Ubuntu Open Week - Ubuntu Studio - Joseph Jackson IV - Sat, Apr 28, 2007


20:52:16 < joejaxx> how many people are here for the ubuntu studio session?
20:52:27  * octoberdan raises hand
20:52:32  * txwikinger 
20:52:33  * ditsch is here
20:52:33  * Sanne is here
20:52:38  * troy_s is here.
20:52:38  * janjimusptfajar is here
20:52:42  * txwikinger is here
20:52:54  * Belutz is here
20:52:55  * samgee_ too
20:52:57  * MikeDK here
20:52:58 < octoberdan> joejaxx: Some may be logging it to read it later
20:53:09 < joejaxx> ok we will wait a few it is not 20:00 exactly yet
20:53:09  * lotusleaf giggles
20:53:13 < joejaxx> octoberdan: ok
20:53:56  * radmen is also here ;]
20:54:09 < tsmithe> i'm here for the session
20:54:13  * tsmithe huggles joejaxx
20:54:26 < joejaxx> tsmithe: :P
20:54:29 < radmen> joejaxx: yeah it's 21:54 ;p
20:54:32 < troy_s> tsmithe: The 'UglyAssMofosConvention' is down the hall...
20:54:33  * Belutz begin to get sleepy >_<
20:54:45 < tsmithe> joejaxx, troy_s; can i learn more about ubuntustudio?
20:54:48  * janjimusptfajar 04:00 AM here
20:54:55  * lotusleaf gives coffee to Belutz
20:55:02 < Belutz> lotusleaf, thanks
20:55:12 < lotusleaf> :)
20:55:47 < joejaxx> can someone relay questions once we start the q+a after the introduction of the project?
20:55:54  * corevette is here also
20:55:58 < lotusleaf> Belutz: I added some habanero juice to it
20:55:58  * janjimusptfajar give nice girl to Belutz :D
20:55:59 < Belutz> janjimusptfajar, i only sleep for 4 hours yesterday
20:55:59 < Belutz> s/sleep/slept
20:56:37 < Belutz> joejaxx, i'll try to do it
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20:56:44 < joejaxx> Belutz: ok thanks
20:56:57 < janjimusptfajar> Belutz: woooww... what your secret to do that?
20:56:59 < Belutz> joejaxx, hopes it makes me awake
20:57:10 < joejaxx> :)
20:57:24 < joejaxx> ok i think it is time to start
20:57:25 < Belutz> janjimusptfajar, the ubuntu spirit keeps me awake :D
20:57:27 < isti> i think ubuntu is ok
20:57:44 < joejaxx> Hello Everyone i am Joe Jaxx the technical lead for the Ubuntu Studio project
20:58:05 < isti> linux is 10000000000 better than windows
20:58:05  * janjimusptfajar looking my wife sleeping... 8|
20:58:07 < joejaxx> _MMA_ who is the project lead could not make it today and asked if i could lead the session in his stead
20:58:12 < joejaxx> leads*
20:58:39 < joejaxx> i will give a little background about the project
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20:59:13 < joejaxx> Ubuntu Studio originally started as a concept from a wiki that was started
20:59:45 < joejaxx> to give users how tos on setting up an audio studio environment on their ubuntu workstations
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21:00:42 < joejaxx> a small group of people came together with this similar concept of actually creating a ubuntu flavour geared toward multimedia creation
21:01:34 < joejaxx> from what started as a chain mailing list, has created a full fledge Ubuntu "remix" geared towards giving ubuntu users
21:01:54 < joejaxx> the tools they need to expand their creativity when dealing with multimedia
21:02:14 < isti> what is the best game for Linux ?
21:02:22 < tsmithe> isti, not in here please :)
21:02:35 < isti> ok
21:02:42 < isti> i am sorry
21:02:55 < joejaxx> In doing this we have created three "categories" that Ubuntu Studio aims at (or types of users)
21:03:04 < joejaxx> Audio, Graphical and Video
21:03:26 < joejaxx> we provide different tools that benefit the user the best in each category
21:04:04 < joejaxx> for example in the audio category
21:04:21 < joejaxx> we provide ardour2 rosegarden jackd
21:04:41 < joejaxx> we also provide a lowlatency kernel (thanks BenC :) )
21:04:50 < isti> what could i ask here =)
21:05:16 < Belutz> isti, ask in #ubuntu-classroom-chat
21:06:11 < joejaxx> We also try and work closely with upstream
21:06:13 < isti> no i mean whats the tema
21:06:54 < joejaxx> and this method works very well as people are happy to contribute to something that is benenficial to people
21:07:07 < joejaxx> concerning their software creation
21:07:26 < isti> oh good
21:07:39 < joejaxx> We are also about staying close to the Ubuntu community as much as possible and giving back to it
21:08:32 < isti> could you tell me what ubuntu studio is ? (sorry i do not now about that)
21:08:57 < joejaxx> We are comprised of a diverse group of individuals all working towards the same purpose
21:09:00 < Belutz> isti, please ask in #ubuntu-classroom-chat
21:09:02 < troy_s> ISTI -- READ THE WIKI -- Quiet during presentation.  Thank you.
21:09:08 < joejaxx> our team list is located here
21:09:11 < joejaxx>
21:09:23 < isti> thanks
21:09:59 < joejaxx> The packages that we include in each of the categories of creativity are included here
21:10:44 < isti> i read it comes this april
21:11:14 < tsmithe> isti, this is not the place. #ubuntu-classroom-chat
21:11:32 < tsmithe> you've been referred there many times now :)
21:11:41 < isti> oh i am so sorry
21:11:46 < joejaxx>  This is our wiki page in case you want to read up some more about that project
21:11:48 < isti> ok
21:11:55 < joejaxx> it is currently under heavy maintenance though
21:12:17 < joejaxx> So that is what the Ubuntu Studio Project is about
21:12:45 < joejaxx> expanding multimedia creativity through ubuntu :)
21:13:12 < dave_> I have been really excited about about ubuntustudio, could you tell me more about the development of the lowlatency rt kernel ??
21:13:39 < corevette> dave_ ask in #ubuntu-classroom-chat
21:13:40 < Belutz> dave, please ask in #ubuntu-classroom-chat
21:13:53 < joejaxx> ok now the Q+A session

