Ubuntu Open Week - Welcome! How to Join our Community - Jono Bacon - Mon, Oct 22, 2007

15:11 < jono> our community has been a key component in what has enables Ubuntu to be so successful - on one side there is a powerful, easy to use Linux distribution, but its foundation is an open, fun, committed community that works together to make some pretty incredible things happen
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15:12 < jono> the success of Ubuntu is the success of this community, and we should all feel proud and all part of Ubuntu's continued growth
15:13 < jono> one of the key aspects of the Ubuntu community is its openness - we have worked to build a community that is as open and community governed as possible, with tools such as the Code Of Conduct, Community Council, Team Councils and other structures to help the community feel open, independent and effective
15:15 < jono> as part of my own work, I have two people who work for me - Daniel Holbach (dholbach) who works on developer relations and is working to grow and scale the Ubuntu developer community - he is primarily working on MOTU. In addition to Daniel, Jorge Castro (jcastro) works on upstream relations - he works with other software projects to help them work as effectively with the Ubuntu community as possible - together we are the three horsemen :)
15:15  * dholbach bows
15:16 < jcastro> hi!
15:16 < jono> if any of you have any questions or concerns about the community, our door is always open, and feel free to get in touch to discuss things
15:16 < Hobbsee> they bite.
15:16 < jono> so, lets talk Ubuntu Open Week
15:17 < jono> this week is a special week of IRC tutorial sessions that help new contributors get involved in the incredible Ubuntu community
15:18 < jono> each session is intended to provide a tutorial to the covered topic, and each session is delivered by an expert in that particular field
15:18 < jono> so, lets have a look at some of the highlights:
15:18 < jono> first of all, packaging is a critical component in Ubuntu, and many sessions this week focus on packaging, how to do it, and how to get involved in the MOTU (masters of the universe) project that produces packages for hundreds and hundreds of different applications
15:19 < jono> a great session for learning packaging is the Packaging 101 session at 15.00UTC tomorrow and at 19.00UTC on Wednesday - this will be led by Daniel Holbach, one of the key members of the MOTU project
15:20 < jono> there are also sessions on patching packages and a MOTU Q+A later in the week
15:20 < jono> other technical sessions include the kernel team session later at 20.00UTC, a bazaar session on Friday at 19.00UTC and more
15:21 < jono> if advocacy is more your interest, see the range of sessions on LoCo teams, mentoring, Ubuntu Women and more
15:21 < jono> we also have a number of sessions about Launchpad, and a range of sessions covering the derivative distributions in the Ubuntu world such as Kubuntu, Gobuntu, Xubuntu and Ubuntu Studio
15:22 < _MMA_> w00t!
15:22 < jono> finally, I will be doing a Q+A session where you can ask your burning questions about the community on Wed at 15.00UTC, and Mark Shuttleworth will be available for all your questions on Wed after my session at 16.00UTC
15:23 < jono> I will also have time for a few questions in this session
15:23 < jono> I think its safe to say it is going to be an action packed week - bring it on!
15:23 < jono> so, let me explain how it works
15:24 < jono> in this room the session leader will deliver the session. most sessions last around 30 - 40 minutes and then have questions at the end
15:24 < jono> questions should be asked in #ubuntu-classroom-chat and prefixed with "QUESTION" - e.g. "QUESTION: how do I do foo?"
15:25 < jono> the session leader will then be able to look at the questions and answer them in this channel
15:25 < jono> as the week continues, you will be able to find logs of the sessions on the main Ubuntu Open Week website - they are linked there - thanks to the incredible scribes team for helping here
15:26 < jono> I would like to say a big thanks to everyone getting involved in Ubuntu Open Week, and if you are new to our community, I look forward to chatting and hopefully meeting you in the future - welcome to our community, I really hope you enjoy it :)
15:26 < jono> right, that is all I wanted to say to introduce the week, I am happy to fill the remaining time with questions, so take it away folks - ask them in #ubuntu-classroom-chat
15:26 < popey> jono: we have some lined up
15:26 < popey> < bullgard4> QUESTION We have about 100 subscribers in our ubuntu-berlin mailing list. But in our IRC channel #ubuntu-berlin a maximum of 20 people appears. How to activate them to the IRC channel?
