugs, and development.
  49 [17:37] <jledbetter> ===Focus groups===
  50 [17:37] <jledbetter> I'm going to briefly go over each so that you can see what a wide range of ways we help those that are new to Ubuntu (or those that have been using Ubuntu for a long time and are exploring new areas).
  51 [17:39] <jledbetter> In order to join any of these teams, one must first be an Ubuntu Beginners Team member. However, you are welcome to join the channels and ask (or answer) questions without being a member, of course.
  52 [17:39] <jledbetter> ___User Support___
  53 [17:39] <jledbetter> The Support Focus Group of the Ubuntu Beginners Team exists to help new users make the transition to Ubuntu.
  54 [17:40] <jledbetter> Focus Group Members answer questions on the Ubuntu forums, irc, or in-person events.
  55 [17:41] <jledbetter> If you find you have questions about Natty, you can ask us on #ubuntu-beginners.
  56 [17:41] <jledbetter> For more information on the User Support Focus Group:
  57 [17:42] <jledbetter> ___Documentation___
  58 [17:43] <jledbetter> The Documentation Focus Group is for Beginners Team Members and applicants who want to help update and maintain the documentation for Ubuntu.
  59 [17:44] <jledbetter> There are three main areas, the two main wikis and the system documentation: - The main community wiki for help documents for Ubuntu.
  60 [17:45] <jledbetter> - This wiki is now used for organizational work, proposals and all materials not belonging to main wiki.
  61 [17:45] <jledbetter> System Documentation ( - This is the documentation that comes with Ubuntu.
  62 [17:46] <jledbetter> For more information on the Documentation Focus Group:
  63 [17:47] <jledbetter> Also, it seems that they share cookie recipes. What a great team!
  64 [17:47] <jledbetter> ___Bugs___
  65 [17:48] <jledbetter> The Bugs Focus Group exists to help users become familiar with bug triage (bug squad and bug control teams), quality assurance (QA team), and testing (testing team).
  66 [17:48] <jledbetter> The previous session today was on testing. Very related!
  67 [17:49] <jledbetter> Bug triage is an excellent way to start helping out. You get to learn a lot about Ubuntu, its available packages, its infrastructure, and you get a feel for development.
  68 [17:49] <jledbetter> And what a great time to get involved in it, too!
  69 [17:49] <jledbetter> We just had a release so this group can help you file bugs and -- if you want to go one step further -- help manage them with triage and start on the path to joining Bug Control (
  70 [17:50] <jledbetter> For more information on the Bugs Focus Group:
  71 [17:50] <jledbetter> ___Development___
  72 [17:51] <jledbetter> The development team is here to help new users learn application design, programming concepts, get acclimated to working in a team, and contributing parts to create a whole.
  73 [17:52] <ClassBot> There are 10 minutes remaining in the current session.
  74 [17:52] <jledbetter> It has also held programming classes.
  75 [17:52] <jledbetter> This is a really diverse group of people.
  76 [17:52] <jledbetter> (And awesome but I may be biased, of course.)
  77 [17:52] <jledbetter> We have strong Python programmers and not so strong Python programmers. We have people that love packaging and those that prefer to do web development work.
  78 [17:53] <jledbetter> If you have questions about how to get started developing in or on Ubuntu, please join us on #ubuntu-beginners-dev.
  79 [17:53] <jledbetter> For more information on the Development Focus Group:
  80 [17:54] <jledbetter> And that was a brief overview of the Ubuntu Beginners Team.
  81 [17:54] <jledbetter> We are here to assist new users not only use Ubuntu but also to find their way into the community itself.
  82 [17:55] <jledbetter> I hope that if you have questions about Ubuntu that you will ask us in those channels.
  83 [17:55] <jledbetter> Also, if you are a seasoned Ubuntu user, we'd love to have you help us help others!
  84 [17:56] <jledbetter> ===Q&A===
  85 [17:56] <jledbetter> We have a few minutes left in case anyone has any more questions about the team.
  86 [17:57] <ClassBot> There are 5 minutes remaining in the current session.
  87 [17:58] <jledbetter> Great! I expect to see more of you in #ubuntu-beginners and the other channels. Would love to see you join the team as well :)
  88 [17:59] <jledbetter> Let's make Ubuntu an awesome experience for new (and upgrading) users!
  89 [17:59] <jledbetter> Speaking of awesome.... the next session is "u1 is awesome" by Shane Fagan

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