<awkorama> QUESTION: What NLE video programs do u provide?

  • we current include kino as a non linear editor

<janjimusptfajar> QUESTION: What minimum requirement to run this

  • the minimum requirements would be the same as ubuntu, but when you are doing multitrack audio recording and video rendering. those require high requirements. it really depends on what level of usage you plan with Ubuntu Studio

<lotusleaf> QUESTION: Does Ubuntu Studio provide an easy way for the user to enable MIDI without digging through documentation? If not, will it?

  • yes

    < tsmithe> and some midi features by default require a hardware synthesizer, or the installation of timidity and configuration of the daemon (/etc/default/timidity). i'd be unsure as to why any hardware sequencers should not just work if alsa provides support

<janjimusptfajar> QUESTION: WHEN it will released?

  • we get this question alot. the Ubuntu Studio release has been delayed and we have not set a release date yet pending this circumstances that have come up. it will be released when ready. Smile :) it will be worth the wait. i assure you even with the discs. at the end of the installation, you will be able to choose "your path" or the categories that you want installed, either one a combination or all (audio, graphical, video) Smile :)

<dave_> I have been really excited about about ubuntustudio, could you tell me more about the development of the lowlatency rt kernel ??

  • yes right now we have a lowlatency kernel which has an adjusted timer and some other tweaks. (thanks again BenC )

<janjimusptfajar> QUESTION: how about license?

  • we will also be trying to get a full RT in but that will happen after the release. we will release the discs with the lowlatency kernel and re roll the discs with the RT one after some testing is done on it for feisty that is. Smile :) Gutsy will have a RT kernel. thanks BenC :P Smile :)

<janjimusptfajar> QUESTION: how about license?

  • we use the Ubuntu lowlatency kernel :P, so it is licensed as Ubuntu has. everything we take from ubuntu has the same licence. yeap, each of our own packages has its own licence and you should look into that through the normal channels

<Daviey> QUESTION: What repo are you trying to get your stuff into? Universe or your own?

  • regarding the repository. we are trying (going back to our being involved in the ubuntu community) to get everything into universe. only thing that are essential and cannot go into universe not because of licensing but because of packaging issues will go into our repository

<ditsch> QUESTION: Does the studio support restricted formats such as mp3 by default?

  • no we do not include anything that ubuntu does not regarding restricted formats

    <@tsmithe> we use the same infrastructure as ubuntu to handle codecs Smile :) (so easy-codec-installation should still apply where it does in ubuntu feisty)

    yes Smile :)

<Sanne> QUESTION: will Ubuntu Studio support the same architectures as the main repositories (especially amd64)?

  • right now we are supporting only i386 but do not fear. we are heavyily looking into amd64. since alot of people use those as audio workstations and video as well

<janjimusptfajar> QUESTION: where is i can find the screenshot? the link in the website is not work

  • i do not think we have released a fullscreen screenshot to my knowledge. i might be mistaken

    <@tsmithe> if joejaxx is, then the website is undergoing some minor changes, and this may have disrupted it yes

<nothlit> QUESTION: kino? What about cinelerra?

