Ubuntu Open Week - Resource Primer - Brandon Holtsclaw - Fri, Apr 27, 2007

see also Wednesday session.

(05:12:17 PM) nixternal: HERE IS imbrandon !!
(05:13:04 PM) imbrandon: how is everyone tonight
(05:13:09 PM) imbrandon: sorry i'm late
(05:13:59 PM) imbrandon: ok so lets get this rockin
(05:14:03 PM) nixternal: ok everyone, when imbrandon says it is question time, get to askin'! :)
(05:14:04 PM) imbrandon: everyone doing ok ?
(05:14:14 PM) samgee: yeah
(05:14:16 PM) imbrandon: sooo what is a resource primer you ask?
(05:14:27 PM) imbrandon: basicly an intro on what you can find where
(05:14:39 PM) imbrandon: like LP ( ) for bugs
(05:14:45 PM) imbrandon: the diffrent areas of the wiki
(05:14:48 PM) imbrandon: etc
(05:15:28 PM) imbrandon: wow, slow night ?
(05:15:34 PM) imbrandon: ok lets do this
(05:15:56 PM) imbrandon: I'm Brandon Holtsclaw, a Ubuntu core-dev that works mostly on kubuntu
(05:16:07 PM) imbrandon: hows everyones OpenWeek going ?
(05:16:16 PM) imbrandon: ( note: its -m here now so you can talk here )
(05:16:19 PM) samgee: I'm having fun
(05:16:50 PM) imbrandon: [..]
(05:17:00 PM) txwikinger: great, thanks imbrandon
(05:17:12 PM) jordiR: yes, great
(05:17:26 PM) imbrandon: Great to hear, what kind of session would you all like to see in the next OpenWeek ?
(05:17:39 PM) imbrandon: or even between now and then
(05:17:48 PM) imbrandon: session*s*
(05:17:59 PM) samgee: good question
(05:18:07 PM) robotangel: uh, I slept away the day ^^
(05:18:25 PM) imbrandon: robotangel, thats ok :) i did yesterday :P
(05:20:07 PM) robotangel: btw that's a good question - I could tell which I liked most this time but I haven't any new, creative ideas ^^
(05:20:59 PM) samgee: Advocacy 101 or something
(05:21:00 PM) jadhog: I'd like to know what the expectations are if we want to do a session? Or how to fully get a devel environment for a language
(05:21:10 PM) jadhog: up and running
(05:21:22 PM) zorglu_: i got ideas but im no sure they fit in ubuntuschool kindof stuff. like 'how to make your project known', 'how to build a cross plateform package'
(05:22:14 PM) Monika|K: I would like one about patching that doesn't assume everybody knows how to do it.
(05:22:37 PM) zorglu_: or some newage business guys, explaining the 'new way of the internet'
(05:22:58 PM) zorglu_: Monika|K: you have been unsatified by the various motu session ?
(05:23:03 PM) samgee: Maybe invite someone from another distro's community to get their perspective on Ubuntu
(05:23:21 PM) nixternal: ooh, I like that samgee
(05:23:22 PM) zorglu_: Monika|K: even when rereading the session ?
(05:23:49 PM) jadhog: Oh status of Language integration on *buntus
(05:23:55 PM) nixternal: Monika|K: I am with you on the MOTU session as well. Granted I have been doing MOTU work now for about a year, there are just some things I would like to see done
(05:24:08 PM) zorglu_: yep, some debian guys explaining his view on how to collaborate better with ubuntu
(05:24:40 PM) zorglu_: Mon
(05:24:52 PM) zorglu_: Monika|K: hang around on #ubuntu-motu, they are nice
(05:24:59 PM) samgee: zorglu_: I was thinking further away, like Fedora (the _real_ competition)
(05:25:03 PM) Monika|K: I liked the MOTU session
(05:25:08 PM) jadhog: Oh, How to take a package in RPM format, import it into debs and get it integrated
(05:25:21 PM) Monika|K: but there was one about patching and it began with that he assumes everybody knows patching
(05:25:26 PM) zorglu_: samgee: and you want a fedora guy to explain that ?
(05:25:29 PM) Monika|K: it was only about how it is special/different in Ubuntu
(05:25:41 PM) Monika|K: so a different session about patching that doesn't assume that would be nice, too
(05:25:45 PM) zorglu_: samgee: personnaly im a bit afraid it would turn into a religious war
(05:26:25 PM) jadhog: zorglu_: I agree
(05:26:30 PM) Monika|K: Chat sessions with people from other distros would be nice, but not in #ubuntu-classroom / UbuntuOpenWeek
(05:26:31 PM) samgee: zorglu_: yeah, but wouldn't the CoC (theoretically) prevent that?