15:27 < jono> popey: great
15:28 < jono> bullgard4: hmmm, if you mean no more than 20 people seem to be able to join, that is an IRC question, and I recommend you ask in #freenode - as for encouraging more people onto IRC, I would send a few emails to the mailing list to encourage people to join the IRC channel and get involved in the discussions
15:28 < deandelponte> Yes, it was, sorry
15:28 < popey> <willwill> QUESTIONS: Why made gobuntu when gNewSense already free[dom] ubuntu? Didn't gNewSense merge to Gobuntu project?
15:29 < Hobbsee> bullgard4: is this #ubuntu-de?
15:30 < bullgard4> Hobbsee: No
15:30 < jono> Hobbsee: #ubuntu-classroom-chat please :)
15:30 < jono> willwill: I am not involved in Gobuntu directly, so I am not the right person to ask, but as far as I am aware, it was so that the project could be part of the official Ubuntu family, and to produce a distro with absolute freedom
15:30 < jono> willwill: I think it is best to ask the Gobuntu team about that :)
15:30 < popey> < clemyeats> QUESTION: To jcastro, what level of cooperation can we expect between Ubuntu and Linux Mint and are there any plans on that in the near future?
15:30 < willwill> jono$ thank you
15:30 < rbs-tito> jono: Any chance of the gnewsense team getting on board with gobuntu, a merger?
15:30 < jono> willwill: :)
15:30 < alextrax> hi to all
15:31 < jcastro> popey: generating a response, give me a minute.
15:31 < popey> ALL: can we keep chat to #ubuntu-classroom-chat please, many thanks
15:31 < jono> rbs-tito: again, I am not the best person to ask - I am not involved there
15:32 < Hobbsee> bullgard4: (and others who read this):  doesn't look to be a freenode limitation.  channel should be fine with 1000+ people, there's no limiter on it.
15:32 < jono> Hobbsee: #ubuntu-classroom-chat, please :)
15:33 < Hobbsee> jono: OK.  i wont help answering anything else, even if it's been explicitly asked.
15:33 < jono> Hobbsee: do answer, just not in here, in there :)
15:33 < jcastro> popey: Clearly our relationship with derivatives is important, but I haven't really started pursuing derivatives like Mint (yet), though I will eventually once we we're finished with FOSSCamp and UDS. That being said if someone from Mint were to bug me over mail or so with concerns I will do my best to get those addressed.
15:34 < popey> < ubunturos> QUESTION: who's in the scribes team?
15:35 < popey> may help here
15:35 < jono> ubunturos: see
15:35 < popey> < deandelponte> QUESTION:  Where can I find information about packaging a Java application to be included in one of the repositories?
15:36 < jono> I think dholbach is a good person to answer this
15:36 < jono> dholbach: is that ok?
15:36 < dholbach>
15:36 < dholbach> deandelponte: ^
15:36 < jono> :)
15:36 < popey> < MartinW> QUESTION: How do you feel about the hundreds of different versions of Ubuntu (Gobuntu, Ubuntu Ultimate, Ubuntu CE etc.)
15:37 < jono> MartinW: good question
15:37 < jono> its always a tough one, because choice is such a good and bad thing
15:37 < jono> on side side, its incredible to see such choice, so many different versions, each with a special focus and specialty
15:37 < rbs-tito> Ubuntu Satanic edition was one step too far by my records :)
15:37 < jono> and the other hand it can feel like the Ubuntu world is diluted
15:38 < jono> my views is that I love seeing these additional versions
15:38 < jono> but I spend most of my time on Ubuntu proper
15:38 < jono> we really do encourage plenty of derivatives, and naturally encourage people to get involved in Ubuntu itself
15:38 < jono> and many of the derivatives are very similar to the main Ubuntu version, particularly the core platform
15:39 < jono> so there is often not much difference
15:39 < popey> < DShepherd> QUESTION: will the community be able to vote on the features for newer Ubuntu releases before they are decided on?