  • ok here we go Smile :) We are looking heavily into Cinelerra and into packaging it. there are a couple of problems though. the main one is ALOT of the source does not state the license. we need to go through the source manually and confirm the license for each file. this really needs to be a community effort and we would like people to help

    <@tsmithe> is our method, and upstream is also catching on to the importance another issue is Sources being licensed wrongly. Security updates is an issue as well as Cinelerra uses a modified version of ffmpeg amongst other libraries (quicktime etc etc) and using the ubuntu ones would probably hinder some of the functionality. so we need to look more into that issue. we would really like the community to help us AND upstream with CinelerraCV it would really make a difference

    <@tsmithe> upstream need motivation, really. pressure is a good motivator :P

    yes. people helping == upstream motivation Smile :)

    <@tsmithe> i suggest if you want to help out, you come chat in #ubuntustudio, and read the spec

<BHSPitMonkey> QUESTION: Besides simply shipping with a few relevant media programs, what does Ubuntu Studio as a project really entail?

  • besides having everything in a nice package. Ubuntu Studio is a community. a community of those who share creavitive and artistic abilities and love ubuntu at the same time. we have an irc channel which is #ubuntustudio and we will soon have a ubuntu studio section on the ubuntu forums. we are really about ubuntu and community that is our main focus. Smile :)

    <@tsmithe> and we will be working hard to make multimedia production on ubuntu rock! (and as ubuntu develops, we will rocket after :D) yes, most definitely

<Sanne> QUESTION: will there be restricted drivers for the Ubuntu Studio Kernel?

  • <@tsmithe> yes

<Daviey> QUESTION: Are the post-install options part of ubiquity or a separate app?

  • ok, about that. we will only be shipping text installer cds. the reason being there is not much to "try out" if there were a livecd as most stuff is backend (lowlatency kernel etc)

    <@tsmithe> ie it's best run from the hd, and we don't want to roll hundreds of test cds, and separate out audio/video/graphics tasks etc etc

    and i do not think you could do an Audio session or video editting on a livecd (well you could but it would be a hassle: ie mounting a partition/external hard drive). it would not be wise to do that off a livecd that is. the options would be right at the end of the text installer. right after it installed the base. Smile :)

<Sanne> QUESTION: will it be possible to install some apps from Ubuntu Studio into standard *buntu?

  • yes, we utilize the ubuntu repository for 96% of everything

    <@tsmithe> that other 4% of all the packages is drawn from the ether the other 4% is stuff that could not be included in universe because of freeze policies or packaging issues

<fiddler59> when are the ubuntustudio meta pkgs to be updated in the repos ??

  • yes i will be submitting a bug update for them soon

<bobmachine111> QUESTION: What about support? I know its based off of Feisty, but I tried DeMude a while back and I couldnt update without destroying a vast array of packages. Basically what I was told by DeMude support was, I had to use what DeMude came with. How will this compare to that situation?

  • we will be trusting in ourselves and the ubuntu studio community for support, as we cannot ourselves answer a 1000 questions, but if the ubuntu studio community helps. we can all share knowledge and answer questions. #ubuntustudio will be for support questions after release (not yet though) and we will have the ubuntu studio section on the forums. Smile :) we will try and answer ubuntu studio related questions according. Smile :)

<octoberdan> QUESTION: What will be the default window manager?

  • we use Gnome

<cedrick> what version of alsa you incorpore ?

  • 1.0.13

<illu45> QUESTION: Do you plan on having tutorials/lectures for people interested in learning how to use some of the programs you plan to include in UbuntuStudio

  • that has been discussed but only lightly. we will probably be discussing more about that in the future within the team

<@tsmithe> documentation (as that is basically what that amounts to) is an awful lot of work Smile :)

<fiddler59> Question: Something that is missing in most Multimedia dist is a complete alsa firmware install.....I always have to compile from source to get my Echo layla up and running....Will Ubuntustudio have a complete alsa firmware installed ??

  • no not by default. but we are planning to have it in our repository

<popey> QUESTION: Will you also be able to just apt-get the meta package and you're done? like you can switch from ubuntu to kubuntu by getting kubuntu-desktop?

  • yes. you will be able to apt-get install ubunstudio-desktop, but that will only have desktop, you will also have to choose which paths you want and apt-get install accordingly. ie ubuntustudio-audio ubuntustudio-graphics ubuntunstudio-video etc

<sletz> QUESION: any plan to package jackdmp (jack for multi-core machine) at some point?

  • we have not actually discussed that before but we can definitely look into discussing it for the gutsy release

    [<tsmithe> thinks we'd need some kind of multicore detection infrastructure. and easy way would be to look in /proc, but i'm sure hal provides this too]

<bobmachine111> A little off subject. But do any of the included packages use vst plug ins (Windows cross-over office ish type question)?

  • no they do not. the license of the vst-sdk prevents us from distributing it

<octoberdan> QUESTION: Can you chose more then one path?

  • yes you can. you can choose any combination

<fiddler59> Question: Will you have Ardour rc2 or wait for Ardour2 final ??

  • we have Ardour rc2 in our repository now. if ardour2 is released between this release and the disc reroll we will probably include it

22:00:39 <@joejaxx> alright our time if up
22:00:49  * tsmithe would like to point out that we'll also be hosting alsa-firmwares in the repository
22:00:53 <@joejaxx> Thank you for coming by :) i will be in #ubuntustudio for anymore questions

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