(05:26:37 PM) Monika|K: this is about getting people to join in contributing
(05:26:46 PM) Monika|K: someone from a different distro could say little about that
(05:27:29 PM) zorglu_: samgee: in theory :) coc is the goal, not the day2day reality
(05:27:48 PM) samgee: Monika|K: an outside perspective might be usefull to see what we're doing wrong or what they're doing better to attract people
(05:28:37 PM) zorglu_: i definitly agree that big people from outside would be cool
(05:28:39 PM) robotangel: Monika|K, do you mean "Patching Packages" with pitti?
(05:29:39 PM) robotangel: I wasn't as interested in this as I was in some other topics but I think I remember that he even explained the "cd"-cmd
(05:29:45 PM) zorglu_: in fact what i like about openweek, is the fact it is like a conference but from home
(05:29:47 PM) jadhog: MonikaJK: would it have helped if there had been some material attached to the talk before hand?
(05:29:59 PM) zorglu_: i would like to see other conference like that
(05:30:17 PM) samgee: robotangel: he explained a lot, but it was pretty fast
(05:30:22 PM) habeeb: zorglu_: yes, this Open Week was great.
(05:30:33 PM) Monika|K: I think it was that one, robotangel
(05:30:39 PM) habeeb: Kinda repeatativ but what the hell..
(05:30:44 PM) Monika|K: yes, taht would have been very helpful, jadhog
(05:30:47 PM) Monika|K: for many sessions
(05:30:56 PM) zorglu_: hmmm btw what about having the speaker doing audio instead of text ?
(05:31:04 PM) Monika|K: e.g. nobody even knew what a "resources primer" is supposed to be
(05:31:14 PM) habeeb: (imbradon died?)
(05:31:23 PM) zorglu_: like the audience could chat on irc, but the speacker would be on audio and the audience would listen to him live ?
(05:31:23 PM) Monika|K: I don't know what Screencasting is
(05:31:25 PM) Monika|K: and so on
(05:31:54 PM) habeeb: Monika|K: screencasting is to answer questiosn with videos instead of text.
(05:32:10 PM) habeeb: Check this, Monika|K
(05:32:20 PM) Monika|K: ah, thx
(05:32:29 PM) zorglu_: Monika|K: screencasting is taking 'what is happening on a computer screen and makeing a video out of it'
(05:33:01 PM) zorglu_: ok where are the gurus ?
(05:33:12 PM) jadhog: imbrandon wants us to say what we'd like to see this session as well as next Open Week.
(05:33:31 PM) zorglu_: imbrandon: what do you think abotu my suggestion to have the speaker doing 'audio' and spreading the stuff via a 'radio' instead of irc ?
(05:33:34 PM) jadhog: ;butchers names daily
(05:34:03 PM) txwikinger: wow ubuntu-radio
(05:34:20 PM) Monika|K: I wouldn't like that
(05:34:28 PM) zorglu_: Monika|K: why not ?
(05:34:36 PM) Monika|K: most people who are not native English speakers can read English a lot better than understand someone speaking
(05:34:43 PM) txwikinger: let's see if the marketing  provides the UWN in the future as mp3 or livestream
(05:34:52 PM) ***ryanakca back
(05:34:53 PM) Monika|K: one can't join the session in the background at work
(05:35:03 PM) Monika|K: one can't go away for a few minutes and then return and read the stuff one missed
(05:35:03 PM) samgee: I think that's a good idea because IRC scares a lot of newbies
(05:35:10 PM) ryanakca: hmm... what happened to imbrandon's lesson?
(05:35:12 PM) jadhog: ;agrees
(05:35:20 PM) habeeb: Monika|K: good points.
(05:35:25 PM) zorglu_: Monika|K: all valid points
(05:35:26 PM) Monika|K: I think IRC scares few newbies
(05:35:31 PM) orientalexpress: hi there i got abit of a problem and wondering if you guys can help me please ?
(05:35:31 PM) ryanakca: yeah
(05:35:32 PM) Monika|K: and the instructions given are clear
(05:35:36 PM) Monika|K: IRC tutorials are linked
(05:35:40 PM) txwikinger: if it is recorded you can listen to it later too
(05:35:56 PM) zorglu_: Monika|K: i could make good point on audio too. i guess both format are valid
(05:35:56 PM) Monika|K: yes, but you could only listen to it entirely, not join in after missing five minutes
(05:35:56 PM) samgee: it scared me and I still feel a little uncomfortable with it
(05:36:13 PM) habeeb: First of all, UOW requires much more publicity. I mean in the forums there are 4000 users online at any given time, and only 300 in this chatroom.