15:39 < rbs-tito> popey: A good example of that is the Gutsy wallpaper
15:39 < popey> rbs-tito: ---> #ubuntu-classroom-chat is that way
15:40 < jono> DShepherd: the way it works right now is that the community are welcome to suggest new features and ideas for a new version, and propose these features for discussion at the Ubuntu Developer Summit
15:40 < jono> new features are written up as specifications, discussed at the Summit and then implemented
15:40 < jono> anyone and everyone is welcome to get involved in this process
15:41 < jono> right now there is no formal means of generating an idea of popularity of certain features, but this is something I am looking into at the moment
15:41 < popey> < FayZee> QUESTION: Will the logs of this classroom-chat appear alongside the logs of the classroom?
15:42 < jono> FayZee: they usually don't as far as I am aware, but would be nice if they did :)
15:42 < popey> I am logging both, so I can provide them if people want them, but generally the -chat sessions aren't pasted on the wiki as I remember
15:42 < popey> < ceno-byte> QUESTION:How would does somebody get a job working for Canonical?
15:42 < jono> ceno-byte: heh, I get this one asked a fair amount :)
15:42 < jono> ceno-byte: just, be good
15:42 < jono> thats all
15:43 < jono> we are always looking for good people
15:43 < jono> and we are a company that is growing quickly, and we look to the community to hire a lot of people
15:43 < jono> but do good work, and keep you eye on the Careers page on
15:43 < jono> :)
15:43 < popey> < jason_> QUESTION: Ubuntu is based on Debian, so why is there a duplication in effort with packaging?
15:44 < jono> jason_: again, I will ask dholbach to answer this one
15:44 < dholbach> jason_: it's not a real duplication of efforts: we basically import source packages from Debian unstable and rebuild them automatically on the start of the release cycle for a certain while
15:45 < dholbach> jason_: we actually don't re-package everything, we merge packages where we have Ubuntu changes
15:45 < dholbach> those changes are available at
15:45 < ccm> I's looking for a place in the wiki to find the upcoming community council meetings. Are they only announced in the very channel topic?
15:45 < jason_> dholbach: thanks
15:46 < popey> < vladimir_e> QUESTION: Do packages contributed to Ubuntu find their way to Debian?
15:46 < jono> hehe, dholbach?
15:46 < jono> :)
15:46  * jono gleefully passes packaging Q's to dholbach :)
15:47 < dholbach> vladimir_e: there's the utnubu team (Ubuntu backwards) who actively work on that, also lots of folks follow up on Debian bug reports about new packages (ITPs and RFPs) and inform about new packages that entered Ubuntu
15:47 < dholbach> (also there's and which contain patches for existing packages)
15:48 < popey> < meka> QUESTION: what's the reasoning behind LoCo (why not LUGs, or UUGs). If it's just a financial reason (gathering more ubuntu-only users) i understand partialy. Isn't it better to have as much FOSS people in "one place" as possible?
15:48 < jono> meka: its nothing to do with finances
15:48 < jono> the LoCo project is there to grow a worldwide network of groups enthused with advocating Ubuntu
15:48 < jono> they are not there to replace LUGs
15:48 < jono> and they are not there to compete with LUGs
15:49 < jono> they are just groups of Ubuntu fans in a particular region who work together to spread the word about Ubuntu
15:49 < jono> many of the LoCo team contributors still go to LUGs, they just work with LoCo teams too
15:49 < jono> the LoCo project is a *stunning* project :)
15:49 < popey> < vladimir_e> QUESTION: Does Ubuntu support any sort of certification as LPI and such?
15:50 < jono> vladimir_e: there is work going into Ubuntu Training Courses
15:50 < jono> vladimir_e: see the training session later in the week about it
15:50 < jcastro>
15:50 < jono> thu at 3pm UTC
15:50 < popey> < XiXaQ> QUESTION: some of the most popular applications in Ubuntu, especially evolution and gnucash, have their channels on other networks, like gimpnet and oftc. Is anything being done to convince them to move here?
15:51 < jono> XiXaQ: not really, it makes sense for their channels to be wherever they like - most people tend to have their projects on Freenode, but there are exceptions
15:51 < jono> its not really an Ubuntu problem
15:51 < popey> < tuxmaniac> QUESTION: Does Ubuntu install proprietary drivers without any notifications to the user? I am of the impression that not all hardware proprietary drivers are listed in the Restricted Drivers Manager. Is it true?