(05:36:19 PM) txwikinger: I like to have something I can listen to when I am driving :D
(05:36:25 PM) Monika|K: nobody would listen for seven hours
(05:36:32 PM) habeeb: brb.
(05:36:33 PM) Monika|K: but seven hours of IRC is not unheard of
(05:37:08 PM) ryanakca: orientalexpress: ask in #ubuntu
(05:37:23 PM) Monika|K: people with slow internet connection can't use audio
(05:37:32 PM) Monika|K: at least not so well
(05:37:46 PM) Monika|K: and those who really can't / don't want to use IRC couldn't ask questions
(05:37:53 PM) Monika|K: which is the main point, isn't it
(05:38:00 PM) Monika|K: otherwise they could just read documentation in the wikis
(05:38:00 PM) ryanakca: hmm...
(05:38:04 PM) ryanakca: yeah
(05:38:11 PM) samgee: there could be an online form for submitting questions
(05:38:14 PM) orientalexpress: id liked to but soo many users it just scrolls up lol
(05:38:23 PM) zorglu_: Monika|K: hehe you really want me to explain why audio is better :)
(05:38:43 PM) habeeb:  zorglu_ go ahead. Right now, Monika|K , made some great points.
(05:38:45 PM) jadhog: zorglu_: maybe it could be an add in
(05:38:58 PM) habeeb: And where the hell is imbrandon ...
(05:39:06 PM) jadhog: (03:17:40 PM) imbrandon: Great to hear, what kind of session would you all like to see in the next OpenWeek ?
(05:39:06 PM) orientalexpress: anyways problem is my external usb hard drive is not detected in windows or 6.10, it crarshes when i stick in the usb for windows but is invisible for ubuntu. any ideas ?
(05:39:11 PM) zorglu_: ok first i dont think audio is 'definitly' better than 'irc'
(05:39:14 PM) jadhog: That was the last thing I heard
(05:39:17 PM) zorglu_: this is just another format
(05:39:28 PM) habeeb: orientalexpress: ask in #ubuntu
(05:39:29 PM) Monika|K: it would be technically a lot more difficult to get the speakers to use voice
(05:39:33 PM) robotangel: orientalexpress, use #ubuntu or ask at ubuntuforums
(05:39:36 PM) Monika|K: what should be used, Teamspeak?
(05:39:44 PM) zorglu_: 1. about the arguement of 'seeking' aka choosing from where you start reading/listening, this is ok with audio too
(05:39:51 PM) Monika|K: can it deal with hundreds of listeners?
(05:39:55 PM) ryanakca: jadhog: yep, an easy way to get away from a lesson, ask an open ended question, and the attendees can take care of it :)
(05:40:27 PM) jadhog: See I could handle audio, if it was to tie up those "Big questions"
(05:40:29 PM) zorglu_: 2. about the bw, yep text uses much less bandwidth than audio. but most current internet user have the bw to listen to internet radio (less than 10kbyte/s)
(05:40:34 PM) jadhog: that would take forever to type answers to
(05:40:56 PM) jadhog: lol ryanakca
(05:41:20 PM) zorglu_: 3. one big issue with audio is: it is less 'indexable' aka if the log of irc is on the web, google and co can trivially index it, and you can find it more easily
(05:41:32 PM) zorglu_: audio are not indexed by google and co
(05:41:33 PM) samgee: and Vorbis uses less bw than mp3 anyway :)
(05:42:05 PM) ditsch: hmm, i think audio will end up in a mess if it's not prerecorded cause everbody will speak at the same time
(05:42:31 PM) ditsch: and if you mute someone you have to record it to preserve it for q+a ;)
(05:42:40 PM) zorglu_: 4. audio are much nicer to listen than to read a long text. those audio 'song' could be released on a open license and thus people could uses it in podcast or their own radio
(05:43:01 PM) ditsch: that's a lot of effort, irc is way easier
(05:43:14 PM) jadhog: why not just festival the text if someone is craving the audio?