15:52 < jono> tuxmaniac: I am not the best person to ask - ask in #ubuntu-devel
15:52 < popey> < mybunche> QUESTION: One of the attractions of Ubuntu is that it's feels more global. The next UDS is in Boston, will the next UDS be in Asia? And are other locations considered?
15:53 < jono> mybunche: we generally switch between the US and Europe, but we are always looking into alternative locations too - personally, I would love us to do one in Asia
15:53 < jono> but there are many factors to consider in where we host it
15:53 < popey> < DShepherd> QUESTION: What is the procedure to follow if a community member wishes to suggest features for newer Ubuntu releases?
15:54 < jono> DShepherd: write a detailed specification about how the feature should work, gather input from the community, and then propose the specification for discussion at the next UDS
15:54 < jono> DShepherd: there are guides on the Ubuntu wiki to show how to make a spec
15:54 < popey> is useful 
15:54 < popey> < J_K9> QUESTION: If Canonical is looking for a particular skill in a new employee, how do they usually go about finding the right person for the job in the FOSS community?
15:55 < jono> J_K9: well, various routes - we naturally list jobs on our careers page, but we also hire people based on recommendations or experience working with them as community volunteers
15:55 < jono> we also keep an eye on many different communities for good people
15:55 < popey> < warp10> QUESTION: Do you think there is a possibility for our Community and Dell to increase their relationships and knowledge sharing, to improve Dell support for Ubuntu?
15:56 < jono> warp10: I think so - there is a great support community on the Ubuntu forums, as for Dell being more open to us, I think it takes time - these relationships take time to refine and develop, but Dell are doing great work here :)
15:57 < jono> I hope the relationship continues to prosper and grow :)
15:57 < popey> < meka> QUESTION: jono, i'm dumb when it comes to licenses, so can my university play your tracks (i know it's CC licence), and if so, is there a obligations of some kind ("this track is produced by ... " or something)?
15:58 < jono> meka: if you mean my personal music on, yep the license allows anyone to play it, share it, remix and modify it, just provide credit
15:58 < popey> < Xbehave> QUESTION: how does development break down between Kubuntu and Ubuntu? as a Kubuntu user i find that we seam to get the new features about a release behind
15:59 < jono> Xbehave: the core platform (most of the bits under the GUI) are shared, but all specs are discussed at the UDS, its just that sometimes bits of GUI work come a bit later with Kubuntu - this is something I hope will change as we are now monitors specs better for GUI requirements
15:59 < keogh> que hora es orita en espaƱa?
16:00 < popey> < willwill> QUESTION, again: I heard from Mr.Thep (Thai l10n GNOME Maintainer) that contributions to LP isn't reach upstream but jtv(one of canonical staff, live in Thailand) said that LP will have a feature that send contributions to upstream. Is this true? Is it is automatically?
16:00 < jono> mrevell: can you answer this one?
16:00 < jono> (mrevell works with the LP team)
16:01 < jono> I think he must be away
16:02 < mrevell> hi
16:02  * mrevell reads up
16:02 < jono> oh
16:02 < jono> :)
16:02 < mrevell> Ah, looks like we're talking about translations.
16:02 < mrevell> If a project isn't using Launchpad Translations officially, then we don't push those translations automatically.
16:02 < mrevell> However
16:03 < mrevell> with the release of Launchpad 1.1.10 coming this Wednesday
16:03 < mrevell> we will hide the "translations" app for projects that don't use it
16:03 < mrevell> so you won't be able to make translations that would be wasted.
16:03 < mrevell> Hope that helps.
16:03 < jono> ok, one final one popey
16:04 < popey> ok, jono, pick a number between 1 and 6
16:04 < jono> 3
16:04 < popey> < ccm> QUESTION: are all Ubuntu related dates welcome on the fridge event ical/event list or do the teams/locos have to have a minimum size?
16:04 < willwill> mrevell$ thanks
16:04 < mrevell> np
16:05 < jono> ccm: all are welcome :)
16:05 < jono> right
16:05 < jono> thanks everyone
16:05 < popey> thanks jono
16:05 < XiXaQ> thank you. :)
16:05 < jono> thanks popey :)
16:05 < peppych__> thx
16:05 < jono> enjoy the rest of open week all :)

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