(05:43:26 PM) jadhog: or is unable to read it due to a medical reason
(05:43:31 PM) samgee: ditsch: I think only the host should have audio with questions through text
(05:43:37 PM) zorglu_: 5. usage case of delayed listening: 3week after the cond, i download the 3 show i want to listen, put that on my 'mp3player' and listen to that while i go to work in the subway
(05:44:05 PM) alienSkul1 left the room.
(05:44:06 PM) ditsch: samgee, you mean kinda mixing media?
(05:44:14 PM) habeeb: zorglu_: you can also print the log...
(05:44:30 PM) ditsch: but then we have to be in irc anyway^^
(05:44:31 PM) zorglu_: 6. usage case of 'sync' listening (the one i m personnaly interested it :): i tune my audio player on the audio stream and goes on coding while im listening to the conference :)
(05:44:45 PM) Monika|K: many of the sessions concentrated on some URL or on some command line commands, they would not be very useful on audio
(05:44:51 PM) zorglu_: habeeb: yep clearly, but try it yourself :)
(05:44:52 PM) SigmaX: Audio might be nice for a certain even or two -- like for the plethora of users who aren't IRC buffs -- but the IRC format shouldn't be abandoned.
(05:45:01 PM) samgee: ditsch: yes, host reads text questions and answers them
(05:45:37 PM) zorglu_: all in all, i dont say that audio is the 'best' or anything like that, but it has definitive advantages. but clearly not all
(05:45:43 PM) Monika|K: You can't listen to a classroom session and code at the same time
(05:45:59 PM) zorglu_: according to me the most important disavantage is the impossibility to index them
(05:46:11 PM) zorglu_: Monika|K: i do i all the time
(05:46:20 PM) ditsch: hmm, i am still not convinced, maybe i am just a bit too old-fashioned :P
(05:46:26 PM) SigmaX: ManikalK: Lol, hear hear!
(05:46:31 PM) Monika|K: ditsch, I am not conviced, either
(05:46:47 PM) samgee: Monika|K: you can't type in two windows at the same time either
(05:46:59 PM) zorglu_: Monika|K: no classroom session, but audio books or even video incrustation on the bottom right of my screen
(05:47:23 PM) imbrandon: wow , total internet loss
(05:47:28 PM) imbrandon: sorry fellas
(05:47:30 PM) Sanne: I'm on a traffic allowance and couldn't afford to listen to all those sessions I would want to. I'm also more confortable reading and typing english than listening/speaking. I think text/irc is the least common denominator, so I'd favour that one over audio.
(05:47:32 PM) jadhog: :P
(05:47:36 PM) Monika|K: audio books are entertainment are different
(05:47:41 PM) nic-oooh left the room.
(05:47:48 PM) samgee: imbrandon: you missed all the great ideas :)
(05:47:50 PM) ***ufuntu_away gnight
(05:47:51 PM) SigmaX: imbrandon: welcome back
(05:47:53 PM) jadhog: We are currently discussing inclusion of audio into Open Week
(05:47:56 PM) imbrandon: samgee, i have a log
(05:48:05 PM) imbrandon: great
(05:48:22 PM) Sanne: I also agree with most of what Monika|K sais :)
(05:48:23 PM) zorglu_: yep audio have some advantages and some disadvantages
(05:48:51 PM) zorglu_: antoher advantage is that it is more 'lively' :) reading text doesnt pass the personality of the speaker
(05:48:53 PM) jadhog: it'd be nice to have a video like the Rails folks have for some of the complex stuff
(05:48:54 PM) Monika|K: it has so many disadvantages, it can't be used for most if not all UbuntuOpenWeek sessions
(05:49:15 PM) jadhog: for after fact review
(05:49:37 PM) Monika|K: whether it passes the personality of the speaker depends on the speaker
(05:49:40 PM) ditsch: zorglu_, i disagree with that. what is more interactive than irc?
(05:49:40 PM) zorglu_: jadhog: the screencasting from rails people ?
(05:49:56 PM) Monika|K: e.g. kiko was quite a jester
(05:50:00 PM) jadhog: zorglu_: yes
(05:50:01 PM) txwikinger: I think some sessions were good for audio... Ask Mark for instance
(05:50:13 PM) zorglu_: jadhog: seeeing is believing :)
(05:50:28 PM) zorglu_: jadhog: there is a ubuntu screencasting team try to do the same
(05:50:40 PM) txwikinger: And what about multi-media
(05:50:47 PM) zorglu_: ditsch: but you cant tell if im smiling or crying while im typing
(05:50:57 PM) Monika|K: zorglu_ and it doesn't matter
(05:51:00 PM) Monika|K: it's a classroom session
(05:51:01 PM) habeeb: word
(05:51:05 PM) Monika|K: not a psychological session ^^
(05:51:06 PM) habeeb: it's not theater.
(05:51:12 PM) zorglu_: hehe
(05:51:15 PM) ditsch: Monika|K, ack!
(05:51:37 PM) zorglu_: well ask eduubuntu people if the personality of the teacher doesnt affect how efficient he is with the students :)
(05:51:39 PM) samgee: why not ask jono to consider doing an audio session to see if works. He's quite the audio freak
(05:51:42 PM) Monika|K: and I hope none of the speakers was crying ^^
(05:51:54 PM) jadhog: sobbing into their keyboards
(05:52:19 PM) zorglu_: well it was just a suggestion, i dont want to push anything, just to make sure it has been considered as a possibility
(05:52:20 PM) Monika|K: what technology could be used for the broadcast
(05:52:34 PM) samgee: Asterisk
(05:52:35 PM) ditsch: if you'd ask jono it will end up in a metal jam session ^^
(05:52:37 PM) zorglu_: Monika|K: internet radio is a well know tech
(05:52:57 PM) jadhog: So aside from what could be used to bolster talks, what Subjects would people like to see?
(05:53:04 PM) samgee: what do the tllts guys use? They have a live stream
(05:53:58 PM) zorglu_: jadhog: i would like to see people external to ubuntu, but related, like people giving opinion on what is a dekstop
(05:54:10 PM) zorglu_: jadhog: how to make a living and still do opensource fulltime
(05:54:27 PM) zorglu_: jadhog: i dunno if it is in the scope of -classroom tho
(05:54:39 PM) ditsch: jadhog, maybe some intro to common used programs like Ooo or that bling-bling stuff?!
(05:55:16 PM) jadhog: Have a laundry list of the bling bling that would be most likely to be covered?
(05:55:18 PM) ditsch: think that would attract users, too not only more the technical and spiritual staff
(05:55:18 PM) Monika|K: zorglu_ like people from the KDE or GNOME project? yeah, that could be good
(05:55:38 PM) Monika|K: what's "bling-bling"?
(05:55:49 PM) jadhog: I think, things like compiz
(05:55:50 PM) ditsch: compiz/beryl
(05:55:55 PM) zorglu_: Monika|K: yep, could be nice, like aseigo coming to talk about kde4, or similar 'future stuff'
(05:56:08 PM) ditsch: howto get it work and manage to be more productive with it
(05:56:23 PM) ditsch: that would be nice i think
(05:56:24 PM) jadhog: Would something like Workflows in KDE or Gnome be a good start?
(05:56:43 PM) jadhog: Applications for workflows?
(05:56:49 PM) ditsch: sounds interesting, also
(05:56:55 PM) zorglu_: without the word workflows :)
(05:57:00 PM) jadhog: :P
(05:57:05 PM) ditsch: lol
(05:57:13 PM) zorglu_: but yep, tutorial on kde/gnome etc...
(05:57:26 PM) zorglu_: 'what can you do with firefox and all the addon'
(05:57:46 PM) jadhog: would this be an entire 'track' starting small?
(05:58:07 PM) jadhog: Firefox tutorials would be nice
(05:58:30 PM) jadhog: So how basic do we start at for the KDE or Gnome sessions?
(05:58:32 PM) zorglu_: yep up to now openweek was close to 'presentation of ubuntu stuff'
(05:58:43 PM) samgee: Isn't OpenWeek supposed to be about how you can help the Ubuntu community?
(05:59:07 PM) zorglu_: may doing more in the direction 'tutorial on how to use soft found in ubuntu' :)
(05:59:11 PM) ditsch: isn't ubuntu openweek about ubuntu in general?
(05:59:23 PM) Monika|K: Firefox extensions is not really related to Ubuntu
(05:59:38 PM) Monika|K: doesn't get people into volunteering for anything related Ubuntu
(05:59:41 PM) zorglu_: i dunno i asked several time the scope of openweek but got no answer yet
(05:59:54 PM) Monika|K: the Mozilla people would have to do such a classroom session, if they wanted to
(06:00:01 PM) jadhog: let me post
(06:00:13 PM) jadhog:   learn about the Ubuntu landscape    talk to some of the key developers from the Ubuntu project    find out about the Community and its relationship with Canonical    participate in an open Q&A with Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Ubuntu    much more...
(06:00:29 PM) jadhog:
(06:00:35 PM) zorglu_: ok so it is more 'discover ubuntu community'
(06:00:38 PM) jadhog: A lot of this would fall under the "much more" category
(06:00:46 PM) Monika|K: 'tutorial on how to use soft found in ubuntu' would certainly be off-topic
(06:00:47 PM) ditsch: everything starts with using ubuntu ;)
(06:01:04 PM) Monika|K: has nothing to do with getting people into developing, bug triaging, translating or anything
(06:01:05 PM) zorglu_: jadhog: yep because all the 'discover ubuntu community' is what is already covered :)
(06:01:15 PM) Monika|K: this is not a beginner's intro to Ubuntu
(06:01:23 PM) ditsch: why not?
(06:01:34 PM) Monika|K: because that's not what UbuntuOpenWeek is for
(06:01:40 PM) Monika|K: it is for getting new volunteers
(06:01:41 PM) zorglu_: Monika|K: well 'much more' is pretty large and vague :)
(06:01:53 PM) Monika|K: "much more" related to volunteering, community work and so on
(06:01:56 PM) zorglu_: large enought to put anything in it :)
(06:02:00 PM) Monika|K: not really
(06:02:22 PM) zorglu_: well 'learn how to code kernel' is 'much more' :)
(06:02:28 PM) ditsch: ^^
(06:02:46 PM) ditsch: then you'd have to acquire linus for a session
(06:02:51 PM) SigmaX: Beginners don't use IRC.
(06:02:58 PM) Monika|K: there was a kernel session, ditsch
(06:03:08 PM) Monika|K: oh, many beginners do use IRC
(06:03:17 PM) ditsch: really? i missed that :(
(06:03:20 PM) Monika|K: who are all these people asking beginners' questions in #ubuntu otherwise ;-)
(06:03:33 PM) SigmaX: I stand corrected.
(06:03:45 PM) zorglu_: estimation of 9milliions ubuntu installed, 1000user in #ubuntu
(06:03:51 PM) SigmaX: I'm just thinking of 98% of my Windows-using friends, stuffing them into the "just-switched-to-Ubuntu" box.
(06:03:54 PM) Monika|K: they are more likely to use forums, though, I'd agree
(06:03:58 PM) zorglu_: just to give an idea of irc representativity :)
(06:04:09 PM) robotangel: yep, this was a very informative hour :)
(06:04:40 PM) jadhog: lol
(06:04:41 PM) Monika|K: before I switched to Ubuntu, 98% of the people whom I knew on IRC used Windows
(06:04:52 PM) Monika|K: so there is no reason recently switched people would not be using IRC
(06:05:28 PM) SigmaX: MonikalK: I'm thinking of computer user base in general.  Technical useres of any OS will be more likely to use IRC, but not your every day joe.  But I digress OT...
(06:05:32 PM) zorglu_: i imagine Monika|K counting all the people he know, doing stat and all :)
(06:05:57 PM) Monika|K: oh, most of the people I knew on IRC played games like me
(06:06:10 PM) Monika|K: I knew for most of them whether they used Windows or Linux
(06:06:21 PM) samgee: I have been using Linux since 2001 and my first IRC session was in the first OpenWeek last November
(06:06:38 PM) jadhog: I know what I'd love to see
(06:06:59 PM) jadhog: How to push some language into the tree
(06:07:16 PM) zorglu_: jadhog: wow how many people would be interested :)
(06:07:22 PM) Monika|K: I have also been using IRC only pretty recently, like for two years or so
(06:07:27 PM) jadhog: sadly, good point
(06:07:36 PM) Monika|K: the leader of my alliance forced me to use it ;-)
(06:07:41 PM) Monika|K: in an online game
(06:08:11 PM) zorglu_: jadhog: there is a 'weird language motu team' tho
(06:08:19 PM) jadhog: Really?
(06:08:23 PM) zorglu_: jadhog: yep :)
(06:08:38 PM) jadhog: Maybe that should be a session, zorglu_, what motu's are out there, and how to join
(06:08:45 PM) Monika|K: Weird languages? Like Klingon? ;-)
(06:08:49 PM) jadhog: Ruby
(06:08:52 PM) jadhog: Pike
(06:08:59 PM) jadhog: Eiffel, Squeak
(06:09:04 PM) jadhog: Rebol
(06:09:06 PM) zorglu_: jadhog: well this one has been done twice this week i think :)
(06:09:30 PM) jadhog: zorglu_, I see
(06:09:48 PM) samgee:
(06:10:15 PM) jadhog: Very nice samgee

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